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    It’s been almost one year since my first and last naughty piss (I’m very shy.) I posted about it here on another account, and I’ve been wanting to be a bit more of an exhibitionist. Yesterday was the day that I completely let loose and had the most fun I’ve ever had while pissing. With corona in season, it hasn’t been very crowded at a nearby park in my city. I’ve always fantasized about the public bathrooms at this park because they're outdoor (nobody has to clean my mess) and theres no doors, not on the entrance or any of the stalls. When I got to the entrance of the bathroom I surveyed the area and noticed a family picnicking nearby that could see the door to the bathroom but I decided I could probably get away with it. I stood right in the middle of the room and pulled my shorts aside to expose my pussy. I’d been holding it so long that when I finally let go my piss sprayed out of me so hard. I covered the walls, the inside of each stall, and all over each toilet seat. I stood as close to the exit of the bathroom as possible and sprayed my piss straight out of the doorway and watched it splashing all over the concrete outside in front of the men’s room. I knew that anyone outside of the bathroom could easily see my stream coming from inside the doorway. Finally, I stood in front of the sink and gushed all over it and the mirror. My stream didn’t stop for over a minute and I felt so proud to have covered every wall and piece of plumbing in that bathroom with my juices. When I left, the family was still nearby and I wondered (and hoped) they saw my piss spraying out of the bathroom. I will probably return today with lots of water and make a whole day of marking that bathroom over and over again.
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    Last year, it was august, very hot here in my place and I went with my friends to have pizza and then we had a further drink standing and chatting in the square then we decided to take a nice walk to chat more with my two usual best friends only (A. and L.). We walked here and there and at one point in time we all needed to do pee since we drank a lot of beer in the pizza shop and more drinks in the square... so we thought where to do our pee, searching a place that was discreet, but not too far from the life of the center. So, we noticed that in a quiet side street there was a building with a wooden door and the door was in a recess inside the wall, so that if you were staying right tight to that door, the wall was offering a perfect coverage from the people that could walk along the main boulevard. In fact it was my friend A. who said for first: "look at this this place, it offers a good coverage, let's do pee here!". A. was the most in the need (as usual) so she did for first. She squatted very low leaning very tight on the door with her back in order to remain hidden as much as possible in the recess, facing us who were staying on the sidewalk in front of that doorway, pretending to chat for the people that could see us from the main boulevard. A. peed for a long time, I was hearing the noise of her stream hissing loudly and hitting the floor while I was talking with L., but I was not really staring at her stream, so when she finished and it was my turn I was really surprised to see that there was no pee puddle from her, no pee trail flowing on the sidewalk, nothing, despite she had peed really a lot. And I saw that this happened because there was a a sort of internal step under the door with a light slope to the inside, so all the pee from my friend had flowed under the door entering inside that room instead of flowing on the sidewalk. Anyway it was my turn, I pulled up my miniskirt and squatted the same. Also my stream hit somehow the internal part of the short step and flowed all under the door going inside. Finally it was L.'s turn and she did the same as us, with her pee disappearing all under the wooden door. We felt very much relieved now and we moved again to the boulevard. While walking I was thinking that our peeing had been somehow very naughty because without intention we all peed not somewhere outside as we meant, but inside the room of somebody. I don't know what was behind that door, maybe a sort of warehouse or a little service room, who knows, but surely a place that during the day is accessed and used and now because of us there was surely a huge pee puddle on the floor. I thought that the day after somebody would have had a bad surprise entering in the room, also considering that with the heat of august, so much pee in an enclosed space would have caused surely a terrible smell. Anyway, this little mess was not done on purpose. It just happened. P.S. as usual, sorry for my poor English
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    I was going to post this in another thread (best places peed at a house party), but as I was typing I thought it was too amazing (to me at least) to not be shared to as many as possible and the places aren't too extreme. My best, although the places weren't too exciting, is one of, if not my best pee experience to date. I had gone to a house party with 2 female friends (M and S) that I am very close with. A couple of hours into the night, we found ourselves all in the queue for the loos, one after the other. When M got to the front she turned to S and me, and said we could go in with her so that we could all pee quickly then get another drink at the same time. Neither of them knew about my desire for piss, but I struggled to hide the smile. As she said that, the girl behind that we all knew but weren't too close to jokingly said, "well I'll come in aswell, might as well have a party in there". S and M, both being female and used to all going in the bathroom at the same time said "come on then" and dragged her in. The door was locked and M went first. At this stage we were all desperate, but I was more than happy to wait, and I think M noticed me staring at her beautiful long labia as she pulled down her jeans and black thong, but we were all tipsy and we were good friends so she just smiled and said nothing. Before M even started spraying, S got impatient, and hoisted up her dress and sat on the sink, and the friend that came in with us undid her body suit and hung herself over the edge of the bath, almost as if it was the normal thing for her to do. I was standing there, with three women, 2 of which are close friends, peeing at the same time in 3 different places in the bathroom thinking this is by far, the best possible thing that could happen. I couldn't help but look at the other 2 women before I decided to join in. The person who was dragged in and joined us, seemed to bend over and hang over the edge of the bath so quick i didn't get to see, but the sound of her stream hitting the tub must have been loud enough to have been heard over the music outside. S on the other hand, had her legs wide apart so that she could balance and not fully sit in the sink, bum touching the bottom. She also had large lips, but hers were spread wide apart, almost as if she had spread them herself. I remember noticing her large clit, before I got distracted by a slow dribble of pee flowing down, almost sitting in her vagina before flowing down and dripping of her ass cheeks and asshole. At this point I thought i need to join in before it's too late. I wasn't going to miss the opportunity, and as the sink was at a perfect height for me to pee in, I didn't think twice (even tho S was sat on the sink peeing). I walked up to the sink, getting my cock out as quick as possible and flopped it over the edge of the sink, making sure I "stumbled" forwards so that I brushed S's pussy as it pissed on me . Everyone was laughing, which was amazing as I thought at least one would have found it a tad gross or strange. I started to let my piss flow, but the sound of piss spraying the bath, M watching and laughing as she sat on the loo, and S spraying me with pee as her flow grew stronger with laughter was making me harder and harder by the second, and soon I found myself spraying S's labia with my semi erect cock, while she sprayed back. Luckily everyone was so drunk they just laughed, and S even admitted that it was like when she uses the shower head in the shower. By this point everyone else had started to slow or finished, but my cock, growing harder every second, had nestled it's way up and in-between S's lips, and I was pissing stronger than ever directly onto her pussy and clit but she just didn't seem to care. My flow slowely came to a stop, and I stepped back from S (even though I wanted to rub my cock against her, but thought I'd already had all my luck) and did up my jeans making sure I pushed my erection to one side making it as un-noticable as possible. S wiped, chucked her tissue in the bin, got up, put her pants back on and let the dress drop down. We all washed our hands, and left the bathroom as if we had all gone as normal. After that, I spent the whole night trying to time my bladder so that I bumped back into them in the queue, but never seemed to get lucky enough to, although luckily we all went back to M's house after the party, and luckily had some more fun (even wet fun) but that's another story to recite another time. Hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoy telling it!
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    [Fictional story of Jessica the Intern learning to cope with limited office facilities. Desperation, wetting and naughty pee] The door swung open at the end of the office, breaking my concentration. As I looked up across the sea of cubicles I saw Phillipa from personnel walk in followed by a tall slim young lady. That would be Jessica then, the new intern. Sure enough Phillipa made a beeline for my cubicle and introduced the young lady. “So Jessica, let me introduce you to your line manager Karen Watts. Karen this is Jessica, she’s going to be with you for the next twelve weeks. Sorry we’re late by the way, my fault. We had a spot of trouble finding your new office.” I smiled warmly at young Jessica and extended an arm to shake hands. Jessica smiled back in a shy but genuine way. I could tell she was shy by the way she immediately broke away from my gaze, hiding under her fringe as she looked down. That gave me a moment or two to perform a bit more team lead body language analysis on her. Long brown hair with subtle highlights, recently cut suggesting a girl who is particular about her appearance. Just a little makeup, not that she really needed it. Apart from her eyes, those cheekbones, nose and lips made her absolutely stunning - but probably without a clue. The perky breasts of a skinny young twenty-something sat neatly beneath a work blouse and below that light grey check trousers that fitted perfectly to her slightly bony figure, what there was of it. Half an hour later Jessica had been settled into her desk, I’d finished off the emails and admin I’d been doing and could give my full attention. So after a bit of a chat we set off to do the normal circuit of the office. Introductions to colleagues, fire exits, printers and copiers, conference rooms, waste points, the kitchen and the fire exit doors. Whilst we were by the doors I thought I’d better cover the essentials too. “By the way Jessica, toilets: through the door, go past the stairwell and just in the corridor on the other side.” Then it was back to Jessica’s desk to get her IT systems set up and the first bits of mandatory training. All the dull but essential stuff. After an hour it looked like Jessica had about finished so I wheeled my chair over for the boring bit where I drone on for hours on end. To give credit, although Jessica wasn’t much of a conversationalist she was certainly an attentive listener, making notes and nodding intently. I couple of times I saw her glaze over, but then my husband does that all the time so nothing new. But we were making progress. After about two hours of procedures I could see Jessica’s concentration start to wane. Not only that but her body language was showing all the telltale signs of bursting for a wee. Although she hadn’t said anything, she’d been fidgeting and jiggling her leg about, not to mention generally being unable to sit still. I suggested we take a break and come back to it later. I was ready for a brew anyway. “Erm, yes I think I might just use the loo” she said in a quiet voice. “Of course”, I replied “you remember where I said it was?” and Jessica nodded, before walking off towards the fire doors. Two minutes later I was just stepping out of the kitchen area with my coffee as Jessica swung the office door open, both of us coming abruptly face to face with a start. “Erm, could you tell me, erm, I think I, erm, er…. I couldn’t find the ladies. The only door I could see was the gents? Did I go the wrong way?” stammered Jessica, obviously in something of a predicament. “No, sorry it’s my fault, I should have explained better” I said, smiling reassuringly at the worried young lady. “You see we’ve recently moved offices, the building is being refurbished and there’s only our floor open. We were on the next floor down but that’s closed so we’re making do with the Gents. But don’t worry, you probably noticed there aren’t any guys in work at the moment.” Looking very slightly reassured Jessica once more walked back through the door and out of sight. I’d barely reached my desk and hadn’t taken a sip of my coffee when Jessica appeared back at my desk again, this time looking even more anxious, almost like she’d seen some ghostly apparition although her cheeks were slightly red. Her body language gave away her desperation of course. “Are you OK Jessica I asked, you look like you’re about to pass out!” “Erm, it’s just that, it’s the mens’ and there’s those stand up things, I can’t use them…..’ Was the worried reply. I tried my best not to laugh, it wouldn’t have been professional. “Those are urinals, mostly they’re just the mens’ territory. But there is a cubicle there too.” “But it was locked” replied Jessica wild eyed, “Please what can I do? I don’t know if I can hold on much longer!” Looking at the young girl I could certainly believe her, she looked like at any moment her bladder may be about to release its contents down the legs of her skinny trousers. Not ideal in any circumstance let alone on her first day in the office. “Come on young lady” I smiled sympathetically, it’ll probably be free by now. Together we walked beck to the doors, out into the corridor by the stairwell and to the toilet door. Just as we got there the door swung open and one of the accounts ladies emerged smoothing down her skirt. Still, I thought it only fair to make sure Jessica made it safely inside so I followed her into the gents, waiting by the sinks whilst she bolted for the cubicle. She certainly had been desperate all right. In her hurry she’d fumbled the door lock on the cubicle, so as she slammed the door it had bounce open slightly. I didn’t have much choice but to see Jessica yank open the zip on the side of her trousers and then rip down both them and a bright pink lacy thong in one motion. She’d managed to get them to about mid thigh and was half way to sitting as a jet of urine shot out from her neatly trimmed ladyhood, whooshing noisily into the water below her. Quickly she managed to park her bum on the toilet seat and at the same time closed and locked the door. That’s when I found myself in that awkward limbo - I hadn’t really intended to stand listening to the intern taking a leak, but the longer I stood there the more awkward it would be to leave. So, stay I did whilst Jessica finished her pee - if she ever was going to finish. Goodness knows how much she peed, goodness knows where she’d hid it all in her skinny frame, but she just seemed to go and go and go. Not just a trickle either but this sounded like a full on gush from start to when she finally tailed off, two or three more spurts and then the sound of toilet paper being ripped off. Finally a flush and Jessica emerged. “Better?” I asked with a smile and a reassuring rub of her upper arm. “Yes thank you” she smiled, almost making eye contact and still looking as if tears weren’t far away, “I really don’t want to think about what I’d have done if…..” Her voiced trailed away as the thought entered her head. “Well, it is a bit of an issue only having one toilet, but we do have various coping strategies. We’ll get you through don’t worry. But for today I think you’ve taken in enough - ok?” - - - - - - - - The next two days Jessica seemed to be settling in to the office quite nicely. Still very quiet, but she was interacting with me a little bit more and starting to be more proactive in asking for help. Then on the Thursday morning, no Jessica. Her desk was empty, no sign of life but an email popped up saying that she couldn’t come into work. The way it was worded struck me as a bit strange, she hadn’t said she was ill, but it could have been maybe a family issue like a bereavement. So that was that. On Friday morning Jessica was in the office, but seemed more timid than ever. By mid morning she hadn’t come anywhere near my desk so I went to check on her. I was due to do a first week appraisal anyway, but it seemed she barely could look me in the eye. Certainly something had gone on. Sitting across a conference room table with a young intern who didn’t want to tell me what was worrying her, I felt like the detective in one of those fly on the wall police shows. I reassured her that her work was exemplary and slowly she gained her confidence again. It seemed she did like the work and she did like the team. I marked all her forms with a glowing report and then made a point of putting my pen down and closing my notebook. “Now, I need to ask about yesterday’s absence. I’m sorry but we need to talk about it just because it’s in your first week of placement.” I certainly wasn’t expecting Jessica to break down in tears the way she did, sort of like I’d flicked a switch. I sat and held her hand tightly for a good five minutes calming her down to the point where she was ready to talk. When she did, all her words blurted out in a mad tumble. “Well, it’s…. It’s….. I really love the job… I don’t want to leave…. But I can’t cope with the toilet. It’s horrid, I’ve never been good at waiting. After not making it in time I just couldn’t face coming back in yesterday…. I’m sorry, please don’t sack me!” Then more sobs and more hand holding. Finally when she’d calmed down a bit, I put on my calmest most reassuring voice and tried to understand the situation. “Well, I know you were very desperate, but I thought you made it? You seemed OK at the time anyway?” I asked. “That was Monday” replied the young intern, “Yes, I’m talking about Wednesday night. My bus is at 5:17pm and if I miss it I don’t get home until late. So as I was leaving I went to the toilet and there were people waiting. I didn’t know what to do, I waited in the queue but I knew I couldn’t miss my bus.” “Go on…” I said as supportively as I could. “Well I sort of needed a wee, but I had to get my bus. On the way home I was needing to wee worse and worse. By the time I got off the bus I was really desperate and then it happened….” Again Jessica’s voice trailed off and tears welled up in her eyes again. “You mean, you had an accident?” I asked quietly. Jessica nodded, “On my doorstep, my wee completely soaked my trousers right down both legs. I just couldn’t wait a moment longer. Then I had to explain to my mum what had happened. She said I shouldn’t be such a little girl. I can’t believe I’ve just told you that. It’s so embarrassing.” To be honest I was quite surprised Jessica had overcome her shyness to admit to it too, maybe we were getting somewhere. “Right young lady” I started, realising it sounded a bit pompous and trying my best to be warm and encouraging, “Firstly there’s to be no more talk of you leaving. OK? I owe you an apology, there’s a few things I should have made clearer during your induction, so that’s my failing and I apologise for that. Now, the rest of this I’m going to say as your friend. Is that OK? Firstly you weren’t a little girl, it’s the sort of thing that happens to everyone. Hell, I wet myself last week too. At the supermarket of all places. Hopefully nobody noticed the ‘spillage’ at the checkout or the trail of dribbles to my car. What happened to you was unfortunate. Unlucky maybe, but it could happen and does happen to all of us. There are even some people who enjoy peeing in naughty places or wetting. Each to their own.” With this Jessica seemed reassured, squeezing my hand back as I gripped hers and managing a weak smile. “So, time to let you in on a few little office tips… But these are inside office secrets only. You must promise not a word outside.” With that Jessica looked up, actually making eye contact and smiling and nodding. “First things first, remember when the busy times are. In the morning straight after arriving, lunchtime and last thing is when everyone needs the loo. If you can time it for the middle parts of the morning and afternoon you stand much more chance. Also, some wardrobe choices are easier than others. You’ll probably not see anyone in the office wearing a one piece trouser suit for example. A dress or skirt makes things much easier.” As I was just finishing that sentence, I don’t know if Jessica had noticed me shuffle forwards to sit on the edge of the conference room chair, but she certainly heard the splattering as I gently let my bladder start to empty itself. It felt amazing as always of course, partly the naughtiness of peeing on the office carpet tiles and partly I had really needed to go for some time myself. Jessica again made eye contact - her eyes wide and her mouth trying to form words. “Are you…. I mean…. You’re weeing…. On the floor…. “ With that I giggled at the look of shock on her face. I picked up an empty paper coffee cup someone had left and placed it beneath the table. The sound of splattering on carpet was replaced by the rattle of my pee flowing into the cup. “Is that better? You see, with all girls in the office this happens all the time. There’s no reason to be in discomfort. Keep yourself hydrated and your pee won’t smell. Lots of the girls keep an empty cup on their desk. Just have a look around when we go back out there. Of course, skirt and no panties makes things easy too. So, option one is keep a cup on your desk and if it makes you feel better, pretend you’re taking a personal call on your mobile, sneak in an empty meeting room with an empty cup and there you go. Another option, if it’s not raining anyway, is the great outdoors.” Again I couldn’t help but smile - partly at the look of surprise on young Jessica’s face, but also at the naughtiness that’d taken over in the few weeks since we’d moved into this office. Over the next ten minutes I took great delight in reliving some of my experiences for the young intern. Of course I didn’t tell her just how much of a thrill I got every time. There of course were first thing in the morning pees in the car park - that breakfast coffee just filtering through during the commute. What better way to deal with it than to open my car door, sit on the metal sill with skirt raised up and let fly. With another car parked next to mine nobody would really suspect anything and if they could they wouldn’t be able to see much. At the end of the day it wouldn’t be the first time either letting go standing with my car boot open either. Then there were the bushes behind the smoking shelter. Thinking of the girls around the office I couldn’t name too many of the girls who hadn’t had a sneaky wee there…. Thinking about all of these options was actually making me quite horny and wanting to go and be naughty, but I the fact young Jessica was sitting opposite me snapped me back to some sort of reality. “So, those are options for good weather… you get the idea that we’re all girls together and pretty much anything, or rather anywhere goes! One final suggestion - something you said on Monday… come with me!” With that I stood up, straightening my pinstripe skirt and held the door open for Jessica. Then I led the way down the corridor and out into the stairwell area. “That reminds me” I said, “Don’t forget there’s the option of the cardboard skip downstairs” The I held open the door to the gents and Jessica obediently walked in, looking at me questioningly. “You said on Monday you couldn’t use ‘those things’” I said with a wink, waving an arm in the direction of the urinals. “Now’s the time to learn. Could you use a pee right now?” Jessica nodded, and I hoped I could too. I hadn’t completely emptied my bladder in the conference room. Backing up towards the urinal I pulled up my skirt over my bare bum and held it bunched up in front of my stomach. I looked at Jessica with the sort of look that she knew exactly what she was meant to do. Fortunately she’d worn a summer dress which she hiked up in the same way with one hand, whilst pulling down pale blue cotton briefs with the other. Dropping them to her ankles she stepped out and scrunched them in her hand. Then we both adopted a standing slight squat, side by side each in front of a urinal. My stream started first, not the most powerful, but a relief nonetheless as it hissed against the white porcelain. After maybe twenty seconds my stream tailed off, I pushed harder to finish off before turning my attention to my young protege. Jessica was in the same squatting position as I was, an intense look of concentration on her face. At first nothing and then she jumped, squealing slightly with “It ran down my leg!” “You’ve never peed standing before then” I laughed “apart from on your doorstep maybe. You need to push hard so it shoots away from your body, then push when you get to the last bits to keep the pressure going.” Jessica nodded and resumed her concentrating face. Soon a weak but continuous stream emerged, hitting the porcelain. Over the next few seconds as she gained her confidence her stream grew into a powerful hissing jet. “Not too hard either otherwise you’ll splash yourself” Jessica’s stream carried on for another maybe thirty seconds. For a slim girl she could certainly hold some volume. Finally her stream stopped and after two more spurts she stood up, this time making full eye contact and smiling at me. “Does it sound weird, that was sort of fun” she blushed, “Thank you so much Karen. I think I’m going to enjoy working here after all.”
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    A return to Kaymala. I thought I would do a time-skip to see more of what the country looks like in winter, and introduce some new characters. If you're new to this series, there's no reason you can't start reading here, or you could go back and read Simon's introduction here. Contains public peeing, nonchalant peeing, and wetting. #### In winter, Kaymala became a different place. When Simon had first arrived, he had seen the country in summer. Summer Kaymalans were eager to take clothes off at any opportunity, and to bask like lizards in the warmth, exposing as much skin to the sunlight as possible. In winter, when the temperature was sub-zero and a permanent layer of snow covered the ground, the place was unrecognisable. Gone were the naked pedestrians, the topless sunbathers in cafés, the dresses so short they covered nothing at all. Now, Kaymalans spent as much time as possible indoors, and if they had to go outside they did so in scarves, hats and thick coats. However cold it might be outdoors, indoor spaces were heated to the same high temperatures they always had been. As winter had rolled around, Simon had come to realise why Kaymalans loved visiting the shopping malls, gyms and cinemas of the city. These places were where Kaymalans could be themselves despite the weather. Simon had lived in Kaymala for six months so far. The hostel had offered him free accommodation and food if he took on some work. It was a deal that worked well for him, and allowed him to immerse himself in the Scandinavian island's unusual culture more fully. The hostel stayed open all year round. They had fewer visitors in winter, but enough to keep the bills paid. In fact, soon the Christmas markets would start, and the hostel would fill up with tourists again. This morning, his task was to meet a guest at the airport. Like other indoor spaces, the airport was heated to a furnace-like temperature, and he pulled off his coat and scarf as soon as he was indoors. The airport in Kaymala was not large -- there were only a small number of flights to and from the island, mostly to neighbouring countries. Just like everywhere else, though, flying from here mostly meant queueing and waiting. Simon had flown home a few times to visit family. The airport here had a decided advantage over London Stansted -- you never needed to lug your bags over to the bathroom with you, or find someone to watch them while you went for a piss. You just found a floor drain. Indeed, there were drains strategically placed along each queue, so that nobody needed to worry about losing their place. Today he had arrived early, and the board said that the flight would be delayed. He bought a coffee from a stand and sat down at a nearby table. The barista working at the stand was someone he'd seen here before -- about his own age, red-haired and freckled. She was naked from the waist up. This was common among people who worked in the airport -- the agents checking in bags and running the security checks also were, as were the cabin crew on planes. He'd once asked about it, and been told that many Kaymalans who travelled abroad found the restrictions of other countries a challenge. When they returned home, it was considered only fair to give them a proper Kaymalan welcome, which, apparently, meant lots of boobs. Simon took out his phone and smiled. Olivia had promised to send him some pictures to keep him entertained, and sure enough she had. He undid his flies and started to stroke himself, thumbing through Olivia's pictures and sipping his coffee. The handful of other customers paid him no mind. Occasionally he glanced at the topless barista for more inspiration, watching the way her tits swayed as she wiped the countertop down. She caught his eye once or twice and smiled. He wondered about asking if she wanted to take a break and join him, but she seemed busy, so he contented himself with looking. He grunted as he came, using the paper napkin to catch the spunk. He couldn't see a bin nearby, so he finished his coffee in a gulp and dropped the napkin into the empty cup. Not long later, he saw Layla, the guest he'd come to meet. Layla had messaged the hostel asking for more details about how to find them, as she hadn't travelled much before and was a bit nervous. Olivia had suggested Simon could go to meet her and show her the way, which had seemed like a relief to her. He raised his hand in a wave, she recognised him and made her way over. She had dark skin, deep brown eyes, and curly black hair. She wore a pink headscarf, white tshirt and jeans, and she pulled a pink suitcase behind her. She was from London, not too far away from where Simon himself lived, and when she said hi he recognised her accent -- it was always nice to hear a familiar accent when you live abroad. “How was the flight?” Simon asked. “Oh, it was … a lot, to be honest,” she said. “I knew what to expect, I guess, but still …” Simon laughed. “I remember my own first flight out here,” he said. “Kind of a baptism by fire.” “Yeah, tell me about it,” Layla said, her eyes wide. “There were two girls next to me just -- just eating each other out on the plane. And everyone was peeing. Even the air hostess! And then, I was waiting at passport control, and some guy just whacked it out and pissed on the floor, right behind me. I could feel the spray!” “It can be a lot to get used to,” Simon said. “You feeling good?” “Yeah, not bad. It's why we're here, I guess, it's just -- we're not in Croydon any more, I guess. Shall we go?” “Just give me a minute to finish up here.” Simon had finished his coffee, but he needed a piss before they left. He stood and turned away from Layla, undid his flies once again, and pissed under the table. The coffee had had its effect on him, and he was peeing for a good thirty seconds. By the time he was done, the metal table leg was soaked, and a large puddle was spreading across the wooden floor. “It's just so strange,” said Layla, who had watched him with bemusement. “Do they not mind?” “The café? Nah,” said Simon, picking up his coat. “I'm not the first one, look.” He indicated a nearby table, now empty, where a similar puddle was left over from a previous customer. “Someone'll be round to clean it in a few minutes,” he added. “Cleaners are well paid here. And people usually tip extra if they leave a mess.” He left some kroner on the table as a tip. Sure enough, as he and Layla left the café, the barista was already picking up a bucket and mop. She smiled at them as they passed. “But what if someone had already sat at that table?” Layla asked, as they made their way towards the exit. “I dunno really. If it bothered them they wouldn't sit there until it was cleaned, or you could go find a cleaner and ask them to do it for you. You'd probably have to tip them for that, of course. But lots of people around here just aren't so bothered by it. It's only your shoes that touch the floor, after all, and you've probably stood in worse outside.” They stepped out of the airport, pulling on coats as they did so. After the hot airport, the outside air was bitterly cold. The footpaths around the airport were cleared and gritted each morning, so there was no snow underfoot, but piles of snow stood on either side of the path. They made their way to the bus stop just as the bus was pulling in. Layla lifted her suitcase into the area reserved for luggage, and they took seats next to each other. The bus quickly filled up, to the point that passengers were standing all down the aisle. The heating was on full blast, making the air hot and damp. The windows were completely steamed up. With so many people who had just left planes, the air took on a definite smell of traveller. A few minutes into the journey, Simon tapped Layla on the shoulder. He pointed at the woman stood beside them in the aisle. She was wearing a thick coat over a dress and leggings. With one hand she held a phone to her ear and was talking rapidly in Kaymalan -- Simon understood just enough to know she was telling somebody about the flight she'd been on. Her other hand had pulled the front of her dress and coat up. Simon recognised the signs, and sure enough, he saw a wet patch form at the crotch of her leggings. It blossomed for a second, before spreading quickly downwards. As the woman pushed harder, the flow became faster. A stream started to fall straight down from her crotch, and smaller streams flowed off her knees. Most of it splattered on the floor at her feet, sending droplets scattering over her boots. Some of those rivulets flowing down her leggings must have gone into her boots, but she didn't seem to mind that. The whole time the woman was still gabbling away on the phone, paying no attention at all to what was happening below her. If you could only see her from the waist up, you would have no idea what she was doing. “I don't get it,” Layla said to Simon. “Doesn't she mind having wet leggings? Won't she be cold?” Simon shrugged. The woman didn't seem to mind. She finished up and dropped her skirt back into place, still laughing at whatever conversation she was having over the phone. Over the course of the bus ride, they heard a few more times that tell-tale trickling sound. Simon was used to the Kaymalan way by now, but he always enjoyed seeing somebody new to the experience. Every time, Layla's head swivelled to try to find the source of the pissing sound. They saw a couple of people piss where they were seated. One half-stood pulled his cock out and pointed it at the back of the seat in front, washing over it like a waterfall. Another wriggled in place, managing to pull her trousers down in the tight space, and sat back in her seat and let go. Her piss ran smoothly over the plastic-covered cushion and poured through the gap at the back of the seat. They saw one elderly man step off the bus during a stop and pee into the gutter, getting back on the bus just before it left -- Simon assumed this was a gesture of politeness to the other bus passengers. Another man, less considerate, just turned to face the luggage area and pissed over somebody's suitcase. “I'm glad that's not my suitcase,” Layla said at that. “Would somebody not mind that?” “They probably will mind, when they see it,” Simon said. “Peeing on other people's stuff is certainly frowned on. But, you know, some people are assholes.” “Maybe it's not so different to London, after all,” said Layla. They got off the bus at the next stop. Here there was a small interchange outside a shopping mall, where they would catch the tram that would take them the rest of the way to the hostel. A dozen or so other passengers also alighted, and several took the opportunity for a slightly more convenient piss now that they were away from the crowded confines of the bus -- unwrapping their layers of coats so they could piss over drains, or against the back wall of the bus shelter, which was already lined with similar puddles. Layla looked around, taking all of this in. She looked slightly uncomfortable. “I don't suppose there is a toilet around here, is there?” she asked. “There'll be one in the shopping mall,” Simon said. “There usually is, for number two, or for people who are shy.” “How long until our tram comes?” “A couple minutes, but I'm happy to wait for the next if you want to go.” Layla looked undecided for a moment, then she shrugged. “Fuck it. I'll just go here. When in Rome, and all … What do I have to do?” “To piss?” Simon asked. “You can just do it anywhere. As long as you're comfortable.” “No-one will think it's rude?” “As long as you don't hit someone else's leg, you're fine.” Layla saw a woman nearby, squatting to face the road and pissing into the gutter, and apparently decided to copy her. She pulled her jeans down, looking around guiltily as she did so, as though expecting somebody to tell her off. When nobody did, she pulled her panties down as well and squatted, mimicking the other woman. “It feels so weird,” she said. “I've never done this kind of thing sober before.” “Have you done it drunk?” Simon asked. “Well, not really,” said Layla. “But I have friends who do.” She seemed to have some trouble getting started, but after a minute or so the stream came. And once she had started, the floodgates opened. Piss gushed out of her and onto the road, steaming, melting through the slush that had gathered in the gutter. When the flood finally ended, she pulled her trousers back up with a look of relief. “I've been holding it since I got on the plane,” she said. “It felt really weird to use the toilet when nobody else was, but -- it felt even weirder to not use the toilet, if you see what I mean.” She looked around. “I still feel like I'm going to get in trouble,” she said. “I know it's silly.” “You'll get used to it,” said Simon. “Everyone takes a while. There's some tourists who never get up the courage to do it, all the time they're here. You're already ahead of the game. You'll fit in well.”
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    Dear Wet Carpet, I work in a library at a prestigious university, and I have a few tales for you. Our library is quite old, being one of the original buildings erected not long after the university was founded. We have more than five million books in our library, with three floors and several tiers lined with shelves, as well as private nooks and rooms for studying and a few conference spaces and even a small auditorium. There are also several offices, an audio visual room, five fully equipped computer labs, three learning centers for holding classes, and of course our main lobby which houses our front desk. There is also a full basement where the archives are located. In my 25 years working at this library, I have seen some things that are perfect for your publication. Other than the restrooms, the archives, and a few of the offices, the library is carpeted throughout. Not long after I first started working there I found a wet stain beneath the desk of one of the study nooks. I told my supervisor, thinking it might be a spill or a leak. She just rolled her eyes. "Sounds like somebody peed again." I was taken aback by her response, especially that she had said "again," indicating that this has happened before. In fact, she shrugged and said, "It happens," as if reading my mind. When I asked what I should do, she just shrugged again. "Nothing. Not your problem. We've tried to stop it, but we can't watch every single person who comes into this building. Custodial staff cleans those rooms and shampoos the carpets once a week, so just leave it." After that, I could not get the idea out of my mind that students apparently just pee on the carpet in our library. It was on my mind so often that any time I passed the study nooks I couldn't help but peek inside or check the desks for more wet stains. Some time went by before I caught sight of a young lady in a skirt sitting in one of the study nooks, reading a textbook. She was sitting up close to the edge of her chair. I paused and glanced in just in time to see a stream of urine falling from her skirt to the carpet under her. I wonder if I should confront her, but I was also amazed by her discretion and by the ease with which she seemed to just go as if it were perfectly normal to wet the carpet. Her stream finished, and she scooted back in her seat and continued reading. I blinked, still amazed by what I had witnessed, and still uncertain how to respond. I finally just walked away, but I couldn't get the image out of my mind. She had just scooted up and just peed like it was no big deal. Like it was something she did all the time. I wondered if she was the culprit of the stain I had found before. Regardless, I also could not deny that I was excited by the idea of someone, especially such a studious and I assumed otherwise conscientious young lady just brazenly peeing on the carpet so nonchalantly. Another time, I found a stain down the wall in one of the hallways between two stacks. It looked like either a young man or a young lady with a strong stream had About a month or so later, I was re-shelving some books when I heard whispering voices. This, of course, is nothing out of the ordinary in a library. But I could actually make out their words. It was a young man and a young woman perhaps hiding together in one of the corners. From my position, I was able to peek through the stacks without being seen. It didn't take long for me to figure out what was happening. They were both standing, the young lady with her back against the wall. She was wearing a skirt, which was lifted, and her legs were spread with the young man between them. He was moving his hips and as I watched them, I couldn't help but feel my face get flushed. Again, part of me felt I should stop them and kick them out, but I was both embarrassed and turned on by the sight. The young man started moving a little more quickly, and the young lady moaned softly but loud enough that I could hear her. Then he buried his face in her neck, and I heard him grunt and soon his thrusting stopped. They moved apart, the young man zipping his pants and the young lady tried to smooth her skirt. As if copulating in the stacks wasn't shocking enough, what happened next just cemented in my mind what I had been thinking for some time. The young lady whispered to the young man, "Make sure nobody's coming, I've got to pee." The young man laughed, but he turned away from me to look out the doorway out of the stacks. They were still clueless to my presence. He gave her a thumbs up, and the young lady lifted her skirt again and squatted right where she was. She pulled her panties aside and sprayed a strong stream of pee onto the carpet. It didn't last long, and as soon as it was over, she stood up, took his hand, and they were gone. I couldn't help it. Once I was sure they were gone and I was alone, I walked over to where they had stood and just stared at the stain the girl had left behind. As if my own body was taking over, I felt wetness between my legs and felt my head swimming from what I had just witnessed. I also felt like I had to pee, as well. I finally decided to abandon my self-restraint and give in to the desire that had been on my mind for a while. It seemed many students had the temerity to empty their bladders in various places of the library. So I decided I could not deny my curiosity any longer. I looked around to make sure no one else was in the stacks, but honestly I was not certain if I would have cared. Before I could change my mind I pulled my panties down and squatted right over the wet spot the young lady had created. It took a little while, but I breathed out and a warm stream of pee sprayed out of me and splashed to the carpet. I could not help but watch it as it dribbled onto the dark brown carpet and added to the damp puddle before slowly absorbing into the fabric. This felt so naughty that I thought I would pass out with pleasure. "Oh my," I said, sighing as the last of my pee flowed out of me. Once my pee stopped, I knew what else I needed, so I started rubbing myself. Within thirty seconds, I was gasping, and I actually had to lean back against the wall to keep from falling over and bite down hard on my lip to keep from screaming as I orgasmed right there in the stacks. After that day, for years I actively looked for other students who were secretly trying or actually peeing in our library. It didn't happen often, but there were moments that stand out. I caught a girl standing in a corner in one of the back hallways, with her pants and panties pulled down, spraying a stream backwards into the corner. I saw a young man seated in one of the study nooks take out his penis and spray towards the wall under the desk. While shelving books I saw a girl, seated on the floor reading a book, who looked to see if anyone was around. When she felt it was clear, she returned to her book, but I heard her sigh and could just barely hear a hissing sound as she sat there and peed herself. I even caught one of my coworkers who was searching for something in archives and, like the others, had no idea I was around. She looked around to make sure it was clear and just spread her legs and let her pee fall from under her dress to the carpet between her feet. And of course I took every opportunity to pee on the carpet, as well, often repeating my first experience, either squatting or standing over someone else's wet spot, emptying my bladder and enjoying the sight of it as it soaked the carpet even more, and almost always getting myself off afterwards. All these years, and no one has ever gotten into trouble or been dismissed from the library for these brazen acts. Perhaps some of you should come visit some day. Elaine
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    In the early 2000s I moved to London with my first real job and was living with friends. It was a great time, we did loads of partying, and in particular we made an effort to attend concerts and festivals whenever we could. I have a few stories from that time which I wanted to share here. This is probably the best. We went to a festival down in the South West of England. It had been organised by a friend of a friend so it was really tiny. No recognised bands or sophisticated set up, but it was charming, they'd put the effort in and there was loads of cheap west country cider to drink. I was with a mixed group of friends. We'd spent the day drinking and checking the place out. Around dusk we were heading between the field with the hot tubs, bean bags and cocktail shack and back towards the main tent for the dancing to start. My friend Emily and I needed to pee so we peeled off from the group. I've known her for years and she was grateful not to have to go alone. It was starting to get darker, and since most people had abandoned the toilets, we needed to pick our way across some muddy tractor tracks surrounding the field and into some trees. Not an easy job after all we had drank. Emily, like me, was in her early 20's at the time. She had a great sense of humour and we always really made fun of each other. She had dark hair cut in a bob and an 'indie chick' look, like Louise Wener from her 'Sleeper' days. She looked good in jeans and tight long sleeved top. We found a small area between trees, I went to the one side and her the other. Desperate by this time, I immediately unzipped and let it go. She was skulking around behind me, trying to figure out which spot to go in. I looked up to see her watching me and shaking her head. "Bastard, you guys have it so fucking easy, where am I supposed to go?" She said. The whole area was on a bit of a slope, and the ground was slippy with mud. Also there wasn't a great deal of tree cover, but she eventually selected a spot to pee and I turned my back. Apparently the small branch that she was using to help balance had snapped. All I heard at the time was a yelp and a snort of laughter. I turned round to see her sat with her bare arse in the mud, her unbuttoned jeans and knickers down to just above her knees. She had her face in her hands and was laughing uncontrollably. I stood there not really knowing what to do. "Don't just stand there" she said "help me out, and then never tell another soul for as long as you live" I offered her my hand and helped her off the ground. Half looking, half looking away I couldn't help but see her neatly shaved line if pubic hair heading down between her thighs and had a momentarily glimpse of some generous lips beneath. "I hadn't finsihed" she said. I turned my head away but held on to her hand to support her as she crouched. She paused, waiting for it to come. I heard an initial trickle and splatter as she started to pee, then the hiss of a strong jet hitting the ground as she let it flow for a few seconds. "I'm so sorry" she said, as I saw a shallow foaming puddle of pee creep across the ground and around my left trainer. I shifted it and picked her small bag up off the ground before that got a soaking as well. "Would you mind having a look in there for some tissues?" she said. I managed to pick out a few and handed them over. She took one, wiped quickly between her legs and cast it to the side. Then she grabbed the rest and attempted to wipe the mud from the side of her arse. Now stood up, she pulled her thong back into place. She pulled her face "eww" she said squirming as though felt wet when it met her body. I think she must have sprayed her pants when she fell. "This is hopeless" she said, twisting to show me her ass cheek which was caked in mud. I pulled the sleeve of my shirt over my hand and brused her arse to try and clear some more. Smirking about cleaning her arse. We did our best, then gave up. She just pulled her jeans up over her bum and fastened them. "What a nightmare" she said, "thanks! now I need a drink". We headed back to the camp.
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    A little picture from my morning piss for you all...
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    I don't share pics, but I will tell what I did. I live near the top of a tall apartment building, so people don't really use the stairs often up here. I went into the stairs and walked down 3 floors. I was wearing a dress with no panties, and I squatted at the top of a flight of stairs, spread my legs apart and pissed all down the steps. It felt so good. I ran back up to my apartment. I checked earlier today and my puddle is still there and starting to dry.
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    Soooo, where was I? Maya peed herself and then she kinda disappeard. In other words, I didn't see her around for a whole week. Eventually Friday came along, the weekend was banging at our door and my mom decided to make cupcakes which was very exciting since she hadn't made them in a while. The best part about it though was that mom baked more than usual because she wanted to give some of them to our lovely neighbours and when she said: "I'm gonna bring them over later", without giving her time to breath I said: "I'll do it!" That was so fast that mom got a little suspicious but fortunately not enough to care. So when later came mom gave me a nice little platter full of cupcakes, wrapped up in alluminum foil, which I then brought over to the neighbour's house. As I was making my way over I got very excited because first, I got to see Maya again and second, I know that on Friday evenings Thomas is always out with friends and he normally doesn't come back before midnight so I maybe I had the chance for a bit of alone-time with Maya ... if everything would've gone as I wished for. I still tried to keep my hopes very low though, in order to not get disappointed on my way back home, to mom ... like a loser. As I reached the house I rang the bell and began to feel a little nervous. I felt my heart beating faster and my hands were getting a little sweaty. I'm not gonna lie deep down I really hoped that I would end up seeing her pee again. I heard noises inside getting louder then the doorhandle started to move and as expected Maya appeared, smiling as always. "Aleeex! What a nice surprise", she said happily. "Hey Maya, I haven't seen you in a while!" Since I got distracted by her beautiful eyes I didn't realize immediately that she was wearing a summer-dress ... and I tell you, it was one ONE HELL of a summer-dress. It was yellow with some lemons painted on, which may sound lame to you but only because you didn't see it on Maya ... and it was short, not super short but shorter than anything I've ever seen her wear before. It's neckline was also quite pronounced, again, quite unusual for a woman who never wears anything incredibly revealing. That was the first time in my life I saw her cleavage ... and it was beautiful. "Wooow", I said enthusiastic "you look great!" "Thank you!", she blushed. "I've never seen you in a dress before." Maya giggled and said: "Well, it's Friday and I've been working my ass off the whole week so I thought it's time to finally wear something nice and comfortable to enjoy the evening." She wasn't even wearing shoes or socks, she probably took all of her clothes off and then put that gorgeous dress on ... I wondered if she was wearing panties underneath, but that thought went a bit to far for my taste and I was only there to bring her cupcakes anyway ... and that's usually how porn movies start. "Hey, I have something for you that will make your evening even better!", I said. "Ooh, yes, I see that you have something here." "My mom made cupcakes for you and Thomas." Her face lit up like that of a little girl on Christmas. "Oh my God! Your mom made cupcakes again!" "Here! ... Enjoy!" I handed her the platter over and very excited she said:"Thank you so much!" I was ready to leave when Maya very nicely invited me in. I tried to be polite and refused but she insited: "Come on, let's just eat one cupcake together!" I just couldn't say no and so I went inside, but not because of the sweets. "Sooo, you had lot's of work to do this week?", classic small talk opening from my side as we were walking into the kitchen. "Oh God yes! Almost all of my clients were super demanding this week, I had to do designs and redesigns for some stupid poster of a stupid event ..." Maya kept talking but I zoned out because I got distracted by how gorgeous she looked in that moment. She was delicately unwrapping the aluminum foil around the platter and grabbed some glasses and an empty jug. "Do you like strawberry juice?", she asked me. "Uuuh, yes ... Sure!" Juice, perfect! The first step towards some full badders. "Alright, let's go sit down in the garden and enjoy the evening!", she said calmy. "Sounds great!" With the cupcake platter in one hand and the jug in the other she gracefully walked past me. By doing so Maya whispered to me: "I hope you're thirsty!", and with a cheeky smile she winked at me. I was confused but I would be lying if I didn't say that I liked how everything was proceeding. I took our glasses and followed Maya to the back of the house. She moved throughout the corridor on her bare feet with great elegance and I just couldn't keep my eyes of her. I knew that I wanted her to pee in front of me again that evening and I was about to try the best I could to make that happen. Outside we sat down facing eachother on some very comfortable sofas. It was a tipical summer evening on the countryside, the sun was setting, birds were chirping and Maya and I were drinking strawberry juice, lots of strawberry juice. It all looked very promising but nothing much was happening. We had a nice conversation and all but it didn't get spicy. I even tried, very subtly, to move the focus of the conversation on pee stuff but Maya just didn't seem to either notice or to care. Maybe we've had our fun days and now it was all over ... But what was that I hope you're thirsty earlier about, was she really implying something? Maybe I just misinterpreted everything? I was confused but I was still determined to make her pee in front of me at some point during the evening. I just needed to get her to talk about urine first and I was waiting for the right moment to do it. I even had a plan: Drink a lot of juice in order to get desperate so that she notices it and asks if everything's OK, tell her I really need a pee, then see how she reacts and hope that some exciting stuff will flourish out of that. So that was my plan and I kept drinking ... But at some point the evening took another turn. After Maya finished her third glass she poured it full with juice again and by doing so she made a little joke:"I love strawberry juice! I could just sit here the whole day and just drink it." That was my chance and you can bet your ass that I took it. "You have to be careful otherwise you will pee yourself again!" Maya laughed a little as did I but I was just hoping that I finally steered the conversation in the direction I wanted. "Oh that was bad!", she said "I really needed to pee that day!" Jackpot! "I can't believe you really peed yourself!" Maya was giggling the whole time: "Trust me, I couldn't believe it either ... I was so full, that my bladder just gave up ... And I can't believe you saw that!" Maya jokingly slapped my knee while I was trying to figure out what to say next. I was on a good way. "You peed so much I could see it from my house", I continued. "So embarassing", Maya whispered. "Well, now you know how I felt when you caught me peeing in the garden." She started to laugh and then I think I fell in love a little. I also knew that in that moment I had her right where I wanted, now I just needed to bring the whole thing home and I have no idea if Maya was doing the same with me but the next thing she said was:"Well, yes ... but we cleared that up, right?" Just perfect, I knew exactly what my next move would be but first I just nodded then I asked: "Maybe now we should clear your wetting disaster up?", I made it sound like a joke but I was dead serious. "Oh now you wanna pee in front of me?", she giggled. "Do you want me to?", I asked semi-serious. "I just drank a lot of juice, I could need a pee right now", I added, laughing a little ... btw I really needed to pee at that point and I had a feeling her bladder was full as well. "Would you do it?", Maya's tone got a bit more serious and she started to give me quite a flirty look. "Should I?", I asked quiet. Maya got quiet for a moment then with her soft voice she whispered: "Yes." My mind went blank and I felt like all of my dreams were about to come true. Maya and I got quiet and kept looking at eachother for a moment. "Come to me", she whispered eventually. There was tension between us and I did what she told me, I got up, as did she, and got close to her. Just like two weeks before in my hose she took my hand and brought me in the middle of the garden. I could hear Maya breathing rather heavily when she got near me. I guess she was excited aswell. "Did you pee your pants on pourpose that day?", I asked silently. Maya nodded and whispered: "Yes. I needed an excuse so that I could make you pee in front of me one day ... Let me take your pants off." I nodded and she slowly opened my zipper. She gently pulled my pants down, not completely but enough to reveal my penis who was just experiencing the erection of a lifetime. She softly began to stroke it with her thumb a little. I barely felt her touch since it was so subtle. Out of excitement I started to lose some drops of pee and Maya removed them with her index. "May I pee?", I asked silently. She got very close to me and whispered in my ear: "Tell me how much you need to pee, Alex." "I really gotta pee." I could feel her excitement in her breath as she finally said:"Let it go, Alex", and so I did. Because of my erection my pee was shooting upwards and I had to move my head a little in order to not wet my chin. I peed and peed. I heard it splashing on the lawn and Maya was looking at it coming out of my penis like she just found the world's most precious treasure. As I was looking at her I noticed that she was slightly bouncing up and down. Her legs caught my attention, they were crossed and her hand was heavily pressed against her crotch. "Maya, you need to pee", I told her. "I've been holding it for so long now, seeing you makes me want to piss even more!", she said silently. "Please stop, Alex and let me pee!" I could hear the struggle in her voice. "Wait until I finish", I said "I'm almost done." Maya moaned in desperation. Shortly after my stream stopped. As soon as the last drop fell onto the ground Maya unexpectedly took my hand and placed it on her crotch, underneath the dress ... She wasn't wearing underwear. The moment I touched her pussy she let go. Her warm pee was flowing through my fingers and she moaned in relief as sensual as a woman like her could do. Her stream was incredibly strong, I could feel it's pressure on my palm. After a moment of pure satisfaction she moved my hand away and kept peeing freely on the grass. Standing and lifting her dress to not make it wet. "You look so beautiful, Maya", I couldn't keep it for myself anymore. It that moment she was, in my eyes, the most perfect woman on earth. She smiled at me and her stream got weaker, and weaker ... and weaker ... until it stopped. "Do you want to lick me clean?", she joked but I politely refused. Maybe some of you would've done it but that was slightly to much for me. After she got her strenght back, Maya cleaned her pee stained legs a little bit with her hands. I on the other hand noticed that I peed on my shirt thanks to my wonderful erection ... Awkward but Maya had a good laugh so it was fine. There was still lots of pee flowing all over the lawn but we both sat back down on the couches and all I could ask Maya in that moment was: "Would you like to do it again one day?" Her answer, without hesitation: "Yes, please!" To be continued ...
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    This story is told from the POV of a young man called Alex who unexpectedly gets to know his neighbour Maya better than he ever thought. The story is split in multiple parts and it will include naughty peeing, desperation and maybe also wetting, both male and female (mostly female though). Alright, here's something crazy that happened to me during the last couple of weeks but first let me set this all up for you: My name's Alex, I'm a 19 year old dude that lives at home with his mother, no father, no siblings, just the two of us ... don't ask me why, just accept it. Mom and I live in a little house on the countryside, lovely nature all around us ... and peace, very important. Not many houses around here, there's just one that stands out though and that's our neighbours building. Small and cozy, like our house but with a much bigger garden and a few more windows. Our neighbours are very nice people, they come and visit us every now and again and we all get along nicely, it's always a pleasure talking to them. They're a married couple, he, Thomas, is in his early 40's, well mannered and quite reserved, a simple man really but with a big heart and then there's his younger wife, Maya ... My.God. One of the most beautiful women I've ever had the pleasure to talk to. She has that classic girl next door aura in her and I always loved that. Blue eyes, brown shoulder-length hair and a cute, curvy body but in the best way possible. Pure natural beauty and not a trace of arrogance or narcissism, a rarity in women like her in today's society ... and she's a kind soul as well which is like a cherry on top. Ok, now that I told you everything you need to know I'm going to share with you my story. It all started a few weeks ago, I finally graduated from high school and instead of looking for a little summer job like every year, I decided to take some time off and spend a few weeks at home, because I think after years and years of school I deserved to rest for a little bit. So the first few days I passed the time with some housecleaning and gardening just to help my mom out a little bit and one evening I was in our garden and I just finished mowing the lawn when my bladder decided that it's time to get lighter. I dragged our cheap little mower into the shed and as I got out I really didn't want to get back into the house, it was such a beautiful, warm summer evening that it would've been a shame to go inside even though it was just for a quick pee. I also knew that as soon as I went inside I wouldn't come out anymore, so there was that. Anyway, long story short I decided to relieve myself in the garden. Mom wasn't around and there was a nice big tree next to our shed. As I got there, though, I remembered that the neighbours would've had the chance to see me since, even though I was hidden from a potential visit by my mom, it was quite an exposed area ... But I decided to give it a go because first, I didn't see the neighbours anywhere and second, I f*ing love peeing outside so I opened my zipper, pulled my little friend out, took another quick look around just to be sure before I finally opened the gates and let everything out. Beautiful. I listened to the pee splashing onto the tree and observed how it poured down the trunk and into the ground. My mind started to drift and I began to look around carefree as my eyes suddenly fell on one of the neighbour's house windows and there I saw Maya inside staring at me. Frightened by the sight I stopped, put everything back in place and kind of ran away inside the house. I was so incredibly embarassed by what just happened, I couldn't believe she saw me peeing outside like a freak and god knows how long she had been there to watch. I'm sure she stood by the window for a while since she probably had to figure out what was going on first ... God, just the thought of it was enough to not make me sleep the following night. It was embarassing and I felt like not talking to Maya ever again, even when she and Thomas came over to visit again, it was bad. Who knew what she would think of me now? Maybe she also told her husband about it. I even wondered if she was able to see my penis. We don't live super close to eachother but still close enough to easily recognize our faces in the distance, a penis would've probably been visible aswell. So there it was, the most embarassing moment of my life and it got worse because guess who came to visit the next day? You know the answer! Mom and I were outside admiring the freshly mowed lawn from the day before as we saw Thomas and Maya outside having drinks. "Hey guys! Wanna come over?", my mom shouted while I thought please don't, please don't, please don't. "We would love to!", said Thomas in the distance. Oh, fuck you Thomas! I said to myself and then I felt kinda bad because he's the nicest man in the world and I would've loved to spend time with them again IF that one thing from the day before wouldn't have happened. As they were walking over I secretly snuck back inside and went into my room and was planning to stay there until it was all over. I opened my window a little to hear them talk in case something suspicious got mentioned and my bedroom is also located on the first floor of our house so they couldn't see me from below. I was laying in my bed and they were sitting on our super comfy garden benches talking ... and talking ... and talking, nothing exciting really as all of a sudden I heard Maya's soft voice asking: "Where did Alex go?" "He's inside, I wonder why he isn't coming out?" "You know what I go talk to him, maybe I can lure him out", Maya said. Mom laughed a little while I started to panic. "May I go inside?", she asked my mother. "Sure!" "Alright. I'll be right back." It didn't take long that the housedoor opened and I could hear Maya going: "Alex?" I must admit the way she called my name was very sweet and made my senses tingle a little but I was still super nervous since I had no idea what to do now. "Aaalex?", I heard once again. "Hii!", I said rather quietly as I heard her walking up the stairs to my bedroom. Lying, that was my only chance to deal with the confrontation that was about to happen. I stood up from my bed and leaned against the door frame of my room and then she saw me and smiled: "Here you are!" Oh, how beautiful she was but damn was I scared in that moment. "Hey, Maya. What are you doing here?" "I could ask you the same", she laughed. "Well, I ... I was kinda tired so I just relaxed a little, you know, I worked quite a bit the past few days." She seemed confused by what I just said, and I did not like that. Maya was quiet for a moment and then with quite a reflective tone she said: "Alex? Are you staying here because you're embarassed of what happened yesterday?" Shit! I thought. "What happened yesterday?", and the lying had begun but Maya was smarter than me. "Alex, don't do that. I saw you urinating in your garden and you saw me watching you ..." I groaned, it was super awkward but Maya continued: "I swear I didn't do it on purpose ... I just got to the window and saw you and that caught my attention ... then I realized what you were doing and then you saw me and ran away." I was speechles, I was embarassed and I just couldn't look Maya in the eyes ... and guess what, she kept on talking. "You don't need to be embarassed, Alex. It was just a harmless accident. Nothing to worry about." "Well, that's easy for you to say. I now have to live with the fact that you saw me peeing in my garden like an idiot." "Come on, Alex", she whispered with a little smile on her face. I shrugged my shoulders and we both said nothing for a moment. Then something unexpected happened, Maya reached out gently grabbing my hand and guided me into the bathroom. "What are you doing?", I asked suspiciously as soon as we got in. Maya said nothing. She stopped in front of the toilet and smiled at me as she pulled the toilet seat down and slowly began to unbotton her shorts. My heart was beating faster and faster because it knew what was about to happen. My brain however was sure that it wasn't what it seemed to be ... but sometimes, only sometimes in your life there are days where magic happens and this was one of those moments. As my brain was still trying to analyze the situation Maya's pants were already down and she sat on the toilet with her legs spread so that I could see and just like that she began to pee. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! My mind went blank and I just couldn't believe it. I was staring at piss coming out of my neighbours pussy ... Her pussy!! She exposed her vagina to me as if it was nothing! I was hypnotized ... and good lord it was a beautiful sight! Hissssss ... That's all I could hear in that moment. "Aaaah, I've been needing this for quite a while now", Maya whispered. I managed to move my eyes back up to her and with a shortness of breath I asked: "What are you doing?" "Now we're even", she said playfully and boom my eyes fell back down on her yellow pee stream. Suddenly I felt some movement inside my pants. My groin was temporarily on eye-level with Maya and she noticed that there was something moving upwards behind that zipper in front of her. I really think I saw her smiling for a brief moment as she noticed it but then she finished. She took a bit of toilet paper, cleaned herself and put her shorts back on. As she flushed she looked at me. I was still trying not to faint as she then went to the sink to wash her hands. "Why did you do that?", I asked again incredibly confused. "I thought that it would kinda neutralize your embarassment if you saw me peeing aswell." "But you just exposed your genitals in front of me ... I ... I saw your pee gushing out of you!" Maya laughed a little: "Well ... yeah ... Uh, I guess I feel comfortable enough around you to do this. But I won't do it again, just so you know ... and please don't tell anyone." "Nonono, of course not ... I will remain silent." Maya giggled again and then she invited me to go with her outside, back to mom and Thomas, who I already forgot were still there. Outside they both were happy to see me again and so was I. Maya and myself sat down with the others and everything was back to normal ... But that's just what I thought. Guys, I tell you this was just the beginning. To be continued ...
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    I'm getting really desperate and I'm really missing the ability to go out and pee in fun spots. The pandemic is getting to me! I might go a few floors down in my apartment building and pee in the stairs.
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    The local parks have been very busy because of covid-19. I haven't wanted to go for a walk there because of it. So i've been trying to find other ways to go hangout outside. I decided to go to a cemetery with a friend. I really needed to take a piss about halfway through walking around with her. There was a fairly large tombstone right in front of where we were. I told my friend I needed to take a piss and with my surprise she suggested I go anywhere. She said there were plenty of places to discreetly pee and pointed to the large tombstone. I had on jeans and a blouse. I walked over to the grave, pulled my jeans to my knees and got in a low squat and asked my friend to shield me. She turned and faced me and blocked the view with her legs. I started to relieve myself as I caught her catching a glimpse of what was happening between my legs. She watched the piss pour from my pussy onto the grass beneath me. I just smiled. She must have enjoyed the sight, I don't know. It felt so fucking good to take a pee in front of my friend like that.
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    This morning I decided to take a bath to relax, and wanted to make it a spa experience at home (since covid has ruined everything!). I grabbed a bath bomb I had in my closet and threw it into the bath. I got in, lay there and relaxed, it was great. After a while, I had to pee. I didn't want to get out and get cold & get water everywhere, so I decided to just let go. I spread my knees apart so I could look down at my pussy and let go of my bladder. Did I mention that the bath bomb turned the water bright blue? My yellowish pee stream was very obvious under the blue water... spreading slowly and making everything green!
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    ..I had my mistress pee while sucking me and finishing her bladder in the chair afterwards..
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    Megan's Story (Naughty pee action at work) I've been the director of administration at my company's office for two years now and have a unique friendship with Lisa, our Human Resources supervisor and a hot one to say the least. We're both early thirties. Weirdly enough, we became acquainted hearing each other pee at work during her first week. One great thing about being bisexual and having a pee fetish is that I've enjoyed hearing women peeing in restrooms next to me since I was fifteen. When I pee, it's pretty loud and forceful but Lisa is one of the loudest I've heard. The first time we peed together in the restroom, we both stood at the sinks trying not to laugh at the insane streams we'd just produced. It was a bit awkward but then we both laughed and have been friendly ever since. Whenever we see each other heading to the restroom, we smile understanding there's about to be some serious noise made! She can go longer than me too, often still flooding while I'm coming out of the stall, even if she started before me. We've joked about the struggle of being able to pee more than most women. She's married but I do often wonder, does she have some curiosity? It seems as though she might at least enjoy her peeing abilities but she's reserved and careful to stay professional. I've certainly had steamy thoughts about her, especially when she wears short skirts and shows off those incredible legs! Recently, things went to a whole new level between us and even I can't believe this actually happened. The board decided to eliminate a few roles at various sites due to automation and budget reasons. The result was that I had to lay off our benefits coordinator since our health insurance and pensions were changing. He'd been there for twenty years, way longer than me but honestly I never really liked him and didn't mind letting him go. The day I was going to call him into my office to break the news that he was no longer needed, I got pulled into a meeting and while I was there, he'd gone out to lunch and was involved in a traffic accident. By the time I was informed, it was after he'd been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. I called the company Vice President for how to proceed and she insisted that he was still to be terminated as planned. So I had Lisa draft up the termination letter and mail it to his house while he was in the hospital. Then there was just his office belongings to deal with, which we were going to have delivered to his house by a coworker. So the following afternoon, I started packing up his things and of course was interrupted by another meeting with company executives. It was a few minutes past five o'clock when it finally ended and I was able to finish packing his stuff. Everyone was gone for the day. I was sitting in his chair emptying the desk drawers and found myself carelessly tossing his things into the cardboard box, not too concerned if something might break. When all was packed, there was just his jacket still hanging on the door hook. I laid it in the box, ready to close it up and head home for the weekend, when an idea came to mind. For some reason at that moment, I remembered seeing a movie years ago where a woman peed in someone's suitcase. I can't recall the name of it but it was so hot, with the camera panning down her legs over the case while a yellow stream trickled onto the clothes. All of the sudden, here was my chance to do my own version of that scene but could I actually go through with it? I closed the door and stood conflicted and staring at the jacket for a while as my heart thumped. Soon enough, the lure got the best of me and I lifted my skirt, then opened the jacket so the interior was facing up. I pulled my undies to the side and stood hunched over the box. It took a while for anything to happen, but eventually a little hissing squirt spilled onto the jacket. My nervousness made me tense up and nothing else came out. With a few deep breaths, I relaxed enough to restart my stream and it was a slow trickle, pretty much identical to the woman in the movie. Even though it wasn't flooding out of me like normal, my bladder was fairly full and I saw no reason not to fully empty myself. So for what had to be maybe two full minutes, I stood there and just let it flow all over the jacket and it was the most thrilling risky thing I'd ever done. All was going according to plan until of course, the damn door opened while I was mid-stream and there was Lisa, gasping in shock seeing my bare ass. I felt sick to my stomach being caught and knew I'd just gotten myself fired at the very least. For whatever reason, she was still in the building and came over to see if any progress had been made clearing the office and there was me, taking a piss in it...Her mouth was dropped as I threw my skirt down and almost tripped, piss trailing down my leg and crippled with panic. I started stuttering through some incoherent words, when she told me to shut up and closed the door behind her. She looked down at the jacket, still processing what I'd done. After a tense moment of silence, I wanted to cry, then Lisa said, “My turn.” It didn't register in my scrambled brain until she smiled and started pulling her short tan skirt up right there in front of me. I couldn't believe it. The sight of her long, shapely legs being exposed was surreal. She wasn't wearing underwear and her pussy was so beautiful. I'd fantasized about what it looked like for two years and there it was, shaved bare, nice full pink labia that looked picture perfect. She took the jacket from the box and laid it on the floor, then stood on the sleeves with her high heels and lowered into a squat. As if this all wasn't hot enough, now I could see down her shirt. Her bra was barely covering her breasts and a nipple slip was just one wrong move away! Unlike me, she had no hesitation to overcome and her piss immediately raged all over the jacket hard enough to splash the side of the desk nearby and the surrounding carpet. I even felt a few sprinkles on my feet. Her labia split out to the sides and fluttered like wings, giving her stream this beautiful spiral effect as it whipped around when she pushed full force. It was pretty messy and sprayed her inner thighs and shoes. The most impressive thing though, was how huge her stream was. I knew from how much noise she usually made that it had to be big but seeing it was still hard to believe. It seriously looked like something that only a faucet should be able to produce. I stood in awe at her capacity. She swayed her hips around to cover more of the jacket. We laughed, trying our best to keep our voices down. By the time Lisa finished, the jacket was beyond soaked, more like transformed into a piss sponge. I told her to check the inside breast pocket for something to wipe with and sure enough, there was a handkerchief. She wiped her thighs and rubbed it all over her pussy several times, then put in back in the pocket. As we continued laughing, she stood upright, pulled her skirt back down, told me to have a nice weekend and hurried out. After a few minutes piecing myself back together from disbelief...and painful arousal, I picked the jacket up and let the pool of piss spill out so it would have a chance of drying over the weekend. I left it open and facing up so the smell wouldn't get too strong, then on the following Monday morning, put it in the box with the other items for a coworker to drop it off. It still smelled like piss a little but oh well. Later that morning, I ran into Lisa in the restroom and we both smiled at each other in passing. We haven't mentioned that day since it happened, but she's been flirty ever since. I'm really hoping that things are just beginning between us!
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    contains naughty peeing, including carpets. Dear Wet Carpet Magazine, Well, I didn't know whether to write in about this incident, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it so here goes. I am 25, curvy, 5'4" with blond hair - usually in a pony tail and I often hang around with Lucy who is a bit taller at 5'8" has red hair over her shoulders and is somewhat slimmer than me. This goes back to what now seems like a distant recollection before the Covid19 lock downs when you could actually enjoy meeting up with friends and going into town. It was a Saturday and we met up at a pub in town for lunch, which naturally included a couple of beers each. Lucy was wearing a knee length navy skirt and a white blouse. I had on a short light blue skirt and a tight T-shirt that emphasised my curvy boobs. After lunch, we walked out from the pub and into town. We were passing through the car park when Lucy declared that she needed a wee and I agreed that I would need one soon as well. Now we've known each other for a long time and we are no strangers to peeing in front of each other and we are both happy to pee in a car park behind a car, in a stairwell, down an alley or whatever, when we've had a few drinks - doesn't have to be alcohol fuelled, but we are a bit more brazen when alcohol has been involved. Anytime we need to pee, we pee, but we are more discrete during the day than when we go out at night. Today, we were just debating a pee behind the bottle banks in a car park when I spotted that there was a row of shops next to the car park which was blocked off with hoardings and had signs up that they were going to be demolished. There was a small gap in the hoardings so I suggested it would be more hidden if we slipped through the gap and went behind the hoardings. Lucy agreed and we squeezed through the gap. Once inside, I spotted that the door to one of the shops was hanging off its hinges and that was too good an opportunity to miss. We went inside and found that it was an abandoned estate agents shop. It had been cleared of anything valuable but there was still some furniture in there - a handful of desks, chairs on wheels and some comfy chairs that probably used to be a waiting area. We looked at each other and we knew that we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Without any knickers to worry about, I hitched up my skirt and hovered over one of the comfy chairs with my curvy backside fully exposed. It took a few seconds to overcome the thoughts of what I was doing, but hey, this stuff was all abandoned and going to be demolished, so what the heck? I started a stream which initially fell onto the fabric of the chair, then started splashing back at my legs. I jumped a bit and cut the flow. I moved along to the next chair and sat my bare arse onto the chair near the front. I spread my legs and peed off the front of the chair onto the carpet, arcing down and impacting the floor about a foot in front of the chair. The puddle grew and grew on the surface of the fibres and then started to sink in so it stopped spreading. I kept going until I was done, then slid backwards to wipe my pussy on the fabric of the seat. Lucy had been watching of course and complimented me on the size of the puddle. "Your turn now" I said. Lucy slid down her pink knickers and kicked them off, then she got up onto a desk, pulled up her skirt and squatted low down on the edge of the desk, with her bum pretty much between her feet (still clad in her slip on shoes). I had a clear view right between her legs to her neatly trimmed pubic area as she opened her flood gates and poured forth her golden rain on the carpet below. She twisted around and pattered the floor in an ever widening splatter which left spots and small puddles over a significant area. Eventually she came to a stop with the stream waning down nearer the desk and the last trickle landing onto the desk itself. She climbed down from the desk - still with her skirt hitched up and then looked around for something to use to wipe. On the back of one of the desk chairs hung a black cardigan which some previous employee must have forgotten or discarded. Lucy took hold of the sleeve that was draped down one side and carefully wiped up the inside of her legs and gave special attention to her pussy. She then let go of the now damp garment so the sleeve hung back where it was. She recovered her knickers and put them on over her shoes. "That's better" she said. "Now we can shop in comfort and we know where to come in future times of need". I agreed with her as we departed the shop and headed back through the gap to hit the shops - oh and of course the coffee shop..... Chloe. x
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    when you pee makes a 💛! 🤣 i guess its just my panties’ way of saying thanks for all the love 💕 😙
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    This is a true experience which I originally posted in letter form to make it a bit more fun. Dear Wet Carpet Magazine I was recently made aware of your esteemed publication by my friend Gemma who is a regular subscriber. When I picked it up off of her coffee table she went bright red and said that I probably would not be interested. I put it down, but picked it up again when she went to make the tea. I thought I was the only one who regularly, but discretely, enjoys the convenience of peeing on the carpet but it would appear that I am not alone. I often find myself in situations where it is not convenient to visit the ladies and have to make other arrangements. Just the other day I was out for the evening with my work collegues at an indian restaurant. Perhaps the Madras was not a wise choice, I had to wash it down with a lot of cola. I had already had to leave the table to take a telephone call and had been standing outside the restaurant talking, trying to be calm, when the cold air hit and I had wet myself with my pee cascading uncontrolled down my legs under my skirt. Thank goodness I had fishnet stockings on. I went back in with soaking wet legs but fortunately nothing showed. It was barely an hour later when I felt the twinge in my bladder. Having wet myself so spectacularly earlier I thought I ought to be able to hold on until the end. I held on for another half an hour, feeling increasingly desperate and trying to find a point in the conversation when I could make my excuse and go to the ladies. I soon realised that I would be part of the conversation all evening. I knew I had to do something, so as I emphasised my point I carefully slid forward on my chair until I was perched on the edge, and as nonchalently as possible while listening intently to the conversation I relaxed my bladder a little. I was so desperate that my pee began to flow straight away. I tucked my legs under to catch my pee to stop it pattering on the floor and relaxed fully. I am sure that everyone round the table must have noticed my relief, but I don't know how they interpreted it. I just sat there and peed, letting my warm pee run down my legs and soak into the carpet. As I moved my feet I could feel the carpet getting squishy, but I dare not look down to see what was there. As I felt the flow subside on the back of my legs I sat back in the chair, now able to concentrate much better on the important business of choosing the sweet. It was during coffee that I felt a twinge again, this time I did not wait to get desperate. Straight away I scooted forward and peed on to the back of my legs. I did not even consider that I might go to the ladies. When I got up to leave I could feel that the back of my skirt was a little damp, but it was black so probably didn't show. I asked the waiter to get my coat and quickly put it on. It can take a long time to leave a restaurant, and after standing there for half an hour more chatting I did not hesitate to relax once more and let my pee run down my legs to soak into the carpet. I have always been discrete and never let on, but Gemma, if you are reading this as I am sure you will be, 'Hi'. PP Lancashire
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    Huge fan of pissing on guy's and making then drink up my piss. I'll be posting here so keep a eye out guys 😇
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    This story contains both m and f peeing, sex, and pee vandalism. Dear Wet Carpet After reading a few letters that told stories about people peeing in carpark stairways, I finally decided to share something that happened a few years ago with me and my husband. We were on our way home from a road trip out in the country, and it was getting late. We were still several hours from home, so my husband decided we should get a hotel for the night because we were both feeling too tired to drive. It took a while, but he finally found a small hotel that only had two floors but still looked nicer than anything else we had passed. I had been feeling the need to pee for a little while, but I figured I was able to hold it until we got checked into our hotel room. My husband went inside to check us in, and after quite some time he came out, looking grumpy. As soon as he entered the car, he said, "Hateful ass lady. I had to ring the bell three times before anyone even came to the desk. And then she was rude as hell." He grumbled in frustration, and we drove around to a parking space. Our room was on the second floor, and since it was only two floors we decided to take the stairs. At the top of the first landing, there was a very obvious wet spot that looked like someone had either squirted a water bottle or had peed right there on the landing. "Guess somebody couldn't hold it," my husband said. I laughed, but it was a nervous laugh because I was starting to feel desperate, as well. We opened the door to the second floor and walked to our room. My husband swiped the key card, but there was a buzzing sound, and the light turned red. He swiped it again, same result. Third time, same result. He let me try, same result. We looked at the number on the card, and it did match the number on the door. He tried it again. By now, I was getting really nervous because I could feel pressure in my bladder. I finally knew I had to say something to him. "Babe, I really have to pee," I said. "We gotta figure something out." He tried the card again. "It's obviously not working." "Dammit," he said. "I really don't want to go back down to deal with that bitch." "Well, we have to get into our room!" I said. "I know," he said. "I gotta piss, too, so I know, trust me. I'll be back." He rushed down the hall and then down the steps. I watched him exit the outside stairwell door and sprint to the main office. Time passed, and several times I felt a wave of pressure in my bladder that I was just barely able to hold off. Finally, I saw him come out of the office and run back to the bottom stairwell door. I waited very impatiently as he came out of the door and down the hall. "Oh thank God," I said. He swiped the card key. It buzzed again, and the light turned red. "What the fuck?" my husband said. He tried it again. Buzz. Red light. "Fuck this!" He backed away from the door. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I gotta go!" he yelled as he walked to the stairwell. "Come on," he said. I hesitated, but then a wave of pressure hit again, so I followed him down the hall. Without saying anything else, my husband walked down to the first landing, whipped out his dick, and sprayed a stream all over the wall. I gasped. "Hey, obviously somebody else had the same idea, and I'm sorry, but I had to fucking go." "Screw it," I said, as another strong wave hit my bladder. I stood at the top of the steps, yanked my leggings and panties down, and squatted right there. Literally seconds later a strong gush of pee just sprayed out of me and splashed down the stairs. My husband stared wide-eyed as his own stream was coming to an end. I sighed with pleasure at the relief as I emptied my bladder and watched it splash and flow on the concrete steps. My husband shook his dick, but he did not put it away when he turned to watch me. He had a very obvious erection. "That is so hot, babe," he said. I giggled. He had seen me pee many times before, but the naughtiness of this must have been turning him on. I realized it was getting to me, as well. My flow stopped, and I stood up. I was about to pull my panties and leggings up, but my husband stopped me. "Not yet," he said. He came up the steps to me and firmly but not hurtfully pushed me back against the stairway door. He pressed his body against me, and I felt the tip of his penis right at my pussy. He kissed me hard, and I wrestled away from him just enough to turn myself around until I was facing the door. I placed my hands on the door and stuck my ass out for him. He grabbed my ass and then he was inside of me, thrusting and groaning. He reached one of his hands around and fingered me at the same time. In less than 30 seconds we both screamed as he came inside of me. We stayed there for a few more seconds and then quickly gathered ourselves. "I guess I should go down there again and tell that bitch to either give me a key that works or give me a refund." He kissed me and then went back downstairs. When he returned, they had assigned us to a different room. The card key worked on the first try, and we were finally able to get in. We both collapsed on the bed, exhausted. There is a bonus ending to our story. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and realized my husband wasn't in the bed. I looked around in the near darkness and finally saw him standing close to the wall of the hotel room. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked. It only took me a few seconds to realize he was peeing on the hotel room wall. "I'm sorry, babe, but that bitch downstairs pissed me off so much. Fuck her and this place." "Yeah, but somebody else has to clean that up," I said. "No, I saw in the information downstairs that this place charges a cleaning fee because it's owner operated. And the bitch downstairs is the owner." "But," I said, "they have our information. What if they charge us for the damage?" "I didn't have to give them our information," he said. I could hear the hissing of his pee start to fade. "I paid cash." I have to be honest, as he said this and as I laid there listening to him pee on the wall, I felt a tingle in my pussy. "Now I have to pee," I said. I debated going to the bathroom, but the naughty thought of going somewhere in the hotel room really excited me, like it tapped into some fantasy I didn't even know I had. "Go for it," my husband said. I got out of bed and walked across the room to the soft chair that was in the corner of the room. "Fuck yeah," my husband said. He walked over to the edge of the bed and sat watching me. I took my leggings and panties all the way off and sat in the chair, feeling the soft cushion on my bare ass. I closed my eyes and seconds later I could feel my warm pee dribbling out of me and soaking into the seat cushion. "Oh my god, this feels good," I said. "That's so fucking hot," my husband said. "Ohhh, it's so warm under my ass and around my crotch. Mmm." My flow didn't last much longer, but I sat there for a moment and enjoyed the warmth under me. "Come here," my husband said. He had also removed his trousers and boxers, so we were both naked from the waist down. I walked over to him and then straddled him with one leg on each side of him. He slipped his penis into me and grabbed my ass as I rode him. He removed my shirt and bra, and I removed his shirt. I moved up and down on him, slid my hips back and forth, and soon we were panting and gasping again as we both orgasmed and he came inside me again. We flopped back onto the bed, crawled up to our placed in the bed, snuggled up still fully naked, and soon fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, my husband greeted me with a smile and a kiss. "I gotta take a piss," he said. He stood up and walked over to the soft chair. I watched as he drenched it even more with a heavy flow of his morning pee. It added to the dark stain that I had created the night before. As I watched him, I felt my own morning need calling to me, and so I tossed the covers off of me, spread my legs and just relaxed. Seconds later my bladder emptied itself with a messy spray all over my thighs and the sheets between my legs. My husband turned around and watched, looking wide-eyed again. Before my flow even stopped, he climbed onto me and slid his penis along my slit. "Oh! Oh my god!" I cried, still peeing, making a mess in the bed and all over his cock. He entered me, and it only took a few thrusts before I was screaming my orgasm and he came inside me again. When we left that day, we agreed to make plans for another cheap, pay cash, hotel wetting. Sandy
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    Hello everyone<3 I thought I'd let everyone know what I did last! So I decided to piss in my panties, which was very exciting. I did it in my bathtub to mot make a mess. I waited until I really had to go and then as I was taking off my pants a little bit squirted out, I got into the tub and just let loose, letting the warm piss run along my legs and pool in front of my pussy. It was really nice I might try something else tonight. I think I will try to go outside when I think I can get away with it.
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    I was bursting on the way back to my house so i pulled over and took a leak on a dumpster.
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    i didn’t even realize i needed to pee. it kinda just happened, and then just kept going like i had been holding forevers. lol
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    As I said usually when it gets late in the night I generally stand around Mcdonalds as it can get busy and is good for sightings. I was standing leaning on the railings outside watching the crowds when two women came up and stood next to where I was stood. My natural reaction was to check them out as they stood talking. Both in their mid 30's. both very attractive and both quite drunk. One of them, a slim blonde, said she was going to get something to eat to which the other, a curvy brunette, said she wasn't bothered and would wait outside. The blonde went inside and for the next ten minutes or so whilst she waited for her food the brunette stood leaning on the rails waiting. I was still watching, looking out for my next sighting when the blonde came out with her food. The brunette handed the blonde her bag and said "hold this I'm just going to nip to the loo". She went inside and I watched as she walked over to the security guards and get denied access to the disabled toilet. She came back outside and made a comment to her friend about the toilets not being open and wondering if there was anywhere else with a loo. The blonde said she wasn't sure but they could go and look when she had finished eating. The brunette replied "yeah okay, but don't be long I'm busting". This peaked my interest and I turned my attention to her. Whilst the blonde was eating and they were talking the brunette was showing signs of needing to pee and the more time passed the more prominent those signs became. When the blonde finished eating she put her rubbish in the bin and then asked if they were going to get a taxi. The brunette replied "yeah and we need to find somewhere with a loo on the way, I'm desperate for a wee". They set off and crossed over the road and I slowly followed along behind them. I expected them to walk along the main street but they turned to walk up the road and I knew up that way nothing was open at all but it was the quickest way to the taxi office. They slowly made their way up the road, laughing and giggling as they did and they kept stopping so I ended up walking past them with the intention of stopping at the next road to let them catch up. I slowly walked ahead and could hear them talking behind me. Then suddenly there was silence. I turned round and they were nowhere to be seen which confused me as there wasn't anywhere they could have gone. There were no alleyways or side streets and they hadn't crossed over so I figured they must have gone back down to the main street. I accepted they had gone and headed back down to where the crowds were when I stumbled across them. There was a newsagents where the front door to the shop is slightly set back in a little alcove and they were in there. The blonde was looking in the window of the shop being nosy and the brunette was squatted in the corner, her black trousers and pink knickers around her knees and a powerful stream gushing underneath her. When she saw me coming she laughed and the blonde turned around to see what she was laughing at. She joined in laughing and justified them being there by saying "She was really desperate, she couldn't wait". I laughed and said that it was fine and enjoyed the sound of her stream and her obvious lack of shyness about being caught. I told them to enjoy their night and walked slowly past enjoying the view whilst I could and then continued down the road, listening to the two of them laughing their heads off.
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    This story is a continuation of my Roommates series. It contains female and male peeing, furniture and bed wetting, and a good bit of m/f and f/f sex (including anal) Even though Denise hesitated, she already knew her choice. She pointed to the black haired guy, feeling her cheeks turn red as he smiled at her. "Him," she said. "Excellent choice," Jenna said. "That's Connor. He loves to eat pussy, and he likes it really wet, so you two should get along nicely." Connor walked closer to them, still grinning at Denise. "Let's get you two a room," Jenna said. She started to lead them down the hall, but Denise paused. "Can Starla come?" she asked. Starla giggled and was obviously excited by the invitation. "Of course," Jenna said. "Starla can even bring a friend if she wants." Starla squealed with delight and grabbed the arm of the blonde guy who had brought them drinks earlier. "That's Matt," Jenna said. "Another great choice. Matt has a very impressive cock, as you can see, and he knows how to use it." She laughed as she led the four of them down the hall. They came upon a couple having sex in the hallway, the woman riding the man slowly and sensously. Denise's eyes widened as she realized the man had entered her anally and the woman's expression showed a mix of pleasure and pain. The woman gasped and a flow of warm pee sprayed out of her and all over the man's abdomen. He groaned and the woman cried out just as the five of them passed them. "Have you ever had anal sex before?" Jenna asked. "I have," Starla said. "Denise?" Jenna asked. "Yes, but only a few times," Denise said. "Most of the guys I've been with weren't interested. Basically, if they didn't ask for it neither did I." "That's a shame," Jenna said. "Do you enjoy it?" "I don't… not like it," Denise said. "The first time it really hurt because I don't think we did it right. He was too eager and was a bit forceful. So the second time I was hesitant, but he was gentler so I was more relaxed and I enjoyed it. I've only done it one other time, and it was nice." "Hmm," Jenna said, smiling. She stopped and opened a door. They were greeted with the sight of two couples in the midst of a foursome. The two women were knelt on all fours facing each other and kissing while the two men fucked them doggy style. "Well, not this room," Jenna said. She closed the door and led them further down the hall to another door. Jenna opened the door to a dimly lit room with a king sized bed that took up most of the room, a few cushioned chairs, a bedside table with a lamp, and a wide window overlooking the deck outside. "Perfect," Jenna said. She led the four of them into the room, gesturing with her arm. "It's all yours," she said. "Enjoy." "You're not staying?" Denise asked. She pouted, feeling genuinely disappointed. Denise stepped closer to Jenna until their breasts touched. She caressed Jenna's arm with her fingertips. "Please, stay with us." Jenna smiled. "I suppose it would be nice," Jenna said. Starla squealed again, and even Connor and Matt smiled to show their delight. "But this is for you, my dear," Jenna said to Denise. Jenna leaned forward and kissed Denise directly on the mouth and pressed her body closer. "Enjoy every feeling, obey every temptation. Don't resist. Relax and let us pleasure you." Denise felt something touch her back and quickly realized it was Starla pressing her body against her. She could feel Starla's breasts against the small of her back. Then she felt Starla's fingers trace their way down to Denise's tummy and then lower to the top of her slit. Denise sighed and leaned back as Starla kissed the side of her neck and Jenna began kissing her left breast. Denise closed her eyes, and just then she felt another set of lips begin to kiss her right breast. She opened her eyes to see Matt eagerly sucking on her nipple, and she felt his teeth as he nibbled at the tip. "Oh my god, you all are killing me," Denise said. Jenna giggled. "We're just getting started," she said. They all three stopped and turned her around. Connor was waiting for her at the bed, smiling and staring at her lustfully. Higher erection was very impressive, and Denise could not keep from looking at it. He reached his arm out, and she took it as he led her to the bed. Starla and Matt walked around to the other side of the bed. Jenna walked over to one of the cushioned chairs and sat down. She immediately opened her legs and the room filled with a hissing sound as she sprayed her warm pee into the seat cushion. When her flow stopped, she started to touch herself. Connor laid Denise down on her back on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. She looked at him as he continued to smile, but there was hunger and lust in his eyes, as well. "Do what you want," she said. Denise could hear Starla and Matt getting up to something next to them, but she was mostly focused on Connor. He stepped closer to her, and at first she thought he was going to enter her right then. Instead, he sighed and she felt his warm urine spray all over her lower tummy and her slit. She couldn't help but reach down and touch herself, ignoring the messy splashes of pee on her hands. "Oh fuck that feels good," she said. His flow stopped, and then she felt him take her hand away from her crotch and seconds later he replaced it with his tongue. "Oh! Ohhh shit!" "Mmm, I told you," Jenna said, her gasping voice making it clear she was enjoying the show, "Connor likes to eat pussy, and he likes it wet." Denise moaned again as Connor flicked his tongue expertly around her slit, playing with her clit just right. She cried out as she felt her orgasm building. "Oh god, ohhh my god, I'm gonna… OHHHHhhhhh!" As she screamed and bucked her hips, Connor moved away as Denise sprayed a strong squirt of urine that splashed all over the edge of the bed and the carpeted floor and some of it splashed Connor's feet. "Oh my god, I've never cum so hard," Denise said. "Mmm, oh sweetie," Jenna said, "he's not finished yet." Connor stepped back to Denise and swung her legs up onto the bed. She finally noticed Starla on the bed next to her laying on her stomach with her legs spread and Matt between them, rubbing her slit gently with his fingers. Denise rolled over to her side and watched as Starla sighed and let her pee go, soaking the bed between her legs and Matt's hands. He did not stop rubbing, though, until her flow stopped. Then he moved forward and let his penis enter her easily and slowly. "Oh god, yes," Starla said. Matt leaned forward more, going deeper into her. "Mmm, yes." "That looks so hot," Jenna said. She gasped again, and they heard another hiss as she dampened the seat cushion once more. Denise felt Connor behind her as he placed small kisses on her neck and shoulder. She continued to watch Darla, enjoying the look of pleasure on her face and the sight of Matt thrusting his cock deep into her. Connor reached around caressed Denise's right breast, kneading it with his hand and then squeezing her nipple between his fingers. She moaned, and she could feel his penis twitching just beneath her buttocks. Denise lifted her right leg to open herself for him, and Connor moved just enough to slip easily into her. She moaned and relaxed as he moved slowly in and out of her while still caressing her breast. Starla looked right at her, and they both smiled. Then Starla's breath became gasps as Matt's thrusts became more vigorous. Connor also started moving more rapidly, and Denise felt another orgasm building. They could hear Jenna's breath becoming more rapid, as well. Starla cried out, and Denise joined her as they both orgasmed again. Jenna screamed, and they heard a loud spraying sound as she clearly squirted her warm pee all over the carpet. Matt pulled out of Starla as she rolled over on her side to face Denise. She leaned in and kissed Denise, and the kiss became so deep and passionate that they barely noticed that both Connor and Matt had left them alone on the bed. They held and caressed each other as they kissed, and soon their hands were all over each other, Denise's hand exploring Starla's large breasts and Starla's fingers probing Denise's wet slit. "Mmm, gentlemen," Jenna said, "why don't we let these ladies enjoy each other while you two have your way with me." Connor and Matt did not need to be persuaded as they both approached Jenna. Denise and Starla stopped their kissing and caressing long enough to see Connor sit in the cushioned chair, obviously not minding that it was soaked with Jenna's pee. Jenna turned her back to him, and Denise and Starla watched as he spit on his fingertips and then probed his finger around Jenna's anus. Jenna moaned, and a few droplets of pee fell from between her legs. But she scooted back as Connor grabbed his very erect cock in his hands as Jenna sat down slowly and allowed his cock to ease bit by bit into her ass. "Ohhhh, yes, that's it," Jenna said. "Mmm." Denise felt Starla's fingers rubbing her slit again. Then Starla draped a leg over Denise and started to turn her body in the bed. Denise knew what she wanted, and even though she had never done it before, she had seen it and had even fantasized about it. Denise spread her legs and scooted closer to Starla as Starla slid closer, as well, until Denise could feel the heat and wetness of Starla's vagina against her own. "Oh fuck yes," she said, surprising herself but not regretting it. Denise sat up a little and scooted closer, feeling her own wet lips rubbing firmly against Starla's. She also glanced over at Jenna, who now had Matt in front of her, kissing her as she continued to ride Connor's cock. Starla was also watching them, but the two of them did not stop rubbing their snatches together. "Are you ready?" they heard Matt ask. "Oh god yes," Jenna said. Matt knelt down in front of her, and they watched as he slid his cock into her vagina. "Oh my god!" Jenna cried out. "Oh! Oh! Oh shit this feels so good. Ohhhhhhhh." Meanwhile Denise and Starla increased their movements, both enjoying the show but also enjoying the feeling of their smooth legs draped over one another and their wet slits rubbing together. Denise heard Starla moan and right away felt a warm burst of wetness between her legs. This sent Denise over the edge as she gasped and tried to pull Starla even closer, feeling Starla's warm spray hit her clit is and soak her slit and the bed under them. They both started to moan and scream as they climaxed. Denise was surprised as she squirted again, spraying herself and Starla with a warm gush of urine. They lay there, exhausted, but they watched as Matt and Connor continued to double penetrate Jenna, who was now moaning and whining, her eyes rolling back in sheer pleasure. Both men also looked like they were close to orgasm. Sure enough, as Jenna's cries grew louder their thrusts became more vigorous. "Mmm, ohh god, I want you both to cum inside me. Ohhh, do it, yes!" Almost in unison, both Connor and Matt groaned and cried out as they obviously ejaculated inside of her. Then all three of them relaxed into the cushioned seat. Eventually, Matt stood up and helped Jenna up off of Connor. Both men looked over at Denise and Starla and smiled. "Thank you ladies," Connor said, and then they left. Jenna sat back down into the cushioned chair, looking exhausted. "My god, that was amazing," Jenna said. "I don't think I can move." Denise could not help but notice the trail of semen between Jenna's legs. As Denise looked, Jenna, not seeming to care about the mess, peed again, spraying a messy stream that mixed with the jizz and splashed all over her crotch and the cushion. When she finished, Jenna sat up. "But unfortunately I have other party guests to entertain. Thank you, ladies, for this. You are welcome to stay the night right here together in this room if you'd like." Denise sat up and looked at Starla, who smiled. Then Denise relaxed and let a small dribble of pee warm their crotches and the bed under them again. "We'd like," they both said.
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    hope no one slips lol
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    Hey everyone! thanks for all the suggestions! So I'm really new to this so I didn't go too far last night, I sat on the edge of the toilet and let my piss shoot out down to the floor, while rubbing my clit and enjoying the warmth. I covered a towel and the tile under it. It was super fun to do, I think I'm gonna do something else tonight, get a bit more out of my comfort zone. I want to try different places and different positions to see what I like the most. I will of course, share updates! I already feel some pressure on my bladder so tonight will be fun<3<3
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    Hey everyone, I was out in the wild today when it started raining. I took cover underneath some trees and stayed there a while until I decided to take a little piss. I should also mention that when I'm out in nature I like to pee in a rather unusual way for a man which is in a squatting position ... The reason why I do this is because as a teenager sometimes I wondered how it must feel for a woman to pee while squatting, so I tried it out a few times and it was more exciting than I ever expected to be ... and now I basically pee like a woman when I'm outside ... And it's a whole lot of fun. I would like to encourage you all to try it out at least once and let me know what you think! Anyway, here's a little GIF of today! And here's the video: https://www.erome.com/a/a022ibsT
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    The following is a fantasy I’ve had about a girl in my class wetting herself during a class presentation over Zoom. Name of course has been changed. This was so fun to write and I hope you enjoy! This was the last Zoom class of the semester and it was a long group discussion. Each group had to do a mini-presentation but some groups asked more questions than others. This was really getting on Mary’s nerves as she had to pee really bad. She started to feel the need about midway through the class and it kept getting worse. One group ran a little longer and she let out a tiny little spurt into her pants to relieve some of the pressure. But that only made things worse as her bladder was eager to let more out. She had so much pressure building inside her and her group would be the last to present. There was still two groups ahead. She realized that she couldn’t hold it any longer and would not be able to hold for the rest of the class. She decided that the best thing to do would be to make it upstairs to her bed. She had her video and audio off as per instructions which was the only thing she had going for her at the moment. She made it upstairs to her room and closed the door. Mary still had to present her part for the group and her group was next. She decided that peeing in her bed was the best option because it would muffle the sound the best. She hurriedly ripped off her leggings and her panties and was naked from the waist down. She climbed into bed just as her group was about to present. When it was time to present, she knew she had to turn on both her audio and video, so she had to find a way to discreetly empty her bladder without anyone noticing and present her part of the slides. She took the blanket and comforter off of her bed and wrapped it all around her lower half. She had a relatively large butt and thick thighs, but she managed to wrap herself completely in the covers and tuck them in between her legs when possible. Just as she had finished covering herself up, it was time for her group to present and she put on her audio and video. Her bladder took this as an invitation and soon a stream of hot pee splashed out of her and into her bed sheets. She had to mute temporarily so nobody heard the huge sigh of relief she let out as she was at that moment spraying her bed sheets with a thundering stream of pee. Nobody was any the wiser as the sheets kept everything quiet. Pretty soon it was her turn. She was a second late to start talking and when she realized it, she pushed even harder. She was surprised at how calm and normal her voice was during her part of the presentation even as she was bottomless and peeing on herself in her own bed. She relished in the sensation of warm pee splashing the insides and front of her thighs and trickling behind her down her butt cheeks and all the way down around her legs, warming up the blankets she was wrapped in. The presentation was not long, but the fact that she had to wait so long to relieve herself made it that much better. She concluded her part as she quietly let out the last few drops. Mary couldn’t believe that she had just wet herself in front of the entire class and nobody had noticed. As her group concluded the presentation, the professor offered them his compliments. She finally had the opportunity to relax, and she turned off her audio and video again. She removed the covers to assess the damage. Her legs and wonderfully thick thighs were drenched in her own golden piss, and her covers were completely wet. Class was almost over. Mary realized how much better this experience was than trying to rush to the toilet. Eventually the class said their goodbyes and she left the call, feeling so much excitement in the deed she had just done.
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    As requested, here’s me peeing (and maybe cumming) with morning wood. It’s not totally hard but hopefully you get the idea 🙂
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    Hi I’ve recently joined this group and I’ve loved reading the posts. mum a mature lady and I’ve had a Pee fetish for as long as I can remember. money of my memories was walking home from school in the rain and desperate for a pee. I was soaked through so I just let my pee go and it felt lovely. ive had sneaky pees in many places including the cinema, on a bus and on balconies. I always try and pee a little while I’m wanking. my hubby will play as well but his main turn on is rubber and medical. I love watching men peeing especially in places they shouldn’t like hotel rooms. I look forward to hearing more from people.
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    I rather enjoy peeing down my own legs, I really love feeling the warmth running down to my feet. I guess that I would be quite happy to feel the warmth of someone else peeing down my legs too. Now to the question. Guys like to pee on to something when they pee, perhaps a wall or a tree because it reduces exposure. Girls don't have this problem - we can just pee under our skirts. Now if you were out in the open somewhere with nothing to pee up against, would you allow your boy to pee on your leg so he has something to pee on rather than hold it?
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    I'm new in here adn I just want to show some pics of me that my BF have taken!
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    After I spend what I now consider the greatest evening of my life with Maya, the relationship between the two of us started to change ... in a good way. On that same evening before I left I just asked her one question which was Why? Why did she do all of these pee things with me. The answer was simple: She never met anyone with whom she could act out her kinks. Not a single boyfriend she had in the past was ready to indulge in this fetish of hers, even her now husband Thomas never wanted to have anything to do with it. Maya told me he gets disgusted by it and early on in their relationship she had to accept his way of thinking and to not try to convince him to pee with her, on her, inside her, or whatever, anymore. Their sex life was incredibly boring, Maya told me. She loves Thomas, don't get me wrong, she just wishes that she could live out her passions with him which unfortunately never happened ... until I came along and for some reason she knew right away that I was into it. "I've been living with this fetish for my whole life, Alex. I can recognize a fellow pee friend almost imediately", she told me that night. She knew that I was into it as soon as she saw me peeing behind that tree. I didn't even bother to ask why, I was just excited that all of this was happening. Maya told me she couldn't resist. When she found out all she wanted was to "have me" and "play with me" since apparently this was something she always dreamed of doing and what can I say, I was more than happy to make her dreams (and let's be honest, also mine) come true. I had to promise her not tell anyone about it, not even Thomas ... Especially not Thomas. I of course gave Maya my word and now for the past few weeks we've been the best (and probably only) "pee buddies" in the world. To be honest, in the beginning I felt like Maya was cheating on her husband which made me feel quite uncomfortable ... but then I thought: we don't kiss, we don't have sex, we're not in love, we just occasionally get together to pee ... as friends, sounds weird but that's how it is. We did see eachother naked though, not fully naked, just our genitals which is certanly more that enough ... even though I'm dying to see her beautiful breasts one day. I wonder if she'll ever have the courage to show them to me. Anyway, like I said I felt uncomfortable at first but after these thoughts passed through my head I started to feel better. After that evening, Maya and I got together everytime we had the chance to. We drank a lot, got desperate until we exploded and just peed everywhere, either outside in eachothers gardens (when my mom wasn't around obviously), in the forest, along hiking paths or at home, hers or mine, on the floor creating some of the biggest pee puddles we'd ever seen. It was a whole lot of fun for both of us and this quickly brought us closer together as friends. However, after almost two weeks of this "partnership" we started to get bored doing the same stuff over and over again so we began to get creative. Recently for instance I was in my room minding my own business as I got a text from Maya saying: "Take your binoculars and look out of your washroom window. And please hurry up!" I rushed down into the living room to take the binoculars which I couldn't find right away. After maybe two minutes of intense searching I found them in a drawer beneath some books. I ran back into the washing room and looked out of the window ... FYI, that's the only window in my house out of which I have a clear view of the neighbours house. I saw Maya standing in front of her housedoor looking around in thoughts. I took a closer look through my binoculars and noticed that she was desperate for a piss. Crossed legs, hand on her crotch, uncomfortable face expression, the usual signs of a woman in need. It didn't take long for her to finally notice me behind the glass. I waved at her and Maya waved back. She then hastily distanced herself from the porch and ran into the grassy field that surrounded the house. Maya looked around and then squatted while pulling her shorts down. I could clearly see her pussy through my binoculars and immediately after a strong stream of pee gushed out of her. Maybe it was just my imagination but I felt like I could hear it ... Psssssssh. Like a stalker I observed my gorgeous neighbour pissing outside just for me. Relief was written all over Mayas face and I remember wondering for how long she must've held it in. Maya looked at me delighted as all of a sudden she started to flinch and in a moment of chaos and confusion I lost sight of her through my binoculars. I put them down and there she was again, standing and with her shorts back up she seemed distracted. I had no Idea what just happened but I could see her mouth moving in the distance, apparently she was talking with someone. I opened the window a little and much to my surprise I heard my mothers voice. Then I panicked, did my mom see her pee?? She was outside in our garden behind the house, out of my sight. I listened to both of them talking but I couldn't hear anything suspicious. Maya later told me she noticed mom right before she saw her and thus manged to stop and hide everything in time. Speaking of Maya, while she was there making a long distance conversation with mom I could clearly see that she was still desperate. Her legs were crossed and she kept bouncing up and down. I took my binoculars again and stared at Mayas crotch up close. I saw her squeezing her thighs together, which was quite hot if I may say so. Then I noticed how her bare legs were shining a little, I guess she wasn't able to abort the stream immediately and peed herself a little. I moved my binoculars further down and saw the last remains of her pee puddle sparkling a little because of the sunlight. "Ok, Bye!", I heard Maya say all of a sudden. "What?!", I thought. I looked up to her and she was running back inside the house. "Nono stay! You still have to pee!", I whispered, but she was already gone. A bit disappointed I walked back into the living room to put those stupid binoculars back. On my way there I heard my phone ringing in my bedroom. I sprinted up the stairs and YES! It was Maya! "Hey Maya!", I answered quite casual. "Oh God, Alex", she seemed nervous: "I had no idea your mother was out there. I had to stop peeing mid-stream and it was so hard!", she giggled nervously. I was about to say something but Maya continued: "I still have to pee so fucking bad, Alex!" I'd never heard her swear before which was quite odd but I guess she REALLY needed to go in that moment. "Are you inside now?", I asked quite aroused. "Yes! I'm in the kitchen waiting for your mom to disappear ... Oh god, I can't hold it!" "How long have you been holding it?!" "The whole morning!" ... It was almost midday btw. Maya continued: "I've been working in my office with a full bladder for hours and I ... Argh! ... I had this idea to wait until I finish a project and then pee outside in the grass with you watching me from your window!" While she was talking I couldn't help but imagine her bended over in pain, talking to me with crossed legs and staring at my mom in the garden outside her big kitchen window. "Is my mom gone?", I asked. "No!", she moaned: "She's still in your garden sitting on the couch!" "Oh ...", I added since I couldn't really talk because of the excitement. "I think I have to pee in the sink, Alex! I can't hold it anymore. I can't even run to the bathroom 'cause I know as soon as I move I'll piss myself!" "You really can't hold it in anymore, Maya?" "No! I have my hand pressed between my legs and every few seconds I can feel small bursts of pee coming out. My pants are wet, Alex!" "Oh, well then pee into the sink!" "Alex, tell me you need to pee aswell!" That came unexpected but all I could say was NO. "Ooooh", she moaned desperately. "Alex, I want to have you with me!" She sounded like she was about to die. "Maya, I'm here don't worry!", I tried to comfort her. "Nono, I want you to come over!" "What?!" "Yes, please! I want you to watch me pee in the sink and then join me! Remember, we said we need to get creative! This is our chance now and I want you to share this moment with me!" "Alright, alright! I'll be right there!" "Please hurry, Alex. I really can't hold it much longer!" I hung up the phone and as fast as I could I ran out of the house. Without my mom noticing I quickly made my way over to Maya's house. I was soooo incredibly excited. I could already picture me getting into her kitchen with her dancing around like crazy! I reached the door and got into the house. "I'm here!", I yelled out loud. "Hurry!", I heard out of the kitchen. As I got in there I saw Maya, as desperate as probably never before. I couldn't help but stop and look at her. She stood there in the middle of the room unable to move just as I imagined her earlier. On the floor I noticed some little yellow puddles. She really couldn't hold it in anymore! "Alex, please come to me!" I walked over quickly and she ordered me to unzip her pants for her. "If I take my hands off my crotch I'll wet myself!", she said with a desperate, dying voice. My hands were shaking as I pulled her zipper down. I could feel her warm breath on my skin. "Oh, Alex, please hurry up!" I was trying my best to push her pants down but it wasn't easy since her legs were crossed tight! I told her and she moaned! "I can't hold it, Alex!", she whispered. Maya pushed me away and pulled her shorts down herself, in the middle of the kitchen! She had to move her hands away from her crotch and uncross her legs in order to make that happen. The moment she did that her bladder gave up. Piss was shooting out of her like crazy and her shorts weren't even down yet. Maya panicked. She undressed herself as fast as she could and very clumsily ran towards the water tap while trying to stop the stream for at least a few seconds. Quick as lightning she jumped up and landed on the sink. I could hear her urine smashing against the alluminum surface. The noise it made was loud and sexy, Maya just sat there and moaned in relief like she just had the worlds biggest orgasm. I got closer and stared at the stream coming out of her pussy. She was filling up the sink since its drain was sealed with a plug. As I stared with an open mouth at what just happened in front of me, I could feel Maya's hands on my shorts. She was trying to unbotton them. I looked at her and with her usual cheeky smile she opened my pants and took my penis out. "Come closer", she whispered while gently pulling my friend over to her. "You sure you don't need to pee?", her soft voice was stroking my ear. I said nothing and just let go. She held my penis and giggled playfully as I was peeing. Our streams crossed and thanks to my generous contribution the sink filled up even more. "Doesn't it feel good, Alex?" I nodded. Maya let out another big sigh of relief as her stream finally stopped. I had already finished my business earlier but Maya kept holding my penis until she was done aswell. She stood up from the sink and took her wet shorts and panties off. "Look", she said. In one hand her pink panties in the other her dark green shorts. "Both wet ... And look at the mess I made on the floor!" My eyes fell down on the floor and there was indeed a giant mess! All I could see were lots of puddles in various shapes and sizes of yellow urine and it was very nice to look at! "Man, you really couldn't hold it any longer!", I joked. Maya burst out laughing while she was searching for some rags to clean it all up. "I'm pretty sure I've never had to pee this bad in my entire life ... and oh my goodness, I've never felt lighter!" Maya was smiling the whole time and I really like to think that it was because of me. Finding someone she could share her passion with made Maya a very happy person. "This was fun!", I said and Maya immediately agreed: "Yes! It was sooo good! ... We definetly need more ideas like this one!" "I'll let you know when I come up with something", I told her. "Me too", she whispered. Maya was cleaning up the floor, half naked with her butt right in front of me. "You need help cleaning up?", I asked. "No, thank you! ... Actually, it's better for you to leave 'cause Thomas will be home soon!" "Oh shit! ... You're right!" "Thanks for coming over, Alex!", she joked! "Well, thanks for making me haha!" Maya smiled and I was about to leave as I asked her one more thing: "Shouldn't you put some dry clothes on before Thomas arrives?" "Nope!" Maya said with a playful smile on her face: "I'll welcome him like this and surprise him 'cause I really want to have sex right now ... and in all the excitement I forgot to cook lunch so I'll probably have to compensate for that aswell!" That made me laugh. I said goodbye to Maya and she winked at me. On my way back my mind went nuts! I had one awesome idea after another about what Maya and I could do for our upcoming pee adventures. I was bursting with excitement and I couldn't wait to finally make her wet again! To be continued!
  42. 9 points
    Having some fun in the office.
  43. 9 points
    This was my first attempt at making a pee movie, which means - I was finding somewhere very out of the way in the forest, I really had to go, and I had a little bit of stage fright, but got over it. (This was made some time ago, before the current embuggerage; no virus-quarantine laws or guidelines were harmed in the making of this movie). ... and now I've been talked reluctantly* into posting it. https://www.erome.com/a/jHkNA5IG * this is a complete lie
  44. 9 points
    could not help myself. i mean i did need to pee. but knowing these guys were working across the street made it feel a little bit more naughty. i ended up not letting it go all at once, but instead slowly let out short leaks and dribbles the whole time i stood and sipped my coffee.
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    Bit of a random one this.... Somehow, finding a pee photo online OF SOMEBODY ELSE and knowing EXACTLY where that photo was taken sort of excites me. So here's two to get us started. The first, the girl peeing in the bin is in Heaton Park just outside Manchester, and the other of the girl standing is at Preston Marina in Lancashire, both UK. So, if you've got any to add please do.
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    On vacation in Malaga: Yeah, I'm not complaining 🙂
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    Yes, I can change direction a bit but its not very accurate Stream strength is usually pretty good, but varies Never aimed for distance, but Ive definitely done a metre before Kinda forward Yes Yes and I really like to, its still sometimes messy, but Im getting better at it
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    Kaymalan Embassy, Virginia Beach. There is a sudden commotion, and a woman comes rushing though the rotating doors. Behind her run four policemen, who stop on the outside of the glass and look perplexed. The woman rushes to the reception desk, and is trailing her panties from round one leg under her long skirt. “I claim”, she pants, out of breath from sprinting, “political asylum!!” The desk clerk gives her a knowing look. “Caught peeing?” She nods, still breathing heavily. ”Come with me, please”. The clerk hands her a fresh towel from somewhere under the desk, and escorts her down a corridor out of sight
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    I usually have several since I wake up 2 or 3 times and can’t hold it. If I do try to hold it longer and go back to sleep I’ve had the occasion to start dribbling down my leg on the way to the bathroom. And usually end up Pissing on the toilet seat and getting all wet. Who wants to clean up to go back to sleep. Sometimes I’m so tired I just say fucking it and go back to bed. By the time I’m actually up to start the day it usually just a tinkle but still the urge is strong enough to not make it to the shower.
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    My morning pees are usually the longest of the day and the most enjoyable. They're stronger than my normal flow but not really powerful if that makes sense? Above average pressure but not a strong jet. I used to pee in the shower first thing in the morning but recently I've been enjoying sitting on the toilet, yawning and slowly waking up as my pee stream fires up.

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