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    Although this is part 5, it is not necessary to read any of the other parts. Each is a standalone vignette, although if you enjoy one I hope and believe you would enjoy the others. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Vacation Fun - The World Is Her Toilet part 5 Betty loved vacationing at the beach. Every day of her trip had been perfect so far. During the days, she and her friends enjoyed laying out on the warm white sands under a nearly-cloudless sky. And during the nights, they partied in the seaside town's bars and clubs. Betty had vowed to never pee in a toilet during her vacation, and so far she had been managed to keep to her plan. She had relieved herself all over the town. Alleys, shadow-covered doorways, parking lots, stairwells, bathroom sinks and floors... Nothing in the small beach town had proven off-limits to being doused by her hot piss. Every time she urinated in public, she felt an electric tingle in her body, a tiny forbidden thrill as she left her mark wherever she pleased. At the beach, the public toilets were absolutely disgusting and none of the girls wanted to enter them. Whenever her friends needed to pee, most of the time they would walk into the ocean waist-deep and discreetly release their bladders into the water. Betty joined them occasionally, but she preferred alternate ways to piss on the beach. Sometimes, she would dig a small pit in front of her towel, pull the crotch of her swimsuit aside, and release her piss into the sand. She enjoyed the feeling of the warm salt air and ocean breeze against her exposed pussy and she didn't care if anyone saw her, or what judgments they had about her actions. While exploring the beach a few days earlier, Betty and her friends had discovered some tide pools filled with colorful sea life including starfish and anemones. "Look at that," Gina said. "It's beautiful." Betty nodded her head. "It sure is. I'm going to pee in it." Her predilection for peeing in unusual places was well known among her friends, who just laughed as Betty squat at the edge of the tide pool. Within seconds, an arching stream of liquid emanated from her pussy and landed in the center of the rocky bowl. "Fuck it, I've gotta go too," said Sarah. Standing next to Betty, she peeled her swimsuit aside and directed her piss into the pool of seawater. Ripples and lacy white foam bubbles radiated outward across the water from the twin streams hitting the surface. The marine life within seemed undisturbed by the two women urinating into their ecosystem. Within a few hours, the tide would rise, compleltely submerging the formation and refreshing the water within. Betty returned to the spot several times over the course of their stay at the beach, each time leaving behind a golden offering. While leaving the beach near sunset, the girls passed an elaborate sandcastle someone had built earlier in the day. It featured multiple towers with conical roofs, carefully carved windows, parapets, and even a bridge between the main castle and one of the outer towers. Betty pointed to the sandcastle and told her friends, "Watch this!" She pulled her baggy shirt up and the crotch of bikini aside. Within seconds, she was expertly directing a solid stream of piss against the walls of the castle. As the towers absorbed the gushing pee, they began to buckle and melt. When the largest of the towers succumbed to the flood, collapsing into a pile of sand, the other women cheered and laughed. Sarah, herself an accomplished and legendary public pisser, joined the fun next. After pulling her swimsuit bottoms aside, she stood in front of the scultupre with her feet planted wide and leaned back slightly. A thick, heavy column of piss shot forward from her pussy, traversing a distance of several feet. As the two women rained piss onto the structure, details that had been delicately and laboriously cast into the sand were destroyed by the merciless flow. Although the tide was sure to consume the whole structure, Betty had delighted in both the exhibitionism and minor pee vandalism. After changing at the hotel and enjoying dinner together, Betty and her friends found themselves at one of the many bars dotting the seaside town. Enjoying a few drinks at the bar meant Betty would enjoy relieving herself shortly. Soon enough, the tingle in her bladder signaled it was time to go. The line for the ladies room at this bar was at least 5 women deep, and Betty had no intention of waiting that long. Even if there had been no one in line, she would not have used the toilet. On other nights in other bars, she had peed in sinks and trash cans, or just deposited a puddle of piss on the floor. A few times, she stood facing the wall and aimed her stream against it, leaving a telltale stain as a testament to her actions. Betty walked out the front door of the bar, past a gaggle of smokers and wandered a few doors down the street. She found herself in front of a shop that sold old maps. The shop's door was in a recessed alcove, offering some shelter from any observers who happened to be nearby. She didn't really mind if anyone saw her pissing in public, but she didn't want to attract the attention of any creeps, or the cops. The entryway to this quaint little shop offered was exactly the kind of place she looked for. Betty ducked into the doorway and lifted her skirt. She pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of the cool night air against her exposed pussy. With her back to the door, she bent forward deeply at the waist, and sighed contentedly as a silvery beam of piss arced back toward the shop's glass door. Peeing in unusual places and on things that did not belong to her was one of her great pleasures in life. She did not know why she was this way, but she was happy to indulge this desire. As she emptied her bladder against the shop door, a tall man who appeared to be in his mid-20s rounded the corner and entered the alcove. "Oh, hey, sorry!" he said, but did not turn around. Startled for a moment, Betty cut off her stream and locked eyes with the man before resuming relieving herself. She felt no shame for her actions and saw no reason to stop on account of being discovered by a stranger. The sound of her pissing reverberated lightly against the brick and glass of the shop entry. A few seconds passed and the man smiled. "So, looks like we came here for the same reason." "You like maps too?" "What? Oh! No, I've gotta pee." "Oh, well go ahead. I don't mind, obviously." All the while, a narrow column of pee continued flowing backwards from Betty's pussy, ricocheting off the base of door, leaving an ever-growing puddle in front of the shop. The man stepped into position beside Betty and unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out and began pissing, thoughtfully aiming his stream into the corner to avoid splashing Betty. As her stream waned, she moved out of the way and turned around to watch the show unfolding in front of her. The man looked over, and seeing that Betty had not simply walked off when her relief concluded, resolved to show her something memorable. He re-aimed his penis, moving his stream from the corner, directing it with precision all over the shop's entrance. Pee streaked down the glass door, joining the puddle Betty had left behind. She watched and nodded approvingly as he thoroughly disrespected the shop's entrance. When he was finished, piss drops coated the windows and dripped from the door's handle and lock. The man tucked his cock back into his pants and laughed. "I think we own this place now." Betty produced a tissue from her purse. The tall man watched happily as Betty made no effort to conceal her damp, exposed pussy while she wiped the excess juices from her inner thighs and lips, then carelessly tossed the soiled paper into the pool of spent pee collecting by the shop door. "If that's what it takes, think I own this whole damn town. Call me the fucking mayor." The man laughed again and grinned wide. "Pleased to meet you, madam mayor. I'm Wyatt." Betty looked around at the thoroughly piss-vandalized shop entrance and felt a stir as she imagined the shop owner's upset reaction when he discovered the gift she and Wyatt had left for him. "Nice meeting you. You can call me Bee." Betty lowered her dress and started to walk back to the street. Wyatt called after her. "Wait, my queen Bee, where are you off to? Perhaps you'd like to come with me? I promise I'll make it worth your while." The tall man, with his slender frame, medium-brown skin, and wavy black hair was quite handsome, Betty thought to herself. "Yeah, ok." She sent her friends at the bar a text message to let the know what was going on and that she'd be back at their hotel later. After a brief walk through town, Betty and Wyatt arrived at his hotel. It was pretty typical of the offerings in this beach town - an older three story older with rooms arranged around a courtyard. Wasting no time, Wyatt briskly walked to his room an unlocked the door. Once inside, he grabbed Betty and kissed her neck and bossom passionately. She unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, leaving it in a heap on the floor. Wyatt greedily reached for her naked pussy and began gently rubbing and teasing it while Betty deftly removed her bra and threw it on top of her dress. Next, Wyatt unfastened his belt and pulled his pants and underwear off together. His cock stood at full attention and he eyed her large breasts hungrily. He bent down and sucked on her left nipple, than the right. Together, they moved to the bed in the center of the room. Wyatt bent Betty over at waist and entered her plump, wet pussy from behind. She moaned with pleasure at the exquisite feeling of Wyatt's cock sliding back and forth inside her. Betty could feel Wyatt's body tensing up behind her as she squeezed his cock with the muscles she had learned to immaculately control while holding and directing her piss over the years. After a few pleasurable minutes of activity he shouted "Oh fuck, I'm going to come!" He pulled out while Betty turned around and leaned back. Wyatt took in the sight of her dark pink pussy, soft, curvy body, black hair and perfect breasts. He grunted as he sprayed hot beads of cum over the expanse of Betty's flawless pale skin. Then he dived toward Betty's pussy like a ravenous animal, and worked the folds of her lips and clit with his tongue until she orgasmed with a loud scream while her body spasmed ecstatically. They fucked twice more that night before collapsing in a exhausted heap on the bed. Betty woke up in the dead of night and checked her phone. It was nearly 4 AM. Wyatt snored contentedly in the bed while she quietly dressed herself. This had been a lot of fun, she thought, but it was time to go back to her friends. As soon as she stepped outside of the hotel room. With a soft click, the door to the room locked behind her and she set off inot the night. As the cool ocean air enveloped the bare skin of her arms and legs she felt her bladder contract and was aware of a sudden need to pee. She half-regretted not taking the opportunity to pee inside of Wyatt's room. Although there was little chance he would ever forget her, squatting down and leaving a parting gift on the carpet or even over the contents of his open suitcase would have definitely left him something to remember her by. As she descended the stairwell toward the exit, Betty spied a sign that read "Ice Machine" and smiled at the naughty idea that popped into her mind. She followed the signage and found herself in a small vestibule in front of a large stainless steel vessel with an angled door at waist height. Looking around, the room and nearby hallway empty. She scanned the surroundings and saw no security cameras. The coast was clear. Opening the machine's small square door revealed a giant mound of loosely packed ice cubes. The opening in wall of the container beckoned, an open mouth waiting to receive Betty's golden offering. She pulled up the hem of her dress and perched her thighs on the cold metal lip of storage bin. Goosebumps rose on her pussy lips, suspended mere inches above the pile of ice cubes as the cool draft and adrenaline compounded the need to relieve herself expeditiously. An exploratory beam of piss escaped from between her thighs, arcing forward and landing on the floor between her feet. That provided the slightest sense of relief, but there was so much more to come. Betty shifted positions slightly and opened the floodgates of her bladder. An angry, pale yellow torrent of piss poured forth over the ice, which sizzled and cracked as the deluge of hot liquid rained down. After 20 seconds, the flow slowed to a trickle and came to and end. Betty remained in place for a few seconds, letting the remnants drip from her pussy into the ice below. As her final act of desecration, she gathered the drops of piss remaining on her labia with her fingers and aggressively flicked them into the container. As she closed the door to the machine she smiled. No one, not the hotel management, or any of the guests, would know how she had just used the ice machine as a de facto toilet. "Everyone can use a little extra Betty in their life," she thought as she imagined one of the hotel guests using the piss-blessed ice she left behind. Sneaking out quietly to the street, Betty walked back to her hotel room satisfied. She had one more day in town before having to return to her normal routine. The past 24 hours had been incredible, and she intended to make the next 24 equally memorable.
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    A postcard from my naughtiest side!!! SELECT THE "HOT" LIKE!!!
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    ...while "taking" this was delightful!!! Sweet dreams are made of PISS!!!