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    I have a lot of stories here's one from this summer I was with a few friends (all male) in the car and we were coming back home from a hike we did. I was too embarrassed to admit that I had to pee so I just held it and decided to hold it until we got back. Well back was a little over an hour and a half away and I have a tiny bladder. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans shorts btw. So I slowly got more and more desperate and told my friends if they saw a rest area to pull over and hoped there would be one soon. Soon I was getting very desperate and had my legs tightly squeezed together. After a few minutes I felt a leak spurt into my panties and began to get quite nervous. I had my hand in my crotch at this point and was doing everything to not wet myself. Finally there was a rest area and I felt a little more releived. A few minutes and I could pee. I just had to last the few minutes. I felt another stronger spurt escape me and felt the fabric benesth my hand slightly dampen. We pulled up to the rest stop and it was completely deserted. I grabbed my crotch and started making my way to the bathroom. Partway through I felt a spurt escape and I had to bend over and cross my legs. I was still well in eyesight of the car and I was dying of embarrassment and also dying to pee at the same time. I felt a gaint spurt again this time and the crotch of my jean shorts we're visibly wet. I saw a inlet next to me out of sight and thought that I wasn't going to make it to the toilet. I quickly went into the inlet as another big spurt found it's way out of me. I pulled my pants and panties down and instantly started peeing barely with enough time to get my clothes out of the way. The relief was amazing and I was in heaven. So yeah that's it
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    I didn’t look at my cunt until I was 14, and when I did, it was purely because my friend and I had planned to lose our virginities to each other. I remember calling up another of my best friends at the time and telling her what was about to happen. The guy in question was well on his way over, and my friend advised me to shave everything, immediately. This would have been the first time I had seen my cunt in all her glory. As we were about to have sex, I remember him commenting on me having something “hanging down” there. I don’t think he meant it as an insult, but I suppose what he had seen was the neat, perfect vulvas that we are exposed to through online pornography. I’m well aware that this was the source of sex education for all my male friends at the time. I can’t say I thought much about it in that instant; I had bigger things to deal with – such as the fact that I had no idea what I was doing. After what I can only describe as an anticlimactic encounter, I recall repeatedly replaying in my mind the comment he had made about my cunt. I looked online, wanting to see what most women’s cunts looked like, but I certainly didn’t want to ask anyone about it. The internet, as we know, can be a scary space, filled with opportunities for self-diagnosis, and the cunts I saw there all emulated what I knew were referred to as “designer vaginas”. These were cunts that were perfectly symmetrical, but this wasn’t me. But I stumbled upon Chaturbate one day and realised that women were often chosen for their ‘meaty’ labia, or were incredibly hirsute, or their clitorises were larger and more prominent. The lad who I lost my virginity to had been the first, but he wasn’t the last, to offer his unsolicited opinion as to what my cunt looked like. I can recall two other instances: one was very public (through a Blackberry messenger broadcast that a friend decoded for me) from a boy who I’m pretty sure would have married himself given half the chance; the other was a lighthearted comment made by an ex-partner. The second comment, which came several years after the first, was enough to tip me over the edge. I became increasingly paranoid about my body. I would insist on having sex with the lights off, and if anybody attempted to perform cunnilingus on me, I would freeze. This affected my ability to develop healthy sexual relationships and I began to form an unhealthy obsession with what I ought to look like. Aged 14, 15, 16, 17 and even 18, I was yet to find intersectional feminism and body positivity, and during those formative years I spent time obsessing on internet forums, googling labiaplasty, staring at my vulva and imagining what she would look like in a perfect world. There were constant reminders for me that my body did not live up to expectations and therefore I harboured a severe amount of shame about what I looked like. The reminders that, as a woman, I was supposed to transform into a superhuman, pornographically pruned version of myself were never-ending: there were comments from boys; girls talking about cunt lips that protruded, referring to them as “hanging ham”; and a Channel 4 TV documentary about a woman going through surgery to get a “designer vagina”, her relative squealing when they saw what her original vulva looked like. This shame was something that I carried with me well into my early 20s. Then I recall finding an art piece during my research called The Great Wall of Vagina by Jamie McCartney, which altered my thinking. I was beginning to witness a real celebration of the multitude of forms that cunts could take. It wasn’t as though my attitude immediately changed. I did, however, begin to feel as though my increasing knowledge of feminism was somehow at odds with the discomfort I felt about my own body. How could I encourage other women to flip the discourse around “imperfections” when I was still battling with my own insecurities? The anxiety I had developed around my vulva was heightened by the fact that I had not yet figured out who I was attracted to. I had gone through periods of feeling as though I was asexual and, after having multiple negative experiences with men resulting in marriage, children and finally divorce, I remained as confused as before. Aside from being convinced that I had found other women attractive and messing around a little bit, I was yet to be entirely intimate with another woman. I think I had psyched myself up so much because the teenage boys I had been with and ultimately my husband had seemed oblivious to my controlling tendencies to turn off lights, but I had gathered from the limited experiences that I had had, and conversations with friends, that intimacy with a woman would be very different. It wasn’t until I was 32 that I spoke to one of my friends about my insecurities, and this was because she broached the topic first. She told me how she had always been insecure about the fact that her cunt wasn’t “perfect”. I was taken aback to hear her speak so honestly and, very reservedly, I told her that I had experienced similar feelings. This friend had always seemed to me to be entirely confident when it came to sex, but I suppose people may have thought that of me, too. I had become pretty strategic when it came to hiding my insecurities. She told me it had taken a sexual experience with another woman to make her realise that how she looked was completely normal. She told me that during her first time sleeping with another woman she had felt comfortable enough to relay her insecurity, and the woman did more than enough to reassure her otherwise, and that was a turning point for me, too. It was a combination of things that changed my perception and ability to acknowledge that I was, and still am, beautiful as is. I’m fortunate enough now to be surrounded by women who choose their words more wisely than 14-year-olds. The internet has brought with it an understanding that women are powerful and, while pornography is still damaging in promoting stereotypes, there is a colossal, positive community burgeoning alongside it. I have not had a woman look at me and degrade me for what I look like. In fact, I’m pleased to say that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. What I have learned is that language is extremely important, and I hope that we can socialise boys and girls into understanding that women’s bodies come in lots of different shapes and sizes. This includes people who identify with a multitude of different gender identities. If the young men in my life had been educated in understanding the implications of flippant comments and were exposed to a broader spectrum of images, that would have made my journey easier. Each and every one of us has a different relationship to our bodies and that is OK – the judgment I placed on my cunt was not a signifier of a lack of feminist credentials. If there is one thing I know today, it is that my cunt is phenomenal and I wouldn’t want her any other way.
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    Here's another story I was wearing short athletic shorts and a crop top btw I went camping this summer with the same group of friends from my last story and one night we were watching a movie all laying on the air mattress and I was too the far left side kind of snuggled in. I had kind of needed to pee before but was also very sleepy and drifted off to sleep. I woke up like 30 minutes later and the movie was still going but I felt a huge teinge in my bladder. I really had to pee. I clenched my legs together and brushed the hair out of my face to figure out what to do. When I tried to move slightly I from a sharp spurt leak into my panties. I was starting to freak out a little and stood up managing not to leak and hobbled out of the tent trying to act casual when one of my friends I think who was completely oblivious came up behind me and started tickling me. I instantly felt a spurt shoot out as I bent over laughing and also trying to hold in my pee. I ran outside still laughing into the dark night with my friend laughing at the prank he had just done on me. I felt my bladder twinge again and a giant spurt came out dampening the fabric in my shorts I was barely holding it in, shaking trying to keep control. With my hand in my crotch trying to hold on the floodgates opened and I just started completely peeing myself. The relief was amazing but I was super embarrassed. I slowly went over to my tent and changed shorts hoping they didn't notice and they didn't say anything as I slipped back into the air mattress but I still have no idea if they know what happened out in the dark night
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    This girl looked pretty
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    I had a good day today... fun time resulted. this is another toy i have. lots of wetness on it from the fun time.
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    Mine started very very young. I never was a bedwetter or anything like that but I remember being so fascinated with the ideas of nappies for seemingly no reason. My mother childminded for years while I was small and one of her kids was going through potty training so I was there seeing her learn to pee in the potty. She never wanted mum to help her, she always wanted me, so I saw her pee all the time. When we got older, I helped her transition to the toilet and for some reason, when we played together, we were very open about our peeing needs. We’d often pee openly in front of each other while playing in my room (in secret places so never getting caught) and whenever we went out to play, we’d pee in front of each other there. It was the same with other friends and neighbours I had. We’d always pee outside and we only got caught once but nobody seemed to care that much. To be honest it just sort of encouraged us! But the most memorable experience of my very early days was myself and my friend both sitting on the toilet, myself in the back and her in the front, peeing together because we both had to go but we wanted to go at the same time!
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    It's kind of a long story but for the past few years i had two best friends. A male best friend and a female best friend. I even hung out with them in person a few times. Within the last 5 months i stopped hearing from the male best friend. He kept drifting farther and farther away, more and more consumed by his work. He stopped calling me. Stopped texting me. He went from texting me every day to not at all. The female best friend i used to talk to often and now.. i rarely even get an email from her once every few months. Losing those two best friends has been easier to cope with since i've been using peefans more often. The awesome people on here have been so friendly to me and become like my new best friends. I feel comfortable communicating with the people on here and i feel close to the people on here. Hugs to everyone!!!
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    Chapter 7 The best thing about my flatmate is just how accepting she is. There can't be many girls who, when waking up next to their best friend wearing one of their incontinence nappies, simply laugh and ask if I "enjoyed" it. I laughed, inwardly daring myself to say to her "Feel for yourself." But she was way ahead of me, her thin, cool fingers immediately finding the soft warmth inbetween my legs. She gave it a firm squeeze and squealed in delight. "Look at you!" she shrieked with laughter, giving it another squeeze. "You actually weed in it! Oh, bless you. You don't even have to wear these things and you're doing it anyway." I felt a red hot flush from the tip of my head all the way down. "Well, yeah..." I mumbled. "Oh, no, I don't mean it like that!" Maddie's whole face suddenly softened and she grabbed my hands. "No, I didn't mean it like that. No, it's... it's super sweet that you're doing this. It's made me feel way better about the whole situation. You know, it takes some of the attention of "Maddie can't go for a wee under her own power". I just... I just think... it's super sweet..." I was beginning to notice her fidgeting a little - well, as much as a woman bedbound with two broken legs and a companion sleeping next to her could fidget. "I just wanna say thanks," she finished clumsily. "S'okay babe. I get what you mean," I gave her hand a squeeze. "Besides, it was quite fun to wear." I thought she might grimace at my admission, but her face lit up again. "Yeah?" "Well yeah. I mean, I'm always a fan of not having to get up to pee!" I couldn't help but blush again. The memory of my furious orgasm after my late night wetting was fighting to the front of my memory. I had a feeling it probably wasn't best quite yet to admit I found the whole thing a bit of a turn on. Especially when Maddie was squirming away so cutely in front of me. "Mads." I said carefully. "You... gotta wee?" "A wee bit - no pun intended!" she giggled. "But I'm not sure this one can hold an entire morning pee." "True..." I nodded. Maddie's morning pees were almost legendary in our house. I always knew when she was up as I could always hear her barrelling through the house, banging doors, often pulling down her pyjamas with no care of who could see her to get to the bathroom. What always followed was a thundering torrent of pee that could go on for up to a minute, followed by a satisfied sigh and a "That's better!". The fact that she hadn't already wet herself this morning was a miracle in itself. I hopped out of the bed. I felt the bottom of my nappy sag slightly, the heaviest part drooping a little further below my girlhood than I anticipated. I felt it, worryingly. Had I peed it already this morning? Was that possible? I certainly hoped not. Wearing a nappy for one night couldn't undo twenty odd years of toilet training, could it? "Hey? I don't mean to hurry you, but I'm reaaaally getting desperate here..." Maddie's predicament took me out of my stupor. I delved into the bag of nappies, took out a fresh one and rounded on her. "Right. Shall we get you changed?" "I suppose." she grimaced. "I'm sorry you have to deal with it." "Don't even worry about it." I'd come over all hot and stuttery. My fingers didn't want to obey what my brain was telling them. I shakily pulled back the covers. Maddie was lying there, her nappy swollen almost twice its size and a faint, off-yellow colour. I poked it experimentally and it squished under the force, already fully saturated. I had to work quickly. Maddie was already wriggling and looking at me pleadingly. I had no time to feel awkward. Maddie was lying there, absolutely bursting to wee. And if she leaked, it would probably ruin the mattress, and what would happen then? It would be a ruined mattress and nowhere for her to recover. "Right, lift up..." I whispered hoarsely and Maddie lifted her bottom up as high as she could. My trembling fingers found the tabs of her nappy and snapped them off. The nappy fell away with a soft slump, revealing Maddie's slightly damp vagina and mound, as well as a gentle smell of pee. It wasn't unpleasant, but fairly noticeable. I made a mental note maybe it would be best to change her before she went to sleep. "Oh no!" I jerked back into reality as a trickle of clear pee suddenly streamed out from her. It lasted only a few seconds and thankfully soaked into the nappy still underneath her but then, I heard a steady drip-drip-drip. "Hurry!" Maddie cried. Deciding any protection was better than no protection, I snapped open the new nappy, pulled away the old one and quickly shoved the new one underneath her. Maddie's bottom fell back to the bed, still peeing. It trickled at first and then grew. The stream pushed itself out in a clear, driving rush, splattering into the awaiting nappy. She let out a groan of relief and a soft, dreamy look came over her face. The stream intensified, raging into the nappy, clear and warm, diving into the cotton softness underneath her. It went on for thirty long seconds. My gaze fixed firmly on the wee spurting out from her. I couldn't look away until she was done. "Enjoy the show!?" she teased after a few moments of awed silence. "I... I have never seen so much pee before." I stammered out. "I told you I was desperate!" She snorted and wiggled herself, a few more drops clinging to the sweet curve of her mound and finally drip-drip-dripping into her nappy. "Ahhh..." she sighed in satisfaction, then eyed me still staring. "Come on, I'm cold now!" She giggled. "Of course, sorry..." I muttered foolishly, closing up her nappy with a flourish. I hesitated for a moment. "You sure you don't want... a fresh one?" "No point," she shrugged airily, reaching for her phone. "They'll get used up too quickly if we do that. Especially..." she added, with a deliberate stare at me over the screen. "Especially if you're gonna be wearing them too. You know, to help me feel a bit better." I gaped at her for a few moments and then a smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. "You are amazing, you know that?"
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    Another thing i am fascinated with. It seems like almost all the men have the same looking pee hole. A little slit. But girls can have different shapes. Like with mine theres a little rosebud tissue around it. Some girls don't have that. I adore my pee hole cause when i pee it makes my flower warm. and it feels good to pee. and it's nice to watch the pee come out. like a little fountain.
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    I was lying in bed this morning thinking, I do some of my best thinking when I have just woken up, I suppose it's because I've not yet had my brain fried by the phone calls from customers who think they have, A, a major problem(usually they haven't) and B are more important than anyone else (usually they aren't). A typical example of this was last week, I had a customer ring up wanting a security camera moved urgently because it wasn't picking everything up, what he really needed was another camera adding to his system, and he considered this an emergency! Likewise, I had an 80-year-old lady who had had no light in her bathroom for a fortnight but didn't want to bother me in case I was busy. Now that's what I consider an urgent job. I began to think about all kinds of things that had happened over the years, trying to skip over some of the more unpleasant ones and think of the more pleasurable events. I began to think about some of my ex-partners, suddenly a very vivid memory came back to me, it was so vivid I closed my eyes and could almost see it happening all over again. I had been with this particular young lady for a few months and we had been very adventurous in the bedroom. One day we had been discussing outfits and I remember telling her that I found a woman with a pert bottom poured into an extremely tight pair of jodhpurs a real turn on, especially if she was wearing long black boots too. I think it came from my time working on farms and horseriding establishments. Well, she already owned a pair of black high heeled thighboots, and said she'd like to try some jodhpurs, so we went to the equestrian store and bought a pair, dark blue and super smooth, they were also super tight and clung like a second skin. One evening I arrived home from work and the baby was already in bed, she was all dressed up in a tight top, the jodhpurs and the long black boots, wow, super sexy! We sat down and had a couple of drinks, then about 30 minutes later, she told me she needed a pee and headed off, closing the lounge door behind her. A couple of minutes later she called out to me and asked me to come into the dining room, to my utter amazement she was stood on the dining table still wearing her high heeled boots. "watch this" she giggled, and with that began to piss into her jodhpurs, nice and slowly, so slowly in fact that it ran from her crotch, clung to her thighs and ran into those sexy black boots! I was totally transfixed as her hot piss ran like two small streams down her shapely thighs without so much as a drop spilling onto the table, she seemed to go on for ages, when she was done she climbed down from the table, the piss squelching inside her boots and asked me if I fancied a fuck, boy, did I! We were at it for ages, although it was a bit tricky as she was still wearing her tight jodhpurs and piss filled boots. What a wonderful memory!
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    My lovely wifes clit
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    I feel like it's a huge part of me. Like without it I would be incomplete. Like it is true that my arms and legs are a very functional part of me my slit is a part of me in a different way. It's very emotionally attached to me. Of course this website has shown me methods of having "fun" with my slit and ways of sharing that with people in a friendly way!
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    i don't feel comfortable posting all of me. this was after i played. (please don't ask me to show more)
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    Dear Wet Carpet, My friend Rebecca told me about your magazine thought it might be just what I’m looking for. After reading just a few of the other entries, I think she may be right. I have been a wetter since I was a kid because I have a weak bladder. As soon as I feel like I have to go, it’s only a matter of minutes before my body doesn’t give me a choice. I have to go. This had led to some unfortunate situations, but as I got older it also led to some pretty sexy fun. As a kid, my parents kept me in protective underpants until I became so self-conscious that I begged them to let me go without them, promising them frequent bathroom trips and to go easy on the fluids. By the time I was in my teens, I became an expert at knowing when I needed to get to a bathroom. I also became an expert at figuring out how to find discrete ways to empty my bladder if I couldn’t get to a bathroom. This led to my later habits of wetting in public both secretly and with friends. That’s how this started. I was with Rebecca, the friend who recommended your magazine, walking around the mall, when I felt the usual urge to pee. I told her we should make our way towards the bathrooms, but she looked at me and frowned. “Do you really have to go right now? We just came in here.” “I do,” I said. She looked around and then smiled. “What if we didn’t leave?” she asked. “What do you mean?” “Well, you’re wearing a skirt, so…” “No…,” I said. “Why not?” she asked. “Because I can’t just piss myself in a busy store. I need to get to a bathroom or find a good hiding place or something, like the parking garage.” Rebecca stepped around to a large rack of clothes in the back corner of the store. “This looks pretty hidden to me,” she said. “Here, I’ll prove it.” I wasn’t sure what she meant until she stepped out of her shoes and stood closer to the rack of clothes. I saw her face change just a bit, and then I heard a very soft hissing sound and looked down and saw a clear stream running down her legs and to the dark carpet at her feet. Because the two of us had gotten ready together this morning, I knew she was wearing panties, which meant she was soaking them right now. “Oh my god,” I said. “You’re seriously doing that?” “I am,” she said, “and you should, too. It feels really good.” I could tell she struggled to keep a straight face as her flow eased. “And you’re literally the only one who knows I just did that,” she said. She did have a point. The carpet was dark, and without looking closely it wasn’t even noticeable that anything was out of the ordinary. No one was looking at us, there was almost no sound, just the hissing, and you couldn’t see the stain on the floor. I felt another wave of pressure in my bladder, this one more urgent, and figured I wouldn’t have much of a choice now anyway. “I’m not gonna make it anyway,” I said, “so I might as well.” Rebecca smiled, and I could tell she was trying to stay composed as I stepped next to her and slid my sandals off, kicking them next to hers. I pretended to be looking at the clothes on the rack as I relaxed and then let go. I felt my warm pee fill my panties and then flood down my inner thighs and my legs. It dripped down quietly over my feet, just barely making a hissing and dripping sound as it absorbed into the carpet at my feet. I bit my lip to keep from moaning because my friend was right. It felt incredible. I was finished quickly, and we both slid our shoes back on and left the store. That started one of the best mall trips of my life. We stayed all day, spending all our money, and wetting ourselves in daring ways and in secret places, letting it drip down our legs or squatting in hidden corners and peeing through our panties onto the floor. In one store, we both went to separate dressing rooms way at the back of the store to try on some clothes when Rebecca said, “You won’t believe what I’m about to do.” I smiled and tried to imagine as I heard her sigh but did not hear any dripping. “Are you pissing on the bench?” I asked. “Mmm hmm,” she said. The image in my mind of her sitting on the bench in the dressing room, emptying her bladder into the cushion, really excited me. It also reminded me of my own need. But I was concerned about leaving a mess in two dressing booths, so I did my best to hold it until we were finished. “Do you have to go too?”Rebecca asked, as if reading my mind. “Yeah, but I don’t want to make two messes for somebody to clean up.” “Well, do you want to come over here?” she asked. “I think so,” I said, knowing that I wouldn’t make it much longer. I got dressed, walked out of my dressing booth and into hers. She laughed when she saw me. I wasted no time stepping over to the bench, where I could see an obvious dark stain in the center of the bench. I started to sit right on it when Rebecca stopped me. “Wait, take your panties off,” she said. “It feels so good.” I raised my eyebrows at her, not really thrilled about the idea of putting my bare pussy against a cushion that lots of other people had used, but her eagerness convinced me, so I slid my panties down and put my bare bottom right over her wet spot, giggling at the warm feeling of her puddle against my skin. Then a familiar wave of pressure came over me, and I didn’t hold it back as a steady stream of pee sprayed out of me and into the cushion. It puddled between my legs and dribbled around my crotch, and I could feel the warmth seeping into the cushion under me. I sighed and bit my lip because I really felt like I would have an orgasm right there in front Rebecca. “I told you so,” she said, smiling, as my flow continued, adding to the already drenched spot on the cushion. The warmth under me and the steady stream splashing between my slit and spraying my thighs almost sent me over the edge, which would have gotten us caught for sure. I controlled myself, though, as my pee flow dwindled to a trickle and finally stopped. “Holy shit, that felt good,” I said. The next memorable thing happened on the way home from the mall. We were riding the bus when I felt the familiar wave of pressure again. “I’m sorry, Rebecca, but I’ve got to pee again.” “Me too,” she said. She surprised me when she sat up in her seat and pulled her skirt out from under her. We looked around, and other than the driver there was no one else on the bus because we had already made a few stops and dropped people off. Without saying anything, Rebecca sighed, and I could hear the loud hissing as she completely let go in her seat. She lifted her skirt and we both looked as her pee pooled right between her legs and her stream swirled into the puddle before slowly absorbing into the seat material. I watched, entranced, as a wave of pressure hit me and I just bit my lip and let go, the hiss of my warm pee matching hers. “Oh, Helen, you’re pissing into your skirt,” she said. “I know, and I don’t care,” I said, smiling. I closed my eyes and let the warm swirl of my pee caress my slit as I soaked my seat. This time, I did not try to stop my orgasm, but I sighed and let it happen. I looked over at my friend who was still dribbling pee into her seat. She smiled and watched me as I panted and climaxed right there next to her. We’ve been back to the mall a few times since. Helen
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    I've been thinking about the mouth today and what a sensuous organ it is, the lips, tongue, teeth, gums. I think my senses were aroused by watching a young woman on Chaturbate today, who held her cam close to her mouth and slid her finger in and out provocatively, sticking her wet tongue out invitingly. I noticed how the underside of the tongue is so 'cunt' like, wet, purple, red, veins, sinew, tissue, all nerve endings. I love prolonged foreplay, and the exploration of the mouth is such a turn on for me.
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    Last time was probably last year - much to my chagrin as I love a good long pee outside! We walked to Tesco, myself and my friend, past a small wooded section. My friend ducked in to water a tree as the walking had woken up his bladder and he allowed me to watch it was a beautiful sight but the stream and pattering pushed my bladder into overdrive. We were in a nice secure place so I just dropped my leggings and let out a strong short pee right next to my friend’s puddle! It was brilliant I need to pee outside again sometime but I never seem to have the opportunity- or the bravery!
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    Hopefully this helps @nopjans and @PissDude
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    I have a few male friends who admit to having similar interests, and have enjoyed attending sex parties, without getting physically involved with the other men. One of my friends yearns for sex with a pretty Transgender although he has said that he would not indulge in anal sex with another man, (giving or receiving) he would like to suck the dick of a TS. I too have an interest with the Transgender, breasts, and a cock are a turn on for me. Here's a very pretty TS, that I found on Chaturbate today.
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    This time Pepper Hart is Making Penny Lay CUM
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    not exactly panties, but still. i’m guessing some imaginations had fun today.