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    i could have let myself become more desperate. but, why?
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    This was originally a non-piss drawing but I added a stream because I know y'all like that. :3
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    Despite my many deviant fantasies it turns out I was seriously deluding myself when I thought I had time for writing fiction, so will stick to real experiences for now. This is a bit rough as I just banged it out from memory but you get the general idea. It won't be to everyone's taste so proceed at your own risk... __________________________________________ When I was 18 I found myself at a large house in the country for a boring function. There were several dozen others there and the host was a real creep. Even at that age I was used to people perving at my tits but I didn't mind - as long as they were discrete about it I had no problem with them getting enjoyment from looking and fantasizing about me later in private. But this guy was a total sleaze and the fact that it was his house made it difficult to escape his leering and blatant smutty innuendos. Despite several attempts to talk with some of the more interesting visitors instead, he kept ignoring my lack of interest and hovering around me anyway. There was a big table with food and drinks so I kept drinking water and juice to pass the time; I was getting quite full and the pressure of the pee inside me felt nice. To try and zone out of the pest's droning on about some tedious topic as a flimsy pretext to oggle my breasts, I began to observe the other guests. Noticing that two men were eyeing me up in a much more subtle way, I wondered if they needed to use the bathroom too. I started to imagine them walking over before ordering me to take off my dress and panties. "Get down on all fours and open your mouth," the older one told me. As I did what he instructed, the second man went around behind me. I couldn't see him but soon felt a hot blast of pee on my slit move back and forth between my clit and asshole, showering my cheeks with its warmth. The man in front of me unzipped his fly, flopped his dick out, and began to urinate into my mouth. I couldn't swallow fast enough and the overflow spilt salty liquid down onto my bra, soaking through it to my flesh. He just kept pissing on my face and hair for ages while the one I couldn't see pounded me so hard from behind, I peed myself on his balls as he fucked me. I started thinking about the other people in the room who needed to relieve themselves coming over and using me to pee on but something snapped my attention back to reality and I remembered where I was. There was a break in the homeowner's monologue and I realised that I really needed to go for a wee before I wet my pants in front of everyone. Recalling being told when I first arrived that the toilets were upstairs, I made my excuses and headed for the door... I went up the large flight of stairs and walked down a wide hallway with very plush carpet. Just as I started to wonder where the bathroom was, I saw a man going in the same direction as me up ahead turn into one of the many rooms. Thinking he might be there for the same reason as me I went along and looked through the doorway. It was a big bedroom and in the time it had taken me to get there the average looking man had already undone his fly and got out his massive purple cock. Ducking back to peek around the door frame, I could tell he hadn't heard me and although I was quite close by facing his side, he was slightly turned away and concentrating on what he was doing. Adjusting himself so his hairy balls were also sticking out of his trousers, the man started to stroke his dick and I thought I was going to see him masturbate. But to my surprise the visitor started urinating onto the bed. For a few seconds he made a pool in the middle of the expensive quilt then aimed his arc onto the pillows. Moving his stream back and forth, the bedside tables also got a good dousing. Then he took a couple of steps so his back was facing me but I could see from the yellow piss splattering all over the white paint that he was blasting the wall like a urinal. The sound of his strong stream destroying the furnishings was making me aware of my own urgent need to go but he showed no sign of stopping. Still pissing like a hose he aimed high up the heavy curtains, soaking them in his smelly scent before pointing his prick at the floor. Spraying wide, he covered a big area of carpet in his pee before finally slowing. He pushed out the last few squirts then the man faced the bed again. Using the whole room as his toilet had made him even harder and he only wanked for a minute or two before grunting and spunking onto the ruined bed. My heart was racing but I casually walked further down the hall until he had gone downstairs then went back and looked into the bedroom - by now I was very turned on from holding for so long and watching what the seemingly normal man had done. The fancy bedroom was drenched in his urine and the strong musky smell made my bladder almost ache. If I had tried to find the real bathroom I knew I would start wetting my pants as I walked and leave a long trail of wee along the hallway. There was a large upholstered chair in the one corner he hadn't sprayed so I quickly went over and got up on it. Squatting above the soft surface I faced out towards the centre of the room and only just pulled my panties to the side in time to use the chair as a toilet. Pee poured out of me and rapidly saturated the seat cushion below. I had only just started to relieve myself and, seeing the carpet in front of the chair was still dry, I shifted position and squeezed hard. My little pink pussy squirted long golden jets of piss all over the floor as well for what seemed like forever. The hot fluid teased my clit as it rushed over it and I almost climaxed only from the touch of my own stream. It was making me so horny but after making a big dark stain on the carpet my bladder was empty and I finally finished peeing. In one way I was relieved but now I was desperate to make myself cum; worried that someone might have heard the noisy hissing as we pissed, I controlled myself, went down to the ground floor again, and left the property. Once I got home I had one of the best orgasms ever and to this day it remains one of my favourite memories. I only hope that whoever found our mess took a long leak there too.........
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    One of our members is really under the weather and not doing well. @HammerheadPilot. Been really sick the past week. Can we send him some prayers, good vibes or what ever it is u do. I’m sure he will appreciate it and hope he gets back on his feet soon so we can see those awesome outdoor pee adventure of his. ❤️❤️❤️
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    The week after the girls and their mothers started to wet themselves in front of each other. Sara and Jenny decided to take a bike ride to the local indoor water park. Just because the wanted to be in the wave pool and go down slides. They also thought because it´s summer it would not be crowded. And as a bonus the could sitt in the jacuzzi after al the fun and just relax. While they were cycling the girls talked about what they were going to do first when they arrive. And they decide if the lines are short, the slides will be perfect. They pay the entrance fee and goes in to the changing room. Jenny takes a blue bikini and Sara a green one. They go to the showers with their bikinis in hand. A couple of the showers was occupied so they couldn't stand next to each other. But luckily two showers across each other was free. After they showered a while, it was time to put on the their bikinis. They showered some more after that and almost immediately Sara looked over att Jenny and smiled. Soon Jenny smiled to when she saw the water at her lovers feet turned a bit yellow. So she took the opportunity to pee too. When she started to go she smiled and winked at Sara, who understood immediately what was going on. In the shower beside Sara was a girl in the upper twenties that saw Jenny´s pee signals even if she didn´t understand that´s why she did wink and smile. She smiled at Jenny and then saw the water turn slightly yellow. And when she first saw it she started to look closer and realized what it was. The girl looked at Jenny´s face and when their eyes meet she smiled and looked down at her own feet. Then back up and winked at Jenny who wasn´t peeing anymore. But now she was embarrassed until she saw that the girl had started to pee too. Now she was surprised and glad to see the girl wasn´t annoyed. When the girl was done she winked again and left the showers. After that surprising moment, Jenny and Sara nodded at each other and started to walk out to the pool area. And they were right, It wasn´t much people there and was no queue to the slides at all. As they walked against the stairs leading to the slide. Jenny looked around the pool to see if she saw someone she knew. But the only one she recognized was the girl from the showers. The girl looked at her and waved. Embarrassed Jenny waved back. Sara didn´t noticed. When they came up to the top of the slide they where alone. Sara went down first with Jenny coming soon after. - Okay. Now when we have slided down once. Lets go down again but this time we will see who will be the fastest by using the timer. Jenny suggested. - Sure I will win this. - No you won´t. But it´s no competition without a prize. The winner will get a kiss. - Oh that´s a nice prize. And to be honest there is no loser in this. A kiss is great for both. - Yea it is. And that´s the good part about this. So lets go. On the way back to slide. They heard theirs names from the pool. They looked to see who it was and they where both pleasantly surprised when they saw it was Lisa. - Hey girls. Nice to see you two here. Are you having a nice time? - Hey Lisa. Nice to see you too. Yeah we have. And how about you? Sara asked. - Oyes I having a lot of fun with two of my friends. At least another hour before they have to go home. - Well in that case you can join us when they leave if you want to? Jenny said. - I would love that. - Great. See you at the jacuzzi in about an hour then. Sara said. The girls said goodbye and waved to Lisa and went up the stairs for the competition. Sara went down first and then Jenny. And to Sara´s disappointment she lost. - Congratulations honey. You will get your prize when we get our bikes. - Thank you so much. Looking forward to it. And I knew I was going to win. Because I pulled my panties down a bit so my skin was against the slide. - Cheater. Sara giggled. Now when the knew who was the fastest. The girls went to the wave pool. When the waves ended they went down the slide while they waited for the next time the wave pool would start again. In no time at all. It was time to meet Lisa at the jacuzzi. When they arrived Lisa was already sitting in the water waiting for them. - Hi girls. Come and join me. We can sitt here and talk. - Yes please. I need to relax for a while now after my win. Jenny said with a laugh. - Oh what win? - We wanted to see who could go down the slide the fastest. And I won. - Congratulations. That´s a fun thing to do. - It is. And speaking of fun things. A fun thing happened when we came here and was showering. Sara gave me a smile and then a saw why. She peed in the shower. And I needed to go too. So I started to let go. To let Sara know what I was doing, I smiled and winked at her. What I didn´t realize was that the girl standing next to Sara saw that and she also saw that I was peeing. She gave me a smile looked down at her feet and started to pee too. - Wow. I didn´t know the girl next to me where peeing too. But that´s awesome. - I´m not surprised she peed in the shower. But for her to do it so openly is surprising. - Why are you not surprised she peed? - Well more girls then you think pee in the shower. Not just at home but in public too. And here is a perfect place to do it without anyone knowing what they are doing. Discreet peeing is very common in showers. And not that many talk about it. Not even with their friends. - Interesting. How do you know this is true if the do it discretely? Sara asked with great interest. - Let just say I look for signs. So I can see if anyone is peeing. I like to see how many dare to pee. And the funny thing is. I get the feeling its more common to pee than not. - I don´t see any problems with it. If you have to pee when you are in a shower. Just go. I did it in the shower after gym class in school. And I know I wasn´t alone. Jenny said. - I did it in school too. Sara said. - Well it was more open there. But the girls that did it in school is still doing it when they are at a water park for example. - That's probably true. And speaking of peeing. I haven't been sensed the shower when we came here. Jenny said. - I have to go too. Lets go to the shower and then when we are done. Maybe it´s time to take our bikes and go home. Sara said. - Wait. You took your bikes here too? That´s great. Then we can ride together back home. - That sounds great. Let´s go and pee first. I really have to go. Jenny said to her friends. - Do have to go home now or can we stay another hour? Lisa asked. - We can stay. It was just a suggestion because then we have showered anyway so it would have been easy to go and get dressed. Jenny replied. - Well in that case. If you have to pee just go. - What? In the jacuzzi? I can´t do that. I haven´t peed in a pool since I was teen. - You haven´t? I peed in here before you came. - Eww. That´s gross. - No it´s not. It´s not as common as peeing in the shower. But not that uncommon either. If you think about it. When you where swimming in school. How many of your classmates went to the toilets? - Well I can´t remember if anyone ever went there. But I thought the did it in the shower like me. - Some of them did and some in the pool I can promise you that. And they have filters here. Just imagine you are in the lake. You do pee in the lake I hope? - Of course I do. But that´s not the same. - It´s water and you have to go. Just pee. I have already done it so it doesn´t matter. - Well okay. Just because you have done it. - Great. And how about you Sara? - I´m done. I peed while you were talking. - Well done Sara. Good for you. - I have always peed in the shower and if I need to go again when swimming I will just go. Pool or lake does not matter. - Wow, Sara that´s news for me. Well it´s my turn then. Sara and Lisa looked at Jenny and it was easy for them to see when she started to pee. She looked relieved when she was done. - Oh that was great. Just to let you know. From now on, I will always pee in the pool if I have to. The feeling is great. And it feels naughty. - Hehe I know. That´s why I do it. I love the naughty side of it and the feeling of course. Lisa said. - I agree with you. Now when I have feelt how good this feels for me. - Well. Now when both of you don´t have to pee anymore. Lets go to the slide so I can beat Jenny´s time. - Ha you wish. My time can´t be beaten. Jenny laughed. The girls went to the slide and Lisa did beat Jenny´s time. Sara liked she did but Jenny was not so happy about it. Just when they went against the showers. The wave pool started so the went to that. Some time later they where showering and soon after that they started to get dressed. When they where cycling home thy decided to follow Lisa home. Lisa was cycling in front and without saying anything she started to pee. Both Jenny and Sara saw it and they were not surprised as they would have been if they didn´t know that Lisa peed just about everywhere. - That´s a great way to pee without needing to stop. - Yeah I like it. Sorry I didn´t warned you before I started. I hade to go and both of you have seen me wet myself before. - No worries. It´s really cool to see you just go like you do this everyday. - Well it´s not everyday but almost. Lisa said and laughed. The girls finally arrived at Lisa´s place. I nice red house without any neighbors nearby. - Wow. Nice place. And great for peeing. No one can see you. Jenny said. - Thanks. It really is a dream to live here where I can pee everywhere in private. - Speaking of pee. I have to go. - Me too. Sara says. - Oh great. My mum won´t be home until later tonight. And I want you to try something. - What´s that? Sara asked curiously. - I will show you. But first you have to promise me you both try it. Okay? - We don´t even know what you want oss to try. But it´s your suggestion and when I followed your suggestions before. I liked them, so okay. Jenny said while Sara nods in agreement. - Great. Wait here. Sara and Jenny looked at each other and didn´t know what to expect. But soon they would know exactly what Lisa had planned. - So this is what I want you to do. Take this pants on and then pee. I think you will like it a lot. - Wow. So you want us to wet ourselves in your pants? - Yes. You said you never tried it. Now is your chance. Your parents won´t find out when you go in my pants. They will fit but they may be a little too short on you Jenny. But you will get the nice feeling anyway. - Sounds good to me. Lets put them on because I can´t hold it much longer. Sara said. In no time at all, both girls was wearing Lisa´s pants. Lisa counted down and on three. Both girls tried to pee. The surprise was that Sara started first and Jenny wasn´t long behind. The pants on both girls got darker al around their crotch and down their legs. Jenny wasn´t lying when she said she had to go. She peed a lot. When they both were done Jenny was the first to say if she liked it or not. - That was the best pee of my life. To feel it go down my legs and to see the pants get darker was fantastic. Best feeling ever. - It really was great. I want to do it again. Sara said. - I knew you would like it. And the good thing is that when you come here and hangout. You can just pee in whatever you are wearing. Lisa said with joy. - I know. This friendship is like a dream. Three girls wetting themselves together. - And if we get something to drink. We will have time enough to do it one more time today. - In pants? - Of Course. Lisa said and started to laugh. Sara and Jenny started to laugh too.
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    It was a quiet night at Crum park in Titirangi, no clouds, a warm summers night of about 20 degrees. I was enjoying a few beers while on the swings. As I drank my 3rd beer, I noticed a few girls walking around and laughing with each other, I said nothing and didn't bother approaching, as I felt it's better I keep to myself. I noticed them getting closer, I didn't really pay much attention, but they noticed me, they came up to me and asked me what I was doing, I told them just having a few beers and relaxing on the swings before I headed home. I then noticed they were also drinking, they all had typical vodka cruisers, which is about normal for a group of white girls, it looked as if they had all had about 2 each with the amount the had left. They decided to chill with me, we started talking about random stuff, home life, choices about work ect. I counted a total of 6 girls, all looked under 20, but older than 18. Then one of them told us all she needed to pee really badly, the group of girls looked at each other with a nasty look and one of them said, "you should pee down the slide". The girl who was told that kinda looked like she was confused but ultimately thought it was a good, fun and naughty idea, they all decided to watch as she walked up the stairs to the slide, I stayed where I was, but they invited me to watch, I shyly said that asking me to watch might be a bad idea, and they asked me; "why?" I told them I'd get turned on. They all looked at each other with naughty looking smiles, and told me to come and watch anyway. So I came over and stood with them at the bottom of the slide, the girl who was needing to pee, pulled down her pants, then her underwear, and proceeded to squat over the slide, holding her underwear above her knees so they wouldn't slip off, she asked us; "Are you all ready?" We all said yes. She began to let it out slowly at first, the first few drips going on the side of her legs, then it all started coming out, squirting up and onto the slide, her pee coming down, and seeing it all come out of her. The girls were laughing and one of them told me to put my hands in it as it came down, I couldn't help it, so I did, it was so warm, so nice. The girls were laughing in a naughty way. The girl had finished and wiped herself with her sleeve, one of the girls asked me if I liked it, I said I really did, then she dared me to lick my fingers, which of course, I did. They all kind of looked at each other like something was going to happen, and thankfully, it did. One of the other girls said she needed to pee, this girl was really skinny, has small, tender ass. She asked me if I liked to be peed on, I shyly told her yes. She told me to hold out my hands, then pulled down her pants, and spread out her pussy while still standing, she had no dribbles, she just let go really fast, I could actually see it come out her pee hole, by this point, I had a boner, and I couldn't hide it. It just felt so good, one of the girls noticed and poked it through my pants, "oh she said, looks like someone is getting hard" they all giggled and the girl that was peeing, peed so much it was forming a small puddle in my hands, once again the girls dared me to drink it, so I did and I loved it. Afterwards we all continued to drink and talk about stuff, and got even more drunk, now another girl said she had to pee, and once again, they all looked at me with a grin on their faces, this time they grabbed my belt, undid it and began to pull down my pants and told me to lay down, so I did just that. The girl who needed to pee took off her panties and pulled up her skirt, and squatted down with her pussy hovering over my cock, it started to get hard with the mere thought of it, all the girls started to stare at it and one of them grabbed it and squeezed it a little, jerking me off. The girl who was squatting pulled open her pussy and aimed her pee hole right under the tip of my dick. While the other girl was jerking me off the girl who needed to pee, started to let it all out, it came out really hard and gushed all over me, another girl bent down and started to fondle my balls. The girl who was jerking me off starting slapping my dick on the peeing girls pussy, blocking her pee and letting it hiss out
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    When I was in college, I used to always try to find empty public bathrooms to use. I found one in a campus building that I never saw another person in. One day I was absolutely bursting and decided I'd take my chances and have a naughty pee. I pulled my pants and panties down to my knees, and instead of sitting on the seat like normal to pee, I sat with my pussy hanging over the edge of the toilet bowl. I let out my extremely full bladder all over the floor, a big yellow puddle flooding the tiles. I wiped, fixed my clothes, and left. Never got caught. I'm not in school anymore, but I'd love to find some naughty public bathrooms to mess up again!
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    I'm not sure if anyone saw from the apartments outside! Here is the video of it. https://www.erome.com/a/iRjqutgX
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    I was inspired by a member here to start a new thread. Here iam making some golden arches in my yard. I will make more over more if my land
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    I couldn't agree with you more! This is what gore into pee in the first place. I walked in a women in college and it was hard to hide my erection after lol I'm lucky cause my wife will send me bathroom selfies and I love them.
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    I mean, American society can't even get over female nipples, so this doesn't surprise me in the least. American society in general is just highly immature when it comes to any part of sex, or the body. Drives me crazy, and I say that as an American. Society: "Oh my god, a nipple/boob!" Me: "So? It's just a tit. Big deal." Society: "Oh my god, someone's peeing in public!" Me: "So? Maybe they couldn't help it. Maybe they needed to pee that bad. Maybe instead of freaking out and being a prude, you could - I don't know - not watch them and judge their needs." After years of research, and observation, I've come to one reasonable, and scientific conclusion: Society is insane. (Sadly not just a joke)
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    @GenericUsername Yeah, I've tried photoing the pee a few times but never comes out right - might leave it to the experts. Not sure if these are even porn enough for here but didn't know where else to put them... next ones should have less clothes 😉
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    Really had to pee, and so I just went all over the place video on my pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e2cbd891b995
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    I was browsing MFC the other day,and i saw one of the girls had just finished shaving her pussy.As she proudly displayed it,i was reminded of why i like watching women pee,its still that naughty boy thing,wondering where they piss out of.Theres no kind of "clue" when you look at the female genital area,of where any fluid may emerge.Also,it is a very aesthetic part of their body,all smooth and curvy. Working out how women pee is very interesting though..beautiful.
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    When I was in my 20s I dated a woman who AFAIK wasn't into piss, and I was far too shy to ask about such things. However, one day I went over to her house, and almost as soon as the front door had closed she was on her knees in front of me on the living room floor and taking my cock down her throat as I fucked her mouth. She was skillful (being somewhat older than me and well experienced), and I was enthusiastic about her, so it didn't take long for me to cum. She swallowed it down but I was enjoying myself so much I kept holding her head and fucking her mouth... and not long after I was cumming down her throat again. Somehow I was still ready to go, so I kept using her mouth... until I had what felt like a third orgasm... except this one was much more intense and longer than the first two. After that, I was done. I then realized I didn't have to pee anymore, as I had when I walked in the door. I must have emptied my bladder right down her throat. She never said anything about it or complained. Best orgasm of my life.😀
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    Took a really quick piss in the snow. It was too cold for me, though 😂😂😂 https://www.erome.com/i/JboFYpXc
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    Finally I am posting this.I meant to do it nearer the time it happened but I have been away from here because of a family bereavement.Hopefully back here now,although still dealing with things so I may disappear from time to time.Thanks for reading. Now to the main reason for posting.A couple of weeks ago at work,while taking a break a female member of staff walked past obviously in a hurry.The toilets were a not far away,just through the next area of the building which is quite open.The lady in question obviously met someone just as she reached the toilets.I quite clearly heard her say "I'm going to pee myself!"then the door opened and closed. After what seemed like a couple of minutes,I heard the door opening again and the same women spoke to the person she'd met again."I was actually bursting!" she said.She then walked past again,obviously feeling very relieved.
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    I've always said that it's probably a good thing I was born a female, because if I had been a man I'm certain I'd be in a lot of trouble. I'm so very envious of men's ability to pee literally anywhere without consequence. Even as a woman I've always been quite sexually aggressive, as a man I'm sure I'd be in jail by now.
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    I asked for extra mayo not a Mccum shot.
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    If it's any consolation @Ms. Tito (and possibly it isn't) - I've long since given up caring about genders and preferences. I'll freely admit to not knowing the subtlety of any of the abbreviations that follow the LGBT... - apologies for that, but at the same time it's not predujice against any. It's quite the opposite, an acceptance of any and all - assuming they'll accept me. I personally am a straight guy, but if any living breathing person - whatever they choose to identify as - finds peeing with me to be exciting in some way, then they're welcome to do so. I can't promise that their exposure or release will do it for me - it may, or it may not but certainly no offence would be taken. Enough rambling on - suffice to say, no barriers here...
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    Would u like me to make u some shaved ice
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    I figured i should introduce myself I just discovered this site and look forward to getting to know the community. I tried to make a pretty complete profile so rather than type the same thing out again in slightly different words i'll just copy paste the about me section of my profile: "As a general rule if it involves pee i like it , though my favourites are seeing women peeing outside or standing (outside and standing even better) and watersports which i really can't narrow down any more I love all of it. Apart from pee which is great i also love photography, even work as an assistant for commercial studio shoots from time to time. Most of the photography i do is just as a hobby though where i shoot mostly landscapers or other nature/wildlife. A few other hobbies include cooking, fishing, and keeping planted aquariums. I love a good conversation hearing what people are passionate about or sharing about my own if anyone is interested." As mentioned i really do love a good conversation so feel more than welcome to ask questions or tell me about yourself. I look forward to getting to know everyone.
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    Just wanted to say hello! I’m new to this site. I’m from NY and bi, but mainly interested in pee play with women. I’ve never had a pee experience before but i’m dying to try 🙂
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    A post I submitted yesterday has me reminiscing about a friend named Erika I dealt with. Never was in a relationship with her but we messed around. This happened in 2009. Hanging out with Erika, can’t remember what we did exactly. We rode around, I remember that much. I had some Gatorade which she was drinking. We ended up parked on her street in front of her neighbors house, in the backseat. I guess you know the rest. Anyway, she’s back there bottomless and she has to piss from all the Gatorade. I wouldn’t have minded her just taking a piss in my backseat. Her pussy was already out. I mentioned it. She didn’t want my car to smell like piss. She was going to open the passenger door, step out and piss in the gutter. There were people outside, across the street. She really had to piss. She told me to pull up to her house. I pull forward a few feet in front of her house. At this point she has her pants back on. She steps out the car, pulls her pants and panties down, squats a little and starts a hard stream of piss in the dirt besides her driveway. Forceful piss too! She shook her ass and pussy, pulled up her pants and got back in the car in the front seat. I enjoyed her though I knew I could never have a real relationship with her. One day she told me if I peed she’d let me finish off the end of the stream in her mouth. We never got to it because she was one of those unreliable people where you make plans with them and when the time comes they are nowhere to be found. Last I saw her on social media some years back with a joint page with her husband, she put on weight and wasn’t as appetizing as she once was.
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    https://www.erome.com/a/C2yRg83f Here you go, ladies! There's been a few times where some of the ladies on site said they wouldn't mind seeing this content, so here is my first public video. I didn't get my dick in there, but I hope that's okay. I had to film this really close to my chest to get a good view, and that's partly why. If anyone has a request, I'll see what I can do. Please note; I can't do any outdoors stuff, because of where I live, but if I happen to be in a good area, and have the means, I might make a video of that as well. Probably not anytime soon though. Let me know what you think.
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    Alan's Story My high school math teacher, Mrs. Davis is the woman who changed my life in one night. I still think about it every day, five years later. Here's how it happened. It was my sophomore year and I was doing bad in algebra, so my dad went to speak to her at the school after hours one night after I got a failing grade on my second exam. After meeting her, I could tell he liked her and I don't blame him. She was a hottie, late thirties, short brown hair, had an average looking face, kinda cute but a great, curvy and toned body since she was a ballroom dancer. And oh boy her chest...fuck, you could tell they were real and mother nature was very kind to her. Guys loved being in her class, so I wasn't surprised my dad seemed to have enjoyed meeting her. She'd agreed to let me retake my exam for a better grade, which was a shock. She didn't like me because I asked a lot of questions in class and that irritated her impatience for explaining things. A friend told me he'd heard her calling me stupid when he walked by the teachers lounge one day and overheard a conversation between her and a few other teachers. A few days later I retook the exam after school was out and she mentioned that my dad was nice and charmed her into giving me another chance. It seemed she liked him but I didn't think much of it, especially since she was married. The best part of that day though, was after I finished my exam. I handed it in, she put it in her bag and got up and walked out of the classroom. I was getting my backpack on to leave when I saw her enter the restroom across the hall. She must've been holding her pee the whole time I was testing because pretty much as soon as she went to a stall I heard clearly as she turned loose a fucking monster of a stream in that toilet. I walked out to the hall and stopped right across from the restroom before leaving and she was completely gushing in there like a damn waterfall. I loved hearing her hard power stream thundering and splashing into the water like that, it added a new layer of sexiness to her for me. When my old man picked me up, he asked how it went and I said, “Better than I expected.” I never got to hear her again that year but finished with a good grade in her class and figured that was the last I'd see of her. Well, soon after the summer break began, I went to my buddy's house one Friday night and three of us were all supposed to game and head out to a movie with his mom and her friend. I got there and we had to cancel the movie because his mom was working late and we didn't have a car, so I ended up coming home a lot earlier than planned. I grabbed a soda and went up to my room. Barely five minutes later, dad came home and I heard a woman's voice with him in the driveway. I kept quiet, mainly because I didn't want to ruin his night. It had been a year since he and my mom divorced and he hadn't dated, so I figured just keep my door closed and put my headphones on while he enjoyed some female companionship. Right as I was closing my door, they stepped inside the house and she said, “Where's your bathroom, I gotta piss.” It sounded like Mrs. Davis, but I wasn't sure. My lights were already off so then I hid in my closet without thinking. Either way, it was a chance to hear a woman pee but if it was her, that would be a dream come true. She quickly came up the stairs in her heels toward the bathroom, right next to my room, still talking. It was definitely Mrs. Davis, this was insane, my damn math teacher! She went in and didn't even fully close the door, then opened up with another hard gush of a stream! It sounded exactly like the first time I heard her. She was powering it straight into the center of the water with a solid laser-focused stream and it sounded crazy. I'd never heard that much pressure hitting our toilet before and just knowing who was doing it was surreal. This hot teacher I'd stared at for an entire year, taking a massive piss a few feet away from me, no words can describe how that felt. She said “Ahhhh” from the relief in a loud voice, very arrogantly, nothing any sane woman would do in public around strangers. She was always so proper and clean with her presentation in public and always seemed spotless until now. That made what happened next even more incredible. She yelled to my dad, asking if we had any toilet tissue. He yelled back that he'd forgot it in his truck and to just grab some regular tissues from my room. I kept my rapid breathing as quiet as possible as I watched the unbelievable sight of Mrs. Davis entering my room, SKIRT UP, no underwear and beautifully rounded bare ass facing me! Her smooth-skinned cheeks jiggled as she walked over to the tissue box at my bedside table. I could see a trail of pee down the back of her left leg, thanks to the hallway light shining into the room. Thing is, the tissue box was empty and upon realization, she quietly said in frustration, “Are you fucking kidding me?” Then I saw an even more unexpected side of her when she looked around briefly, reached over to my drawer to feel around for a moment and grabbed one of my clean black socks from inside. She didn't hesitate to rub it all over her pussy a few times, then reached behind to dry the back of her leg. Then she pressed it deep into her ass, wiped up and down and put the sock back. After she turned around to head out, still pulling her skirt down, I got a quick but clear view of her gorgeous pussy, fully shaved, large pink labia and a clit piercing. Every inch of me pulsed and tingled at what I was seeing, down to my damn fingertips. She left my room, flushed the toilet and headed down the hall to my dad's room. I was dazed at what had just happened right in front of me. A few minutes later, right when my nerves were calming a bit, I heard thumping and her moans. The sex was on and I made the bold decision to come out of hiding and creep down the hall, now dark again. I could tell the door wasn't closed and crept closer, careful to avoid the creaky spots of the floor. When I got to the bedroom door, it was open a few inches, just enough for me to get a front visual of Mrs. Davis on top of my dad, riding like crazy. It was the most gripping scene imaginable. She was grinding back and forth, fast and hard. That woman knows how to fuck. I wouldn't have lasted ten seconds under that kind of violent thrusting. It was dark but the full moon shined enough light through the windows to allow me to see her sensual facial expressions, mouth slightly open as she moaned, eyes closed, and then...her breasts, the big breasts that I fantasized about for so long. There they were, finally revealed, free to swing around, huge pink areolas, crazy erect nipples that looked hard enough to strike a match against. These things were intimidating, not meant to be seen by boys. My old man enjoyed grabbing them with his rugged labor-hardened hands. When she slowed down briefly, they stopped swinging around, and it felt like they were staring right at me, daring me to keep looking at something I couldn't handle. I'd never envied my dad so much. If there was ever a time I saw something too arousing, this was it. I felt light-headed. The bed was squeaking and for a solid minute or more I watched mindlessly as Mrs. Davis worked him before I regained focus and left before being seen. I was exhausted from arousal at that point, having seen such savage, intense sex up close, on top of what I heard and saw her do right before. I crept back into my room and took the soiled sock from the drawer, and inhaled the wet potent stench she left on it. I laid on my bed with a painful erection and replayed the overload of images in my head, against the sounds of their sex. Thirty or forty minutes after they went silent, Mrs. Davis was coming down the hall again and I quickly rolled off the bed, down to the floor out of view. It's a good thing I did because she came right into my room again. I looked through the space under my bed, barely seeing her feet and ankles as she approached my drawer and opened it again. The sock was with me but she didn't seem to notice it was gone. She took a few steps toward the corner of my room and I saw the heels of her feet raise a few inches and her ass suddenly came into view as she took a squat. I couldn't believe this was happening. In yet another shocking reveal of her true nature, she started pissing right there on the floor, using her phone for light! I've always wondered if she was also recording it as well, for her own thrill. I couldn't see much because her body was turned, but definitely heard a strong hissing and a heavy splashing into the carpet. I hadn't heard her hiss before so I guess her labia had changed shape from the sex and caused the noisy spray. Luckily she turned a bit to aim in the corner better, so I peeked my head a little further under my bed and was now able to see the river spilling between her feet. Her stream started arching upward and lasted a few seconds at full bore, some of it running across the sides of her cheeks. She stayed squatted as a bunch of drips continued to trickle for a moment. Then I saw in her hand, another one of my socks she'd taken as she again used it to wipe her dripping pussy and ass and even her feet this time from the messy flow. She stood and I heard my drawer open and close again before she went back to my dad, having now twice avoided him seeing what she was doing. A few minutes later, they both left. I stood up from the floor, in a world of shock from everything that had occurred since I'd come home. I turned on the overhead light and walked over to where she'd done her deed. Not only had this bitch drenched my sneakers and left a puddle soaking into my carpet, but her piss sprayed all over the metal grill to my stereo speaker in the corner, an eight-hundred dollar SVS sub that I saved two months of paychecks for. When I took the grill off, the entire speaker itself was wet. The whole area smelled of piss. After taking all of that in, I grabbed the other sock she'd just used on herself and laid on my bed again. Soon my dad was back home and walked by my room on his way to the bathroom with the toilet tissue from his truck, saw me and of course was surprised I was home so soon. He figured I'd gotten back while he was out, and didn't suspect me being there through it all. I didn't tell him anything. We ordered a pizza and watched a movie on our new big screen and just like that, things were back to normal. For the last two years of high school, every time I saw Mrs. Davis walking the halls, I felt a rush knowing that I'd seen every inch of her body, and her very dirty behaviors, without her having a clue. As always, she maintained her perfect outward professional demeanor, showing no hints of her true self. My senior year, I had her again for calculus. It was a long wait but finally on the last day of class, after everyone left, I walked up to her and asked how she liked wiping herself on my socks. Her eyes instantly got big as she looked into mine and blushed red, completely speechless. On the way out I smiled and said, “Nice piercing you have down there too, Mrs Davis.” She stared straight ahead, breathing deeply and frozen in shock as I walked out. Just last month, I saw her at the grocery store with her husband and when she recognized me after a quick double take, she quickly looked away! Lol. A very special thanks to my friend's mom for having to work late that night. I ended up seeing a show much better than any movie because of it!
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    Great chapter. Looking forward to more 🙂 hopefully more carpets/furniture.
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    Because it’s somewhere in the house I shouldn’t be peeing
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    bet they taste like shit
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    This isn't the naughtiest place I've ever pissed, it is the naughtiest place I pissed today. My shop floor
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