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    My goal between now and September is to spend as much quality time with my family as I possibly can because I know things will get busy again. One of my all time favourite things to do with my husband is walk through the woods together. It’s what we did all the time when we first started dating. Yes we went out for drinks, to the cinema, a meal etc. But more times than anything else, we held hands and slowly walked. Every time I do this I get butterflies, I’m teleported back to those early times. I have mentioned it many times on the forum and I apologise if I’m becoming boring with my constant repeats! Because of the current situation and everyone being at home, I haven’t had as much wet fun as I would like. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to change that. Kill two birds with one stone. I live in the middle of a city so I have to drive out to the woods, that’s fine. To make things more interesting I made sure I needed a wee before we left the house, and quite badly too. Normally I wouldn’t even dream of leaving the house in this condition. I was at the stage where I was jiggly and quite noticeably too, I would normally use the first toilets I saw if I was out and about. But not this time! I wanted to hold it for as long as I could and I wasn’t going to return home without having a wee first. I was wearing a nice red dress, photo at the bottom, and flat shoes with nothing underneath. No panties, not even a bra. I had my blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and I didn’t bother with any makeup. I made sure to drink plenty of fluids and once I was happily desperate, we left the house and drove to the woods. It took about 30 minutes to reach our destination and once we were out of the car we held hands and took a leisurely stroll. Mark knew I was going to have some fun but he didn’t know exactly what I had planned. He just knew we wasn’t going back to the car until I had a wee. The walk was so lovely, there wasn’t anyone around for miles so we could really relax and enjoy each others company. I could have spent all day there if I was able to. Possible future camping trip?! We just slowly walked around, talking about anything and everything with our fingers interlocked. It was heavenly. As the minutes passed I became more and more desperate. I soon reached the point where I couldn’t hide just how badly I needed a wee. I was sort of walking with my legs squeezed together and I was clearly distracted. I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation nearly as much. I was still smiling and enjoying myself, but very desperate. After about an hour I was taking small, fast steps instead of my usual long strides. I’m not sure if it helped any but my brain was telling me to do them. I had started to become a little irritable and short tempered, the only thing on my mind was the burning inside me, the intense need to pee. Once I started feeling the occasional trickle of wee running down my leg I knew I had reached my limit. I probably could have held it for a little longer but it was quickly becoming more pain than pleasure. It wasn’t much fun anymore. I wanted to stop while I was still enjoying myself. I squeezed Mark’s hand and stood still with my legs slightly parted. “Babe…. I can’t….” I said quietly as he turned to see why I had suddenly stopped walking. I flashed him a smile as I stopped holding it and immediately started a strong stream. I went from 0-60 in a heartbeat and the sudden release took my breath away. I cannot put into words how good that moment felt. How good it was to just stand there and let my wee gush out of me. And it really was gushing. I haven’t peed like that in such a long time. Mark looked down at the waterfall appearing from underneath my dress and then looked back at me with a big grin. “Wow….” I sighed and closed my eyes, fully taking in the relief that kept building. I didn’t want it to end. It felt so naughty peeing like that. Not moving my dress away, almost like wetting myself. I peed for at least 30-45 seconds and felt such an overwhelming sensation of emptiness. I think it was the largest wee I have ever had, at least volume wise. Normally I would wipe myself but it just felt so naughty not to. My legs were splattered, my thighs had gotten a little wet too. I liked it! I gave Mark a huge hug and kissed him deeply for a couple of minutes before we continued our walk. I was in a much better mood, it was like flicking a switch inside me. Unhappy/Happy. We walked for another hour or so, nice and slow like before and talking about anything. I was back to my usual happy self so I could fully enjoy the conversation and the company. We eventually completed another circuit of the woods back to where we started and Mark said he wanted a wee before we got back in the car and as is usual after holding it for a long time, I needed another wee too. He unzipped and pulled out his penis so I lifted my dress and squatted next to him, looking up at him with a smile. He started peeing after a few seconds and I joined in moments later, my stream much more gentle this time and similar to his. I felt madly in love as I emptied my bladder for a second time. Not everything has to be overly sexual, sometimes the little moments like this shared with your loved ones are the best. My wee was relatively short and once I had finished I stood behind him, wrapping my arms around him and gently squeezing, watching as his wee began to taper off. Once he was finished I kissed his cheek and took him in my hand, giving him a quick shake before putting him back in his jeans. “I love you” “Do you have a tissue sweetheart?” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the pack of Kleenex before passing me one. I lifted the front of my dress and wiped myself before scrunching it up in my hand and taking his hand with the other. I would normally discard my tissue but the woods were so clean it seemed really wrong. After arriving home I needed another wee, I don’t know where I had been keeping it all! So after greeting the kids I went upstairs to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me, leaving it unlocked and walked over to the toilet before lifting my dress out of the way and sitting. It took me a little while to start for some reason, a stark contrast to my two previous wees but I was happy to wait, patiently twirling my hair around my finger. I had been sitting there for a good 30 seconds at least before I started weeing, just a gentle trickle that lasted for maybe 5 seconds. It almost didn’t seem worth it! Still, a wee was always a nice thing. I got myself a little toilet paper and wiped myself before flushing and washing my hands. My bladder has finally relaxed again and I didn’t need to sit on the toilet for another few hours after that. We had amazing sex last night. It was the slow love making that I enjoy so much, it gives me lots of little but still very pleasurable orgasms I can enjoy all night instead of one big release that leaves me worn out. It was almost entirely in cowgirl position with me sort of laying on his chest, slowly rocking my hips with his arms around me in a tight embrace as we kissed. Being close to each other was the goal, the orgasms were just a nice bonus. Even after he climaxed it wasn’t over. We cuddled together and kissed for much longer, fully enjoying each other. I’m sorry if it’s too much information but I absolutely love the sensation of his load slowly leaking out of me. I feel both incredibly loved and very sexy. I hope you have enjoyed reading this, I’m sorry if it’s a little long or repetitive but I wanted to include plenty of detail. Sophie x
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    Shower time ! ❤️
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    I really get off on people watching me and tell me what to do.. if you wanna be nasty with me, hit me up.
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    i love having a messy wee and not wiping after, feeling my panties getting all wet and having them rub against me for the next hour. i honestly think i could cum from it one day
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    Hi people of the forum I have been absent for a while, struggling with personal problems of such a size that they prevented me from logging in When I finally solved them, Pandemia broke out forcing me to 12 hours-per-day shifts, turning me into a trashed and exhausted thing. I finally got my work back and here I am again But there is one thing I also need to make you understand I am here on this forum for a very precise reason I am convinced that lack of emotional flow is the reason which turned the world into a cold place where people only have materialism to comfort themselves with I hate all of this I love piss but more than anything I love my own philosophical struggle against human indifference In the last weeks of my presence here last year, people were ignoring me, and this is something I cannot accept Nobody, beside my loyalists, were checking my contributions, and during my absence, almost nobody checked my previous stuff I have posted more 12000 posts and ONE HUNDRED pics of me on this forum, and I sincerely cannot accept for them to be forgotten in a week after it took three days to shoot said photobook, just because new threads about absolutely less-personal things pop up This has nothing to do with vanity and if I fail to make you all understand this, I will leave again and this time forever. What I gave to the forum, was something I poured my very soul into. I want for people to interact with it. Reply and give likes. It is so easy, that doing elsewhere demonstrates either uninterest or atrocious avarice of gratitude. This wasn't the reason why I left. I left for much darker reasons. But it can be important about me being back. Something so personal makes people emotionally vulnerable. I need more feedback. More love. Soon I will find a way to make my galleries more visible but I do not wanna bash them into your faces, the point is that I want people to understand that I consider what I posted worthy of being looked for, even if they aren't that visible Prove me you love me. And I will give you more than I ever did. I love you all. Check some of my 12000+ posts to understand me and understand also that I am absolutely sincere in telling you all that I really love you. I love you so much that I cannot ignore wether you act toward me in a way that makes me happy, or you don't I want my life to become part of you through sharing pics, videos, and personal reflections I need what is inside of you, your light, make me bathe in it, I live to make people understand the power of their love, but really, this is no silly game, I need what you can give me, I want your love actually expressed through likes and replies, in a tangible way I can't put days and days intro creating things and then seeing them fall into oblivion in a week. I have ZERO spare time so it takes me a lot to create what I give... and I want for it to become an ACTUAL starting platform for endless chats full of horniness and attentions Reflect on my words I am here, for now Give me reasons to stay
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    After drinking water all day at work I got home and realized how full my bladder was . Holding it on the drive home put me in the mood for a naughty pee. It’s not often I’ll wet myself but when I got home I let some out and just didn’t want to stop. So finally I changed but continued to drink water. so shortly after I was so full again . I seen where I put my wet shorts and I went to them again and peed over them . Getting carried away my carpet got a little shower. After two naughty pees I may back in bed and watch other and read stories . I can again feel my bladder filling so quickly . It wasn’t long before I had to go again. this time I went into my closet which is big but also cluttered . I have a little bench in there I sat on . I sat back and began to pee. It started spraying down my wall making a puddle on my carpet . I had sooooo much pee this time and I couldn’t stop regardless the mess. Felt sooo good to just release a full stream of piss alll over my wall. I don’t want to stop ! where should I pee next ??
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    I've done this once or twice when desperate and I wanted to do it again today as it feels so naughty. I came home and reached the landing to my floor but before I got to my flat I stopped in the corner of the carpeted stairwell. I took my knickers off, put them into my handbag and placed it on the windowsill beside the stairs. I pulled my dress up to my waist and squatted fairly low over the carpet leaning back against the wall for support. I had a long and much needed wee. It didn't soak straight into the carpet. I don't know if you can see but it pooled on top at first. I was forcing my stream quickly so my wee would be finished to avoid potentially getting caught. I was peeing for a good length of time and the pee was splashing from the carpet onto my legs, even though my stream went a good distance in front of me due to the fact I was squatting with my legs opened wide. The second photo is my puddle on the carpet which I must say I'm proud of. I had nothing to wipe with so I walked on into my flat with the last drops of pee dripping onto the tops of my thighs.
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    Finally peed my panties! It felt soooo good.
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    So, this got delayed because I was so horny I came and passed out after. But I’m here for sharing now 😘 sorry the quality kind of sucks in gif form
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    As youngsters both I and my brother were encouraged to pee in pools by our parents. We'd be guided away from toilets if we needed to pee before getting in, for instance, then being told "Just do it into the water" once we were in. When I did I'd be praised, "Good girl!" and told "In the pool is the right place." Well at first anyway, as we soon realised it was actually naughty and didn't need any encouragement! 🙂 In turn I also encouraged my own kids to pee in pools while they were young, and I'll never forget the looks of delight on their faces when they'd also realised it was naughty! Hey Ho, some folk might be critical, both of my parents and me, but I truly believe it did no harm. It has certainly worked out in my case as I still get a buzz from deliberately using a public, hotel or community pool as my toilet. As I stand there, hip deep, I can feel the warmth at my crotch as I begin to pee. At first my pee hits the lining, spreading warmth inside my swimsuit, and as I pee more strongly the lovely warmth spreads right down between my legs to let me know for sure that I'm polluting the pool water, at least as much as I can, for other swimmers. Sorry but that's my take on it. OK it might not sound nice to some of you, but I have a feeling that the majority of people here consider peeing in swimming pools to be harmless and uninteresting. We shall see... 😉
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    I just moved into a new neighborhood and had to go pee late at night. I was sitting on the porch and decided to go pee. So I walked around the side of the house and pulled my pants down and went pee in the driveway. I squatted down low and pissed between the cars and my puddle dripped out onto the front sidewalk.
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    I'd love to spend a day in a guy's house who would let me (and watch me) piss wherever I pleased - on the carpet, bed, sofa, in the garden, sitting on his car seats like I'm on the toilet weeing into the fabric. I'd love to do that.
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    Sorry I slacked and forgot to upload this
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    I sat on the kitchen side next to the sink and put my feet on the drainer and I pissed into the sink. It rattled and pattered in the bottom of the stainless steel sink with some small droplets splashing back up onto the underside of my legs. It was a much needed piss, I'd say I was weeing for close on a minute with a strong stream.
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    Just a mildly naughty wee to show you. I've literally just done it and wanted to post straight away. It made a splattering sound and the puddle spread beside the bath.
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    My naughtiest desperate piss was when my partner was in the bathroom and I couldn't hold it any longer. I went into the carpeted stairwell and squatted in the corner and peed onto the carpet. I'd intended to go outside in the car park or behind the bin area but it was cold so I decided instead to soak the stair carpet instead of going outside.
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    The quality of things I posted, and the fact that unless I got more likes and replies I'll leave forever and all my contents will be removed, will have to make people less superficial and selfish Just see, I put a like to you, even if I did not appreciated part of the contents of your post, it is obvious that you put heart, brain, and time into writing it So I just clicked It isn't so hard to do the same with me, and with the countless very sexy and arousing things I posted It's enough to go to my profile and start scrolling I do with a lot of people in order to be sure I don't miss anything Is that hard and/or absurd to expect for people to do the same with me? Anyway, they will, or I will leave, and they will be proved so avaricious that they preferred to lose one of the forum main members rather than click a fucking reaction It is a war of wills: my will is for people to stop taking contents for granted. Other people will side with my claim or side against it, but then they will be described by their choice I spent nameless emotions and whole days for creating my galleries or writing important things A click is not that much to ask in return, it just proves you are not here only to take The world doesn't need people who only take: and surely I don't need a forum which in itself is great but would, in that hypothesys, proved to be overrun with people of that kind
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    Preventative pest control came today and sprayed in the only bathroom, so I wanted to give it extra time before opening the doors again. After a while, I had to pee so I took off my underwear in my closet, put my shorts back on, then went into the laundry room and closed the sliding door. I pulled my shorts aside, put my leg over the basket and let go into the blankets below. I couldn’t fully enjoy it as it was a little risky for my liking (Husband and I have a roommate, he was in his room but it’s not a far walk) but it’s still always fun to pee somewhere other than the toilet. Still hanging out in shorts with no underwear. I love peeing standing up though, so I’m probably going to have to grab a jar and pee in the closet next time.
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    'Pee on someone's rug' by Erwin Wurm It all started when I was modelling at an exhibition in a gallery about ten years ago. I just had to wear a themed outfit and mooch around to create atmosphere. Not too exciting so I got to chat with the artists. I got on well with one of the artists, Erwin Wurm, and he thought I might like to model for a new series he was doing about doing things that are politically incorrect. We had quite a long discussion about what he could depict since it is a very controversial subject. He didn't want to just be outrageous, he wanted to just slip little things in to everyday activities, he wanted to make the viewer work to see the meaning. We were trying to think of things and did not come up with much, but my bladder was feeling a bit full and I just mentioned that if I was not careful I was about to be politically incorrect all down my legs. Erwin laughed and really lit up. "Great idea!" he said. He gave me his card and said I was hired. I excused myself and went to the women's room. I thought nothing of it until I got a call from my agent a couple of weeks later confirming a booking. I made my way to the hotel and was greeted by Erwin. he took me for a coffee. We sat and discussed the shoot while I had three coffees. He had set up in one of the penthouse apartments, and had invited a few friends to make the scene. They new that they would be photographed, but they did not know the full nature of the scene. He wanted me to just walk in say "hi" and then standing casually with my feet a little apart nonchalantly just pee. There would be a rug there to stand on so hopefully none of the 'guests' would notice straight away that I was peeing. I was not to hold back. I asked Erwin. "What will I be wearing?" "What you have on." he replied. "Unless you have panties, they will have to come off." he added. A just casually flipped up the front of my skirt so that he could see that I was without. I don't know any models that wear panties. He smiled and said. "Excellent". We finished our coffee and Erwin got me a bottle of water to drink on the way up to the apartment. As we got out of the lift Erwin asked me. "Do you want to do a quick trial run?" "Yes." I answered. Erwin stopped walking and said. "Go ahead then, feet apart. Don't worry about the carpet. I have paid more than enough to hire this apartment." I just spread my feet a little and giggling I relaxed and started to pee. Looking back I cannot believe that I just stood there in the hotel corridor and peed on the carpet like that, but Erwin was so in control of everything I just did it. "That'll do." he said. I stopped peeing and we walked on, I did not even look back to see what I had done to the hall carpet. When we got to the apartment Erwin opened the door, took my bottle and led me in. There were lights and several cameras set up with Erwin's assistant behind the cameras but otherwise it was just a regular apartment. Erwin introduced me. "This is Minerva. Minerva meet Jack and Francine." Erwin retreated behind the cameras which began clicking. I just stood on the rug, moved my feet a little apart, made a little small talk - and started to pee. I could not tell whether I was actually peeing at first because I could not hear it but as I increased the flow a little bit I could feel little splashes on my legs and heard the cameras begin to click faster. My heart started racing, I am sure that I must have flushed very red, but I just pushed harder and then could hear my pee splattering in the rug while Francine was speaking. Francine paused and then looked a little shocked. "... Minnie - you're peeing..." I just smiled, carried on peeing as Erwin had told me to, and said. "Yes." It was quite a relief that someone had notice. Strangely I felt more comfortable. Jack spoke. "That's rather fun. Why don't you water the rug too Francine." Francine just sunk in to her chair and shook her head. The cameras kept clicking until I finished peeing. Erwin came over. "Lovely, thank you. I think that is politically incorrect enough don't you?" Francine nodded. "Time for lunch. Will you join us Minnie?" Erwin asked, jokingly adding. "I'll buy you lunch if you pee in the restaurant too." We all laughed. Jack added. "Art is about more than just the picture you know." We had a nice lunch with a few glasses of wine in the restaurant. I learned all about Jack and Francine, and how they marketed Erwin's art. They were really nice and said I could have a print when they are done since I had been a really good sport to play along with Erwin. They really had no idea what he was doing or what I was going to do when I walked in. While we were eating all the coffee and water really started to take effect. I was just about to get up and go to the women's room but I felt really relaxed in the company and I remembered what Erwin had said about the cost so I just leant forward and flipped the back of my skirt out of the way and just sat and peed on my chair. It was real fun that even Erwin did not realise what I was doing until my expression must have given me away. "You're not peeing again by any chance are you dear?" Erwin asked. I just smiled and blew him a kiss. It was somehow very liberating just sitting there and peeing like that, feeling the warmth in the seat caressing my bare bottom. Jack spoke again. "Its your turn now Francine!" The wine was now having an effect. Francine answered, quite loudly. "For fuck's sake Jack, what is it with you guys and pee." Straight away I could hear the familiar hiss of someone peeing full blast. Francine commented. "Mmm. It is nice and warm, and I guess it beats having to go to the women's room. Francine continued to pee, her pee still hissing, with a beaming smile on her face. As the hissing stopped Francine spoke again. "Happy now guys?" Erwin answered. "Are you happy Francine?" "Strangely yes." Said Francine. "I never realised that pissing myself would be so warm and comforting." We stayed in the restaurant chatting while we had coffee. Both Francine and I peed again before we got up to go. While my skirt was dry where I had moved it out of the way Francine's skirt was soaked at the back, but she did not seem to be in the least concerned and did not even check it. I got the subway home while the others got a cab. There are times that I really love my job and when being paid is just a bonus, and that was one of them. The real bonus cam e later when a nice framed print arrived. At first I had some trepidation about putting it up on my wall, but now it has pride of place. No one at first realises that it is me in the picture, and even fewer realise that I am peeing until they look closer. But now I have a special rug laid just in front of the picture, and if the mood takes me I just recreate the scene. Still hardly anyone notices that I am peeing! Minnie -xXx-
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    i wasn’t exactly desperate, but i did kinda have to pee. haha. the force behind it felt sooo good, and with it, i kinda thought it would spray much further.
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    I prefer to add rather than to edit because posts of such an emotional intensity should not be edited because maybe somebody is preparing an answer to them and should not be puzzled if the posts suddenly changes. So I add instead of editing: I do not wanna accuse the people of this forum. The thing is much subtler and more delicate. But really, click a reaction, knowing that feedback is my fuel, is the least people can do if they really do not wanna write anything that could potentially start a fascinating chat Completely ignoring this after I stated it so clearly, is a clear statement in itself: show my your pussy, you bitch, I'm here to jack off and not to feel grateful for the pics I see As a woman, I cannot stand this. I want gratitude for what I share. And I am openly asking people to reply or at least click a reaction. Ignoring this cannot be anything else than a political statement. It is a very serious and deep thing, about which we should reflect
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    We were having a bonfire and drinking some beers. My guy friend got out of his chair and walked behind this small shed. I was sitting far enough back that I could see him from the side of the shed and he whipped out his cock under his khaki shorts (unzipped and unbuttoned), then started peeing all over the shed and grass. He had a strong stream gushing out from his waist. Then he shook his penis dry and tucked it back in his boxers and shorts and went on his way.
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    Having my significant other into peeing as much as I am. I would drink a lot and hold it as long as possible. Then he go down on me licking my pussy. Until I have the most Peetastic orgasm. Then have a lot of sex involving pee on each other
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    Description: Powerpiss, desperation, accident, golden shower So my girlfriend (now ex), Natalie, was going to a campground a few hours away with her family for a few days. I was invited, as was her friend, Alexis. The problem was, I couldn't go until the day after everyone went, nor could Alexis. So we decided I would drive with Alexis the next day. Now I had been dating Natalie for a few months, and I had known Alexis for a couple months after we started dating. So I hadn't been around her very much to get to know her. To describe what she looks like, she is an 18 year old red head, kinda tall and pretty curvy with a very nice butt. She has long hair and wears glasses. I picked her up in my car in the morning. She was wearing a olive green shirt and black leggings with short boots, and had a water bottle with her. She drank it all in the first half hour of the car ride. We talked a bit, and things got a little less awkward as we kept talking. We stopped for some breakfast, and she drank two coffees with her food. She then got a third large coffee to go, which she downed as we continued on. It was about 45 minutes after we stopped for breakfast that the tragedy of this car ride began. "I have to pee" said Alexis. My heart skipped a beat hearing those 4 words, as I find girls going pee a big interest, and this attractive girl in my car just said she had to go. The problem was, the highway we were on was getting congested, and there were no rest stops or even exits for a few miles on, as we had just passed one. We weren't moving at a fast pace, and it would be a while til the next stop. I told her we could stop when we got up to a place. "I just hope its not much longer…" she said. Traffic continued to move very slowly. Alexis played with her phone and fidgeted some. She kept sighing slightly. As we continued to creep along the road, she groaned some and put her phone in lap. "Uggh I knew I shouldn't have drank that much coffee" she said. "Yeah that was quite a lot to drink" i told her. Still we continued on, as she kept fidgeting and it became more noticable that she had to go. "God I have to peeeeee" she announced again. She pushed her thick thighs together in the seat, with her hands at the sides of them. "We're getting a little bit closer" I told her. After another 10 minutes of still slowly moving, Alexis really started to get antsy. "I don't know how much longer I can hold it" she told me. I then remembered the cup she had from her large coffee that was in the cupholder. "Well if it gets too bad there is that cup" i told her, half jokingly. She gave me a pissed off look, but then said "I just might have to…". At this point I was getting really anxious. I didn't want her to pee in my car and potentially make a mess if she missed the cup, but I couldn't believe that she was actually considering going in the cup. I knew then that she had to go super bad, for her to consider doing something private like that in a confined space close to me, someone she didn't know so well and wasn't very close to. Alexis went back to looking at her phone, and now she was really bouncing in the seat. The pace of traffic picked up a little bit, but we were stille miles from an exit. Minutes went by in silence except for the sound of her fidgeting. "I really don't think i'm gonna make it" she said. She put her phone back down and picked up the empty cup. "Are you gonna do it?" I asked. "I might have to. I hope this cup will hold it all" she said as she inspected the cup. This was alarming, as it was a large size. I didn't consider she was going to pee so much that the cup would overflow. The backseat of the car was filled with our stuff for the weekend, so there was no where to go in the back for privacy. She would have to do it in the front seat. "I won't look, I promise" I said, even though I wanted to. She sighed loudly. "I'm just gonna hold it. It would be super embarrassing to piss in your car right next to you" she said and giggled some. She put the cup back and then put her hands on her crotch this time, holding herself. "I just hope we hurry" she said. We started moving along at a decent rate, as the traffic started to clear up. But after another 15 minutes, Alexis cried "I can't hold it!" Luckily, the traffic was moving along at a normal pace, but we were still a few minutes from the exit. I told her we were almost to a place. She started moaning and shaking some, trying so hard to hold it. I felt bad for her. Finally I saw the exit signs. " Almost there" I said. I got off onto the exit as she started really squirming. I got up to the intersection and saw that a gas station was a mile and half down the road. But as I turned and started going down the road to it, Alexis yelled "its coming!!" She then reached down and started unzipping her boots. Before I could even ask what she was doing she yelled for me to keep going. She ripped her boots off with her socks, then reached up, unbuckled, and pulled her leggings and thong down. I glimpsed her thick, pale thighs and large full butt in the seat as she used her feet to get her leggings off her. As I started picking up speed down the road toward the station it sunk in what was about to happen. She hurried and grabbed the cup, while breathing heavily with the effort of holding her piss in as she got up in the seat to get into a good position. She was in a squatting position, facing towards me but a little bit to the front some. . I didn't want to be rude and I said I wasn't going to watch. The last thing I saw as I turned to watch the road was her place the cup in the seat below her girl parts. What felt like an eternity, but was probably only three or four seconds long passed. I heard some pants from Alexis, then a sudden sharp inhale. Then the next thing I remember was hearing a hissing sound, and the feeling something warm hit me. A warm liquid hit my face, arm, and leg from the right. I instinctively flinched a little and rotated my body towards the source, as it happened so fast and I couldn't even process what was happened. This just exposed my face and more of my body to what was incoming, and in the half second it took to do that, what was just a few drops turned into a full on warm spray of urine. And for a half second of me facing Alexis, I saw a sight that I know I'll never ever forget: an absolute geyser of yellow pee exploding out from between Alexis's pale thighs. The coffee cup lay in the seat below her crotch, the spraying urine missing it 100%. Her pee wasn't coming in out in stream, it was massive wide spray of hot urine blasting out of her vagina, all over. The force of this hitting my face and body made me close my eyes after just a half second of facing it. It was like being blasted with with a powerful water hose. The sheer pressure of her pee was immense. Now, keep in mind that I was going down the road at a decent speed towards the gas station when this happened. So my eyes went off the road as Alexis began to pee all over, and I then closed them after getting hit full on. I raised my right arm to block my face, and yelled while doing so. I was completely shocked and only just realized what was happening. While I did this I began to feel the car start to swerve over the lane. I also heard Alexis let out a huge moan of relief, along with a fart. Later on i would find out she wasn't even aware of what was happening in those first few seconds, as she was so overcome by the relief of finally releasing her pee. I got my eyes open behind the shield of my hand as I heard a car honk at me. I knew I was going into the lane, so I panicked and over corrected my car, while warm urine was being forcefully sprayed all over myself and the steering wheel. The pee was splashing all over, and I felt it splashing back off of me. The smell of it filled the car, along with the rotten egg smell of her fart. The sounds of Alexis's pee splattering on everything, and it hissing as it came out of her vagina was very loud. As I overcorrected my car, both our bodies shifted as the car quickly changed direction. Since Alexis was unbuckled, her body hit up against the passenger door, and instead of facing me she was now facing towards the front of the car, in the middle and in front of me. With this shift, the pee went from spraying directly onto me to the windshield. It forcefully showered the windshield and dash, spraying back all over both of us and the front of the car. I couldn't see anything outside the windshield because of all the pee being blasted onto it, plus all of the splashback hitting me in the face. "I can't see! I can't see!" I yelled. The car went off the road, and I quickly turned again in the opposite direction. This made the car violently jolt and bounce, and Alexis fell over! She started screaming as she fell onto her back with her legs in the air! Still she pissed, and now it was fountaining out of her straight up into the air. The yellow liquid sprayed and splashed all over the roof of the car, where it rained back down all over us, especially on Alexis. She screamed even more, and powerfully farted. I slammed on the brakes as I went back off the road, and car spun, us with it. Urine sprayed wildly out of Alexis as we spun around, absolutely soaking everything. We both screamed in terror as the car finally skidded to a stop. "I can't stop" screamed Alexis, as she continued to power pee. It kept shooting out like a super soaker onto the dash and windshield. She closed her legs and went in the seat. It hissed so loud and a massive puddle formed under her. After a few more seconds, she finally stopped. It was over. We both were breathing heavily for a few seconds, as we processed what just happened. The whole car, including us, was drenched in Alexis's pee. It ran down my face and dripped from my hair. Alexis's makeup was running down her face from the pee the splashed back and rained onto her, making it look like she was crying. Her glasses had drops of urine on them. Every surface of the car was wet, and streams ran down the windshield and windows. Pee dripped down from the rearview mirror. The car stunk from the farts she let out when peeing. "Are you ok?" i asked her. She said yeah. "I'm so sorry...I can't believe what just happened!" she said. Our clothes were soaked. "I can't believe you peed so much" I said. I drove over to the side of the road. "I had to go so bad, and it just came out so hard that i missed" she said. "Sorry it got everywhere". I told her it was ok, it was an accident. But it was a huge mess we needed to clean. We drove up to a gas station and I got some paper towels from where you can dry off the car when cleaning the windshield. Alexis put her wet leggings back on. We wiped down everything the best we could. It took a while, and a lot of the pee had soaked into the car. Our clothes and hair was wet from her urine, so we changed in the restroom to our other clothes for the trip. We smelled like dried pee after a while. I told her how crazy it was that she peed so much. I said I was impressed. She giggled and blushed. "It was alot of pee" she said. "It was like a jet coming of me". We laughed. We let the car air out some, then continued on. We swore we wouldn't tell anyone, as it was very embarrassing for Alexis. It was our little secret of the camping trip. The rest of the trip there we talked about how impressive her pee feat was, and joked about it. Later on, she gave me money to get the car cleaned. Until then, it smelled very strongly of her pee.
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    Hi. I'm Nation. I've been lurking in the pee community for a long time and finally want to interact with others. But I'm feeling shy about it. I'd love to chat and make friends here.
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    Couldn’t find a diaper so I improvised with a pad; it felt so so good
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    bad luck day with the bathrooms. went to the coast the other day hoping to see the comet that’s flying by, but it was still pretty light and early in the evening. so ended up checking out some shops and galleries, and getting a latte and snack at a cafe. though, since everything is to go, it didn’t dawn on me that by the time i was ready to head up the mountains to hike, all the shops would be closed. now, i was not totally in need yet, but, i had been putting off using the bathroom for at least an hour and felt it would be prudent to go before leaving town. luckily, there were public bathrooms at the parking lot, but guess what, also closed for health and sanitary reasons according to the sign- and inviting us to use one of the many store’s facilities. hrmph. 🤷🏻‍♀️😕 i did kinda walk around earnestly looking for a still open restaurant, and did find one, but was told customers only. not wanting to waste any more time, i just decided to find somewhere quiet to wee outside. that would be more fun anyway, and as i headed back towards my car, saw an ally with a steep hill to it- how fun! and without hesitation shimmied out of my shorts and panties for a squat. 😇😳 waaaay more pee came out than i expected lol! it was waaaay to dark, but, i also squatted later while viewing the comet later that bight. which was ok, because there were like 4 or 5 others parked nearby watching it too. 🌌 hopefully the splatter it made wasn't too audible. 😬😳 but i only let a little bit go, and after being awed by the heavens for another 1/2 hour or so, decided it was late enough that i should head home. i left fully aware that i had to pee still, and expected to stop at gas station for a bathroom. but, back in civilation, the 1st place i stopped was closed to the public in the store. and the next 2 mini marts were closed altogether. it was all i could take, and barely got out of the car with my bottoms down and hissed an explosion of wee everywhere! haha. i was sooo not expecting a messy pee. and barely even was ready for my camera. 😳😇 but holy goodness it was a relief.
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    @Admin I am happy to the core that you fully understand me now. No vanity, just a way to crack the shell which isolates every human unto his own. Visibility and gratitude have this meaning. They are tools. Tools to oppose love to squandering. Our lives are often squandered: love gives us a compass. It must be steel hard. And honestly, I think I can rock things about showing gratitude. Not blackamiling the forum but being open&clear about it. @Sweets You cannot lose sexyness, my love, for your sexyness never came from attitude, it was exhudated from you like a delicate perfume, the one of a quick and receptive soul. In the beginning I needed time to understand you fully. Then I simply fell in love with your sensibility. @UnabashedUser I missed your mighty and crude manliness. Even when you are kind you are cocky. I adore you and really missed you and your tales about your wife. I really look forward to reconnect with you, who always had been of solid support to me for whatever reason. @durianfury A fucking impressive stock of posts from you, pal. I felt your love, thank you immensely. For the future, I will add your ideas to some of the things I am preparing, in the meanwhile, you can really get from my past posts more than you can imagine. Sometimes old posts contains incredible things... @HitEmAll My friend THANK YOUUUUUUU!!! Your words always touch my.. ehm... heart!!! AHAHAHAH!!! And they make it soooo wet and aching... uhuhuhu!!! Glad to be back, really wanna restart our friendship!!! @peeingone The loyalty you demonstrated unto me always impressed me. I am grateful for our each exchange and about @Riley I must admit I miss her enormously, we had PMs and she shared her dark aching soul with me, and believe me she was deep as fuck, a great human being. The forum lost something without her and I sincerely hope for her return. In the beginning I felt her as a competitor but soon I understood she only wanted love, and fuck she deserved it. Thus we became BFF. I noticed she is gone, but hope never dies @Alfresco Hi friend!!! Thank you for being here, and yes, most people miss to look for previous things, but this must change, NOW!!! Some of the hottest written contents of this forum are in the past!!! People are here for sex and fun, right? 95% of it is in old posts!!! Not only those of mine!!! @conklin1 Hi pal, yes I dedicated my soul to this forum and I am a commercial partner of it, shooting copyrighted videos and porn photobooks for it and it alone. The videos, which are also on custom request when I can, are accessible to the Gold Members, a prize Admin awards unto those who help the forum survive through making a donation which ends up in the common moneypot of the forum so to pay for its existence. But my galleries are available to everyone and will soon be brought to the public attention. I am anyway more than anything proud of my written posts, both of extremely kinky actions and about philosphy, spirituality, politic, and the reasons why I make porn. My profile says a lot about me, check it whenever you want
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    The 3rd and final sighting from Saturday night, I could have probably gotten more but I headed home as I was tired. But it was a good one to end the night on. I had been thinking about heading home as I was starting to get tired (first day of work after months of nothing will do that) and I reasoned that I would head for a taxi after my next sighting. The main reason for this was I needed to pee and I had decided that rather than just going and peeing I would wait until something occurred and I could enjoy peeing with someone, much more fun that way. I took up a spot in one of the shop doorways and scoped out the next sighting all the while gradually feeling my need building. I had been stood there a while watching people go by and was starting to doubt whether I would get another sighting before I gave up and went home. I was having an internal debate with myself when the answer to my choice came in the form of two young girls in their early 20's. They came out of one of the bars down the street and walked across to the ATM and joined the queue behind a group of three lads. The first girl, a curvy black haired girl in a white top and black leggings asked "Where did Craig and Lucy go?". The other girl, a hot blonde in a tight white dress answered with the name of a bar towards the top end of town and then added that they may have moved on so they would have to go and find them. The black haired girl nodded and then said "but before we do we have to go and find somewhere to have a wee, I'm absolutely busting". The blonde girl said "yeah we will, that queue was crazy". I assumed they were talking about the queue for the toilets in the bar they had just left and that the black haired girl had left without peeing. This heightened my already interested state. The lads finished and moved off and the blonde girl moved to use the machine. As she was the black haired girl suddenly leaned against the wall and crossed her legs, bending at the waist. As she did she exclaimed "God I need a wee!". I was shocked but excited to hear the blonde girl reply "me too". Looks like they had both left the bar without getting a chance to pee first. The blonde finished and moved away to let her friend to the machine. She put her money away in her bag and moved to the side of her friend and suddenly said "oh god hurry up I'm about to piss myself". She too started squirming and squeezing her legs and as she stepped around doing a little dance she was moaning to herself "I'm gonna piss, I'm gonna piss, I'm gonna piss". The black haired girl finished at the machine and as she was stood putting her money away the blonde looked round and said "we need to find somewhere quick, I'm about to wet myself right here". They dashed off down the street and I followed along behind. They reached the end of the street and crossed the road and walked up a little onto the little side street, looking around as they went. They walked a little way down the street and then turned into the church gardens. I watched as they walked through the gardens where there were people hanging out and then moved towards the church building. I spun around and headed the other way around the church. As I neared the corner I could hear the girls and when I peeked around they were coming around the other side of the church, obviously looking for a place hidden from the people in the gardens. They pointed to the courtyard area and decided it was suitable and the black haired girl handed her bag to her friend and moved into the corner. She quickly pulled down her leggings and started peeing full force. As she did the blonde girl stood obviously looking out for her friend, squirming and dancing and holding herself up her skirt, moaning and telling her friend to hurry up and moaning that she was going to piss herself if she didn't hurry up. When the first girl's stream slowed down and finished the blonde said "oh thank god, come on come on come on". I loved watching her desperately dancing and it was obvious from her motions and the statements she was making she was almost wetting herself. I decided that this was my time to strike. I waited until the black haired girl walked back over and took her bag and her friends bag and the blonde girl moved to go to where her friend had just been. As she dashed towards the corner, lifting her dress as she did I walked around the corner. She stopped in her tracks and let her dress fall down. I moved towards the wall and unzipped, pulling out my cock and letting loose. I looked round as the blonde girl moaned "oh god". I looked round at her and it seemed she was waiting for me to finish and leave but suddenly she gasped and pulled her dress up, moved her white knickers to the side, squatted down and started peeing. The sound of her stream and her sigh of relief was so hot. I finished peeing and sorted myself out and shortly after she finished and stood up to do the same. I looked over at her and said "sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you, I was just really desperate". I remembered what they had said before and added "the queue for the toilet was crazy, there was no way I could wait in that". The blonde girl laughed and said "yeah I know right, only letting one in at a time, we saw that's what they were doing and decided it would take too long, easier to just find somewhere when you are desperate right?". I agreed and and then wished them a good evening before moving off feeling relieved and loving her comment about it being easier to just find somewhere rather than trying to wait, sounds like this wasn't her first time.
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    had to pee. and well bikinis are kinda meant to get wet, so presoaked my bottoms as i plucked a few leaves out of the spa before getting in.
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    Left just a dribble on the chair. Nervous about soaking it too much and getting caught later.
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    Me pissing jerking off and cumming on a towel lying on hotel floor. Hope u enjoy. https://www.erome.com/i/UMItgbWu
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    Over lock down I have seen many women I know peeing due to their perceived lack of toilets meaning anything goes. My wife has peed outdoors just about every car trip we have made. We met up with a couple as soon as lockdown was eased, took a shopping bag full of beer and had a social distancing picnic in a field in the peak district. My mates Mrs had no problem peeing 3 times just behind us out of our sight line. Another couple we met in similar circumstances. She is a very regular church goer and very reserved. I took the girls 2 bottles of prosecco to celebrate not seeing them for ages. The inevitable results were her peeing behind a bush next to us within earshot, she was over the moon at my wife and I's positive attitude to her outdoor peeing and was happy to tell us she had done it nearly every day this lockdown when they'd been out. Very early on in the lockdown another friends wife peed in a sandcastle bucket in her foot-well when in the supermarket car-park. Lucky for us to pick the same time to shop and I saw her empty the bucket with no shame down a grate, quite proud with herself for being prepared. I can see this becoming more accepted as councils have shut most of our public toilets already, and most women are quite miffed about it and see the logical solution in finding somewhere quiet.
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    This is the next chapter in Elaine's wet adventures. This includes deliberate female wetting, nudity, masturbation, and furniture and bed wetting. Dear Wet Carpet, Several members have messaged me and asked me to write the next chapter in my story, to tell all about our girls' night. Well, in case you haven't been following, I have embraced my pee fetish and recently started peeing and wetting in my house. So far I have wet my couch, my floor, my bed, my kitchen, and my front porch. After telling my coworker and friend Sharon about it, she wanted to come over to my place for a girls' night. After I got off the phone from her, I went to my room to find something to wear. I decided to wear a long t-shirt with a pair of black leggings without panties since we would likely just be staying around the house. It would also make peeing and wetting so much easier. I felt a slight wave of pressure, and I was tempted to break the tights in before Sharon even arrived. Instead, I sat my bare bottom on the corner of my bed, sitting directly on the blanket, and just relaxed. It wasn't much, but it was enough to warm my bottom, and it still felt great. When I finished, I got dressed, and then I stripped the blankets and sheets from my bed. I was amazed, but not exactly surprised, by the huge wet spot on my mattress. It covered nearly all of the center of it and would be obvious to anyone who looked. I wasn't sure if it would be any less noticeable after it dried, but I knew that at this point it was too late to care. Without even worrying about the big wet spot, I put a new sheet and blanket on my bed. I carried the wet blankets and sheets to the laundry room, then I walked into the kitchen to gather the towels I left on the floor. Through all of this, I could just barely catch a pee smell, but it wasn't overwhelming, and it may have just been because I was carrying the towels. I dropped them in the laundry pile and then walked back to the kitchen to grab some bottles of water. As I was carrying them to the living room, there was a knock at the door. "Perfect timing," I said. I opened the door, and Sharon greeted me with a smile and some bags full of food and drinks. I caught a glimpse of wine coolers and cans of beer. "Are we… having a party?" I asked. "It's girls' night, so we need drinks and snacks, right?" Sharon said. "I guess," I said, laughing. "Okay, but first things first, I've had to piss since I left work." She grinned at me and just stood there expectantly. I giggled at her eager smile. "Be my guest," I said. Sharon cheered as she sat her bags down and rushed over to my couch. "Are you sure it's okay?" she asked. "I can go somewhere else, but I need to decide soon." "It's fine," I said. "It might even still be damp." "Oh thank god because I really need to go," Sharon said. She tugged down her jeans and panties and sat her naked bottom onto my couch cushion. She gasped and then giggled. "Yep, still damp and a little cold, but I'm about to warm it up. Ahhhhh." She sighed and soon a steady dribble of pee flowed out of her and soaked into the cushion between her legs. Sharon moaned with relief as her warm pee splashed into my couch. "God that feels good." It was a lot of pee and it darkened the cushion between her legs and spread as she continued to sigh and moan, but it was over fairly quickly. Sharon looked down and smiled as she looked at the wet spot under her. "Whew. I really had to go," she said. Sharon surprised me by kicking off her scooting back on the couch and getting comfortable. "What?" she said, as if reading my expression. "I'm going to enjoy this as much as I can. I sat in the recliner across from the couch as Sharon reached into the bag and expertly popped the cap off of one of the Wine coolers. She handed me one and I twisted the cap and took a sip. As soon as the liquid hit my mouth, I felt a slight pressure in my bladder. I decided to hold it, though, as we talked about our plans for the evening. Sharon said it had been a busy, stressful day at home this morning and at work that day, so all she wanted to do was relax, get tipsy, maybe watch a movie, and piss anytime and anywhere she needed to, if I was okay with that. Of course I was. I relaxed in the recliner and switched on my television. I turned on Netflix, and we started watching one of my favorite movies, Silver Linings Playbook. Sharon and I had both read the book and had seen the movie several times but loved it enough to watch it again. About thirty minutes into the movie, Sharon sat up in her spot on the couch and sighed as another soft dribble of pee seeped out of her and soaked the cushion again. By this time, I was really feeling pressure in my bladder. I was still wearing my leggings, and I decided not to even move from the position I was in on the recliner or take my eyes from the movie. I relaxed my hold on my bladder, and soon a warm dribble of pee soaked the crotch of my leggings and warmed my bottom as it soaked into the chair under me. I could hear it hissing through my leggings, but I kept my focus on the movie. Soon it was only a trickle, but I sighed at the soothing relief of it. After the movie was over, Sharon said she was getting hungry, so we walked to the kitchen. I went to the counters next to my sink to search through my snacks. I didn't notice that Sharon had walked across the kitchen to the table until I heard her say, "Umm… this seat is wet." I looked up from the cabinet and saw her sitting on the kitchen chair that I had wet yesterday. I laughed. "Yeah, sorry, should have warned you." I reached back into the cabinet and grabbed a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa. Then I turned around to see Sharon sitting up in the seat with her legs spread. "Well, since it's already wet I might as well." As soon as she said this, she sat still and I heard a hissing sound. I looked and saw the crotch of her jeans glisten as a wet stain spread first on her jeans and then on the chair. "Ahh, that feels nice. My ass was already kind of wet, so…. Ohh." The wet spot grew and glistened again, and there was a dripping sound as some of her pee soaked through the cushion and dripped to the floor. "Ohhh, man, I love how it swirls around in my crotch before it soaks through the denim. Mmm." The glistening stopped, and Sharon sighed. As I watched her enjoy wetting her jeans, I felt a small bit of pressure in my bladder. I was standing next to the sink, and I smiled as I had an idea. I turned my back to the sink, and then used my hands to lift myself up onto the counter and slide my bottom back and down into the sink. I did not take my leggings off because I really enjoyed the feeling of my pee spraying through them earlier. Sharon looked at me and smiled. "Oh, that's a good idea," she said. "I sure thought so," I said. I spread my legs as much as I could and relaxed as my warm pee sprayed out of me and squirted through my leggings. We could hear it hissing through them and splashing into the sink with a metallic pattering sound. "Wait, are you not wearing panties?" Sharon asked. "Ahhhh, nope," I said. My pee was coming at full flow now, spraying messily from my crotch. "How does it feel?" Sharon asked. "Amazing," I said. "It doesn't spread like with pants and panties, but it just feels… different, like it sprays and splashes and still gets my crotch warm. Ohhh." The last of my pee seeped through my leggings and dribbled into the sink. I let it drip for a few more seconds and then carefully lifted my bottom out of the sink and hopped back down off the counter. I wasn't completely finished, though, so I let the rest of it trickle down my legs. We carried our chips and salsa and our wine coolers and bottles of water out onto my back deck. My yard is fenced in with no other nearby neighbors, so I knew it wouldn't be long before I would be peeing myself out here, and Sharon would likely join me. I placed our snacks on the small table between the deck chairs, which are wicker chairs with cushions on them, and we sat down. We relaxed and talked more, drinking our wine coolers and snacking on chips, talking about the movie we watched, about Sharon's husband and boys, about the library. I heard Sharon sigh and then heard a pattering sound as she peed into her jeans and it soaked the cushion under her and dripped through the deck chair and onto the wood of my deck. "Ahhh, that's nice," Sharon said. The glistening in her crotch stopped for a moment, though. "Hey, can anybody see us back here?" "No," I said. As soon as I said this, Sharon smiled and lifted her bottom as she unsnapped her pants, slid them down, and kicked them off. Then she sat up straight, sighed, and started peeing directly into the cushion. "Ohhh, yeah, that feels better. Ahhhhh." She closed her eyes as her pee dribbled softly and quietly and dripped through the chair to the deck floor. I considered also taking my pants off, but I wanted to feel my warm pee soak through my leggings one more time, and I decided to do it standing so I could feel it run down my legs. I stood up from the chair and looked down at my crotch. "What are you doing?" Sharon asked. "I'm gonna… just… ahhhhh." I let go and felt my warm pee spray all over my inner thighs and dribble down my legs, soaking the crotch of my leggings and spreading all the way down to my feet. It hissed out as I let go fully, sighing to show my pleasure. After a few seconds I cut off my flow and pulled my leggings down just to my thighs, let my arms relax at my sides, and then let go again, spraying a loud messy stream that splattered down and through my leggings, making a mess all over my legs. I peed like this until my flow finally ended, and then I slid my leggings down and sat my bare bottom down in the deck chair. We talked more until Sharon said, "You know what, screw it," and pulled off her shirt and bra. I giggled and then slid off my shirt and bra, as well, so that now we were both sitting completely naked on my back deck. "This feels so freeing," Sharon said. "I totally get the appeal of the whole nudist thing." I laughed and agreed. "Plus, it's convenient for this." Sharon scooted forward in her seat, spread her legs, and sprayed a steady stream of pee onto the deck. Her pee splashed against the wood until she scooted back, still peeing, letting it soak into the cushion again. "Mmm, god I love how it feels soaking in like that. Ohhh." I sat watching her until I felt I needed to pee again. I did not even move but just relaxed and felt my bottom get warm as my pee dribbled out of me and soaked into the cushion. "Mmm, I agree," I said. Later, as we were making our way back into the house, not even bothering to get dressed, I had a bold thought that was both scary and exciting as we walked up the steps leading from the deck to my back door. What if someone could see us? It would have been quite the sight, two young curvy women, a little nerdy but still cute and obviously very naughty, lounging around naked and walking along the deck into the house, still very naked and unashamed of our bodies. As Sharon stepped through the back door, I turned to face my deck and squatted right there on the top step. I sighed and released a strong jet of pee that sprayed out onto the wooden deck. It was over in ten seconds, but I smiled as I stood up, shook my bottom, and then turned to walk into the house. As I turned, I saw Sharon standing there in my back room with a stream of warm pee spraying out of her and down her legs onto my carpet. "Sorry," she said. "Watching you go just made me have to pee, so I just let it go." She had a wicked smile on her face, and I just laughed. It was getting late, and we talked about sleeping arrangements. I told Sharon about the wet stain on my bed and showed it to her, thinking it would lead her to wanting to sleep elsewhere. The stain had soaked through the sheet a little, and although it wasn't as big as it actually was, it was still obvious. However, Sharon looked intrigued. "I mean… it wouldn't bother me. And… I might have to pee sometime tonight…." She grinned at me. There was also the mutual concern about sleeping in the bed together. I had not shared a bed with anyone in years, but I had become so close to Sharon that the idea didn't bother me. "We should get dressed, though, because no offense I'm not sure how I feel about sleeping naked next to another woman." I agreed, and soon we put on our pajamas: a light blue nightgown and matching panties for me and Sharon had on a pair of pink pajama shorts with kittens and a top with a smiling kitten that said, "Don't hate me because I'm so cute." I laughed when I saw it. We climbed into the bed, and pulled the covers over us. As soon as Sharon scooted in she said, "Oh, I think I feel the wetness now." The longer we lay there the more I could feel it, as well. "It's kind of cold," she said. "It is," I agreed. "You want to warm it up?" Sharon asked. She was laying on her back, smiling at me. I did want to, but even after everything else that had happened, I wasn't sure how to feel about wetting my bed with Sharon right next to me or even how she would feel about it, even though she was the one suggesting it. She didn't wait for my answer, though. "I have to pee right now, so… ahhhhh." I heard the hissing sound of Sharon's pee as she soaked her panties and shorts right there in my bed. "I'm sorry, Elaine, but… ohhh… I really wanted to wet the bed… Mmmm. Oh my god that feels so good." I could hear it dribbling into the bed, and in spite of my reluctance I knew I wanted that feeling, as well. I brought my knees up closer and spread my legs. Sharon was panting as her pee was still seeping out of her and into my bedsheets. I decided to try something, and I reached down to pull my panties aside. I relaxed and sighed. Right away, a strong spray of warm pee splashed out of me, soaking my crotch and dribbling into my sheets. I gasped as it started to pool between my legs and warm my bottom. "Oh my god," I said. "Mmm hmm," Sharon said. I looked over at her and saw that she was touching herself under the covers. I could feel her leg brush against mine as I started to pee full force. I couldn't help but reach my fingers to my wet slit and touch myself, as well, ignoring the dribbles of pee that soaked my fingers, my thighs, and my bed. Pretty soon I was gasping and panting as I could feel my orgasm building. Sharon was also moaning and squirming. I put my legs down, still peeing and still rubbing myself, and Sharon started to cry out. "Ohhh shit, I'm gonna cum," she said. I gasped again, feeling my climax build until finally I bucked my hips and squirted a final stream of pee as I screamed. "Oh my god, oh, oh, OHHHHHhhh!" Sharon screamed as well, and I could feel her bare skin against mine as I screamed and felt the warmth of my pee under me. We panted and sighed as our orgasms ended and we just lay there in warm bliss. I was surprised when Sharon just said, "Good night," rolled over onto her side facing me, and closed her eyes. I smiled and looked at her, but I was also pretty tired, so soon my eyes were closed, as well, and I drifted off to sleep shortly after. As I expected, late into the night I woke up needing to pee again. I was laying on my left side facing Sharon, who was laying on her stomach with her head turned facing me. I looked at her, and she seemed to be fast asleep. The wetness under us had become cool again, so I decided to just relax and let my pee go into the bed. It filled my panties quickly and then dribbled out and into the sheets and mattress. As I was enjoying the warmth of it as it soaked into the bed under me, Sharon moved a little and then opened her eyes. "Are you peeing?" she asked in a sleepy voice. "I am," I said. We could hear it now as it dribbled into the puddle that was forming under me. "Oh, I can feel it flowing over here," Sharon said, giggling. "Guess I might as well… ahhhhh." After her sigh, I heard a second hissing sound as Sharon let her pee go, as well, letting it just spray out of her and into her shorts and the bed. Neither of us peed for very long, and as soon as we were finished we both drifted back to sleep without another word. In the morning as the sun peeked through my window, I opened my eyes. The coldness under my bottom reminded me of the night's events, and I felt a mix of reluctance and acceptance. It wasn't regret, and of course it happened, so it was too late to take any of it back, nor did I want to. But I had literally slept with another woman, peed and masturbated right next to her, and now I was waking up with her in my very wet bed. Sharon squirmed and then stretched and yawned. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Good morning," she said. "Good morning," I said. Sharon must have heard from the tone of my voice that something was bothering me. "Hey, if you're weirded out about last night," she said. "No, no, I'm not," I said. "I just… it's been a while since I shared a bed with anyone, and I was a little worried that you were weirded out…." Sharon pulled the covers off of her and sat up with her legs stretched out in front of her. "That's ridiculous," she said. "If I was weirded out, would I do this?" She sighed and a messy burst of pee soaked the crotch of her shorts. There was so much of it that it sprayed through the legs of her shorts and splashed to the sheet and mattress under her. "Ohhh, man, that's a lot of pee." She reached down and pulled the right leg and crotch of her shorts and panties aside and sprayed a stronger stream that splashed out in front of her, adding to the dark stain between her legs. "Whew, I really needed to go." It was still spraying out of her and dribbling into the soaking wet bed. "This… has been one of the best times of my life… ahhhhhh…. It feels so good to just… ohh... let it go in the bed…and I want to do it again." Her pee eased to a dribble, and I watched it trickle down her slit to the puddle between her legs. "Me too," I said. I sat up, as well, but instead of following Sharon's example I tucked my legs under me. Then I bunched the blanket up and shoved it under my bottom. I knelt down low until my pussy and bottom were touching the covers. I sighed until a steady flow of pee sprayed out of me and soaked into the covers with a loud hissing sound. I could feel it splashing into the covers and dripping to the mattress under me. "Mmm… it feels so good like this," I said. "It's splashing all over the blanket and my crotch, and it's so warm. Ohhhhh." I let go completely, soaking the blanket and the bed beneath me. My pee lasted almost a whole minute before it became a soft dribble that continued to soak the blanket. When I was finished, we got dressed. Sharon had to work at 9, and I would be in later at 11. We agreed to continue our library shenanigans and to have another girls' night soon Elaine
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    Just had another great work sighting, today i was clearing the forest paths with a trimmer when suddenly a group of 3 girls walked past me with drinks in hand and i saw one of them adjusting their pants so the first thing that came to my mind was that she had just pissed somewhere and that turned me on so in i go the way they came from and turns out i was right but unfortunately i wasn’t lucky enough to see it myself but then i thought that they were so close to me that they must’ve heard me coming with the trimmer so then i started imagining her hurrying her pee when they heard me coming closer and closer so much that she didn’t even have time to put on her pants propperly and that turned me on a lot. She must have been squating on the bridge and peeing down from it judging by the splatter i don’t know how well you can see it in the picture but the ground was soaking wet from her fresh pee
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    Hello everyone! I am Anise, an early 20s gal with long dark brown hair and a slim figure. I'm a long time reader, but first time writer! I'm so excited to finally share something!! Like I said I've been reading the magazine for a long time but just haven't really had any experiences I thought would be of big interest. Obviously I have gone for a wee outside before, multiple times, even in the city. What girl in her 20s hasn't found herself stumbling down a dark alleyway at night, bursting for a wee? Well, perhaps those who don't like to go out for a night on the town, but you get my meaning. It sure is a common thing among my group of friends... the shared alleyway wee to end the night after the pubs have closed up. I quite enjoy it, albeit a bit secretly! Anyway I am just going on and on, so let me get to the point. I'd read many of these stories of you gals peeing in all sorts of places and I have to say, the more I read, the more I started enjoying the idea of just crouching down and having a wee wherever I damn please! Marking my territory perhaps? Hah! I attended a New Years party a good number of months back (well, duh!) in a hotel and I had a chance to finally do something similar to what I read in a letter here from a long time ago. If memory serves me right, I think it was a contribution from Fiona, who had also been to a party hosted at a hotel and she had found a few alternatives to queuing up for the loo when the urge struck. I didn't even think about it at first. It was only after a few drinks, after which I obviously needed a wee only to be greeted by a long line to the bathrooms, that it sort of hit me - this was the perfect opportunity, I could certainly find an alternative! And it would be like hitting two birds with one stone because for one, I did actually really need a wee and that queue was moving very slowly, and two, this was perhaps a golden chance to finally pee somewhere a little more unusual than the various alleys throughout the city. But first, let me try and situate the party. It was at the very top floor of the hotel, in fact it was sort of a rooftop party, but with a large party room as well, fully equipped with a bar and what not. There was a large balcony which then had a short set of steps which led up to the actual rooftop. And yes, the fireworks throughout the city at midnight were quite a sight to behold from the roof! And you know what? I suspect I would have missed most of that had I queued for the toilets. That alternative sure turned out to be handy! I had been invited to the party by one of my good friends, and she was just about the only one there that I really knew. So back to the drinks. The drinks that had now made their way to my bladder. My friend and I had been mingling a bit on the roof, when she decided she would go get us another round. I told her I would go to the toilet in the meantime. So inside again, she went to the bar, I went towards the bathrooms which were located at the other end of the room. As I already said, that's when I saw the queue. Countless people all waiting for their turn to pee. And that's also when Fiona's story popped up in my mind. Maybe I could... Could I do something like that? I remember one thing she mentioned was crouching down and rummaging through her handbag, all the while actually relieving herself on the floor. I thought about that but... I don't think I could. I'm a bit shy, so I highly doubt I would've been able to do my wee in a room full of other people even if none of them would have any idea of what I was doing. So instead I left the room through the door leading out to the corridor and the rest of the hotel. The floors throughout the hotel corridors were covered in a dark red carpet. Out there, there was bound to be a spot suitable for a girl to pee with at least a modicum of privacy! There were a handful of people hanging out right outside the door, but obviously I didn't plan on doing it right by the door. I moved to the right which, come to think of it, may have looked strange if those people were paying attention to me as the way down was to the left. Why is this girl, who looks like she's in a hurry, going to the right? But I don't think they really noticed me, why would they? A little further down, the corridor made a turn to the left, finally leaving me out of sight. I could've probably taken a pee right there, but thought it best to seek out a little more privacy lest someone were to wander down here. People get curious, especially drunk people... "I wonder what's down there?". Well it won't be a gal having a wee, not visibly at least! I had butterflies in my stomach. I had never just peed on the floor inside a building, could I really do it? The answer appeared to be resounding yes, at least from my bladder, as its nagging had become more intense. You know how it is, the closer you get to the toilet, the more you gotta go! But where was this toilet? I spotted a door marked utilities or something along those lines. That room would've been perfect for me to relieve myself, but alas, the door was locked. There were a few more unmarked doors, but all of them were locked. Finally, I spotted the very end of the corridor in which there was a small sofa, and off to the side, the wall was recessed, creating an alcove with a small window further up the wall. This was it. This was the perfect spot for me to finally have that wee I'd been needing. I took a quick look behind me just to make sure no one had followed me and then I stepped into the alcove, effectively shielding me from view. I was wearing a loose black skirt and I used one hand to carefully lift it up and out of the way and then parting my legs as I crouched with my black pumps firmly planted on the carpet. Then, with my other hand, I pulled my white thong aside, exposing my shaved crotch. I looked at my pussy and the red carpet below me for a few seconds. "Okay, let's do it, Anise. Let's wee on the carpet", I thought to myself and smiled as I released the hold on my bladder. Almost immediately, a clear, gushing stream of pee shot out from between my labia and hit the carpet which quickly began absorbing the liquid. I always pee a lot and with good pressure, so I wasn't surprised that it came out as a torrent. It almost always does. My friends will often joke that it looks and sounds like a water pipe has burst when I'm doing a wee in an alleyway. The carpet wasn't the most absorbent (I suspect, can't say I had tried peeing on any other carpets!), but did a fair job of absorbing my wee at first. Any pooling spread out, leaving a larger wet spot. I continued weeing in full flow, thoroughly enjoying finally just having a wee where I wanted - and it sure was needed. It was a massive thrill essentially marking this little alcove as my territory! I had to do it again! And considering it wasn't even midnight yet, there were plenty of hours left of the party. Plenty more weeing to be done! I knew for sure that there was no way I was going to bother queuing for the toilets in the party room if I got away with this. And that's also when it hit me that I had been so focused on finding a place to pee, and then enjoying the act of weeing, that I had completely neglected to check for cameras. Was I on some security guard's monitor now and minutes away from being kicked out? I looked up from my gaze, still in the middle of relieving myself, and surveyed my surroundings. Fortunately I did not spot any cameras, so at least there would not be footage of me actually peeing. My stream continued soaking the carpet for another good twenty seconds before it ended. A quick shake of my bottom half and I allowed my thong to slip back into place and then I stood up. I couldn't help but tap my foot on the wet spot. There was definitely some squelching and it was quite clear that the carpet was more than just a little damp. I smiled to myself as I took one last look at the large wet spot, I have to say it was probably a bit larger than the size of a football (the European sort for you Americans) and slightly elongated. I then walked back to the party. Very relieved and still tingling with excitement and anticipation of doing it again. On the way back I did spot a camera covering a portion of the corridor right outside the door to the room, but I don't think I needed to worry about that. By the time anyone would've discovered my wee spot, if they ever did, and checked the cameras to see who had been down there I would be long gone. I was a little worried that my friend would ask how I got through the queue so quickly, but she didn't. Anyway, about 20 minutes pass and she tells me she needs to pee, then proceeds to queue up. How boring! 10 minutes passed and she was still not back, and now I was starting to feel a need for a wee again. An amusing thought formed in my mind. What if I went out to pee in the corridor again, maybe making it back before my friend? It just had to be done, at least as a test. I downed the rest of my drink and then left through the door. I pondered whether to just go to the right and add to my previous wee in the alcove, but decided instead to go somewhere else. To the left! I ended up near the lift, but instead opened the door marked stairs. They weren't particularly nice stairs. It was concrete and metal railings and very echoy. I suppose this far up, everyone takes the lift which was probably why the staircase was very basic. That was good news to me as it meant the risk of getting caught having a wee was very low! I remember Fiona described peeing on the stairs as well, but they were much nicer and carpeted and she did her wee discretely while sitting on a step, just slowly letting it all out, while pretending to take a phone call - even as some guy walked by! I didn't spot any cameras and with no one about, I thought I would be a lot more obvious! With the door closed, I simply crouched down at the very top step, spread my legs and pulled up my skirt with one hand and used the other to pull my thong aside. Then, looking down at the steps and the landing further down, I released my stream. Immediately I was in full flow, sending a strong, clear stream of wee downwards where it passed multiple steps before making contact with the concrete a little more than halfway down. The splattering was very loud and practically echoed throughout. Someone further down would've definitely heard something! I kept the flow going for almost half a minute, eagerly watching as my wee darkened the steps and eventually caused a puddle to form on the landing further down. My flow ended and after a short final spurt, I used my hand to give my crotch a little shake then slid my thong back in place and stood up. In the now quiet staircase, I could hear some of my wee trickling off the side and falling further. I quickly got out of there, lest someone further down had heard and was coming to investigate. I returned to the party, relieved and ready for another drink, but there was no sign of my friend. After about 5 minutes she returned and then complained about the toilet queue. I was keeping myself from giggling as I found it quite amusing that she had spent such a long time in queue whereas I had simply gone ahead and done a wee down the stairs, saving me a lot of time. I wondered if she would object... She is always the first to suggest weeing in an alleyway when we're already inside a club but the queue to the toilets is long. More time passed and it was getting ever closer to midnight. We each had a beer while talking to some of my friend's friends. Soon enough the beer was empty and I was again starting to really need a pee. It was now a quarter to midnight and I figured I could go for a wee and not miss the fireworks, obviously by skipping the queue to the loo. My friend was deep in conversation so I just casually snuck away, only to have her catch up to me just as I was about to head out the door. "Where are you going?", she asked. "I need a wee", I said without thinking. "Oh me too, badly, I've been putting it off for a while, been such a long time since I talked to Alice. I'll come with you!", she said and then added, "you going all the way down to the lobby?". "Oh Alice, so that's her name", I laughed nervously, ignoring her question at the end. I was unsure of what to do now. I needed to pee quite badly, but I had no idea whether there were actually any toilets in the corridor. Seemingly not given my friend's question. "Where are you going?", my friend again asked as I turned to the right, down towards the alcove where I'd gone for a wee on the carpet just two hours earlier. I thought, "okay, I'm just gonna have to confess. What's the worst that can happen? I've known this girl for quite some time and..." "The lift is the other way", my friend said as we turned the corner. "I've something to admit", I said shyly. "What?", she giggled and looked at me a little curious. "Well earlier I really needed a wee and the queue was massive so I went out here, literally.", I paused, "Uhm... I crouched in the corner down there and just peed on the floor", I said. "Are you joking?", she giggled as we approached the alcove, "you're not joking!", she said when she clearly saw the dark spot on the carpet. "That's something", she continued giggling. "Who's gonna know?", I giggled nervously. To my relief, she didn't seem to object. "Okay Anise, you may have had the right idea. Let's just do it fast, I'm desperate!", she said and laughed while drawing up her tight dress. "Go ahead", I giggled, the tension in my body finally easing up. Her thighs were fully exposed as she stepped into the alcove and hooked her thumbs into the hem of her thong. A moment later and the thong was by her knees and she was squatting. "Ah yes, I needed that", she sighed as her stream burst forth. I could hear it hissing and pattering on the carpet, but from my position I didn't have a clear view of her. The alcove really did do a great job of hiding whatever you were doing in there. It continued for maybe 40 seconds or so before the noise stopped and she emerged in the midst of pulling up her thong. "Your turn now", she giggled, "I can't believe I just did that!" She had crouched right on top of the damp spot I had left on the carpet earlier, but clearly her stream had shot forward and thereby mostly created a second wet spot on the carpet. "It's just a bit wee", I giggled. We swapped and I simply did the same thing I had done earlier; crouch down while parting my legs and holding my skirt out of the way, then using my other hand to pull my thong to the side. Then I yet again allowed my bladder its relief and I sent out a strong stream of wee, adding even more wetness to the now soaked carpet. "I can't believe we're just weeing on the carpet!", my friend said again and giggled over the sound of my stream hitting the carpet. "You think it'll be a problem?", I asked and before she could answer, I added, "It'll probably just dry and then no one will be any the wiser! I don't know about you, but it looks like my pee is so clear you'd think I'm just weeing out pure water", I giggled. "I guess so and I suppose the nearest alleyway is a little too far away", she giggled, hinting at our frequent pee stops at night and probably trying to come up with an excuse for peeing on the floor. I finished my wee, did a quick shake then got my clothing back in place and stepped out of the alcove. "All done, let's go see the fireworks", I smiled and took a look at the carpet. Very soaked now after three full bladder emptyings. "But the next time you need a wee, you should probably do it somewhere else otherwise that poor carpet is never going to have time to dry", I giggled. "Well let's hope the queue is shorter at that point!", she laughed. I thought about telling her I had already done a wee down the stairs but decided not to. "I'm sure we can find another spot", I giggled. Wow! What an experience. It was just like in many of the stories I'd read here. Two girls both needing a wee and taking turns peeing on the floor! What a thrill! The clock struck midnight and we watched the grand display of fireworks. And what do you know, after the big stuff had ended, my bladder was telling me it was nearing the time for another pee. And my head was telling me I should slow down on the alcohol. I'd lost my friend in the large gathering of people out on the roof as she had spotted another one of her friends, so I didn't have to come up with an excuse, although she didn't really seem to mind weeing on the carpet out in the corridor. I suppose anyone will do crazy things after enough drinks (and with a bladder that feels like it's about to burst)! Obviously, the queue to the toilets had increased dramatically after the big round of fireworks so I had an excuse right there! It really did make me wonder how everyone else was handling it. Did everyone simply manage to hold out in that queue? Earlier I had spotted a bloke in a dark corner of the balcony and he could've definitely been in the process of taking a slash, although I can't say for sure, but what about the girls? Granted most of the people in queue did always seem to be gals. But then again that's usually how it is, although I imagine there were probably urinals as well so guys could be in and out in a minute! Not counting the walking bit, I'd say that's probably not too far from the amount of time I spent in the stairs earlier! Anyway, I set off again out into the corridor, eager to locate another spot where I could pee. I honestly really wanted to go in the lift, but I thought it would be way too risky. And later on when leaving I noticed there was a camera inside so clearly I was right! With nowhere else to really go, I opened the door to the staircase, not sure whether I would just have another wee down the steps or perhaps descend them and go for a little exploring! There was still evidence of my earlier wee, although you could tell it hadn't just happened 5 minutes ago, but there were definitely still wet spots that would look fairly suspicious, especially with a party going on just in a room nearby! I made my way downwards, passing by my pee on the first landing and then turning to head down the next set of steps, I suddenly received at least part of an answer to my earlier question. There on the next landing were two puddles of liquid darkening the concrete floor. I also noticed a tissue in one of the puddles and another one tossed into the dry corner. And there were obvious marks of splashes outside of the puddle area, indicating that this happened very recently. Clearly, clearly two girls had just taken the opportunity to pee here! I wondered if they had perhaps gone down hoping to find another bathroom and upon seeing the evidence of my wee, had instead decided to throw caution to the wind and just pee. Surely, they would've made the connection between those suspiciously looking wet spots on the steps and landing, especially if they were also bursting for a wee themselves. But it's not like there was a smell of wee, is one wee enough to really cause that? And besides it was completely transparent! Or maybe they just needed to pee and thought the queue was ridiculous so they came out here and decided the stairs, especially this far up, would be a fine spot. Guess what, it is indeed a fine spot for a wee! Anyway, I am rambling again, but needless to say, I couldn't help myself and decided that the stairs would be good for another wee. I thought about adding to their puddles, but decided instead that it would be funny to go down to the next landing. Anyone coming down here would just be greeted by puddle after puddle after puddle! The next landing was completely dry as the other gals' wee seemed to have stopped trailing downwards about halfway down the steps from the landing that they had peed on. I positioned myself close to the corner and this time I lowered my thong down to my knees as I crouched low and used both hands to hold my skirt up. I parted my legs slightly and immediately released my stream. Strong and clear in colour and immediately the floor turned darker. On a typical night out I might end up weeing in an alley once or twice, but I was already at four times on this night and all just on the floor inside the hotel and it wasn't even 1 in the morning yet! What a way to ring in the new year! The puddle grew in size and I continued emptying my bladder and enjoying the relief. Bit of a side note, but do any of you other gals feel that it feels way better to wee when you're squatting like this? Might just be me who prefers peeing outside of the bathroom? LOL! I kept my flow going for roughly half a minute or so before doing the familiar shake and then pulling up my thong and quickly fleeing the scene! Would I find another wet spot on the next landing down if I were to return an hour later? Back at the party, I decided to follow my own advice of taking a break from the alcohol and instead ordered a regular cola from the bar. The next hour or so passed with me finally locating my friend again, although it took almost half an hour. I suspect she must've gone to pee at some point, but would she have queued for the toilets after what we had done earlier? I wanted to ask, but I also didn't want her to think I'm weird for bringing it up again, so I didn't say anything. I finished my drink and we went to the section of the room dedicated to being the dance floor. I'm sure I'm not the only one who sometimes gets caught up in the moment in that situation, but a little over half an hour passed before we got tired and I hadn't noticed how badly I needed a wee before then. I was truly bursting, my bladder absolutely screaming for relief. My friend wanted to go to the bar to get another drink and asked me if I wanted anything. "Just get me the same as you", I said with my legs crossed and added, "Gosh, I'm dying for a wee, feel like I'm about to burst". "Sorry I'll have to.. I'll be right back", I added and just heard her giggle slightly as I headed towards the exit. She definitely knew what I was about to do. I didn't have time to scope out an exciting spot so I simply hastily walked towards the stairs. The area outside of the room was empty this time, which was good because I'm sure it was very obvious to anyone looking at me that I desperately needed to pee so if they saw me coming back shortly afterwards, they absolutely would know I had just relieved myself somewhere inappropriate. I opened the door to the stairs and went inside only to be greeted by the echoey sound of liquid splashing onto the hard concrete. Somewhere further down, someone was definitely peeing! I began descending the stairs, the heels of my shoes making my presence quite clear if it wasn't already from the door slamming shut, but the sound continued. As the second landing came into my view, I noticed a dark-skinned girl, possibly of Indian descent, in a high squat in the centre of the landing with a strong, focused stream of wee hammering onto the floor and causing splashes to get everywhere. She looked a little younger than myself but not more than a few years. She must not have heard nor seen me yet as her gaze was clearly fixed on the floor whereupon she was relieving herself. Suddenly she looked up and noticed me. "Oh my god, oh you frightened me. I'm so sorry", she said, still peeing, "I can't stop" "Just do what you need to do", I giggled. "I just couldn't hold it, the queue was so long and I didn't know what to do", she said. "Don't worry about it, looks like you're not the first girl to pee here anyway", I reassured her while completely hiding the fact that I was probably the first, although my posture may have made it clear what I came there to do. She didn't respond at first, seemingly too fixated on her stream which suddenly ended abruptly after which she quickly pulled up her dark blue jeans. "Oh my god, I so needed that!", she finally said with a very relieved look on her face. "I can tell", I giggled and looked at the flood she had made. With the two other girls' puddles and now this one, half of the landing was covered in pee and plenty of splashes in the surrounding area as well. "And mhm, I saw the two puddles with the tissues. That's just darn dirty, but it gave me an excuse to just give up and let it go. I swear I'm not someone who just pees in public anywhere but I truly couldn't hold it any longer. It'll just dry, right?", she said as she began ascending the stairs. She was definitely eager to get away from the scene. "You're not gonna say anything, right?", she looked back at me and asked after moving past. "Of course not, relax. Why do you think I came down here? The queue is so long up there! Don't you worry", I giggled with one hand holding my crotch. "Oh," she eased up and let out a giggle, "okay I'll get out of your way then, thanks for not being offended". I hurried down to the fourth landing which was still dry, but not for long. I felt a spurt make its way out about halfway down the set of steps and so I simply yanked my thong aside as I crouched and parted my legs and then got my skirt out of the line of fire. But I had started peeing before getting my skirt out of the way so it did get a little bit of wee on it. My stream increased in pressure and quickly shot out far and rained down onto the landing below, almost completely missing the lower steps. The impact made a loud noise that echoed throughout the staircase. I'm sure I was peeing for a whole minute, drenching the landing below and seeing my wee run down the next set of steps. A quick shake using my hand and I moved my thong back in place and stood up. Definitely one of the most desperate wees I've had to do! It was only fitting to do it in such a thrilling place! As I ascended the stairs again, I noticed upon reaching the second landing that there was a bit of a hint of wee smell. Obviously nothing like the alleyways near the clubs on a Friday night, but there was a bit. I hoped that it would disappear quickly once the puddles had all evaporated, but at this point I also thought that these stairs might see more wee as the night progressed with people getting more drunk and more impatient with the toilet queue. What do you do if you're a drunk gal in need of a wee, trying to find another loo but instead come across obvious pee puddles and perhaps even a slight smell of piss in the staircase of the hotel? Of course you just crouch down and pee, thinking that a little more won't hurt. I returned to the room and found my friend who had a drink for me. "Feel better now?", she giggled. "So much better! I had to go so badly", I grinned. "So... Where did you go? I'm just wondering", she laughed. I leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear because I was afraid the people nearby would be able to hear. "In the staircase. It's pretty private and who uses the stairs this far up?", I said. She giggled but didn't say anything so I decided to add the bit about the other girl. "And I even caught a girl peeing there as I entered" "Oh my god, I hope that's not a habit being picked up. It's gonna stink in the morning!", she managed to say before continuing to giggle. I realise this letter is getting extraordinarily long, but we're almost done I promise! My friend and I took a couple of vodka shots (disgusting honestly, I can still taste the regret) which hit me super hard. I recall crouching to pee on the carpet somewhere out in the corridor, but I'm afraid I don't have details for you. Later on I had sobered up and regained my senses. I think it was around 3 in the morning at this point and my friend and I decided to call it a night. We were both still quite drunk, but more aware than what I had been just a little earlier. Riding the lift down I realised I needed a wee so darn badly and was about to just crouch down and pee on the lift floor, but my friend stopped me. "Anise no!", she said, "not in the lift! There's a camera!" "We're almost outside. I need a wee really bad too, we'll go in an alleyway don't worry!", she fumbled with the words. "But I want to pee on the floor", I protested. The lift skipped the lobby floor as it appeared my friend had accidentally chosen the lower level which was the hotel's underground parking garage. She was about to press the button again, but I stepped out of the lift because I wanted to have a wee! "Come on, Anise!", she beckoned. "No, I'm gonna pee!", I said and immediately headed towards the corner nearest the lift. "Okay fine then", my friend sighed and followed me. I was already in the middle of weeing on the cement floor by the time she reached me. "Go ahead and pee", I laughed, "you said you had to go!" "Yeah", she let out a slight giggle and started drawing up her dress. Just a moment later her thong came down and she crouched low, parted her legs and began weeing. "It feels so good, I swear I was about to piss myself", I sighed. The two puddles we were creating began merging. "Anise?", my friend suddenly said as my stream started waning but she was in full flow. "What's that?", I asked. "Did you even wee in the loo tonight? I swear I never saw you going in there", she giggled. I giggled as I shook off the last drops of wee. "Uhm... I don't think so", I continued laughing, "it was so much easier just to leave the room and pee somewhere else" "Oh god, the hotel is gonna smell of wee in the morning", she giggled as her stream abruptly ended. We entered the lift again as I told her more than a few girls seemed to have gone into the staircase to pee. "Sounds like I should've done that", she giggled as we rode the lift up. We then took a cab home and I got some much needed sleep. I remember waking up a little past noon, a bit groggy, but the memory of weeing in the hotel was very clear in my mind. I hope to do something like it again! And just an extra tidbit: The organisers of the party posted on social media that the hotel owners had contacted them saying that several people appeared to have urinated in the staircase so they were charging them an extra, expensive cleaning fee. Actually, let me copy-paste part of the message: "Not only is this disgusting and disrespectful, it also increases our costs for hosting such a party and is likely to mean that we will have to raise ticket prices at future events. Please, everyone, pee in the bathroom!" I remember that the comments were full of disgust and people being appalled that someone would just go ahead and wee on the floor, but I did spot a few people arguing for more bathrooms if they were going to sell that many tickets. I like to think some of those people were guilty of weeing down the stairs like me. So that's it. I know this was a long one, but you know how often you end up having to pee at a party! Anise

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