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    This is a story set in the 'Kaymala' world -- you should be able to read these in any order, but if interested the first episode is here, and the introduction of these characters is here. **************************** Camille had been in Kaymala a few days, and she thought she was starting to get a grasp on how the place worked. The Scandinavian island nation had a unique culture. A lot of the rules that most other cultures had developed around sex, nudity and urination just weren't followed by Kaymalans. However, that wasn't to say that Kaymala didn't have its own set of rules; they were just different. For instance, it was considered perfectly acceptable to be naked on the streets and on public transport, and it was common for people to stop for a piss where they stood or sat. On the other hand most workplaces insisted their staff wore clothes to work, and peeing at one's desk was generally frowned on. In some cases, the rules seemed to depend on how classy a joint you were in. In the city's many coffee shops clothes were as optional as they were on the streets, and it wasn't uncommon to see someone taking a quick leak under the table before they left. However, when Camille's friends Ingrid and Olivia had taken her out to a fancy restaurant, everyone in the place had been fully dressed, and quite modestly so. Peeing at the table, Camille's friends had warned her, was quite out of the question. Instead, she followed a sign down a corridor that was hidden by a screen from the main restaurant, where she found an elderly patron in a suit pissing grumpily against the wall. It turned out that the bathroom was out of order, with a sign on the door saying, “Please use the corridor, which will be mopped by a member of staff.” Ingrid later explained that no-one in the restaurant had a problem with pissing in public -- they were Kaymalan, after all -- but some people thought it was rather unrefined to piss in the same place one was eating. Tonight, the club that they were going to promised to be a dive, which suited Camille just fine. She wanted to see the free, uninhibited side of the culture, and this promised to be a great place for it. Six people from the hostel, three girls and three guys, made their way down to the club. Olivia led the way to the place, which was hidden away down a back street not far from the city centre, and they joined the queue outside. The crowd was mostly young people in their early or mid twenties. Some wore tight clothes and short skirts, others had put on jackets against the chilly evening. A few brave people were already naked, with goose-pimpled flesh and hard nipples from the cold. So many drunk Kaymalans in one place could hardly be expected to hold their water; men turned to piss against the wall or out into the street, while women peed where they stood or squatted on the ground. The cobbled street was soon swimming in pee. At long last Camille and her friends reached the doors and paid to go in. They paused at the cloakroom to leave coats and bags. Camille and Olivia handed their jackets in. Camille was wearing a red dress that she rather liked, with a short hemline and a way of hanging that made it cling to her boobs. Olivia paused inside the door to roll up the hem of her green dress until it was above her waist, leaving her shaven, pierced pussy on display. Ingrid, who had worn a long black coat down from the hostel, unfastened it now to reveal, unsurprisingly to those who knew her, that she was wearing nothing at all underneath except for her boots. She handed her coat in at the desk, and the group moved through to the dance floor. The place was packed with people in various states of undress. Quite a few in the crowd were naked, and of the ones who were dressed a reasonable number of those where were dressed had pulled their clothes aside in revealing ways, rolling up their dresses or rolling down their tops or opening their trousers to let their cocks hang out. In the pulsing strobe lights, Camille could see boobs, pussies and cocks everywhere. One woman wore a skirt that was parted right down the middle to reveal her trim vagina. On a raised stage at the far end of the room, several naked people were dancing on poles, while a crowd watched and masturbated openly. The floor was soaking wet, and certainly with more than just spilled drinks. A few feet away from Camille, a guy was peeing casually onto the dance floor, swaying in time with the music, nearby dancers stepping carefully around his stream. Looking further into the crowd, Camille could see that he wasn't the only one. She felt a tingle of excitement rising inside her, and let a spurt of her own piss out into her panties, squirming at the warmth as it spread around her sensitive areas. She had to fight to keep herself from massaging her clit by hand -- but there would be plenty going on there before the night was out. Marco, one of the guys in the group, disappeared almost as soon as they were inside the club, slinking off with a girl he had been chatting up in the queue. The rest of them moved out together, and for a while they danced as a close group. Camille eyed the new guy, Simon, who had arrived in Kaymala just that day. She wondered about screwing him. He seemed to be astonished at everything going on around them, and he stared at every pair of tits that came near the group -- he looked pretty gormless, really. Camille thought perhaps she would wait for somebody else to try him and see if he was any good. Not far off, Camille could see Marco dancing with the girl he had met outside, their hands all over each other. He had already undone a couple of the buttons on the back of her dress, and Camille guessed it wouldn't be long before they were screwing properly. The girl was in for a treat, Camille thought. Camille had fucked Marco the first day she arrived, and the man was … experienced, to say the least. Camille's own eyes kept being drawn to Olivia, who was dancing next to Simon, and particularly to her bare pussy and the silver stud that glinted in the flashing lights. More than anyone else present, she really wanted to feel that pussy against hers, interlocked with her, to have Olivia's cute body pressed up close to her -- but Olivia didn't seem interested in Camille, or in any woman as far as Camille knew. After a few minutes Ingrid announced she was going for drinks, and Camille volunteered to go with her. Olivia and Christopher asked for vodka and cokes, and Simon asked for a beer. They joined the crowd around the bar, moving slowly forwards. Camille and Ingrid passed the time by pointing out cute guys and girls to each other. Camille particularly liked the look of one guy who stood a places away from them in the queue, blond with a bit of stubble. Like some men in the club did, he had unfastened his trousers so that his cock and balls were hanging out. He stood with his arm around a girl; probably a long-term couple, Camille thought. Perhaps he overheard Ingrid and Camille talking about him, or noticed them looking, because he glanced in their direction and seemed to give them a sly smile, which made Camille giggle. They reached the bar and Ingrid gave a deep sigh. “I'm gonna pee,” she said, and, sure enough, she started to pee, pulling on her vulva to angle her stream forwards against the front of the bar. Glancing around, Ingrid saw that a couple of other people along the bar were also taking the opportunity to piss against it -- one guy was even doing so while giving his drinks order. A line of drains along the floor in front of the bar suggested that this wasn't uncommon. “Why do people pee against the bar here?” Camille said. Ingrid, still pissing with full force, shrugged one shoulder. “People like to piss against something, I guess,” she said. “Guys especially, but girls too.” Camille found it fascinating the places that Kaymalans preferred to piss, when given leave to piss anywhere they wanted. She needed to pee as well, so she concentrated, and let her own piss start to flow into her panties. She had never been able to pee forwards like Ingrid did, but she preferred her way in any case. Peeing into her clothes meant she could feel the warmth around her, and could feel the trickles running down her legs. She shuddered with pleasure, her hand almost unconsciously going down to her pussy. Ingrid nudged Camille and pointed to the closest bartender, who was serving the cute guy they had been eyeing. Camille leaned forward to see what Ingrid meant. The bartender was pissing wildly, using one hand to hold his cock but doing little to keep the spray under control, while simultaneously pouring a beer with his other hand. “Impressive, isn't it?” Ingrid said. The bartender finished serving the cute guy, shook his penis off and put it away, then turned to Ingrid and Camille. Ingrid gave him their order. He didn't move to serve them immediately, but eyed Ingrid for a second. “Free drinks for a feel of those?” he said, nodding towards Ingrid's chest. Ingrid laughed. “Fuck off,” she said. “My tits aren't bartering chips.” “All right, just thought I'd ask,” the bartender said. This was one of the rules Kaymalans were very clear on: it was important to ask, and to accept when somebody said no. “What about your friend?” the bartender added. “She looks like she's got a good pair on her.” Ingrid looked at Camille, who shrugged. “Why not?” she said. She moved forward, sliding her dress straps off her shoulders. Her dress fell down as far as her waist, revealing her boobs to the world. The bartender leant across the bar, and took one in each of his hands and gave them a gentle squeeze. “Just what I thought,” he said. “I like a big, firm pair. What was your order?” While he went to pour the drinks, Camille saw the cute, blond guy she had been ogling earlier now staring at her. Their eyes met, and he smiled. He said something to his girlfriend, who laughed, and then he took his arm from around her and moved towards Camille. “I've got to say,” he said, still looking at her boobs, “you must attract a lot of guys with those.” It was a very Kaymalan compliment, and Camille wasn't sure how to respond, but she settled on saying, “Not too many yet.” “See you later, Camille,” said Ingrid, gathering up their drinks from the bar and slipping away. The guy briefly held up his wrist to show Camille his purple wristband, and Camille showed him hers. The wristbands were colour coded by how long ago the wearer had had a check-up; an important measure in a place like Kaymala. The guy started to run his fingers over Camille's breasts, gently caressing at first, then starting to squeeze. His cock, hanging loose out of the front of his trousers, hardened up. Camille reached out to grab it, enjoying the way it felt in her hands. One of the guy's hands moved down Camille's body to the hem of her dress, then slipped up inside. If he was surprised to feel her panties soaked with piss he didn't show it. He pulled her panties down until they fell to her feet, and Camille kicked them away into the crowd. Then he lifted the front of her dress and eased himself into her, pushing her back against the bar. Camille felt a ripple of pleasure run through her body. The man was a good fit. He started to thrust against Camille, each movement making her gasp. As she shuddered, Camille stared over the guy's shoulder towards the dancers. Across the room was a raised stage where a group of naked women and men danced around poles. A small crowd gathered to watch, many of them openly wanking themselves off or fingering each other. Camille lost herself in watching the beautiful dancers while her Kaymalan guy did his work on her. Camille saw somebody from the crowd climbing up on stage to take one of the empty poles. With a start, she recognised her friend Olivia. Olivia had somehow lost her dress completely, and was naked except for her heels. Piercings on her nipples and vagina glinted in the strobe lighting. The girl clearly knew how to pole dance, moving in ways that made it look like she was levitating. Watching her friend, Camille groaned and moved herself faster against the Kaymalan guy. The ripples of pleasure came closer and closer together, and quickly she felt an orgasm break over her. She moaned, drawing smirks from a couple of the people stood in the queue for drinks. The guy came not long after, shooting his load deep inside her. He pulled himself out of her. “Thanks,” he said, and slipped away through the crowd. For a few seconds, Camille leant against the bar, panting. There was cum running down her leg. She wiped it off with the hem of her dress. The people queueing at the bar seemed for the most part ignored her and what had just happened. People screwed here all the time, after all, so there was nothing unusual about it. Camille bought another drink and made her way through the crowd in the direction Ingrid had gone. She caught up with the girl dancing with a man, him cupping her bare ass and her with her hands down his trousers. Seeing Camille though, Ingrid muttered something to the man and pulled away from him. “Don't let me interrupt you,” Camille said, though the man was already moving away. Ingrid shrugged. “I wasn't going to fuck him anyway,” she said. “Good-looking, but he didn't have much down there. Have you seen --” “Olivia?” Camille said, looking again towards the pole-dancing stage where Olivia was still holding her audience. “She's pretty hot.” “So hot,” Ingrid said, looking in the same direction. “I didn't know she could dance. I guess she comes here a lot.” “Where'd everyone else go?” Camille asked. “Hooked up,” Ingrid said. “Simon's just sat over there.” She gestured at a table on the edge of the dance floor, where Simon was sat, being fellated by a blonde woman in a yellow dress. “Apparently they met on the flight here,” Ingrid added. “Boy's making himself at home quickly. And Chris went off with some guy, I didn't see where. Want to dance?” They wrapped their arms around each other and danced close, Ingrid's naked body against Camille's clothed one. Ingrid's hands went to cup Camille's backside, and she smirked. “You've taken your underwear off, Camille,” she said. “I guess you hit it off with our friend at the bar then? Was he good?” Camille shrugged. “He was fine. I wouldn't say he was anything special.” “Most people are fine,” Ingrid said with a chuckle. “It's good when you get an exceptional fuck, but it can be hard to tell who will be.” Camille turned to watch Olivia on the stage again. “She's so fine. I really want to fuck her, you know?” “I know what you mean,” Ingrid said. They watched as Olivia finished her routine. She ended halfway up the pole, suspended by her arms while her legs were splayed out towards the crowd. Her gaggle of onlookers cheered and whooped. Then, still holding that position, Olivia started to pee, spraying piss out over the onlookers, who cheered harder than ever. “Oh my god,” Camille said. “I want to fuck her so bad,” Ingrid said. “I'm so horny right now,” Camille said. Ingrid shifted position, dancing even closer to Camille. Their boobs were pressed up against each other now, their legs interlocked through the fabric of Camille's dress. Through the fabric, Camille could feel Ingrid's pussy pressed up against her leg. “Listen,” Camille said, “I really need to pee. Do you mind --” “Just go,” Ingrid said, “I don't give a fuck.” Camille did as she said and pissed. Her drinks had gone through her quickly, and it came out with force. She could feel it running down her legs, and knew it was running down Ingrid's as well. The hem of Camille's dress that separated the two girls was soaked through. “You know what?” Ingrid said. “That actually feels good. I can see why it turns you on.” She was rocking backwards and forwards, rubbing her slit against Camille's leg. Camille responded in kind, massing her clit on Ingrid's leg. They swayed together on the dance floor, moving in time with one another, each stimulating the other. Camille moaned. She pulled her skirt out of the way, so that she could feel Ingrid's bare flesh against hers. Both of them were still wet with Camille's piss. Ingrid had her hands cupped around Camille's buttocks, squeezing and using them to pull herself back and forth. Camille put one hand on Ingrid's ass, and with the other reached up for the girl's pert little boobs. “I really like these,” Camille said. “I like yours,” Ingrid replied. She moved one hand up to slip Camille's dress off her shoulders, freeing her tits. She bent down to suck on one of Camille's nipples. “It's crazy that we haven't done this before now,” said Camille. “Well, let's make up for lost time,” said Ingrid, straightening up. She resumed their position with interlocking pussies, and they started to rub against each other again. A couple of people nearby were watching them, intrigued -- Camille saw Simon staring at them while the blonde girl gave him head. She pulled Ingrid a few steps away, so that there were people blocking his view. Ingrid was panting, and Camille moaned under her breath. Their hands were moving all over each other's bodies, grasping and groping. They kissed, then broke apart as Camille moaned louder. They came, one after the other. They stayed holding each other for some time, breathing deeply. Camille could smell Ingrid's sweat and her wet pussy. “You know what?” Ingrid said after a few minutes. “I need a piss as well. Hold still.” And she pissed against the bare skin of Camille's leg, as Camille had done to her before. It splashed up against Camille's waist before trickling in rivulets down both of their legs. Camille shivered at the warmth. “You want to fuck again?” she asked. “Not gonna say no,” said Ingrid. She slipped a hand down between their legs, and began to massage Camille's pussy, while Camille tipped her head back and closed her eyes. Yes, it was certainly a night that Camille would remember.
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    Janice woke up to the sounds of her sister stirring in the bunk above her. She opened her eyes and looked around the room, cursing the sunlight peeking through the blinds. She could just barely see her sister Tammy’s legs hanging over the edge of the top bunk. A few seconds later she heard the expected sigh and then a clear stream of her sister’s pee dribbled down to the carpet below. Janice giggled. This was a common thing, but she was always amused by her sister’s various ways of relieving herself first thing in the morning. Janice snuggled deeper into her bed, pulling the covers over her and up to her neck. She really didn’t want to get up yet, but she continued to watch Tammy’s stream splash down to the dark carpet, making a very audible splashing sound. What was also audible were Tammy’s moans, and the messiness with which the stream fell made Janice think her sister was probably masturbating, as well. Janice reached beneath the covers and removed her panties, smiling as she did so. She rolled over on her side and scooted her bottom back until she could feel the cold of her bedroom wall against her cheeks. She smiled again and closed her eyes as she sighed and emptied her bladder, enjoying the soft hiss as her morning pee sprayed out of her and all over her inner thighs and her bedroom wall. She could hear it running down the wall to the carpet under her bed. She licked her lips and slid her hand between her legs as she continued to pee. It only took a few light strokes of her slit before she was moaning, and soon a small orgasm overtook her. Wetting had been a common thing for the girls since they were kids. Their parents were laid back about pretty much everything, including nudity, sex, and obviously peeing. Her parents were unfortunately deceased after a drunk driver ended their life in a devastating crash just a few years ago. It was still a painful memory, but most of the trauma was over and done. Now, Janice, Tammy and Tammy’s twin brother Tommy lived together in their parents’ house, mostly because no will had been left, and they did not want to sell it. So rather than fight over who would live in it, since they were all three single without any kids they decided to share it. Janice’s parents were wealthy and the house itself was 2 ½ floors with a full basement, as well. Janice could remember the earliest days of their wettings in which there was no dry room in the house. She could vividly remember her mother kneeling down beside her in the living room as a warm jet of pee sprayed out of her and onto the carpeted floor, or her mother standing in the kitchen cooking dinner as a clear stream snaked down her slender legs, making a puddle at her feet. When Janice had to go, her mother would say, “Well, go on,” and allow her to squat right where she was. A few times her mother also wet her pants, rarely saying anything before sighing and making a dark stain in her crotch. Janice would soon replicate her mother’s actions and soak her pants, as well, enjoying the soothing warmth that collected between her legs. As she got a little older, while shopping with her mother she almost squatted right in the middle of the aisle and her mother had to remind her that their peeing was only to be done around the house and not out in public. Her father would be a little more modest around her and would maybe step away or turn around, but Janice could still see or hear the tell-tale stream. This changed, though, after the twins were born and her father finally had a son. Soon, he was teaching his little boy subtle but effective ways to relieve himself in the house. Janice would often walk by her little brother and see him relieving himself all over his bedroom wall or peeing on the carpet in the corner of his room. Her little sister, Tammy, would join her and her mother as they squatted in the hallway or let their pee dribble down their legs or soak their pants. These habits continued into young adulthood. There were some struggles, of course, like friends who were grossed out, rumors that floated around school, but Janice and her siblings didn’t mind. The most common story was their wealth, and this often made it easier to make friends in spite of the rumors. Janice even recalled a few friends over the years who were into it and joined them as they wet themselves. There were even a few sexual encounters that included wetting, as well. After dozing back off for a few minutes, Janice could hear Tammy moving again and she watched her crawl down the ladder leading from the top bunk. “Hey sis,” Tammy said. “Good morning,” Janice said. She had scooted back into the bed, and as she talked to her sister she felt a little more pee seep from her bare bottom and to the mattress under her. “What are you getting into today?” Tammy asked. “I don’t know. I need to make some phone calls for work, and then my friend Susan is coming over.” “Boring,” Tammy said. Janice laughed. “Well, what did you have in mind?” Janice asked. “I don’t know. I was thinking we could go for a drive, and then maybe we can invite some people over for a party later?” “A drive where?” “Anywhere,” Tammy said. “I’m bored.” Even though she was 22, Tammy was still childish in a lot of ways. It was cute most of the time but could also be annoying. “Let’s go make breakfast,” she said. “I’m thinking pancakes!” She tapped Janice’s foot. “Come on, sleepyhead, let’s go!” Janice sat up and got out of bed, not bothering to put her panties back on. As she stepped out into the hallway, she spotted her brother Tommy, who was facing away from them and clearly relieving himself onto the wall. His head was lifted in an obvious gesture of relief, and although they could not see his dick they could definitely see and hear the strong stream that flowed from him and sprayed the hallway wall. “Good morning, Tommy!” Tammy yelled. He mumbled his reply as the girls continued down the hall to the steps. Janice paused at the top of the steps as she had a vivid memory of her mother sitting at the top step, skirt lifted and legs parted, soaking her panties. Janice remembered being fascinated by the dark stain that started at her mother’s panties and flowed down the carpeted steps. “You okay?” Tammy asked. “Yeah,” Janice said. “Just remembering Mom again.” “Good memories?” Tammy asked. “Of course,” Janice said, smiling. She followed her sister down the steps and to the kitchen. They worked together to make breakfast, talking about minor things such as school and work, but then Tammy changed the subject. “What were you remembering?” Tammy asked. “About Mom?” Janice smiled. “I was remembering a time she pissed down the stairs,” she said. “She did that a lot,” Tammy said. “Dad did it, too.” Janice chuckled as she remembered. As she flipped a pancake on the skillet, Tommy walked into the kitchen. “Morning,” Janice said. “Yes, it is,” he said, smiling. He walked across the kitchen and joined Tammy at the table. Janice turned back to the pancakes and soon felt a slight urge in her bladder again. She relaxed as a few small dribbles trickled quietly down her legs. Her siblings didn’t seem to notice as they started talking about some television show. When Janice finished peeing, she dropped a dish towel on the floor and wiped up her small puddle. Janice smiled as she had another flash of memory of her mother walking around the house in a short nightgown and no panties, much like Janice was now, until she would stop, smile, and spray warm urine down her legs. “Are those pancakes almost done?” Tommy asked, bringing Janice back to the present. She laughed and scooped the pancakes off the skillet and onto a plate. She carried the plate to the table, and as soon as she sat it down her brother and sister both forked a few pancakes onto their own plates. After a playful reach for the syrup, Tommy nabbed it and slathered some all over his pancakes then handed the bottle to Tammy. Tammy stuck her tongue out at him. Janice joined them and forked a couple onto her plate, as well. They were eating quietly before Tammy scooted back in her chair. Seconds later they could all hear the tell-tale hiss and dripping sounds as she emptied her bladder and let it drip to the kitchen floor. Tommy chuckled and shook his head. “What?” Tammy said. “I had to go.” “You know Janice has a friend coming over. That means we’ll have to behave.” “Well, I was going to keep her in the guest room, which is still clean. So as long as you all don’t pee there, I think we’re okay.” “Orrrrrr,” Tammy said, “you could tell your friend, and then it’s not a problem.” Janice laughed. “Yeah, I could do that, but we haven’t been friends long, and I’m not sure how she’d react. She’s a friend from work, so I’d rather not have her running off and telling all my other coworkers that we openly piss all over our house.” “Whatever,” Tammy said. “Guess I’ll get it out of my system now, then,” Tommy said. He reached under the table and fumbled with his boxer shorts. Janice noticed that he was taking his penis out of the front of them. This was not the first time she had seen her brother’s penis, and thank goodness it never excited her the way any of her lovers’ had. Not that it was bad looking, but it was her brother’s penis. He sighed and they could hear his warm pee splashing up, back down onto his lap and onto the kitchen floor. Tammy peeked and then giggled. For a while Janice had suspected that Tammy was more attracted to her twin brother than she admitted, but she never brought it up. “Wow, that feels good,” he said. “Well,” Janice said, “I need to make some phone calls, and I need to get things ready for her. Can you two clean up?” They both groaned but agreed. Janice rinsed her plate off, set it in the sink, and walked out.
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    Janice was fortunate to have a private office. It was her father’s, and since she was the only one with a job that required her to work from home, as well, she easily inherited it. There was everything you would expect from a home office: desk, office chair, computer, file cabinets, and there was also a vinyl couch and a recliner. Janice remembered that on her father’s busiest days he would sleep in his office and take power naps in the late afternoons. She also remembered that he rarely left the room to use the bathroom. Janice had walked in on him on several occasions and caught him in the act of pissing in the corner or relieving himself in the wastebasket next to his desk. And although she had never witnessed it, she also remembered noticing droplets on the vinyl couch, as well. Now, Janice was tending to her own business using the same office. She was on hold with an important client, one that she could not afford to lose. As she waited, she could feel the familiar need growing in her bladder. She could easily take the phone with her to the bathroom, but Janice smiled as she looked around the office, again remembering her father’s free use of his private office as more than just to do work. She looked over at the recliner, a dark-colored soft cushioned chair. Janice wasn’t sure how old it was. As she stepped closer to it, she leaned down and looked closer at the cushion. As expected, she could just barely see a ring in the material, a faint stain that proved her father had also used his recliner as a toilet. Janice smiled as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them and her panties down to her ankles. Just as she did so, the client came back on the line. “Oh, hello,” Janice said. She sat back in the the recliner. “No, it’s okay, I understand Mr. Dawson. You are a busy man.” Janice smiled again at the feeling of the soft cushion against her bare ass and pussy. “Yes sir, I’m doing well. Just calling to check in and see if you’re still planning to work with us.” She relaxed and soon a small dribble started down her slit and to the soft material between her legs. “Ohhh, that’s great,” she said. “Yes sir, I am just… really happy to hear that… Mmm hmm…” The dribble grew to a steady flow and Janice rolled her eyes and opened her mouth in silent pleasure as a small puddle formed between her legs, slowly absorbing into the chair. “Yes sir. I will let my supervisor know… mmm… first thing tomorrow. Mmm hmm. Thank you, sir.” Janice hung up and leaned back into the chair. “Ohhh, I’m just gonna let it all go.” She sighed and let go completely, splashing her warm pee into the cushion beneath her, licking her lips at the warmth spreading under her. “Mmmm that feels so good, ohhh…” Feeling horny now, she slipped her fingers between her slit, feeling splashes of pee on her thighs and legs, and soon she was bucking her hips. “Oh… I’m gonna… OHHHHHhhhh!” As she cried out, a strong spray of pee squirted past the chair cushion and to the carpet as she climaxed. Meanwhile, in the kitchen Tammy and Tommy were almost finished cleaning up. Tammy had washed the last of the dishes, and Tommy had almost finished drying and putting them away. There had been a lot of splashing and joking around, so they were both wet and there was a lot of water on the kitchen floor. “You made a mess,” Tommy said. “Me?” Tammy said. “I think that was a joint effort.” “Whatever,” Tommy said. “This is how I make the floor wet.” He turned away from the sink and removed his penis from his boxers again. Tammy watched wide-mouthed as he sprayed a long stream that reached to the middle of the kitchen floor, splashing loudly and creating a puddle. “You’re so bad,” she said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice. “So what do you know about this friend of Janice’s,” he asked, still peeing but his stream dwindling. “Not much, really. She’s a friend from work, like she said.” “Is she hot?” Tommy asked. “Oh my god, that’s why you asked.” He laughed and winked at her. “Like you’d have a chance, anyway,” she said, bumping him with her elbow. “We’ll see,” he said. He slid his penis back into his boxers. “Love ya, sis,” he said as he tossed a towel down onto the floor over his puddle and walked out of the kitchen. Tammy smiled as she stood there, looking down at the towel. She could feel her own need creeping up again, but it was coupled with another need. She thought about her brother wetting himself at the table and about him spraying a stream across the kitchen and felt her pussy getting wet at the thought. She would never admit it, but she did find him very attractive, and maybe it was some kind of twin connection and not the same kind of attraction as she might have for a lover or a boyfriend, but she could not deny that he excited her sexually. Tammy used her foot to wipe up her brother’s wet mess with the towel. As she did, she felt another twinge that reminded her she had to pee soon. Since she had just finished cleaning the floor, she didn’t really want to wet it again. Tammy turned to the sink and grinned. Without thinking about it too much, she turned around and lifted her bottom up and over the sink. She didn’t even bother to remove her panties as she relaxed and soon a warm, wet spot formed in the crotch of her panties. She gasped and let a little more dribble out, just enough to moisten her labia. Then she pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her slit gently. Tammy relaxed a little more, playing with the tiny dribbles that dampened her fingertips and rubbing them against her clitoris. She gasped again as a wave of pressure sent shivers through her and her dribble increased to a stream. She cut it off, though, and continued to rub herself, feeling her orgasm build. “I can’t hold it much longer,” she said. “But this is so nice.” She parted her legs a little more and now slipped two fingers into her vagina, sinking them deep and then sliding them back out to touch her clitoris and then again. Another wave of pressure struck and she moaned as more of her warm pee trickled over her fingers. “Oh, god, I can’t—!” She took her fingers out as a warm gush of pee sprayed the inside of the sink with an audible hiss and metallic splashing. Tammy went back to rubbing her clit as her pee continued to flow steadily into the sink. She was soon biting her lip as her orgasm built. She rubbed more furiously now, feeling her hot pee all over her hands but not caring as she finally climaxed right there with her rear end over the kitchen sink and the final drops of her pee trickling into the sink.
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    A few hours later, there was a knock at the door. After some cleaning and strategic use of Febreze, the house was ready for guests. If Janice had wanted the house cleaned more extensively, she could easily have called in a cleaner. But this should be sufficient for entertaining her coworker friend. Janice answered the door and there stood Susan. “Hey there!” Susan said, and the two hugged each other. Susan looked cute in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a panda on it. As Susan stepped into the house, somewhere behind her Janice head footsteps. She turned to see her brother walking across the hall to the bathroom. He paused and glanced at Susan, then smiled and walked into the bathroom. Janice could not help but feel as if that smile was somehow suspicious. She changed direction, though, as Tammy appeared in the hallway, as well, finally having gotten dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a pink shirt. “Susan, you’ve heard me talk about my twin siblings. That was my brother Tommy you saw, and this is my sister, Tammy.” Susan greeted Tammy and Janice led Susan to the living room. “Make yourself comfortable,” Janice said. Susan thanked her and sat on the plush brown couch. Tammy walked to the recliner in the corner, and Janice sat on the other end of the couch. “Well, this is our home,” Janice said. She continued, giving Susan a brief version of the history of the house, how her parents acquired it, the tragedy of their accident, and finally how the siblings agreed to share the house. Susan listened attentively, and her genuine interest was really sweet. Then, Janice noticed something. Susan seemed to be squirming. She was continuously crossing and uncrossing her legs. Janice glanced at her sister who made brief eye contact and then smiled. Janice peered down the hallway and saw that the door was still closed. What are they up to, she wondered. But Janice shook it off and she asked Susan about her life, how her kids were doing. Susan was divorced, but she smiled widely and lit up and she talked about her kids. Then she squirmed again, and Janice was surprised when Tammy spoke up. “Everything okay?” Tammy asked. “I’m fine, but how long is your brother going to be in the bathroom?” This time Janice did not miss the smirk that crossed her sister’s face. She sighed and resigned to the fact that they were about to get their way. Her new friend would be wetting herself before she left today. “I don’t really know,” Tammy said. “Sometimes he takes forever. Long shower, primping himself in the mirror, that sort of stuff. He’s worse than us.” Tammy and Janice laughed, and Susan joined them, then stopped. “Oh, don’t make me laugh.” She bent over and hissed. “Is it that bad?” Janice asked. Susan nodded. “Yeah, he’s irritating like that,” Tammy said. “More than a few times he’s been in there and one of us has had to go. Kind of like right now.” “Well, what did you do?” Susan asked. “Because I’m open for solutions.” Tammy chuckled. “Sometimes he gets done in time and it’s just a race to keep from having an accident. Once or twice Janice and I had to run in at the same time.” Susan laughed. The sound made Janice’s heart skip. “How did that work out?” Tammy giggled. “I took the sink,” she said and winked. Janice could feel her face flush, and she watched Susan’s reaction. “Ohhh, at this point I’d settle for anything,” Susan said and doubled over again. They heard the unmistakable sound of the shower, and Susan groaned. “Well, there were other times we didn’t make it,” Tammy said. Janice was still quiet, still terrified that this whole ordeal might scare her new friend away. “Like when both of us just ended up pissing in the hallway.” “Seriously?” Susan said. “What else could we do? This is a big house, but I still don’t know why it only has one bathroom. And when it’s used up, well…” “Oh my god,” Susan said. She kept peering down the hallway at the still closed door. “Can you go see how much longer?” “Sure,” Janice said. She stood up and walked down the hall. Susan followed her, and Tammy walked quietly behind them. “Hey, Tommy?” Janice yelled. “Yeah?” he shouted from the shower. Actually, Janice honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t really in the shower, if the mischievous shithead wasn’t standing right in the bathroom just running the water and hoping her new friend would piss herself. “Do you know how much longer you’ll be?” Janice asked. “I just got in!” he shouted. Susan groaned again, squeezing her legs tightly together and holding her crotch. “Janice, I’ve really got to go,” she pleaded. “Okay, so…,” Janice said, “what do you want to do? I mean… Tammy is right. We’ve had to improvise before. I can take you to the kitchen? If you’re willing, you can use the sink?” “How far is that?” Susan asked. “It’s on the other side of the house,” Janice said. “Ohhh, no, I won’t make it that far.” “Well, you can go right here,” Tammy said. Janice glared at her. Too forward! she thought, but she knew it was too late to take it back. “Like… just pee in your hallway?” “If you have to,” Tammy said. “It’s my lame ass brother’s fault, not yours. And we can clean it up, no problem.” Susan doubled over again and groaned. “Ohhh, I’m seriously about to piss myself,” she said. “It’s okay, really,” Janice said. “I won’t tell anyone at the office.” “But I can’t just piss in the floor in your hallway,” Susan said. “It’s really not a problem,” Tammy said. “Here, I’ll prove it. I’ve got to go, anyway.” Janice and Susan looked at her as she unsnapped her denim shorts and then slid them and her panties down to her ankles. She leaned back against the wall until her ass was touching the wall and she was almost in a sitting position. She closed her eyes and a few seconds later a steady stream of pee fell from between her legs and pattered to the hallway carpet. Susan gasped. “Oh, shit!” she said and stood upright. “I just squirted a bit! I’m sorry, Janice, but I can’t hold it anymore.” “It’s okay,” Janice said, as comfortingly as she could. But inside she was secretly taking pleasure knowing her new friend really was about to piss right here in her house. “Do you care if I join you?” she asked. “Seeing my sister go made me have to go.” She laughed. “I don’t care,” Susan said. “I just need to pee like right now!” Susan unbuttoned her jeans and yanked them down to below her knees, and to Janice’s surprise she did not take her panties down. Janice could see the wet spot from Susan’s leak earlier. “They’re already wet,” Susan said, as if reading Janice’s mind. She sank down into a squat and before she could finish pulling the gusset of her panties aside a messy spray of pee gushed out of her and flowed heavily to the carpet. “Ohhhhh, that feel so much better.” Susan closed her eyes in an expression of obvious relief. “Mmmm, I was seriously about to explode.” Janice couldn’t take it anymore. Feeling bold, she stood next to her friend and relaxed, emptying her bladder into her panties and letting it run quietly down her legs. Susan opened her eyes and was treated to the sight of Janice moaning in pleasure as she peed full force down her legs. Janice could feel it spraying her inner thighs and flowing warmly down her legs and dripping to the floor. Tammy was watching and smiling. Then the bathroom door opened and there stood Tommy wrapped in a towel. Both Susan and Janice were still peeing. Janice waited for Susan’s reaction, expecting her to be mortified. Instead, she started laughing and was still dribbling warm pee. “I’m so sorry,” Tommy said. “Umm… I’m Tommy.” Susan laughed even louder, and it was genuine. “Susan,” she said. “Welcome to our home,” Tommy said.
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    Having just turned forty (or so), they say that you begin counting down the days. I've had several dealings with ageing parents and old in-laws to know that keeping body and mind active is a sure way of prolonging life. My sex life, and libido continues unabated, and without any taboos or hang-ups, hence my love and contributions to sites like this. There was a time in my life when I found older men and women, not disgusting as such, but just of no sexual interest whatsoever. Yet now, I've been oddly turned on my both sexes and wouldn't draw a line. I await the dreaded menopause, but this can also have different effects on women, providing I'm getting wet between the legs, the more I'm enjoying it. So, with that in mind it's always refreshing to see people of age enjoying some pee fun! I would be interested to know what others think? I couldn't find a category for this in photos, so hope no one minds the posts here.
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    My name is Ashlyn, and one of the more defining traits is the ability to pee wherever I want to, whether people approve or not. Naughty peeing is my thing, it started real young when I used to pee in the hallways of my school when no one was looking, to peeing under a computer desk in the library in college, and finally to me today. Toilets are over rated, I just feel it's much more fun and thrilling to simply stand or squat in the middle of my living room and relieve myself. Sure, not everyone will agree with me, but really? Why should I care lol. Most of it happens on my own carpet, after being caught lifting my dress and peeing in an empty aisle in Walmart and almost going to jail I've had to tone myself down. It's sad, but peeing on the carpet at home is just as good. Until today. I have a neighbor who just recently had a surgery which causes her to be unable to leave the house. She texted me the other day and asked if I could pick her up some pretty flowers for her room. She said she had been so down and wanted something pretty to look at, so she sent me some money and asked me to find some flowers to brighten her days. So off I went to my local gardening store to see if I could cheer my neighbor up. It's always so hot in gardening stores, I was happy with my decision to wear a sundress and no undies. I browsed the plants and didn't immediately see anything that caught my eye. Just the regular lilies, roses, etc. As I was looking I felt my bladder tense, alerting me that I would need to find a toilet soon. I hate public toilets, absolutely hate them. I decided that it would have to wait till I returned home. I looked down to the concrete floor, thinking it would be so great to be able to have a pee here. Thinking I might be able to get away with it I looked up to look for camera and alas, there was a small round black camera mounted on the ceiling. I sighed. Whatever, I had just cleaned the carpets at home, I could have some fun then. I took another look around and found myself rounding into a secluded corner. There were no flowers, just pots and giant green bags of fertilizer. Corners are my favorite places to pee, so even just standing there made my bladder jump excitedly. Similar to the same way a desperate person reacts when they see a toilet. I shrugged it off, once again taking another look at the ceiling. Surely there would be cameras back here too. As I was walking back I tripped over something, looked down to see that it was a ripped open bag of fertilizer. I rolled my eyes, my sandals had gotten dirty because someone ripped it open and left it here. Now even more than ever did I want to have a naughty pee, to punish the person who left this bag here. I took another look up at the celing, realized I didn't see any more little black round cameras. I couldn't believe my luck, I was alone in the deepest corner of the store, with no cameras around that I could see! I knew what I wanted to do, but first I had a quick run around the area to do one last check. Sure enough, I was alone and there were no cameras. Now was my chance, I could do what I was made to do. My heart was racing as I took my stance over the bag, looking down at the currently dry black fertilizer that would soon be wet with my gift to the idiot who left it here. I half squatted, bending at my knees so that if someone came around the corner it wouldn't look like I was doing anything too dubious. With the warm, fresh air encouraging my pussy I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and released. I smiled as only a few dribbles left my body, creating a near silent pitter patter against the plastic bag. I looked down just as soon as my stream picked up, creating a seamless, powerful current that, at first, splashed into the brown mulch which made it darken. But much to my delight, as my urine began to build into the bag it spilled over, creating small rivulets to run out of the bag and to the concrete floor. I sighed and closed my eyes, enjoying this naughty moment for as long as I could before my piss once again returned to just droplets, emptying out to nothing over the weeping bag. I took a quick look around for something to wipe with, I don't usually like to walk away wet especially since I wasn't wearing any undies today. The only thing I could find was a pair of gardening gloves hanging nearby. Without another thought I picked them up and immediately pressed them to my crotch and rubbed, it felt so good and I wanted to get myself off but I had already done enough damage and didn't want to catch another case. So I simply wiped myself dry, stepped around the bag and threw the gloved to the ground. I smiled looking down at my handiwork, what a thrill that was! I turned around and fled the store, thinking I could pick some flowers up for my neighbor at the other garden store down the road.
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    I know that for some of us it will have been a long while ago, but do you remember your very first sexual encounter? My first, oddly enough was with a cousin of mine, I had two cousins, brother and sister, their father, my uncle, had a very well paid job, and to be honest was rather snobbish, the kids were never allowed to mix with the local kids, and spent a lot of their time studying, even the games they were bought were educational! We didn't visit very often, my father was a tradesman, and his brother considered us lower than him, so much for brotherly love, I think I was about eleven at the time and we'd gone to visit, as usual we kids were sent upstairs to amuse ourselves while the adults sat downstairs and talked.my male cousin, M, was doing something boring, I think he was studying something, so I went into me female cousins room, S, she was quite happy to see me and we sat on the flor and chatted about all kinds of stuff, then she asked if I wanted to see something interesting, I was curious, so said yes, she took off her skirt and her panties and stood in front of me, "what do you think of this, it's starting to go furry" she asked parting her legs slightly and pointing to her vagina, It was just starting to grow hair, and was covered in this soft blonde down, "go on, stroke it" she whispered, I nervously reached out and ran a finger over the fine blonde hair, "you can put your finger in if you like, M does" she continued, I slipped a finger into her slit, and as I did it began to get wet, she sat down opposite me, "me and M play quite a lot" she went on, I like to play with his 'thing' too, but we have to watch out for mum and dad! I sat there for a few minutes playing with her, to be honest I think she found it more exciting than her brother doing it, I remember her reaching out for my zip, I think she was going to play with my 'thing', when we heard a noise, she jumped up and lowered her skirt, it was one of her parents, telling us to come down for something to eat. WOW, that was close, we never repeated the experience, as shortly afterwards my father and his brother had a massive bust up and never spoke for many years, in fact I think I was in my late twenties, the next time I saw my cousins.I often wonder if they ever went all the way, it wouldn't surprise me, but after not having seen them for years, it's not one of those things you ask, is it.
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    It's never a good sign when you arrive for work and find your boss is there before you, it's even worse when your boss normally only shows up at Christmas, and that was what had happened today. The shop was a sporting goods store, it had been opened about two years earlier, by a wealthy local man in a bid to create work for some of the young locals, to save them having to leave the area. It wasn't a large town, indeed it had a population of less than ten thousand, and was in a semi rural location. It sold a range of stuff, all related to activities that could be done in the local area, horse riding in the local lanes, water activities on the large lake, and one or two other activities, however trade had been slow for quite a while and unless they could find a way to boost sales, then sadly, the owner announced, he'd have to close the store. The three young ladies, were horrified, as was the store manager, they all got on well together, and had been there since the store opened, in fact the young ladies had never worked anywhere else. After a few minutes silence, one of the girls had an idea, "what about if we dress according to the section we work on" she asked, "that way when we pop down the road for lunch, it may get us noticed and attract more business" "well it may work" replied one of the other girls, "I don't mind wearing a tennis outfit, the short skirt would certainly attract attention, and you never know" she giggled, "a flash of white panties may get some of the blokes in, there's some right randy sods round here", There was a chorus of laughter from the others, "well, I don't mind wearing riding gear" one of the others chipped in, "in fact, I find the tight jodhpurs and long boots rather arousing" she chuckled, "it's all right for you lot" one of the others said, " I work on the watersports section it's going to look really odd walking round wearing a wetsuit", "or really kinky" replied the girl from the equestrian section, "there's a lot of blokes find rubber rather a turn on". The manager nodded, "well, anything's worth a try, don't you think?". The owner nodded, "whatever you want, at the rate things are going we won't be here in six months", he said goodbye and left the small store. The three girls looked at each other, "well, lets get ready then" said one, the others nodded and they headed off to their own sections of the store. Debbie, wandered around her section looking at the racks of jodhpurs, which colour should she wear, she'd seen a lot of riders wearing the beige, and they did look good, but for some reason, she felt drawn towards the white ones, she picked up a pair in size 12, her regular size, then replaced them on the rack and took a pair in size 10, that ought to get her noticed!, she picked a tight white polo shirt to go with them, then finally, a pair of long black shiny boots, she went into the changing room to put them on, it was while getting changed that she noticed something, she was wearing black undies, she toyed with the idea of removing her panties, but thought better of it, going commando under the tight white jodhpurs may just reveal a little too much. She emerged from the changing room, and looked at her reflection in the long mirror, she was very pleased with the look, yes she'd certainly get noticed, especially from the rear, the black panties were blatantly obvious. Meanwhile, over on the other sections, the other two girls were also getting changed, Tina into a set of tennis whites, with an extremely short skirt, and a pair of sparkling white panties and white polo shirt, and finally Sue, who over on the watersports side, was struggling to get into a very tight black rubber wetsuit, she'd removed her underwear and had decided to wear a small bikini instead, it was rather thin and her nipples stood out under the tight black rubber.. During the morning several customers came in, most of them commented on the new outfits, one middle aged bloke even said he'd have come in more often if he'd have known how the girls were dressed, his daughter had a couple of horses at home and spent a lot of money at a larger store in one of the bigger towns, in future, he told Debbie, he'd be coming here for the stuff, especially if she was going to keep wearing her tight jodhpurs!, She blushed and smiled, "well, that's one new customer" she thought, watching him leave the store with over a hundred pounds worth of horse related products. At lunchtime they attracted quite a few admiring looks from various men as they wandered down the road to get their lunches. They had gone to the local pub for lunch, it was a warm day and they'd sat outside while they ate their lunch, as it was warm, each girl had also got a pint of cold lager. Having eaten, they finished their drinks and made their way back to the store, it was unusually busy that afternoon, plenty of male customers, some who bought big items costing plenty of money, some only spending about a tenner. It was around this time that Sue realised she had a serious problem, the pint she'd drank earlier had made it's way through her system and now wanted out, there was however a couple of problems, one the suit was incredibly tight, it had taken a good 5 minutes to get into it, and two, she was in the middle of dealing with a customer. Normally, customers were not a problem, but this one was different, he was, he said, new to the area and having seen the large lake, decided to get into wind surfing, so he'd need everything, it would mean spending a good deal of money, and he wanted to make sure he got the right equipment.Having selected a board and sail, he was now looking at wetsuits, he'd been looking at them for a good ten minutes and the pressure on her bladder was becoming unbearable, as he turned to examine yet another suit, she squirmed slightly, and hoped she could hold on! "he asked her several questions about how the suits were made, how best to care for them, and which was the best value for money, finally he asked, "and you're sure they are waterproof, I don't want one that's going to leak", Sue felt her bladder twinge and squirmed slightly, "we're going to find out shortly" she mumbled under her breath, hoping he didn't hear her, unfortunately he did. "what do you mean ,we'll find out shortly" he asked, Sue blushed, "well, it took me ages to get into this suit, and it's going to take ages to get out of it, and I really need a wee" she said, clamping her thighs to prevent herself leaking. The man gave a slight smile, "oh, I hadn't thought of that, oh dear, what do you do if you're wearing one on the lake and need to go, I can imagine it would be quite an effort, to come in and get all the gear off" he said, Once again she blushed, "well, according to what I've been told, most people just let it out in the suit" she replied, "then give it a rinse in the shower later", she shuddered visibly as a small spurt escaped into the suit, the man paused as if thinking, " hmm, I'm not convinced, it could be rather embarrassing" he replied, then added, "tell you what give me a demonstration, if I'm happy I'll buy it all", she looked at the pile of equipment, there was over a thousand pounds worth of stuff, it was a massive sale, in fact it was the biggest since she'd worked there. "well, what do you think, are you going to prove it doesn't leak" he asked, "after all I seem to remember you said you needed to go, so it shouldn't be too difficult". Sue parted her feet slightly and relaxed, there was a slight hissing noise as her already overstretched bladder emptied itself inside the tight rubber, it pooled around her crotch, then began to make it's way down her thighs, before collecting in the fitted rubber boots. the man smiled, "ok, I'll take it, you've convinced me" he said with a smile, she totaled up the goods on the till, and he handed her his credit card, £1250, a good sale indeed. Meanwhile over on the tennis section, Tina had also made a good number of sales, again mostly to middle aged men, most of whom seemed to have difficulty keeping hold of stuff, she'd lost count of the number of times she'd had to bend over to pick stuff up after a customer had dropped something, each time the short skirt rode up to reveal the tight white panties beneath.Debbie too had been busy, judging by the amount of men coming in to buy stuff for their wives and daughters, there was going to be a lot of happy women that night, although she was amazed at the number of men who wanted to touch her tight jodhpurs, to 'see how they felt', one bloke had spent a good two minutes caressing her pert bottom, she could have swore she could see a bulge in his jeans afterwards, but what the hell, when he left, his wallet was £200 lighter. Later that afternoon the three girls were discussing how busy it had been, and how the blokes had seemed to enjoy looking, and in some cases touching the girls, Tina confessed that to convince one customer that the sports panties would indeed fit his wife snugly, that she'd actually lifted her skirt so he could get a proper view, still it had the desired effect, not only had he bought half a dozen pairs of the panties, but also several skirts, and even a new tennis racket. Sue began to tell them about the guy who'd bought all the surfing gear, when she came to the part about her having a wee in the suit, she suddenly paused, "oh, damn, I forgot" she exclaimed, "forgot what?" asked Debbie, " I forgot to go to the loo, I've spent all afternoon with wee inside the suit"she giggled. The next few days were also busy, in fact by the end of the week, they'd made more sales in a week than in the previous three months, it was just before closing and the store was empty, when a man walked in, he wandered around the store, before finally going over to speak to Sue, "are you the young lady who demonstrated that the wetsuits don't leak ?" he asked, adding "a mate of mine said he'd bought a load of gear here the other day", Sue nodded, "yes, that was me", the man smiled, "good, I need a new suit, my old one is getting past it's best and I think it's time to replace it". It didn't take long for him to select the one he wanted, she picked it up and began to walk towards the check out, "hold on, what about the demo?" he asked, Sue stopped in her tracks, " but if you've had one before, you'll know they don't leak" she replied, "ah, but I want to be sure, it's an expensive item" the man said with a grin, Sue sighed and relaxed, and for the second time that week, pissed into the tight rubber suit, when she'd finished the man smiled and handed her his credit card, "excellent, I'll take it" he said. She wrapped the wetsuit and handed it to him along with his card, he thanked her and was just heading towards the door when Debbie appeared, he stopped dead in his tracks, " Ahh, I've just remembered, it's my daughters birthday soon, maybe I should get her some stuff while I'm here, she's horse mad, I sometimes think she lives in her jodhpurs, mind you, her boots aren't as nice". Debbie led him to the equestrian section and began to show him what they sold, he picked a pair of the long boots she was wearing, numerous tops, and a pair of jodhpurs in every colour they had in stock, a very substantial purchase indeed, they headed towards the checkout and after she'd put the items through the till, she told him the cost was £320, he was about to hand over his credit card, when he stopped, "it's a shame really, I quite enjoyed your colleague proving the suit was waterproof, It's a pity we couldn't somehow test those boots won't leak, she's always complaining about her feet getting wet". Debbie, took the hint, parted her legs slightly and began to piss into the tight jodhpurs, it ran slowly down her thighs and into the long boots, not a drop spilled onto the floor, finally she walked up and down in front of him, you could hear the piss sloshing about inside the boots but not a drop leaked out, satisfied he handed over his card and paid the bill. "are there any other attractive young ladies working here?" he asked, Debbie said there was only Tina on the tennis section that he hadn't met,he asked her to call her over. Tina duly appeared and the mans' eyes lit up when he saw her in the short tennis skirt, "nice, very nice" he exclaimed, Tina did a little twirl causing the skirt to flick up revealing her tight white panties, a bulge began to appear in the mans jeans, "oh, yes, now I really like those" he added, smiling at Tina, "I think my wife would look really good in those, I'll take five skirts, and oh, let me see a dozen pairs of those panties, I think" Tina asked the size and went off to get them , she returned to the checkout and placed the items on the desk, "of course, I shall expect the same demonstration as I got off your colleague" he said with a wry smile, Tina, looked at him, "what did she do? " she asked, "simple, she wet herself, to prove the boots don't leak" he grinned, she looked at him in surprise, "but the skirts and panties aren't waterproof" she exclaimed, "surely you don't want me to wet them, what would it prove?" she asked, " absolutely nothing" he replied, holding out his credit card, "I just really fancy seeing you piss those pretty white panties, now I think it would be a good idea if you raised your skirt, we don't want it getting wet do we?". Tina slowly raised her skirt and relaxed, and a few minutes later was clocking up another sale on his credit card. As he left the store the man turned and smiled, " I have a great many friends, I think I'll have to tell them all about the wonderful service you offer, especially how willing you young ladies are to demonstrate the equipment" THE END
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    I don't do it so much now, but I have a fond memory, (if I can call it fond), of being caught short when young. My Mother worked shifts, and during a school holiday I cam back from playing round at a friends house, and was desperate for a wee. I didn't have a key and knew that it would be a good half hour before Mum arrived back from work. It was the half-term break in February, so it was also decidedly chilly. We had a garage to the side of the house, and there was a passage where my parents kept grass and garden cuttings. We were overlooked by neighbours in the garden, so the passage was quite a concealed area. I decided to hitch my dress, pull my knickers down and relieve myself with some force onto the compost heap, I remember it well because of the amount of steam that gathered below me in the cold. But I also had a little tingle, exposing my bare bum in a taboo place.
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    Had a thought about the idea of being in a rush, or being a touch lazy about taking a pee. Let's be honest there are situations, perhaps in the workplace, when you can't be arsed to pull down your knickers entirely and you just want to pull them to one side and take a whizz in a hurry. I must confess to doing this, and not wiping, just a shake of the lettuce and panties back into position, no doubt absorbing the little droplets left...!
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    Hello everyone. So this is the first fetish forum Ive joined ever, Im using a username different from my own and Im quite nervous. Bacardi is my favorite rum, so I thought it was appropriate for a username lol. Im a woman in my early 20s who has been lurking for a while now and decided to take the plunge and register to post some of my own stories and such. Ive been into naughty peeing since I was very small, but as I grew older I kinda kept it a secret. Im really hoping this community will help me explore and get over my fears. Thanks for having me!
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    This chapter is a retelling of the last chapter but from Tommy's perspective. When Tommy stepped into the bathroom, the first thing he did was listen closely. He could hear his sisters talking to the new girl but could not make out what they were saying. It didn’t matter. The first phase of his and Tammy’s plan was already in action. As he often did before taking a shower, Tommy stripped down to only his boxers. They were snug, especially in the mornings when his often painful erection stretched them out. He sat on the edge of the tub and adjusted his penis until it was pointing upwards. Then he relaxed and soon a steady squirt of warm urine sprayed the inside of his boxers and soaked his balls then dripped to the tile bathroom floor. He reached into the front opening of his boxers and slipped his penis out. Then he sighed and emptied his bladder this way, letting his warm pee spray whichever way it chose to go. Since his erection was waning a bit, most of it dribbled to his right side, soaking his boxers and the floor. When he finished, he reached back, closed the shower curtain halfway, and turned on the water but didn’t step in yet. The knock at the bathroom door was exactly what Tommy hoped for. He really was planning to get into the shower soon when the knock came. But now the game was on. “Hey Tommy?” It was Janice’s voice. Tommy smiled. “Yeah?” he answered. “Do you know how much longer you’ll be?” “I just got in,” he said, grinning at his lie. He could hear someone say something else but couldn’t hear them, so he stepped as quietly as he could closer to the bathroom door. “…Tammy is right. We’ve had to improvise before. I can take you to the kitchen? If you’re willing, you can use the sink?” It was Janice again. “How far is that?” This was a voice Tommy didn’t recognize, so it must be Susan, Janice’s new friend. Tommy grinned again and listened. “It’s on the other side of the house,” Janice said. Tommy grinned again. The kitched was on the other side of the house, but that wasn’t as far as Susan probably thought. He now began to think Janice had decided to join their game. “Ohhh, no, I won’t make it that far,” Susan said. “Well, you can go right here,” Tammy said. Tommy almost laughed out loud. He loved hearing his twin work her magic. “Like… just pee in your hallway?” “If you have to,” Tammy said. “It’s my lame ass brother’s fault, not yours. And we can clean it up, no problem.” Tommy heard Susan groan and couldn’t help himself now as he slipped his boxers off all the way and started to stroke his penis. “Ohhh, I’m seriously about to piss myself,” Susan said. “It’s okay, really,” Janice said. “I won’t tell anyone at the office.” “But I can’t just piss in the floor in your hallway,” Susan said. “It’s really not a problem,” Tammy said. “Here, I’ll prove it. I’ve got to go, anyway.” Tommy could hear movement and a gentle thud against the wall just outside the bathroom. He could picture what he had seen Tammy do many times: she was leaning against the wall to pee. He stepped closer and sure enough he could hear her sigh and just barely audible hissing and dripping as his twin sister peed right there in the hallway. Tommy stroked his penis harder, but he didn’t want to cum yet. Susan gasped. “Oh, shit!” she said. “I just squirted a bit!” He almost lost it then but eased his stroking. “I’m sorry, Janice, but I can’t hold it anymore.” “It’s okay,” Janice said. “Do you care if I join you?” Tommy almost went wild as he tried to picture his older sister and her new friend about to piss in the hallway just outside the door. He stroked a little more vigorously now. “Seeing my sister go made me have to go.” She laughed. “I don’t care,” Susan said. “I just need to pee like right now!” Tommy heard the unbuttoning of jeans and the sound of clothes rustling. “They’re already wet,” Susan said. Tommy almost cried out as he just knew she was talking about her panties. Then the unmistakable hissing and splashing as Susan emptied her bladder all over their hallway floor. Tommy felt his orgasm building and he had to put his free hand against the door to keep his legs from buckling. “Ohhhhh, that feel so much better,” Susan said. Tommy was really close to ejaculating right then when he heard another sound coming from right next to the bathroom door. It was a moan that he recognized all too well, followed by a second hissing and dribbling. He knew what was happening: Janice was peeing down her legs. Tommy lost it then and ejaculated all over the bathroom door and the floor. He had to bite his lip to hide his groans and almost fell over with pleasure. When he finished, he stepped back to the shower, turned off the water, and wrapped a towel around himself. Then he quickly wiped up his mess on the door and floor and then opened the door. Both Susan and Janice were still peeing. Janice looked shocked, but Susan started to laugh. “I’m so sorry,” Tommy said. “Umm… I’m Tommy.” Susan laughed even louder, and it was genuine. “Susan,” she said. “Welcome to our home,” Tommy said.
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    Sometimes you just don't feel like getting out of Bed to Pee
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    Hi everyone! I stumbled across this old story again, which I remember from long ago and and I wanted to repost them here, both so I could find them again and everyone else could enjoy them. So....enjoy! "Ooo, I Gotta Pee" ------------------ "Ooo, I gotta pee," I said, squirming. I was sitting in the front seat of Steve's Oldsmobile between Steve and his friend Grant. They were giving me a ride back to my car after a night of bar hopping and partying. I was drunk, and I'd just guzzled another beer hanging around while the band at the bar we'd been at loaded out. I knew a couple of the band guys, and they'd given us some more beers while we lingered with them after closing. I'd been busy talking to folks and hadn't realized until I heard the final slam of the back door of the bar that I really wanted to visit the little girl's room just one more time. Now I sat jiggling, legs crossed tightly as we rode across town. My breasts jiggled slightly too, and I suddenly felt Grant's eyes on me, on my bouncing breasts in particular. I was wearing short jean shorts and a little semi-tight T shirt, comfortable clothes on a warm summer night. My boyfriend was out of town traveling on business and wasn't due back until the next day, so I'd met up with Steve from work, and Grant who I'd never run into before, and gone out for a night of fun and drinking. I was also very horny. When my boyfriend is out of town, we have an agreement about masturbating. Anything less than a four day trip, and we will abstain. I was on day three, and I'd been conscious all evening of pleasant little tingly feelings. And the drinking had only made things worse. But now, noticing the effect my fidgety behavior was having, I bounced up and down a little more exaggeratedly and observed the desired results out of the corner of my eye-- Grant was staring at my tits and not being too discrete about it either. "Better not be too obvious," I thought and concentrated on settling down a bit. When we finally arrived at the parking lot of the bar where I'd left my car, the place was definitely deserted. There would be no running in there. Once stopped, I felt a little better and, noticing my horniness again, decided I wanted to flirt a bit with these guys before hopping in my own car and heading home. So I yawned and proclaimed how tired I was-- not too much of a yawn, but enough to poke my breasts out a bit more. I'd averted my head enough that both guys felt free to stare. I felt an sudden surge of increased libido, this simple little ploy having worked so nicely. And I felt that streak of "bad girl" rising up in me, the dark unpredictable side of my personality that occasionally takes control. I was feeling exhibitionistic. I wanted these guys to see my breasts. I wanted to give them a real good tease before going home to my lonely bed. I figured I'd just be all the more charged up for my boyfriend's return the next day. "You guys, you shouldn't look at a girl like that when she yawns," I said letting on that they were busted. "You shouldn't yawn like that," was Steve's reply. "I'm sorry, I yawn when I'm tired," I said, and then subconsciously responding to the pressure in my bladder, I squirmed a bit more. "You probably shouldn't do that either," suggested Grant. "Aw you guys... behave!" I said. "Do you even have a bra on?" asked Grant now, emboldened by alcohol. "Of course I do," I replied, feigning shock. "But I can see your nips through your shirt," he said. "You couldn't possibly be wearing a bra." "I've got on a very cute little bra with little pink and green flowers," I said, tossing my hair flirtatiously. "Let us see it, just a quick look and we'll believe you," said Steve joining in the flirting. My tee shirt barely came down to my waist, so I coyly lifted it up a bit, and real quick gave 'em a glimpse of my thin cotton bra. I felt another burst of horniness. Unfortunately it quickly gave way to that feeling of needing to pee real bad. But I was enjoying myself flirting and wasn't ready to stop yet. I didn't want to leave just cuz I had to go. I looked wistfully around the parking lot hoping there would be some dark enough area that I could go take care of things. I don't usually go outside, but in extreme circumstances you do what you gotta do. No place revealed itself. "Oh god you guys, I gotta go so bad," I said, yielding to another fit of squirming and bouncing up and down. They were pretty unsympathetic to say the least, and were both more intent on grabbing playfully at my shirt and getting another glimpse of the brassiere. I feistally fought off their attempts with the universal elbow block maneuver, but finally gave in a bit and let 'em have another peek. They started to edge my top up a little farther. I was suddenly powerless to stop them. I wanted them to have a good look at me and go home feeling as horny as I was now feeling. "Does that turn you on," I said, surprised by the suddenly husky sound to my voice. They didn't answer except for some mumbled assents. We all seemed to suddenly be having trouble talking. Grant reached out now to touch to tip of my right breast. I brushed his hand away but without my conviction, and he immediately reached for me again. A little more flirtatious scuffling ensued, and before I knew it, I had my right tit out being sucked on by Grant, while Steve, a little shyly was stroking my left one. I'd forgotten about my bursting bladder and gave in to some groping and kissing with these two guys. I now wanted Steve to be as out of control as Grant and I were becoming, and I said "Well Grant's had a turn, you might as well," and offered my left breast to him. Ah, heaven, to be really horny and have two strange guys at your breasts. My pelvis was now grinding as I became more consumed. I twisted back and forth, alternately kissing one and then the other. I fought off hands that tried to squeeze my thighs, but not too quickly. I was staring hungrily at the bulges in their jeans. But then through the intense horniness the agonizing pee feeling broke through again, this time white hot and extremely urgent. I was in trouble. I'd known this feeling a time or two before. Sometimes if I have to go really really bad, I'll even start to leak a little bit. I didn't want that to happen, of all times not now. "Oh god, just a minute," I said, "you gotta let me out. I'm about to burst. I've absolutely gotta go," I said. They probably thought I was going to leave them, to drive home, but that was out of the question at this point. I was going to have to find a corner of the parking lot or something, and quick! They of course didn't want to risk me leaving at this particular moment, and neither of them would open their door. My thighs were clenched as tight as a vise, and I was still grinding my pelvis, now for a different reason. "C'mon let me out," I said trying to climb over Grant. The struggling only made things worse. I sat still again, and tried to regain control. My breathing was shallow. It was too late. The pee was squeezing out even through my tightly clenched little pussy muscles. I felt a few warm drops in the crotch of my shorts. "Let me out, right now," I said, my tone of voice changing. They could tell I was suddenly dead serious, that I wasn't playing any more. Grant grudgingly opened his door and stepped out. I jumped out of the car and looked frantically around, legs squeezed together, bending forward slightly. The pressure was excruciating now that I was standing. My bladder felt like a rock, the pee screaming to get out. And with the street lights, there was no place that looked dark enough. I started to dart for the back wall of the bar taking short baby steps, but stopped short when another little squirt of pee escaped my pussy lips. I felt a couple drops run down my thigh. I started skittering again, but I was loosing it. Another step, another few drops. Panicking now, I wrestled with the button of my jean shorts and tugged at my zipper as another little trickle squeezed excruciatingly past my clenched muscles. I tugged the shorts down and started pissing uncontrollably even before I could get into a full squat. When you've got to go really really bad, it seems like the first few moments of peeing don't even help. But then finally you start to felt the pressure ease up. "Oh sweet relief," I moaned to myself as my bladder drained on the concrete of the parking lot. I probably peed hard for a solid minute at least. A wave of release swept over me as the last drops trickled from my pussy. But then I returned to reality. I looked back over to the two guys I'd been so recently being all sexy with. They were standing outside the car with unconcealed interest staring at my predicament. I felt instantly mortified. My shorts were soaked. Reluctantly I pulled the wet shorts up my damp thighs, but I didn't zip them or button them. I walked slowly back over to the car. "God, I'm so embarrassed," I said, "and wet." I giggled weakly, trying to see some humor in the situation that I wasn't really feeling. "Do you have any napkins or anything?" I asked. Steve got in the car and came out clutching a handful of Subway napkins and started to hand them to me. Grant intervened, taking the napkins himself. He brusquely grabbed my arm twisting me so I was facing the car and he said "Pull down your shorts and we'll get you dried off." His tone was so forceful, for some reason I complied. I let my wet shorts slip down my legs to the ground. He began wiping my inner thighs with the napkins while Steve watched wordlessly in amazement. I was part way bent over leaning against the car. Then he reached up and roughly wiped my pussy several times. Like a bolt of lightning, I felt my knees go weak and an incredible surge of horniness swept over me. He paused, and then dabbed at my pussy a few more times. "There, that should about do it" he said. I made a nearly inaudible low sound as this little bit of teasing attention stopped. My pussy wanted more. It wanted lots more. I willed myself to stand up, but instead my butt twitched a little from side to side. My pussy had a mind of its own. "Are you sure I'm dry enough?" I said, again the huskiness in my voice. "Oh, I see. You look like you need some other relief now, huh?" Grant observed. The slight undulation of my behind answered his question. I felt one of his hands on my hip and heard the sound of a zipper coming down and a belt being unfastened. "Grant, you can't do that. She's got a boyfriend," Steve protested. "We better go. Someone will see us." Coming back to my senses at the mention of my boyfriend, I started to twist around. But Grant grabbed me with both hands, holding me where I was, and in the process his hard on slapped me on the buttocks. "A girl who acts as slutty as you do should be a big enough girl to hold her pee," he said in a low, hoarse voice. He started forcefully to try to shove his dick in me, and I again tried to twist away, at least part of me did. But I felt his dick graze my pussy. I wiggled again, but each time his dick brushed up against me, all my nerve endings exploded, and my resolve faded even more. He got his dick about and inch into me, and it was exquisite heaven. But I managed to twist away one more time. He was now a man possessed, and the next moment his dick found me and he shoved roughly all the way in. I gasped. He fucked me as I bent over the car out in the middle of this parking lot. I stepped free of my sopping shorts so I could spread my legs farther. Then someone was taking my left hand, and I felt a second hard dick placed in its grasp. Steve had decided he wasn't such a goody two shoes after all. I stood there and let one strange guy fuck me, and gave another a hand job for several minutes. But I can't come when I'm being taken from behind. My little clitty just aches up front for some more direct contact. I was becoming desperate for something that would get me to orgasm. "Let's get in the car," I said. "I want to fuck both you guys in the car." Grant pulled out of me, moaning with the effort of stopping himself. Steve got that back seat cleaned out in record time. I got in and lay back for whoever wanted me next. Grant made it clear he was going to finish with me. He got in the back seat, and tugging his pants down further, mounted me. It only took a couple more minutes. I climaxed with excruciating intensity, and he exploded shortly thereafter. For the second time that night, an enormous relief flowed over me. We lay there panting, sweaty, and utterly drained and satisfied for several minutes. Grant finally pulled out, and started pulling up his pants. "Well, you better give Steve here his turn," he said commandingly. Steve, who had been watching the whole show dick in hand, hopped out and jumped in the back seat as Grant got out. It took me a few minutes to get back into the mood as Steve started screwing me, I had been so completely satiated. But eventually, I began to get very hot again. But just as I was getting near a second teeth-gritting climax, Steve came. I was left hanging, my poor pussy tingling expectantly. Maybe we could have stayed and screwed a few more times, but in spite of my tingliness, some part of my common sense kicked back in. I indicated that it was definitely time for our little party to break up. I got out and picked up my now clammy cold damp shorts, and with some effort wiggled into them. Steve and Grant both stood on either side at the end of the car and finally relieved themselves, each of them standing and peeing for what seemed like forever. I watched incredulously as the two dicks that had just fucked me unloaded endless amounts, splattering the ground noisily. Finally we said goodbye. I drove home, my pussy still tingling from the last screw with Steve. I reflected on my embarrassment, but also on the out of control fun that resulted from it. In some ways it was exciting to have had them see me wet myself, I couldn't begin to understand why. And I kept thinking, it's definitely true-- guys sure can hold it longer than girls can.
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    Much depends on the capacity of my bladder, the position of the body, seated, squatting, on all fours, standing and leaning back. My labia, (can be intrusive to a good flow). It can vary from powerful, (Imagine placing your thumb over a garden nozzle), to a slow steady trickle when seated firmly on the toilet. The more powerful and precise the stream, the more you get the familiar hissing sound. Interesting thread, 'Fanny', surely it's the same for men, although you have the good fortune to twist, pull and direct your 'nozzles', hence the mess on our toilet seats when we come to use them!
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    Holy shit that was one hell of a hot story...
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    I have the video too if anyone's interested Hope you enjoy
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    Recently found fascinating old topic built by @wetmanjf (in whose thread indeed I posted a link to here since it's fitting) moved me to reflect about this, and resurrect a portion of a longer post from another thread What I am? A slut. I am a woman who wants to play with Others unwithstand any morals. I am a woman who wants to make friendship, and who consider acceptable to enrich friendship with a certain degree of sluttiness. When I'm out with Alex's friends I pee in front of them all like nothing, sometimes I even go pee with them alone if Alex is busy (usually he's giving some occult or couple-related advices to somebody), and they see my pussy, no problem about it. I want to be playful, and to arouse you, and to free myself in every sense. I want to find people who understand me and the reasons why I am the way I am. My thread in the pee talk section "The reasons I love Pissplay" is a good starting point; the other one "Lessons in magick" in the general chat section is another one. But this also is important. Being a Witch is heavy burden: you are trained to the utmost sensitivity, and to the utmost secrecy. Alex is great and I owe him my life, but sometimes I need somebody to share my life with, I mean more than a single person in the universe. He endorse this, and that is the reason why he Always encouraged me to stay on this forum even without him (in the beginning, we registered as actively a couple) and to explore my lesbian half even without threesomes. I do that also with friends but really, the life of a Witch requires secrecy. All the world knows I'm a slut: very few know why. What I am not? A whore. Not the slightest portion of me or of what I share is available for people who think thay can simply use me without paying the price that must be paid in order to reach me. One can download my pics, jerk off to them, or elsewhere criticizing me for being less beautiful than some world-class pornstar, but it all will slide away like water down my skin. The price for real excitement is to know why somebody is the way she is: to grasp her soul. My price is getting in touch with me. Understand me. Befriend me. Not because, this is very importan, that is what I need or want in Exchange, nothing so blatant: but because I find rude people who do elsewhere. I want nothing in exchage for what I share, because I feel among friends, having friends like you is my fee. But just as much as I would stop a pussy-revealing lap dance on a bench a friday drunk night if a policeman would pass by, my slutty attitude will be available only as long as I will feel gentleness as the unconscious backspine of anybody who really wants to get in touch with me. Gentleness is not humbleness or servitude: is kindness of mind and of attitude, and respect for me walking an occult Path that many times almost took my life. No Wicca here I want to state that this is by no mean an accusation: more than anything else, is some kind of spiritual heir to my thread "the reasons I love pissplay", some kind of confession, some kind of revelation of my most vulnerable side
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    Today was a beautiful warm and sunny day so I decided to go walking around the area I live in.It was not long before I had to pee so I went into a public toilet and into 1 of the stalls.I peed a fairly weak stream allowing some to go on the rim of the bowl.I shook him and continued playing with myself allowing it to go hard but I didn't cum yet.Much later on and after drinking much liquid due to the heat,I finally found a secluded spot in some bushes to pee a long and very relieving stream.I felt horny by now but could not masturbate where I was as I could have been spotted.When I got home and after drinking more liquid I went into the bathroom,pulled down my jeans and boxers peed for like a good 30 seconds.Finally I had no choice but to masturbate until I had a wonderful shuddering orgasm right there.It felt so good.Hope you enjoy reading this.
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    I think it would be more inclusive tbh
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    Taking a big piss all over the kitchen then I decide to cum on the piss covered floor https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/pissing-everywhere-in-then-kitchen-36172901
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    By Sexual Experience, does the reader imply sexual intercourse, or the innocent play that is the foreplay of the sex act itself? I think the latter, and so for me as my brother enticed me to perform a striptease in front of several of his friends. It climaxed, if that is an appropriate ending to the play, with one of them fitting his erection in the cleft of my buttocks, he performed the requisite thrusts, without ejaculation. Nevertheless, we were all enthralled with the heady mixture of utter randiness and the sheer 'dare' of the situation. Surely part of the thrill was that it was regarded as being Taboo, naughty and risque.