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    From Nancy, with love…
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    Say hi to my little pussy!!!
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    Suzanne waited with baited breath as soft footfalls made their way ever closer to her position at the end of the attic. She was still naked from the waist down but was too terrified of discovery to risk making any sound that might alert to new arrival to her presence. Her heart was hammering in her chest, seemingly loud enough to betray her location in the alcove by the piss sodden chair she had just urinated over. Suddenly, the footsteps came to a stop. Suzanne carefully edged forwards to peek around the metal rack that was currently hiding her from detection. A deep feeling of relief coupled with something else flooded through her as she spied Selena, just a few meters away. The brown skinned girl was facing the storage aisle opposite, her fingers inserted into the hem of her work trousers. Suzanne had already guessed at what Selena was going to do but it was still a most electric thrill to see her work colleague yank down her trousers and panties in one swift movement. Selena had an amazing bum, full and round, and perfectly curved. Maybe it was the colour of her skin that helped defined the perfect shape of her bare buttocks or just that it was Suzanne’s sense of arousal from her own recent naughty toilet coupled with the prospect of being a secret voyeur to another. There was but one problem. From her current vantage point she would not be able to witness the sight of Selena’s golden stream as it flowed from her cunt, only possibly to hear the soft hiss and patter as her work colleague urinated into the archive storage box she was prying open at a level just below her bare thighs. Suzanne was in a dilemma. She didn’t want to miss any of Selena’s toilet. There had once been a time when the office girls had been on a night out and she could clearly recall the time when several of them had snuck into a back alley to pee. Suzanne had squatted down by the side of the blonde-haired Gabriella whose naked posterior had already been in position over the dirty concrete, a sudden sharp hiss and patter announcing that the other girl had not been prepared to wait before starting her toilet. Suzanne had just begun to allow an answer to her own desperate need when she had caught sight of Selena standing in a spill of electric lighting from the adjacent street, with her skirt lifted upwards and a strong flowing stream of piss spraying down to decorate the floor with a spreading stream of flowing female piss. Suzanne had since experimented in her bathroom, trying to squirt her pee from her pussy flaps whilst standing, aiming her resulting stream into the hand towel on the rack. She had not always been successful (although the attempts were always fun), more often than not going to squat with her bare bum cheeks suspended over the bathroom sink to finish off her wee instead. To see another girl demonstrate so clearly her ability to release a standing fountain from her pussy had been an enormous thrill and it was this memory that now caused Suzanne to act. ‘Selena,’ she called quietly from her hidey-hole, taking this moment to step out into the light from the overheads. This had an unfortunate effect on her work colleague who spun about in terror, a squirt of hot piss bursting from her pussy slit and spraying over the wooden floor that greedily accepted her hot shower, a damp stain remaining as her pee soaked in. ‘Shit! You scared the crap out of me!’ ‘Sorry,’ apologised Suzanne, ‘I didn’t know that it was you until a minute ago and I didn’t want to get caught.’ ‘No need to ask what you were doing,’ grinned Selena who had instinctively covered her matt of black pubic hairs with her hands. Now she relaxed, moving them away allowing Suzanne to see the deep groove of her piss slit nestled between her firm brown legs. Spots of piss marked her inner thighs. ‘I needed to go before I went home,’ Suzanne said whilst making no attempt to hide her own semi-shaved pussy from sight and fully aware that was where Selena’s gaze was firmly residing. ‘It’s a drag finishing early when you need a slash somewhere naughty.’ ‘I know, I know, but see what you’ve made me do,’ the brown skinned girl pointed at the stain on the floor. ‘It will soon dry,’ Suzanne observed. ‘It’s not a big stain.’ ‘Are you sure,’ giggled Selena who at this moment started to pee. From her pussy slit shot a flowing stream of clear piss, gaining thickness as she began to hose down the wooden floor with her pussy shower. ‘God, that’s so naughty,’ exclaimed Suzanne moving closer to improve her sight of her companion’s naughty toilet. Selena was twisting her hips to trace her flowing pee stream over more and more of the wooden floor before reaching the adjacent shelves and beginning to spray her toilet fountain over a cardboard box that immediately began to darken as it absorbed her hot urine. Suddenly Selena stopped her leak. ‘Wait a minute. I want to see where you peed. Quick, show me. I’m still bursting.’ Suzanne grinned like a Cheshire cat and turned back to the alcove where she had just relieved herself over the chair. As she moved, she just knew that Selena was taking in the sight of her firm bare buttocks. ‘Oh, that is so very naughty,’ said Selena as she caught sight of the thoroughly soaked chair cushion and the large stain over the backrest. ‘I’ve got to try it,’ and with that she slipped past Selena to move her thighs up to the seat edge. Suzanne barely had chance to move into a better position before Selena let loose with a new stream of hot flowing piss from her cunt, sending it to trace over the already pee sodden chair. Droplets of pee leapt into the air away from the main impact point of her piss stream as she purposely traced her pussy fountain over the seat that had been initially soaked by Suzanne’s hot pee. Suzanne watched on, her nipple buds as hard as those on display beneath Selena’s blouse. She could sense Selena’s desire to be watched while she peed, the act of piss vandalism a massive turn-on for them both. Suzanne could stand it no more. She took a step closer, her bare thigh brushing against Selena who was still spraying her toilet shower over the chair cushion. The warmth of her flesh was almost as intense as the mind-blowing heat of her piss as Suzanne slipped her fingers into Selena’s playing stream. ‘Do you like that?’ asked Selena huskily. She had twisted about slightly to ensure that she was now peeing directly into Suzanne’s open hand. Droplets of piss bounced into the air, catching the light from the corridor and glistening like dew drops for precious milliseconds before splattering down over the piss soaked cushion. ‘God, yes,’ whispered back Suzanne. She had never felt another woman’s piss on her flesh. The sensation was literally almost orgasmic. ‘Do you have any left for me?’ breathed Selena, still pissing over companion’s splayed digits. This was so much more fun than having a piss over an old office chair! One hand strayed towards Suzanne’s pussy slit. ‘Oh god, let me pee,’ Suzanne thought. Long strands of peroxide coloured hair danced around her shoulders in the heat draft from the light above. She strained, wanting so desperately to return the favour of having a leak on another person. Suddenly, she realised that there was a little left inside and even as the reducing pressure of Selena’s squirting toilet fountain over her fingers began to register, she was opening her own pee hole to allow a small slight stream of piss to rain over Selena’s brown fingertips. Neither would recall the moment that they finished peeing, turning instead to embrace with their lips meeting and finger’s questing, plunging deep into the other’s moist love tunnel. Selena’s tits were so firm, pushing over the top of Suzanne’s small but perfectly formed breasts. She was the smaller of the two, her neck angled high as she rolled her tongue over her lover’s. The thrusting movement of Selena’s fingers inside her was a need that she keen to return, slipping her own digits into Selena’s moist pussy and thrusting upwards. Selena groaned between the unions of their lips, her free hand running over the firm flesh of Suzanne’s rump before moving quickly upwards to seek out her blouse buttons. Their tongues were pressed hard against the others. Suzanne’s blouse parted, the gap widening as Selena sought out her tits. The probing pressure inside her love hole vanished for a moment as the coloured girl urgently made to release Suzanne’s firm breasts from their cage. There was a need to reply in kind and Suzanne slipped her fingers free of Selena’s cunt, making to free the other girl’s firm assets and to sample the taste of her love buds in her mouth. Even as she sucked on the first offered nipple, she felt a wonderful hot wetness playing over her left leg as Selena let loose with a new stream of piss from her pussy slit. The heat of it against her flesh was mind-blowing, making her release her own store of remaining pee, squirting over Selena’s bare brown flesh. A firm pressure against her with instructing hands saw her break contact with Selena’s left nipple, her new-found lover moving her mouth to repay the favour. Suzanne nearly swooned as she felt the wonderful questing press of Selena’s tongue trace against one bud then the other. Selena was forcing her backwards and she felt herself falling down onto the piss sodden chair cushion, the material still hot from where Selena’s piss had just soaked inside. Her companion followed, straddling her, hands and mouth playing with her breasts and painfully erect nipples. Suzanne could feel herself coming… ‘It’s too soon,’ she tried to tell herself but the experience was too much. She gasped for air as she came hard, her world exploding into orgasmic bliss. Fucking her boyfriend had never produced anything so off the scale before. She tried to focus, to recover her senses but she was still reeling. Selena’s naked body was still pressed against her, the hot union of their bare flesh almost as electric as the dampness beneath her bare bum cheeks where they had both peed. Selena brought herself off, gasping as she fingered herself to climax. ‘Fuck me, fuck me…’ she panted as she exploded with pleasure, a new hot wetness playing over Suzanne’s cunt as the other girl sprayed her love juices. Suzanne desperately wanted to pee again, to replay the events leading up to her first lesbian fuck. Alas, she was empty. Desperately, she wondered if Selena had anymore piss left inside, wondering what it would be like to sample her lover’s pee at first hand, having it spray into her open mouth. She fantasied about peeing into Selena’s hair, treating her as a piss slave before allowing the experience to be swapped. They were both a sodden mess and what remained was the bitter reality of trying to tidy up before leaving the archives. For Selena, this was harder as she had to return to the offices where-as Suzanne was able to leave for home. Upon arrival she rushed to her room where she urgently squatted over the carpet by the side of her bed and wasted no time by spraying it with the pee she had built up on the way home from the water bottle in her car. She stared at the sight of her playing piss fountain as it sprayed into the carpet between her bare thighs, recalling every moment of seeing a similar stream flowing from Selena’s black haired cunt. As soon as had finished her leak over her bedroom floor, she dropped into the wet stain, her bare bum cheeks firmly sat inside the deliciously hot puddle that was slowly being absorbed by the carpet, fingering herself to another thunderous climax at the memory of her antics in the attic.
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    I want you all… CLOSER... to my… HEART...
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    Oooops… just needed a good slash during the shooting... You know how it works, find a place that ispires you, and release... If a hot milf with a lovely dog passes by and clearly understands she is witnessing a fetish photobook being shot… even better!!!
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    So my friends, a gift for all those that cheers up with me!!!
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    Hugging a tree have never been so hot!!!
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    I came there to create this gallery, which I am deeply in love with
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    felt naughty last night. so yay for you.
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    So I decided to make a more general thread for pictures I found just so it would be a collection of photos I had found and wanted share Thank you!
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    Senior year... the most memorable time of my life. Not for the usual reasons. I liked high school and weekends but I will never ever forget Mandy. My name’s Nick but everyone calls me Rusty. No red hair... it’s an abbreviation for a long Italian name. Im a bit geeky, maybe a tad socially awkward. Decent looking I am told. But this story is really about Mandy, my next door neighbor. She’s also somewhat awkward, both socially and physically. She has a cuteish face and a very nice body... great legs and a fine bottom. She is also nerdy like me. You may be thinking “hmm girl next door is girlfriend.” But that’s the thing... we never dated each other or never were interested in the other. I have had a few girlfriends... just broke up with one. Mandy I don’t think has had more than one or two occassional boyfriends. Mandy had a dog named Bruno - a large tan colored mutt. Not that he knew it but Bruno was key in making this year so special. Mandy was always the last of her family to wake up in the morning and she was elected to be the one to let Bruno out when she awoke. She was the first one home in the afternoon so she got Bruno detail then too by default. Every morning like clockwork Mandy let Bruno out the back door. I knew this because the closer thingy on their screen door had been broken forever and the door made a bang when it closed. Sometimes Mandy just let him out by himself and sometimes she followed him into the back yard. Between our houses was a low fence - part of it slats with large spaces between and part chain link. From my bedroom window I could clearly see almost all of her back yard. On the far side of her yard though, and the other side of my yard, were tall fences. Both out other neighbors had pools and I think the town made them put up high fences. As winter turned to spring,, Mandy would follow Bruno out in the morning and after school. I would spy from my room because Mandy would enter the yard in the morning wearing either pj's, or a short nighty or button down shirt that just barely gave a peek at her panties. I'm not normally a stalker or anything but who could resist peeking at this? One morning I took up my spot behind the sheer curtain when I heard Mandy's door bang shut. Her dog walking outfit this morning was a short green nighty that fell 1 or 2 inches below her delightful little behind. She seemed fidgety and restless. The she said in a soft yell "C'mon Bruno! You're not the only one who has to pee." The sight of Mandy desperate to pee, dancing from foot to foot in the short nighty stiffened my cock a little and I was frozen staring at her. Seconds later she stopped squirming and I could just make out through the fence slats that she had parted her legs somewhat and was just standing still. "Oh my God. She is peeing" I thought, my dick turning into a rock. She and Bruno were done at about the same time so Mandy opened the door and followed him back into her house. My dick was in control of me right then so I obeyed and yanked it out of my shorts and jerked it til I came like I had never did. Well you can guess who was already waiting in his window when Mandy came out the next day. Such a disappointment to see her arrive wearing flannel pajamas that were not even slightly flattering. She stayed only a minute while Bruno did his stuf then went back inside. Being a persevering individual I glanced out every morning when I heard her door. A few days went by then it happened. Mandy showed up wearing a long baggy tee shirt and as I would learn very soon, no panties. She walked to the center of her yard (where I had 100% visibility), looked around then squatted down on the grass. I forcefully pulled my cock out and yanked hard and fast. As I watched Mandy pee on the grass (I couldn't see anything but I knew what she was doing), I shot a load so hard that I made a fairly loud grunt. Mandy did not look my way but by the way she seemed to get startled, I knew she heard me. I am afraid to watch for her every morning now, knowing that she knows and that I have spied on her. The next I see Mandy is at the bus stop. Yeah, neither of our families have much money and we don't have our own cars. We awkwardly say hi to each other then ignore the other. After a couple days I cannot help returning to the window at the morning "bang" of Mandy's door. The first morning I look, I see Mandy in a button down shirt let Bruno out but not walk into the yard herself. Instead she puts a coffee cup down on the top step of the stoop and sits down on the step. Seconds later I see a stream of pee leaving from between her legs (I could not see her pussy from this angle). The pee arches down onto the patio below. This is too much for a horny young boy and as soon as she goes back into her house I once again jerk myself to a very fast and very intense orgasm. After that, pj's after pj's.., Oh well... I see Mandy at the bus and we say hi. Mandy looks smoking hot in a short blue skirt and a stretchy top. The whole outfit shows off exactly how in-shape her body is. Oh! There is one little bitty thing I forgot to mention. It seems like there are two Mandys, depending on how she is dressed. When in jeans (her usual attire) she is very shy and nerdy, almost clunky. But when she dresses in ways that give young men ideas, she transforms. I mean she acts more outgoing and a bit flirty, but in actions and even the way she carries herself as she wallks or does anything. I'm not talking Jeckle and Hyde here but there is a distinct difference. Another boy told me he noticed it too. That afternoon, Mandy and I get off the bus with a few others from the neighborhood. We all say goodby then head home. I give Mandy a few yards of a head start simply so I catch watch that cute little ass sway all the way to our houses. Home and in my room, I am waiting for a glimpse of Mandy and what I dream and pray is going to happen. I can feel it because of her outfit and the way she walked home (probably knowing I was watching her). I hear the door and Mandy and Bruno emerge. Mandy has a magazine in her hand. She puts it on the picnic table. She is facing away from me and I watch her slide her panties down and clear them from her sandals. I am already choking my dick very hard. Mandy puts the panties on the table and leans on the edge of the table. As she does, her skirt rides up enough for me to clearly see the lower half of her gorgeous ass. It is just as hot as I had imagined. She parts her legs about 18 inches and slowly lets a soft stream of pee leave her pussy for the grass below. I am in heaven right now and come very very hard. She picks up everything and she and Bruno go into her house. Back to our weird normal at the bus stop for a few days... jeans days I might add. Then... Mandy was dressed in a a very thin sun dress that was very form fitting and nearly transparent in the sunlight. We say our casual "hi" in the morning, sit by ourselves on the bus and see each other boarding the bus in the afternoon. Mandy is vampy Mandy now, swaying and just oozing sexiness. On the bus Mandy for the first time ever sits next to me. No ones is within 3 rows. We awkwardly smile at each other then she starts looking at her phone. I do the same then without warning Mandy asks "Do you spy on me?" Stunned, I blurt out "No! Never." She smiles slyly and says "Yes you do. But it's OK. I don’t mind." Mandy does nothing for a few seconds. Then she turns slightly toward me and crosses her legs, causing her little sun dress slide up and showing me all of her perfect legs. Mandy leans in toward me and says “and when you watch me do you touch yourself?” Really on the spot now, I shake my head and barely get out the word “No.” Mandy smiles and looks down at the growing bulge in my jeans. She says “Oh. Too bad.” Then as the bus comes to a stop, she whispers “If you want a better look, then come through the gate.” The bus stops and she scampers off with me way behind her. I get home, throw my books on the couch and dash out the door like a man on fire. As I clear the gate I see Mandy sitting on the picnic bench facing away from the table. On the table behind her is a single tissue. Without looking straight at me she asks “Have you ever seen a girls pussy when she pees?” Then she looks squarely in my eyes. Involuntarily I gulp and say “Never.” She quips back with “ Well you can now but in return you have to show me something I’ve never seen.” I didn’t say a word because I knew what she meant. She continues with “I’ve never seen a boy jerk off and I’d really like to.” Then she firms it up with “Deal?” I shake my head because I am breathing so hard I don’t think I can speak. And the last thing she said that day was “Well. Get ready.” I tooked my rock hard boner out and stroked it with a very tight grasp while she pulled her dress up enough to expose a beautifully trimmed pussy then peed, sitting right in front of me. I came before she finished. She had a strange expression... almost one of approval. Mandy took the tissue from table and slowly wiped. Then she took my hand, put the tissue in and closed my fingers around it. That incidentally is the only time Mandy ever touched me but an electric something pulsed through my body from her touch. Quietly she got up and left into the house. Morning after morning I watched. Day after day I waited for dresses but saw jeans. There was one morning she walked out in the morning wearing a tee shirt, barely covering her sweet bottom. She stood mid yard, parted her legs and raised her arms in a jumping jack position. She peed... I shot a load on my carpet as I watched her ass and the little stream coming from between her legs. That day Mandy wore the sexiest short short skirt. I had trouble keeping my boner down watching her sexiness. Later we get off the afternoon bus and I start walking while Mandy stays talking to a girl for a minute. As I round the corner by a large wooded lot she yell out “Wait up!” and holds her phone out toward me like there’s something on it she wants to show me. I stand facing her as she walks toward me - smiling, almost chuckling lightly. When she reaches me she moves so close, her pussy just inches from my leg, and she turns her phone to show me. It is a picture of Bruno with a smile filter. It looked silly but I don’t get the big deal. Then I feel like something brushes against my foot. I look down and see my shoe is wet and there’s a little wet on the dirt around it. Mandy has dribbled some of her pee on my foot. Playfully she says “Oops”, looks down at it and blurts out “Sorry.” She turns and walk away, turning her head back and announces “You know where the gate is.” I sure did. I could find it blindfolded. My dick was so hard I thought it would beat me home by four minutes. I approach her and she motions me to sit on the picnic bench. As I comply she slowly slides her panties down her slender deer-like legs and leans almost touching my cheek with her breast, as she carefully places the panties on the table behind me. She points to my obvious boner and commands “Take it out.” As I am obeying, she pulls up her hem to just below her navel, inches closer to me, and orders “Put your hand under me. But careful. Do NOT touch me or the game is over.” I place my hand where she ordered, with the precision of a surgeon, and Mandy peed for about a second into it. She then stepped back one step and announced very matter-of-factly “Now while I finish what I have to do, you stroke yourself with my pee to make your hand slippery. I will watch you watch me.” Mandy spread her legs very far apart... like a horseback rider, and peed in small playful squirts, as if she knew how she was driving me crazy. I came like a mad man which it was clear she enjoyed. Some if my semen landed on the bench and she touched it with her index finger then slid her thumb and finger together, testing the slipperiness. She then leans across me... inches away, and retrieves her panties. She backs up into full view of me and gently wipes her pussy with the panties. She holds them toward my hand saying” Here. You can use these to dry my pee off you.” Then she turns and leaves. I hold her panties up as if offering to return them but she doesn’t look back. Since then, I watched out the window but never saw her pee again, although a couple times she did give me a seemingly intentional view of her precious behind. One afternoon just before graduation, Mandy stopped me on the walk home and told me she was spending the whole summer at her cousins lake house. I didn’t see Mandy until she came home from college at Thanksgiving sporting a boy on her arm. We wished each other great holidays and she introduced me to her new friend. They actually looked cute together. That was the last time I saw her. I missed the crazy hot games with Mandy and kept her tissue and panties to remind me that it all really happened.
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    Thumbs Up...! Bitter Tastes... Concentrating... Missed...! Kitchen Sink Drama 'Twinky'
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    Saturday I had visited a friend and on the drive home stopped at a wooded area to stretch my legs. I always love walking through the countryside and the weather was nice. During the walk I needed to pee so I slowly pulled my leggings and knickers down to my knees as I squatted, taking my time, and relaxed. A few seconds later I started peeing, a nice gentle stream that splashed into the dirt. I went for so long! Like I knew I needed to pee but I didn't think I was that full. I didn't have any tissues with me (they were in the car) so I waited for the last few drips to stop and then stood up, before redressing. I was in no rush. Then I walked back to my car and drove home. I needed to pee again when I got home but I sat on the toilet.
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    Well I didn't really do this exactly as you depicted but today I was at the library and remembered this post the only thing was that I was wearing black jeans shorts and a sweatshirt (it was a little warmer today and I was lazy). There was no one in the library and I was just doing some work in a corner area at a table when I felt the need to pee. I decided to hold it and drank a few sips of water to speed up the process. My bladder slowly got fuller and soon I felt a tiny spurt escape. I clenched my thighs together blocking the flow before I decided it was time to have a little fun. I slipped off my shoes trying to be as quiet as possible and slid to the edge of my chair. I made sure my shirt and sweatshirt were out of the way and I checked around to make sure there was no one anywhere near me. Thank I let go. I felt a jet of pee spurt out of me and then felt the stream release. My panties quickly dampened and I felt warmth spread all over me. I saw trickles of clear pee sliding down my legs and as my bladder drained. Soon my stream started to slow and then finally slowed to a trickle. My shorts and panties we're soaked along with my socks. I had drank a lot prior to this so my pee was completely odorless but still very wet. I decided to try and leave while I could and so I stood up and pulled my jeans shorts as high as they could and folded the ends up a little bit so they were almost completely hidden by my longer sweatshirt. Then I tried to walk out without a mind in the world and hoped that no one would notice Thank you for reading my horrible writing!
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    One hour ago. Flat's staircase, squat on a Landing in front of a door, on the concrete. I first tought of the doormat but I wanted it to pool and not to be absorbed so for to people to be more upset and humiliated when they found it. I also left a tissue (I usually never wipe) so for them to ACTUALLY be sure it was NOT some kind of water spilling, but a naughty lovely slut that took a disrespecting piss near their most intimate place!!!
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    A wee-wee from earlier
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    heehee. wasn’t even desperate.
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    I was so so nervous you wouldn’t believe. I’ve lived a lot of my life being criticised and bullied for being overweight and I was, I have to be honest, terrified that it would happen again. I kept seeing all these wonderful, beautiful women (of course no disrespect to them) and felt quite jealous of the compliments they received. It eventually just came down to the fact that I realised I had something to share and while it may not be the sort of thing that everyone likes, if someone does like it, even just one person, I felt like it would be worth it. Once I started seeing how people responded to it, I felt confident for the first time in many years and I want to do it more and more now!
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    omg. i just peed so hard that i made bubbles. ️
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    I watched a wonderful video of a girl peeing while getting a massage this morning and had my first session in a week while watching it very nice!
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