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  1. Love Your Profile pic, and well Hi !

    1. riverflood7


      Hi Rich7,

      I wish that body belonged to me, but it doesn't. I found it on an photo art website, yes really! If I can trace it back I will send you the link. There were some lovely images there.

      Be good now!

    2. Rich7


      What all the time ?!:9_innocent: Thanks 

    3. Rich7


      And thanks What all the time ?!:9_innocent: Thanks 

      If you can trace it, that would be great 


  2. I have missed you for quite a while. However, I will wish you a Happy Birthday against the day that you return.
  3. riverflood7

    Desperate to pee is a turn on

    http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Plump-Pisser When I first saw the start of the this, I thought she must have been desperate but then I realise she has just gone for it! Good girl. I just love getting my knickers like that when I am full, the trick is to be warm and wet but not to drip (too much under your skirt). See the tell tale tear near the gusset, my knickers frequently go there as well, or the gusset colour fades! Hope you enjoy, even though I realise this is not as on topic as I had first thought.
  4. riverflood7


  5. riverflood7

    Desperate to pee is a turn on

    I love the full bladder feeling myself, but I think it is the knowledge of what is to come which is a significant part of the turn on for me when I am getting desperate. The orgasm, virtual or otherwise, as you release has to be one of the greatest feelings you can have. Then, the sensations as I find my hands just drawn to my my clitoris and rub away, developing the orgasm from the wee into something momentous. I know how great this is for me but that may be off topic to the first post, my apologies. All I know is that my husband, not usually aroused by wee at all, does find this arousing - possibly because he knows he will be in for a good time a bit later. Needless to say he would never admit to that.
  6. riverflood7


    Loving this
  7. riverflood7

    Skirt up or skirt down?

    Skirt up, then knickers down to my knees. It's always more difficult with winter tights though. The best experience though is just skirt up! On one or two occasions I have found that I have started to wee so I rush to the loo, yank my skirt up and then simply let if flow. This is such a glorious feeling, I thoroughly recommend it.
  8. I thought that you had disappeared. However, I see that you have been on recently to rate some pictures.
  9. This is a beautiful profile picture. I sure would like to think that it is your picture, but if not, very nice anyway.
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    2. bpb


      Hey, you are a young chick. Here I am almost 80, and plenty overweight. The cockatoo belongs to my brother, and I have had to opportunity to play with him when he was out of the cage. I even have some pictures of him in action a few with me in the pictures also
    3. riverflood7


      Can we change this into a cockatoo forum! How old is the bird, is he/she affectionate. Hope he/she doesn't scream too much, these birds make fabulous companions. And I have to ask what name has your brother given to his cockatoo. Sorry, so many questions about a bird, but I love them.
    4. bpb


      We can definitely change this to a Cockatoo forum. I can probably tell quite a number of stories. I will send you a personal message under this title for a starter.
  10. Hello & Welcome to W.G.P. :) Hope you enjoy being on here. Would you care to introduce yourself in the section labeled Introductuions . So we all can learn about what you like in pee . Please