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    As a little bit of pre information for the story, I was feeling rather naughty and wanted to do something pee related but then also realized I needed to go get gas. I sat down with a large glass of water and gulped it down, feeling my already full stomach struggle to accept the incoming water, but I kept drinking. Then I waited. It was only about 10 minutes to the gas station so I didn't want to leave too soon, or I wouldn't have to pee. I looked at some clothes to wear and settled on a shorter sundress since it was very hot outside and it would be convenient for the future I waited for a while just pretty much laying down until I felt a small urge form for me to pee, and this was my queue to go. I jumped into my car and my body kept telling me to go back inside and pee but I kept drinking water and ignored it, focusing on the gas station. As I started driving I felt my need steadily start to increase more and more rapidly. But everything seemed to be going ok. I drove along enjoying the feeling of my filling bladder and tried not to get hit by crazy drivers. On the way into the gas station I had a green left turn arrow and as I was in the middle of the intersection going through, I saw a car weaving through cars and then just try and run through the red light and I had to slame on the gas to get out of the way. The impact jostled me around and made me let a tiny spurt out. Shaken but otherwise ok I got into the gas station and got out of my car, feeling my need to pee all the sudden greatly increase. I just froze for a second trying not to pee before I started to fill my car up. Just waiting there feeling the ever increasing pressure of my bladder and not being able to help hold was very difficult. I could feel the drips slowly coming out of me as I waited for the pump to stop. When it finally did I quickly finished and got into my car where I grabbed myself and felt a wave of needing to pee a tiny bit less come over me. At this point my panties were a little wet but not super bad. I thought about going home at first but then realized that there was a road that was fairly abandoned that I've gone to pee on before and i decided to go. I felt my bladder now begging my bladder to let go. I was driving with my legs slammed together feeling myself barely holding on before I felt s leak escape. I grabbed myself with one hand trying to stop myself from leaking but felt another leak spurt into my hand. In a panic I pulled over and felt a long spurt shoot out of me and rushed behind my car where I lifted the bottom of my sundress and pushed down my panties peeing before I could even get fully yo the ground. It felt amazing. Seeing the river of pee trail away from me and seeing my pee spurt out was just too great of a feeling to put into words. I just felt amazing. When my stream finally tapered off I just sat there and let my finger trail along my lips feeling seemingly everything before I heard the sound of a car passing and snapped out of my moment of euphoria. I quickly jumped back into my car and sped home Sorry this story didn't have as much detail as my other storiesill be better in the future but I hope it was at least a little bit readable and I hope you all have an amazing day!
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    UNIVERSITY LIFE (part 2) – My First Night It would be a lie to say that I had not been turned-on by events of the day, after seeing my roommate Sandra have a wee in the open college grounds. Having been caught having a leak of my own by one of the teachers had initially been a shock but it had been the same teacher who had suggested that the fun had yet to begin. The hours of my first day had flown by with a brief guide around the local buildings before attending a welcome meeting that had dragged on for way too long, my attention drifting elsewhere. For starters, I was beginning to question my sexuality. I had been with a couple of boys before leaving home, having lost my virginity to the first. I had been teased of course, over attending an exclusive university for girls, and about how it would make me a lesbian but I had never really considered the idea. My roommate Sandra had already changed that proposition. I had been yearning to revisit the ‘Kitty Litter’ but the opportunity had not arisen. Having a wee in the communal toilets had seemed so incredibly boring and for a brief moment, I had been tempted to squat over the floor and widdle over the tiles. It was something that had occurred in school, the teachers outraged at such dirty behaviour. The culprit had never been found but the memory of it had remained lodged in my mind ever since. Maybe this was why Sandra’s actions in having a piss in front of me had given me such a thrill? The day had passed and I had climbed into my bed. Sandra returned from the bathroom with a naughty smile on her face. For a moment my imagination raced at the prospect of her joining me in my bed, the shedding of our nightshirts the beginning of what was to follow. How wrong I was… ‘What are you doing?’ I asked as Sandra lowered herself into a squat at the end of my bed, whilst staring at me with her big round eyes. I was dumbfounded. What was she doing? Whatever it was, it appeared that Sandra did not want to move from her position, her hands hidden from view whilst a slight hissing sound emanating from the floor should have been indication enough of her misdeed. ‘Pissing!’ Sandra answered, still smiling at me. ‘What do you mean pissing?’ I asked somewhat stupidly, still unable to believe what my roommate was doing. ‘Having a leak, taking a pee, having a slash. You know, relieving my bladder before I get into bed.’ ‘What on the carpet?’ I was appalled and strangely turned on at the same time. ‘Yes, why not? I’ve only been drinking water and it will soon dry.’ ‘I don’t believe you,’ I said even though there was no doubt in my mind that my college pal was spraying her piss over the base of my bed.’ ‘Have a look if you don’t believe me. It is so much more fun than using the toilet.’ Eager to witness again Sandra’s pussy spraying out her hot flowing stream of pee I clambered out of the bedsheets and moved to investigate, my hormones racing. Having been excited at our use of the ‘Kitty Litter’ I had earlier urinated in our shared bathroom sink rather than empty my piss into the toilet. Despite my own naughtiness, I was amazingly excited at the prospect of seeing Sandra’s toilet over the floor. In my mind, I argued that it was nowhere near as perverse to spray your pee into a sink bowl connected to the drains, as it was to pee over the carpet. ‘Why don’t you have a pee as well if you want? Unable to resist the incredible offer I dropped off the bed and made to join Sandra by resting on my parted knees, a patch of carpet in front of the bed perfectly ready to accept my spraying toilet shower. Sandra was still peeing, a gorgeous stream of hot piss spraying from her lower lips and decorating the floor with a growing damp stain. She must have already pissed a torrent seeing at how far the damp patch had spread. Totally excited at the idea of having a similar wee of my own, I checked my bladder to see if I was ready to go. Happily, I had some pee inside of me that needed letting out! Sandra’s pre-sleep pee came to an end. After a slight pause, she allowed one last squirt of her hot, clear, pussy spray to escape her lower lips and splatter onto the damp carpet. My gaze was locked on her uncovered crotch staring at her pussy lips that had only moments ago been letting out a shower of hot urine. In my mind I could not help but wonder what it would be like to trace my tongue along the length of her groove, tasting the spent remains of her urine. My nipples were so hard that I knew that Sandra would clearly be able to see the level of my excitement. I had to distract her! She was wearing an expression of great expectation as I drew up my night skirt to reveal my blond-haired muff fully prepared for action. ‘Ready?’ I asked, already desperate to squirt my pee over the floor in a mirror action of Sandra’s toilet. ‘Ready,’ she giggled back. I needed no further encouragement. I started to pee, a hot stream of piss leaping from my pussy slit and spraying downwards as a hosing torrent of piss to soak the carpet in a similar matter to my roommate. ‘Isn’t this just so much fun?’ she asked, taking a moment to look away from the sight of my pissing pussy, to stare into my eyes. Just keep on peeing, I told myself. I had no idea if she was coming on to me and if her toilet antics were some form of a strange courting ritual, or if she simply enjoyed having a wee in naughty places. I was too uncertain to risk pushing my luck. Instead, I decided that she would have to make the first move, but for the time being, I was going to enjoy what was possibly the best piss I had ever had! I could have never have guessed at just what a thrill it was to be so naughty. I was still peeing hard, my bladder surprisingly full. Between my parted legs I was hosing down the carpet with my hot pee, the damp stain I had already made only half the size of Sandra’s ‘widdle puddle’. Part of me wanted to push my fingers through the dampness, and to sample the warmth of her spent pee whilst another just wanted to reach over and place my lips on hers. The soft hiss of my toilet began to diminish as my pee stream became just a dribble. Sandra had not stopped smiling that dreamy smile of hers all the way through my leak over the carpet. Her expression did not change as she reached out and lifted the hem of my bedsheet so that she could dry my pussy. The pressure of her fingers traced the outline of my love lips. It was such a strain not to groan with pleasure! ‘Right then,’ Sandra said, ‘time for bed,’ and without further ado stood up, the material she had been holding to my pussy falling away. I turned to watch her go, catching a glimpse of her perfect, peach-like bum cheeks as she clambered into her bed. ‘Turn the light off, will you?’ she asked as she rolled over to face away from me. For my part I was dumbstruck. Was this all part of her ploy to get me to clamber into her bed for a shared fuck or just her strange ways? It was only the end of my first day. As such, I decided to play it safe. Something inside told me that it would only be a matter of time before I was sharing Sandra’s bed, our naked bodies entwined tightly together inside the sweat-soaked sheets. I clambered back into my bed and turned off the light. The last thing I remember before sleep claimed me was the imaginary taste of Sandra’s nipples as I caressed them with my tongue, each one in turn, lovingly exploring the warm firmness of her rounded boobs.
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    I decided to make the most of the nice weather we’ve been having and fulfil one of the requests on my thread. I had it all planned out the day before so when I woke up at about 10:30 I hopped straight in the shower and skipped my morning wee. I have no idea how I managed to hold it while all the water was running over me but once I was clean I got dressed into a white tennis skirt (as suggested) with no underwear and a t-shirt. I quickly had something to drink because my mouth was dry and then headed out the door. I already needed to pee badly. I quickly made my way to the local park and found somewhere nice to sit on the grass. Not too crowded but not so remote that I was completely alone. By this point I was desperate to pee so once I found somewhere I immediately walked over to it and sat down on the grass with my skirt spread around me. I wasn’t sat on it at all and the grass actually felt quite nice against my bare skin. I was so excited with what I was about to do. I had a quick look around to make sure the coast was clear, there was some people in the distance who could see me, but they wouldn’t be able to tell what I was doing. Once happy, I sat with my legs out straight in front of me and leaning back slightly, supported by my arms, and relaxed. The anticipation was getting me even more excited, knowing I was in natures hands now, just waiting for my body to let go. After maybe 10-15 seconds I started a little dribble and then began peeing properly, a strong stream hissing into the grass below. I felt so naughty doing it in a public place with plenty of people around. The park wasn’t empty by any means! It felt so good to pee as well, so much more enjoyable than my normal morning wees sat on the toilet. And the extra wait before peeing made the relief so much better. I just sat there nonchalantly as I emptied my bladder, acting like I was just enjoying the nice weather. Nobody had any idea I was peeing underneath my skirt. I went for about 30 seconds and then played on my phone for a little while. I felt it would seem odd if I got up just a couple of minutes after sitting down. After about 15 minutes I got up and called my husband, telling him I was on my way home. At the very least this would look like I was talking to a friend and going to meet them. I headed out of the park the same way I came in, being very careful not to let a breeze lift up my skirt and walked home with a big smile on my face. When I got home my husband hugged me tight and kissed my cheek before whispering “You naughty girl, you will have to tell me all about it later”
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    It was Sunday 16th June this year, fortunately the weather was lovely as we had all gone to a friends who lives about a mile away for a garden party / BBQ. By mid afternoon the boys were getting bored so my mum and dad who were also there volunteered to take them home and babysit until we got back later. It was about 6pm when me and my husband began our walk back home. I had intended to go to the toilet before leaving purely as a precautionary measure as I didn't think I needed to go, however their was a queue so didn't bother. We had been walking less than 10 minutes when I needed the toilet and it became obvious I would not be able to make it home. Oh how I wish I could control myself better, after having my two beautiful boys I think I am probably on a par with a two year old girl and not a women just turned 40. My husband quickly found a gated alley (probably eager to watch me squat) and said he would make sure no one was coming. Little did I know he would also be taking snaps. I removed my sodden sanitary pad and quickly squatted, already struggling not to wet myself completely. Afterwards I wiped my thick pubic hair, damp inner thighs and right shoe, before making myself presentable. Thank goodness he found this alley, I was worried about wetting myself in the street. I really am getting desperate. Handbag out of the way, lets get these tights down Yes a pad as always Pad removed, I look like a naughty schoolgirl with her wet knickers pulled down. The coast is clear, try to squat so I don't wet myself I'm peeing on my shoe All done, most on the floor but I have still wet my knickers Pee rings on my knickers? Tights back up Ready to face the world again, looking OK but feeling like a little girl in my wet knickers What can I say, by my standards not a bad result, 70% on the floor, 20% in my pad and 10% in my knickers. I do feel bad I really should not leave that lying around
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    I have been lucky enough to have had a few experiences throughout the years. I'm not a great writer, but I'll try to detail them here. I'll start with one that really still turns me on whenever I think of it. I went out to the bar, as I am want to do. I met a woman around my age, 30 at the time. She was energetic and exciting and we quickly made a connection. My house was nearby, and we ended up going there. The usual thing went on between the sheets. And then we settled in to sleep. I don't sleep well when someone else is in my bed, so I was wide awake some time later (I don't really know how much time passed) when she started fidgeting. She got out of the bed. I pretended to still be asleep. I don't know if she was just drunk or lazy or didn't know where the bathroom was. She was already naked. She just rolled out of bed and squatted on the floor right next to the bed and started peeing. I couldn't see anything exciting because I was still on the bed and she was squatting beside it, but I still remember the sound vividly to this day. She surely thought I was asleep, and I continued to pretend I was. She emptied her bladder onto my floor and crawled back into bed. It was a hard wood floor. The puddle was dry by morning.
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    So, I went hiking for a few days and this experience takes place the day after I ran out of water while hiking, so let's just say I actually was equipped this time. Before I packed up my tent to hike out I drank as much water as my stomach would allow and filled up a few bottles to bring with me (they were quite large). I was wearing black short shorts that were made of more of a hydrophobic material so they don't really get wet which is nice and a black T-shirt because it was warm. As I started hiking my bladder immediately told me it needed to pee. I was going to go but I decided to keep hiking and wait for a while, letting myself fill up a little more, and a little more until I started to really need to pee. I ducked behind a tree and squatted down letting a stream of pee out and feeling amazing from it. I stayed a little longer than I should and played with myself a little letting my fingers glide along my slit just feeling the sensations course through me before redressing. One issue that I have is that the sun and heat will give me a very intense headache so I was trying to drink a lot to avoid that. On the other side. 10 minutes later I had to pee again. I held it and continued hiking, feeling my bladder get fuller and fuller. Soon I was starting to get desperate but I didn't let myself pee and tried to keep holding. Until I felt a tiny spurt of pee leak it's way out of me. I wondered at that point, whether I could just pee my shorts. Just to try I let a longer spurt out and saw the pee trickle out between my legs but the fabric stayed looking completely the same as before. I then started letting a little more out until I just let go. My slit started to hiss and that amazing wave of relief washed over me again making me feel a little numb but just, incredible. I kept walking, and after a few minutes, I ran into someone else merging onto the trail I was on. He was super cool and we hiked together for a while, until I had to pee. I didn't want to really admit that I had to go, so I just kind of ignored it for a while, trying to not think about it, as the feeling got stronger and stronger I started to fidget a bit trying not to seem suspicious but very quickly needing to go worse and worse. I started panicking a little wondering what I should do when I felt a tiny leak escape out of me. I "ouldnt really do anything without being super suspicious so I just felt it leak out and dampen my panties. Soon another leak followed, and then a longer leak. I knew I had to go like now at this point, I was trying to hold it back but I was not doing well and was going to pee myself if I didn't go like now. I tried to be as casual as possible asking if it was ok if I peed off of the trail really quick and he was totally fine so I kind of quickly jumped off the trail, finding cover between a few trees. I squatted down and before I could fully lower my shorts I was peeing full force. It felt amazing and my limbs went numb. I just basked in the feeling of goodness as a torrent of pee splashed out of me. Until my stream slowed to a trickle and I was forced back to reality. I quickly pulled my shorts up and got back to the trail. Unfortunately he had to take a different trail so at the next fork we parted ways, though he did have a water filter and was able to fill up my bottle which was really nice. It also meant that before he left I drank as much of my water as I could so I wouldn't be thirsty for a while. And that meant the rest of my journey was........ Wet I'm sorry for the all over the lace story. I'm really tired right now but I wanted to write, so here I am I hope it was still ok and a little readable! Thank you so much for reading!
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    The morning arrived, shafts of sunlight pressing in through gaps in the thick curtains. I awoke, half in and out of sleep. I had been dreaming of the ‘Kitty Litter’ and of a pressing need to return for another outdoor pee with other girls from the University. In my dream I had been denied my intent, always turned around before I could reach the spot by the tall spreading oak that had been designated an outdoor loo. I slipped a questing finger between my legs, seeking out the warm wetness of my love tunnel. I penetrated, pushing upwards with my middle digit whilst thinking of the boys I had fucked during my arrival into sexual maturity. Suddenly I recalled where I was - in a room shared with another! My eyes snapped open, terrified of turning over in my bed to discover Sandra witness as to my masturbation. My thoughts rushed back to our activities the day before and of seeing her wonderful shaved pussy sending out a stream of hot piss, both in the Kitty Litter, and then later over our bedroom carpet. Sandra was not in her bed. I sat upright. The doorway to the bathroom was open, with no sound issuing from within that might indicate her presence. I groaned. I wanted to return to my dreams and of finally reaching the Kitty Litter so I could pee out in the open whilst watching all those other girls doing the same. A glance at the clock revealed that it was ten minutes after ten. Panic rushed to claim me before I realised that today was a Sunday and as such, no classes to attend. I lay back on my pillow, staring at the plain ceiling whilst wondering where Sandra had gone. Presumably to breakfast, I mused whilst recalling the sight of her peeing pussy and of the wonderful firm roundness of her hidden boobs beneath her flimsy nightshirt. I definitely wanted to fuck my roommate! I was shocked at my own thoughts. The memories of the boys who had shoved their hard dicks into my pussy were dissolving away and all I could think about was Sandra’s piss. Maybe she would let me sample her pee? I toyed with the fantasy of placing my mouth up to Sandra’s hairless pussy lips just as she started to have a wee, tasting her hot flow as she squirted her piss into my mouth. Until now I had never contemplated what a thrill could be gained from the fetish known simply as ‘Watersports’ but now it was threatening to become a consuming passion. I fought with my bedsheets, seeking egress. My hormones were raging, all thoughts of breakfast banished by a more pressing desire. I really needed to pee! I went to stand on the spot of carpet that had received a hot drenching from our pussies the night before. It had been such a thrill to allow my piss to spray over the carpet; so naughty and disgusting and yet somehow so erotically enticing. I gave thought to having another wee over the same spot. I dropped down onto my knees and slowly raised my nightshirt, staring as my mass of pubic hairs came into sight. My pussy slit had a clear aim over the carpet and I bit my lip as I became torn between the need to pee again versus the risk that a damp puddle on the floor might create. I clambered up from my pee stance. My thoughts returned to the Kitty Litter but knew that I wouldn’t be able to dress and reach it in time. Desperate to start letting out my pee I wandered around the large room desperately seeking for a place I could have a naughty piss yet not leave any obvious evidence of my crime. I slid open one of Sandra’s drawers in the unit by the door, lifted up one of her panties and placed it against my muff. I really wanted to pee over it but knew that it would never contain all my pent up piss. I toyed with the idea of about turning and placing my bottom over the open drawer before simply starting my toilet and peeing all over her clothes. Guilt won out. I closed the drawer and eyed up the metal bin by its side. It would make a wonderful receptacle for my piss! Not wasting a moment, I grabbed the bin, carried to the middle of the room between our two beds, plonked it down, about-faced, squatted over it and let loose with my much-needed piss. A wonderful sensation of relief started to build as I emptied my toilet shower into my make-shift potty. My yellow stream washed over the tissues and scrunched paperwork inside, staining them with a deluge of hot piss and I watched on entranced. My gaze was firmly locked on my flowing stream as it exited my pussy lips. Part of me wanted to squirt harder and to send my hot piss fountaining over the edge and onto the carpet. With an effort, I held back against the temptation! Slowly my piddle into the bin came to an end. With just enough pee still left inside for one last little squirt, I rose from my pee squat over the bin and rushed to Sandra’s bed which I quickly mounted before going to stand on parted legs in the middle of her ruffled sheets. I then slowly raised my nightshirt upwards even as I allowed the last of my piss to rush down to my pussy lips. My wee over Sandra’s bed only lasted a few wonderful seconds, my hot golden shower pattering downwards to make a small damp stain. Having finished and giggling like a naughty schoolgirl I clambered off and used a corner of her top sheet to wipe myself dry. I then turned my thoughts to what I was going to do with the day. No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop thinking about the Kitty Litter and the ability to squat and pee in the outside world whilst those around me went about their business. This gave me a wonderful idea. Quickly dressing in a thong and my body clinging jogging outfit I decided that I would go for a run. I had a wash and cleaned my teeth before proceeding to top my bladder up with as much water as I could drink. Once full, I then headed off. It was a glorious day, not yet too hot. The sky was a peerless blue and I felt good to be alive. I did my first lap, keeping it short to bring me into sight of the infamous spot where all manner of university females could ‘water their pussies’. My pulse was up and not just from running. There was a group of girls up ahead, milling about. I slowed my pace, mentally focusing for them to move into the Kitty Litter and get on with the act of pissing in public. I felt as though I had Jedi powers as three of the girls did just that, detaching from the larger group and moving into place. I slowed my pace again, pretending to be out of breath. A set of bare bum cheeks came into view as the first girl dropped into her pee squat. I was almost upon them. Trying to pretend as though I had no interest was incredibly difficult to do. The other two girls had undressed from their lower attire, one with a shaved pussy nestled between her enticing thighs, the other with a semi-shave triangle of pubic muff hairs. She was a redhead there being no question as to her natural colour. She caught me looking even as she started to pee, a thick stream of slightly yellowed piss squirting from the base of her love lips and beginning to rain over the pebbles between her parted thighs. A flashed smile that wonderfully highlighted her many freckles was my reward. I am not even sure if I managed to smile back. My hormones were raging. Her companion was also pissing, an even thicker stream of hot piss ejecting from her shaven cunt and decorating the ground with her hot golden shower. I ran on, still not yet ready for a pee of my own and too embarrassed to contemplate the idea of squatting down beside the pissing girls and asking politely if I could join in with their fountaining relief. The corner of the nearest building neared. I rounded it into cool shade and collapsed with my back to the brickwork. My heart was thudding, my hormones in overdrive. The third girl had been squatting and peeing with her back to me yet I had managed a good look at her perfectly round butt cheeks. I could have fucked each and every one of them – they had all been gorgeous! I came to my senses. I had one hand pressed between my thighs, applying pressure to my pussy slit. I was so turned on that I gave thought to rushing back to my room for a much-needed masturbation session ‘No, I won’t until I’ve another pee of my own in the Kitty Litter,’ I told myself. A sound of approaching footfalls from around the corner jerked me from my ponderings. It was another jogger but not one of my fellow students but rather one of the teachers, a most attractive woman with a firm and wonderful butt! She had given me a warm smile as she had passed and my gaze was lingering on her bum cheeks. I was so horny that I set off again, pacing myself to follow in the teacher’s wake whilst keeping my gaze on her rounded behind whilst fantasying about what her pussy looked like. Did she shave, did she use the Kitty Litter, would she be bold enough to pee in front of her students? I was still mulling over these thoughts coupled with a mental image of her naked body when she slowed to allow me to catch up. ‘Hello there. You must be new? It is nice to meet another fellow runner. My name is Mrs Mahone but you can call me Wendy that is unless you are attending one of my classes in which case, I am Mrs Mahone.’ ‘I am Lesly,’ I smiled back feeling my cheeks flush with embarrassment at the erotic thoughts I had been having about her.’ ‘Come on, let us run together and you can tell me something about yourself.’ We ran on, a much bigger lap than my first. Fortunately, I could handle the pace. Wendy appeared to be most forthcoming about herself and we were well on our way to becoming best buddies it seemed when our racing footfalls brought us in sight of the Kitty Litter. I could feel my cheeks flushing again. I really needed to go but the outdoor piss spot was devoid of girls answering the call of nature. This put me in a really awkward situation. ‘Err, Wendy, I don’t mean to be rude but I really need a wee. Will you excuse me and maybe we can do this again.’ We were practically on top of the Kitty Litter and I could even spot several damp spots on the ground where some of the local residents had peed. ‘Then we are in the right place,’ Wendy slowed and then spun around to run in reverse whilst facing me. ‘Have you not yet been introduced to our special outdoor toilet?’ I couldn’t believe my luck – it seemed that the Kitty Litter was indeed a well-known and accepted place where one could stop and water the ground with your pussy! ‘Err, yes,’ I replied sheepishly after taking a very quick look around. There were students everywhere, going about their business, walking either in pairs or in small groups or sitting on the grass and chilling out whilst enjoying the sunshine. ‘I wasn’t sure if teachers really allowed it?’ I managed to say. ‘Nonsense. Come on. I need a pee myself. Let’s have a leak here and then continue on our run.’ I was in heaven – my second day and already I was going to get to see a mature woman have a pee in front of me, not to mention with hundreds of witnesses! My heart was racing as we broke off from the path and onto the pebbled ground around the tree. Nobody gave us a second glance as we started to clamber out of our sports gear and reveal the sight of our pussies that any moment would be watering the ground with our hot piss streams. I was incredibly turned on, my nipples hardened and an obvious giveaway to my new found friend. I suspected that Wendy was aware of my racing hormones as she dropped into a squat opposite me. I stared at the wonderful mat of pubic hairs nestled around her pussy slit, desperate to witness the first sight of her golden shower bursting into the morning sunlight. I could feel my own piss racing down to my lower lips, my need to pee overwhelming with intensity. A soft hiss and pattering from the ground announced the start of my toilet, my thick piss stream jetting from my pussy and covering the floor with a deluge of hot urine. For the briefest of moments I thought that Wendy was not going to join me, but then my fears were washed away as the attractive teacher started to pee. Her pussy lips parted, a completely clear stream of piss leaping from her muff and forming a short arch to the ground between her parted legs. A growing stain started to grow across the pebbles she was pissing over, a similar stain to the one between my own legs as I continued my toilet. Here I was, miles away from home, squatting and peeing in the open whilst surrounded by hundreds of fellow students and watching a teacher having a wee with me! It was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best moment of my life. The feeling of relief building in my bladder was no comparison to the thrill I was getting, trying to capture and retain every second of seeing Mrs Thorne having a leak. All good things come to an end. My supply of pee started to dwindle. Wendy’s stream was likewise ebbing, our hot pussy showers spent, the Kitty Litter having been treated with another dousing from female pussies. I desperately wanted to same something clever to Wendy. She had such an amazing smile (not to mention, tits, bum and pussy) that I wanted to be her sex toy and to undertake her every whim. I made to stand from my pee squat when suddenly everything went dark as something was slipped over my head. Shock saw me staying completely immobile whilst my brain struggled to comprehend what was going on. A presence arrived by my side and a giggling voice whispered in my ear. ‘It’s best that you don’t struggle Lesley. Now that you’ve got use to using our Kitty Litter, it’s time for your initiation!’
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    I’ve been seeing this new girl and I’ve told her about my pee fetish. She just wants to make me happy and turn me on. We had a few too many drinks and were laying in my bed. I have this cubby hole/closet with wood flooring... my girl told me she needed to piss really badly. I had a huge smile on my face and suggested she relieve herself in my cubby hole all over the floor. She seemed nervous about this but I reassured her I’ve done it plenty of times. She had a black skirt on and stood up, walked to the cubby hole, pulled up her skirt and then took her panties completely off, then she got inside and squatted down real low and I immediately heard a loud hissing noise which was her hot pee hitting my floor splattering around and soaking into the wood. She continued pissing for a long thirty seconds and then it dribbled down her lips onto the floor, she shook her ass and bounced up and down a few times before she got into bed and we had some fun
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    Hi Here are a couple of picture of me caught short just last month on the way back from a friends garden party. I was forced to go down an alley before I embarrassed myself in public. For starters here are the before and after pics, more to follow, once I get chance to edit them. As these were taken on my hubbies mobile you will be glad to see they are much better quality than normal. And no not until the end did I realise I was caught on film.
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    i was eating on the patio of a restaurant last night. had to pee kinda badly. but, it was also really nice out after a hot day. decided it would be equally nice to relieve my bladder at the table. so pulled my panties aside and got my skirt out of the way, and did.
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    The light was fading fast and it was time to leave, the house having no electricity. However, Suzanne was desperate for a pee and likewise, the plumbing had yet to be commissioned. This left only one very obvious solution, she would just have to pee over one of the old carpets, it not being too much of a deal given that her damp patch would dry before anybody returned to the house, that and the fact that all the carpets were going to be ripped out anyway. Despite her logic, Suzanne found that she was trembling with a mixture of nerves and excitement as she entered the empty space that would one day be her master bedroom. The fading ruddy rays of the dying sun crawled through the dirty windowpane. The room was empty of possessions, the floor threadbare, and a soft creak accompanied her footfalls as she moved to her chosen spot. The dust was thick in the air, not that Suzanne cared, her thoughts centred on the desperate need in her bladder and the butterflies in her belly as she fumbled at the fastener to her work trousers. They slid down her creamy legs, her black panties following moments later. Now she was naked from the waist down to her socks, her peach-like buttocks exposed to the chilled air, as was the thin wiry patch of pubic hairs nestled around her pussy slit that would soon be releasing her golden stream to splatter over the old carpet. Suzanne dropped into her squat. The house was deathly quiet as she got ready to pee. She could feel her bladder need sweeping downwards to its point of exit. She was trembling with the thrill of her naughty deed. It was too late now, she was committed. A soft hiss and a gentle patter accompanied the start of Suzanne’s wee, a wonderful sensation forming as her relief began, coupled with the incredible warmth of her golden shower as it sprayed from her pussy lips and fell past her uncovered thighs. She was now peeing with full force, her streaming piss fountain pattering across the bedroom carpet, giving rise to a spreading stain that was just visible in the poor light. Suzanne couldn’t wrest her gaze from the sight of her flowing pee as it jetted from her pussy slit. This was such incredible fun, to have her toilet in the middle of the bedroom without a care in the world. Even as she revelled in her naughtiness the thought occurred to her that there was ample opportunity for many more such toilets in her new home prior to the commencement of the rebuild. The soft hissing of Suzanne’s pee was accompanied by a soft splatter as her pussy spray hit the carpet, droplets of her spent urine dancing into the air away from the main impact point of her flowing urine. Her bare bum cheeks were tingling in the chill of the cold room, a direct contrast to the delicious warmth between her legs as she undertook her toilet over the floor. The rest of the house remained deathly quiet, heightening the sound of her naughty toilet. She was incredibly turned on, her nipple buds hard inside her bra. She placed her arms behind her, coming to support her weight as she aimed her pussy upwards, watching with a massive thrill as her questing pee stream flew into the air before forming a flowing arch that caught the rays of the dying sun. More and more piss splattered over the carpet. The stain she had made with her toilet was larger than ever, testimony to the level of her desperation prior to beginning her wee. All good things must come to an end. Slowly the flowing fountain of piss leaving Suzanne’s cunt began to wane before vanishing completely. For several long moments, she remained in her toilet position, droplets of piss sitting on her black wiry pussy hairs, her pussy crack now closed given that she had exhausted her supply of piss. She struggled back to her feet taking a few steps around the large stain she had made with her wee. The carpet was soaked with piss, darker in the middle where she had sprayed most of her toilet shower. She wandered over to the window, her uncovered muff safely out of sight given the height of the sill. She reached out to one of the old curtains and moved it to her pussy lips and quickly made to dry herself. The material felt wonderful as it brushed against her sensitive fleshy lips. She pushed harder, the soft material entering her pussy tunnel. It was a wonderful sensation and she repeated the action, out and in, out and in. Suzanne came hard, her love juices staining the curtain. A little more pee had formed inside her so she wasted no time and treated the fabric to a little shower issuing from her cunt. With her latest naughty toilet concluded it was time to dress and flee yet even as she did so, she knew that she would be returning again. There were a lot of very naughty opportunities to be had in the derelict house and she just could not wait to try them all out!
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    @YellowKitten is having fun with puppy role-play
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    Hi everyone, long time without writing for me. I thought I would follow up on the characters I wrote about in my Holiday series (first chapter of that is here in case anybody want to read that first). I'll still try to write some Kaymala stuff too because I still have some ideas for that, but there's a few things I'm excited to do with these characters. Just a heads up, this chapter has a somewhat incest-y scene towards the end. If that's not your thing, you might want to check out after the line, 'We hugged, and Maddie and Adam set off, leaving me and David alone in the room.' ********************* It was a cloudy Saturday at the start of October. Below where we sat, the university plaza was thronging with students, talking loudly, handing out leaflets, hugging friends they hadn't seen over summer, or walking around with their parents in tow, their expressions a mixture of excitement and nerves. Up here on the balcony of the campus bar was much quieter. The cooler autumn weather had driven most of the customers -- families having one last meal before the parents head home without their children -- indoors. On the balcony was just a couple of smokers and us. Me, my brother David, and our friends Maddie and Adam. “So, how's your new room, Sarah?” Maddie asked, looking at me. “Not bad,” I said with a small shrug. “It's bigger than I expected. Take me a bit to tidy it up though, put all my stuff away.” “And she has plenty of stuff,” David said. “A whole crate of video games and books, you should see it. Took us ages to carry it all in from the car.” “Fuck off, mate,” I protested. “I helped you move in last year, remember? I've got less than you had.” It was my first day on campus. David had helped me move my several suitcases of stuff into my room, and then we'd met up for a drink with the others. All the work carrying bags had made me thirsty, and the big coke I'd ordered was disappearing quickly. A pressure was already starting to build in my bladder. “You're over on North Campus, right?” said Adam. “The rooms over there are big. It's the price you pay for being miles away from everything else, that's all.” “Pfff,” said Maddie. “Twenty minute's walk at most. It seems like miles when you're a first year and everyone else lives on main campus, but when you move off campus in second year you realise what a commute is really like.” “That's fair. Took our bus forty-five minutes to get in this morning,” Adam said to me and David, “the roads were so snarled up with all the new students. Worth it, though. I love the start of term.” “Hush, creepy boy,” said Maddie. “I know what you're thinking.” “What, you feel it too,” said Adam. “All the hot people. Don't you think?” he added to me and David. “When you spend all summer out in the sticks, surrounded by old folks, then suddenly you're here surrounded by attractive people your own age. Like her, see? In the short skirt. You don't see many like that in our little Cornish village.” “She's got nice legs, I guess,” I said, following his gesture. She also had a good figure, a rather tight-fitting top, golden blonde hair and a pretty face. “Cute boyfriend,” said Maddie, which the blonde woman also had. “I'd do him if he was up for it.” David cleared his throat. “I never asked, how was the rest of your summer?” he said. It had been over a month since the beach holiday where we had met Maddie and Adam, when we had got to know each other surprisingly well. Adam shrugged. “More of the same. Went to the beach when it was sunny, hung around the house when it wasn't. Lots of fucking in both cases.” “Only each other, though,” Maddie said. “I'm looking forward to trying some new dick again. How about yours? Your summer, I mean?” “Uneventful,” I said. “Less fucking than yours.” “Not none, I hope?” Adam said. David and I met each others' eyes, then quickly looked away. Adam caught the look and smirked. “No judgement here,” he said. A chilly wind was picking up, making pimples stand up on my bare legs. At the other end of the balcony, the two people smoking both stubbed out their cigarettes, finished their beers and left. I saw Maddie smile to herself and start fidgeting in her seat, fiddling with her skirt. She caught my eye and winked. I realised what she was thinking, and started discreetly manoeuvring my own skirt out of the way as well. “It is getting a bit cold, isn't it?” Adam was saying. “If you still want that tour, maybe we should be finishing up and heading --” He broke off at the pattering sound that had started. Both Maddie and I had started to piss where we sat, having pulled our skirts out of the way. The chair seats were a kind of plastic weave, meaning the liquid ran through the holes and onto the floor. The noise was quiet compared to the sound of the crowd below, but still audible. I could feel droplets from my stream bouncing up onto my legs, and I could see droplets from Maddie's landing on the glass divider that ran along the edge of the balcony. I hadn't bothered to pull my panties aside, but the material was thin enough that my stream just passed straight through. Maddie was giggling, and once she'd started I couldn't help laughing as well. David was watching the puddles spread, wide-eyed. “I wish you'd give us some warning for something like that,” Adam said, looking star struck. “Wasn't I just saying how horny I was? Oh my god, you two are the best.” Our two puddles didn't spread very far. There were gaps between the wooden boards of the floor, and there must have been a drain down there. Still, the wet patches that we left were quite distinctive. “Shall we go?” said Maddie, once she'd finished up what she was doing and recovered from her giggles. “I don't really want to get caught sitting on a big piss puddle.” We finished the last of our drinks, gathered our things and left, me and Maddie still smiling, Adam still looking dazed. Maddie and Adam's tour of campus, having started with an hour in the bar, went quickly through the other major sites of campus. They showed me the rest of the students' union building, which included the campus club room, and then led me around the library, the sports centre, and the philosophy department where I would be having lectures from next week. Then I said I would show them my room up on North Campus, so we walked back past the sports centre, past the seemingly endless football, rugby and cricket pitches, through a small wood, and up to North Halls. The complex was in a rather nice bit of campus, it had to be said. Half a dozen blocks backed onto one bank of a small lake -- the other bank looked out over ploughed fields, with the city just visible as a collection of tower blocks in the distance. I was in block C, room 19, a ground floor room near the end of the corridor. Each building had its own common room and a kitchen on each floor. A separate building housed the laundry -- shared by everyone in North Halls -- and a small café. “So, did you splash out the cash for an ensuite room?” Adam asked as I swiped my card to enter the building. “No, no ensuite,” I said. “Just a sink in the room.” “Oh, well with a sink why would you need an ensuite?” Adam said. “A sink is by definition a urinal as well. Trust me, half the people in this building are gonna be peeing in the sink. The halls I was in in first year, there were two toilets per floor between twenty people. Never once had to queue to use one.” I giggled as I led them down the corridor towards my room. Just as we reached it, the door to the next room along opened, and a blonde woman in pink shorts and a fluffy pink jumper came out. She smiled at us as she squeezed past in the narrow corridor. I hadn't properly spoken to her yet -- nor to any of my new neighbours for that matter. I knew that I should do, and I was a bit worried that they'd all be making friends without me, but I'd wanted to see Maddie and Adam again first. “Nice room,” said Maddie, looking around as she entered. “Pretty spacious.” “Still pretty messy,” I said, gesturing to my various suitcases and crates of stuff from home. “I'll put it away later.” “Speaking of sinks,” Adam said, “do you mind if I have a quick slash in yours?” “Course,” I said. “Wait for me though, I need to piss as well.” “Again?” Adam asked. “You went at the bar.” “Coke goes through me quickly,” I said. I pulled my skirt up and squared up to the sink, wondering how to tackle it. It was waist height, which was something of a problem. I tried standing on tiptoes, but that didn't give me much extra height. I tried lifting one leg up onto the edge of the sink, hoping I'd be able to manoeuvre my vag into the right position that way, but I still couldn't quite get high enough. “Do you want a leg up?” Adam asked with a snicker. Some things, I decided, weren't worth the effort. Rather than keep struggling, I decided just to relax. I let the piss flow where I was, still with one leg up on the sink. The stream spurted forwards and down. Some of it struck the edge of the sink and ran down the porcelain, some shot straight under the sink and sprayed against the wall behind. All of it ran down onto the carpet one way or another. I watched as it sat on top of the fibres before slowly soaking in, leaving a spreading wet patch. “Oh, is that what we're doing then?” Adam said. “Yeah,” I said. “Fuck the sink. Piss wherever you like, just don't get my stuff wet.” “I like the way you think, girl,” said Maddie, giggling. “You and me both,” said Adam, undoing his flies as he spoke. Without further ado he turned to face the wall beside the door and let loose. He clearly had been holding it for a while, the amount of force he had. I could see the spray coming off as more piss gushed out of him, pouring down the wall like a waterfall and spreading across the carpet. I wondered vaguely if the people in the rooms next door would hear the sound, before deciding I didn't really care. “I needed that,” Adam said, tucking himself away and doing his flies back up. “Is this going to be a full-time arrangement in your room?” “Why not?” I said. “If it starts to smell I can buy some carpet shampoo or something.” Maddie glanced at her watch. “We should probably be going, Adam,” she said. To me, she added, “We said we'd pick up some shopping before dinner. It's really good to see you both again, though. Honestly, we both missed you.” We hugged, and Maddie and Adam set off, leaving me and David alone in the room. “Should, er, should I head off as well?” David asked. “Leave you to get to know your flatmates a bit?” “You can if you like,” I said, sinking onto the bed. “If you don't want to do something else.” David hesitated. “What else?” I leaned back on the pillows, casually slipping one hand down the front of my skirt. “I was going to try the new bed out a bit,” I said. “You're welcome to join me if you like.” To my surprise, David still looked uncertain. “Do you not want to?” I asked. “If not, that's fine.” “No, it's not that,” said David. “I'm down for it. I just … well, I want to make sure you are.” “I suggested it, didn't I? And we've done it plenty of times before. Why would I not want it this time?” “Well …” David gestured vaguely in the direction of the door. “Before, it was always at home, when mum and dad were out. Or when Maddie and Adam were around, but you knew they were cool with it. I thought you might be worried what your new flatmates would think, if they found us out …” I gave a half shrug. “I don't think I really care what they might think of me,” I said. “I like spending time with you, and that includes this stuff we do alone together. Besides, it's not like we're properly fucking, right? We're just, you know, helping each other get off.” “All right,” David said. “If you're sure. I'm just going to run to the loo first, okay?” I laughed. “David, are you really going to walk all the way to the toilet when you've just seen Adam and me pissing on the floor?” David paused, then shrugged. “Right you are,” he said. He unzipped his jeans and directed his cock towards the side of the (still empty) wardrobe. David never has a powerful stream, but he saves up a lot of fluid and pisses for a long time. I watched as his puddle spread across the floor, surrounding his shoes, intermingling with the wet patch that Adam had by the wall behind him. My hand was down my skirt still, my arousal mounting as I thought of all the day's events so far. Once he was done, David crossed the room to me, kicking off his shoes and stripping down his jeans as he did so, and climbed into the bed beside me. It was only a single bed, so there wasn't a lot of space, but we did our best. As he snuggled down under the covers, I reached around to find his cock. It was already pretty hard, I noted smugly. He, for his part, found the bottom of my skirt and slid his hand up inside, pulling aside my still-damp panties to find the dampness of a different kind that was underneath. There was some writhing and wriggling, made awkward by the small space. Both of us were pretty horny to start off with, and we came quickly -- him first, spraying the inside of the freshly-cleaned bedsheets, and me just a few seconds later. For a few minutes we lay there, enjoying the post-climax bliss. David met my eyes. He was still panting slightly. “Welcome to uni, Sarah,” he said. I smiled. If the next three years were like today, I thought I would like this place.
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    Leaving puddles is one of my favourite things to do! I often pee in the woods because of privacy but when I pee in the city I always try to go on a paved area instead of grass. I love watching the puddle growing beneath me and slowly trickling away. I always use a tissue if I'm not about to get caught, I keep a pack of kleenex with me at all times so I just wipe and drop it below me into the puddle. I love knowing anyone could stumble across my puddle and immediately know what it is.
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    Walking out in a pink bikini, Izzy gave her girlfriend a small smile. “Alright, I’m ready to relax,” she said with a chuckle, checking the other girl out when she saw her in a yellow one piece. “Aren’t you cute?” she asked with a smile, walking over to her and giving her a small kiss. “Thanks,” she said softly, putting her hair up in a ponytail before grabbing a towel and a couple bottles of water. “Let’s go,” Clary said with a nod. They made their way out of the hotel room and went out to the pool hand in hand, the temperature already high and the sun in full force, perfect for a pool day. They chose a couple of chairs and went to lay down, enjoying the quiet for as long as it would last. There was only a couple other people at the pool besides them, one swimming laps and a couple that were laying across the pool from them. Just perfect. Clary put on her sunglasses so she could people watch without them knowing while Izzy worked on her tan, her eyes focusing first on the woman in the pool. She was swimming back and forth from one side of the pool to the other for a little while before she started to slow down, though she didn’t look winded. She swam at this slower pace for a couple more minutes before she finally stopped and swam over to the shallow end, sitting on the stairs that lead into the pool. She looked around for a moment and when seemingly content that no one was looking at her, Clary watched her grab herself over her bathing suit bottom. Oh, Clary thought, she has to pee. She looked at the hotel before back at the pool, obviously trying to make a choice. Was she going to walk all the way back to her room just to go to the bathroom? After a couple of minutes Clary got her answer. The girl leaned back on her forearms and sighed contently as she closed her eyes. To anyone that saw her now, it just looked like she was enjoying the sunshine. But Clary knew the truth, that she was really releasing her bladder into the pool. She laid like that for about thirty seconds before shifting back to sitting normally, splashing her crotch with water before jumping back in and going back to her laps. Clary took a long sip from her water bottle and closed her eyes, still not believing what she saw. Outside of her girlfriend, she’s never really seen another person pee in public. Well… once. Back in college, something she hadn’t thought about in years. Her freshman year, she saw a girl walking from class back to her dorm. Acting a little odd and rushed, Clary followed her through the small woods between the classrooms and the dorms just to make sure she was okay. Keeping her distance, the girl didn’t spot her as she looked around to make sure she was alone. Clary carefully hid behind a tree as she watched, in shock, as the other woman put down her bag and looked around again. Hiking up her dress, the stranger squatted and pulled her panties to the side not a moment too soon before a hard stream shot out of her, wetting the dirt under her. She had never seen anyone so desperate to pee before, it was fascinating. She watched her shake off and fix her clothes before walking off, obviously more relaxed now. Clary walked over to where she had been and saw a puddle that hadn’t quite soaked in yet, still amazed. Wow, she really had to go huh? She wondered what it was like to be that desperate, to have to go so bad that you break down and pee behind a tree on campus. She took another sip from her water bottle as she opened her eyes, hearing the girl of the couple say that she had to go to the bathroom in a low voice to her boyfriend. “Just go in the pool,” he told her and Clary perked up. “No! That’s disgusting,” she pouted, but looked around. “What if someone sees?” “No one is going to see. No one here is paying attention to you,” he assured. “Fine, then you go too.” “Don’t have to. I can use the water bottle,” he teased with a smirk, shaking the empty water bottle in her face. She sighed, standing up. “Fine.” She jumped in the water but turned her back to Clary, facing where her boyfriend was still sitting. She was turning red as she reached down before scooting over just slightly. She had positioned herself in front of a jet and pulled her bathing suit bottom to the side a little, trying to make it easier for her to go. Clary looked from her to the boyfriend who had opened up the water bottle and looked straight at Clary to make sure she and Izzy weren’t looking at him. He reached down and pulled his soft dick out and pointed it into the opening of the water bottle, letting loose a clear stream into the plastic. He must have been holding it a while, Clary observed, since he was still going after his girlfriend got out of the pool. He completely filled the water bottle as Clary finished her own, starting to feel the pressure building in her lower half. Fuck, she was going to have to pee soon too. She really didn’t want to get up and jump into the pool, as fun as that would be. But she wasn’t sure what kind of options she’d have besides that. She turned around and noticed there was a potted tree right behind her, and a thought went through her mind. She turned around in the lounge chair, pulling her bathing suit to the side before pulling down the plastic slots that were in the chair. Clary took a deep sigh before starting to let go, at first just a weak stream that only got onto the chair and the ground behind her. Quickly it picked up, going straight through the chair and into the dirt of the plant. She bit her lip to keep herself from sighing out loud, but it felt so good. And so freeing. To just go when she needed to go, no need to go all the way back inside to pee. Right as she finished she turned her head slightly to see Izzy staring at her, obviously having watched everything she just did. “Aww, did someone have to use the bathroom?” she teased, amused. Clary turned as red as her hair, covering herself back up and turning around quickly. “Shut up,” she grumbled.
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    Hi everyone, today, me, DivaQc and 1 other friends went on a 2 hour ride to a water park. Besides the fact that we came back red from the sun, it was quite a lot of fun. Once there, we had agreed to not use any toilets for peeing. I was suprised to hear out 3rd friend saying that she never uses toilets in water parks. We managed to pee about 3 times during our visit. The first time was in the lazy river. For those who don't know, it's a very long river ish which you hop in a big tube and the current leads you to the end. That being said, our other friend was too ahead, Divaqc says that she needed to pee. So we both ended up peeing while relaxed in a tube. The second time, was in the wave pool and all of us contributed. Its a good thing that they put chlorine because I am sure we were not the only ones. The third time, was in this massive tube that we all sit in. We had to be in line up which took a good 30 minutes give or take. Believe it or not, we actually saw a woman in line taking a pee while waiting. I was suprised to see this happen. We must have been half way up the stairs the urge got to me. DivaQc wispered me to hold it and we will all pee in the big tube. What we did not expect, is having 2 other people joining us because we need to be at least 4 to 6 people per tube. So go down and I did not expect it to be that fast and splashy. So was the splashes all water or a mix of our pee floating in the tube? Hahahahhah. There was no yellow so it went un noticed.
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    I took my gf to the beach yesterday to soak up some sun and have a few ciders. Because this beach is pretty secluded, we were able to drink to our hearts content with out getting into trouble. Well to my delight, after about 3 or 4 ciders down, my gf declared that she needed a wee and was going to just go where she was sitting. I came up with the idea of having my gf piss down a hole in the sand, so I made her wait desperately while I dug a decent hole in the sand. By the time I was done, she had a hand clamped between her legs and was dancing about I said to her, 'you need a pee? go do it'. My gf proceeded to squat down on the edge of the hole, lean her hips back and pull her bikini bottoms aside revealing her beautiful shaved slit. It took a few seconds before she started to wee. I watched as her slit pulsed, her lips parted slightly and a thin silvery stream of wee shot out. She leaned back a bit further and sighed deeply before her stream changed from a neat beam to a thick twisty sheet of wee spraying over the bank and into the hole I had dug. Her wee made a sharp hissing sound and began to froth as it hit the sand, still gushing out from her beautiful tight slit. After about 30/40 seconds of solid weeing, my gf's stream began to wane and eventually come to a slow trickle. She managed to squirt one last pee stream out for another couple of seconds before her wee was nothing more than a drip from her pussy lips. I grabbed a napkin from my bag and passed it to her to wipe. She made sure to dab at her vagina nice and slowly and giggled at my obviously hard cock. That was our lovely pee adventures, hope you enjoyed reading!
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    I worked at a Gas Station many years ago, a small booth self serve kind that's so boxed in you can hear everything in the bathroom and here are three stories of Women desperate to pee, Story 1: I was sitting in the booth and all of the sudden a very curvy Nerdy looking College Age Woman with dirty blonde hair and glasses, in blue shorts and a flower tank top came plowing through the door with her hands up in her crotch saying "Do you have a bathroom I can use, I pointed to it and she ran in and I heard her booty plonk and then I heard Niagra Falls come out of her. It was powerful and lasted about 50-60 seconds. She came out and said that's better and left. Story 2: A Curvy Brunette in her im guessing late thirties with long flowing hair, wearing tight jeans, a charcoal shirt and sunglasses was signing her Credit Card Slip while her Husband/Boyfriend waited in the car and she asked if there are restrooms here, I said yes and she went in and I heard her jeans unzip and her butt plonk she took a noisy and hissy piss that lasted about 45 seconds. She then came out and thanked me and left. Story 3: A Curly haired Bus Driver Woman in a hat, in her late 40's or early 50's was filling out her slip and she was bouncing around, and she said could I use your bathroom quick before there's a mess on the ground, I said ok and she went in and next thing I heard was the lid lift her booty drop and a loud 45-50 second hissy piss and she then sighed in relief. She came and finished paying and said thanks that prevented a disaster.
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    MJ's Story When I was nineteen, I joined a group of mercenaries for hire to take down a diplomat, whose name I won't mention, but who was rising in the ranks and shaping up to become the nation's new dictator and continue a reign of terror on our people. In my country there is not much to do and this job was good money that my family needed. The mercs had taken an abandoned farm to use as their base of operations but it was still vulnerable and needed patrolled since they had enemies. There was this one woman there, Grace, Middle-Eastern looking with a French accent. She was a high-ranking enforcer and looked like it, quite intimidating, at about 5'10'' and thick solid body, wearing tight black cargo pants, long sleeve tactical shirt and boots. Her face was gorgeous, with well defined features, a scar on her cheek with a tattoo over it and the most intense eyes. Her black hair was a braided Mohawk that hanged a few inches down her back. I'd never seen a woman anything like her before. During my initial training, they had me patrolling the perimeter of our base when I decided to wander further out to a secluded shed so I could be alone for a while and think. I was sitting on the ground behind it when I heard footsteps approaching and figured someone had come looking for me to get back on patrol. Right before I stood up I peeked through the window opening above me and saw Grace stepping inside. She leaned her MP5 against the wall and started undoing her belt and then I knew I was about to see something memorable. Her belt buckle made a loud snap when she released it and then she quickly pushed her tight pants down and her tiny black thong flung out from her ass. It was by far the sexiest ass I'd seen, big and so well rounded, the olive skin so smooth and vibrant. She bent forward into a slight squat, still mostly standing and I could see her big meaty labia, fully shaved and then a noisy, violent stream of piss immediately started rushing out and pounding the floor of the shed. A puddle was quickly spreading out and soaking into the rotted wood. It was so strong that I could see splashes wetting some old table next to the opening I was looking through, five feet behind her. And the sound...it was so fucking loud, you could've heard her pissing from thirty yards away. She squatted a little further and then her stream got stronger and her brown asshole ballooned outward as she was going. I kept staring and probably didn't blink once while watching this beast of a woman taking this massive piss. Just when she seemed to be done, she exhaled, bent over deeper and exploded another hard loud stream that came out of her at a high enough arch to nearly spray me right on the face, barely missing me and splashed the wall inside just inches below me. After a few seconds, Grace was done, grabbed her labia with her bare hand and tugged on them pretty hard to shake the drips off. Then she pulled her thong and pants back up, grabbed her gun and as soon as she hung it around her neck, my foot knocked over a metal bucket next to me and she whipped around, aimed in my direction and yelled to come out. When she saw me, she didn't say anything, lowered her gun and just stared at my erection bulging in my pants for a moment, knowing I'd seen everything. Then she just walked away. Late that night, Grace made her way to the room I was in and relieved the guy on watch. I was nervous and thought she might get violent or something but she came in, closed the door and said “Did you see something you liked today?” I nodded yes and she looked at me with those killer eyes, took her MP5 off again and laid it on the floor. I was still confused until she reached down and started taking her boots off. Her feet were so pretty, then she released her belt again, lowering her pants. My heart was beating into my ears as she approached with her captivating bottom half naked, pushed me down and climbed onto me. I could smell her sweat and pussy as she unzipped my pants and shoved my cock deep inside of her, and it was so wet and warm, tight as a vice. She covered my mouth and started fucking me hard and fast, the bed was creaking loudly and I was almost dizzy with excitement as the weight of her large fit body slammed into me like a piston. She was so wet I heard her juices sloshing with each thrust. As little stamina I had, she managed to come a few seconds before me, her eyes rolled back and I saw the veins in her neck as her body shook with an orgasm. Then I came in her and she kept grinding so hard I almost passed out. Damn she was strong. After, we were laying still. Grace was still on top of me, and we were breathing like Olympians after a quarter mile sprint. Her sweat dripped on my face as she ran her long tongue along my cheek. I could feel her heart beating as hard as mine. She climbed off and walked over to the corner of the room, making sure I was watching. Then she spread out in a wider stance, leaned her hips forward a bit and pissed a hard golden gush all over an old open toy chest. Her stream soaked into the stuffed animals and splashed up along the wall, until she pulled up on her pussy and arched it to spray the wardrobe cabinet next to the chest. I was smiling like a little kid watching this magnificent female specimen be her nasty, liberated self. Grace finished, slapped her pussy, put her clothes back on and grabbed her gun. She looked at me with those eyes and said, “Say one word to anyone, I'll fucking kill you.” And that was the only time we shared each other. My cock and pelvis were sore the next day from her pounding. She was soon promoted to lieutenant and was always busy heading operations after that. I'm no longer with that group but what a beautiful night that was. Ahh, my Gracie...
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    The worst part of music festivals, hands down, are the portapotties. There’s nothing worse than a fucking portapotty, in Maia’s eyes. Either they’re disgusting or they’re being used, usually not even to go to the bathroom but to do drugs or have sex. That’s all she can think about while she’s stuck in a crowd, listening to a band she wasn’t even there for, bursting from all the alcohol she enjoyed throughout the day. She turned back towards the portapotties, the lines stretching out longer than the ones to get inside. It was unreal. She watched guys sneak off towards the woods and girls stay in line, some in the same boat as her. Her eyes focused specifically on a girl in the middle of the line in a crop top and short shorts, her hands shoved between her legs as she potty danced. Poor thing, she thought, the line isn’t moving at all. She kept groaning and dancing and holding herself, obviously just wanting the line to move. Even an inch. Even an inch closer to release. She was so focused on her that her own need went away for a moment, instead just thinking about how much that girl was bursting and how much longer it would be before she pissed herself or said fuck it and went somewhere else. She stilled for a moment, her eyes growing wider. She moved her hands away from her crotch for a moment and Maia watched a tiny dot of wetness appear on her shorts and grow to about the size of a quarter. Oh yeah, she’s at the end of her rope. She sighed and stepped out of line and walked up to where the portapotties were. Maia wondered for a moment if she was just going to cut the line and barge in on whoever was in there, but to her surprise she kept walking and got in the space between the portapotties. She must’ve been too drunk, high, or plain desperate, because in front of everyone she braced herself and pulled down her shorts, already starting to piss before they were all the way down. Watching her go made Maia’s need come back all at once, plus more, and she groaned loudly as she pressed her thighs together. Fuck, she needed to go now. The lines were too long, she’d never make it to the portapotty even if she wanted to. Looking around, she saw a large discarded cup in the dirt. She grabbed it up and placed it between her feet, hoping no one was looking at her. She reached in the waistband of her skirt and pulled her panties aside, sighing to herself as she relaxed. She pushed hard so the stream would fall straight between her legs, filling up the cup under her. And fill up the cup she did. After over a minute of still peeing, she risked a look down to notice the cup was close to full. Luckily for her, her stream weakened right as the cup was about to overflow, the weak stream causing the little bit left to trickle down her bare leg. She shook for a moment before carefully walking away from the cup, she knew that was wrong but it was better than trying to carry a hot piss cup through a crowd of people.
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    i wasn’t wearing bottoms and wasn’t desperate. but i hadn’t peed yet this morning. no one was home across the street, so i could not resist the temptation, and had a pee on my front porch. luckily i did it when i did, 4 minutes later, and i’d had been caught by someone walking by.
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    more of a preview than an aftermath. haha. omg omg omg. i have to pee! and then i finally did. twice within an hour.
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    So as promised here are the pics of me when I got back home. These were taken about 40 minutes after the alley. Had to clean up and change quickly as my parents were downstairs. Clean underwear already Dry my shoes (some due to leaking, most due to a poor squat position) Skirt has a wet spot need to dry it as I have to go back down in the same skirt. Even wetter now than when i squated! Wet tights off I have wet them alot! Knickers off In the sink Cleaning myself (I shouldn't be doing this at my age) Clean underwear The old tissue trick Tights back on and rinse my underwear Now back downstairs with no one the wiser!
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    Some knickers I wore today
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    Well today it finally happened. Coming home from work and traffic is at a complete stop due to a wreck. And what do you know, I have to pee so bad I can hardly contain myself. I kept squeezing my legs together and shifting from side to side hoping to make it home. Out of nowhere some jackass cuts me off and startles me, and the flood gates open. As hard as I tried to cut the flow off, it just didn’t happen and I peed and peed. All down my legs, soaking my seat and the floor of my brand new car. Below is just a quick clip I was able to capture before traffic started moving again. *sorry it’s sideways lol*
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    I own a few pairs like that. They're in my everyday knickers drawer. I might wear them tomorrow
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    had to go pretty bad. luckily i was wearing something that allowed me to have some fun on my front porch. definitely did not it to hiss or spray like it did. but, oh well.
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    I was at a crowded outdoor event where there were often long queues for the portaloos. This was late in the afternoon, in full daylight. I was loitering in a corner. I could see a narrow gap at the edge of the line of cubicles, between the cabin and a chain link fence. A blonde woman, early 20's, walked towards it, past the toilet queues. She wore a skirt and t-shirt a little like this: She had blonde hair, and canvas trainers on her feet. (This is not her, but the skirt is a very similar design. Her's was a mid-tone grey, slightly blue-toned.) There was only one possible reason why someone might look at that gap; to think about peeing on the grass there. She saw that there were other people on the other side of the fence. I think she must have decided that she would be too public there, so she turned around. She started to walk away. And then she saw the queues and that there was nowhere else near that was more private. So she turned again and walked briskly back towards the gap. She went into it, turned so her back was to the fence, and wriggled her skirt up to her hips, exposing her long, pale, slender legs. Quickly she squatted, pulling her lacy, pink knickers down her thighs, and began pissing into the grass. She leaned forward - I was watching from in front and off to one side - so her head was hidden behind the portacabin. But I could see the arc of her silvery pee squirting from between her soft thighs into the long grass. She peed for about 30 seconds, then stood up, pulling up her panties. She then brushed her skirt down and then walked out of the gap, blushing slightly. Later that evening more women squatted against the fence, peeing in public. But it was darker then, so hard to see very much.
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    So this evening my husband had to work so I thought it’d be nice to go to dinner with my mother in law. We made plans for me to pick her up when I got off work and I headed that way. By the time I got to her house, I was in dire need to pee. So I called her to let her know I was there. No answer. Also sent a text. Again no answer. I assume she’s getting ready so I go back and wait in my car thinking she’s going to call/text right back. But after 5 minutes pass and I hear nothing, I tried calling her again. Still no answer. At this point I’m like I gotta go. So I ran up the driveway and ducked behind the car beside the house, jerked my jeans down & peed hard all over her driveway. Now I’m still waiting, wiping my shoes off from the splatter
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    Hello there. Been a long time fan of peeing for many years but have kept it to myself until now as never found anywhere to share the interest really. Only just discovered the place so still looking around. Glad to see so many others with the interest. Especially from the UK, didn't think this many of us were fans.
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    The lottery had been held by @Admin and I am absolutely delighted to announce you ALL that the Once and Future King of the OlymPEEc Games 2019 of Peefans is... SPEEDY!!! @speedy3471 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You won a 3 months free goldmembership, and this means that you will now have a forum where you can customize colours, remove ads, and see all my videos (and the tons of new videos Admin upload weekely)!!! You cannot imagine the difference… and I am so glad you'll finally see my pussy piss LIVE ahahahahah!!! Congratulations, you took part in all the challenges AND you did your best in all of them, and won many Since you've been back here at full force last year, you have Always been a foundament of this place, a marvellous human being and a great contributor Your love shines on us all and now this forum will unfold to you its best side Welcome to the Golden family, have fun!!!
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    I signed up a few days ago, still getting used to things. I'm pretty bad at introductions, so uh, hi all. I like pee (obviously lol) as well as manga, literature, dolls, and movies. My favorites are Naruto, Black Butler, and Fullmetal Alchemist for manga (yep, I'm basic lol!) For literature, I love Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, as well as Harry Potter and Interview with the Vampire. My favorite book is Geek Love by Katherine Dunn! Dolls, I love the Monster High series, and I also collect porcelain dolls. My favorite movie is Jupiter Ascending, which is a very bad movie and very fun to watch. I'm glad to be here!
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    I let Emily guide me out of the room with her glittering eyes and intoxicating smile. She lead me to the kitchen where she procured two large glasses and handed me one. We both drank, smiling and giggling at eachother over how odd of an act this was but both enjoying it nonetheless. I felt her hand yet again wrap around mine and my heart slightly skipped a beat. We both kind of just started at eachother for a little while. All I could help but do is just admire her beauty and not be able to believe how this wasn't a dream. We slowly got closer to eachother again and kissed again, this time more confidently but just lovingly. We seemed to be almost linked. As if we both knew what the other was going to say and we both knew how we both felt. Our lips were the bridge between our two bodies linking us into one. We pulled away for a second and I felt Emily's hand slide up to the bottom of my shirt where she waited looking at me, as if wondering if the feeling was mutual. When we met eyes she continued and helped me lift off my shirt. I then did the same before sliding down and slightly pushing down on her sweatpants. She helped and they slid down onto the floor where she stepped out of them and helped me slide mine down too. We threw our bras into the pile and just started at eachother with the final layer on butween us and complete nudity. Emily reached for my hand and dragged it towards her crotch where she had me place it against her slit. I was a little confused and shocked at first before I felt a slight dampness, and then a spreading wetness as she peed through her underwear. I smiled and giggles a little bit unable to believe the situation I was in. When she finished I grabbed her hand and and dragged it towards me. But instead of stopping outside the panties I let her go between the fabric and my bare vulva. I tried to pee at first but my brain kept trying to fight it. Eventually I was able to push out a spurt of pee, and, thena other spurt, before finally being able to let go. It felt amazing and I felt a wave of euphoria wash over me. I slipped out of my panties and saw Emily do the same. We both walked over to the couch and sat down, both unsure quite what to do but both feeling very horny. I reached out against her slit and let my finger trail along the outside lips seeing how she would react to it. She seemed to love it and I tried to go further, with my finger, trying to emulate what I think I should have been doing. She loved it and before long we both were at our max. I felt myself go numb and just felt absolutely amazing. My vision seemed to go blurry and all I could feel was just pleasure, seemingly everywhere. That's when I felt a wave of exhaustion wash over me and we both just kind of layed against eachother relaxing, until we fell asleep. I woke up and we were still on Emily's couch, with the sun barely peaking over the horizon. However I instantly felt a tremendous need to pee. I looked over to see Emily still sleeping oescfull next to me and I quietly went towards the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Where I noticed a note taped on the rim right in front of me. "Hello, this is Emily. I figured you would be here in the morning since I had to come here in the middle of the night. I didn't know if you had to be anywhere in the morning so I got a pair of clothes that you could borrow since I didn't know what you had to do today. XOXO, Emily <3" I smiled while reading the note and saw a pair of jeans shorts and a white T-shirt laying on the bathroom counter. After I finished peeing I stood up and slipped on the clothes before brushing my hair and trying to look presentable. I went to the fridge to see if I could surprise Emily with anything special and decided to make pancakes. I mixed the batter and started preparing a pan with some butter and poured the batter in to cook the pancakes. I heard the feintest sound of footsteps start to creep up before feeling Emilies arms warp around me before she said, "good morning beautiful." My heart soared and I honestly just felt amazing inside from that one simple comment. I turned to her and saw her wearing a cute sundress as her hair reflected against the morning sun. I honestly couldn't think of what to say. "You are an amazing person." I said half blushing, half in shock, and half can't believing that I just said that unwitty of a response. "Your the one making me pancakes!" She said smiling and laughing. Then she walked towards me, and we kissed one more time. Sorry if this story was really clunky it got rewritten a lot but I tried. I still hope it was enjoyable but I'm sorry if it wasn't as good as people were hoping. Thank you so much for reading though and if you have any suggestions or anything please let me know
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    The next story starts the same. In the same bar. To be exact. Different woman. This one was a little chubbier, but cute. The story is the next morning. I went to the bathroom and she followed me. She wanted to take a shower. She was also still naked at this time (that's not a fetish of mine, I actually prefer women have at least some clothes on in these kinds of stories but that's the way it happened) I was brushing my teeth. She was begging me to hurry up. I thought it a bit annoying with her persistence that I quickly finish. When I finished, I started running the water for the shower but she didn't move from her spot. I had a drain in the bathroom floor, and the first thing I noticed was the small pool of yellow water around it. I looked up and it was obvious she was pissing down her closed legs as she stood near the drain. In this situation also, I just pretended I didn't notice as she relieved herself, although I quite liked it.
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    It’s been a busy night of naughty pissing, I ended the night by absolutely soaking my closet. I could hear my urine drip beneath the floorboards
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    To all of my friends on here, hope you have been able to have a good holiday!
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    haha. i was looking for a desperation place. i was incredibly in need yesterday morning. i could hardly get my front door open because the pressure to dance and hold was too much. even had several involuntary leaks before getting outside, where i tried my best to keep as much of my pee in as possible.
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    "Lisa:" "Going" on the Way to the Theater by Dr. P "Lisa" (not her real name, of course) and I were together for several years in the late 1970's and early 1980's. We both enjoyed my fascination with her peeing styles and habits, which she freely shared with me, once she understood how much they turned me on. This is my recollection of one event which actually happened. We often went out and spent entire evenings drinking and dancing, during which Lisa never used a ladies' room. She said they were filthy and she hated them, so we actually made a pact that she wouldn't use them when we were together. Instead, we tried to find a private spot in the parking lot or garage, where she would raise her skirt, spread her legs, and pee standing straight up. If we failed to find a location with sufficient privacy, we would return to the car, which we had parked in a carefully chosen location. She would then sit on the running board with the door open and pee a powerful stream onto the pavement, or into the dirt. I would always place myself in front of her, outside the car, on the passenger side, where I had the best view. In this position, I also protected her by blocking the view of anyone else, who might happen along while she was peeing. The hissing and splashing of her stream were extremely arousing to me, especially when she was wearing real stockings and a garter belt. One of the more spectacular scenes I remember with her, using this peeing style, was on a short road trip, one evening. We had tickets to a play at a theater that was about a 40-minute drive from where we lived. So we met beforehand for drinks and snacks in our local area. We were both dressed well, and she was wearing a garter belt and real stockings, under a very pretty dress. We wanted to keep our pact, and I certainly wanted to see her pee in this outfit, so she didn't do it in the bar, before we left. We agreed that we would find a place on the way to the theater. Traffic was heavier than expected, and I had a hard time finding an exit from the freeway where there would be some chance for privacy. She was fidgeting and getting more and more desperate, as I drove. She finally lifted her dress, pulled it out from under her bum and thighs, and gathered it around her waist, exposing her bare thighs above her stockings. I realized that in case she squirted or dribbled, her legs and panties might get wet, but her dress would stay dry. So she must have been more desperate than I had ever seen her before, planning damage control, in case her other efforts failed. She pressed her hands against her pussy, over her panties, which thankfully still looked dry, and crossed her legs, for added pressure to stop leaks. I sneaked a peek at her legs, and must have revealed my obvious admiration and excitement. Finally, she told me that I absolutely MUST take the next exit, no matter what, because she couldn't hold her pee, any longer. I could see that she was very serious, and really was more desperate than I had ever seen her. I did take the next exit, and we were extremely lucky. The exit took us into a quiet, poorly lit residential neighborhood, with older houses, set back from the street, and quite a few trees. I stopped under a tree, where there was still some light from one of the street lights, so I would be able to see her pee. She had her door open, her dress around her waist, and was sitting on the running board with her legs spread wide, before I could even get out of the car. When I got around to her side, she was already pissing a wild, wickedly gushing stream, onto the pavement. It was beautiful, hissing and spraying, splattering on the street, pretty much out of her control. There were a few sprinkles on her thighs, but her dress, stockings and shoes stayed dry. This went on for about a minute, until her stream slowed to a stop. I was there with the box of tissue to wipe her thighs and pussy. I would much rather have licked her, but there was no time for that. Besides, we didn't know anything about the neighborhood we were in, or whether we had been seen. She looked at the huge puddle on the pavement, and said she couldn't believe that all of that had come out of her. We closed the car doors and got back on the freeway. We continued to marvel at how much she had peed, and how spectacular it looked, as it hissed and gushed out of her. She went into great detail, marveling at the size and power of her stream, and how forcefully it sprayed, telling me how desperate she had been, and how she would have wet herself and her beautiful dress really badly, if we hadn't stopped when we did. We remembered this incident, reminisced, and chuckled about it, for months afterward. Dr.P
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    Lets make eachotter happy in this thread we will tag people and tell them what we like about them. @Admin great job with this site and you are always friendly and nice not bossy at all a great and motivated admin. @Misspy you are one of the best newcomers friendly nice and social. @mickymoist really cool guy always has,something good to say and you are a great contributor. @steve25805 same as admin really active and cool friendly to everyone and not bossy a great mod. @speedy3471 one of my best friends here you contribute in every way possible and you make everyone happy wich makes this whole site better and you are great to chat with. @UnabashedUser i don't know you that well but you are cool too. @Sophie one of the funniest girls here really social too. @spywareonya the bond i have with you is stronger then a diamond not even all kim jong uns nukes could break that and wherever you go love is spread you are a amazing person in every way i love you❤. @Grizzly Man cool dude and a weapons man just like me. @Sephora you are also a great contributor. @Brutus you have brains and balls of steel you have proven this many times your precense is appreciated by everyone. @Riley you are always nice and happy even tho the pain you feel you are really a strong girl and i wish you the best. I CAN'T TAG EVERYONE SO DON'T BE MAD IF YOU DIDIN'T GET TAGGED BECAUSE IM SURE SOMEONE ELSE WILL TAG YOU. I JUST TAGGED THE ONES THAT CAME TO MIND SO IT'S NOTHING AGAINST YOU.
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    Hiya Peefans Hope you are all ok I've been so busy over the past couple of months I have not been on here too much I did still however find a little bit of time to do another "pee porn" drawing in pencil It is from a photo of one of my favorite pee sets knocking about on the internet. I think the girl in those photo sets is well hot. Thanks for viewing Hope you all enjoy my artwork
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    I now bring you the 3rd and final part to Hailey’s amusement park vacation! (Sorry about the month wait, been a bit busy!) Link to part 1 Link to part 2 Part 3 “Ahhhh nothing like that third coke of the day!” Hailey exclaimed, giving a big sigh of satisfaction, then asking “Where are we off to next?” Rachel chattered in, “I offered to take Veronica and Melinda on a little tour of some of my favorite pee spots around the park, that log flume is probably my favorite but I’ve got another really good one I want to show you before closing time and I know our bladders will be ready after the long walk and wait so follow me.” With that, Hailey, Veronica, Melinda, and Jaimie all followed the beautiful young Rachel through the crowd of thousands to their next adventure. When they finally arrived at their destination after around 15 minutes of walking they came to the line for the haunted house. “You planning to scared the pee out of us?” Veronica said laughingly. “No no, I’ve got a really good place in here just wait, although I’m already kinda bursting again, my bladder can not handle coke at all. I’ll wait and use our spot though.” Rachel answered back, giving her nose a couple upwards swipes on her fingertips, wiping away some sweat and relieving an itch in her small rounded nose. The ride stated that the wait would be another 45 minutes once the girls got in the waiting ropes. Melinda knew that she probably wasn’t going to make it that long to use Rachel’s spot. After all she hadn’t peed since this morning when her and Veronica peed on the metal building and had been caught. The other girls were all talking about the new shows they’d seen, talking about their boyfriends, talking about the park, etc. but all Melinda could think about was holding her pee. She really wanted to wait because now the girls were already halfway in line, but still had another 30 minutes till the ride. She decided she couldn’t wait, she had to pee somewhere quick. “You guys I really have to go I don’t think I can wait for Rachel’s spot.” She exclaimed nervously. “Well you know it’s against the rules to cut back to your previous place in line once you’ve already got out.” Rachel said in a taunting tone. Melinda looked around nervously, there was way too many people in line to have a pee. She looked ahead at the building connected to the ride they were heading into for their last 25 minutes of the wait. It was very dark and had tons of fake furniture sitting inside. Maybe there could be somewhere in there she thought. The girls moved up into the house. Melinda now bouncing up and down, grasping the crotch of her jean shorts. Just as they turned the corner into a small dark room, Melinda spotted it. She ran up to the front of the group. “Hailey can you and Jaimie stand in front and block the people in front while Rachel and V block my back. I’m gonna piss behind this grandfather clock.” While Hailey was giving her nose an upwards rub with her whole hand, fingers to palm, she agreed and stepped on the left side of Melinda who was already undoing her jean shorts and pulling her panties to the side. Before Rachel and Veronica could even get in position behind her, Melinda was already spraying piss all over the back of the grandfather clock. A stream of golden urine, diluted with coke, flew out of her tight pussy and splatted all over the wood. Her piss then rolled down and begin forming a puddle that flowed past Rachel’s feet and past the young adult couple behind the girls. “Your puddle is flowing past us Melinda! People are gonna see, plus we’re about to move up!” Veronica exclaimed, although jealous because her own bladder now demanded to be relieved. “I don’t care I can’t stop now just keep blocking me they can’t get past anyway” Melinda said while trying to aim her stream to the other side of the grandfather clock now aiming towards an old gravestone. Her puddle began to gather up in front of the gravestone eliminating the worry about people seeing it. The young man behind them however had already noticed Melinda’s antics. His eyes were fixated on Melinda’s golden stream which was barely visible as he looked past Rachel and Veronica’s stunning body. His cock was as hard as the concrete he stood on, all this while still holding the hand of his young love. The line then moved up and Melinda was now shaking her pussy as her pee had subsided but not before leaving two major floods, one still flowing past the young couple behind them and one big pissy mess in front of the gravestone. “Holy shit I needed that. Thank you guys for blocking me I didn’t want to get thrown out!” As the girls approached the ride, Hailey, Jaimie, and Veronica were now holding their crotch desperately hoping Rachel’s spot wasn’t too far away. “How many?” A tall older man asked. “5 Don” Rachel stated. “Oh hey Rachel nice to see you” the old man belted out as he waved the girls into 2 carts. “Alright you all I’m desperate myself,” Rachel said while unbuttoning her little brown shorts, “but the pee part is in the beginning so we’re in luck. It’s a slow moving ride and we go into a dark room where it’ll just be our carts for a good 30 seconds and I normally love to stand up in my cart pee over the side onto the decorations! It’s right up here after the beginning but make sure you try and pee over the side so nothing is left in the carts, Don would kill me!” The room was a couple feet away. The girls had already undone their pants and Veronica, Jaimie and Hailey were in position. Veronica preparing to throw her vagina over the side. Jaimie, in the same cart as Melinda and Rachel, standing up on the side of the cart now pulling her panties to the side. Rachel doing the same as Jaimie, and Hailey getting ready for a squatting piss out of the opening of the cart and onto the decorations. When the carts turned the corner and started into the dark room, all 4 girls let loose. Jaimie starting first with a gushing pee shooting out a couple feet landing on a zombie that was coming up out of the ground. Rachel and Hailey started second with Veronica shortly behind. “See isn’t this absolutely amazing!?” Rachel squealed out while moving her fingers to aim her piss into an open coffin on display. Veronica was the most boring pee of the group. She just wanted to whiz and feel the amazing relief. Her pussy draped over the side of the cart spraying onto the small track. She looked over at Hailey who was sharing a cart with her. She had squatted and was spraying her pee out onto the tombstones in front of her. As each of their pees continued Hailey couldn’t help but notice how bad they made the room smell of piss. She put her palm up to her nose rubbing it upwards and leaving her palm there to block the pissy smell. Once the girls had finished up, the zombie had gotten two rounds of piss because Hailey’s stream had rode right into it after Jaimie’s. They all fixed their panties and pulled their pants up, getting situated in their seats before coming into sight with the rest of the carts again. Hailey yelled back at Rachel, “Wow we need you with us every time we come here Rachel! This has been the best birthday party of all time” The girls finished the ride, all getting spooked by the jump scares at the ending. As they stepped off the ride they saw the employees now closing up the rides, a sign that their amazing day had come to an end. As they walked back towards the parking lot, they all bought another coke, without a bother in the world of having to pee on the drive back. “What’s another public pee after today’s pissings” Hailey thought. Nevertheless, Jaimie was the only one who peed again, stepping into her Apartment complex’s side yard to pee into a bush after Hailey had dropped her off. “Man I sure do love having friends like them. I can’t wait until our next outing” Hailey thought as she pulled the 4-door into her apartment parking lot. “I think Veronica’s birthday isn’t too far away, I should get with the girls and plan another amazing day like this one!”
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    Sorry for the long absence, I’ve been going through a rough time and a big change and have not checked in for ages as my mind has been elsewhere. But im still here and hope everyone is having a great wet time and I’ll catch up with all my private messages and the forums soon
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    i made a puddle waiting for a table at dinner. the worst part was that once i started peeing, it didn’t want to stop. luckily, no one caught me. but there was quite a bit of evidence once i finished.
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    I thought I would make this thread after well, me, and also hearing other people's stories. This thread is just for if you need a hug or want to talk or are lonely. It's just a place for people, or at least me, to give you support or a hug if you need one. If this thread is out of place or anything I'm sorry but I just thought it might be a place for people to go if they are feeling lonely or sad and needed a pick me up or a funny cat video or something to help.
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    Peefans has 3 things no other forum got: 1) its Staff It's absolutely not the standard to have people like Admin, Steve, Scot and Sophie (and fucking ALL HAIL WETMAN, altough his physical body is not alive anymore, his soul, and the memory of his loving attitude, will so fucking LIVE FOREVER) Admin is constantly doing his best to improve the forum and really is in touch with how it feels The Mods are mature, loving, and definitely NOT masturbating over the power they got I rarely met humans so emotionally and psychologically mature in real life The example they set, the overall attitude they engender, is peerless Reflect on how different this forum would be if they were bossy or uninterested or even simply right-but-tactless 2) its members and atmosphere This place is peculiar as I NEVER met a place so full of love. Many people here got a fucking high IQ and a huge cultural background, not necessarily a piece of paper to confirm such, but are sensitive, smart, deep, to a level I never saw In ANY other forum, there are people who just throw phrases in the middle, and somebody else react and a flame starts Here people are "actual" like they were talking in real life, eyes in eyes It's PARAMOUNT 3) ME AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find me another hot, totally slutty girl with my interest in EVERYTHING, my idealism, my headlong adoration for this forum, and who posts an average of 50 posts per day and that shared more than ONE HUNDRED personal porn pics and 15 public pissing videos (and a new one every month or so)!!! I'm not boasting, mine was silly loudness, all I do is for a wider masterplan, but really, Peesearch never got Nancy!!! I'm copyrighted HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    My heart was hammering in my chest as I was led away from the Kitty Litter to a place unknown. I did my utmost to keep track of my progress as we left behind the warmth of the morning sun and into the coolness of the University interior. I could hear the sound of other people nearby as I was led along, the fact that nobody commented on my condition (with a bag over my head) implied the belief that my ‘initiation’ was something that came to everyone. Certainly, Wendy (aka Mrs Murdoch) had made no attempt to intervene. Possibly, I mused, she had been instrumental in the affair, having led me to the Kitty Litter not so much as to relieve her hot clear pee over the ground, but rather to place me in a position to be kidnapped. I recalled the sight of her flowing pussy fountain as she had urinated across the way from me. Regardless of what was to occur in the very near future, I had already decided that having the chance to watch Wendy take a piss in front of me, was to be more than worth it. Eventually, we came to a stop and I was made to lie down face upwards on a padded surface that was most comfortable. Gentle hands then started to undress me whilst a soft voice lined with an undertone of merriment whispered into my ear. ‘You’ve been very good so far, Lesley. If you continue to play along then you might, just might be able to join our exclusive little club. We’ve not yet given it a name but the last group have just used the letter ‘O’ so I guess that we will have to be the ‘P’ group.’ This comment resulted in a lot of sniggering from those around me, possibly three of four of them judging by the positions of their voices. ‘Now Lesly, during your initiation you must only speak when asked a question and you must tell the truth. If we suspect that you are lying then there will be a forfeit. Do you understand?’ ‘Yes’, I gasped. Rather than being frightened I was horny as hell, my nipples hard on my exposed tits. My nudity was on full display and I hoped that my captors would be impressed by my body. ‘One last thing Lesley, we need a safe word or phrase from you so if at any time, you want to stop, you can just let us know and you will be free to go. You just won’t get to be part of our club and trust me, Lesley,’ the voice became especially husky as a soft hand caressed my bare left boob, fingers tracing around my hardened nipple. ‘You really, really want to be part of our club!’ ‘Think of your safe phrase,’ instructed another soft female voice in my other ear. A second hand gently fondled my right tit before lifting away. My mind raced, and I said the first thing that popped into my head. ‘Knotted knickers!’ A new burst of giggles burst out around me. ‘Very well, even though you are not wearing any,’ purred a third voice from slightly further away than those who had just caressed my breasts. ‘Time for your first question,’ said a fourth voice whose accent was most pronounced. I would have no problem recongising this girl again! ‘Are you a virgin?’ I paused, wondering if I should lie. ‘No’, I answered, the sound of my voice muffled by the material around my head. ‘How many boys have you fucked?’ ‘Two,’ I answered. ‘And how many girls?’ There was a long pause. I really wanted to lie and impress my captors but I knew that my lack of experience in such matters would not stand up to scrutiny. ‘None,’ I said. There was a shared, sharp hiss of disapproval from those around me. ‘Then technically you are still a virgin,’ stated the one girl. ‘Would you like to fuck a girl?’ another asked. Oh yes, I would, starting with Sandra, my room buddy, and then everyone in this room because I bet you are all fucking gorgeous! I had yet to see an unattractive girl during my brief time at my new university home and plus, I was dying for somebody to touch my bare breasts again. It had been such a thrill! ‘Yes,’ I managed to whisper hoarsely. Would one of them take the challenge? A set of warm fingers moved to the edge of the cover that had been placed around my head. Slowly it was drawn up, but only as far as my nose. A moment passed whilst the beating thud of my racing heart seemed to fill the room. I could still see nothing but I could sense those around me. I was completely naked and utterly at their mercy as they administrated tender pleasures or harsh reprisals if my need for a safe word was anything to go by. It was then that a soft set of lips found my own, pushing down with gentle yet firm pressure. I swooned in response, giving an answer to that most erotic of actions. My first lesbian kiss lasted a lifetime in my mind (and in my memory forever afterwards) but in reality barely a second or so slipped by before my mysterious kisser moved away. My raging hormones called out to her, desperately wanting a repeat of that most glorious act but I had no reason to be concerned. A new set of lips found mine, fuller and impossibly more luscious than the first. I focused every facet of my being into trying to capture the essence of that moment and to store it forevermore as a most treasured memory. A new round of giggling occurred as my second kisser drew away. I sensed a new presence moving up closer. I was so wet between my legs it was a wonder that nobody had commented on the fact, or was this the reason for their merriment? A third kiss. God, I was so fucking horny, right now! Whoever this third girl was, she was obviously far more experience than her companions. Her lips were full and delicious, her tongue seeking out my mine. I replied in kind desperately wishing that my hands were not bound. I wanted to touch her body, to feel the roundness of her bosom, the heat of her skin against mine. I wanted, no rather that I needed, to lick her pussy and to slide my tongue along the groove of her wet desire! ‘Not bad at all, Lesley,’ whispered kisser number three as she withdrew. I wanted to call her back but at the same time wanted to sample the delights of the next girl. I did not have long to wait. Strands of hair fell against my bare tits as my latest provocateur moved closer to place her lips against mine. She did not share her tongue but instead playfully teased my lower lips with her teeth as she withdrew. Moments passed. I could hear my capturers moving together and talking in hushed tones that I could not understand. It was at this stage that I realized that I had not fully emptied my bladder at the Kitty Litter and the stirrings of my toilet urge were beginning to make itself known. I had no idea how these four lesbians would react if I was to ask to visit the loo in the middle of them having their wicked way with me. I gave thought to sneaking out a little piss why they were presumably huddled in their group, no doubt discussing what was next on their agenda of initiation. Should I risk having a quick wee? There was no way of telling where I was or how much evidence would be left behind should I open my pee hole and let loose my hot release. Would they enjoy the show, watching my playing piss fountain as it squirted from my love lips, or would they be disgusted and punish me accordingly? There was but one way to find out…
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    sometimes i do. sometimes i don’t. i mean there’s no point, i feel, after having wet myself. but, even when not wetting, sometimes it just depends. though, even when i finished only having a tinkle just now, i instintively reached for a bit of paper and pressed it between my legs for a dab or two.
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    When traveling one time while I was younger, my only option was the men’s room. My cousin and I darted into one and she used the toilet while I hovered over the urinal. I haven’t tried it as an adult though.
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    I was with my GF one night and she knows of my fondness for queening and pissing. Well, we were going at it pretty good and she decides to straddle my face. As I'm eating and rimming her she has an orgasm and starts squirting. She's multi orgasmic and squirts when excited. After she came she said to me "I know what you really want" then started pissing in my mouth! I drank as fast as I could and keeping up was proving difficult! A lot ran down my face and neck, but I was in heaven. She said she looked down and my eyes rolled back into my head. I was totally into the moment and loved it.
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    Another set of pics of me getting in from work. What is more unbelievable is what happened an hour later (which i will reveal in a post tonight) Just got in. Get rid of my wet pad Multi stream! Wet as usual Bad day at the office, I have some wet underwear I had to change out of this morning Into the laundry
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