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    Just my own photos for anyone who wants them. I'll put them all in one thread rather than posting them all over the site.
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    I have always wanted to have an outdoor party where everyone is free to piss where they want, with privacy and comfort. I have a fenced in backyard, with lots of trees. We also have a garage with some trees and fencing surrounding it. There are plenty of private areas to piss in my yard. I hosted a small gathering, we had a bonfire and everyone was drinking. My female friend asked me loudly where she should go pee. I decided on a whim to announce to everyone girls could piss beside the garage, and men behind the trees. I told them to feel completely comfortable doing this. Nobody said anything negative. So my female friend got up and ran behind the garage. I could hear a loud hissing noise from where I was sitting. She was pissing all over the concrete near the garage. I got up and decided I needed to piss when another friend joined me. There were two of us peeing behind the garage, facing each other, she took a quick glance at my peeing pussy as I did hers. Hers was beautiful, soft blonde hair covering her pubic area. Her labia protruding outside of her lips. My slit was spread nice and wide as a puddle formed between my legs. When suddenly one of our guy friends was there, whipping out his cock, peeing. I said "Hey! This is for the girls, you're supposed to be peeing on a tree". He shyly responded "All the trees were taken". So as I finished he was just beginning and I got up and looked around and he was right, there were three men peeing on different trees in my yard at once. I told him I was sorry and that if it happened again he was welcome to pee with us. This was one of the best parties i've ever had. People pissed outside all night long, some of us three or four times.
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    Did something today I’d been considering for a bit. Was pretty daring for me. There’s an ally in between the building where I work and the building next door. When I went out to close everything up for the day I took the opportunity to pee in the ally! I crouched down between some pallets and pull my pants down and let go! I could see cars flying by on the busy street but no one could see me.
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    Rummaging around in the equipment room, I tried to think of everything I might need to teach my first class of the day. After having shadowed several other instructors over the past few weeks, Andrea had decided that I was ready to teach on my own. But while her confidence was inspiring, I was still nervous. I'd arrived early so that I had time to figure things out, but I didn't know anyone on deck or in the staff room today. Even the supervisor was someone I'd not met before. As I continued to pile toys, life jackets, and flotation devices into a large basket, my mind wandered to reflecting on my training. All the girls working here were fantastic, absolutely great with the kids, fun to hang out with, and quite frankly a pleasure to look at. Yet multiple times now I'd caught them urinating in the pool, or seen evidence suggesting even bolder pissing. Were they doing it to haze me? Or perhaps it's just a natural side effect of being in the pool for hours on end? And what was I supposed to do? So far I'd continued to just use the washrooms in the change room, but I'd not yet gone today. On my first day working independently, I thought I might try using the pool as my toilet. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the slapping of bare feet running into the equipment room. Turning around, I saw Paige rushing towards me. "Bill, you gotta help me, I'm so fucked." Standing beside me she hastily threw some equipment into a basket as she talked with me, casting her long brown hair into disarray as she dug through bins of toys. "What's up?" I asked. "I have to start teaching in less than two minutes, and my bitch sister is supervising - she'll have my ass if she sees me get in the pool without having showered. She hasn't seen me yet though - if I leave the equipment room all wet, I'm clear." Paige looked at me, her eyes pleading. "Can you help me?" "Yeah, sure," I said, looking around for anything that could be of use. I noticed Paige had knelt at my feet, and I felt my mouth going dry. "Wait, you don't mean..." I trailed off, looking down at Paige. She nodded, "It's okay, please just hurry." Christ, I hope I drank enough, I thought, pulling my dick up over the waistband of my trunks. Sliding back my foreskin, I took aim at Paige's head and tried to relax. After a moment of glancing nervously at the equipment room door and trying to ignore the deafening beats of my heart, I felt my penis jump in my hand, a spurt of pee leaping out to splash against Paige's hair. The seal broken, more piss followed, pushing its way through my now hardening shaft to spray onto Paige's head. Her hair slowly flattened against her skull and hung heavy over her shoulders, growing increasingly sodden as it darkened with my liquid. Feeling this, Paige looked up, receiving my stream upon her face, piss splattering against her lips and nose and running across her cheeks. "My suit now, get the suit wet," she said, somewhat muffled by the urine pooling in her mouth as she spoke. Lowering my aim, I let my piss stream onto Paige's chest, striking her skin just above the top of her swimsuit, sending a cascade down into the suit between her cleavage. As it soaked a dark path down her body, I changed to target the still dry parts, my pee running over her breasts and sides. As my bladder emptied I shuffled closer to Paige, letting the last dribbles fall between her legs. She looked up at me, face covered with droplets, her hair dripping. "Fuck, thank you. This is so much nicer than those shitty cold change room showers. Alright, my turn." Paige left one knee on the ground, raising the other into a lunge position. Reaching between her legs, she pulled the wet fabric of her suit to the side, revealing the soft mound of her pussy. My cock still in hand, I slowly stroked myself, watching the show. Within seconds, Paige's slit was forced open by a deluge of piss, a tumultuous waterfall streaming from her body and swiftly expanding the already sizeable puddle underneath her. She let out a slow sigh of relief as she voided, her face a picture of perfect bliss. Watching her continue to hose down the tile floor, I found myself growing closer to orgasm. I'd never seen a woman unleash such a forceful torrent, not even online. Paige opened her eyes as her relief came to an end, looking at my furious movement as her stream finally slowed and turned to a trickle, before cutting off completely. "Lemme help, I owe you one," she said. "Just cum quickly, I gotta get to my class." She leaned towards me, pushing her chest up towards my waist while her hands reached up my back to support her. "Use my body," she moaned. Letting the head of my dick rub against Paige's swimsuit, I pressed it against her nipples, feeling them shift against my glans. My breath catching in my chest, I rutted into Paige's breasts, grinding my cock between her and my hand. Cum splashed out, ropes of white semen painting vibrant lines across her dark swimsuit, several longer jets reaching up to catch her bare sternum. Paige laughed, "Fuck, I didn't expect so much!" She stood as I finished, the cum on her skin sliding down under her suit between her breasts. The seed plastered over her swimsuit remained stubbornly in place and clearly visible however. Looking down at it, Paige lifted her hand up to her chest. Smearing my cum into her swimsuit, it soon disappeared into the dark fabric, just another component of the wetness soaking it. With a twinkle in her eye, Paige ran a finger along her lips, her tongue wiping it clean. Without another word, she turned and left the equipment room, leaving me alone as she went to her class. Standing in a pool of our combined piss, I went back to searching for toys for my own class. This job was shaping up to be more than I'd bargained for.
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    An experience I had about ten years ago. Aged around 18, I was wandering through my university city one evening. It was fairly dark but the streets were well lit. I was wearing a long, black overcoat. I'd moved out of my parents' home recently and got back into peeing standing up. As I walked, I could feel a slight pressure on my bladder, nothing really bad. I wandered to a small courtyard, alleyway near to where the bars/pubs were. It was a bit too well lit for my liking, but as I wandered through I chanced upon a chap peeing against the wall in a corner whilst looking over at his friends - three other guys all peeing away against another wall. No shame, cocks out just letting it flow. I walked right past them and what I would have really loved is to join them, these days I probably would have done. Have my own pee flow into theirs whilst the pressure on my bladder eased. Unfortunately, back then, I was a bit too shy. Instead, I did the next best thing. I turned left into another small alleyway, more private than the previous ones, unzipped my jeans and lowered them to mid thigh. I moved my knickers out of the way and had a good, long, relieving piss against the wall, shielded from behind by my overcoat. The fact that I was doing what the lads were doing just a few metres away and no one could see made my clit tingle. My pee darkened the wall and left a modest wet stain on the bricks. Not very high. About knee height. Oh it felt good! After that, I went back to the previous alleyway to examine the wet streams that the lads had left on the wall. The boys themselves had gone by then. Most of them were still trickling down the bricks. Some were even higher than my crotch! I quickly returned to my bedsit to frig myself. What a lovely encounter! To this day, my only regret is that I didn't pee next to them.
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    I was in such a naughty mood yesterday! After I wet myself in the shower (which can be found >here<) I changed into some leggings and spent the whole evening thinking about what I had done, and feeling so turned on because of it. Towards the end of the night I had been jiggling on the sofa next to my husband for a while, really needing to pee. I knew I could have gone upstairs and used the toilet like a good girl but I had different ideas. I kissed my husbands cheek and stood up. “I need a wee” This is usually met with a smile and maybe an “okay babe” but this time I held out my hand, inviting him to come with me. I led him to the kitchen instead of the bathroom, much to his surprise and once I reached the sink I turned around to face him, smiling as I pulled down my leggings before hopping up onto the kitchen sink behind me. I held out my hands and his met mine, gently squeezing as I pulled him closer, I wanted him to see everything. I wriggled a little to get comfy, making sure not to jab myself in the back with the mixer tap and then relaxed, looking at him with a smile while I waited for my wee to start. After a few seconds I giggled as a dull drumming could be heard, a gentle stream of pee splashing against the sink. Mark looked down briefly and then back up at me. “It’s okay babe, you can look” That was all the encouragement he needed and he watched as my wee flowed out of my smooth slit, still holding my hands. I was sat with my legs slightly parted so he had a perfect view of the action. I could feel my behind getting lightly sprayed by it bouncing off the sink and it just helped enforce how naughty I was being. There was a perfectly good toilet upstairs and not only was I peeing in my sink instead, but I was actively encouraging someone to watch me do it! I peed for about 30 seconds, feeling my face blushing slightly as I emptied my bladder but at the same time I was feeling more turned on than ever. Once the stream slowed to a halt I leaned forward and locked lips with Mark, kissing him deeply as I pushed out the last few drops, the trickle audibly picking up a couple of times before fading away to drips. “I love you” “I love you too, Sophie.” Once the dripping had stopped and I was confident I wasn’t going to find more wee hiding away somewhere I hopped off the sink and turned on the tap to rinse it as I wrapped my arms around my husband, my leggings still at my knees. We kissed for a few minutes, holding each other tight and enjoying the embrace. I felt quite sexy standing half undressed, nobody could see it except for Mark but it just made things extra special. The kisses were really nice but I was quickly wanting something more. I had been wanting sex ever since I wet myself in the shower and it had been hours at this point. “Let’s go upstairs” I said with a smile and kissed him again as he pulled up my leggings. He reached behind me to turn off the tap and led me to the bedroom...
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    "Alright Bill, and here's the staff room - feel free to kill time in here between classes, just like these girls are." Andrea gestured at three girls lounging on plastic chairs, all in matching navy swimsuits. "So, since this is your first day, why don't you just shadow another instructor." Andrea waved at one of the girls, "Paige, let Bill assist you today, he needs to get some experience." The slim brunette stood up, her long hair falling behind her as she strode over to Andrea and I. "Sure thing, boss," she said, before turning to smile at me. "Hi Bill, welcome to the team. First class is in five minutes, let's go grab the supplies." Following Paige to the equipment room, I seized the opportunity to sneak a look at her body. Her tight swimsuit hid nothing of her long legs, nor her bare feet splashing through small puddles on the pool deck. Her suit went halfway up her back before opening, with just two thin pieces of fabric across it for fastening. With every step she took her shoulder blades rose and fell, the muscles of her back undulating gracefully beneath her smooth skin. "Mmkay, we're gonna need six flutterboards and five pairs of fins. Wait no, seven flutterboards, forgot about you. You grab the boards, I'll get the fins, I know the sizes." Paige went over to rummage in a bin, leaving me to pull down the boards from the top shelf. Grabbing them, I was surprised by their weight - the foam was waterlogged from the previous classes. I grunted as I hoisted them up against my chest, drawing Paige's attention. "Ha, heavy fuckers, aren't they? Nice to have a guy around for once, bet you'll be popular." Laughing, I just led the way back out to the pool deck, our arms laden with gear. "Where should we put this stuff?" I asked. "Lane six, we're teaching level eights today," Paige replied. I was relieved - level eight meant 10-13 year olds, much easier to deal with than younger kids. "Come on, hop in," Paige said, turning to me. "We're lucky my sister's not supervising today, she's always a bitch about showering before getting in." "Christ, it's cold today," Paige gasped as she slid into the pool. Perhaps it was my imagination, but it looked like her nipples were testament to her words, making the slightest of bumps under her skintight blue swimsuit. In any event, I didn't have time to gawk for long as the class had arrived, five kids walking over to the pool to join us. For the next half hour I helped with whatever I could, mostly just observing Paige's process but also holding kids up, giving examples, and keeping an eye on everyone. Finally a little respite came when Paige announced, "Okay class, six laps now, try to beat your old times!" Swimming over to me, she said, "We don't have to be in for this, we can sit on the edge and watch. Gives us a better view anyway." Pulling ourselves up to sit on the pool's edge, our feet remained dangling in the water, drifting lazily with the currents. Every now and again our calves or feet would brush together, sending an electric shiver up my spine. The lanes were thin, yes, but did Paige have to be this close? I snuck a glance down at her, looking at where she sat to see if she had room or not. That question was suddenly the last thing on my mind, as I noticed something far more interesting. Between her slightly parted legs, a tiny stream of her clear piss was pushing through her swimsuit, cascading down the gentle curve of her pussy to pool under her. Entranced, I watched as it ebbed and flowed with each playful kick of her feet, tiny rivulets occasionally branching off to slide down her inner thigh. Suddenly I felt a warmth on my skin - Paige's puddle had spread out from under her, and was now soaking into my swim trunks as well. I quickly laid my arms across my lap to hide my growing arousal, and snapped back to watching the class. But out of the corner of my eyes I could see Paige looking at me. Turning to her, I was met with a mischievous smirk. "The pool's so cold, nice being able to warm up, hey? Don't worry, you get used to it." Well, I guess my new job as a swimming teacher was going to be more interesting than I expected...
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    As promised, this evening's pics. This was in some industrial estate. I drank two pints of cola for this. Look at the steam rising from it!
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    I wandered out of the change rooms and onto the pooldeck, slipping through the throngs of children and parents to make my way towards the staff areas. Peaking into the staff room, I recognized a couple of the girls who'd been in there last week, but neither Paige nor Andrea were in there. Doubling back to the supervisor's office, I spotted Andrea through the window, sitting at a computer. Like last week, her fit body was clothed in a dark red supervisor's swimsuit, nicely matching her tanned skin. I knocked at the door and caught her eye through the window. As she stood to let me in, I noticed how dark her chair was. It must have been absolutely soaked, the faded blue fabric nearly black and glistening at the sides. "Hey, don't tell me you had to jump in and save someone already today, huh?" I said, half-jokingly. Andrea laughed, "Thankfully no, I don't even have to get in the pool till noon. Anyway, I thought I'd put you with a younger class today, have you work with Leanne and the salamanders." I nodded, salamanders were a level that usually has 3-6 year olds, a big change from yesterday. Dismissing me, Andrea returned to her desk. "Leanne's in the staff room, go get introduced and class starts in a few minutes." "Hey, Leanne? I'm Bill, Andrea wants me to shadow you for your next class," I said, stepping into the staff room. One of the girls looked up at me from her cellphone. "Bill? Cool, okay, let's go. We're in the kiddie pool for this." Leanne was one of the girls I'd seen last week, though we'd not been introduced. She wore the same skintight navy blue swimsuit as the other instructors, and her jet black hair fell just past her shoulders. She wasn't quite as tall and slim as Paige, but rather a more athletic build. Several tattoos adorned her body, a viper on her calf being the most striking. Her appearance was nothing short of intimidating. As we reached the pool, the class had already gathered by the edge, their parents standing with them. "Hey kids! So good to see you all! Oh my god Janice your new swimsuit is so cute!" As she welcomed the class, I saw a totally different side of Leanne, her bubbly teacher personality completely offsetting her foreboding image. "Alright, let's all hop on in. Oh, and everyone, say hi to Bill. Bill's going to be helping us today, maybe he'll even show us a new game if you're nice to him!" Leanne turned to me as the class clambered into the pool, and whispered, "Don't worry, it's just red light green light - I haven't done it with them yet." The kiddie pool was much warmer than the regular pool, and time seemed to fly by working with Leanne. She was amazing with the kids, always encouraging and friendly, and brilliant at incorporating games and songs into the lesson. Watching her handle the children I saw her own youthful beauty shine through, her smile radiant even as splashes from one student plastered her hair across her face. She had endless patience, just laughing as she swept her hair back and reached out to keep the kid's feet underwater. With only a few minutes left in the class, Leanne got everyone's attention. "Okay kids, great work today! You all did really well, and we have time for one more game before the end of class. And it's going to be extra special, because this is a game that only Bill knows! He's never shared it with anyone else, but you guys are going to get to play it now." I waded forward on my knees in the shallow water. "Leanne's right, this is a very special game, and I want to see you all do your best to show me how good you are at swimming. First, I need you all to sit up on the edge of the pool, and keep your feet in the water." Leanne and I helped lift the kids up before I continued, "Awesome, okay, now the game is called red light, green light. When I say green light, you need to kick your feet and splash as much as you can! And when I say red light, you need to stop kicking. Whoever splashes the most wins, but only when I say green light!" I moved back, staying in the shallows so the water was just up to my waist while kneeling, but far enough from the edge to be out of splash range. Leanne came up beside me. "Green light!" I yelled, splashing my hands in the water to get the kids going. "Red light!" A pause. "Green light!" Looking to my side, I saw Leanne had gotten close to me. "This is my favourite game," she said, her tone no longer bubbly, rather teasing almost. "Red light!" I yelled. "Just a shame the water's so warm already..." Leanne murmured, sliding closer to me, her body just behind me now. "Green light!" I heard a quiet sigh from Leanne. "Red light!" "Green light!" A warm current teased my toes, I let myself slid deeper into the water. "Red light." "Green light!" The current grew stronger, a jet flowing over my heel and dissipating its heat over my calf. My eyes widened, I turned to Leanne. She seemed focused on the kids. I looked down. Through the wavy water I could see Leanne's hand between her legs, her swimsuit pulled off to the side. "Red light!" Her fingers relaxed, letting the fabric slide back into place. The current had stopped. "Green light!" Once again my toes were bathed in a gentle current of warmth, no longer the hard jet. A moment later, Leanne shuffled up beside me. Leaning over, she whispered, "I'm done. Did you like my splashes?" "Red light!" I called out. "Wow, you guys did an amazing job, I think you all splashed enough to be winners today! Leanne, anything else for today?" Leanne stood up to take the kids back to their parents. "Nope, that's it! Bill, you want to take the boys here back to their dad?" I could see the glint in her eyes as she said it. "Uh, looks like you've got things under control, I'll just clean up the toys in here." There was no way I was getting out of this pool in front of all those kids and their parents, not in these loose swim trunks...
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    Hi! I’m Valerie, from the US. I’ve had a pee fetish for quite a long time and I’ve been a silent regular to the site for almost as long. I figured it was finally time to actually interact with people and the community. I started getting into pee with omorashi and have since added golden showers and naughty peeing to the list. Huge fan of indoor naughty pees/ vandalism. I’ve dabbled in it when I was away at college and I’m always open to suggestions! My favorite experience was probably walking around campus just pissing where I pleased, on a common room couch, in the hallway, my dorm rug... Anyway, looking forward to meeting y’all! 🙂
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    Another day, another wee in front of my husband. There are a few posts here of me joining him in the bathroom but this time it was intentional! I had a long day at work, I hadn’t been to the toilet in a few hours, and I wanted to show off a little. I got in my car and just before I set off I sent him a text. “I’m home in about 15 minutes and I need a wee. Be ready upstairs.” I let myself in, kicked off my heels and headed upstairs, smiling as I saw my husband was waiting in the bathroom for me. I walked in, pushing the door behind me and wrapped my arms around him in a warm embrace, sharing a few small kisses as we greeted each other. “Sorry babe, I can’t wait “ I said, pulling away and I stepped into the shower. I stood facing him with a smile on my face as I felt a trickle dampening my pink briefs, my skirt hiding the naughty act I was committing for a couple of seconds before I started peeing properly and a loud patter filled the room, a solid trickle falling between my legs. I felt SO sexy! Mark kept alternating between looking down at my stream and back up at my face. It felt amazing to wet myself like that, feeling the warmth spread across the fabric of my underwear and the odd trickle running down my legs. I wasn’t bursting but I still went for a good 20 seconds, giggling as my wee stopped but the stream from my panties continued a little while longer. I stepped out of the shower and straight into his arms, being squeezed so tight it was almost uncomfortable. We kissed for a few minutes and after rinsing out the shower I got changed before the kids wondered where I was. I removed my blouse with Mark watching and then unzipped my skirt before stepping out of it, it survived mostly unscathed but there was two wet patches at the bottom. A small damp patch to one side which I’m assuming is where my leg was and a soaked part right in the middle. Speaking of soaked, my panties were drenched! Dark pink between my legs and it spread across the back a little. I slowly lowered them down my legs, facing Mark and letting him see everything. I dried myself off with a towel and threw everything into the laundry basket to be washed shortly and then squeezed myself into a pair of leggings with nothing underneath and a t-shirt. We shared another kiss and then went downstairs smiling like Cheshire cats!
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    This evening. Peeing into the canal. First time I've ever done this - though I'm certainly not the first to do it!
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    A few days ago, I was out biking. I'm a very athletic person, which means that I have to drink a LOT of water. Guess what? That makes you have to pee! I was at the park when it all went down. I had stopped to take a breather when I realized I was desperate for a tinkle. At first I squirmed and tried to hold it, but it was no use. I jumped up. I was wearing short, loose shorts and thin panties. I walked over to a part of the grass that was high enough and simply just pulled my shorts and panties to one side of my vagina. I got down in the grass and let loose. The pleasure was amazing. I moaned the whole time and got really horny. Unfortunately, I peed all over my shorts because I wasn't paying attention. I had to walk my bike home shamefully, with obviously wet shorts (they were light colored) and I absolutely loved how hot it was. When I got home I put on some tight leggings and drank a ton of water, then held it till I busrt right there on the living room floor. It was very hot! Comment down below some hot stories I can read while I piss myself!
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    I recently spent two nights in a hotel and the whole time I was there I didn't pee in the toilet once. The carpet was dark navy so I moved a chest of drawers away from the wall and peed every time on the carpet beneath them. I soon discovered I had to pee facing the wall as my stream overshot where the chest of drawers usually sat meaning any staining would be visible. So every time I needed to pee I'd go behind the drawers facing the wall and let loose, watching my stream hit the skirting board and pool into a wide, dark puddle before soaking into the carpet. When I left I pushed the drawers back into place and there was no sign at all of two days solid naughty carpet peeing. Does anyone else have any stories about hotel carpet peeing?
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    This is how I ended up the other night after holding for 6 hours.. Best thing was my boyfriend watched the whole thing 😛💦
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    Just felt like being naughty so I took a pee on the bathroom floor at work 🤭 theres something about possibly being caught that kinda turns me on 💦😝
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    I was stuck in rush hour traffic when I needed to go for a pee. I pulled my pants down and began peeing off the edge of the seat. It felt so good and so naughty.
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    I never know how to answer this question. I get it asked all the time but each person may have a different idea of what naughtiest is. I've peed in a persons car which would have damaged something they spent years paying for. I have also peed on a grave a few times. What's naughtier? I have peed on food for sale and put it back. I have also peed on a cinema seat in the dark so someone would sit in it. What's naughtier? Sometimes ill do a video i think is really naughty but others think are tame then ill do one that's nothing to me and the response is massive. We all have different limits and morals i guess.
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    Hope amateur shots are allowed. A waist down shot of me, this very evening, taken by my husband. I think this is a regular spot for Friday/Saturday Nighters. As you can see, there are quite a few tissues around. Since I can direct my stream away from my body, I don't need to wipe. Just shake a little. I'm wearing a pencil skirt and thigh high stockings.
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    So I've been with my partner coming up to 5 years now and it's only recently I decided to open up to him about having a pee fetish. The other night I had a dream that I was peeing on myself and woke up really turned on and wet so I told my boyfriend who grabbed the towels straight away to put down on the bed. I have peed on him before but he's never peed on me so I asked him if he would. In between fucking he'd pull his dick out of me and I'd pee all over it. He also ate me out and asked me to pee in his mouth which neither of us had ever done before but oh my god did it turn me on! He then stood up while I was laying on my back and he finally released and peed all over my pussy. It felt so good and turned me on so much. This experience was too good not to share. What was your first experience of someone peeing on you - or you peeing on them.
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    Sitting in the break room, I filled out report cards for my class. Another instructor, Kathleen, was doing the same, while an off-duty lifeguard, Jessica, just surfed her phone. I'd been working at the pool for weeks now, and had grown quite comfortable around all the girls working there. As we worked away in silence, I didn't even bother to check out Kathleen. I'd already spent some time appreciating her slim teenaged body, her pale thighs so exposed in her tight navy swimsuit. Her long dark brown hair a curtain around her slender neck, often slicked against her body from the water. But no, today I ignored all that, focusing on filling out my evaluations, just as she focused on hers. Our quiet toil was interrupted however, as someone threw open the door and strode inside. Looking up, I greeted the new member of our party. "Hi Andrea, aren't you supervising right now?" Andrea laughed, "Yep, been on deck for hours now though. Gotta stop in here a sec, don't mind me." She stepped over to the corner of the break room, where we kept the staff's garbage, compost, and recycling bins. "Hey Jessica, garbage, right?" Andrea asked. Jessica looked up from her phone, the two women in matching red swimsuits talking for the first time today. "Uh, yeah, compost is fine if garbage is full though." "I don't know why you bother," Kathleen interjected, rolling her eyes at Andrea. "Hey, gotta set a good example," Andrea replied. She lifted one leg up, her foot resting on the edge of the garbage. Hopping a little closer, she reached an arm out to lean against the wall. Her inner thigh was a little less tanned than the rest of her, but she still had naturally dark skin. Tossing her black hair over her shoulder, she turned her head to look at me, "Plus I need to show Bill how it's done, this is probably his easiest option." Well, my full attention had already been on Andrea, but at least now I had an excuse to stare. Andrea peered down at the bin. "You guys have been slacking, looks like I'm the first today." As she spoke, her free hand moved between her legs, her fingers deftly sliding red fabric to the side. From my vantage point I could see her shaved mound, soft skin around two small dark flaps, just barely protruding out. Suddenly they were buffeted by a tumultuous cascade of piss, Andrea's urine spiralling out to splatter upon the contents of the bin. She let her head roll back as her eyes closed, enjoying the relief, ignoring the mess she was making as her roving stream landed outside the garbage as much as it did in, sometimes washing over her foot or spilling down the side. My attention was torn however, as Andrea was not the only one voiding themselves. Kathleen had leaned back in her chair, her legs spread wide. She too had shifted her swimsuit out of the way of her pussy, and with both hands held her slit open. From within a thin arc of piss leapt out, fast and concentrated. As she let herself relax, her stream reached out nearly to the same bin Andrea was using, just striking the floor at its base, seven feet away from Kathleen. "This is so much more convenient Andrea, no need to waste time posing." As if to emphasize her point, Kathleen shifted slightly, letting her piss blast against Andrea's knee and run down her calf, pooling around her foot. "Ah god that's so hot," Andrea said with a laugh, looking down at her leg. "There's no floor drain here though, so some people get mad about having to walk through other people's toilet, usually new people." I picked up the cue and jumped in, "Doesn't bother me at all, in fact I might take a quick leak too." Standing up, I walked over to one of the walls. I could no longer see Andrea or Kathleen, but from the sounds of things they were pretty much done anyway. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jessica watching me, despite her total disinterest in Andrea and Kathleen a moment ago. Tugging my cock out over the top of my swimsuit, I slid back my foreskin and took aim at the wall. Fortunately I'd not pissed at all today, so I managed to overcome the inopportune stiffness that I was experiencing, and began to hose down the wall. Turning my head I winked at Jessica. I could see her blushing, but her eyes immediately dropped back down to take in the show. I heard Andrea talking behind me, "Well, looks like Bill's a real member of our team now."
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    Hi everyone. Unfortunately, due to ill health (not Covid related) I wasn't able to go out much this weekend. I did want to get some images for you guys, though. This is in a car parking garage. I didn't produce very much, to my chagrin. Sorry about that. I did want to get a few 'before' images though, to demonstrate that I am indeed a girl. I hope this is alright. Not as spectacular as usual, I know. I'm hoping my health improves soon and I can get a much better photo.
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    Hi everyone, this is a continuation of my story from earlier this year about a group of students staying in a skiing hostel. (Remember when we used to go places?). The first part of the story is here. Like the first it contains naughty indoor peeing, some sexual content, and elements of pee vandalism (though nothing overly malicious). ######################### Jo woke up early on their first morning in the ski hostel. A weak morning sun was shining in through the tattered curtain. The room was full of the snores of the other roommates and, it had to be said, a certain musky smell. The use that the seven holidaying students had put the room’s carpet to the night before had made its mark. There were muffled sounds as two of the other students stirred. Helen and Chloe had shared the bottom bunk across from Jo, both squeezing into the narrow space. Now they sat up, yawning and stretching. Helen was short, blonde, and athletic, and had slept in boxers and a tank top; Chloe was a bit taller, thin, and brunette, and wearing Lord of the Rings pyjamas. The two looked around the room, apparently checking if anybody else was awake. Jo’s eyes were half-open, and surely the two girls had seen it; but perhaps not, because they started to change. Jo didn’t realise until too late what the girls were doing, and once Chloe had pulled her shirt over her head, it seemed too late to interrupt. Besides … Jo had known Chloe for a few years at the trampolining club, and had always been curious what she looked like under that uniform … Helen had quickly stripped down to just her skin. She bent over the drawers by her bed to find something to wear -- flashing her pale rear to the sky as she did so -- then she seemed to hesitate. She straightened up again, stood with her legs a little wider than usual, and concentrated. A second later, a stream of piss came from her bare crotch, gently at first, and then with more pressure as she pushed harder. A muffled pattering filled the room. Chloe looked around, surprised, and giggled when she saw what Helen was doing. Chloe was also naked by this point, with a pert and cute pair of tits on display. She whispered something to Helen, then crouched down beside her. From this angle Jo couldn’t see her stream, but could hear it, and could see the puddle spreading across the thin carpet beneath her. The two girls finished up, both giggling, and started to get dressed. Soon they had slipped out of the room, probably looking for an early breakfast. Jo was very turned on by this point. Their hands went down inside their pyjamas to deal with the problem, rubbing back and forth surreptitiously, trying to be quiet in the shared room. The sound of the door opening and closing seemed to have disturbed some of the other roommates. A few people were stirring and groaning. A couple of minutes after the girls left, Jo was disturbed by creaks from the bunk above, and then by a splashing sound. Trickles of liquid were running down the wall beside the bed. In the bunk above, Kelly had decided the pressure in her bladder was not worth leaving the warmth and comfort of her bed to deal with, and that in a pinch the gap between the bed and wall was a good compromise. Jo quickly pulled their blankets on the lower bunk away from the wall, then watched the rivulets of Kelly’s pee run down the painted surface and disappear into the space below the bed. Somehow, this only turned Jo on more. At the other end of the room, Steve was pulling himself up in bed and yawning. “God, this place stinks,” he called to the room at large. He reached one foot out of the bed and felt the floor. “The carpet’s still wet as well, gross.” “This whole thing was your idea, dickhead,” said Nicole, leaning down from her top bunk to face him. “Don’t say you’re chickening out now.” “Course not,” said Steve. “I’m just saying, it’s gross.” He clambered to his feet and stretched. On the bunk above his, Will was also awake. He hadn’t spoken, but the bed creaked as he moved around under the covers -- from the occasional grunt, the movement was more tossing than turning. “Put some jeans on, Steve,” complained Nicole. “We don’t want to see your morning glory.” It was true that Steve’s boxers did little to cover his anatomy, which was straining at the elasticated waistband. “I always wake up like this,” said Steve. “Shows I’m healthy. I got nothing to hide.” So saying, he pulled his boxers down and let his cock loose. It bounced upright. He turned to face the bunk below Nicole, which nobody had slept in, and he pissed hands-free. It sprayed messily over the covers, the pillow, and the wall behind, re-soaking everything that had partly dried overnight. Steve was laughing. “Gross,” said Nicole, though she was watching intently. “You dunno what it’s like to piss with morning wood,” said Steve. “Trying to aim for a little toilet -- the leaning, trying to point it down -- beds are so much better, I can just stand here and let it go where it wants!” “Half the guys I’ve dated used that as an excuse to piss in the shower,” said Nicole. “Ah, well I don’t shower in the mornings,” said Steve, as his stream petered out. “If I’m rock hard I usually just piss in the sink.” He shook himself dry and kicked his boxers to one side, then went to his suitcase and started pulling out clothes to wear. “Hey, Steve, watch this,” said Nicole. She pulled her covers aside. It seemed she had slept in a T-shirt and nothing else. She shifted to the edge of her bunk and she lay back, her legs sticking out into the air, her trimmed crotch at eye level. “What, you just showing me your muff?” Steve asked. “We all saw it yesterday already.” “Give me a second,” said Nicole. She breathed in, and on the breath out her piss started coming. It sprayed forwards and down, not so much a stream as a shower. The extra height meant it fell with force, and the noise was loud as the droplets hammered on the carpeted floor. Will, Jo and Kelly all turned to look at the sound. Steve took a hasty step backwards and pulled his suitcase out of the way of the stray drops that bounced towards him. Nicole pissed for a good thirty seconds. By the time she was finished, a huge puddle had spread across the floor below. She wiped herself dry on a corner of the bed covers, then climbed down the ladder, hopping daintily over her puddle to a dryer patch of carpet. “Whoa, Nicole,” said Will, sitting up on the bunk opposite her. “Oh you’re with us, are you Will?” said Steve. “Finished jacking off up there?” “I just came in my pyjamas watching that,” said Will. Jo didn’t say it, but the same was true of them. “Ew, too much information, thanks,” said Nicole, although she looked pleased. “I hope you shower.” “I wonder if they’ll come in to check the room during the day,” said Will, as he climbed down out of bed. “Fuck, I hope not,” said Steve. “It doesn’t seem like the kind of place that’ll send someone to clean the room, does it?” said Nicole. “I think we’ll be fine if we lock up.” Will shrugged and pulled his pyjamas down. “Too late to do anything about it, either way,” he said, turning to piss against the wall. “You two going down for breakfast in a minute?” The room gradually emptied out, the students talking excitedly about the first day of their trip. Jo was the last one to leave. Before they locked up, they looked around at all the puddles that seven people had left over the course of one night. After a whole week like this, the room would be completely trashed. But Will was right, Jo though, as they pulled their own pyjamas down and emptied their morning bladder onto the floor. It was too late to do anything about it, either way.
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    As the title says, this woman used my bathroom and I heard everything! So today I had my furnace serviced for the year. Instead of the usual beefy middle aged guys I've gotten over the years, I opened my front door and was met by a woman in tight blue cargo pants, black boots and light blue shirt holding her tool bag. She looked to be about 40, blonde hair in a ponytail, around 5 foot 8, thick curvy shape. She had a raspy voice and the rough looking face typical of heavy drinkers and smokers. I liked her rugged look and found her to be very attractive. She was nice, energetic, and talkative as I led her down to my furnace. She started taking parts off and looking at everything. I stood there at the bottom of the steps and answered her questions. While she was working, she bent over deeply and what an incredible view of her ass that was. Her pants were tight enough that I could see she clearly had no panty lines. After a few minutes of talking to her I went up to the kitchen to have a seat and wait. As I was sitting, she took a short phone call from another technician and I was amused at her foul mouth as she used the f word a lot. After a while she came up and went out to her van for supplies. When she came back, the real magic began when she apologized and asked if she could use my bathroom, saying her coffee had run through her. I really wasn't expecting it and almost died from the excitement as I said sure and pointed her to my bathroom, directly attached to my kitchen, no more than 6 feet from where I was seated. She hurried in and that alone told me it was going to be good and holy shit it was... Before she closed the door, I acted like I was walking into the next room so she wouldn't think I was still sitting right outside. When she closed the door, I heard her lift the toilet seat up like guys typically do, which makes sense since it's visibly crooked a bit because it needs tightened back down. The key thing is that she hovered because of this. Almost immediately after I heard the seat go up, she made an unbelievable power stream that even I wasn't expecting. I knew it would be strong but when she started, it still shook my nerves hearing how much pressure was behind it. No one has ever made that much noise in my bathroom. I could've easily heard her on the other side of the house. It was a beautiful combo of LOUD forceful hissing and deep roaring flood in the toilet. She wasn't holding back and pushed it out with no shame. It went on for a long time before she stopped, then started again for a good while longer at the same pressure. Seemed somewhere around 25 seconds total. I heard her put the seat back down and flush, then she came out, didn't wash her hands. She sighed in relief as she opened the door, then thanked me and went back down to the furnace. I stood in shock trying to calm my heart rate. I went in and checked and you could tell a woman had used it just from the smell around the toilet. It was unmistakable. I could tell she also did not wipe because my fresh roll of tissue hadn't been opened. Best part, I lifted the seat back up and it was wet with her drips on most of the perimeter, so she either started messy before it straightened or she had a second stream spray upward briefly. If her full flow had been at that angle it would've been a huge mess everywhere. She also splashed a bit on the back of my toilet under the seat, it was hard to see with my rather dim lighting in there but she must've known that would happen, thus her decision to lift the seat in the first place. When I saw all of this, I could've cried it was so hot, knowing she pissed with the pressure of a wild animal, hovered, splashed and didn't wipe! I left her drips right where they were. She finished tuning up my furnace about 20 minutes later and came up. I paid her, she thanked me again, saying that she would've peed on herself soon if I hadn't let her use my bathroom. I was just trying to not let on how happy I was that she used it as I walked her out.
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    spent the last week on vacation with my partner at a beach side hotel and we had lots and lots of fun! i think my favourite places we peed are on the carpet, off the public balcony, on the public beach, and in the jacuzzi occupied by a few other people. it was a really fun time! every time we go out of town we challenge each other to a game of pee fun, never using the loo, so we always find new places to relieve ourselves. he asked me to pee on the carpet for him, just sitting down, legs spread as wide as they could go, letting it flow. he loves looking at the big mess i leave afterwards! the next day we went down to the beach and, while still sitting in my beach chair, i pulled aside my bikini and pissed right there in the sand. a few people walked by but they definitely didnt seem bothered, if you know what i mean. then a bit later he did the same, right in the same spot. my favourite was when we had a few drinks and we were close to bursting. so when he was absolutely bursting with pee he walked out toward the balcony and i thought he was going to go for the plants that were out there, but instead he took his cock out and pissed right off the balcony. we were on the fifth floor.
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    A few more taken after a pub visit. Oh, that felt good! Behind a bin in a city centre. My husband peed on my pee after this.
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    Pee Fans has achieved the incredible milestone of 30,000 members. That's right, thirty thousand. It has been amazing watching this site grow over the years and I have met some truly wonderful people on here, people I consider very good friends. I am sure I'm not the only one. A community is only as good as its members and we have a bloody awesome one. We have members from all different backgrounds and walks of life, different ages, different genders, different interests. But we are still united with a common fetish. I am honoured to be alongside you. If you reading this, thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you for making Pee Fans so great, this site wouldn't exist without you . Here's to the next 30,000. Cheers
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    This evening. Wearing white stockings this time. Peeing against a lamppost: like a dog! "Woof! Woof!" 🤣
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    This story happened to me about 3 years ago. I work in an office in a big building and in the floor where I have my desk there is a very unpleasant cleaning woman. She she doesn’t clean well and in addition she is very arrogant. Once I had a very bad argument with her because she touched the things on my desk, so I remained very upset with her. Now, you should know that this woman has her own “closet room” where she has her locker, and the tools to clean around. Except when she is changing her clothes this room is open all day, so in winter time when it is too cold to stay on the terrace, we girls go in this room to take a break and smoke a cigarette. Now, a couple of days after the happening of our bad argument I had to remain at work overtime, it was in late afternoon, almost evening and I was feeling tired and nervous so I went in that room to smoke a cigarette. While I was smoking I realized that I had also to pee pretty bad so in my mind I was thinking that I would have gone to the toilet before returning to my desk... but when I was still there my gaze fell on the plants that the cleaning woman grows with lots of love and care and a nasty idea jumped in my head thinking of the bad discussion we had a couple of days before. The plants were inside because in winter time the cleaning woman keeps them inside and not on the balcony (otherwise they would get frozen quickly) so I decided to pee on her favorite plant that she was so proud of ;-) It was a beautiful white geranium in a pot that was about 25 cm high and 35 in diameter. I wanted to put immediately in practice my revenge, so I locked the door of the room from the inside (as the woman does when she changes her clothes) and I went at the pot, I moved it a bit aside from the wall and I pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and popped a very low squat attached to the plant, let’s say, I was almost holding the pot tight between my legs and my pussy was right in the leaves of the plant. I wanted to stay so close because I wanted to minimize the splatter around from my strong stream that would have hit the plant... so, when I felt that I was in the correct position, almost “embracing” the plant with my legs, I let my pee flow free, right in the geranium... I released a huge quantity of pee that soaked the leaves in front of my pussy and flooded the pot filling it with my urine almost up to the border. Thank God it didn’t overflow because there was enough free volume inside the pot. Then I rearranged my clothes and pushed the pot carefully close to the wall again. Then I left the room and reached my desk very relieved and satisfied for my little revenge against that unpleasant woman. Now a little continuation of the story about the following days. My revenge took place on Friday. On Monday I was back to work. As everyday I went to have a smoke in the room with two colleagues. When we entered in the room I had a quick look to the geranium and I noticed that it was already showing the signs of suffering as a result of my pee, since the leaves were turning brownish. At the end of the week the plant was almost completely withered. I was sorry to have killed the plant, but it was a good revenge against that stupid woman. I wondered if she understood what happened and I imagined her smelling the plant in order to understand what poisoned it and in that moment she was actually smelling my urine. Yes, a very good revenge. ;-)
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    Two sightings this evening. Today, I arrived in a smallish town in the North West of England. I went out to see what happens around the current 10pm Chuck out. It wasn’t very exciting as the number of people were quite low and most just headed home with no drama. The fast food places also have to shut at 10pm so there was nothing to hang around for. So, there were a group of about 8 girls stood on a street corner chatting after coming out of a pub and I thought that at least one or two of them may need to pee. So, I sat on a wall a bit of a distance away, but where I would see if anyone left the group. Whilst I was sat there, three other girls, obviously pretty drunk cam up the road. They were all wearing black jeans and a variety of different tops. They walked to a corner where a gate was next to one house and perpendicular to another house. This was immediately across the road from where I was sitting. One of the girls had a big mouth on her. She saw me sitting there and shouted over “Are you going to walk down there?”. I turned to my right to respond to her. I replied. “No, I am waiting here for someone. Why?” She shouted back “Cos she is going to pee here”. I responded “That’s OK, I don’t mind” and went back to looking ahead - not at them. One of the girls had long blond hair half way down her back. She took up position in the corner, lowered her jeans and squatted. The other two girls stood in front of her. The squatting girl started peeing and I could clearly hear it splashing on the pavement. I glanced over and could see a thick stream falling and hitting the floor. The mouthy girl shouted over “Hey - look the other way - she is pissing here”. So anyone in earshot totally knew what she was doing even if they hadn’t noticed before. I looked at her in order to reply “Sorry, didn’t mean to intrude”. A couple in their forties walked up the road towards the girls. They hadn’t noticed the three girls in the corner until mouth shouted to them “Don’t look here, she is having a piss”. Of course, both of them naturally looked directly at the pissing girl, who put her head in her hands from embarrassment - probably more as a result of her friends mouth than her peeing. The couple who were innocently walking past then also got shouted at for looking The first girl finished up and then swapped places with the mouthy girl. Despite her concerns of me sitting there (bear in mind I was there first and there were other darker corners they could have chosen) she the reversed into the corner and pulled her jeans down. She bent over so her arse was facing the gate, was high up in the air and her body was almost horizontal. She peed out backwards so it went through the gate. I couldn’t see much, but I could hear it splashing onto the floor. Again, she shouted over “Are you still here?”, so I naturally turned to her and responded “Yes, I told you, I am waiting for someone”. She aid “Well stop looking over here”. I responded “I am only looked over when you shout at me”. The third girl told her to shut up and leave me alone as I was only sitting there and it was them that decided to pee there. When she was done, she stood upright and went to pull her trousers up most of the way. Her arse was as large in proportion to her oversized mouth. She couldn’t get her jeans over it. She was wearing one of those body suits that does up under the crotch. She hadn’t managers to do it up and she was walking away whilst still pulling up her jeans. “Don’ you look at my arse!” Came the next shout, which I duly ignored. They went off round the corner with her still trying to get into her jeans. The photos show the puddle left by the first girl (the second girls pee went through the gate so can’t be seen) and also the location as viewed from where I was sitting.
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    I'm waiting for a new mattress to be delivered today so curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to see what it felt like to pee the bed. I was watching TV and instead of getting up to go to the toilet I opened my legs and did a wee right there. It was a long wee as I'd been needing to go for a while. I'd say I was weeing for 30 seconds perhaps. It was enjoyable at first. I liked the sound it made and watching it pool then soak in, but I wasn't so keen on how the puddle pooled around my bum, thighs and privates. I had to shower immediately afterwards. Anyway the sheet is now in the wash and the mattress is in the trailer to go to the tip. I though some might enjoy these pics.
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    Hauling myself out of the pool, I was uncomfortably aware of how tightly my swim trunks were suctioned against my body. To make matters worse, during class I'd noticed Paige sitting at the side of the pool with a slow dribble of liquid running over the edge from between her legs and down into the water. Despite this becoming a fairly regular occurrence, seeing the pool staff relieving themselves at their convenience never got old. Fortunately, no kids or parents were near me as I stood up on the pool deck. The only person around was the on-duty lifeguard, sitting on a plastic chair a few feet in front of me. To my embarrassment, this lifeguard was taking full advantage of the front row seat, her eyes locked on my revealing bulge. Jessica twirled one finger in her hair as she mindlessly nibbled at her curls, all attention focused on the show. "Come on Jessica, eyes on the pool!" I called out, snapping her out of her reverie. She blushed and looked away, but I could see a slight smile on her lips. Walking past her I stepped into the break room, noticing that her head turned to follow me as I strode by. Alone in the break room, I filled out notes on my last class. But not long into it, I heard a scraping of plastic on tile outside the door. It was so soft I could only just make it out over the din of the pool, but I listened as it repeated every few seconds. Putting my binder down, I walked back to the break room entrance and peeked out the doorway. Looking to the side, I spotted the source of the sound. Jessica slowly rocked back and forth on her chair, her movements so slight as to be unnoticeable from a distance, but enough to cause the legs of the chair to slide a tiny bit on the wet floor. She'd brought one leg up, her knee bent to position her foot right under where she sat. Watching through the openings in the back of the chair, I could see her grinding into her heel, her dark red swimsuit pulled tight between her legs every time she shifted forward. She looked up at me as I moved to stand beside her, jerking her legs closed and sitting up straight. I laughed, "Did you like what you saw that much?" At Jessica's shy nod I could feel myself once again stiffening. "You can finish, I'll stand here and watch the pool with you. Might block you from view of the parents too." I saw Jessica relax immediately, letting herself sink back into her chair as she began slowly humping her foot again. I was already regretting my promise to watch the pool though, only being able to sneak the occasional glance down at the woman stealthily pleasuring herself at my side. But she had no such inhibition, as I noticed that she was staring at the tent in my trunks as she gradually increased the intensity of her masturbation. Turning my attention back to the pool, I was soon shocked to feel cool hands on my thigh. I stumbled slightly as Jessica tugged me closer, wrapping her arms around my leg and hanging on for support as she started to lose control to primal need. Glancing around, I was glad to see that I was positioned such that pool spectators couldn't see Jessica, and most kids in the pool were too focused on their lesson to look up at us. But I did see an instructor, Paige, watching from the other side of the pool. Looking down at Jessica again I met her glassy gaze, her mouth hanging open a bit as faint whimpers of pleasure escaped her lips. Suddenly her arms tightened around me as she shook violently, her chair creaking as she ground herself hard into her heel. For a brief second I could see a flash of lucidity in her eyes, before her face contorted in rapture as she submitted to orgasm. In a brief moment of silence, Jessica's body stiff, her breath caught in her throat, I heard a pattering of falling liquid. Darkening the fabric between her legs, piss ran over Jessica's foot, streams of urine spreading over her heel while others hugged her delicate arch to run between her toes. Unable to be contained on the seat, numerous trickles of her pee cascaded over the front, sides, and back to pool below her. Soon I felt the warmth on my own foot, her puddle steadily growing as she slumped back in post-orgasm bliss. Jessica's arms dropped from me as she slowly regained control of herself. She moved her leg out from under her, scooting back on the chair to cause a small tsunami of piss to be pushed off the back, splashing loudly upon the floor. Running her fingers up past her shoulders, she went back to absentmindedly sucking at the tips of her hair. I chuckled at the sheer normalcy of it all, somehow no one had noticed what she was doing, at least no one who would cause trouble. "Alright Jessica, looks like you can handle things from here," I said, returning to the break room. Fortunately it was still empty; I pulled down my trunks and thought back to what I'd just witnessed.
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    I won't mention their name because I wouldn't like to embarrass them but a highly respected member on here has been a bad influence on me (Joking)! They told me that they like to pee into their sink regularly. Up until now, I was unsure if I could do that because I'm not very tall and can't pee on an upward trajectory. However, today I stood on my toes and my crotch was well above the level of the bathroom sink, so imagining I was this member, I unleashed a yellow stream against the white porcelain. Difficult to explain, but almost as if I was being their understudy in a play or similar. Copying their activity was such a turn on that after I'd finished in the sink and washed my hands, I had to go into the bedroom and frig myself. Yes, I gave myself a climax imagining that I was another member of this site using their sink. Naughty Girl!!
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    In a recent thread, we were discussing the popularity of OnlyFans, and how it is clearly not in favour of most pee content (leading to it getting removed or hidden away). However, given we already have a platform here where thousands of pee fans visit every day, I am considering an area of the site that would allow female creators to create and sell their own pee videos. Perhaps a little similar to OnlyFans, but the key thing is it would be geared specifically towards pee content, and give both creators and fans much more transparency. For those who don't like this idea, it will be a separate area from the forum so will not interfere in any way (in fact it will actually eliminate the need for clip selling posts on the forums). Not only that, I believe the new area will lead to an increase in new people finding and using the forum (both men and women). For those who do like this idea, I think there are a few more key benefits: For viewers: All pee creators in one place, so you can easily find them, and discover the pee videos you really want. Ability to engage with creators. Everything much more open and straightforward, as unlike the other sites, it will be very very pee-friendly! 😉 For women joining the programme: PeeFans already has a platform with thousands of people who are interested in your videos, and we will even help promote them on your behalf! This means you do not have to constantly be promoting and selling them yourself, and can likely sell far more than would be possible in other places. This means more fans, and more money! If you enjoy creating pee videos, this could be an incredible (and very lucrative) opportunity. Unlike OnlyFans and most other adult sites, pee content would be the norm, rather than a taboo topic you're not allowed to publicly post. You handle the videos, and we handle everything else for you - the secure payment processing, the file hosting and downloads, etc. (And there would then be a revenue split between us, with PeeFans' cut going towards helping the site's running costs). In other words... I think it could be a positive for everyone involved. However, this is still just an idea, right now. I am looking to hear from some female creators (who either are making/selling videos already, or who would be open to the idea of getting paid to make pee videos). If that is you, please complete this short survey: https://forms.gle/RfNinDn1KS3cpdq3A It should take no more than 5 minutes, and will help determine whether this idea is feasible. If it is, I'll be contacting people who submitted the form to be part of the initial launch. Thank you.
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    People who use the toilet disgust me. 😆
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    One of the hottest sights I got genuinely by accident happened years ago at home. My mum and stepdad had gone away for the weekend and on the Saturday night my step sister went out for the night with some friends. She had already told me that one of her friends was going to be sleeping over which I said I was fine with as I was going round to my friends house and might end up crashing there like I did quite a lot. Unfortunately my friend had something come up so I just stayed in and enjoyed having the house to myself. Later in the evening I was sat in my room on my xbox and I thought I heard noise. When I took off my headphones I heard the toilet flushing and realised my step sister was home. I heard her and her friend in her room and figured I better go and say hello as I wasn't sure whether they realised I was home. Turns out her friend didn't realise I was as when I left my room I heard a gasp and looked round to find her in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, peeing. She hadn't bothered closing the door as she had assumed it was just her and my sister. It was made even better by the fact that whilst she had waited for my sister in the bathroom she had taken off her dress so was now just in her bra and knickers, the latter of which were round her knees as she peed. She just looked embarrassed and laughed sheepishly as she couldn't stop to close the door. I just gave her a little wave and enjoyed the sight and sound of her peeing. My sister came out and when she saw me standing there and her friend sitting on the toilet she burst out laughing and I just smiled and said "oh yeah, by the way, I didn't go out". My sister just rolled about laughing as her friend finished peeing and stood up clearly having lost all inhibitions by that point and gave me a lovely view as she pulled up her knickers and walked past me to my sisters room with a sheepish smile. I sneaked a peek of her butt as she walked past and then turned back to my room and told them if they needed anything just to holler. I definitely wasted no time replaying that image over and over in my mind whilst dealing with a sudden urge that over took me.
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    good morning! still in my towel wrap. and yes. i may be sharing a bit more of me on the front porch than i maybe should be. 😇😊
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    Just went on an evening walk with the husband. We walked on the path by the canal and I asked him to take a photograph of me peeing into it. As always, I lifted up my skirt and directed my lower lips to arc a stream into the water. It made a lovely trickling sound! I have posted the pics in a thread I made on the pictures forum. Before I found a place by the side of the canal, we noticed two guys were standing on the pavement opposite, peeing through the railings and down the side wall into the canal. I heard the trickle before I saw the streams. They stopped and eyed us suspiciously when we walked past them. We just smiled and said "good evening," though. After all, we were there for the same reason! After I had released my stream, it was my husband's turn. At his request, we went around to the opposite side so he could pee through the railings too. He made a narrower but higher arc than me. Peeing outside has been strictly utilitarian for my husband up until now, but he really enjoyed doing that! He already enjoys watching me pee.
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    I woke up earlier and unable to get back to sleep I went for a walk. I already needed to pee when I left so I knew I'd need to address that while I was out. I live in a mostly residential area - typical UK leafy suburbs. I'd walked about a mile by the time it became clear I'd need to start looking for a spot. I wanted to find a new spot so I continued past several previous spots including a local park, a bench and a phone box I've used before. Walking past known spots turned out to be a mistake because as I kept waking there was nowhere hidden to go. I considered turning back but I'd taken a circular route. In the end I realised in the whole time I'd been out I hadn't seen anybody else, either driving or on foot. All of the houses on the street were set back at the end of long gardens and driveways so I realised I wouldn't be overlooked. I stopped where I was on the pavement in the darkness, pulled my leggings and knickers down and peed right there in the middle of the path facing towards the road. My stream went a good distance in front of me and splashed loudly onto the pavement leaving a big puddle which pooled then ran in a stream across the pavement and into the gutter. It was a long pee with a lot of force as by the time I decided to go right there on the path I'd become desperate to relieve myself. I didn't wipe as I didn't have a tissue on me so I pulled my leggings and knickers back up, stepped over my puddle and continued home.
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    Just today: my husband and I were in the car. He said something about finding a place to go before we met with someone - we can't go into people's homes because of local lockdown. I didn't think much of it until about half an hour later when he pulled in to a 24 petrol station and got out of the car in a hurry. As it happened, they didn't have a public lavatory. He was getting pretty twitchy and agitated by this time so I suggested that we stop at a small woodland walk area and relieve ourselves there. He said "I'll take it!" We hopped back into the road horse and he stepped on the gas. I directed him to where I had in mind and my husband practically burned rubber to get us there. He parked and we again rushed out of the car. By now, I was keen to take a leak, too We headed down a pathway where trees gave us quite a bit of cover. I lowered my trousers and pulled my knickers aside whilst he unzipped his flies and produced his cock. Both standing, we released our streams into the sprawling ivy behind the trees. My stream was thicker and travelled further, but his was higher. Unfortunately, as we enjoyed our relief, we suddenly heard a rousing cheer. Two boys on bikes were suddenly racing down the path behind us. My thought process went something like: "Oh no! We'll be seen now and... Oh, actually I don't care. Ignore them!" The boys on bikes whizzed past and left us alone. I wonder if they were surprised to see a woman peeing standing - alongside a man, no less. Who knows? After we'd finished, we went back to the car both feeling much better. My husband isn't as into urophilia as I am, but I think he's getting that way...
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    The liquid was going through me, so we stopped in a parking garage and I watered a pillar. The cola finally worked through me. Also a photo of the puddle I made. I hope this makes up for the less than impressive performance earlier!
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  46. 12 points
    they’ve been wet once already, what’s the harm in peeing my panties again? 😇😊
  47. 12 points
    Also, I just thought I'd repost this one to put to bed two myths doing the rounds: That I'm a guy, and that I don't wear underwear. In this image, my female genitalia is clearly visible. As are my black knickers under my left hand as I pull them to the side. Hope this clarifies a few things!
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    Earlier on the way home, we pulled into the service areas for a quick stop. I had already suggested that we didn't go inside the building itself due to Covid. Instead we could just find a discreet area to relieve ourselves. And yes, we watered the bushes. We crossed over to the HGV/trucker car park and made our way to the brambles and tall trees planted around the perimeter. A few HGV drivers were there: smoking, looking at their phones and such. None of them bothered us, though. That's why we chose to pee over there. Truckers are on the road for a living - they've seen it all before. Behind the trees, I lifted my dress and peed a long thick stream into the undergrowth. It caught the brambles and ivy, making the leaves glossy. It felt good! After I'd given myself a quick shake and smoothed my underwear and dress back into position, my husband peed into the ground. As always, his arc is higher than mine, but less forceful and covers less distance. After he had shaken and zipped up, we made our way back to the vehicle. Not one of the truckers paid us any attention. Indeed, since the area had a tang of piss scent, we were by far not the only ones who prefer fields to facilities. I might choose to do that now instead of going inside to use the toilet. Especially since Covid is so dangerous. Peeing outside could literally save lives! Not to mention water.
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    That is great that everyone just accepted it and peed outside. Surprising that someone didn't complain and want to use the toilet. I guess it was there if anyone needed that option, but nobody did. I was at a house party when at university where the single toilet just couldn't cope with the volume of people needing to use it, so the host said that guys who didn't mind could pee outside in the back garden. Not one male (including me) bothered to queue for the toilet. According to a girl that I knew, the girls also shared the bathroom going in three at a time with one using the toilet whilst two sat on the side of the bath. It wasn't long before some of the girls also gave up on queuing and started to go outside to pee. I remember peeing against the fence at the side and a girl was squatted just along from me. There were puddles on the patio and people peeing at the side of the garden and on the vegetation.
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