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    I’ve said a few times since I’ve signed up that it was two Amish girls who originally introduced me to water sports, and also anal sex. To understand this story, you need to understand the setting. Where I live, there is a large community of Amish and Mennonite. I grew up around all of these kids. They amish where we live are relatively progressive, at least for the Amish. The mennonites on the other hand, are very strict for Mennonites. Most outsiders cannot tell them apart in our part of the country. But I grew up around them. In these families, the oldest brother is in charge of all the rest of the children. He is like the foreman. That becomes key later on. From the time I was 15, my buddy and I worked on a ranch not a mile from my house. And this ranch bordered a large Amish farm. The farm was occupied by very large Amish family. This is where it all began. Growing up, the Amish kids would sneak over to where I lived and we would do the typical things that kids do together, both mischievous and innocent. And when I got my drivers license and a pick up truck, we continued to do all of the things that kids that age do together. And since we were not 18 yet, I won’t go into the things that though I did with the girls, but suffice to say we did What a lot of adolescents do. From smoking cigarettes to drinking to...other things. Here’s how it worked. The girls worked jobs babysitting and cleaning houses, etc. The boys typically worked on farms or ranches or with building contractors. There was a barn on the backside of the ranch I worked on. It was the site where we usually met up. While out of sight from the Amish house and also the old man’s house who owned the ranch, we could spot someone coming almost a mile away. The boys are kept their cigarettes, radios, chewing tobacco, dirty magazines, and anything else the Amish were not allowed to have in that barn. And in exchange, they cover for their sisters and we would take them out to concerts and fun nights out on the town, and Walmart. Amish chicks love Walmart Growing up all together the way we did, it was not uncommon for us to have a group piss. Not anything sexual, mind you, but just a group of kids (boys AND girls) who had been drinking standing in a line..pissing and joking around. At that point in my life, I’d never even considered pissing from a sexual standpoint. At least, I don’t remember ever thinking about it that way then. The girls were as much drinking buddies as anything else then Fast forward a couple of years to my eighteenth birthday. The old man that owns the ranch had a small house on the backside of the place. He promised my buddy and I that if we did good in school and enrolled in college, he would let us move into the house and live and work on the ranch with a raise in pay. We did just that And that long tedious business sets the scene for my introduction to water sports and anal sex by the Amish girls All of the Amish kids that I’d grown up with were married by then, except two of the girls from different families Rachel and Rebekah. We called her Bek. Rachel Rachel had gorgeous black hair has and captivating green eyes. Bek was a blue eyed blonde. Much more reserved Rachel was pretty dominant sexually over her Both girls were fit and in great shape from working as the Amish do At our house, they kept regular clothes, make up, and hair care products, etc. They were allowed to have somewhat of a social life, since they were 18. Living at home and not married though, they were still expected to keep regular hours and had to sneak in and out a lot of times Many times they would sneak out after bedtime join us at our place where they would put on the clothes they weren’t allowed to wear and we would take them to town to do things they weren’t allowed to do. The nearest city is 45 minutes away, and especially wearing regular clothes and they were never recognized. We had a blast. About six months in, we’d been drinking on the deck of our house and I stood up, just like I always had, to piss off of the porch. My buddy had long since passed out inside, and I heard the two girls giggle behind me. That wasn’t unusual. I expected for them to joke next about flooding the ranch or something Rebekah said “Well...ask him!” That is when I heard Rachel run up behind me, reach around me with both of her arms and try to grab for my cock with one of her hands. At the same time, she asked “can I hold your dick while you pee?” Now, with being 18 years old and never even thinking about such a thing my stream stopped immediately. I’d had sex many times with both of these girls but this was new. Her hand gripped my cock and it instantly became hard and I couldn’t pee a drop. She looked back over her shoulder and told Bek with an almost evil mischievous sneer, “Well, he’s hard now. Come here” Now, at this point, I was thinking I was in for a blow job, a hand job at least. But I was wrong Bek placed her hand on my cock along with Rachel, and with one on each side of me, they began to whisper in my ears to please pee for them. They promised to make it worth my while. Rachel told me that if I’d pee she’d try to let me fuck her ass. Bek giggled and said she wanted to watch. I almost came right then, but resisted and tried with everything in me to piss. And did just a little. A very little bit. Rachel giggled and looked at Bek and said “I guess we’re going to have to make him come first” They begin kissing my face on either side, sucking my earlobes, whispering to me as they both began stroking my cock. It did not take very long for me to cum. Almost immediately after that, I begin to piss uncontrollably. I guess all of that time I spent trying paid off. And there I was, pissing with two girls holding my dick. I will admit that I was embarrassed. I don’t know why, since they both had seen me piss before and I’d had sex with both of them before. For some reason this was different and I was all of a sudden shy about it. Rachel giggled and asked if I wanted to watch her piss. She looked it Bek, clearly wanting her to do something, but I did not know what. Bek piped up and said “oh, you want to see both of us pee?” I was a little unsure but said “Well....okay?” in about the shakiest 18 year old voice imaginable. They both excitedly took off their jeans and squatted facing each other and began to piss and kiss at the same time. Now, I’d seen them eat each other’s pussies. I had sex with both of them at the same time on a couple of occasions. Many times I’d had sex with one of them while in the other ones’ presence. They told me they routinely played with each other sexually, but I have never seen them do anything like that. Ever. I didn’t know what to say or how to act, but I was a little turned on. Rachel said she wanted to show me something. From her bag, she took out some magazines. They were all magazines having to do with pissing. That’s right, piss porn magazines. She also had some VHS tapes. At one of the houses she cleaned, the owner had pointed to a box that was heavily duct taped, and told her to make sure that got thrown away and not to open it. Well of course, she might as well have told her to open it. She just took the whole thing home when she left and hid it at the old barn. These girls were no stranger to porn, telling me that when they were cleaning houses they’d often find someone’s stash of porn tapes and watch them. In fact, I know that they’d seen more porn than I had and knew more things about sex than I did at the time simply from all the porn they watched. This was, of course in the very early days of the Internet, and I certainly didn’t have the Internet, nor did anyone I knew. It was strictly magazines and VHS tapes then. Now, they had smuggled porn before and we had watched it together but this was different. Very different. They told me that they had looked through the magazines and tried some of the things together. They had not, however, had the opportunity to watch the VHS tapes. They wanted to watch them with me. When you are 18, and two girls ask you to do something naughty, you’re automatically programmed to say yes. Unequivocally and enthusiastically yes. And we watched one of the tapes right then. It wasn’t like anything I’d seen. It wasn’t at all what I expected. It was naughty but not dirty. Nor did anyone in the film degrade anyone else. It wasn’t rough, but rather it was artful and erotic. The girls would suck on the guys cocks and they would squirt just a little piss into the girls mouths, which they would then swallow. The girls would pee on the guys cocks while they jacked off. A few of the guys would even begin to eat the girls pussies and open their mouths to accept a little spurt of piss. That was the first time in my life I ever remember seriously wondering what pee tasted like. Even at 18 I was already hopelessly addicted to eating pussy. It is still among my favorite things to do. I’d never even considered that I was licking all around and all over where her piss came out. The video left me oddly aroused. I didn’t think it would, and really only watched it because I was asked by the two girls. We watched the whole thing. All of us were undressed from the waist down. When it was over, they both looked at my erect dick and both commented that clearly I must be turned on. Rachel asked me if there was anything in that video that I wanted to do with them. I was still a bit shy, and before I could even answer she said “Because I want to try something. Would you...uhhhh....pee on my tits?” I told her that I would try and the three of us went outside removing the rest of our clothes as we went. Our deck had wooden lawn furniture on it. Rachel sat on one chair and I stood in front of her. Rebekah sat in a chair off to the side and began to play with herself. Rachel held her tits up for me and I couldn’t bear the sight of it. I became instantly hard again and could not pee. She leaned forward and quickly sucked me off, swallowing every last drop. After that, I lost just enough of the erection to piss just a little bit on her. After I stopped, she asked me if I had anymore. I told her I didn’t think so but I’d try. I was able to muster just a little more piss, but this time she laid back so that my stream hit her directly on her pussy. In my excitement, I didn’t realize Bek had disappeared. I hadn’t even realized she was gone until she showed back up with the ice jug of water I carried with me when I worked outside. Rachel started chugging water and told me to do the same. Bek gulped her share, too, and before long we had full bellies and were just waiting. Waiting to have to pee. Rachel looked at me and giggling through her teeth, said “I think I promised you something” and pushed me down and on my back on the deck. She straddled me and tried her very best to get my cock in her ass. Now, I’m average in length, I suppose, but I am a little thicker than average...ESPECIALLY when turned on, and I was definitely turned on. Rebekah watched for a little bit and then playfully pushed Rachel off of me and said “Let me try” and she got me very wet with her mouth and straddled me. She wiggled and worked, but got me inside of her ass. She didn’t move much and neither did I. I’d never done that before. It was truly a night of firsts! I came with very little effort and before long Rachel announced that she has to pee. She asked me if she could pee on my dick. I reluctantly agreed. I sat in a chair and she positioned herself over my lap, standing with her legs on either side of me. She bent her knees a little, bringing her pussy inches from my dick. She spread her pussy and an absolutely perfect hard stream shot right on the sensitive under side of my cock. It was like nothing I’d felt before! It was heaven. Rachel INSTANTLY recognized how much I liked it and began moving up and down. Moving the hot, hard stream from the tip of my cock back to my balls. Back and forth, over and over, faster and faster. I came faster than when she sucked me off, and wanted more. But she was done and had no more piss. I’m pretty sure THAT was the moment I was hooked. Rebekah has been watching and fingering herself. Rachel ran her hand into Bek’s hair and then gripped tightly and said “Now you!” And pointed at the mess of cum and piss on my stomach. I lied on the deck and she squatted over my belly. Her stream was small and weak, but cute and hot also. To my surprise, I felt Rachel take my cock into her mouth as Rebekah was pissing on my stomach. I couldn’t resist. I grabbed Bek’s ass and pulled her closer. I craned my neck up and just let a little of her piss hit my tongue. Just a taste. It wasn’t at all what I expected. Earthy. Even sweet. (I learned later that they’d read in one of the magazines about what to drink and eat to make piss taste pleasant). I pulled her to me again and tasted her again, but this time took some into my mouth. That was it for me! I pulled her right to my face. She didn’t keep peeing consistently, but that was okay. I was absolutely feasting on her pussy and she was loving it. She was squirting piss intermittently. Some going into my mouth, some just hitting my chin and going everywhere. I was in total heaven right then. I was eating a girls pussy who was giving me some piss, while getting my cock sucked. It just so happened that when I came into Rachel’s mouth, I got the last warm spurt of piss from Rebekah. The three of us were spent. The excitement of trying something completely new and naughty was more than we could handle, I guess. We’d never been tired like that after sex before. The three of us showered up. They put on their Amish clothes and I got dressed also. I took them back to their houses, or at least close enough that my pick up could not be heard and they could walk the rest of the way and sneak in. I went home, threw all of our piss soaked clothing into the washing machine, and hosed our deck down with the wate I went home, through all of our piss soaked clothing into the washing machine, and hosed our deck down with the hose. My buddy had never woken up. In fact, he didn’t know for several months after that what we were up to. That was when I was 18 1/2 years old. That continued, although not to that extent, until just before I turned 21. Rebekah left the church and married a lawyer and moved to Florida. We’re still friends on Facebook. Rachel married an Amish man and moved to a different community in northern Missouri somewhere. But for a few short years, those two and I had THE BEST time! And that is why my profile says that my hottest experience involving piss was my very first. There was only one other time that I engaged in piss play with both of them at the same time. I did, however, play with them individually any time we got the chance, but that first night...THAT was the night I was hooked. Hopelessly hooked and addicted Now that I don’t have to go through the background of what I was doing with the Amish to begin with, maybe I’ll relate some more stories. A particular few I remember like it was yesterday, even though it was over 20 years ago
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    My first post so I apologise in advance. My name is Jayne Im from the UK, married, 40 years old and mum of two toddlers. I wouldnt say we have the greatest sex life but we do try to experiment. Unknown to me my husband loves to watch me urinate and went as far as setting up a camera in our bathroom without my knowledge (hence the pics). It was while watching these vidoes he discovered i was prone to the odd mishap (something I had never admitted). To cut a long story short he brought the subject up, embarrassed I admitted my issue and he admitted his vouyerism. After being initially shocked I came round to the idea and now enjoy the fact he may be spying on me. The pics attached are from about 6 months ago (prior yo me knowing about the cam). It shows me going for a pee (a little too late). I try and dry myself but eventually give up and remove my underwear. I hope u like, more if u do.
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    I travel very frequently and I actually used an airplane as the setting for one of my over-the-top fictional stories that I shared on this forum. However, last week I was able to catch a glimpse of some real-world airplane naughtiness. I really couldn't believe it -- I honestly haven't ever caught a stranger in the act, even in areas more suited for the purpose such as alleyways. I was really surprised and couldn't believe my luck. I was flying Economy class in one of the planes that has a 3-4-3 configuration, meaning that there are three seats, an aisle, 4 seats, an aisle, and three more seats. Some airplanes have started to adopt this configuration for Economy class because it allows them to seat more passengers, but as you can imagine, it makes things more cramped. Since the novelty of flying has worn off for me, I usually opt for an aisle seat in one of the three-seat clusters rather than a window one because I appreciate the extra breathing room and general ease if I have to get out of my seat. At the window seat to my left was a slim, beautiful blonde who must have been in her early-twenties. She was friendly, but fairly reserved. This changed when her friend, a dirty-blonde haired girl with a bit of a rounder face came to sit in the middle seat. The two excitedly talked and giggled to each other the entire flight -- it turned out that they had recently graduated college and were on their way to Madrid as a graduation present. Now, the flight we were on was a trans-atlantic flight with about an 8.5 hour duration -- you know, the sort where they just kind of hand you a flimsy pillow and a square of fabric to use as a blanket and wish you "good luck". From the get-go, both girls weren't exactly reticent in their choices when the drink cart would come around. Naturally they ordered alcoholic beverages (don't worry, they never once were unruly or noisy) but I specifically remember the slim blonde by the window asking the flight attendant for two glasses of water. I remember because the attendant laughed and lightheartedly said something along the lines such as "Woah, two? Alrighty, but you aren't allowed drive tonight, okay?" Now, in all honesty, I wasn't thinking about pee or anything, but eventually the cabin lights were turned off for the overnight portion of the flight and I had to get up to use the lavatory for the second time that flight. As I found my way through the darkness and re-seated myself, I realized something strange -- I was always prepared for it since I was by the aisle, but it occurred to me that neither girl had asked me once during the flight to move so they could get out to use the lavatory. There was really no other way to leave their seats except to ask me to move. At this point, I was somewhat curious. I have a sizeable bladder capacity, and it is possible that both girls' somehow put mine to shame, but they had also been drinking non-stop whereas I had been ordering the usual amount provided by the drink service. Still, it was the middle of the "night" and I was in that weird half-asleep fugue where one can't fully fall asleep during a flight so I didn't give it much more thought. For that reason, it was sheer dumb luck when I happened to see what happened maybe 20 minutes later in the flight. I don't know what cued me in on it -- I didn't hear anything given the volume of the turbines -- but something made me turn to look towards the window and happened to notice what was taking place. The slim blonde was seated in a way that kind of had her curled up into a ball -- her knees were drawn up and her feet were on her seat's cushion. It couldn't be called a squat since there was no room, and the way her head was resting on her knees (as she faced the window) didn't make her stance look out of place in the slightest. It was a little difficult to see (presumably intentionally) as she had bunched up her little blanket to lie across her lap, but from the way her skin was showing, it appeared that she had slid her leggings down (along with her underwear probably) enough to expose her genitals, and had them held to the side with a free hand. Keep in mind, it was dark in the cabin so I couldn't see all of this in great detail and I actually couldn't even make out her pussy (she was a pro!) from the way she was angled in her seat, but when I looked down, I could easily see what was transpiring -- in fact, when I had happened to look towards her, she had already started. Although nothing could be heard, I could see little droplets falling onto the carpet below her, as well as a bit on the plane's cabin wall. There wasn't an overt stream or anything, but it was clear that the blonde was peeing, and had taken great lengths to do so undetected. She went for quite a while too, as I suspect that she was opting to leisurely "sprinkle" so as to avoid a noisy stream, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed watching the little droplets of her pee glisten in the air as they fell onto the floor. By the time she was done (and this went on quite a while!) I couldn't easily see any telltale signs of her deed in the dark, but I could just make out glints of her piss still running down the white cabin wall in some places below the window. I was honestly stunned as I watched her sigh in relief and pull her leggings back up. Was it really that much of a hassle to get up to go to the lavatory? We weren't even seated far from it! Or perhaps she simply didn't care -- it was more convenient for her to nonchalantly pull her bottoms to the side and piss over the airplane's floor whenever the urge struck. In fact, in retrospect, I am certain that she did this multiple times during the flight because I could swear that I could smell a hint of drying alcohol-laden pee. The technique she used was honestly pretty clever. She obviously didn't have room to squat down in front of her chair (not to mention that it would be completely obvious) but she couldn't slouch forward in her chair either. Given the cramped Economy class space, her knees would have prevented her from sliding forward and she would have ended up with a soggy seat cushion. It made me wonder if she did this often. By the end of the flight, as it turned out, the girl in the middle seat did not get up once either. As she was seated next to me, I doubt she could have pulled off what the other girl had done without me noticing, but you never know. At the very least, I could not see any signs of sneaky peeing, as even her seat appeared to be dry when she finally got up. Perhaps she was going to make a mad dash to the airport toilets after deplaning, or, at the urging of her naughty friend, pee in a secluded corner and be on her way. Alas, I never had the chance to find out, as we were bound for different destinations. As the girls disembarked to no-doubt make the most of their graduation present, I had to catch a connecting flight to Geneva. Still, I have to say, my trip was made far more enjoyable because of the impromptu naughtiness I witnessed that night.
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    So, if you know me, I love to pee on concrete, carpet, grass, or wood.... the way it puddles up and eventually soaks in. My basement is unfinished and has a concrete floor. I regularly piss all over that floor. It even has a drain. It's often damp anyways from the rain. So I figure a little pee can't hurt it. Anyways, I got home from work and I was desperate to pee. I ran down to the basement, pulled down my leggings, pulled up my dress, and got into a low squat. Of course I took out my camera as well Then I let it all out.... it came out in multiple streams, soaking my pussy and soaking the ground underneath me. I made a nice little puddle.
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    It’s bluebell season and the dandelions are full. The woods near Hanbury Hall are dense with the last wild garlic. Tulips in the garden are blousy and drunken, and nature is everywhere. I’ve long identified as someone who casually spurned nature, agreeing it was too green and badly lit, but this year something appears to have shifted. Now I spend evenings coaxing cocks to grow and weekends at garden centres the size of new towns, flashing knowingly at strangers over their hopeful magnolias. A stroll on Sunday through the woods is mirrored by a scroll through social media, where blossom and the greenness of plant life is as ubiquitous as a fancy latte, and signifies similar – moments treasured, a spiritual glee, a display of healthful joy. In a recent piece about influencers, they explain that the Fetlife aesthetic of pink labia and artful dick pics has quietly gone out of fashion, to be replaced by more “authentic” needs – private moments, stories about Sissy men. It makes sense that green spaces (as opposed to staged sets) are accruing doggers as spring births summer and bluebell woods stand strong under trampling perverts Green spaces, of course, are proven to boost mental health. “Having access to green spaces can reduce health inequalities,” says the World Health Organisation, “improve wellbeing, and aid in treatment of mental illness.” Add a bit of sexual pleasure to the mix, and it’s an intoxicating melange. And yet access is often restricted: Doggers in the most deprived areas of Britain are nine times less likely to have green areas to play in. This season’s pictures of trees in the wild, it could be argued, are as accurate a visual representation of privilege today as an influencer’s winter tan. Like cunt juices and no-makeup selfies, they have become status symbols for women keen to show their depth. Unlike an expensive handbag, which anybody can save up for, the dogging selfie requires things beyond cash, too – time and travel, a sly superior spirituality. In Luke Turner’s memo ‘Out of the Woods’ about sex and solace in Epping Forest, he distinguishes his interest in nature from the sentimental version displayed so vividly and seductively online, “Where photographs of forests exist as memes complete with trite and inspirational slogans.” I listened to the audiobook while on my morning run through the hayfeverish mist of the first hot morning, I paused for a pee beneath a handsome wisteria vine. It stuck with me, as I watched my golden stream about the meme-ification of nature, a thing that’s been cleanly repackaged as valuable, a wellness product to sit alongside love eggs or Bluetooth Dildos. I’d already started to notice the number of people who seem to approach the outdoors, whether wild swimming or flashing their privates with a “pics or it didn’t happen” mentality. Alongside the portraits of men in flower meadows sits an account called ‘A Call of Nature’, documenting the fountains that these penises are doing to the plants and the soil and the piss-water pools they’ve colonised. To holiday in the country is to witness the psychological disconnect in those presenting nature as magical and divine on social media, while at the same time clambering over warning signs to piss on poppy fields. But, of course, new to outdoor pleasures myself, a person who has grown up mistrustful of natural light and remains extremely keen on central heating, I understand their impulse. Like the call of nature itself, a bladder programmed simply to survive and process, people are drawn to record these actions in part because of a similar internal throb. By displaying the act of urination as symbols of our relief, our status and our spiritual reverence, are we not inviting potential mates to judge and join us in our pissing quest – to survive and process? Imagine Ramblers campaigning for a new bill to improve people’s toilet access to the countryside. Since the practice of installing netting on trees and hedgerows to prevent birds nesting has risen, environmentalists have been campaigning to get it banned, some broadcasting themselves ritually ripping it down. The question of who owns nature rumbles on in spikes of class and violence. It is a reminder that, despite its dodgy side-effects, pissing in public is not for us. It exists in spite of us. It persists greenly, finding new ways to grow around our awfulness. It is not all glory and magic, all bucolic rhapsody and inspiration. Another reason, surely, why the new piss lovers attempt, in increasingly irritating ways, to capture it on their phone, to frame it neatly, to cage it as therapy. But, as sure as trainers follow heels, urolagnia as a Fetlife trend will soon be out of fashion, to be replaced by something new, Social Media has seasons too. Piss-holes in the snow anyone?
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    Yesterday I sat in work all day, every time I needed to piss my mind would go wild. By the end of the day I made sure I held my last piss in for the journey home, making sure I was desperate by the time I got in the house, I went straight into the kitchen undid my trousers, slid them down, knelt on the floor and watched as my hot piss filled my knickers, ran into my trousers and made a huge puddle on my floor. When I was done I had to go straight upstairs and rub myself until I came.
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    I woke up in the middle of the night bursting to pee. I didn’t feel like going to the bathroom but I needed to come up with somewhere quick to use to relieve myself. That’s when I saw a blanket, one I don’t use to sleep with. I figured this would make a good make shift bathroom. I folded it up and set it on the floor. I sat down, spread my legs with my knees up, parted the lips of my pussy with my fingers and let go... my pee came out slowly at first, then gradually faster, eventually I paused and got into a low squat and continued my business just like that with my pussy slightly in the air on display in front of my bedroom window..... it’s dark out so hopefully no one saw anything.
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    Hey everyone, I posted this in the wrong section before so I'll try it again on here. Basically, I've been drawing landscapes and animals for pretty much my whole life and just recently I got into human anatomy discovering that I suck, haha. So I began to study the human body and to make my drawing practice more fun I decided to draw women while peeing in different positions. Today I thought I give you a little insight in my process and share with you one of my most recent drawings. It's not perfect, I know ... But I'm working on it I hope you like it anyway and constructive criticism is always welcome! PS: I don't have a scanner at home so I have to take pictures of my phone.
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    I have this short recurring fantasy that was again triggered this morning by a post in another section. Here goes A young woman knocks on my door. I answer and she is clearly desperate to pee. She says she was jogging by and suddenly needed to pee. She begs “Could I pleeeease use your restroom???” She looks a little surprised when I tell her no. But when I give her a mischievous smile looking her up and down, and then offer her my hand, she shoots me the same mischievous smile in return. “But....do come in” I take her by the hand and lead her into the middle of my living room maintaining a meaningful eye contact with her the entire time. When we get to the middle of the living room, I continue to hold her hand as I get down to my knees. Encouraging her with only my eyes, she gets the drift when she notices me becoming aroused. She shoots me a quick look like she is unsure, but I again encourage her with only my eyes. She smiles again, because now...she’s sure. She peels her jogging pants and lacy panties down below her knees. I notice that her pussy is perfectly shaved and I get a little harder. She kneels with her feet and knees on the carpet and I can tell that she is trying to pee but having a little stage fright. To encourage her, I place one hand on the side of her neck and caress her cheek with my thumb. We never break eye contact. As the first little dribbles begin to flow onto my carpet, I use my other hand to unzip my jeans and remove my cock which is now is hard as a brick. Giving her another smile of encouragement, she briefly closes her eyes and pushes her head into my hand just a little. Her flow gets a little bit stronger and I can see the relief on her face. Her eyes soften and she again pushes her face into my hand when she sees me begin to start stroking my dick. She gives a little sigh of excitement and relief and then the flow becomes full and uncontrollable. She groans just a little as the last few strong spurts hit my carpet. Her look of relief in our shared gaze is interrupted when she notices I’m about to come. She surprises me by stretching her panties out before my cock and giving me a little nod while biting her lower lip. I feel her shudder against my hand as I fill her panties with my come. She closes her eyes and whimpers just a little and smiles back at me with a naughty grin. We hold our eye contact and I keep one of my hands on her neck and continue to stroke her cheek with my thumb as I take her hand in my other hand and help her back to her feet. I put my other hand on her face and smile at her, holding and caressing her face in my hands. She reaches for my now mostly flaccid cock and puts it away and zips my jeans back up for me while I stroke her and we look into each other’s eyes. She pulls her cum soiled panties up and then her tight jogging pants. I lead her back to the door, holding one of her hands in mine and placing my other hand on the small of her back. As she steps out my door, she leans back and kisses me on my cheek. She then gives me a wink and says, “If you ever need to piss, my place is the one on the corner...with the blue trim and wooden rail fence.” She turns and then jogs away. I stand in my doorway, watching her cute little ass bounce out of sight, knowing my mess in her panties is rubbing against her beautiful little shaved pussy. I’m hoping she’s proud of the mess she left for me in my living room.
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    Mind if I add in some of my own..?
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    So yesterday I’m in work, and desperately need to piss, I purposefully leave it a little bit too long. i went to my normal toilet space, a large room with a solid door ( not a cubical type) this is where I piss on floor, in the bin or spray the seat, but not today.....engaged!! I head downstairs there are cubical type ones downstairs, I nonchalantly walk in heading for the larger disabled cubicle as it has one of those drains in the floor, I’ve been building up to squatting and pissing straight down the drain as I look at the toilet for weeks but not had the courage yet, today was the day. I pushed the door open, my piss ready, already glistening my cunt and wetting my knickers.....alas there’s a workman in the cubicle up a ladder fitting an alarm. I don’t know who was more shocked, my brain raced, did he know what I was planing, we both apologised, I expected him to leave as workmen or cleaners usually do or at least put a sign up but he didn’t. I couldn't turn around and leave I was too close to pissing myself, so I went into the next cubicle and pissed in the toilet, knowing full well he could be looking over the top of the cubicle watching me
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    In a previous post I gave you a choice, me having a full on accident came out the winner, so as promised. I was working a half day (12:30pm – 6pm), it was last spring last year. The kids were at nursery / school and my husband was picking them up and making an evening meal (I hoped). Having done some housework I got ready, I was in the office shortly after 12. Traffic was very busy on the return journey and by the time I got home I was desperate for the toilet and it took all my effort not to wet myself. The front door was locked so rather than mess with my keys I walked round the back where my husband and children were playing games on the lawn. They asked me to join in “Mummy needs the toilet, I'll play in a minute” I said I rushed upstairs clenching and concentrating so hard. I was actually only a yard from the toilet when I must of relaxed slightly feeling that I had won the battle, when I felt the floodgates open. I grabbed myself and swore loudly as the pee cascaded down my tights and splashed on the floor between my legs. I tried to stop the flow but as previously mentioned since being a mother I am unable to do that any more. Once I start there is no stopping. I just froze, cursing myself. My husband hearing the commotion ran up the stairs and witnessed the aftermath of my accident. This was the first time he had seen me completely wet myself and I don't think he could believe the sight in front of him. Fortunately the children stayed in the garden otherwise I would have had to explain the puddle on the floor. I still can't believe I actually did it, how dumb is this for a grown woman? Ready for the office (hope you like the outfit) Holy sh*t, I'm wetting myself (spot the stream) (Sorry you can't see it splashing on the floor) I am soaking wet! (And my husband has sneakily moved the cam) Look at the puddle, I don't believe it! If only I had been in this position 2 minutes ago Time to peel off my soaking wet underwear What a mess! The aftermath (snapped by my husband as I put on some dry clothes)
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    I know there's a common theme but there's a sears at the mall near me and it's completely dead. When I have walked in there Ive always been the only person even on very busy mall days. They have one area of changing rooms and it's completely hidden from the counter and so I have peed in a few of them xD One time I was really desperate to pee and it was a very busy mall day and I knew there would be a line at the main mall bathrooms so I decided to go to sears. When I got there, there was one other person checking out at the counter and me. I tried to not look very suspicious and headed straight for the changing rooms feeling my bladder trying to burst. I felt a leak escape into my jeans shorts and hurried a little faster towards the doors. When I got to them, sure enough, they were completely empty and I went into the closest stall to me and immediately grabbed myself. I pulled down my jeans and panties as fast as I could leaking a little bit of pee, squatted down and let the flood escape. Feeling my stream come out felt amazing. AS i peed a loud hissing sound filled the air around me but it felt too good for me to worry about people finding me. Finally, my stream did die off and I sat there for a few extra seconds gently playing with myself before gently coming back to reality and trying to get out before someone found me. It was a fun experience xD
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    The day had started so well lovely weather chilling in the back garden even initially had bikini on (as you can see from my bottoms). After playing with the kids on the trampoline I was wet so came in for a quick change. By now it had clouded over and was getting colder hence the thicker tights.
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    I would just like to say a huge thank u to allwho have offered me support, advice and liked my photos. I was worried when I first posted but this forum is so much more than just a voyeur sight I can't thank you enough for making me feel welcome and comfortable. As I am home alone in the morning I will upload my next set of photos. Thank You
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    Do we have a place to post memes. Unfortunately, I was unable to find it. If not, perhaps it can be an idea to open one. As I was going looking at FB and sipping my coffee, I stumbled on this meme and thought it would be appropriate to post here.
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    i guess i can share this shenanigan here. basically i was super desperate- like, crossing my legs while having snacks and coffee and stuff during our church’s post easter service social time. i finally had to excuse myself after feeling a drop or 2 make it down my thigh. literally ran to the closest bathroom, and my bladder must have known how close i was, as pee burst forth as i pulled my panties down. not having time to wipe down the seat or even place the tissue ring, i hovered hopelessly as the hissing liquid between my legs sprayed forward missing the bowl completely, and splashed onto the floor through my undies, then went sideways and down my leg before i was able to adjust myself and get it controlled into the water. but by then it was just a trickle and the damage was done. lol 🥺 in the hustle i missed getting pix of the fun, but i managed to get a few of the results, including using the appropriately placed hand drier to assist in drying my panties and front of my dress a bit before going back out to the courtyard.
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    I took a nap today and woke up twice with a story like this on my mind. Got off to it twice and thought I had to share. It was a hot, hot July day and I had just met up with my friend Ariel. Being quite young (and broke) neither of us owned a car and had to make do with walking to the local movie theater from her house. I had walked from my home to hers with my handy pink water bottle, which I was going to need walking in this 90 degree heat. When I got to her house I refilled it with even more iced water and we set out. It was a Friday afternoon and neither of us had classes at college we were enrolled at, so we took the opprotunity to have some bonding time over the newest movie craze that was out. We had only been walking for about 20 minutes when my body had gently decided to remind me that my bladder was filling, and the more I drank from my water bottle the faster it filled. I was never really good at holding my pee, but on the other hand I also wasn't used to holding it for this long. Regardless, I felt like I could at least hold it till we got to the movie theater in another half an hour, at least then I'd be able to empty most of what I carried before the movie. Instead Ariel and I continued to walk down the street, making small talk here and there about school and whatever else we could think of. "Hey, Steph," Ariel stopped me momentarily ten minutes later. "Let's cut through that motel. At least they'd probably have AC and we can cool down for a minute." Ari suggested. I looked over to the motel she was talking about, and I almost immediately said no. It was one of those seedy motels, the ones that aren't well maintained and probably accept clients by the hour. The parking lot had cracks in it and from them sprouted tall green weeds, some of the windows were busted out and replaced by wooden planks. In the front a red and white sign was mounted declaring the name of the motel was "The Golden Carpet Inn," and it would seem some of the bulbs in the letters were burnt out leaving only a handful of words illuminated. "I don't know, Ari. It looks kind of messy in there." I stated as we got closer. "Oh, come on." She giggled. "It won't be that bad. And I'm dying to get out of this heat." Both of our eyes were trained on the side door we were approaching. It was relatively quiet and there were no cars around, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea. All we had to do was get from one end of the motel to the other. Ariel was right, it would be the best idea. I took another swing of my drink and my bladder ached before I could reply, the action only added yet another reason to stop in. "Maybe we can see if they have a bathroom I can stop in and use." I declared, to with Ari only nodded her head. We veered off to the left and headed toward the door, not looking back as we made our way in. It smelled of cigarette smoke and marijuana, and there was very little light coming from the ceiling. It gave me the chills, and I stepped closer to Ariel thinking she could keep me safe. "See, much better." She said while fanning herself, but I could tell she was just as nervous as I was. "Let's just find a restroom." I moaned, taking yet another swing of water. The entire motel was only one floor that contained three hallways to our left and the main lobby to a hallway to the left. First we checked each of the hallways, one of which was almost completely dark with two long bulbs out above us, and when we didn't find one we hurried to the front desk. By now my abdomen was aching and I felt like I couldn't hold it for much longer. Ari was the one who stepped up to the uninterested looking man behind the counter. "Excuse me, we need a restroom. Do you have a public one?" She asked him, but he only shook his head and looked back down to his smart phone. Ari turned back to me and shrugged her shoulders, the denial only hurt my bladder even more. I knew I couldn't hold it for much longer, I would need to find a restroom and fast. "Sorry, Steph." Ariel said to me as we turned to go back to where we were going before. "Why don't you go out behind the motel?" "Behind the motel? In this heat where there very well may be a dead body waiting for me there? No way." I said just as we turned to the right and headed for the way out. "If I weren't terrified I'd knock on the door and ask if I could use one of their bathrooms. But this isn't going to work." I muttered, crossing my knees as a wave of pain soared throughout my lower half. "I'm gonna wet myself, this isn't going to work." I looked over to my left at Ariel who looked panicked, and right behind her was the darkened hallway. At the very end I could make out what seemed to be a potted plant in the corner. "What are you going to do?" Ariel asked me, but my bladder had finally found its relief there at the end of the hall. "I'll go right down there." I said, dashing past her. My eyes were set on the wall behind the plant. I had already started leaking into my underwear and was desperate enough to pee anywhere at this point. "In the plant?" She asked, and I laughed at her. "No, in the corner behind the plant. I need you to make sure no one is coming." I said. Once I reached the very end I backed into the dark corner, grabbed the thigh of my shorts and bunched it up. "Steph, no!" Ari shouted just as I had cleared my pussy of my underwear. I didn't think I'd have the time to pull everything down, this would just have to do. My friend looked on in horror at me as I dropped to an immediate squat with my pussy on display, and in no time had begun pissing all over the dirty, dusty, stained carpet. I couldn't see Ari very well from behind the plant, but what I could see was the dark spot growing in between my legs. The carpet was thin and not very absorbent, so almost as soon as my piss pattered loudly and forcefully into the carpet it pooled between my feet. "Shit." I exclaimed as it grew toward my sandals, I had to think of something new. Now that my I had found at least some relief it wasn't as painful to move my body, so I ended up having to angle my lower half so that I was peeing out into the hallway. My piss arced across the hall, almost touching the door that was across from me. I was more amused than anything, laughing about peeing somewhere I shouldn't until Ariel spoke up once again. "Man, you really had to go didn't you?" She asked, but I could barely hear her over the sound of my pee hitting the carpet. I only mumbled yes as I observed how far I peed. Even I was impressed, I didn't think I could pee that far. I heard Ariel giggle as she stepped around the plant and got a front row seat to the show I was putting on. Her cheeks turned red and she turned away. "You could at least have peed in the corner." She said, crossing her arms and looking away. "Oh well. Too late now." I said as soon as my piss started to turn to a trickle. Almost as soon as it started it came to and end, a few dribbles landing in the puddle I had tried to avoid. I let out a huge sigh of relief before placing my clothing back in place and standing to my feet. Carefully I stepped over my handiwork and over to Ari with a huge smile on my face. "Do you need to go too?" I asked her, and she playfully slapped my arm. "No, stupid. I can hold it till I get to a toilet." She said, then a two of us scurried out of the hallway and to the other door we were trying to get to. I took a swing of my water and proudly thought about the mess I had made in that nasty hotel, making a mental note to try it again sometime.
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    Soooo, yesterday I did a piss on my chair in the study, it’s leather so the piss formed a nice puddle before dripping onto the floor, I did put a towel down as I’m not quite at the stage of a full on carpet piss just yet. Thanks for all your suggestions, being part of this forum has given me the confidence to try these things
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    Just a warning pee is not the main focus of this story but I didn't know what other subforum to post this under. This post is thanks to @gldenwetgoose and @kinkydom for telling me they wanted to hear it. It was a warm summer night with a gentle breeze rustling the leaves of the newly leafed trees. It was around midafternoon and the sun was casting a bright glow in the sky. I layed on my couch waiting expectantly for a knock on the door. I was dressed in jean shorts and a t-shirt with a one-piece bathing suit underneath. The sun was shining through the window and onto half of my body leaving a weird warming feeling in the center of my body. I was torn from my thoughts as a knock appeared at the door. I stood up and stretched my arms a little before walking over to the door. I opened it and Brooke greeted me at the doorway. She was wearing lightly colored denim shorts and a white t-shirt to compliment them. "Are you ready?" asked Brooke. "Yep!" I replied grabbing a few bottles of water and kombucha before following her into the car. The sky was beautifully clear and the sun cast a glow on Brooke's hair with its golden rays. As we drove we chatted and played music. We often carpooled to save gas and we would trade off who picked up who wherever we traveled. We slowly pulled up to a friends house and grabbed our stuff to walk inside. We walked up the concrete path towards the wooden door and knocked. The door swung open and we saw 4 other people staring at us smiling. We just hung out as friends and chatted, played cards, etc before deciding to take advantage of the hot tub my friend had. I looked over and saw Brooke unbutton her jean shorts and slide them down her legs revealing her bikini bottoms. She then slipped off her shirt over her head and her hair settled back down. She looked majestic, like a phoenix had gifted her with the gracefulness of an eagle soaring through the air. I was almost stuck staring at her until she asked if I was ok. I told her that I zoned out and went to take off my own clothes feeling my cheeks blushing. I slipped out of my jean shorts and t-shirt revealing the one piece I had on below. and climbed into the hot tub. The warm water combined with the steam radiating off felt amazing against my face and joints. Brooke and I both sat on a middle bench of the hot tub where the filter area was and everyone else just scattered around. By this time the sun had fully set and stars shone brightly in the night sky above. It was truly beautiful that night. You could almost feel the vastness of the void above you while sitting down, a mere mortal on earth. My friend turned on the jets and a low rumbling sound filled the air as the water became turbulent and bubbly from the jets. We kept talking like normal until I felt the urge to pee. I really didn't want to get out so I decided to hold it until later when I would get out. Very quickly however that need became more urgent and I started to feel a strong urge to go. I knew If I held it any longer I would be visibly desperate when I decided to get out so I needed to go now. I went to get up afraid of the biting cold that was about to envelop me but then Brooke, noticing I was getting up, said semi audibly, "Why are you leaving?" I blushed and awkwardly responded having now sat back down from my barely moved position, "I have to pee" "Just pee here," she said almost laughing "Are you sure that wouldn't be.... weird?" "I won't tell if you don't," She said "Ok" I replied a little nervous but a little excited at the same time. I waited a little while and then opened the floodgates feeling my bladder empty and my stream jet into the hot tub water. It felt amazing to let go and not be subject to the relatively icy winds of the outside air. Slowly my stream subsided into a trickle, and then stopped altogether. I smiled at Brooke and saw her smile back with the beautiful smile she possesses. We continued talking as we had before until one of my friends thought it would be funny to turn on the whirlpool jets and everyone shifted around a fairly long way. We all were scrambled all over the hot tub and In my attempt to get back from the floor of the center of the hot tub I placed my hand down to give myself a little support and was feeling for a good spot because I had water in my eyes and managed to land my hand directly on Brooke's crotch. I wasn't pushing down at all yet just searching for a place and once I figured out what it was I moved somewhere else and managed to get back up. (The hot tub was very slippery because one of my friends had added lavender smelling soap into it and it coated all the surfaces). This stuff. When I got up and wiped my eyes away I apologized profusely to Brooke and she didn't even care at all. No that we were all scattered over the hot tub we all drifted back towards seats and Brooke and I shared one in the corner. After we got out of the hot tub I went to go take a shower in the bathroom to make sure I didn't get itchy or have other skin issues from the chlorine. As I was opening the door to go in Brooke ran up ahead of me and asked if it was ok to pee first before I took a shower. I let her in but she didn't close the door at all So I just kin =d of stood their awkwardly halfway in the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet after having pulled down her bikini bottoms and let out a huge sigh of relief as she peed. As she peed a loud hissing sound filled the air and she sighed in relief. Slowly her gush died down to a trickle and she wiped with a piece of toilet paper before going to wash her hands. Half amazed and half just I don't even know, I walked in and turned on the water to set its temperature. "See you in a second!" Brooke said to me before leaving and standing right outside the still open door. She was out of sight and I was going to close the door but then I thought it was only fair if I left it open so I hid slightly behind the door while taking my bathing suit off and then climbed into the shower. As the hot water ran down my face and hair, I kept replaying what had just happened in my mind over and over, lost in my thoughts. I turned off the water and heard a splash of water as the last bit of water in the pipes fell onto the shower floor. I stepped out of the shower and reached for my towel before seeing Brooke standing a few feet away filling up her water bottle from the sink. I grabbed the towel as fast as I could and covered myself feeling embarrassed for being so lost in thought I didn't hear another person in the bathroom. "Im so sorry," I said really embarrassed. "Why are you apologizing, I was the one in here while you were showering." She replied. I honestly didn't really know what to say so I just kind of awkwardly stood there. "If its any help, I think your body is beautiful," She said a little carefully. "Thanks" I said nervously smiling. My face was bright red by this point and I brushed my hair behind my left ear just as a nervous reaction. She stepped into the shower and while she was showering I changed back into jean shorts and a t-shirt and waited for her. She was done fairly quickly and tried to dry off as quickly as possible and then saw me with a little bit of a surprised look. "I thought it was only fair" I said a little playfully. She smiled and changed into jean shorts and a t-shirt before we walked out of the bathroom. At that point, people were starting to leave so we decided to go as well. When we got back to Brooke's she invited me in and we sat down and watched Netflix. As we watched shows we got closer and closer to each other and I set my head down on her shoulder feeling the warmth of her body radiating out to my skin. Everything just felt right at that moment. It was a pocket of happiness inside a world filled with pain and suffering. A moment where two people that were both battling with other issues could be happy with each other. Like no force in the universe could break us apart. Like we were invincible and eternal. Sorry that this story's writing is the best. I tried to write more as if it was happening at that moment instead of just writing a summary but idk if it really worked. I hope you still enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!
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    The morning air was crisp and clear as Kayla pulled into the parking lot of the shopping centre, one of the biggest in Seattle. At this hour on a weekday the lot was nearly empty, but as Kayla had the day off she’d headed over with the intention of running a few errands. As she eased her car into a vacant space and turned off the engine, Kayla took a moment to appreciate the stillness of the parking lot in the early morning light before popping a couple of B vitamins into her mouth and washing them down with a few big gulps of water. She’d started taking them only a couple of days earlier to see if they’d help with her migraines – another helpful suggestion from Dr. Internet - but at this point it was too early to tell either way. Still, to be trying something new gave Kayla hope that they just might do the trick. At 26, Kayla looked the part of a young woman from the Pacific Northwest – athletic but curvy, clad in leggings and a lycra top, with a mane of chestnut brown hair and deep brown eyes framed by thick-rimmed librarian glasses. Sitting there in her car, Kayla felt a tingle between her legs and was reminded that she had unfinished business to attend to; laying in bed that morning, she’d eagerly gone to work on herself with her fingers and had been on the cusp of what would no doubt have been an earth-shattering orgasm when her roommate had knocked on her door and she’d had to cut her pleasure short. Now, as she crossed the parking lot to the mall entrance, Kayla realized that the situation was more dire than she’d expected. While she’d initially planned to rush through her errands and get home promptly to finish herself off in private, the throbbing ache in her vagina told her otherwise. It would have to be somewhere in the mall – the more secluded, the better. Glancing at the back-lit map of the first floor near the mall entrance, she settled on one of the bigger clothing stores near the mall’s North end. At this hour, she thought, it was unlikely she’d encounter many people there, and the fitting rooms would serve her purposes perfectly. Within a couple of minutes Kayla had made it to her destination and was halfway across the showroom floor, heading briskly and purposefully for the fitting rooms, when she realized she had another equally urgent need to attend to. In her hurry that morning she’d neglected to empty her bladder, and now it bulged against the waistband of her leggings, full almost to the point of bursting. Desperately turned on though she was, Kayla had no intention of wetting herself before even getting the chance to cum properly. Veering left at the end of the clothing aisle, she arrived at the bathrooms but stopped short when she saw the chain across their entrance, and the “out of order” sign affixed to the wall nearby. Biting her lip and frowning, Kayla weighed her options. Could she wait until after she was done in the fitting room to find a different bathroom? As if in reply, her pussy tingled and she realized the choice was no longer hers to make. She headed for the fitting rooms, grabbing a cashmere sweater from a nearby rack as she went. The fitting room attendant looked bored, and Kayla didn’t blame her; days like these probably didn’t bring much to the table in terms of excitement for the store’s staff. The attendant looked at Kayla’s sole item of clothing – one which, in truth, Kayla had no intention of even trying on – and handed her a plastic placard with a large number “1” printed on it. “Let me know if I can help you with anything,” she called after Kayla in a tone that didn’t seem especially convincing. Arriving at the end of the row of otherwise empty fitting rooms, Kayla settled into the one on the right hand side, as far from the attendant’s place at the end of the hall as she could manage. Hanging the sweater and the placard on the clothing hook set into the wall, she surveyed the tiny room; half the floor space was covered in thick white carpet, with laminate flooring covering the other half. A full-length mirror ran up the wall opposite the doorway, and a small bench sat against one of the side walls, opposite the wall with the clothing hook. Closing the heavy curtain behind her, Kayla revelled in her relative seclusion. Her chest heaving, nipples hard under her shirt, she spun around and perched herself on the bench, drawing her knees up on either side to stretch the material of her leggings across her soaked and quivering pussy. Rubbing a finger up and down the length of her slit, even over top of her leggings, sent shock waves through Kayla’s body, and she wasted no time in yanking her leggings and panties to her knees, exposing her unshaved pussy and tight asshole to the relative chill of the outside world. Glancing down, Kayla delighted in seeing how red and swollen her pussy lips were, engorged and trembling as they awaited her fingers. Snaking down with two fingers to massage her throbbing clit, Kayla sucked on the index finger of her free hand before slipping it into her asshole, and the world around her dissolved into nothing as she shuddered, quivering with ecstasy. As waves of pleasure roiled through her, the ache in her bulging bladder broke through momentarily, and Kayla stifled a squeal. Powerless to rein things in at this point, she could only rub her swollen, slippery clit harder as small rivulets of pussy juice ran across her taint to her puckered anus, making her finger slick as she continued to work it eagerly in and out. Within moments, every nerve fibre in Kayla’s body seemed to be on fire, and she shuddered and groaned as an earth-shaking orgasm ripped through her. Her red, swollen pussy lips heaved and contracted, slick with cum, and she grunted with satisfaction before slumping back against the wall. Still trembling slightly, Kayla was suddenly snapped out of her reverie by a wave of pain from her distended bladder, and in that moment she realized that she had pushed things too far. Whether she liked it or not, she was about to let loose with an enormous and absolutely non-negotiable piss. Her tortured bladder muscles had begun to give way, and despite being in a public fitting room of all places, Kayla could only gasp, hoist her knees up and drop her legs to the sides as a thick torrent of bright yellow piss exploded from between her still-swollen pussy lips, arcing downward to splash noisily on the white fitting room carpet. Looking down at the waterfall of urine cascading out of her, Kayla felt her face turn red as she saw how vividly yellow it was, almost certainly the work of the vitamins she’d started taking. Any hope of using the excuse of a spilled water bottle to explain the mess, she realized, was gone; as the thick arcing torrent of yellow piss continued to spray forcefully out of her slippery, engorged pussy, she knew that there would be no question on anyone’s mind as to what was now saturating and pooling across the white carpet, spreading onto the white laminate floor beyond in the form of an ever-larger yellow puddle. Trying desperately to stop pissing, Kayla realized she couldn’t fight the contractions of her exhausted bladder, and could only groan and let out a heaving sigh as the torrent of urine from her hairy cunt continued to wash noisily across the carpet and floor. Shocked and embarrassed though she was, the feeling of relief in Kayla’s bladder was immense, and she realized she’d begun to piss even harder. In the mirror she could see her swollen urethra, fat and glistening between her sopping wet pussy lips, as it opened wide to accommodate the thick yellow jet of pee still hissing noisily against the soaked carpet. After uncontrollably pissing onto the fitting room floor for what must have been close to thirty seconds, Kayla was finally able to clamp down her bladder muscles and interrupt the geyser of urine cascading out of her heaving wet cunt. Breathing heavily, her bladder aching slightly under the weight of the impressive amount of piss still bottled up inside her, she surveyed the damage and felt her heart sink. A full three quarters of the floor was saturated with bright yellow pee, so deep on some parts of the carpet that a sheen of piss had pooled on top. The yellow puddle extending onto the laminate floor was huge, steaming slightly in the chilly air of the fitting room as it spread toward the doorway. Kayla yanked her panties back into place over her swollen pussy, still slippery with piss and a few remaining streaks of cum, and stood up, her leggings around her knees. She’d have to make a pretty prompt exit if she stood any chance of not being caught. As she continued to peer at the ungodly mess on the floor, however, any hope of salvaging the situation slipped away, and she reconsidered the urge still tugging at her bladder. ‘Fuck it, I guess I’m all in now,’ Kayla thought, and with a resigned sigh she bent slightly forward, pulling her panties to the side and spreading her ass and pussy apart with both hands. She grunted with satisfaction as a thick jet of urine parted her glistening pussy lips and sprayed directly backwards against the wall behind her, her ass cheeks spread wide as she marvelled at how badly she still needed to go. The torrent of pee formed a yellow waterfall as it coursed down the wall to the floor where the laminate section met the carpet, sloshing outward as the massive puddle on the floor continued to grow. After a few more seconds, Kayla dropped into a squat and watched as her hot piss sprayed directly downward, hissing and frothing against the carpet. Sensing that the tank was finally almost empty, she groaned and pushed as a few more generous jets of pee hissed out of her swollen, quivering pussy. Finished at last, Kayla sighed with relief, taking a moment to catch her breath as the enormous puddle of cooling yellow piss continued to spread. As she gathered up her belongings and left the fitting room, Kayla glanced over her shoulder and stifled a gasp. Behind her, a telltale yellow puddle had begun to spread outward from the doorway of her fitting room and was now halfway across the hall to the fitting room opposite. To think that all this had happened as a result of needing to cum so badly; Kayla couldn’t believe it, still trying to process what had just occurred. She’d masturbated in fitting rooms once or twice in the past, but never before copiously and forcefully relieving herself all over the floor. No, this was definitely a first. Kayla felt her cheeks glow red as she speed-walked past the fitting room attendant, thrusting over the untouched cashmere sweater and number placard without making eye contact. Out of the corner of her eye, she could just see the attendant’s eyes narrow in confusion as she looked down the hallway toward Kayla’s now-ruined fitting room. This was all the encouragement Kayla needed as she sped out of the fitting room area and back toward her car. As she sat down in the driver’s seat, she had to admit that she actually felt pretty good; her pussy and bladder were both thoroughly satisfied, as the sheer volume of cum and piss in her wrecked fitting room clearly showed. Still, this had been a weird morning to say the least; her errands, it seemed, would have to wait for another day.
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    Lately I’ve been doing a lot of peeing in my closet. I had a female friend over hanging out with me and we were drunk in my room. She said she really needed to pee... I told her I sometimes go in my closet. I told her I also had to pee and was going to do that. It has all wood floors, like bare wood not hard wood. She and I sat down on the closet floor side by side with our legs apart and pissed all over that floor. You could hear it dripping through the floor.
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    Looking at my river of weewee
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    Rumble…rumble… rumble… The sounds these trains make is annoying yet somehow hypnotic. The lights flashing like cheap disco strobes… at least at night. Yeah it’s not just night. It’s almost the time when you can’t legally call it night anymore. We sit bouncing, swaying, eager to get home. Me? Cleveland’s the name. My partner here is Tiffany. Husband and wife of oh… 4 years last month. High school sweethearts then separated for different colleges only to meet back up and wind up married and working for the same advertising firm. That’s no accident. We both were go-getters through school and the reason we work together in this firm is to steal as many contacts as we can so we can open our own firm and destroy these cutthroats we work for. We are a good looking couple… not much different than we looked in school. The brown haired, long-legged lady with the buff looking sandy haired gentleman. Well groomed and refined looking. We both spend time at the gym and do what we must to be the first chosen when appearance may land an important contract. As we sit, I glance at Tiff’s reflection in the window. I want to fuck her badly but that’s one part of our life that has been stifled now by our career and other goals. I want to slip my hand under her dark business skirt and make her wet with passion. But I can’t… My ‘day’ dreams are cut short by the conductor who asks for tickets then goes into a story that neither of us wants to hear “Don’t know why they added this car. Hardly anyone’s on the whole train. They never use this car anymore. You will have this luxurious vessel to yourselves tonight. I’m certain of that.” Finally, he leaves and we get back to… well nothing worth mentioning. A few miles closer to our still far away destination, a blond girl makes her way toward the back, where we are seated. Looking of college age, she is very attractive as she sways grasping seat after seat to steady her walk. Her dress, although looking a bit wrinkled, highlights her firm c-cup looking breasts and a tight, perfectly shaped ass. Below the hem of her barely enough dress, her legs are sadly covered by thick black tights. I would have enjoyed her parade considerably more if she would lose those stupid, childish tights. Taking us by surprise she crudely plops herself down in the rear facing seat across from us. She does this with quite a bit of commotion. She blurts out “OK if I sit here?” “Of course” replies Tiffany. The girl kicks off her shoes and crosses her legs in a wide spread Indian position, with the heel of her foot pressed against her crotch, hiding what would be out in the open if not for that foot. She bounces as the train sways… not from the train’s motion, she is just bouncing slightly in her seat. With every oscillation, her foot rubs a little against herself. I am trying to watch this without the girl or my partner seeing and the sight is making me a little hard. The girl, lacking any filters, again blurt out to us. “You guys are a cute couple. You are a couple aren’t you?” We nod. The girl smiles at me then turns to Tiff and smiles at her. “I’m Hailey.” Tif smiles almost chuckling, and I don’t say anything. It is getting a tad weird. “You guys need more fun in your lives. You know that, don’t you?” Again… no answer. Hailey uncrosses her feet and slides forward on her seat. She shocks us by placing one foot between Tif’s knees on her seat and the other between mine. It is crystal clear now that the girl has no panties on. She sports cleanly shaved pussy lips with a little tuft of silky fine light brown hair above it. She got my attention and apparently my wife’s also. Tiffany did nothing to resist or thwart the intrusion. We both just stared in the girl’s eyes in disbelief. The girl now starts rubbing the insides of both our thighs with her stocking covered toes. We both silently gasp and our breath quickens. Then Hailey asks “Do you guys remember how to have fun? Cuz I do.” With that she abandons her seat and advances to ours. She takes a peculiar position where she is kneeling with a knee between Tiffany’s thighs and the other between mine. My thoughts have gone straight to “Yes you apparently do know how to have fun” but I remain silent. She unbuttons Tiffany’s blouse then guides my hand under her bra. She tutors my hand in a circular motion then after about 10 seconds, pushes Tif’s bra up exposing one breast. The girl takes my thumb and forefinger to her mouth and licks them, then places my two moist fingers on my wife’s nipple. I take heed and start massaging the nipple and Tif’s chest starts gently heaving, not being able to conceal her arousal. The girl slid forward, touching my crotch with her knee. It makes me shudder a little. She quips “Ooooo” then retreats an inch and tests the feel of my crotch with her hand. “There is a nice cock in there. It should get more exercise though.” Her hand leaves and she replaces it with her knee once more, this time swaying left and right, causing just enough friction on my balls and cock to get my blood pumping. Suddenly she freezes and says “I’m sorry. You have to pee.” I actually had been ignoring the building urge during the ride. Confused I silently thought “How did she know?” “I know things like this” the girl said, as if I had asked out loud. With that, she got off us and picked up an empty plastic coffee cup of the floor. She knelt in front of me, unzipped my trousers and pulled my member out through the opening of my boxers. I allowed it. She reached over and took my wife’s hand and guided it to encircle my cock. She held the cup under my cock, holding Tif’s hand around it and nodded. I asked “You’re kidding?” She assertively replied “Trust me. She will like it.” With that I stopped holding back my urine. I peed as Tiffany’s eyes were glued to my cock. Tif gently squeezed my pole repeatedly which gave it a really nice feeling. My wife was acting like she very much enjoyed holding my peeing cock on a train as I emptied myself in a cup. When I ran dry the girl took the cup to the window, opened it and poured my pee out. She went to Tiffany and apologized “I’m sorry. You have to go too and I have completely ignored you.” Tif recoiled “No! Not here. Not on this train!” The girl raised her index finger to Tif in the universal gesture for “wait.” She then put that finger between her own thighs and peed a few drops on it. She put it to Tiffany’s lip and told her “It’s OK. It’s just pee.” Tiffany opened her mouth ever so slightly to let it in then shook her head ‘no’. The girl assured her “It’s fine. He will like it.” Tif succumbed and allowed the girl to bend down and slide her black panties off. Hailey then pulled Tiffany’s hips forward so her pussy was exposed at the edge of the seat. She knelt before my wife and guided my hand around the cup. With the girl’s help I tenderly slid the cup just under my wife’s overheating pussy. Tif had a few second of pee shyness then gave in and filled the cup. I watched, wishing my lips were the recipient and not this Styrofoam cup. I had never tasted Tif’s pee nor played and water games but at this moment I wanted her pee to pour all over me and splash in my throat. The girl removed the full cup and tossed the pee out the window and dropped the wet cup on the floor. Returning to our seat she squeezed between us and placed one hand each on our very happy but urge-filled organs. She looked at me and approvingly said “Yes. It is a very nice one. I bet it can make her squirm and shiver.” Then she looked in Tiffany’s eyes and said “You are very warm and tight. I’m sure this can do wonders for him. You two should be pressed against each other thrusting passionately. But first, I see one of you must be dried off a bit.” As she spoke I noticed Tif rubbing her thighs against one another and that turned me on… a lot. She took Tifany by the hand, stood her up and bent her forward against the end of the seat back. She raised my wife’s skirt and tucked the hem into her belt, exposing my wife’s lovely taught ass. Tiffany gasped “Oh my God. What if someone comes?” The girl assured her “It’s worth the risk. He will like it.” She guided my face between Tiffany’s spread thighs and I took the hint seriously and began licking her lower lips and alternately wiggling the very tip of my tongue on Tif’s little pucker of an ass hole. Tiffany slid herself back and forth, accentuating my motions and came hard, oozing a small stream of sticky liquid on my tongue. As the train slowed into a station, the girl stood me up and unfurled my cock from my trousers. As she pulled it toward Tiffany’s ass my wife complained “We can’t do this here. People may come aboard.” The girl responded with “He doesn’t care and neither do you. You will both like it.” I agreed pleading “Tiffany. She has been right every time. We both want this.” With that I rammed my hungry cock in Tif’s pussy as the girl backed up and watched approvingly. I dug my fingers into my wife’s waist and pummeled my throbbing hard cock into her over and over. We came in a fury then our knees gave out and we landed in a pile on the seat. When we regained our senses, the girl was nowhere around. At that point we did not care as we lay panting and quite satisfied. Our recovery was cut short by the arriving conductor. Tif hastily pushed her skirt into place and covered my still extended cock with a magazine. The conductor told us what we already knew… we would arrive at our stop shortly. We asked him if he had seen a blond girl. Confused, he said “Blond girl? There are only three others on the train and none are a blond girl.” Equally as confused I blurted out “Hailey?” The conductor assumed a look of understanding as he said “Oh! You have seen Hailey?” He glanced around at my wife’s panties on the seat, the spurt of cum on the chair back, the cup on the floor with a little puddle next to it. He said “Yes. You saw her.” He explained “Some years back a group of students rode this car back and forth to the city. They returned after their wild times and continued the craziness all the way home. Right here… in this car… The car has been removed and is rarely used anymore… only when we need the capacity.” “Hailey was striking and she was a firecracker… a real wild child. The whole gang worshipped her and seemed to exist just to do everything with her. One evening she left the car for maybe the rest room. That’s the last they saw of her… at least til they found the body on the tracks. The police ruled it as a drunken accident and no one was held accountable but it was such a shame to lose such a vibrant and beautiful young thing like Hailey.” He shook his head and then told us “I’ll give you two some privacy to get organized. Have a lovely evening.” With that he left and we straightened our clothes and disembarked at the next stop. We don’t know if we actually saw this girl or if we conjured her while peeing, petting and fucking on a public train. We have no idea of how many others were actually in the car with us as we did all this. Fact is we don’t care. We won’t take that car anymore if it’s there, just in case we unknowingly had put on a show for strangers. I do know this though… my wife and I have a sex life now that rivals the most successful adult film stars. For that, we are forever indebted to the phantom girl Hailey.
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    My bladder was very shy... it took awhile to do this.. *blush* you can kinda see the pee stream... with the puddle of pee on the tub floor...
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    For those of you who have kindly asked for some pictures of me wiping my pussy after a wee, here you go https://www.erome.com/a/162rvaWQ I may upload the video later
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    I had been out with some school mums for lunch . We had a meal, a few glasses of wine and a long chat about nothing in particular. On my walk home (about 1 mile) I became increasingly desperate for the toilet. Usually I would have found a place to squat but my usual hiding place was in sight of some workmen so I speeded up in an attempt to get home. To my dismay (as you can see) I had leaked by the time I got home.
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    Today was a rough day, and during my shower I felt like I needed to do something to excite me a bit. Or, I guess I should say after my shower. Because once the water shut off and I was wringing out my hair I found I had forgotten to pee and had to go. No biggie, really. Since the water wasn't running I squatted down and took a few seconds to pee near the drain and had to kick my pale yellow piss down to the drain since there was no shower water to wash it down. It was fantastic, lots of fun and kinda naughty! So, with a huge smile on my face, I stepped out of the shower and picked up my phone. A friend of mine had messaged me and I got to messaging her back before toweling off (thank god for stupid fucking expensive water resistant smart phones). I was still feeling kinda horny from my last pee, and suddenly I found that I still had some left. Like I said, rough day at the office so I decided I wanted to be adventurous. The bathmat I was standing on needed to be washed anyway, so I decided to make that my toilet for the night like I had done one or two times in the past. I continued to text my buddy while I dropped to another squat and started my piss again. And man, for having peed no more than sixty seconds before I sure peed a lot. The dribbling sound, the splashing on my feet, and the freedom I had of peeing next to the toilet instead of inside of it was amazing, and when I was done I simply shook off what was left, grabbed my towel, and dried off while admiring my baseball shaped puddle. Needless to say, the bathmat is in the washer right now :P
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    Was stood up, straight into the laundry, which was on the bedroom floor, while my SO watched and wanked what did you get up to this weekend?
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    Since my hubby set up the cam almost 2 years ago in our en-suite I have estimated that I have visited the bathroom around 2500 times. Most have been normal everyday occurrences pants down, pee, wipe and go. I have to date found the following: 3 times I have peed on the floor - This is when I almost make it but don't. When I have been desperate and managed to hang on only to fail at the last second. I think this is because I have concentrated so hard that without realising I relax at the last moment and once my flow starts I cannot stop it (not since becoming a mum anyway). 19 times I have been noticeably wet by the time I have reached the toilet 51 times my underwear has been so wet I have had to remove it and change So that's 73 incidents, that's only 70 left to share.
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    This happened last night, I feel so stupid. The family (hubby son and daughter) had spent a lovely day at a family wedding. As it was some distance from home we hired a family room for the night at a local hotel. Lovely room 1 double and 2 single beds with bathroom. We all went to bed, I usual just wear my knickers but as we shared the room with the children I wore my pjs as well. I woke up in the middle of the night, not wanting to wake anyone I crept in in the pitch black. As I felt the toilet with my toes I turned lowered my pj bottoms and underwear and hovered. As soon as I started to pee I felt it splashing back against my thighs I realised that the seat was down but there was nothing I could do. I am not able to stop my flow and I thought if I turn round lift the seat and turn back I could have peed everywhere. I cursed loadly which woke my hubby, he imediatley got up and turned the light on. I was still dribbling on the seat my knickers were soaked, my pjs were soaked, the floor had a large puddle and even the wall had splash marks. He was not pleased and the commotion woke up my son who said "Mum have you wet yourself again". The 'again' part hurt. It took 15 minutes to clean up by which time we were all awake. I felt so stupid I was trying to do a good deed and ended up looking like an idiot and my son is convinced I wet myself and the annoying think is I actually got to the toilet fine. As anyone else ever been as stupid as me?
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    I wasn’t expecting it… not even remotely. But I knew what it was. I had seen it exactly once before in my life. An envelope like one that would hold a greeting card or the like. It was constructed of fine linen, not what you would get in a drug store. The real clincher was the watermark - a faint rendering of a fountain and it covered the entire front of the envelope. I knew this well and it excited me. I hastily pushed my other mail aside and tore into this. It read: “Good day. We hope life finds you well and happy. We are the hosts of the Masked Tournament you attended and we have a second proposition for you.” “We are hosting another interview of sorts to fill a number of very interesting positions. Because of your enthusiasm at our Masked Tournament we invite you to participate in this ‘second chance’ interview in hopes of acquiring one of the available positions.” “The venue this time is quite remote and so we will provide air as well as ground transportation. The interview will last one entire day and you are invited to remain for a second day as our guest to relax and enjoy the venue, which is quite extraordinary. There is neither costume nor mask for this interview. We will provide all the clothing required for each event and will have it tailored specifically for you. So pack light and dress comfortable for the trip. This, of course if you decide to accept. Reply by email to the address below.” Oh yes! Fuck fuck YES! I WILL accept. I WILL attend. I emailed. I put in for time off. I packed. I dreamt and fantasized and imagined and wondered… Finally I found myself being picked up by a limousine and whisked to an airport and onto a plane – all in a surreal trance. Some hours later I exited another limo with 3 others. We stepped out to face an opulent stone building nestled in front of a beach dotted with palm trees and lush green mountains to the left and right. The beach was surrounded by a few large stone building and a number of small cottages. There was a dock with a few immodest size yachts but the one thing missing was people. It was devoid of the people one would expect to see at a glamorous resort-like spread such as this. As we entered we each were taken singly by concierges who gave us room keys and instructions. I was told to relax and refresh then meet our hosts on the large pool / patio area behind the main entrance building. In my vast, beautifully appointed suite of a room, I plopped down on the bed and tried to relax but the excitement of the yet unknown events to come overwhelmed me. At the appointed time I made my way to the large patio, which was no less than a grandly appointed outdoor entertainment area to rival the finest indoor version I have seen. Standing among a crowd of 40 or 50 others, we were greeted by our host couple and with them was another couple. The host man from the original Tournament spoke to us, “Good afternoon and welcome. We hope you find the accommodations to your liking.” “Actually”, he quipped, “If you don’t, please keep it to yourself as we and our friends here, own it.” He went on as the crowd was frozen with anticipation of his words, “We own a few resorts in different corners of the globe, with different themes and features, and a few times a year we shut them to public use and host private parties. Believe me. Our resorts are by no means normally vacant. But today, we have evicted the guests to interview help for parties to entertain our personal guests.” He continued “I will be brief. This contest will start tomorrow morning and will help us locate the most suitable helpers to give extreme pleasure to our private party guests. You in particular have been chosen for your interest and talented participation in, shall we say, wet games. It happens that we four are moved by this type of activity.” “Tonight, enjoy a succulent dinner on us and make use of all that is available here. We think you will find it most pleasant. Tomorrow you will be given instructions on dress for each of the day’s events and where they will take place. There will be a number of participants selected for positions. It is not limited to one couple. Enjoy yourselves tonight and tomorrow, each other. And good luck.” With that the two couples left. Dinner was excellent and the evening at the open bar, in the pool, dancing, drinking and enjoying our surroundings, was very nice. My fellow competitors were a handsome lot, comprised of all types from all different places. We partied then turned in to our own suites. As morning broke, I awoke and saw a note that had been pushed under my door. It read “Good morning. Our interview will start with breakfast. Please put on the clothing laid out on the dresser and meet in the dining room at 8:00. Coffee and light pastries will be provided but your main course is one another, in any way you see fit. And please keep in mind that we hosts are drawn to wet games and these activities pay special dividends in our selection.” I turned to the dresser and saw that someone had laid something on it as I was asleep. It was a terry cloth towel – as big as a face towel. The only other pieces of ‘clothing’ were a large safety pin and a pair of slippers. I pinned the towel around my waist as it was the only possibility I could think of. I arrived to find many guests already there and some engaged in licking or sucking their breakfasts. Ladies and men were dressed the same – all in small towels tied around their waists and slippers. All the ladies sported exposed breasts of various sizes and shapes. I spared no time in finding my first recipient. I chose a very pretty brunette with smallish but pert breasts, lovely deer-like legs and a cute rounded ass. I approached the table where she sat and asked if I could join her for breakfast. She said she would love the company. I crawled under her table like a dog and nosed my way up her short towel straight to her mound. My tongue immediately found its way to her clit and I nibbled and kneaded it between my lips. I reached up and removed a cereal bowl from the table and placed it between her thighs. As I went back to licking the insides of her warm, soft pussy lips, she obliged me by peeing gently into the bowl, filling it halfway. I dipped my tongue in her pee, tasting her wonderfulness then went back into her pussy, burrowing my eager tongue as deep inside as I could get it. She came in waves, nearly crushing my head with her shivering thighs and that made me come, from eating and tasting her to an orgasm. As she sat panting and I knelt on all fours panting like a dog, I felt a soft tongue on the tip of my cock. I looked down to find a petite blond lady had laid on her back underneath my dangling half-hard-on and was sucking and licking what was left of the come on the tip of my cock. After letting her make me tingly and semi stiff again, I crawled out, pulled her up and sat on a chair. I pulled her on top of me so she straddled my thighs, facing me. I wedged her legs far apart with my own legs. This gave me a perfect angle to slide my index and middle fingers up between her thighs and straight into her slippery, hot pussy hole. I fucked her slowly at first, then furiously with my fingers and she thanked me by exploding a long steady stream of come or pee all over my most happy hand. I did not know which she graced me with and I did not care. It felt hot and wonderfully sensuous and it made my once-spent cock stand at attention for want of more. I stood and spun her around onto my chair then knelt and drove my hungry cock into her – again and again and again until we both melted in wild orgasm. The three of us at the table kissed each other volleying between each of the other two like crazy puppies in love. As I finally was able to stand, the blond removed her slipper, held it in one hand and with the other, guided my cock in the opening. I knew what she wanted and I peed generously in her slipper as she watched with great interest. She poured it out, lapped the fuzzy top then put it back on her foot. She smiled at me and I smiled back. A voice on a loudspeaker asked us to return to our suites and change for the next event. I entered my room to see a note on the dresser and no clothing. The note said that the event would be in the garden and that no attire would be necessary. We were to find our favorite spot and mark it as any animal in a garden would mark it. If there was a conflict over any one spot we were to settle it with a sexual conquest. As I strolled through the garden I spotted a lovely bronze-skinned woman hanging from arms and legs from a large branch of a tree. As I grew near, she jerked her head toward me then started peeing on the ground below. I froze and stroked my rapidly hardening dick as I watched her gracefully mark her spot in the garden. When the last of the trickles ended, she relaxed her grip and dropped to the ground, landing in a sitting position. I took my cock in my hand and being just before the point of having an erection that could not pee, I aimed my weapon between her legs and started soaking the ground. I guided the stream on to her thigh and ended with it hitting her tummy and streaming down to her pussy. Let the battles begin! The brown woman took my cock quickly in her mouth to prevent any further pee from claiming what she felt to be her territory and I pushed as hard as I could, sending a torrent of my fluid down her gullet. She did not seem phased by this assault and countered by pressing one finger firmly against my asshole, sending a shiver through me. We wrestled on the ground, rolling this way and that. She eventually gained power over me and straddled my face with her pussy. I gave in and drove my tongue deep in her hole, lapping her to a frenzy as she stroked my cock to shoot straight up in the air. I’m not sure who won this round but I think we both got good marks. I approached the pond to see a small, long-haired Asian girl with large round breasts. She was sitting on the third tier of a fountain and she was peeing her own fountain down on the lips of a slender man who was trying to keep any of her pee from reaching the garden below and scoring its mark. He was feverishly trying to catch all her pee in his cupped hands and pour it into his own mouth as to not lose this territory. I witnessed an extremely pretty red haired lady squat to mark a spot in the flower garden and a young man threw himself under her with mouth wide open to receive rather than forfeit valuable property. His counter was to piss straight vertically in the air which forced the redhead, in a defensive move to dive onto his squirting cock. They took each other in their mouths and licked and sucked each other to Nirvana, each swaying and bucking at their perfectly timed orgasms. I rounded the corner by a low wall only to be ambushed by a little elf of a thing, pointy a-cups and short bobbed black hair. The imp was sitting on the edge of the wall, aiming her calculated piss toward me. I defended by yanking her off the wall and furiously rubbing my somewhat erect cock against her still pissing pussy until I corked her up with it and made her stop. Afterwards, as I rested on the wall, a youngish lass strolled by but blindsided me by hopping up on my lap facing away and peeing a small torrent down to tickle my cock. I ended her siege by ramming my cock in her and fucking her as we sat on that soaking wet wall. The loudspeaker announced the end of the garden game and summoned us back to prepare for lunch. I arrived at my suite to find white trousers, a white polo shirt, boat shoes and a curiously modified pair of ‘handcuffs’. More precisely it was one handcuff with a large Velcro loop attached. A knock on the door came from a man who had come to assist me to get ready. He fastened my right hand in the cuff and secured the loop snugly to my right thigh. When I inquired the reason his hint was that “we would all need to help one another.” Arriving on the yacht for lunch, I saw the ladies were dressed similarly, though they donned short pleated white skirts. We started with cocktails, served as we mingled in the large-for-a-boat lounge area. We learned to help each other by holding hors d’oeuvre plate so the other could eat. As nature took its predictable course, we had to help each other pee. We were not allowed to leave the room so the first lady who needed ‘a hand’ got a teacup, expertly held under her skirt as she filled it. Another unzipped my trousers and helped aim my cock into a water glass. I found this quite erotic and offered my services to as many as I could. Seated for lunch we were challenged with pleasuring our neighbor as they pleasured us simultaneously. This part of lunch turned into a virtual smorgasbord of hands, toes, fingers, tongues, dicks and vaginas – in no particular order but all there left satisfied. I tongued a delightful lady to orgasm as another stroked by throbbing cock while yet another sucked the toes of the lady I tongued. I sucked breasts while entertaining a pussy bouncing on my busy cock. I helped drain pee from 5 different pussies – one on my lap and two on my very content tongue. As all great things must come to an end, so did our lunch and once again we were directed back to our suites for a brief rest and to change for the next phase of this most delightful interview. The next event was a pet show and our attire was a choker collar with a 6 foot leash. We met in the grand ballroom which had its long array of glass doors open to the adjacent patio. Our task was to choose a pet by making that pet want us to become their master. We were to tether them, show them the love of a pet owner, to pet them pleasurably and to tend to any of their needs. We were encouraged to be both master and pet – to as many as we chose in the allotted time. I was almost instantly made a pet to a cute little blond lady with a face a pet would instinctively want to lick. She had other attributes well worth a tongue lashing as well. She befriended me by kneeling with her face at my crotch and lovingly cupping my balls in her hand as she kissed my lower belly. She took my dick skillfully and gently stroked it into hardness, showing no rushing or urgency. Her touch was so erotic it gave me feelings that I may ejaculate before my member was even fully erect. I took the end of her leash and submissively hooked it to my collar. I got on hands and knees and kissed her lower belly, slowly licking my way lower and lower. When I reached her clit she gasped softly and parted her creamy legs to give me better access to her bare slit. As I lapped she dribbled some of her sweet pee on my tongue and I dug my claws into her thighs and pulled her pussy tightly against my thankful lips. I made her come hard with the skills of my tongue then told her I needed to pee. She guided me with the leash onto the patio then cupped her hand tightly over the head of my cock and told me it was OK to pee. I peed and the pressure of her hand made my pee spray out to the sides and make a little mess. Neither of us minded as it was the sexiest feeling I had ever felt while peeing. I next became master of a tall slender lady with a tattoo of a vine running from her ankle to the nape of her neck. It beautifully accentuated her tower-like figure and was highlighted with a pair of leaves delving down her pelvis to tickle either side of the hood of her clit. I petted her all over and made her coo and purr. I gave her butterfly kisses on her soft cheek and she whispered in my ear that she needed to pee. I took her by the waist and turned her away from me then gently pushed her forward so she was leaning over. I slide my hand between the smooth cheeks of her ass (stopping with a finger just barely pushed inside) then parted her pussy lips with my middle and index fingers. She peed while pushing herself backward against me. I tickled her lips and played in her stream with my fingers. When she had finished I placed my two fingers in my mouth and sucked her pee off them. One pet, a curly brown haired girl, laid down on her back with her legs up for me to rub her tummy. After obliging her wish, I laid between her legs and sucked her clit as she peed a 45 second stream into my mouth. I later knelt upright and let her suck my excited cock until I oozed cum deep down her throat. I fucked one pet doggy style but not til after we mutually peed on each others sex in our doggy position. That was super hot and was one of my highlights. The round ended with the announcement, like the rounds before. The afternoon event at the pool had us dress in sort of normal swimwear with one caveat. Mens’ suits and ladies’ bikini bottoms were crotchless. We were instructed to attend a pool party where our goal was to make certain that no guest remained dry. I approached a well endowed lady sitting on the concrete edge of the pool and hung my cock over her shoulder so I could pee down the front of her bikini top and into her quite present cleavage. She showed her approval by taking my cock as the stream subsided and rubbing it back and forth against the side of her neck, drying the drops from my peehole with the tip of her tongue. As I lay on a beach chair a playful little thing scampered up on top of me, not stopping until she reached my neck, pinning my shoulder down with her knees. She leaned back and gleefully peed onto my neck and chin as I watched her gorgeous little pissing pussy. We rolled into the water and I rammed my cock deep in her and fucked her while enjoying the buoyant feeling the cool water gave. This was by far the most memorable pool party I had the pleasure of attending and I DO emphasize the word ‘pleasure.’ We returned to our suites to find semi-formal dress. That is… formal but semi complete. The men wore tuxedo jackets and bow ties over top of white linen dress shirts but no trousers or undershorts. We had shiny leather shoes and black silk socks. The ladies had beautiful gowns… that is at least from the neck all the way down to tufts of their mounds. Then nothing until the tops of their thigh high dark sheer stockings and dress shoes. The cocktail party was our challenge to mingle, dance, eat and drink and do everything in our power to give each other orgasms. Dancing was so much better with our particular outfits. I danced a handful of times with my hardened cock sandwiched between the thighs of a beautiful lady as we glided around the room, causing friction between my cock and her pussy. I satisfied some with my finger, some with my tongue. I bent one shapely lady over the bar and slipped my erect cock slowly in her ass while she clutched the bar so hard I was wondering if she made indentations. After both cumming she begged me to pee in her ass and being the gentleman and appreciative guest that I am, I gladly obliged. I encouraged two different wonderful ladies to pee on my hand as I fingered them under their abbreviated ball gowns. As I was making my way to the bar, a lady approached from behind and grabbed me authoritatively by the wrist. I reeled around to see it was my lady host. All five foot, seven inches of her stunning beauty. I just took in her beauty inch by inch… her silky raven colored hair, pale white porcelain face, perky breasts poking little points in her gown and a slim wait. I looked lower to see the cutest, flat tummy overlooking a glass smooth mound and pouty little pussy with the tip of a clit protruding. Her legs were absolutely perfect. I nearly drooled while taking in her loveliness. She leaned against my cheek and whispered “I have been watching you. Might I impose upon you to allow me to pee in your mouth and let me lick my pee off your chin while you fuck me here on the dance floor?” I answered by dropping to my knees and kissing her tummy, thighs, pussy - in waves of passion. She hooked one leg over my shoulder and pulling me tightly against her with my other shoulder, peed in abbreviated but strong little spurts. She thrust her hot pussy against my face with each squirt. I responded with licking more and more feverishly for each thrust and shot of her hot pee. Our little ‘dance’ lasted over two minutes and almost made me lose control twice as she shook and peed and swayed and pressed against me. When finished I arose and guided my missile in her hot slippery pussy. Deeper and deeper… we swayed to and fro, toward then away from each other while staring at each other wide eyed with mouths open. Suddenly, a man approached her from the rear. It was not her husband but the other host! He commandingly grabbed her waist with both hands and pressed himself tightly against her bottom, driving his cock deep inside it. Her mouth went wide open and her eyes rolled. We synchronized our thrust to almost pick this goddess of a lady up off the floor each time we drove our cocks deep in her. We came, all crying out a loud gasp. As we froze in the subsiding spasms, the crowd had become frozen and all watched us. Or at least that’s when I noticed they were watching. They could have been there for minutes. My lady’s husband the host appeared and took her in his arms, kissing her madly. The other host lady walked up to me and pulled my cock against her belly, rubbing my cum and my last partners pussy goo all over herself. As this last event wound down the host announced that most who attended would be given offers of positions. I wondered if I was one. But then… my raven haired hostess came up and took a pair of red sheer panties from her purse. She thoroughly and deliberately wiped her pussy clean with them. Then she lowered the panties about 2 inches and peed 3 or 4 drops of her wonderful nectar into them. She stepped up, almost touching me and removed the handkerchief from my tux breast pocket, replacing it with her sweet panties. I believe I had passed this interview.
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    CHAPTER FOUR Previous ones are both in this and in the first page!!! The party. The party… Last days had been so intense and filled with events, that Nancy completely forgot about it. On her behalf, Gwen was so stoned by what the red haired tempress tricked her into, that she dared not sway her from the search of the mythical creature, which seemed her only true interest… Yet, they were so drunk and late when they went to bed, that they forgot to set the alarm, and when they finally awoke, it was much past lunch time Nancy remained petrified as soon as she opened her eyes, because when you just got up from a deep, serene and dreamless sleep, you can somehow “feel” the moment of the day from something in the way the light fills up your sorrounding world It wasn’t the kind of light that shines in the morning, and when Gwen too stood up, they looked at each other in horror Rushing to the window, they checked the pier, and unwithstand the distance, it was possible to identify the only three boats by their silohuettes: only the Riastrad was still moored, while both the Gazer and the Scath na Deithe weren’t available to their sight Lars’ ship was always filled with tourists, so it wasn’t that hard to understand its absence (though the tought of how it presented itself to whoever reached it first that morning, awashed with piss, still enflamed their minds), but the old McCallahorn apparently managed to find some visitor that preferred a real seawolf to the comforts and shines of the the Gazer. Nancy swore lound and angrily, making Gwen to jumpscare: “What do we do now?!” shouted. Shyly but gently, Gwen whispered to her: “Well… there is still the town party…”. At those words, the red haired one looked toward the other with curious and puzzled eyes, implicitly asking for infos. “It’s the Summer Solstice… people make fireworks and cook things… we drink, and dance…” That was enough to quench her anger. “Ok… we’ll continue the search in the next days… by which hour does the party start?”. “Mmmh…” Gwen was reflecting, “…by sunset. But they are preparing stuff since the afternoon… indeed if we go down in town by now, we will find them all very busy…” Nancy stretched and yawned. Her lovely pijama was soft and yet depicting the huge curves of her boobs. Looking at her that way, so human, so true, in her unsophisticated form, her hair not brushed yet and no make up, she appeared even more beautiful to Gwen’s eyes. She saw something proudly female in her unashamed display of intimacy. “Gotta piss” muttered the young siren, and putting on her lovely frog-faced fleece slippers, headed to the toilet. Gwen blushed at the sight of those cute things around her little feet, they were from her own teenage, now she was much taller and they did not suite her, but they were perfect for Nancy’s cute size. Seeing her guest wearing something she had such an affectionate relationship with, touched some hidden chord in her unconscious, where romanticism and erotism caress each other… “Make some hotchpotch, will ya?” she asked, while dropping her pants and sitting on the lid, leaving the door open like nothing, and Gwen started to get downstair, but stopped, petrified, in a few seconds: maybe believing to be alone or, much more likely, absolutely uncaring to it, Nancy let out the most heartfelt “Holy fuck!!!” the scottish girl ever heard, and at the same time the sound of an explosion of piss flooded the toilet bowl, leaving Gwen breathless. Her heart beating, she waited there unable to understand why that sound were so obscenely arousing to her… in the end, it was another girl… and she wasn’t into girls… When Nancy’s bodily needs shifted to other past piss, she definitely reached the kitchen to make an overtime brunch, waiting for her moment to use the toilet as her necessity was just as dire. They had been drinking so much the night before, that they needed to take turns in the only bathroom, until they were all prepared for the rest of the day. The remaining portion of the afternoon was spent eating a quick over-time lunch, fixing intels about observation spots for the next days, and preparing for the nightout, dresses and make up. And now they were outside… “Are we gonna meet some of your friends?” Nancy was curious, and the walk toward the town was blessed by a fogless sunset. Both the Gazer and McCallahorn’s Scath na Deithe were back for the night, and the two knew the following day the old captain wouldn’t have been available for any trip on the Loch. So, they weren’t planning of worrying about being late that night too: there would have been other moments to continue the researches… “Well, yes, most of them went out town for the Summer, there is not much to do here, but some remained for various reasons. We’re half a dozen, included… ehm… Lars… I’ll introduce you to them all…” Gwen explained, and Nancy smiled: “I think that Lars should not be that imposing on you, emotionally speaking… you… ehehehe… expelled all the past out, I think…!!!” Gwen couldn’t help but smiling: “Indeed I fear he might have understood what happened…”. Nancy stopped walking and looked the other one straight in the eyes: “Do you think he suspects something? Well then… let him get mad at trying to prove it…” The dusk was now upon them, and just a mile onward, the music was starting to roar, and torches were everywhere, cutting through the still moonless darkness, as the first sickle would have appeared only the night after that one… “I am emotioned” Nancy admitted, smiling in an almost vulnerable way, and Gwen felt once anew those strange shivers, “I never saw a true Highland celebration” The resident girl took her hand, almost rushing her forward, her heart going lightly onward on the road, but the red haired one asked her to stop unexplainably. “All fine, darling?” she asked, as she saw the hot lady leaning on the railing, the ink-hued waters of the Loch just beneath them, no shores under that rocky harbour side. Nancy was staring in the dark, with intent, but shook her head: “Nothing… I’m coming up” That said, she squatted down and her obscenely short leather skirt got up by itself, exposing her tight round ass to the sight of her friend, which tought about turning her back on it… and yet found herself peeking up her own shoulder… With an embarassingly loud hiss, the red haired siren was making sure she got all room possible for highlands drinks at the party, and the noise of the stream hitting the water twenty feet below was strong enough to be heard unwithstand the evergrowing loudness of the party… Gwen finally let go all her inhibitions and, though blushing more than ever in her life, completely turned to watch her friend, and even from her unlucky angle of observation, it was possible to see a neat and yet powerful stream of hot piss exploding from between the tighs of her guest, and getting over the lower side of the railing, mixing with the water of the Loch… Nancy sighed in relief, let out a couple of last spurts, and then shook her ass up and down a bit, then got up like nothing. “Are we going?” she smiled at Gwen, that tried to catch her own breath as quick as possible: “Yes… yes… we’re goin’…” Behind them, the now complete darkness swallowed their every footstep, following them like it was their own, personal shadow… but the lights in front of them were a promise of happiness, excesses, and untold pleasures…
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    Not as naughty as some others but my kitchen floor! Easy clean up, good for filming and it just feels so naughty seeing a puddle growing underneath me.
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    I would love to piss in a fitting room, it is on my list of places to piss
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    The bin in the restroom at work, I look at the toilet, then the bin then decide the bin needs my piss more, I hover over the bin and let my hot steaming piss out!
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    I've peed in many a dressing room. At my local mall Sears is the shit store that pretty much no one shops at so its always pretty dead. There are 4 dressing room "bays", "aisles", "rooms with rooms", "areas" or whatever they're called,lol. I've gone into everyone of them and pissed, even the men's one. All of them have this nasty gray carpet that hasn't been changed or probably cleaned since the store was built. And all of it has been soaked in me piss :tongue: My favorite one to piss in is a stall in the men's dressing that has a built in corner seat, I like to strip down sit on it and pee, sometimes I'll take panties to try on and pee in them and then leave them on the floor. There's one stall in the bra/underwear section that has the tilted every angel mirrors in it that's fun to pee in to.
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    Hey all, I'm Phoenix, and I actually found this site through an ad on another pee-related site, omorashi.org, which I visit regularly. Not much left to say about me, except that I love music. And I'm always looking for new stuff, so feel free to give me recommendations! As a general rule, I like pop punk, but that's very general. My spotify playlists are... truly something
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    Absolutely, I love watching the whole process, unzipping the fly, taking the cock out, watching it twitch before the piss comes out, the naughtier the place the better
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    I know you mean well, @2prnot2p, but using such terms as "what planet are you on" and sarcastically questioning whether someone has read anything does come across as unnecessarily aggressive. There are nicer ways of saying the same things. I am having to say this because someone - not Riley - thought so too and reported it to the mods. Could you please try and be just a little less aggressive in your response even if you personally feel a particular post or argument is silly? To do otherwise goes against the grain of our overall friendly vibe here.
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