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  1. It might happen, who knows😏
  2. This story is going to be some sort of sequel to one of my previous stories"When Julia went skiing" I thought it could be a fun idea to create a new series of stories starring "Julia" being desperate while doing different sorts of activities. I hope you like this idea 🙂 btw I haven't said this in a while but keep in mind that english is not my first language so I apologize for upcoming mistakes of all kind! Spring was around the corner. March slowly came to an end and so was Julia's winter blues. She enjoyed the cold season but as every year, to
  3. It's nothing special really. I went skiing and on a chairlift I noticed that I kinda had to pee so I thought "let's have some fun". I took my penis out and peed down from above. The chairlift went up through a forest so there was no slope with people underneath, noone got hit (or harmed) ny my pee.
  4. I always try to challenge myself when I pee in public. The more unusual and "complicated" the spot is the more exciting it gets. My favorites places so far are quite exposed bus stops, from chairlifts while skiing, cable cars and same as @rann stairwells in parking garages.
  5. Ocasionally when I'm outdoors I like to pee in a squatting position. It certainly isn't the manliest way to pee but it sure is a whole lot of fun. I dare every guy on here to try it once, it's definetly an experience worth doing. Anyway, I don't think standing or squatting influences the emptying of your bladder. The result is pretty much always the same, at least for me. I never noticed a difference.
  6. I once pissed on my car at night, just because I felt like it and the next day I had to realize that there were pee stains all over it, which was quite frustrating because then I had to clean everything up. I would maybe take in consideration peeing on a random car if there wouldn't be visible stains afterwards. But since I know that this won't be the case I don't think I'd ever do it ... unless it's an old abandoned car or something similar
  7. Here's quite a famous one from Brussels An then there's this lovely wax sculpture from a german artist that has been fascinating me for years
  8. I actually did that when I was still a kid with my female neighbour once. I had this idea to secretly pee in our basement and asked her if she would like to join me. She agreed and so we made two nice pee puddles in the corners and eventually moved random stuff around to hide everything. As we were walking out my father came to check on us and wanted to know what we were doing down there, he seemed a bit suspicious. I panicked and told him a lie, don't remember what exactly, but he bought it let it be.
  9. I see lot's of sophisticated answers on this thread that certainly need to be taken in consideration. What I could recommend you to do, if you really want to pee on your aunts carpet, is to do it secretly, when she's not around. I used to do the same occasionally back in the day when I was home alone. Works like a charm and it's fun ... and the carpet soaks everything up nicely. Unless you want to pee with your aunt knowing about it, in that case all I can say is to ask nice and politetly and then hope for the best.
  10. Option "a" would definetly be something I'd take in consideration, whether or not I would then pee myself though depends on what I'd wear. Black/dark pants, I would definetly let something go otherwise I think I'd pass. On the other hand, there's also the problem that whenever I'm really desperate I can't stop as soon as I start peeing. I'd have to put an immense amount of, not only physical but also mental, strenght into stopping the stream. Given the fact that I'would probably be to shy to reveal my situation to the others, I would still go through the pain and struggle to stop everything fr
  11. Her name is tinkle fairy. I could find one of the two clips you were looking for: https://piss.vids.rip/other/24693-tinkle-fairy-pissing-in-the-street-in-broad-daylight.html If you spend a bit more time researching you may even find the other one 😉
  12. I was once sitting on a bench in the forest and eating a sandwich. I needed to pee the whole time but was to lazy to stand up and look for a place to go, behind me there was a hiking path and since it was a cloudy day there was nobody around. So I decided to have some fun. I moved my pants to my knees and placed my penis down an empty space between two wooden boards of the bench. I was basically sitting as I would on a toilet, my ass was exposed and my penis was pointing downwards. I looked around, noone nearby and I just let go onto the ground without having to stand up. I was quite enjoying
  13. A quickly written story about female pee and desperation "Can you hold it until we get home?", I asked Dany, my sister, as soon as we sat down in the bus. "I have to, there's no other option!", she whispered. Dany needed to relieve herself for the whole afternoon, and even though we looked around every little corner we couldn't find a place for her to finally pee. The urge got bigger and bigger throughout the day until we finally got back into the bus and now the only thing that was left for Dany to do was hold it until we would get home, in other words, sit through an almost
  14. This made me laugh because I feel the exact same way everytime I read those titles on eroprofile😂 Wee wee is ok if a child says it but if it comes out of an adult's mouth (in a serious/"non joking" way) it makes me kinda cringe. I personally use pee/peeing most of the time, it's nice and innocent and it get's the point across without sounding rude. When I'm hanging out with friends or family though more often than not I use piss/pissing ... and when I'm in a more jokey, light hearted mood I sometimes even say that I have to go and "mark my territory", I usually use this p
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