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    I've always been fascinated by peeing. Especially watching girls with huge bladder capacity. I will certainly read all your stories and of course share some of mine..

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    Measuring bladder capacity
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    I was passing one of our toilets at school and I heard a loud hissing sound going on for over a minute... guess my astonishment when I saw an eleven year old girl comming out of the toilet.That really took me by surprise....

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  1. Try to beat my record of 500 ml...
  2. Any girls that recently measured their amount of pee? My record is quite poor. .. only 500 ml 😅
  3. I've always been fascinated in seeing girls peeing in containers and measuring the amount of. Does anyone else share that interest?
  4. Interesting topic! I'm so fascinated by people who manage too hold their pee a whole Day. I'm pleased If I manage to hold my pee during a movie at the cinema.
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