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    Until we were locked down by Boris' Tier 4 announcement yesterday, myself and two friends like to go to a local gym and swimming pool every morning before work. Myself and a friend walk or jog to meet our third friend and then head to the gym. Yesterday morning was no different. We had jogged to our third friend's but she'd overslept and was rushing to get ready. My friend and I waited for her in the entrance of the 70's high rise flats she lives in. It's dark and always has a faint smell of pee. I needed to pee by then and was moving from one leg to the other as we waited. "Do you need the toilet?" my friend asked and I nodded. She suggested I go into the stairwell and let a little bit out to relieve the pressure then go at the gym when we arrived. I looked at my friend a little uncertain. "Don't worry" she said "a couple of little squirts won't make a mess and you clearly won't be the first to do it" she said to alluding to the smell. I stepped into the darkness of the stairwell hidden from sight by the stairs and lowered my leggings. I let out a three second spurt then thought "what the hell" and let out another. I'd intended to stop there but I couldn't. The floodgates had opened and I ended up pissing full force on the concrete floor till my bladder was empty. The sound of my piss hammering onto the floor echoed off the tiled walls. I finished and had nothing to wipe with so I pulled up my knickers and leggings and went back to my friend who was watching the huge puddle spreading across the concrete from under the stairs. "Wow you really had to go!" she said. A few minutes later our friend came down and we headed to the gym. My friend hasn't brought up the matter of me flooding our other friend's stairwell and for that I'm grateful. I think that could be quite an awkward conversation!
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    So my boyfriend was playing in a soccer tournament last weekend, usually I just stay home but this time I decided to go along. It was really really chilly all 3 days so I only went to the finals tournament and stayed at the hotel and went shopping the other two. We stayed at a Hilton Garden inn with a really nice Indoor pool facility with two Jacuzzi’s and one really nicely sized pool. Peeing in the pool is a really really big kink of mine so I had an exciting two days ahead of me. The first night we got there, I didn’t pee right before I went to bed and didn’t pee in the morning either so I’d really have to pee in the morning. He left at 7 for practice day and the pool opened at 8 so I patiently waited in the room desperate and waiting for it to open. As soon as it was 8, I quickly waddled to the pool and scanned the card to let me in. Fortunately there was nobody in there and I could go wherever I wanted. I love hot tubs, especially when it’s cold outside so I quickly threw my stuff on the chair and walked down the stairs into the one closest to the courtyard, sat down, spread my legs slightly and relaxed. I looked briefly down at the slight yellow cloud that was billowing out before closing my eyes and sighing in relief. I was finished after a solid 40 seconds and turned on the bubbles to make sure the cloud wasn’t still visible. After 5 minutes of relaxing, I got out to drink a whole Starbucks energy drink thing and a pedialyte. I went back in and after 25 minutes, I got that twinge in my bladder again. I waited another 15 to the point where I would excuse myself in a regular situation. I was about to pee when the thought popped into my head, there’s no one in here so I might as well move my bottoms to the side and pee. I checked the entry to make sure nobody was heading in, stopped the bubbles, moved my bottoms to the side and relieved myself. After making sure I got every last drop out I got out and went to lay on the loungers. I watched some Netflix on my phone for an hour whilst sipping a sparking water. After two episodes, I needed a pee again but there was a elderly couple in the big pool so I decided to hold on. Fortunately they left a couple minutes later. Since I was alone again and there was a drain behind my chair, I thought I’d be really naughty and just pee while I’m sitting down. Once again I glanced over to make sure nobody was coming in, shifted slightly and slowly relaxed. My bottoms were barely damp so the warm pee felt so relaxing, I closed my eyes and gingerly peed while listening to it splatter down and run to the drain. After that knowing I’d be leaving for the room in a couple minutes, I drank another half of a sparkling water and finished my episode. Before I went back to the room, I went back into the hot tub one last time to get the pee off my bottoms but before I got into the water, I stood just so it was barely at my vagina and peed for like 12 seconds. I then went back to my room and ubered to the outlet mall where my boyfriend would pick me up for dinner. At dinner I ordered a margarita and a sweet tea and once again chose not to pee before leaving and I noticed my boyfriend did the same. He knows about my little kink and to him it’s not that big of a deal and he’s not really into it, he thinks it’s funny more than anything😂 On the car ride back we decide to relax in the hot tub when we get back, by the time we got back and changed, I was pretty desperate and needing a pee. I noticed that my boyfriend also skipped out on peeing again. When we got to the pool area, we put our stuff down and followed him into the hot tub I had some fun in earlier. My initial thought was to go ahead and pee but I wanted to hold it even longer. We talked for a couple minutes until he told me “babe, I really have to take a piss” with a special look on his face so I said “I think I can help you with that”. I put my hand in his shorts and pulled out his dick. He sighed a little and I could feel the vibrations of the piss flowing out of his penis. After a good 30 seconds, he did the jump thing to make sure he was completely empty and I put his now hard dick back in his suit. I then told him I also really needed a go and he pulled my bottoms to the side while I spread my legs slightly and relieved myself into the water. I finished and we talked a little bit more until we got out to go back to the room about 30 minutes later. I had a very quick pee before I got out to make sure I was completely empty before heading back to the room. After that, I had the best sex of my life😉
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    As I already said, I am working tonight. I've never done any kind of naughty pissing at work. I do hold for most of the night so I'm desperate on my way home in the morning, and sometimes I don't make it home and piss my pants in the car. But pissing at work has always been only in the toilet. I usually will pee at 11pm so I am holding for 8 hours before I go home. Tonight my bladder felt more full than usual and by 10pm I needed to go. I made myself hold it and by 11 I was starting to feel desperate. I wanted to make myself wait even longer and push my limits. I knew this was gonna be a great piss and I really didn't want to waste it going into the toilet. I debated what I could do as I got more and more desperate. My options at work are extremely limited. There are cameras everywhere but the bathrooms. My area has one single bathroom, no stalls, and there are only a couple of us who use it. So my pissing needed to be in that bathroom and I had to clean it up. As I got super desperate I went into the bathroom, took my clothes off and sat on the toilet, watching videos of good piss streams and aching to spread my legs and unleash my own hard, strong stream everywhere. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I scooted to the edge of the toilet, leaned back a little, and spread my legs. Immediately a beautiful, perfect stream of golden piss shot out of me and sprayed all over the cabinet and trash can in front of the toilet. I had to stop it because it was just so much piss and making such a mess. That. Was. Amazing. It was exhilarating, freeing, it felt incredible. I'm a professional who works within the community. I'm in charge when I'm at work. I'm good at my job. And not one single person would guess I would piss all over the bathroom or piss my pants on the way home. I feel so naughty and love my dirty little secret. Now I'm horny as fuck. I think I'll be going in the bathroom to get off next.
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    I was super excited this morning to remember that there IS one spot in my house that has carpet! My house has hard wood floors all through it and it makes me sad because I love to piss on carpet. I was even starting to try to think of places other than hotels where I could go to piss on some carpet because I miss it. Well this morning before Iayed down to go to sleep I was trying to think of where in my house would be a good place to practice pissing standing, and I thought of the small walk in closet in the extra bedroom that nobody uses and it just full of old clothes that don't fit anybody. As soon as I thought about it, it hit me. THAT CLOSET IS CARPETED. I immediately went right in there, pushed the old clothes out of the way because I wanted to piss directly on the carpet, and unleashed a nice long stream while standing, soaking the carpet wonderfully. Here are gifs of the start of the stream and the end of the stream. I went to sleep and when I woke up, I headed straight to my newfound piss place and soaked the carpet while standing again. I can most definitely see that that will be happening frequently. I'm going to practice pissing while standing one more time, when I piss at 11 before holding the rest of the night. I'm going to attempt to piss in the toilet while standing. Then, I think I will be good in the morning to spray my piss over the snow while standing. It is easier to spread my stream around while standing than it is while crouching down. I brought a change of pants for morning so I can go straight to the park after work. I brought two choices though. A pair of thin black leggings, and a pair of light colored jeans that are actually one of my favorite ones to piss in. These I know I'll get good drips from. The leggings I know I'll get excellent drips from, but one of my biggest turn ons is seeing that wet patch show up and slowly spread and get bigger, which is why I like pissing in jeans because you can see it best in jeans. You really can't see that at all in black leggings. Opinions please?? I also brought my small vibrator and I think this time I'm going to go further back on the walking trails where it's even more secluded and make myself cum too. I am so fricken excited to go piss all over some snow again in the morning!!!
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    Some years ago my man and I made a nice trip to a sea place. In our tour of several days it was planned also to reach an area where these is a famous panoramic walk on the coast. So, that day we took the car and drove to the coast. The trip was pretty long and once we reached there it was extremely difficult to find a parking, so we ended up to park pretty far from the nice walkway. After such long driving we were both in the need of taking a big pee, so we thought that the first step would have been to take a pee and than to enjoy our walk. My man solved the problem immediately after getting out of the car, peeing between our car and a wall, but when it was my turn the place was not so quiet anymore and many people were coming back and forward, so I didn't feel comfortable to pee there, and I said "no problems, let's move on, we will find a toilet". So we moved down to reach the coast and to do it we had to cross a big nice park. We looked around if there was a toilet or an indication to the toilets, but nothing helpful and my need was now too big, so I thought that I could not wait to search for an official toilet, I had to pee somewhere or I would have exploded. We looked around us, the park, was a park, but full of people everywhere and no place seemed safe enough to take a pee, until we reached a corner of the park on the side facing the sea, where there was a ruin of a sort of little castle, or ancient building, very beautiful and interesting because it had a stairway taking you on a terrace right on the sea. Very beautiful, but most of all in that moment it was very quiet and surprisingly no people around in that moment, so I said: "this is the place! let's climb the stairs and reach the terrace, I will pee there and you will guard at the door!". The stairway was made of a first long flight of stairs along the wall, a small square landing and then turning 90° another short flight of stairs (5 or 6 steps) to the entrance to the terrace. So we quickly climbed the stairs, but when we reached the entrance to the terrace we discovered that the gate was locked, so it was impossible to access the terrace... very disappointing! Anyway, since the situation around seemed to be still pretty quiet I decided to pee right there on the stairs, on the last flight, so I pulled down my jeans and popped a low squat (in order to minimize the splash that I hate) with my back to the gate and started to release a huge quantity of pee with a powerful stream hitting the step. My man remained on the landing in front of me and started to do a fake conversation over the phone speaking very loud, so hopefully it would have a little discouraged other persons who could have appeared with the intention to climb the stairs too. Very soon my stream of pee reached the landing and started to make a big puddle right there, so that my man had to move away from there, going down a couple of steps on the main stairway... my bladder was so full that I was going on peeing so much and the landing was now full and my pee started to descend the main stairway... so after a couple of seconds it reached again my man who had to escape again, moving down another couple of steps... and he told me amused: " Jesus! What are you doing Malika!? You are flooding everything here!". :-))) Indeed I had released a massive quantity of urine! Finally I finished my pee, I wiped my pussy and tossed a couple of tissues in the pee puddle on the landing, rearranged my jeans and moved down. We quickly descended the stairs and run away from there, because I was afraid to meet somebody who was about to climb the stairs and the idea that he would have seen the mess of pee that I made right before embarrassed me a bit. We continued our walk on the sea, now relaxed and relieved and we spent a very nice day.
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    We sat down on the sofa and talked a lot more about this mutual interest. We talked about places we wanna pee together and when we plan on doing this.... we also talked about fooling around a little bit. So we decided to go to my room to watch a dvd and my roomie was still drinking. We weren’t even fifteen minutes into the movie when she had to piss. I told her to just go off the side of my bed like I usually do. She pulled her pants down, sat off the edge of my bed and spread her legs. I looked between her legs and watched her stream come pouring out. She made a mess of my carpet but I enjoyed every second of it.... A half hour goes by and she says she has to go again. She says she wants to piss in the corner of the room. She gets up and removes her pants completely and goes to the corner and faces me and squats down and starts pissing. She pisses for about twenty seconds and then finishes up and leaves her pants off and sits next to me in bed. I ask her if she’d be interested in watching some pee porn with me.... she says yes. We put the laptop on my bedside table and sit next to each other. She spreads her legs a bit and I look at her pussy. I tell her I need to go pee and she tells me to stand up and spray my door. So I do as she says. I leave my bottoms off when I get back into bed though. I sat next to her with my legs parted. She was rather tipsy at this point and asked me if she could touch my pussy. I told her to go for it. She sat there playing with me for awhile, and I ended up touching her too.... after about ten minutes she needed to go piss. I asked her if I could spread her lips for her as she pissed off the side of the bed. She said yeah. So I did exactly that. She soaked my carpet again. We ended up fooling around some more, then finished the night by squatting in the hall together. It felt so naughty. I told her to feel free to come piss in my room in the morning and she said she may 🙂
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    I was out and about yesterday and I had to stop at the post office to get a stamp to post a letter. Because of the current pandemic there is a restriction on how many people are allowed in at any one time, only two people at once and everyone else has to wait outside. It was because of this queue I was able to catch a lovely little desperation sighting. Stood in front of me was a young, slim woman. Average height, blonde hair wearing a coat and some black leggings. I immediately knew she needed a wee from how she was standing, legs slightly crossed and squeezed together, unable to stand still, frequently swapping feet and only standing "normally" for a few seconds. All the classic signs of a lady needing to pee. It was while watching her that I noticed something else, the woman in front of her was also jiggly! I'm guessing mid 30's, she was wearing a coat and jeans, her brunette hair in a ponytail. She was actually moving about more than the blonde, almost squirming! I couldn't believe my luck, two for one! I'm sure the cold wasn't helping either of them. I continued watching over the next few minutes and the brunette turned to the woman in front of me and struck up a conversation "I wish they would hurry up, I'm dying for a wee" "<laugh> Me too." "Are they sending a christmas card to the whole country or something?" I was happy to keep waiting and watching! Unfortunately about a minute later someone left the shop and the brunette darted in. We all shuffled forward a space and I got to enjoy the blonde jiggling about some more, there was no doubt in my mind she really needed a wee. Someone else left and she went inside so I was at the front of the queue. Peering inside I could see her stood at the counter with her legs squeezed together tight, completely unable to stand still. The brunette left and the blonde had finished just as I got to the counter. I'm not sure if either of them made it to the toilet because they were gone when I came out, but one can imagine!
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    On Christmas Eve, I found myself in a town a bit away from home. I spotted a multi storey car park which was a short walk from the centre but more run down than the fancy new shopping centre parking. I decided to check if it would be one to utilise for parking in the future or for peeing if need arose. The staircase on one end was open sided and fully exposed, so not suitable for discrete peeing. I climbed the stairs three floors to see if there were any discrete corners, but it was all too exposed. I walked across the parking deck and found that at that level it was empty, so a possibility for finding parking in the future. I saw the staircase at the other end and entered it. The first thing That hit me as I opened the door was the aroma. This staircase was obviously regularly used as a toilet. It was that beautiful smell that always gets my hormones up and I inhaled deeply. I entered on the third level landing and found that the designer couldn’t have made it more suited to being used as a toilet if he/she had tried. Just to the side of the door was a secluded alcove, set back slightly, making a cubicle about 3 feet wide and the same deep, so if a male or standing female were to pee there, they would be protected on three sides and would have their.back to the stairs, so anyone who did arrive would know what they were doing, but wouldn’t see anything. If a female were to squat there, again, she would be protected on three sides. If anyone entered the stairwell on a different floor, they would hear the person approaching. If anyone entered on that floor and walked straight down the stairs, they wouldn’t spot the girl tucked around the corner in the alcove, so if they could stop peeing when they heard the door open, they would probably get away with it. It seems that several people must have made use of the facilities as there were sizeable puddles on the third and fourth floors in this position and a smaller puddle on the second floor. It looked like people come in from street level and walk up a few flights to reach the quiet parking levels to reduce the chances of being caught. There were no tissues in evidence, but on the fourth floor there was a discarded tampon, so ladies must use it as well. I tried to add to the puddle, but unfortunately it had not been long since I had peed and I couldn’t go. I walked down the stairs and out at street level. I then found that across the road was a bus stop and next to it were public toilets that were closed, so it looks like the alternative facilities were used not only by people parking in the car park, but also potentially by people waiting for the bus or who had expected to use the public toilet. photos of the fourth floor (large puddle and tampon) and second floor (small puddle) attached. I am not sure why I didn’t take a pic on the third floor, but that puddle was somewhere between the two in size.
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    For me it would have been a very drunken night out last year. I was waiting with friends in the queue for a taxi and nearing the front of what was a very long queue, I didn't want to leave to look for somewhere to piss and get separated from them. I sat on the edge of the kerb, pulled the crotch of my knickers aside and pissed into the gutter.
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    I have just got off the phone with my friend Katherine a few minutes ago and I just have to tell you guys about this. She had phoned me to say thank you for her Christmas card and that her present arrived. The conversation was pretty normal so I won’t share it here and we had been talking for about half an hour when my ears pricked up - “Ooh Soph, I don’t half need a wee” “Then go to the toilet!” I laughed, expecting her to end the phone call, put it on hold, mute, anything. No! I could hear her moving about then I heard a door close and the sound changed, it was more… echoey. Katherine was in the bathroom! I heard her unzip and a few seconds later a loud tinkle came through the speaker, crystal clear. She continued talking perfectly normally as she emptied her bladder but I must admit, I found it very hard to focus on the topic of conversation. Katherine is very beautiful and while I have physically seen her on the toilet several times, there was something special about hearing it over the phone while having a normal conversation. She peed for quite a while, maybe 20-30 seconds or so, casually talking the entire time and ended with a couple of stop start trickles. Her stream stopping and then firing up briefly as she pushed out a little more. Shortly after I heard the sound of toilet paper being unreeled and torn off for her to wipe and then nothing else as we carried on our conversation with her sat on the toilet! It was a good 10 minutes or so before we said goodbye and ended the call. I love knowing I had been talking to her with her jeans and underwear pulled down, a golden pool resting beneath her.
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    Hello all! I came across this forum a lot of times when having private time (if you know what I mean...), which almost always was perfect. So I decided to start contributing a little bit as well. I want to do that by telling about all the times that I saw my girlfriend peeing (ofcourse focusing on the hot pees!), which is actually very often. I won't post them all in this opening post, as that would be way too much and I want to keep it as detailed as possible for you guys! I will just start from the first time and gradually continue till today. Little disclaimer before I start, if you can even call it a disclaimer at all. I just find it very very sexy to watch girls peeing outside of a toilet (although I don't mind watching one on a toilet either😁 but it does a lot less for me). I however am not at all into pee play between the sheets, I also wouldn't want to be soiling my or anyone else's belongings and I also am not into girls who make peeing a sexy thing. By that I mean, I love it when a girl needs to pee, finds a place, pulls down her pants and squats. I am not so much into situations where a girl pulls out her tits while peeing, licking her fingers etc. The more natural the peeing, the more arousing it is for me! Also, I am not into desperation or wetting. So if you are looking for stories about peeing during sex, peeing all over a hotel room or some place like that, taking off al clothes before peeing or desperation/wetting, this topic is not for you I'm afraid.. Anyway, enough talks, let's walk the walk! My girlfriend and I are together for quite a long time now, so the first story is already quite some years old. It is coming from our very first date. We met on an online dating app (not Tinder though! 😁) and we already had been talking for quite some while. It really clicked on almost every front while talking through this app and later WhatsApp. I had the feeling I could tell her anything and she had that feeling too. I was (and still am sometimes) quite ashamed of finding peeing girls so damn sexy (and no-one knows it), so even though we discussed very personal things (including sex), this fetish was the only thing she didn't know about me. We quickly decided to go for a date, to see if we would click as good in real life as we did on WhatsApp. We decided to meet up in a town about halfway both our homes. We both came by car, met up on the outskirts of that town and from there went to the city center by one car as there was paid parking at the place we were planning to go. The time we met was halfway through the afternoon, for some drinks. The plan was to have some drinks in a Pub, then have some dinner, right after dinner watch a television show we both love and then go home. Everything went according to plan. The drinks were lovely and the dinner was lovely as well. After dinner, we had a find a place to watch that television show. The plan was to park the car somewhere quite and watch it on one of our phones. We found a spot at an outdoor shopping mall (which obviously was already closed, as it was weekend and after 8pm). The show finished at 10pm, but as expected we clicked very well in real life as well, so instead of going home, we stayed in the car and kept talking and talking and talking... All of a sudden, it was 1:45am and we both realised we needed to pee. As mentioned before, I ofcourse didn't mention to her that I like girls peeing, that would be very creepy.... I however did talk subtly about pee during our chats (for instance by mentioning a camping holiday which I did once but didn't find very comfortable, as there wasn't any toilet available). Because of that, I already knew that she didn't have a lot of inhibitions about peeing in public, as she told me she had had that kind of holiday as well but didn't mind peeing in a bush. I therefore had high hopes at this point, but unfortunately there was a McDonald's located on this shopping mall. This McDonald's was opened till 2AM, so we went there and went to the toilet. As we had spend the entire evening in the car talking, we both took the chance to grab a drink as well. After this, we were like "ok, it's very late already, let's go back home". We drove back to the parking lot on the outskirts where the other car was parked. However, instead of immediately leaving, we got talking again. And we talked and talked and talked (and kissed, but that is another story 😁 ) and then suddenly it was 6AM..... We at that point decided to finally go home then, but then the magic words came out of her mouth: "Ummmm, I actually have to pee quite badly... But I cannot just drop my pants her on a first date can I??". I tried to stay as calm and uninterested as I could, even though I was quite aroused because of her words (and because of the kissing we had done ofcourse, as I hadn't touched a woman for almost three years at that point.....). I replied that I didn't mind if she did, and was actually hoping she would do it as I would have a good excuse to have a pee myself as well, as I needed to go as well and felt the same as her: can't pee in public on a first date! Reluctantly she said "ok, let's do it then, but don't peak!!" and asked if I had a tissue. I did, so I gave it to her while promising I wouldn't peak at her. As I already really saw a future with her at that point, having had a date for such a long time (2PM till 6AM) and telling her all my personal stuff, so I kept my promise. I can however describe enough other details 😁 The parking lot we were at had a hedge on some grass on the side. Our cars were parked with the hood against the hedge so to speak. Her car was parked left to mine. I went to the passenger side of my car and peed in the hedge/the grass in front of the hedge. I expected her to squat against the hedge as well, so she would pee in the grass and avoid the splatter, but to me surprise she walked to the drivers side of her car (so there were two cars in between us) and dropped her pants there. As said, I kept my promise by not peaking, but because I noticed she was going to pee on the tarmac of the parking lot rather then on the grass (which made me very happy!), I kept my ears wide open! I was already done when she started, so the only sound I heard was her fourcefull stream splattering on the tarmac. After I zipped up, it stayed on the passenger side of my car to not spook her, but I still heard the stream splattering a lot and even saw the stream coming from underneath her car to the other side. She lasted for about 40 seconds, wiped and pulled her pants back up. I saw her head popping up above her car again and decided to walk around my car at this point. The excuse I had was to give her a last kiss, but ofcourse I wanted to see the puddle she created as well! We had our last kiss, we both stepped into our car and I texted some friend about the date I had. This meant she left before me, which gave me the chance to have a quick look in the puddle she made. It was a large puddle, which had also streamed over 6 parking places at this time and was still streaming further. She despises littering however, so she had thrown the tissue in a nearby bin. I quickly drove home and you don't have to guess what I did there.... 😁 Three dates (without peeing) later we were a couple and a half year later we went on our first holiday: a long roadtrip. Till next post!
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    Hello! This is my first story on this site and my first language isn't English, so please don't be too harsh. This story is highly inspired by BeneathMyWillow's Kaymala stories, Ms. Tito's Pisuaria stories and Vassal's Lavatria stories. I hope you guys don't mind me adding another island to the mix. Even though I can't deny, that I base these stories heavily on some of them, Jiyū will have it's own set of rules and laws. I really hope you enjoy this story! This story contains nonchalant peeing, wetting, public peeing, peeing while fucking, Bukkake, Piss drinking, Lesbian and Piss play. First a little bit about Jiyū. It’s a rather small island about the size of Cyprus. Its actually closer to Taiwan, than it is to mainland Japan. Because of a independents movement in the 1970s Jiyū is fully independent state but still relies heavily on trade with Japan. Their official language is Japanese but the younger generations speak English very well because of their excellent school system. The laws on the island are very different from the rest of the world. It’s legal to walk around naked anywhere you go, and other than the police and firefighters everyone has at least some skin showing. Public urination is legally and culturally accepted. The islanders really don’t care where or when they have to take a leak. If it’s in a building someone will come mop it up, if its outside the tropical sun will get to it, if it’s on someone or on clothing just deal with it, it will go away eventually. Having sex in public is completely legal and normal. As you can see Jiyū is very different from most of the world. Chapter 1 After a long struggle Erik had finally found, what he was looking for. Gate P, the smallest gate at the Haneda Airport and the one with the least amount people. It wasn’t easy to find, his inexperience with airports was also contributing to the problem. In his 22 Years alive he had never even been inside of an airport before. Just around 25 people were sitting next to the gate. The plane wasn't leaving for another half an hour, so he decided to wait there. He sat down and started studying the people close to him. Erik didn’t think the people waiting for this plane were different, well except for one woman in the back. She was wearing a white T-Shirt without anything under it. Her small dark nipples were clearly visible through the T-Shirt. But he had seen that before when he visited New York, so it wasn’t too strange. Maybe Jiyū wasn't as crazy as people online had tolled him. But still he had bought the tickets, so he was going to see if they were right anyway. He had read stories of this island, about people pissing on the streets and couples fucking in the parks. He had always doubted these stories, could there really be a place where it was culturally accepted to piss in your pants? Suddenly he saw the flight crew walk past him. They were all wearing the colours of the national flag of Jiyū, black and yellow. The pilots were wearing black pants, a black jacket with yellow stipes and a pilots hat. But Erik found the stewardess outfits a lot more interesting. They were wearing a very short black skirt, if he turned your head just a little he was sure he could see their knickers underneath. As a top the girls were wearing a white shirt und under that you could tell, they were wearing nothing. The cherry on the top was a cute little hat similar to the pilots. And before Erik could see any more they had gone out of the building and into the plane. Erik was lost in his thoughts, when the lady at the register stood up and started saying something in Japanese. Every one stood up and started walking to the register. Using common sense Erik decided, that the woman probably opened the gates for everyone to enter the plane, so he stood up and stood in line. It didn't take long for Erik to get his turn. He scanned his ticket on the machine and walked over to the entrance were a lady was kindly greeting everybody on board. The lady looked at him and asked: "English?" "Ehm, yes Please." Erik replied a little shaken up by the woman’s perfect English. "Ok, great I will tell the captain, also please bear in mind that Japanese laws apply until the captain says other wise. Have a nice flight!" The woman said waiving him into the airplane. Erik was happy to hear that. If what he had read online was true this flight is bound to be a the best flight of his live! Once in the plane he was reminded of how unlike anyone else he was. As he was walking through the small plane trying to find his seat, a lot of people grinned at him, as if he had dirt on his face. As he finally ploped down on his comfortable window seat he felt relived and was ready for whatever might happen in the next hour and half. A few minutes later a young man about his age sat down next to him. As soon as everyone was seated, the pilot announced something on the radio and the plane took off. Erik had decided to listen to some music while they were slowly skyrocketing towards the sky. After a while, the Pilot said something on the radio and Erik guessed, that Jiyū Laws were now in effect because as soon as the pilot switched off the radio a bunch of people started to unbuckle their seatbelts. But they didn't stop there. The man sitting next to Erik opened his zippers and pulled his cock out. A row over he saw a woman standing up, just to strip naked. It seemed as if he was the only one not getting rid of the restrictions of his clothing. Erik swiftly noticed, that his cock was starting to get hard. Thankfully his jeans were big and didn't show anything. He saw one of the stewardess walk past him, but this time completely naked. The only reason he knew she was a stewardess was the little hat they wore. Needless to say some of the things Erik had read about were turning out true. Soon he found out, that even more was true about this place. As he was trying not to be rude and looking at all the titts and dicks near him he felt tiny wet droplets hitting his ankles. he looked over and saw the man next to him peeing nonchalantly in his chair. Since his hadn't adjusted his cock at all, some of it stayed in the chair but some of it was spraying down the seat on to the floor. As he took his headphones out he heard loud moaning coming from the front of the plane. Erik couldn’t help but get hard, this time round his jeans weren't very good anymore at hiding it. It didn't take long for the man next to him notice . He looked at him and said: "You are a tourist right?" His English wasn't perfect, but is was still very good. "Yes I am." Erik smiled. "Ohh, welcome to Jiyū!" He did a little bow. hesitant Erik also bowed, though not at enthusiastic as the man had. "My name is Takumi, very nice to meet you. I see you are restraint," he pointed to my now obvious bulge, "would you like to watch some Jiyū Movies with me to relive the tension?" Takumi seemed very caring and nice. Erik’s dick was also starting to hurt a little so whatever, he thought. "I would love to!" Takumi took out his tablet and set it on his table. Erik was slowly but surely opening up his zippers. Even though everyone around him was naked, or at least almost. his American brain still tolled him it was wrong. Takumi opened his tablet. His wallpaper was a naked woman, pussy flashing, sitting on a white sand beach pissing towards the camera. But Takumi didn't stay there for long he quickly opened up his gallery. It was filled with naked people, some of the pictures showed Takumi himself naked. After a while of scrolling Takumi seemed to have found what he was looking for. The video was filmed on a phone, is was night but the light of shops and moon lit up Takmui and a woman having sex against a car. Is seemed like a busy night because there were a lot of people in the walking in the background. Now that had already gotten Erik’s attention. He was now slowly stroking his cock, as the Takumi in the video started to pick up pace. The faster Takumi got, the louder the woman moaned. While Takumi was pounding the woman, she started to pee on the floor. After a few more seconds of peeing, her stream slowly died down. Takumi trapped her on her shoulder and she got on her knees Infront of him. Takumi was now jerking off just inches over her face. Erik had seen enough porn to seen where this was going. He was now furiously masturbating. Focused on the video he had completely forgotten about his surroundings. As Takumi in the video threw his head back, a few streaks of sperm came out of his dick and on to the girl. She seemed very happy to be getting a load in her face, she was trying to catch it in her mouth but most of it landed on her hair and face. Erik was now very close to cumming. He could now see a man crossing the street to join Takumi and the girl. He was bottomless and wearing a very short crop top. He came up to them and while the girl looked up at him he pointed his dick at her and let out a strong and powerful burst of pee, right on her face. This put Erik over the edge, he felt an orgasm come and with a little squirt his cum flew threw the air and landed and the backside of the seat in front of him. As his orgasm was dyeing down some of his cum flew down his hand and on his pants. He looked up to the real Takumi who was grinning at him. "Already? The girls will love you in Jiyū Hahha." He said still grinning. Erik on the other hand was more concerned bout the mess he had made. His cum was slowly oozing down the seat in front of him and his pants were also full. "Ugh, what should I do?" He asked Takumi. "You don't have anything, just take of your pants. Where you are going you won't need them anyway!" He answered gesturing boldly. Erik had no choice but to agree. He took his pants of and stood up to up the in his backpack. He walked into the hall. Towards the front of the plane he could see where the moaning had come from. A woman was hopping up and down her seat. His hand luggage was a few rows further down the plane. Right under his luggage, a woman was sitting at the window seat and the woman who was apparently sitting next to her was on the floor in front of her eating out her pussy. The woman sat on the seat was clearly enjoying it. They both looked to be about Erik’s age. Suddenly she looked up at Erik but before he could look away her eyes widened. “You are the tourist on board right?” She asked him. Looking down he answered: “Oh, yes.” “Don’t feel bad for looking, we are Jiyūan. You can look at us all you want! Anyway where are you from?” She asked. Erik was now trying to look the girl in the eye while talking to her, but the woman eating her pussy was a little distracting to say the least. “I was born and raised in Kansas. This is my first time out of Amerika.” The girl looked shocked, “Your first international trip is to Jiyū? What an honor!” Now the girl sitting on the floor took her mouth out of the other girls pussy and said: “I’m sure you’ll fit in perfectly with the Jiyūan people, jugging by that.” She pointed her finger at Erik’s dick. He had completely forgotten, that he was bottomless and on top of that his dick has started to harden again. “I’m so sorry!” He replied awkwardly. While trying to hide it with his pants. Both girls busted out laughing. Erik was now even more embarrassed. “You don’t need to apologize hahahah.” They said. After things had calmed down a bit, through her smiles the girl on the seat said: Anyway I’m Miku and this is my girlfriend Ume. We are happy to show you around down if you want us too.” Still embarrassed Erik answered: “Oh, thanks I was hoping to find some locals. I have a room at a hostel but I don’t know how to get there. My name is Erik” As he finished that sentence he heard splashing next to him. A Middle aged woman was peeing in her seat while watching a show on her phone. Just like Takumi je didn’t seem to care about herself or the chair getting wet. Erik was clearly turned on by this since Miku commented on it. “Oh, so you are into pee, I see,” she looked down at her girlfriend, “I was saving this up for tonight but I can’t let this chance go to waste.” With a slight nod Ume approved whatever Miku was about to do. Just a few seconds later a fountain of pee came out of Miku’s pussy, Drenching Ume’s face. Just like the woman in Takumi’s video she tried catching all of the pee in her mouth but most of it went down her breast and hair. Miku was clearly enjoying this. Laughing and aiming her pee away from Ume’s mouth, presumably to spray as much pee around the room, as she could. When Miku was finished Ume’s hair and face were completely soaked in pee. Ume stood up and squeezed her hair out over Miku’s mouth. After she has swallowed it, they started to kiss. This was the hottest thing Erik had ever seen. It was no surprise to him, when he looked down and saw his dick rock hard. The radio went on and the girls stopped kissing. The captain said something in Japanese and the girls looked disappointed as he turned off his radio. “What’s the matter?” Erik asked confused, “It’s time to get back into our seats.” Ume said piss dripping off her chin. “Oh no,” Erik replied, “Were are you going to dry off?” As Ume climbed off her girlfriend she said: “I’m just going to stay like this for now to be honest. As soon as I’m outside the sun will dry it.” “Oke, so, I’ll be waiting for you both outside of the airplane.” Erik said. The girls nodded, “can’t wait!” And with that Erik was off. When he arrived at his seat Takumi was still watching porn and jerking off. He looked up and smiled. “I see, you went over there but forgot to do the thing you went to do there in the first place. Very clever!” Erik looked down to see his pants still in his right hand. He really was very clever. End of Chapter 1
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    Didn't do so great 😂 Last piss of the night, holding now so I'm nice and full to go piss all over the park again in the morning 😁
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    I really needed to pee while in my room and didn’t wanna make too much of a mess. I decided I should pee over top of my cactus. I pulled my dress up, spread my legs and started peeing. I had to aim my stream a little bit, but it was nowhere near as hard as I imagined it to be. I got quite a thrill out of it to be honest.
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    Obviously not much going on this year, but I did have the opportunity to spend three different New Year's in Times Square many years ago. Here are some details. The first time I went was in college when friends from a very small town wanted to check out what it was about. This was just before I began being an actual hunter. The first thing to note is that the crowds are like nothing I have ever seen anywhere else. For about 20 square blocks surrounding where the action was it was basically wall-to-wall people. I remember being keenly aware that there were not going to be many bathrooms around, but I was with friends who had no idea of my interest, and like I said this was before I began to start hunting. This was reinforced right when we came upstairs from the train when a youngish couple was walking down the street shouting, "Bathroom! We need a bathroom!" The rest of the night was mostly uneventful, but as we were leaving I decided to take a less used side street. Walking past a group of girls I noticed the group surrounded one girl and it appeared she had pulled down her pants and gone into a squat. Looking back this was about the most obvious thing ever, but at the time it was still a bit foreign to me. Plus I hadn't exactly seen it. I was also just about past them at that point and could hardly turn back. That incident though, drove me to want to go back and give a closer inspection to the pee culture. *** It took me a few years to get back. New Year's Eve isn't the easiest night to just sneak away and do your own thing. It's probably the day more people ask what you're doing than any other. But I finally got there one year in my mid-20s. I didn't go in the pens but spent all night walking up and down the nearby streets. And then I did it again the next year. The truth is that the two years kind of blend together so here are some of the highlights. I was still a nascent hunter back then so some of my opportunities could have been better... **I found my way into a McDonald's that had an impossibly long line for a single bathroom. I tried to watch the line and even struck up a brief conversation with a desperate young lady but her boyfriend soon arrived and ended that. As I walked out two guys were asking a cop where they could pee. The cop seemed sympathetic but had no real answers. One of them said, "Can we get like a get out of jail free card or something so we can go take a whizz in a corner somewhere?" I didn't hear the response but the look on the cop's face suggested they were not spending their night chasing down public pissers. The guys excitedly approached their girlfriends and told them the good news. The girls were not amused. "Guys, it's an emergency," one of them said as she fully crossed her legs and did the little dip. "I'm not sure I'm going to make it to Times Square!" With that the boys agrees to head back to the train station and hailed a cab. But there was only room for three and so the boys got in and directed the girls to take the next one. The one with the emergency looked none-too-pleased but she and a friend were soon able to find the or own cab. I'm not sure they were able to get to a suitable bathroom as even places letting you in had long lines. **Walking away from that seen a girl on the corner stood and spoke alarmingly to her male friends. She was large, dare I say fat, but not unattractive, and absolutely desperate. "I have to goooo," she exclaimed. "We're going to find you a place," said the loudest mouth among the guys. With that they crossed a street and then walked a bit before stopping by a park. "Just go up these stairs," the loud mouth said, "and find the best tree and pee by it." After some brief hesitation the girl went up. The boys did not exactly stand guard by where she went up but it would have looked odd if I had followed. Instead I paced back and forth a little and was able to see the girl's head duck down as she squatted. At that moment another, much better looking girl, ran toward her from another direction and quickly squatted to do the same. I was able to see her dark complexion and lovely dark hair but nothing else as she squatted and peed. **Not far from that park was a different McDonald's on the side of the street opposite the first. This one had the bathroom upstairs and a very strict guard who would not allow anyone up who had not made a purchase. And the line to purchase was long. And you had to purchase first. A few people borrowed food from strangers and carried it upstairs for them as their ticket to the bathroom but many more spent time unsuccessfully pleading with the guard to let them up. One girl was on her phone and as she walked out screamed quite loudly, "I have to fucking pee." I trailed her for a bit to no avail. Another walked out telling her friends emphatically that she wasn't going to make it, but that group kept stopping and getting distracted which led to a cold trail. Finally, on one of my trips into the McDonald's a group of three walked out. There were two girls and a guy. One of the girls shouted in an angry voice: "I guess I'm going to have to piss on the fucking street." I quickly turned around and saw the trip disappear down the next block. I slowly walked to the corner and around where they were nowhere to be seen. I picked up the pace and finally noticed that they were tucked away in the doorway of an apartment building. I walked past without really looking and then turned around as if I had taken a wrong turn. At this point I could see two faces, and then a third in behind them, hands on pants but looking uncertain. The guy then said, "Look...just go." I hesitated a bit more as if I was getting my bearings and did one final walk by of their position. I could not see the peeing girl as her friends had her well hidden but I did hear her stream and saw it running out a bit from where her friends were standing. **Walking near the McDonald's there was a 30s-ish woman in red pants walking with a man. She appeared to be looking for a place that would let her in to use the bathroom. She stopped in front of one office building and as I caught up I could see her smile and hear her say, "But I really have to go." Again the cop seemed sympathetic but unable to help. I stopped at the next corner and the couple passed me, crossed the street, and stopped to deliberate. Then they moved to turn down the street and began to set up for her to pee between parked cars. I moved in but the man moved to block me. I casually moved to the other side and found her with her hands on the button of her pants getting ready to pull them down but seeing me and electing to wait. At this point I had no choice but to walk away. I intended to circle back but about 4 cars down I ran into some perfect timing. Two girls ran in between the cars just as I got there. Two guys were there but paid me no mind as I slowed up and watched. I remember one of them had her jeans down, her jacket up, and was leaning on the back end of a car. I could see her ass and had a perfect view of the stream as it flowed straight out and onto the street. I don't remember anything about the second girl other than she was also peeing and they were laughing. I decided the guys were a red flag and didn't watch the entire show. I headed back to where the girl in the red pants and lined up to pee and she walked out from between the cars and comfortably back on her original path. As I passed by I saw her puddle. This is a classic case of getting a very good sighting but being disappointed because the one I hunted got away. I'm sure any seasoned hunter can relate. 99
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    I had a busy weekend full of some crazy fun pissing sessions. This morning after work I was tired and just wanted a laid back, relaxing piss. I held my bladder at work, got out desperate and fought to hold it on the drive home. Made it home, and went to my carpeted closet with one of my toys, where I masturbated while pissing. I love the feel of the warm piss pooling around my clit in my panties while the toy is vibrating there. I squirted out more piss as I came, then I finished emptying my bladder onto the carpet. It was a great session to relax me before bed. Here's a gif of the piss squirting out as I came, and one of me emptying my bladder when I was done.
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    I left work yesterday morning with a nice full bladder ready to burst, once again. I headed to the store again. This time I had brought a change of clothes, but pissing my pants in front of the Walmart greeter had piqued my interest, and I went to the store purely with the intention of pissing my leggings in an aisle and leaving a puddle. It was sooo easy. I just started pissing while I was looking at a rack of clothes, then walked away and left the puddle. You couldn't even tell my black leggings were wet. I wanted to keep walking around the store and leaving more puddles, I had to get out of there before I used up all of my piss. I bought some Grey leggings, changed into them and headed to the park. Despite soaking my black leggings and leaving a nice sized puddle, I was still bursting to piss. As I looked around the park, I noticed an outdoor staircase and I immediately wanted to spray my piss down it, so that's where I headed. I stood on the stairs, finishing my cigarette, desperately holding my piss, waiting for it to burst. I finally couldn't take it anymore, pulled my leggings down, and pissed on the stairs standing up. My piss gushed out so fast and hard it was like a thick gush rather than a stream and wasn't spraying. At the bottom of the stairs were some picnic tables, I decided that sitting on one of those would be a good place to start wetting my leggings. I still felt like I was still full of piss. After my leggings were nice and wet, I started out down a walking trail to see what I could find. As I walked I slowly pissed more into my leggings until they were soaked, and I was drinking soda to replenish my piss. I found a tunnel I decided I wanted to spray more piss all over, but decided since I had soaked the leggings, now I wanted to change into the jeans and soak those too. I went and changed and by the time I got back to the tunnel I was bursting and as soon as I got my pants down the piss just started spraying everywhere. It was glorious. After this, I just walked around, a little more, finishing off soaking my jeans and looking for a spot to use my toy and get myself off. Finally I propped up against a tree, got out my toy and came hard and strong. It was another great pissing session!
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    Merry Christmas, my fellow urophiles. Eliminature in her stockings.
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    I had a good friend over, a female who knows about my fetish and my peeing activities. We had a few drinks and were talking about weird places we have peed. I told her I pee all over my bedroom. She didn’t really believe me as it doesn’t smell like piss. I told her I sometimes pee in my closet on the wood and let it soak in. She really didn’t buy this. I was feeling pretty daring and naughty. I told her I could demonstrate, hahaha. She told me she was curious to see that. So I got up from my chair and walked over to the closet, I pulled my jeans down and my panties. I got in a nice low squat while facing her. I started slowly peeing, I was kind of shy, and it dribbled out slowly. Then it picked up and started spraying out. I pissed for a good twenty seconds until it started dribbling again. I shook my bum and pussy off and pulled up my pants and got up and walked back to the chair. After about fifteen minutes she said she had to go pee. I offered her the closet. She said she was weirded out by peeing there, but I reassured her no one would ever know and that I do it ALL the time. She decided to go for it. She had a dress on and apparently no panties. She had a very nicely shaven pussy with a landing strip. She faced me and got into a low squat. She let go and her pee came out fast and it was a thick stream. She pissed for about twenty five seconds. She reaaally needed to go by the looks of it. I could hear the pitter patter of the pee dripping down the crack in the floorboards. It is soft wood as well and soaks the pee up pretty nicely. We both made a large puddle. She told me it was kind of thrilling to pee there and said she understood why I did it. So, we agreed to just piss there every time we needed to go. I had to go again about an hour later and got up, pulled my jeans down, squatted back down, and let my pee flow out of my pussy. She was watching intently this time. I looked down at my stream and it was flowing out of me. It felt so fucking naughty having my friend watch me and join me. This time the pee really soaked down between the floorboards. I could hear it dripping down. There was an even larger puddle than before. I asked her to grab me a tissue and hand it to me. I dabbed my pussy off and threw the tissue in the puddle. About ten minutes later she got up without even announcing it and went to the closet and relieved herself. She was squatting down and this time I watched her intently. She looked up at me and smiled. She did not seem to mind giving me a show. Her stream slowed down and she asked me for a tissue. She dried herself off and then sat back down. We both pissed in the closet three or four times each throughout the night. It was flooded by the time we were done.
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    She won’t let me take pics of her for privacy reasons, but I did snap one of me peeing out the window. So she had to go pee and I suggested she go out the attic window. She told me she wanted me to go first. I am not shy about this kind of thing and did it. She watched the entire time. Then when I was finished she ran to the window, pulled her pants down and sat off the edge and began pissing. I could hear her hissing sound pattering against the side of the house. She kept peeing for about thirty seconds and then when she was finished we realized a neighbor was outside smoking a cig watching her!!! I am hoping to pee with her some more tonight or soon!
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    We're now in another lockdown and I've spent this afternoon working from home at my desk wetting myself whenever the urge comes on. I've kept drips from the floor with a folded dressing gown underneath me and I'm really enjoying the feeling of warmth in my knickers every so often.
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    This is a continuation from my discussion last night in the chatbox. I needed to pee but the toilet seat would be freezing cold, and nobody wants to sit on a cold seat! I had been enjoying myself in the chatbox for quite a while, my desperation getting stronger and stronger as the time went by and it soon reached the point where not only was I very jiggly, it was also nearing the time where I needed to get some sleep. So I said goodnight to everyone and promised I would make a post about my cold seat solution today. I turned off my computer and went upstairs to my bathroom. Yes I could have peed somewhere else, or been really naughty but I wanted to do something a little more let’s say… semi naughty. I closed the bathroom door behind me and sat down on the toilet, still wearing my jeans. The thick denim provided a nice barrier between my buns and the cold seat, I still felt it a little but it wasn’t nearly as bad. I relaxed and only a few seconds later I started my normal gentle stream, feeling my thong getting wet against my most intimate area for a few moments before the wetness began spreading across my backside. After a few more seconds a delicate tinkle filled the room as the denim became saturated and my wee started splashing against the water below. It felt so naughty to wet myself on purpose but at the same time I felt really sexy, and it sure beat sitting on the cold seat! I peed for about 25-30 seconds before my stream died down and the tinkle continued for a little longer, a trickle falling from my jeans. Once the dripping finally stopped I stood up and immediately turned around to look at myself in the mirror, my butt was a beautiful dark blue and glistening in the light. I flushed the toilet and went to my bedroom, stripping out of my clothes and climbing into bed to sleep, but not before bringing myself to a wonderful orgasm!
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    Held all day at my desk, could have held out longer but was ready for some fun.
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    I have a friend who I was house sitting for, who owns a lot of plants. I really needed to relieve myself and go for a piss. I looked around the room desperate to go, and saw a large potted plant. I walked over to it and pulled my dress up to my waist with one hand, then used my other hand to spread the lips of my pussy. I then aimed my hips forward and let out a small spurt of pee. Then I let go completely and a large stream of pee came out and hit the dirt in the plant. I couldn't stop pissing! I went on for about thirty seconds, and it formed a puddle in the plant before it slowly soaked in.
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    I drive a truck delivering to a chain of retail stores. Some people I see every week, others, not as much. A few days ago I went to a store I haven't been to in a while and the store manager unloaded the truck. Now this particular young lady once pushed me against a wall with her ass and grinded on my cock like I had just paid her for a table dance and walked away without a word or anything, so I never know what to expect from her. We were talking and I was telling her about sitting in traffic for 4 hours behind an accident. She asked what I did to occupy myself for that long. I told her mostly play on the phone but after a couple of hours you get to be entertained by people trying to take a piss discreetly, some not. I was telling her about a couple in front of me and to my right. She got out of the passenger side and came around to the driver's door he had opened. He held up a blanket as she squatted to piss but held the blanket up like she was standing or something. You could see her large ass and her stream splattering. The young lady unloading the truck just blurted out "Hell, I would watch too." I was taken back for a second, trying not to reveal too much about myself. So I replied, "which are watching, the girl's naked ass or her peeing." She said both. We both went on to reveal to each other that we are both turned on by pee. Before we could really get any farther than that, she was done and I had to leave. I don't see her very often, but I can't wait for our next conversation.
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    Some calendars do Christmas day so... 25 I am pleased to hear that you have enjoyed this thread . It was quite a challenge finding a nice photo for each day and I wanted to find something for everyone.
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    My roommate was drinking and was very open tonight. I brought up the peeing we’ve been doing and asked her if she enjoys it as much as I do. She confessed to me that she really likes doing it. We had a long talk about all the places I’ve been peeing and she confessed to me some naughty places she goes. She told me she goes in the basement almost every day. Over the drain. She told me she wants to pee in my room more as her bf thinks it’s weird and won’t let her do it in her room. We were sitting in the attic having this conversation, and she told me she had to go soon. I told her to hold it as long as she can. She still hasn’t pissed for me yet tonight but I am waiting. I am hoping to get her to pee out the window facing the street. That would be soooo hot. We have been talking about some places we can pee together in the future. She told me her ultimate fantasy is the both of us going in an elevator. Or under a table in a restaurant. She has very similar taste to mine apparently and I’m loving this convo. I will keep you all updated on the rest of our convo and where we end up peeing!!!
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    I found this great confession from 14 years ago by a lady on another forum..... I spent the whole weekend in a hotel while visiting my parents back home. I had the room to myself, so I peed in many places. I arrived Friday night after holding my pee for many hours. After I got my suitcase in the door, I closed the door and immediately took off my pants and panties, then walked around awhile in a state of desperation I turned on the tv, then stood in front of it, pretending to watch, while letting myself squirt on the carpet below me. It came out in strong gushes because I had to pee so bad! I thought I would play a little while, but after I started, I just couldn't stop because I had to go so bad. So I kept pissing for about 20 seconds before I could bring myself to stop, leaving a huge puddle on the carpet. But it was so freaking good! I didn't clean it up -- just left it to dry. Then I sat down on the chair and started pissing into the cushion under my butt. That was really wicked! I also sat down at the desk and peed under the desk and onto the top of the desk. About that time, I was almost out of pee, but I kept dribbling throughout the room all night until I was too tired to do it anymore. I was so freaking horny I got myself off while dribbling a little into the bed. Then I went to sleep. The next morning I got out of bed and just did my morning pee on the floor near my bed. I waived my hips around so to spread it around on the carpet so there wasn't just one wet spot and it would dry quicker. Then I went to visit my parents awhile. Then I came back that night and did it all over again, only this time I pissed all over the bed with the bed spread still on. I also stood up on the chair and peed over the top of the chair and onto the wall in the corner. My yellow pee ran down the wall and stained the wall. I love doing this so much....I'll never stop!! Ladies, we can pee just as much as guys can!
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    Tina’s boyfriend had done the dirty on her, cheating with one of his work colleagues. It had been pure chance that she had discovered his unfaithfulness but now that she had, she intended to get her revenge… with a little help from her friends. Tina’s keys still worked in the door and the three of them snuck in. Rebecca and Lizzy had both been keen to help with the act of revenge even if Tina’s suggestion as to how this would be achieved had come as a bit of a shock. The three girls had stripped from their lower garments and, with a lot of giggling, had entered into the living room where Tina had lead them to a spot in the middle of the carpet before squatting down with her legs parted, and her hairy muff on full display. Rebecca and Lizzy wasted no time by coming to join her, forming a circle so that there were three sets of bare bum cheeks and exposed pussies on display, as the girls got ready to have a wee. There was a tense nervous silence. The girls were not wholly certain that the others would go through with the deed regardless of the fact that Tina was also squatting with her pussy seemingly ready to urinate over the living room carpet. ‘Fuck it, here goes, said Lizzy unable to hold back any longer on the urgent need in her bladder for they had all drunk loads before arriving at the house. Barely a second later and she began her toilet. From the deep slit nestled between her thin thighs shot a playing stream of hot piss that formed an almost perfectly straight line down to the carpet, which immediately began to darken as it accepted her wet pussy shower. The sight of Lizzy releasing her piss fountain was too much for Rebecca who also began to pee. From her semi-shaven muff shot a similar jetting stream of hot piss, showering the carpet with her golden pee stream. Tina watched on with a massive thrill as her friends peed in front of her before at last she overcame her butterflies and began her own toilet. Then there were three spraying fountains leaving the slits of the squatting girls, the carpet darkening in front of each girl’s pussy as they continued pissing. After several more intense seconds of making their puddles on the carpet it was time to continue, there being no question about Tina’s intent to cover the house with as much piss as possible. Rebecca moved to the hallway, with her friends staring at her bare buttocks as she slipped through the living room door. It did not take long for her to get down to business, grabbing a pile of coats from their spot by the door and throwing them into a pile on the wooden tiled floor. Still bursting with the need to pee Rebecca wasted no time, squatting down so that her pussy slit was poised only an inch above the collection of coats. With a gleeful giggle, she started a new piss, her hot pussy shower jetting from her pussy lips as she let loose with full force. A strong hissing sound accompanied her toilet in the hallway, the coats below subjected to the golden shower issuing from Rebecca’s pee flaps as she enjoyed her latest leak. Raising her bare bum cheeks upwards sent her flowing piss fountain over even more of Tina’s cheating partner’s coats. Slowly the playing arch of flowing urine leaving Rebecca’s pussy began to wane as she ended her current leak wanting to save some of her pee for another naughty slash elsewhere. She was just finishing off with a few last squirts of piss from her lower lips when the living room door opened, and a very naked Lizzy joined her. ‘Oh, you are a naughty girl,’ she giggled at the sight of Rebecca finishing off her wee over the pile of piss sodden coats. ‘As if you’ve just not peed somewhere?’ ‘I’ve just had a piss on the back of his TV,’ Lizzy confessed. ‘Tina is having a pee over the wall. You should come and see.’ ‘Ok but don’t you want a piss with me out here first?’ ‘I would love to,’ replied Lizzy moved closer. Rebecca’s eyes dropped of their own accord to stare unashamedly at the deep slit between her friend’s legs. She just loved Lizzy’s pussy more so when her friend was allowing her hot pee to squirt from it! ‘What shall we piss on?’ asked the slim brunette, weighing up the pile of pee stained coats on the floor, whilst wondering if she should have a quick wee over them as well. ‘How about in the shoe cupboard?’ Rebecca offered. ‘After you,’ giggled Lizzy. Rebecca wasted no time. After yanking open, the small cupboard she turned around and stuck her wide bum cheeks in through the opening ensuring to keep a good space between her parted legs so that Lizzy could clearly witness her stream of pee when she began to piss. Moments later and she had started her toilet, a falling stream of hot urine leaving her cunt before pattering down inside the cupboard. It was a struggle to hold back from allow her piss to come jetting out a full force but that would only see her pussy fountain spraying wastefully over the floor. ‘You’re so naughty!’ observed Lizzy coming to adopt a half stand, half squat, directly in front of her naked friend. Rebecca had immediately guessed what Lizzy was intending to do so it came as no shock to suddenly see a growing arch of flowing piss leaving her friend’s pussy and stretching forwards to patter noisily inside the cupboard where her own pussy fountain of flowing pee was still raining down. The girls finished their shared toilet and exchanged a quick kiss. ‘Where shall we piss next?’ Lizzy asked, her nipples fully erect. ‘Best we go back and join Tina,’ offered Rebecca, ‘maybe we can catch her still peeing.’ A little later on and after much water to top up their bladders, Rebecca was stood in one corner of the front room like a naughty schoolgirl, her wide round buttocks on perfect display as she pissed into the vase she was holding up to her uncovered pussy. ‘That looks like fun said a very naked Lizzy coming to join her friend. Taking hold of one of the curtains, she raised it up to her waiting muff before starting to casually piss over it, a thin playing stream of wet urine flowing from her pussy slit and covering the fabric with her hot pee. Rebecca took a moment away from enjoying her toilet into the vase to admire Lizzy’s naughty handiwork, savouring the feeling of relief as she continued her own standing toilet Lizzy’s pissing pussy looked wonderful, her shaven muff sending a continually flowing stream of hot pee all over the curtain fabric. It was such a turn on to see her friend being so naughty that Rebecca was desperate to finish her own leak in a naughtier fashion. She quickly put down the vase she had been relieving herself into, the sound of lapping piss inside revealing how much urine she had just squirted from her pussy lips. Having a wee over the carpet seemed the most obvious choice as to where to urinate next so without further ado she ceased her leak long enough squat down by the side of Lizzy, and began to pee again. From her pussy flaps shot a new piss stream, fountaining down with a splattering wet shower over the carpet between her naked thighs. She was not sure which was the greater thrill, taking a piss over the carpet or watching Lizzy spraying the curtains with her pussy spray. A giggle from the other side of the room revealed that Tina was also enjoying herself, legs parted as she took a new piss, this time over the sofa. A large stain was testament to how much of her toilet she had already done with no sign of stopping given the fast flow of piss leaving her hairy muff. Meanwhile, Lizzy was still enjoying her leak over the curtains, her shaved slit sending a continuing stream of piss over the fabric. Moving her admiring gaze from Lizzy’s pussy and deliciously curved bum cheeks Rebecca locked her sight on Tina’s firm round tits and pissing pussy. Wanting to show off her own deviousness, she wandered over to the living room table, pushing it away from the sofa and the flowing stream of hot flowing pee leaving Tina’s open slit. Moving to position her wide round bum cheeks on the edge she spread her legs so that her friend would have a good view when she started to pee, which seconds later she started to do. From her open pee hole shot a powerful fountain of hot urine that twisted as it flowed through the air before coming to land as a pattering shower all over a new spot on the carpet. ‘I’m going to take a piss on the stairs announced Lizzy who was busily wiping her crack on the second curtain which unlike the first was not covered with a large damp pee stain. As she spoke, her eyes came to rest on Rebecca’s bare buttocks pressed as they were against the glass coffee table. Between Rebecca’s legs, she could clearly see her friend’s flowing piss fountain as she continued her toilet directly in front of Tina who had stopped her toilet, secretly so turned on by Rebecca’s blatant piss display that she could no longer pee herself. After watching Lizzy shower the stairway carpet with a shower of hot piss issuing from her shaven cunt, the three girls retreated to the master bedroom unable to contain their need to fuck. Their lovemaking was truly orgasmic, the climax of which was when Rebecca decided to take a piss over Lizzy and Tina whilst they were intertwined in a passionate embrace. Laughing and giggling the two girls grabbed Rebecca and pinned her to the floor then Tina moved to place her buttocks directly above Rebecca’s face before proceeding to piss. At the same time, Lizzy aimed her pussy crack in the direction of Rebecca’s muff before starting a wee of her own. From her shaved pussy shot a stream of body-heated piss that sprayed all over Rebecca’s belly button before running down onto the semi-shaved mass of pubic hairs. After showering, the girls all needed to go again. First off, they lined up as one with their bare bum cheeks placed over the landing railing where they wasted no time by beginning their toilets. They let loose with a hosing spray of piss from their uncovered pussies, sending three golden showers to spray over the carpet on the stairs below. Lizzy and Rebecca then moved to the spare bedroom with their waiting bladder urges whilst Tina went to take a long spraying piss into the laundry basket. Squatting over the bed Lizzy and Rebecca took great pleasure from taking it in turns to pee whilst the other watched, their lightly golden streams staining the bed sheets with steaming hot piss. They finished off by kneeling side by side, their exposed vaginas aimed towards the pillows which were soon covered with two very wet stains as the girls set to work hosing them down with streams of twisting pee leaving their respective slits. Whilst her friends were busy, pissing in the spare bedroom Tina had finished her slash into the laundry basket and had moved to place her bare bum cheeks over the edge of the bathroom sink where she immediately began a new toilet. Her piss flaps played host to a streaming flow of clear urine as she pissed for all she was worth, the plug filling the hole so that her toilet antics would not be wasted on the owner upon her return. Lizzy and Rebecca arrived whilst she was in mid flow and quickly moved to appreciate the show on hand. Once Tina had exhausted the last of her piss into the sink, she clambered down to allow Rebecca to take over. Moments later a soft hissing sound accompanied by a gentle patter announced the commencement of Rebecca’s toilet as she too pissed into the sink bowl. By the time Lizzy got a go there was so much piss in the bowl that Lizzy’s addition of fast flowing piss from her pussy caused her bum cheeks to get wet in the sizeable pool of spent pee. It was now late in the evening, Tina’s ex not due back from his work trip for another couple of days. It was time to leave and to see whom else they could cajole from their pool of female friends to see who else might want to join them for a leak around the house.
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    A genuine encounter I had a year or so ago. I was in a public bathroom, having a pee before my commute home, and another woman came into the bathroom and came into the stall next to me (even though there were several other ones open). She was making a lot of groaning sounds and panting and I knew those were ones of desperation. I heard the rustling of clothes as she got her pants and underwear down, but I guess she was going for a hover or maybe didn't have time to entirely sit, because then a waterfall of piss started, all landing on the floor in front of the toilet. A big stream and fast and hissing loud, splattering on the ground, getting on her flip flops. She stopped the flow for a moment, maybe trying to adjust herself over the toilet but she must've been too desperate to go and the dam was let loose again, continuing to flood the floor. It had to go on for at least 40 seconds, a long steady stream, and she was making wonderful noises of relief... I was watching it all puddle around her feet, dampening the bottom of her jeans. I had already finished peeing, but I felt myself getting wet for another reason. Eventually, the woman's stream slowed, then she let out one more forceful piss, and then it was over. By then it had started to run into the drain in her stall, and a small river of pee flowing into my stall. The woman said "sorry" but I was too shocked to say anything, and stayed silent as she wiped and flushed (only the paper, I don't think one ounce of pee got in there!), and then shook her shoes clean and left. She didn't try to clean up at all with paper towels. Then I left and was left thinking about if it was an accident she had or purposely wanted to pee on the floor!
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    eek. i was walking back to my car from a taco truck. had to pee, but pulled my tights and panties off to go. in the process i inadverntally flashed my muffin a little 😳😇
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    Merry belated Christmas, and happy holidays everyone! A close friend of mine got me something I had been wanting forever: a "smart water bottle." I used to have one three years ago but it stopped working. It's crazy expensive for a water bottle, but I love that it tracks the amount of water that you drink throughout the day. It even lights up to remind you to drink! I started last night, and I can't wait to start slimming down and having my face clear up like it did during my last run with a smart water bottle. There's just one side effect: Having to pee SO often. I swear downing one bottle yesterday had me peeing every thirty minutes 😆 when my body isn't retaining water during "certain" times of the month I forgot just how often I'd be peeing! This is, of course, a good thing, as it cleanses my body and I over all enjoy peeing. Im back to always needing to pee, running for pee breaks often and maybe a few extra naughty pees when I'm in the mood 😇 I just thought I'd tell everyone that inadvertently one of the gifts I got for Christmas was the gift of peeing often 🎁
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    As part of my job role I sometimes have to attend local authority properties to photograph and report on work that's been carried out. Today I went to a large block of flats, somewhat run down, near the centre of town. I'd arrived early and was waiting in my car for the team who carried out the work to arrive. I could feel my need to pee increasing but knowing there was nowhere to go, I held it. I looked around the car park for somewhere to go but it was far too exposed. I even considered getting into the back seat, hiking up my skirt and sitting and weeing into the upholstery but I dismissed that as with current circumstances there's no way I'll be able to get the car valeted and I don't really want to have to spend £60 due to having a wee anyhow 😂 In the end I remembered an almost empty water bottle in my handbag. I drank the last of the contents and went into the building into a cupboard used by cleaners to store their equipment near the lifts. Fortunately it's a door I was able to lock behind myself. I pulled my skirt up and my knickers to one side and held the bottle opening to where I thought it would catch my stream. I totally misjudged the correct location and pee cascaded all over the bottle and my hand. I quickly realised this was going to make a massive mess so I cut my losses, squatted and pissed straight onto the concrete floor. In an attempt to cover my tracks I tipped a mop bucket onto its side beside the puddle, left and locked the door behind me. I binned the empty bottle on my way out and hopefully nobody will ever be any the wiser about my desperate wee in the cleaners store.
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    Hi folks, here with another Kaymala story. This isn't really a series you need to read from the start, but if you want to, you can find the first episode here, or the first introductions of Layla in part 7 and Freya in part 8. This story contains nonchalent peeing and peeing in naughty places, as well as sex and nudity. ################# The tram pulled up to its platform, and its passengers unloaded into the misty morning air. Across the road was the Kusti shopping mall, the largest in the country. Its glass front made a promise of the light and warmth inside. Most of the passengers hurried inside. Layla held back, watching with interest a couple of men who had disembarked just before her. She supposed they had been crossing their legs inside the tram, not wanting the inconvenience of peeing in the crowded space. Now, as soon as they were in the open air, they turned, unzipped, and relieved themselves against the side of the tram. Apart from Layla, the disembarking crowd barely glanced at them, even as they walked through the wisps of steam rising from each man’s piss-stream. With a pneumatic hiss, the tram doors closed and it pulled away. One of the men was still pissing -- he took a sharp step backwards as the vehicle began moving, not quite avoiding being splashed. His friend chuckled. Layla made her way into the shopping mall, catching up with her friends just inside the doors. Almost as soon as she was inside she started sweating, and realised why nobody else was dressed for the winter weather. Kaymalan people liked to keep their buildings hot, and inside the mall it was as hot as summer. “You can leave your coat here,” said her friend Simon, guiding Layla over to a cloakroom by the doors. She gladly handed her coat to the person behind the counter, paying a couple of kroner. Now that she was inside, Layla looked around the mall. The whole building was circular. A gallery encircled each level, and looking out over the railing, Layla saw one floor below them and at least three floors above. Escalators carried shoppers between floors. And despite the weather outside, everybody here was dressed for summer. Layla saw crop tops, shorts, miniskirts, and -- since it was Kaymala -- a few people of all genders casually walking around topless, and one or two who were completely naked. After months of winter in London, where everybody was bundled up in thick coats, it was a liberating feeling to see so many people dressed (or indeed undressed) so freely. Layla’s friends too were dressed for the heat. Olivia wore a green dress that just barely covered the key areas. She had worn leggings for the journey, but slipped them into her bag as they entered the mall. Freya wore jeans and a hoodie, but now that they were inside she let the hoodie hang open, showing her boobs to the world. Simon wore shorts and a t-shirt. Layla was starting to feel over-dressed. “Wait for me a second, would you?” asked Simon. He stepped up to the waist-high glass barrier that overlooked the floor below, undoing his flies as he did so. Looking around, Layla saw he was far from the only person to make use of the conveniently-placed half-wall. She could see at least a dozen people peeing against it. She was intrigued to watch the people on the far side of the gallery, who were facing towards her, their piss running down the glass between them. And it was not just guys, but several women had also lifted skirts or dropped trousers to standing-pee against the glass, while many more were squatting beside it. Layla noticed now that there was a drain running around the edge of the gallery, collecting Simon’s piss and that of everyone else relieving themselves against the barrier. It seemed to be the way Kaymalan public spaces worked -- not many bathrooms, but lots of drains in the places people were most likely to pee. A loud moan from somewhere above cut through the hubbub. Layla looked up, and saw, up on the top floor of the mall, a woman bent over against the railing, while a man entered her from behind. She moaned again as he thrust against her. Simon, who was just fastening his flies, looked up and chuckled. “Every time I come here there’s a couple screwing up there,” he said. “People just can’t resist it.” The four of them rode the escalator up to the next floor. Layla stood behind her friend Olivia, and watched with interest as the girl lifted her skirt above her waist, showing her tanned behind, and pissed straight down. Her piss splattered on the steel steps of the escalator, before trickling away through the gaps between the steps and into the mechanism of the escalator. With practised timing, Olivia finished up just as they reached the top of the escalator. At the next floor they split up. Olivia and Simon had some errands to run for the hostel, while Freya said she would take Layla around some of the clothes shops. Layla was trying not to stare at Freya’s cleavage, which was visible through her open hoodie -- and the hoodie swayed as she walked, occasionally slipping so that one tit was completely on display. Freya didn’t seem to mind when this happened, pulling the hoodie back into place with a casual shrug. She led Layla to a store that she said was one of her favourite chains, and a smiling clerk welcomed them inside. Layla was surprised to see two women in the very first aisle of clothes, right by the window. One was stripping off her clothes, while her friend leant against the nearby shelves and chatted to her. Once she was down to just her underwear, the girl took a dress from a rack nearby and slipped it on, admiring the look in a nearby mirror. Looking around the store, Layla could see other people in similar states of undress trying on the clothes on display. Mirrors, tables and benches seemed to have been placed around the store for such a purpose. “Do people not use changing rooms here?” she wondered. “What’s that?” said Freya, who had walked on ahead. Layla hurried to catch up with her. Walking further into the store, she also noticed several patches of walls left deliberately empty. The walls there were tiled, and had drains underneath. Layla had an idea what these were for, an idea that was proved right as she watched a man who was getting trying on clothes nearby. He had stripped off both his trousers and his underwear in order to try on a pair of swimming trunks, but before he could put them on his phone rang. As he chatted with the phone held to his ear, he took a couple of steps over towards one of those tiled patches of wall and pissed, hands free, spraying both the wall and the floor beside it. A shopping attendant who walked past paid him no mind, except for eyeing his bare backside. Looking further along Layla saw two girls squatting by another of these patches of wall, happily chattering away with their jeans around their ankles, while two trickles of piss ran along the sloping floor to the drain. Freya noticed what Layla was looking at and laughed. “You know, I worked in a clothes store when I was a teenager,” she said. “I grew up in a small town place, quite different to here. The manager was a stingy guy, he didn’t want to pay to put all this drainage in place. So he just put up signs all over the store, you know, ‘We are unable to provide drainage and politely ask customers to step outside the store to relieve themselves.’” “What happened?” asked Layla. “Oh, everyone ignored the signs. Some people just pissed on the floor like usual and maybe didn’t notice there were no drains. Other people pissed in all the hidden corners of the store, behind clothes racks, you know, sometimes even on the clothes. What else were they gonna do, step out into the cold winter air and pull their pants down? After a couple of months the manager had to give in and pay a plumber to put drains in, plus hire in an army of cleaners to get rid of the smell.” “Did you have to tell people off for peeing in the wrong places?” Freya laughed. “We were supposed to, but we didn’t care, did we? We were annoyed by the lack of toilets as well. We had great fun finding places we could piss without the manager noticing. We used to take turns to say, ‘I’m just going to tidy the shelves for a bit,’ which was our code to say we needed to piss. My favourite was to get my cock out and then pretend to be straightening out a clothes rack or something while I secretly pissed underneath it. Another girl found a place where there were two display tables with a few centimetres gap between them. She’d sit up on the table over the gap -- she always wore a skirt -- and she’d act like she was folding the clothes on the display table while she pissed away down the gap.” “Your childhood was very different to mine,” said Layla. “If I’d done that sort of thing, the trouble I’d have been in … my mum wouldn’t let me get a job even, in case there were boys working there.” “She should have been more worried about the girls,” said Freya. “I lost my virginity to that girl with the skirt, in the staff break room. The manager walked in on us, and yelled at us for taking too long on our break.” “Did you know you were trans?” “I knew, but it was early days, right? I was still working out what it meant to me. Well, maybe I still am working that out, who knows. Oh, hey, let me take a look down here.” She wandered down the underwear aisle. There was one other person here: a topless woman pulling bras off the shelf one by one and holding them to her chest. Freya pulled out something lacy and held it up for Layla to see. “What do you think?” she said. “Is the bare boobs under the hoodie a good look, or would it be sexier with the bra on?” Layla blushed. “I don’t know. The bra’s nice, but … I guess I like the look you have already. It’s very casual.” “Just casual, or casual yet sexy?” said Freya. “The second one.” Layla was blushing even harder, and Freya laughed. “Casual yet sexy is the look I strive for,” she said. “All right, no bra. Come on, let’s find something for you.” A shopping attendant smiled at them as she passed, and Layla couldn’t help staring. The woman was wearing an ankle-length skirt. The skirt had a split that went all the way up to the waistband, allowing it to hang open and reveal -- well, everything that was inside. As the woman walked, the skirt opened and closed, giving them flashes of the shaved pussy beneath. Layla was taken. It gave the appearance of modesty, while hiding nothing. Freya noticed where Layla was looking. “They probably sell that here, if you’re interested?” she said. As they walked over to the skirt section of the store, it occurred to Layla that the shop had no men’s and women’s section, unlike every London store she’d been in. Bras, knickers, boxers and y-fronts were all in the same aisle; jeans of every cut were beside each other on the shelf; and none of the clothes she looked at had explicit men’s or women’s labels on them. They found the skirt, looked up a conversion table between British and Kaymalan clothes sizes, and then Freya suggested Layla try the skirt on. Layla hesitated. “Are there any fitting rooms?” she asked. “Oh yes,” said Freya. “Sorry, it didn’t occur to me.” She led Layla to the back of the store, where there were just two fitting cubicles, with curtains over the doors and a divider that went from ankle-height to just above head height. “Not many people around here bother,” said Freya, “but some people prefer the privacy.” As they approached, a middle-aged man gave them a friendly nod as he disappeared into the cubicle on the right. Layla went into the left cubicle, and to her surprise -- though not displeasure -- Freya followed her. Layla started to say something, but Freya gestured for her to be quiet and pointed at the neighbouring cubicle. For a few seconds all was quiet, then they heard the unmistakable sound of a stream of liquid hitting a hollow wall and running down to the floor. Looking down, Layla saw rivulets of the man’s pee dripping down the gap between the dividing wall and the floor. His puddle spread out slightly into their cubicle, before following the slope of the floor towards the closest drain. Layla waited for him to finish. After the stream petered out, they heard him cough once, then the zip of his flies, and then the curtain being undrawn as he went back out onto the shop floor. Layla leaned over to Freya. “Why did he do that here?” she asked. “If he wasn’t trying anything on, why not pee out there like everybody else does?” Freya shrugged. “Some people are shy about peeing in public,” she said. “And some people just like peeing in a cubicle. Like how, you know, some people prefer to pee outside in the open air, some people like to piss against a wall, some people like pissing in bed and some hate it, that sort of thing. Well, some people like to find somewhere enclosed, a changing room or an elevator or whatever. It’s hard to say why people like what they like, but here we try to cater for everybody’s tastes. Do people not pee in changing rooms in your country?” “Some people do, I suppose,” said Layla. “But it’s illegal.” Layla started to pull her jeans down, being careful not to stand in the wet patch that had spread into their cubicle. The fitting room had plenty of space for both Layla and Freya, but Layla still felt nervous getting naked in front of the other girl. It didn’t make sense -- only the day before Freya had had her tongue inside Layla, and Layla had peed in her face -- but Layla felt the butterflies regardless. Especially, as she pulled her knickers down, Layla felt conscious of how thick her bush was down there, compared to all the Kaymalans who seemed to trim or even shave completely. “If I’m going to wear this, maybe I should start shaving,” Layla said. “What, this?” Freya reached out and stroked the triangle of hair between her legs. “I love this,” she said. “Wear it with pride.” Layla stepped into the skirt and pulled it up to her waist, admiring the look in the mirror. She tried standing with her legs together, with them wide, stepping one foot forwards and then the other, seeing what she could do to make the skirt fall open and what would leave it closed. It occurred to her what her mother would say if she saw her now, and Layla giggled. “You like it?” said Freya. “It looks good. Are you going to wear it out of the store? You can just take the tag off and show it to them at the counter.” “I like it,” said Layla. It would take some courage to wear it out in public, but hey, it was no worse than what dozens of other people in the store were wearing. “Listen,” she said, as she stuffed her old clothes into a bag. “Do you mind if I take a leak here?” “Well, if you do, I will as well,” said Freya, turning to face the corner of the cubicle as she spoke. Layla sank into a squat in the middle of the cubicle, lifting her skirt up off the floor. Her eyes fell on Freya’s cock, and she watched as the other girl started to piss up the wall. The cubicle was soon full of the stereo sounds of two pee streams. “Can I tell you a secret?” Layla said. “Always,” said Freya. “I have actually peed in a fitting room before.” Freya turned to look at Layla, her piss stream arcing over the wall. “Really? In London?” Layla nodded. “A few times, actually. I knew this girl -- a housemate at uni. She was from a Muslim family, like me, only she wasn’t as strict, she didn’t wear a hijab. She had this really rebellious streak. She was the one who first got me to start drinking, and tried to get me to hook up with boys on nights out, although I was never very good at it.” Layla stood up, wiping herself on the edge of her new skirt. Freya was just finishing up. “We’d only known each other a few weeks and she asked me to go shopping with her,” Layla went on. “And we’d been looking around for a couple of hours. We wandered into this expensive shop, and she said to me, ‘Listen, I really need the loo, will you wait for me?’ She’d been there before so I assumed she meant that this store had a toilet. But no, she grabbed something off a shelf and disappeared towards the changing rooms. And a couple of minutes later came back looking relieved.” Freya shook herself off and fastened her jeans. “That would be a crime in your country, then?” Layla nodded. “I asked her about it afterwards. She just said it seemed more convenient than finding a loo. But the way she said it made me think that wasn’t really the reason. “A few weeks later we were shopping together again. We’d just tried some things on, and then she said, ‘Could you wait for me outside, I’m just gonna go to the loo while I’m here.’ And she was, like, already undoing her jeans there in the changing room, it was obvious she wasn’t talking about finding a toilet. I stepped outside, and I could hear her peeing on the carpet. I already needed to go, anyway, and the sound was too much. So when she’d finished, I asked if she’d wait for me as well, and I went back in and did my business.” “And how did that make you feel?” asked Freya, with a coy smile. “Well, I felt a bit guilty about the mess,” said Layla. “But I figured that my friend had already messed it up, so I wasn’t really making anything worse. And it did make me -- you know.” “Turned on?” Freya was grinning. “My friend didn’t say anything about it, but she smiled at me once I’d done,” said Layla. “We went shopping together quite a few times. Every time she would say something about needing the loo and go to the changing rooms. Sometimes I did the same, not every time. One time we went into that expensive shop again and we just both grabbed something off the shelves and went into neighbouring stalls without saying anything. I peed and I could hear her peeing next to me. Then we both gave the stuff we’d grabbed to the attendant and said it didn’t fit, and we left. I never dared go back to that shop after that, in case they recognised me.” Freya’s phone buzzed, and she glanced at it. “Simon and Olivia are grabbing coffee,” she said. “Why don’t we pay for this skirt of yours and go join them?” She held the curtain open for Layla to step out of the cubicle and into the store. A passing attendant smiled at them, then laughed as she saw the puddle Layla had left in the changing room floor. At the cash desks, the cashier scanned the tag that Layla had pulled off her skirt, his eyes drifting to Layla’s crotch as he did so. Layla, surprising herself, adjusted her stance so that the skirt hung open. “Nice vagina,” said the cashier as he handed her her receipt. “I love the way you have your bush. Where do you come from?” “From England,” said Layla. He eyed her pussy again through the gap in her skirt. “Well, it looks like you’ll fit in well here.” Layla smiled. She was starting to feel that she would do.
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    As you probably know, my roommate is pretty cool about us pissing naughty places. I have caught her and she's caught me. We've also peed together. I heard the shower running which i'm pretty sure was her boyfriend getting ready for work. I needed to take my morning piss. I got up, walked to the middle of the room, and happened to be facing the door in a low squat. I was mid stream when my roomie knocked on the door, she didn't wait for a reply before opening my door. I was pissing hard all over the carpet. She seemed a little surprised, but didn't seem upset or anything. She asked me why I was peeing on the carpet so early in the morning, she said she thought i'd still be asleep. I told her I woke up really needing to go and could hear someone in the bathroom. She replied with "oh okay, no problem". She stood there watching me and asked me to move my car when I was done so her bf could get out of the driveway. She waited for me to reply, but I was enjoying my piss so much it took me a second to reply. I told her yeah, i'd be happy to move my car. I kept pissing for another few seconds while she watched. I then finished and shook myself off, and she walked out of the room. I was a little embarrassed as she saw my full pussy mid stream and kept watching me. Especially because we were both sober, lol. Usually we are not when this happens. But it was kind of a huge turn on to know she stood there and watched me make a large puddle on the carpet.
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    I had the most incredible experience this morning. I was planning to go home, piss myself in jeans after work after holding most of the night, and go to sleep. A fairly often routine for me. Then, it snowed overnight. I went outside to smoke, and the parking lot was covered in untouched snow, and it was all so peaceful and pretty and for some reason I just got the urge to piss all over it. I cannot do that in the parking lot at work though unfortunately so I just brushed it off at first. But the more I thought about it, the more I really just wanted to piss all over some freshly fallen untouched snow. I started to think why not? I've been working on when I have these thoughts and fantasies actually doing them if it's possible. To be a little sentimental for a minute, I've spent my entire adult life taking care of a family and literally putting everyone else's needs first. When I was in therapy after I left my husband, I resolved to indulge in myself as well, to explore my desires. I really wanted to piss myself in jeans though, not my work pants, and the thought of walking through a park, dribbling piss through my jeans all over different areas sounded so fucking hot. But I've just discovered how much I enjoy a good hard hot stream too so I also resolved that I was going to pull my jeans down at some point and let one of those out too. I didn't want this to be a quick, just feels good to finally release kind of pee. I wanted to make it special and draw it out as long as I could. I came up with a plan to go home, change into jeans and go to a park around the corner from my house and act out this plan. I got out of work slightly after 7am, and I was desperate to piss. I had been holding since midnight, and it was a slow night so I was sitting around a lot just drinking water and energy drinks. I knew there was no way I was making it home to my house half an hour away and that I would end up pissing in the car and that sounded so disappointing. I was so excited to do this. So I went to the Walmart 5 minutes away from work and bought a cheap pair of jeans. I made it threw the checkout alright but I had already felt tiny amounts leak out and my panties were wet. I knew it wouldn't be long and I would lose control of a big burst and it would soak my pants and be obvious. I went into the bathroom to change my pants and was so worried the bending and moving around while changing would make me lose control. I made it with minimal leakage but I literally felt like I was going to burst at any moment. As I went to exit the store I thought since I had at least managed to get the jeans on it would probably be OK to let just a little bit out now and wet the jeans a little bit to relieve some pressure, while I still had some control and could stop it. I saw the Walmart greeter and I wanted to do it right then in front of them, so after I passed by them as I walked away I slowly started to release some of my piss until I felt it run down my legs. I don't know if the greeter noticed, but it was fucking hot to think that she might have. Made it to my car, and left heading to a different park than the one I initially planned on but this was one I was also familiar with but was closer. Letting go of that little bit had definitely relieved a lot of the intensity of the pressure but I still felt so damn full. I made it to the park, parked my car and sat in it for a little bit, scoping out the park and trying to decide what exactly I wanted to do. I just wanted to piss everywhere. I wished I had an unlimited supply of piss and I wanted to sit there in the car and wait as long as possible to try to replace the piss I had already let out. I watched some pissing videos in the gallery and chatted in the live chat until I just had to get out and get started. First, I went to a bench. It was covered in snow so I didn't sit on it. I lifted my leg up to it and the front of my jeans were already all wet, from what I'd already let out and what had just gushed out when I lifted my leg. So I started to release some piss, and it didn't go quite as planned. It didn't drip out through the crotch all over the bench like I wanted to, which I have now figured out was because these jeans didn't actually fit right so they weren't tight against my pussy and the piss wasn't pooling there and dripping out, it was just running down my leg. That hot piss running down my leg standing out there in the snow felt amazing though. I turned around and hovered over the bench in a sitting position and attempted that way, but still just managed to squirt even more hot piss down my legs and into my shoes and socks and not on the bench. It still felt amazing though. I decided to move on before I used up all of my piss trying to get it on the bench. I walked slowly around the playground area trying to decide what I wanted to do next. I was looking for the area I wanted to let out a long, hard gust of my piss on. Across the parking lot was a bridge, a walking bridge that led to the other wooded walking paths. I thought about going back on one of those paths but the bridge had grabbed my attention and I just had to piss on it. It was so perfectly peaceful and untouched and I just wanted to ruin it. I meant to get a pretty picture of it untouched but forgot in my excitement. I walked to the bridge and right at the start of it, right at the top of the stairs leading up to it, I pulled my jeans down, crouched down and let out a glorious hard stream of piss. I had to stop because it was coming so hard and fast I was afraid I was going to empty my bladder right then and I was not done pissing on that bridge right there. My piss melted the snow to the ground in the spot I landed the stream, but I wished I had moved it around instead of letting it all go to one spot. It was a great stream though. I pulled my jeans up and went back to work on pissing them. I walked slowly down the bridge just barely letting the piss dribble out, occasionally stopping in one spot and pushing a little harder to let more out. I discovered if I held the crotch of the jeans closely to my pussy it dripped out really good too, and it had started dripping out of my pants all the way down too now that they were much more soaked. I had so much piss. Every time I started to stop the slow dribble and think I was running out of piss I would push down a little harder and more would gush out. I made it to the end of the bridge, where I stood and pushed as hard as I could until no more piss came out, leaving a nice little finale at the end of the bridge. I waited a minute looking back and admiring my work and tried again to push some more piss out and got nothing. I figured I was empty and all done now. I walked back to my car, still dripping piss in the snow as I went, now dripping off of my soaked pants. I reached my car and tried one last time to push more piss out, and got one last short, sweet hot burst. I left one last little mark of me there next to where I was parked. That last pic will be in comments because I seem to have reached my upload limit for this post. I got into my car feeling exhilarated. Breathless. It was incredible. I had enjoyed every moment of it. I was throbbing with sexual desire. It had turned me on so tremendously, I was throbbing to cum and my pussy was as soaked with my sex juices as it was with piss. I didn't let myself cum right away though. I drove home just lightly rubbing my pussy, teasing myself. Once I got home, I came inside, immediately laid on my bed and started masturbating using just my fingers because I was too desperate for it to even take the time to get my toy out. I came after just several seconds, hard and intense, pulsating through out my body and shooting out the last bits of piss from my bladder that seem to always wait for me to cum before they void. I got changed and cleaned up and in bed, and started reviewing the pics and videos I did. First I came to the conclusion that I REALLY need someone to do that part for me and I might even start looking on fetlife for a guy who likes watching women pee to come out and do it for me for special piss sessions like this. Then I realized that I had to do this again, and do a few things a little different to make it an even more amazing experience. I think I want to do it in leggings because I get really good dripping out of leggings. When I pull my pants down and spray my piss, I want to move my hips around and spray it over a bigger area. I also think I either need to find something to lean back against or attempt to spray standing because trying to keep my balance crouched down like that and record it too was pretty difficult. I also need to film me walking and leaving drips behind me as I go from a different angle because I got nothing good and usable from that video. So yes, definitely doing that again, because I fucking loved it, and to do it perfectly this time. The issue is, the snow won't last long, and I don't know when we will get more. So I need to take advantage of it while it's here, so it looks like the repeat will happen tomorrow morning after work. However, I can't decide if I want to go back to the same park and just pick a different untouched path to ruin, go back to the same park and ruin my bridge path even more, or go to a completely different park all together. So what's your vote? Where should I go pissing at tomorrow morning? I'm going to sleep now, except I have to piss again now, and I'm all horny again after watching those videos and writing all of that out. So I think I'll go try to piss standing up somewhere around my house real quick, and use my toy to get off super fast before I pass out.
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    Hi again Wet Carpet! It's Anise again from several months back when I wrote about a New Years party I had attended. The party took place in a hotel and the loo situation wasn't really ideal with how many people were there. Needless to say, I got to do something I'd been thinking about ever since reading all of these letters of you gals weeing anywhere and everywhere! I urge you to read it if this sounds at all interesting to you! Well today I am back with story that happened back during the summer. Obviously, with the whole pandemic going on, parties were few and far between, and during the summer I happened to relax in the park with some drinks and good friends from uni on a few occasions. There was one Saturday where five of us had decided on that in the late afternoon. Afternoon became evening and soon enough we decided to get some pizza and the evening continued. And I know what you're thinking... Group of girls having drinks in the park... At some point there's going to be some peeing! And yes indeed, but the park toilets were actually open, although they shut them at 10 PM. I didn't use them though. I don't really know much about the transmission of the virus in bathrooms, but I certainly feel safer peeing in a bush than in a public loo! I didn't exactly tell the other girls that when I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I know that at least two of them are a bit... unaccepting of public urination or it's at least something that they will sure do everything to avoid doing. Then there's my friend from the other story and she certainly has no trouble having a wee in an alleyway or somewhere else out in public if she needs to! I'm sure you all recognise it from your own friend groups; those of us who sort of have the view of "if I need a pee I'll just find somewhere to pee" and those who will go to great lengths to avoid peeing in public. One thing is certain though, I was not the only one peeing in the bushes on that day as the ground definitely looked wet in places and there were also a fair number of tissues lying about. I think that's pretty rude and dirty, they can take quite a while to break down! And then there was the girl I ran into as I was leaving one of these bushy areas. I can't see what other reason she could have for going in there if not to have a wee! But moving on... Peeing in a bush is quite tame compared to what I did at that New Years party. But the evening didn't end there as you're about to see! Many trips to the bushes later, it had finally started getting dark and yes indeed, the park loos were now closed! The talk was to start calling it a night which wasn't too bad of an idea as it was beginning to get a bit chilly out. But I suspect another thing on at least two of my friends' minds was also that they'd need to pee in public if we stayed, something I've never seen them do. My friend from the New Years party was also here and to make things simple, let's call her Anna. Anna and I frequently pee in alleys and dark corners throughout town on night outs, but these two girls have never joined in even though they've clearly been bursting for a wee too! It was around 10:30 when we decided to call it a night. I was beginning to need a wee again and I figured I'd pee somewhere on the way back to my flat. Anna and I live in the same area so she could help keep a look out if needed. I'm sure she had to pee too as it had been at least an hour since she'd been. Two of our friends were going opposite directions and the final one, one of those who always refuses to pee in public, let's call her Sara, was heading the same way as Anna and I. "You reckon there's anywhere open now? I really need a pee quite badly", Sara said shortly after we'd left the park. "Doubt it", I said, "you really should've gone in the park" "But they closed the toilets at 10!", Sara said. "Just pee in a bush", Anna giggled. "No thank you", Sara said. "Up to you", Anna said and laughed, "but I am bursting too and I think the first alleyway we come across is gonna have to do" "I might have to join you", I giggled. "I can't believe you two... Always weeing in public", Sara said. "A bit of wee is no harm now, is it?", I chuckled, "you've seriously never had to pee in public?" Sara didn't really respond but Anna had spotted an alleyway further up the street. "Come on, Sara. It'll only take a minute and you'll feel so much better", Anna said, leading the way. "What about over there? Maybe they'll let us use the bathroom", Sara said having spotted a hotel. A rather posh looking one I might add. "Ugh...Fine!", Anna mumbled and added, "but if not, I'm peeing in this alley and so are you". Sara didn't say anything but just trotted off towards the hotel. There was no one in the lobby as the receptionist's desk was empty so we instead surveyed the room for anything to indicate where the toilets were. It was indeed an expensive looking hotel with a soft dark red carpet covering the floor everywhere by the looks of it. Decorative art sculptures and what not. Of course, a thought entered my mind given that no one seemed to know we were here. It would be so easy for us to crouch down and have a wee on the floor there. I'd honestly been wanting to pee on a carpet like that again since the New Years party but hadn't had any options for it. But I'm sure Sara would never speak to us again...I can't say whether Anna would be up for it either, although she seemed to not care much about it back then. Sara led us around the hotel lobby, checking all possible doors. She was clearly very desperate to go. "Look, Sara. I'm really bursting for a wee so let's just go outside.", Anna said. I was getting to the desperate state as well but definitely not like Sara and Anna. "Let's just check down here", Sara said and led us in the direction of a dimly lit corridor. "Well?", Anna asked when we reached the end still with no bathroom in sight. The door at the end was locked. "Uhm... Yeah so... Shit...", Sara exclaimed, "I think I just peed a little". "Well let's hurry on outside then!", Anna said. "I... I'm afraid it'll all come out if I move", Sara said nervously, "What do I do?". She really had been incredibly desperate for a wee. It was my time to suggest that which I wanted to do myself. I looked behind us just to make sure we were alone. "Okay Sara, get yours knickers out of the way and just pee here", I said. "Here? On their beautiful carpet?", Sara said. "Well sounds like it's either that or you're gonna end up with wet legs. And the carpet's gonna get its fair share of pee too", I laughed, "just pee, it's fine. It'll dry and they won't know. Or I'm sure they can afford to clean it if it's a problem" Anna giggled. We haven't talked much about our little misdeeds (mostly mine, I know) at the party, but I'm sure she was reminded of them just now. "Mhmm... I know you're right and I hate it. Guess I'm gonna pee... on the carpet", Sara said and pulled up her loose summer dress before immediately tearing down her knickers and crouching low as she immediately released a thunderous stream of wee with no warning. It just came crashing out and immediately started darkening the carpet. "Wow, you definitely needed to go", I said a second or two later. "I know, I've been holding it for so long", Sara said as she continued emptying her bladder. "What are you doing?", Sara suddenly asked Anna who was now unbuttoning her tight denim shorts. "Well if you get to pee right here I don't see why I can't. I'm bursting for a wee too you know.", Anna said. "I suppose...", Sara quietly said. Her stream of pee still showed no sign of ending. Shortly after, Anna's shorts were down and she crouched in the corner before releasing her flow. You could tell she was holding a lot too, but Sara definitely had her beat in sheer stream intensity. "Sorry Sara, but there's no way I'm not also peeing right here then", I said and began drawing up my dress and using one hand to slide my knickers to the side. Quickly crouching, I parted my legs and released my stream to create yet another patch of wee on the carpet. "This is so dirty. I feel bad", Sara said. "Don't worry about it", I tried consoling her, "you couldn't hold it any longer. And it's only a bit of wee, it's harmless!" Anna finished peeing and I followed shortly after, but Sara was still going. "That's absurd, how much wee can you have inside that bladder?", Anna giggled as she buttoned up her shorts. "I'm almost done", Sara let out a quick giggle, clearly much more relaxed now. "Guess you're used to holding it since you never pee in public", I smiled. Another ten seconds or so passed and Sara's stream finally ended and she pulled up her knickers then stood back up. On the carpet were now three large wet spots, but one of them was clearly larger than the other two. We quickly snuck out of the hotel, fortunately encountering no one. I can't recall seeing any cameras but you never know. "So are you gonna wee in the alley next time or was hotel better?", Anna giggled as we walked the streets. "I want to pee in a proper loo, but I see your point", Sara laughed a little, "I'm sorry, it's just that I've always been told that peeing in public is something only gross men do" "Strange, I'm sure I've seen many pretty girls have a wee all over the city", I laughed to which Anna let out a short giggle as well. I think this was actually a changing experience for Sara because the next time we went to the park for a few drinks something was different... I had excused myself to go to the toilets and she said she would come with me. Well, turns out the toilets were closed and she didn't object to me suggesting a bush wee (what I had originally intended). Soon enough we found a good spot and then crouched next to each other and watered the ground before going back to the other girls. Is a public toilet really worth the risk? Not to me it isn't! Just pee in a bush or an alleyway! Happy new year everyone! Anise
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    Hi everyone! I'm Nikki, 21 year old brunette and I am a student. Last year, in addition to that, I had a part-time job as what is often referred to as "promo girl". Basically a model that gets hired by companies to promote their products (that means alcoholic beverages) at various events, but typically just at night clubs. It did take some getting used to at first because you have to sort of accept that your body is what really sells. But I know I am a fairly large-breasted gal, about 175 cm tall and with a great ass and just overall sexy body because I work out a lot. And obviously the outfits they had me wear were usually made to show off. Often times it was a bodysuit of sorts that was partially see-through. So it's uh... Something you have to get used to, but the pay was good and it was pretty much just easy money for not a whole lot of work and it fit well with my studies as I was mostly just on the job during the weekends. I do also like going clubbing and am quite a social person which certainly helped, although on jobs where I had to stay completely sober, it could get challenging to deal with drunk people all night, which leads me to my next thing: the alcohol policy. Some companies outright ban drinking for promo girls... if you're caught drinking alcohol you get fired, simple as that, but others are more lenient and allow you to drink socially so to speak - as long as you're still capable of doing the job it's allowed. I think the second option is the best for both as it probably helps sales that you actually accept when a guy offers to buy you a drink (believe me, this happens a whole lot when you look like I do and especially when you're wearing such revealing clothes!), and just generally being able to better blend in with the same vibe as everyone else. There is however one thing that was almost always a problem, and that is having to go for a wee. Since I was working for several hours, I definitely ended up needing to pee at least once, obviously more if I had a few drinks throughout. And obviously I would still drink water on a sober job because on your feet for that many hours, you're gonna need some hydration! So why was this a problem? Well, I'm sure many of you know what the toilet situation is like at most night clubs. Horrendous queues and filthy inside. Some places do have a staff toilet in the back, but it's not always that promo girls are given access to it, seems to depend on the relationship between the club and our agency. Often we're just treated like regular customers. I suppose that might help towards blending in rather than just looking like a walking advertisement (but there are product logos on our uniforms so...). Anyway, breaks aren't really a scheduled thing, but we were allowed short breaks "when we felt like it". But they sure didn't want you to spend a long time going to the bathroom because you had to wait in a long line. That's a long time where you're not really doing the job you got hired to do. Still need to pee, though, obviously, but fortunately I can be fairly creative and became quite good at improvising and finding solutions when I needed a wee. For example, when I went outside to hand out leaflets and other things like coupons to people in queue to get into the club... Sometimes after reaching the end of the queue, it was pretty easy to sneak off and quickly crouch and pee in the nearest alley. I did get caught sometimes, but always just by other people coming down there for a pee so they didn't care. Well, some blokes would throw a comment or two every now and then, guess they're not used to seeing a gal weeing in public! Practically all of my girl friends do it when we're having a girls night out! But sometimes there weren't any nearby places outside to hide and pee and in those cases, I did something that I think many people may frown at, but probably not readers of this magazine. Anyway, in those cases, I would typically just find somewhere inside the club where I could pee without anyone realising what I was doing. It's easier than you may think, especially considering I often had to wear a bodysuit. Peeing became as simple as stepping into a dark area, popping the lower button of the bodysuit to free my pussy and then I could discreetly lower myself ever so slightly and part my legs, mostly still just standing. Then I just relaxed and let it flow. The loud music drowns out the sound of my wee hitting the floor and half a minute later I'm all relieved. A quick fumble with the crotch of the bodysuit and I'm all buttoned up again, ready to continue the job, and it practically took no time at all! It did make me wonder how many other girls do this sometimes. With those lines? I wouldn't blame them! Or you! Yes I did read some letters here of other gals resorting to peeing inside the club! Besides, you can't really tell if it's wee on the floor or a spilled drink so who cares? They're probably going to be mopping the floor the next day anyway. Of course, getting this good at it takes practice, and I've probably peed on the floor like that fifty times or more... After I stopped working as a promo girl, I have occasionally utilised this "skill" when I've been to a club with a horrible queue for the toilets (that's one reason why I tend to wear skirts or dresses when I go out). A girl's gotta go! Can't just unlearn something like that! Fortunately one of my good friends from university is of like mind in that if she needs to pee, she will simply find somewhere to pee! Doesn't have to be anywhere fancy like a toilet! With a full bladder, anywhere will do! And believe me, if you're going to be weeing in a dark corner of the club, you'll be thankful to have a friend there to help you watch out. It also makes for a fun drunk story later! But sometimes it's just not possible to pee like that without getting caught so occasionally, I abandoned that idea and just started peeing myself slowly. In a bodysuit that usually meant the wee ran down my legs, but it quickly dried and it's better than the alternative of dealing with an aching bladder until you can't anymore. At the end of the day, it's just pee and it will dry. It's not like I didn't take a shower anyway when I got home. I did ask some of the other promo girls about what they did about having to pee and most of them admitted to having had to go outside to wee in an alley or between parked cars on some jobs. I didn't dare tell them I sometimes just peed right on the floor inside, but it was nice knowing that at least I was not the only one who had to get creative when I needed a wee! I suppose it would have been nice with guaranteed access to a proper loo every night but I wasn't that bothered. If I need to pee, I pee. Nikki
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    So I live with my girlfriend near a big city and she has these friends in that city that she goes out with from time to time. One of her friends names is "J", a very cool and accomplished girl that lives on her own in the downtown part of the city. J has a nice place that people like to crash at when they drink too much. So one day J comes over to visit my girlfriend and she is very distressed. She explains that she had recently met a girl through her job and they just went out clubbing together. They had drank a lot and J invited the new girl back to her place to crash, where she ended up sleeping on J's couch. The next morning J had woke up to find the new girl had pissed all over her couch in her sleep and even a little on the floor. J was absolutely mortified and my girlfriend consoled her while I also acted "surprised and disgusted" (my kink is secret). J was angry and wanted the girl to replace the sofa but was confused by the new girls lack of embarassment..as if it just happens all the time. J would keep talking about this new girl all day and how sick she thought she was for being so open about peeing. I asked what she meant and she explained how when they were outside waiting to get inside a bar the new girl had to go to the bathroom so instead of going inside or waiting she just decides to openly piss right on the sidewalk basically in front of everyone and she wasn't even drunk. Then later on that night she did the same thing on their way out from the bar. J couldn't bare the indirect embarrassment . She also said there were visible wet sports on her skirt that she just wrote off as a spilled drink. My heartrate increased just slightly as I played these scenarios in my head while trying to look as grossed out as possible.. to play along. J swore to never to hang out with the girl again or at least never invite her over again. The entire time after J left I couldn't help but think about this "new girl" and her piss. I wondered if she knew that the girls she was hanging around were disgusted by her, maybe she didn't care. I wondered if she was into piss or exhibitionism deliberately or was she just a little more open than normal. I got the feeling a girl like this, who pisses in public on purpose, would definitely pee for money so I thought about the impossible scenarios where I could set up an arrangement with her. Did she realize that there are people like me that aren't disgusted but excited by her behavior? Covid has slowed it down but I know the day will come when I cross paths with this girl. I hope I can contain my excitement if she wants to pee in front of me.
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    I was smoking a cigarette in my car in the driveway. I needed to go for a piss, really badly. So I opened the car door, hopped out, stood up facing the car, pulled my baggy shorts to the side along with my panties, and spread my legs. I spread my legs as far as they'd go. Then I spread my pussy with the other hand, and then began pissing. I had to go so badly it came out in full force, hissing out onto the driveway. A car was slowly approaching, driving past the area I was peeing. They slowed down to take a look at what I was doing, but ultimately kept going. They must've just been curious. Maybe they've never seen a woman pee standing up before! I dont know, but I was desperate and didn't care. So I kept relieving myself until they went by. Then I finished up and shook my pussy off a little bit before I put my shorts back on normally.
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    I felt ... inspired, so, I decided to have some holding and desperation fun today and drank plenty of water. I held for a couple of hours. Firstly I felt the strong need and usually at that point I'd go pee, but I decided to wait some more. Few hours later I was desperate and the pressure on my bladder only grew stronger, but still decided to hold off. After 45 mins or so, I was doing my work and my bladder was literally pulsing. When I absolutely couldn't concentrate anymore and felt like I was about to pee any second now I went to the loo and finally relaxed. I peed for 2 minutes and 10 seconds (I measured lol, not my record but still nice). It felt absolutely fantastic to release the stream of pee that splashed into the toilet bowl and slowly feel the pressure disappear. I repeated the process once more but was too lazy to wait for a long time so I went a bit earlier. I couldn't wait to pee to feel the sweet relief. This time 1 minute and 20 seconds roughly. I still drank more and more water and finally decided to finish off the night with some panty wetting which is exactly what I did. This was the first time after a long time to wet my panties. I didn't fully pee in them I just wanted to feel the thrill and warmth of wet undies against my pussy.
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    I love to pee down the stairs in my living room. They’re carpeted and it feels so good to just sit and go and see it soak down into the floor and drop down the stairs. I have done this many times as you will see in the photos.
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    I'm a straight female. I have no interest in women sexually but I do enjoy other women peeing as I imagine myself in that situation. My first instinct would have been to vote men but I sat and thought about it and that's why I voted both.
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    I know you can't see it coming out... but my pamper is filling with tinkle. Stay wet, Mia 🤗😘💓💕
  50. 14 points
    guys! it was soo cold saturday morning. i didn’t want to get out of bed. and accidentally leaked some morning desperation after squirming while trying to stay under the blankies. 🥺😇 so finally got up and played peepee roulette while making my coffee. 🤣

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