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    Cars were passing by but it was dark outside and nobody could see me. Little did the drivers know that I was next to them having the pee of my life.

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  1. She didn't use the toilets there because she said they were filthy and my mom has a slight phobia when it comes to public bathrooms ... And the reason why she didn't stop the car was because it was just a very short drive home (5 minutes maybe). I'm sure she would've pulled over if the drive would have been longer.
  2. In my first story I wrote that for a moment I saw her strong stream hitting the ground ... I think I might've also seen a glimpse of her pussy but I definetly can't remember. I'm not turned on by my mom so I didn't really look at her, it happened by accident. I did take closer looks when I was still a child but that was just out of pure innocent curiosity. There's not much more to tell, that's pretty much it. I don't think I've other stories.
  3. Oooh ok, now I get it, thanks! Well, if you think people like to read them here's another one: I wasn't there personally when it happened she just told me everything shortly after. I was home alone one evening, two years ago and mom was out on some sort of party with friends. It was starting to get late when I heard mom's car arriving in the driveway and it took a while until she got into the house. As she finally came she sat down next to me on the couch in the living room and quite exhausted and kind laughing she said she had just peed in front of the car. Basically what happened was, on that party she had quite alot to drink. When she left mom told me she really had to go and wanted to relieve herself behind her car on the parking lot. Unfortunately for her there were quite a few people around, exactly where she wanted to pee. So she got into the car and desperately drove home and as she got there she couldn't hold it anymore and just peed on the ground the moment she stepped out of the car. I could really hear the relieve in her voice when she told me the story and I was kinda tempted to go outside and look at her puddle since it was december and there was snow on the ground ... But I didn't. I was afraid that she might notice something.
  4. I'm sorry I don't really understand what you mean with this😅
  5. I do have some more stories, but they're all pretty much the same as this one.
  6. Haha that's true but when a mother says it she means it, I however just said it as a joke but somehow she did it anyway.
  7. She did both. She moaned and said: "I couldn't hold it anymore."
  8. A bunch of years ago, in my early teens, I went hiking together with my mom and other people. We were out the whole day and as our trip got to an end, mom and I walked back to our car ready to drive home. We parked right next to a house we used to live in two/three years before and just as we were putting our backpacks into the trunks we heard the voices of our former neighbours calling us from their garden. They were making a barbecue and invited us over. We hesitated for a moment but then decided to walk over and join them. We had a lovely time. We ate and drank and talked about everything for a few hours until mom decided it was time to finally go home. We walked back to our car and as soon as we got in my mom said to me: "Oh god, I'm gonna pee myself. Let's get home quickly!" It wasn't even a five minute drive until home but it felt like mom's urge got more intense every few seconds that passed. For the whole drive she was moaning and whining about how much she needed to pee. She kept pressing her crotch whenever she got the chance to and at some point I remember telling her: "If it's so bad just pee outside as soon as you get out of the car!" I only said that as a joke but she was so desperate that she actually took it in consideration. "I think I will", she said shortly after. Not even a minute later we finally got home and she just stormed out of the car. I was right behind her as I saw mom pulling her pants down the moment she stepped onto the lawn in front of our house door and just started to pee all over the grass, right in front of me. She seemed very happy while she was letting it all out. I was admittedly a bit embarassed and just walked past her and her big foamy pee puddle while trying to not look at her but I couldn't help it. Mom's loud hissing stream was shooting out of her and it just caught my attention for a brief second. Anyway, she peed for a while as she finally finished with a big smile of relief and we finally got back into the house.
  9. I was wondering the same. I'd like to know aswell why you suspect that? Haha
  10. I guess we're gonna find out in the next few weeks or months ...
  11. Nothing particularly messed up if that's what you were hoping for. We were only children so we just peed outside, everywhere where we thought nobody could see us: behind walls, cars, staircases, forests, bushes, on playgrounds at night down a slide. Once we even peed in my house's cellar and almost got caught by my father. Luckily nothing happened but it was a close call. What we also liked to do was building our own toilets by carving some holes to pee in into old, rotten tree stumps somewhere in the forest next to our homes. Good times.
  12. Another long story for you all. I hope you enjoy it ... Because I did. Ok, where was I? Maya and I were walking back towards home, my home. She agreed to spend some time at my house since I was there all by myself. While we were heading back to civilisation it was getting darker and Maya began to feel cold. The temperature was dropping and all of her clothes and hair were still wet because I peed all over her ... Remember that? I didn't have a jacket or anything with me so unfortunately I couldn't do the classic gentleman move to keep her warm. "You mind if I go home to change first before I come to your place? I feel very sticky right now." I would've prefered the opposite but since I'm a nice person I said: "Sure! I'll wait on you in the meantime." "Thanks! It won't take long." After a 20 minute walk back Maya and myself went our own separate ways. She headed back home and so did I. Inside I changed my clothes aswell, put on something more comfy and then waited for Maya to return. As she promised it didn't take long. Just a few minutes after I entered my home the doorbell rang and there she was, looking gorgeous. Her hair was tied up very elegantly (still a bit wet btw), she wore denim shorts in combination with a nice black top and sandals ... Simple but effective. "Come in!", I told her. She took her sandals off and we walked inside. "You look nice!" "Thank you!", said Maya flattered while she followed me into the kitchen. "Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable." I offered her to take a seat at the dining table. Maya smiled at me and sat down. "So, Alex, what do you have in mind for tonight?", she asked. I knew that question was coming therefore I arranged something: Before she arrived I prepared a big jug of lemonade that was waiting to get swallowed by her ... (The lemonade not the jug, just to be clear). I placed it on the table with only one glass and said: "Drink." She knew what was going on but she was confused by that one glass next to the jug. "Are you going to drink with me, Alex?" "Nope ... The lemonade is aaaall yours." I got close to her and whispered in her ear: "Enjoy." Maya threw an evil yet playful smile at me while I sat down in front of her. I watched how she just accepted her fate and started to drink one glass after another. She didn't say anything during the whole process. She smiled and laughed but never lost a word. For almost 10 minutes we just sat there, facing eachother while I watched and listened Maya pouring all of those liquids inside of her. "Last one!", she raised her glass and with some difficulties emptied that one aswell. Exhausted she laid back on her chair and groaned: "Done!" "Well, very good job, my lovely neighbour. Now let's be patient." She giggled as usual. "You know that I actually started to feel a slight need to pee as I reached my house earlier?" She told me. "Really?" "Yeah, but I thought I'll hold it in 'cause I'm sure Alex is going to have some evil plans ... And here we are now." "So you need to pee right now?" "A little bit. Nothing dramatic." "Nothing dramatic yet!", I teased her. "I can already tell that you're going to torture me!", she laughed nervously. "We'll see. I haven't figured out anything yet." "Oh so you're using my startegy?" "Yup!" "Alright then, Alex. I wonder what you're going to put me through!" We walked into the living room, made ourselves comfortable on the sofa and just started to talk in order to pass the time. Things were slow at the beginning but it started to get exciting when Maya and I began to have a surprisingly deep conversation about pee and the origins of our fetish. I was really getting into it as I found the courage to ask her (very carefully): "Hey, do you mind showing me where your pee comes out of?" A bit confused she asked: "You want me to show you my pee hole?" "If you don't mind", I told her with shaking hands and a dry mouth. A vicious smile appeared on her face and she said with a soft voice: "Come and see." I moved closer to her as she was undoing her zipper ... Always a super hot moment when I see it happening, it means that wonderful things are about to occur. She took her shorts off and layed them on the floor. "You don't wear panties?", I asked. This was more of a geniune question rather than an attempt to turn myself on. "They were soaking wet so I took 'em off and afterwards I didn't bother to put on some fresh ones. I don't even have my bra on anymore since you were able to wet that one aswell." She was making me horny without even trying. That's why I love to hang out with her in these particular moments. I was very, VERY tempted to ask her if she could show me her boobs but I didn't 'cause she already offered me to take a closer look at her pussy. "Look", she then said while spreading her lips with her left index and middle finger apart. "You see this little hole?" Maya pointed at her urethra with her other index and also took a closer look herself since she had to find it first. "That's the pee hole?", I asked full of wonder and excitement (I'd never seen a vagina up close ... In real life). "That's the one!" Maya seemed pretty enthusiastic about it. "It's tiny", I said. "Why don't you take a closer look, Alex?" I squinted my eyes and moved unnecessarily close to Maya's pee hole to "get a better look". I examined very carefully that tiny little hole as I noticed it getting kinda shaky and in that exact same moment SPLASH! An unexpected yet rather powerful gush of pee shot out of her urethra and hit me right in the face. I flinched in what I think was a very ridiculous way because Maya started laughing out loud as she saw her little spurt of pee slapping my forehead. "Gotcha!" she yelled happily. I could see and feel the drops dripping down my eyebrows and onto my cheeks and that made Maya laugh even more. "It looks like you're crying tears of pee!" I knew her bladder wasn't full yet because otherwise she would've peed herself in that instant. As she was calming herself down I wiped the pee off my face. "Taste it!", Maya said all of a sudden. "Nope" "Come on, just try it ... A little bit" Maya was still laughing a little. As you know I tend to be quite a curious person and since I'm not able to work under peer pressure I tapped with my wet index finger the tip of my tongue and got a taste of Maya's urine. I can safely say that I didn't like it at all. Maya who looked at me with her legs still spread far apart noticed a slight expression of disgust on my face and said a little disappointed: "Oh, come on!" "Sorry" "Well then, I guess I have to keep trying to convince Thomas to lick me off one day." "I think it's better for all of us if he does it." Maya pouted and kinda realized that it was better this way. "You have a very lovely pussy though", I said. "Thank you!" She seemed happy about my compliment. "Ok, let me put my shorts back on!" Maya stood up and sensually moved her piece of clothing back up where it belonged. "Oh no! I peed a little on your sofa!" She pointed at a little wet patch in front of me "I didn't think about that earlier." "Don't worry. It'll dry soon anyway!", I said. Then I added: "Speaking of pee, how's your bladder?" "It's slowly growing. I had to keep myself together as I was making fun of you but it's all still under control." "Let's keep waiting and talking then!" Maya sat back down and said happily: "This is exciting!" "Really? You enjoy it?" "Of course I do, don't be silly! I have the time of my life everytime I pee or need to pee with you!" "Great! I have alot of fun aswell." Then Maya got a little emotional and told me: "I'm so happy I can have this special relationship with you. I've been dreaming of having something like this for many years. Thank you so much, Alex!" Her sweet sweet smile made my little teenage heart melt for a moment and I couldn't help but smile back. Everytime we have our little adventures together I forget what a great person this woman actually is and the more time I spend with her the more I get convinced that she's actually an angel on earth. I know this all sounds very cheesy and I KNOW you're reading this because you want to hear about the naughty bits, which I will in a minute (and trust me things will get freaky), but if you would find yourself in the same situation I'm in right now you would understand how much this woman means to me. Except some specific words this is what I told Maya right after she thanked me. She blushed and then hugged me tight. I could smell the urine that was still in her hair. Time was passing and outside the world went all dark and silent but inside things were getting frisky. Maya was finally where I wanted her to be: In my living room, desperate to pee. We were still sitting on the sofa talking but Maya really struggled to keep the conversation going. Her focus moved more and more towards the urine that was filling up her bladder. Her shorts were already unzipped and her hands were both inside them grabbing her crotch tighter and tighter as time went by. "Let me feel your bladder." "Ok, but don't press it." You could start to hear the struggle in her voice. I pulled her shirt up a bit and felt with both of my hands Maya's hard buldge, it was as firm as I expected. I never really touched her before so that was a special moment for me. Caught up in the excitement I slowly began to move my right hand up her belly hiding underneath her black cotton top. Softly and carefully my palm was sliding along her body. Maya was calm and observed every move I made. "Your skin is so soft", I whispered. She smiled but remained silent. I continued to move my hand further up her body thinking that she would stop me as soon as reach her breasts. Maya however closed her eyes and bit her lips, maybe she liked what I was doing or maybe she just tried her best to keep her bladder under control. I didn't really care about her desperation in that moment. With my fingertips I felt the first bit of skin of Maya's left breast. I stopped because I didn't know if she wanted me to keep going but I was so close and all I wanted was to finally get the chance to at least put my hand on one of her boobs. "May I touch it?", I asked calmly. "Please do", she whispered and so I did. I gently placed my hand over her breast, touching, stroking and squeezing it softly. I couldn't see anything since it was hidden behind her top but I felt everything I needed to feel. It was soft and tender. The nipple was hard as I went over it with my thumb, Maya was aroused. "Alex, I need to pee." Her voice was so quiet I could barely hear her. "Keep holding it." She distorted her face and groaned. Her hands were almost burying themselves into her pussy. She tried her best to hold on. I moved my hand away from underneath her clothes and just looked at her struggling. Not even 15 minutes after, she wasn't able to remain seated anymore and stood up. She was bouncing around my living room with her bulge clearly visible. The hands were still welded to her crotch and her legs crossed tight to eachother. "Do you like what you see?", she said tensely. "You look so beautiful right now, Maya, you have no idea." She laughed nervously as she was bouncing from one foot to another. I could clearly see in her expression that she wasn't able to hold on for much longer but I kept waiting until she begged me to relieve herself. It didn't take long until I heard the first Can I pee now please? I thought it was still to early so I let her suffer a little longer. "Come on, Alex. I really start to lose it! Look!" Maya took her left hand out of her shorts and placed it right in front of my face so that I could see her fingers soaked with the first drops of lost urine. "They're wet", I pointed out. "They're wet because I'm already fuckin' leaking!" If a nice, well behaved woman like her starts to swear you know it's serious so I decided it was time to bring her torture to an end. "Tell me what I should do now?! Were can I pee?!" I stood up from the sofa and said: "Right here, on the carpet." "Oh nonono! I'm not gonna pee on the carpet, Alex. What if your mother finds out?" "Don't worry. I'll tell her that I spilled some water over it or whatever." "Alex, it's going to smell of urine! She won't buy it! I can't do this!" She really didn't seem to like the idea but I tried to convince her, after all she was about to piss herself anyway. "Don't you want to pee, Maya?" "Yes! I really REALLY want to but not on your carpet!" "I can see your legs are already a bit wet, looks like it's about to come out." Maya was really struggling. She was bended over and moaned all over the place. Then she begged me with the last bit of breath: "Please, Alex. I pee wherever you want but not on the carpet. I really don't want your mom to find out!" "Maya, trust me, she won't." We both looked at eachother in the eyes and remained silent for a moment. Maya was thinking but I aready knew that I won her over. "I hope you know what you're doing", she whispered with a trembling voice. Maya finally grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. She was about to squat on the carpet when all of a sudden BAM! The housedoor opened. It all happened very fast: Maya got frightened and dragged her shorts back up peeing a little while doing so, she pressed her hands forcefully back into her crotch to avoid a major disaster in the meantime we heard my mom's voice calling: "Heeey!" "Hey mom!" "Hi, Gina!" ... My mom's name is Gina btw. For Maya that moment was pure hell. She was so close to relieving herself and now she had to keep holding it again. To make matters worse mom, who sounded quite nervous walking down the hallway, looked into the living room and saw us two together smiling at her pretending everything's alright. Maya tried to hide most of her body (the critical part) behind me so that mom wouldn't notice anything suspicious. "Maya, I didn't expect to see you here!", mom said surprised. "Well ...", Maya tried her best to talk normally "I decided to come over to visit Alex since we were both home alone tonight." Good save! I thought to myself. "Oh good", mom smiled "did you have fun?" She asked and then I saw her hand quickly moving down between her legs "I'm sorry. Ugh, I'm about to wet myself!", mom complained right before Maya could say something and just like that the whole situation took an unexpected turn. "Oh really?", Maya asked. She pretended to care but I could clearly hear the pain in her voice. "I drank too much wine!" Mom didn't even try to hide her desperation, she just stood there in front of us with her legs crossed and a hand in her crotch. To see her like that must've been horrible for Maya. Instead of going to pee mom continued talking: "I was desperate throughout the whole drive home. I almost decided to stop for a pee on the side of the road." As she said that I heard a very suspicious noise behind me. It sounded like someone just poured a little bit of water onto the carpet. I guess Maya didn't like to hear that part of mom's story. As soon as I heard the first splashes hitting the carpet Maya raised her voice a little and said: "Oh my God!" ... and I am pretty sure it wasn't a reaction to what my also desperate mom just said. However, she thought Maya was talking to her and said: "I know! This is how full my bladder is!" "Go pee mom!", I told her quite aggressively. "I want to but if I start to move I'll wet myself!" Mom replied while bending over desperately. "I know that feeling!", Maya said and that really made me laugh for a short moment because I of course knew what was going on. It was a rather odd situation I found myself in. I was literally standing between two desperate women about to piss themselves. An agonizing full bladder in front of me and an even more agonizing full bladder behind me, I must admit I was quite enjoyng myself in that moment. However, the joy quickly turned into mild panic because I felt like Maya was about to lose control at any given moment. A big spasm hit mom and she flinched shaking her legs and crossing them. Frustrated she moaned: "Oh God, I should've peed outside as soon as I stepped out of the car!" Once again I heard something splashing onto the carpet. Maya was leaking heavily and I could hear the strain in her breath everytime she pressed all of her muscles together to avoid further damage. I guess the idea of my mom relieving herself made her weak. I couldn't see Maya's face since she was standing behind me but I'm sure she gave away some signs of struggle because the next thing mom asked was: "You ok, Maya? You look tense!" Shit!, Mom noticed something and I felt like we were about to get busted. "I'm worried about you, Gina! For God's sake pull yourself together and go pee before you make a mess!" Maya lied like a champion and also gave mom enough motivation to pull herself together and run to the bathroom. "I will", mom said exhausted and finally moved away from us. I turned to Maya as she was whispering to me: "Alex, I can't hold it! I really really need a pee! NOW!" "Let's go outside, come on!" I had a plan but Maya said: "No!" She took a deep breath and continued talking: "If I move I'm gonna wet myself!" "Come on, not you aswell!" Maya looked at me angrily and I knew I needed another idea. "Oh God, please, Alex, please please do something. I want to pee so bad!" With tears in her eyes she was begging me to help her but I was so nervous that I couldn't think of something. In that moment we heard the sound of my mom's unnaturally loud pee stream coming from inside the bathroom followed by a loud moan of relief. Apparently she was in such a hurry that she didn't bother to close the door. Unfortunately for Maya, as soon as she heard these noises she got hit by another moment of weakness. I saw how yet another gush of pee came out of her and soaked itself into the carpet we both were standing on. Maya was reaching the end of her strenght. I knew that she wouldn't be able to hold it in the next time she would get punched by a new spasm and given the situation it was just a matter of minutes or even seconds until it would happen again. Maya was aware of that too and thus she began to panic. "Alex, listen, if I don't take a piss within the next minute I guarantee you that I'm gonna pee all over the fuckin' floor and then you try to explain that to your mother!" Then, all of a sudden, an idea! "I'll be right back!", I said and ran out of the living room. Behind me I heard Maya saying: "No, don't go away!" I stormed into the kitchen and grabbed the empty jar we used earlier and as fast as I could I returned back to Maya. "Take your pants off!" I ordered the moment I got into the living room. I didn't even start the sentence that she was already tearing her shorts down. The first glimpse of the jug was already enough to make her understand my intentions. I quickly placed it right between Maya's legs and just like that all hell broke loose! The strongest, most powerful gush of pee I'd ever seen came shootig of her pussy and just smashed inside the glassy surface of the jug. It was loud and wild and chaotic, a truly magnificent sight. Maya was pissing her soul out. For a brief moment she had no control over herself and a loud sensual moan of relief escaped Maya's mouth. She quickly regained her senses and immediately sealed her lips with both hands but even then I was able to hear the muffling sound of further sighs of liberation. I looked up to her and poor Maya seemed like she was about to burst into tears. For an instant I was listening to the burbling sound of the world's most beautiful pee stream while in the distance I could hear my mother also still peeing into the toilet. I was surrounded by a sweet symphony of urine and I just couldn't complain. The jug was filling up fast, very fast. Maya had so much power in emptying her bladder that her pee was about to reach the edge and there weren't any signs of stopping. All of a sudden, we both heard my mother flush the toilet. "Ok, stop!", I told Maya nervously. She clenched her muscles together once again and aborted her stream. The jug was almost filled to the brim and I very carefully moved it away from her so that I wouldn't spill anything. "Holy Shit!", Maya whispered exhausted. She was astonished by how much she actually peed. "It's so full ... and I still need to pee!" "Really?!" "Yeah, but don't worry I can hold it now." Maya got dressed again and in the meantime I quickly moved to the kitchen in order to get rid of Maya's urine before mom would find out. Unfortunately though she got out of the bathroom the moment I walked by. "Oh, you made lemonade?", she sure sounded relieved. "It's ice tea", I lied right before I disappeared into the kitchen. I poured the urine into the sink and of course mom saw that aswell. "No, why are you pouring it away?" "It's expired!" "It tasted awful!" I heard Maya yelling from inside the living room. We joined our forces to create the ultimate lie. As mom heard Maya's voice she went over to her and I felt all the tension dropping of my body. "How you doing, Gina?" I listened to the conversation both were having. "Oh my God, that was such a close call!" "You really looked like you were going to explode!" "That's because I was!" Both women started to laugh. I joined them shortly after. As soon as she saw me Maya said: "Alright, I think I should go home now. It's getting late." "It was nice of you to come over, Maya and keep Alex company!" "Of course! It's always fun with Alex!" It sure was! "You look gorgeous by the way, Maya!" "Aaw thank you, Gina!" Mom was admiring Maya's appearance as she noticed something. "Did you pee yourself?", she asked rather confused. That was a moment where in movies you would usually hear that overused "record scratch" sound effect. Mom saw the wet patch on Maya's crotch that in all of the excitement we both forgot about. "WHAT?!", Maya seemed to panic. "There's a dark spot on your shorts ... and look! Even your legs are wet!" We were so fucked, I couldn't see a way out. Fortunately though, Maya did and she said: "Oh right! Alex spilled ice tea all over me earlier. He filled up the jug a little to much and then lost control for a moment." I just loooove the way that woman's mind works. "Come on, Alex! Be a little more careful next time!" My mom complained. "Don't worry, Gina. It's just a bit of ice tea, no big deal!" "If you say so." "Alright, now I really should get going!" Maya decided to pull the plug and leave before the situation got even more uncomfortable. "Next time we talk a bit longer, Gina!" "Of course!" "Hey, Alex? Do you mind accompanying me home. Walking in the dark by myself alwas makes me feel uneasy!" I had to hold back my laughter because of how ridiculous that false statement was. Even Maya had to bite her lip for a moment. "Of course!", I said. "Get home safely, Maya." "I certainly will!" Maya wished my mother goodnight then the we both walked out of the house and as soon as the door closed we burst into laughter. That was such a crazy night that we talked about it all the way over to Maya's house. It was great fun. Thomas wasn't home for his car wasn't there yet. I walked with Maya all the way over to the house door as she turned to me and gently said: "You know I still need to piss, right?" And for the last time that day the situation got once again exciting. "What do you have in mind?" I asked curious. Smiling and with a flirty look she opened her zipper, took my right hand and gently placed it on her pussy. Maya leaned over to me and whispered in my ear: "Remember what I did the first time we peed together?" "You peed on my hand", and just like that Maya opened the gates and started to wet herself, with my hand right between her legs. I felt her warm stream gently stroking my palm and flowing through my fingers. For the last time that night I heard and saw urine splashing onto the floor. A sense of arousal warmed my body but was replaced by disappointment as soon as Maya's bladder was empty. I moved my soaking wet hand up and dried it by wiping it on her belly. "You love to spread your piss all over me, don't you?" Maya giggled. "And you love it too!" She nodded. "What are you gonna tell Thomas when he sees the puddle as soon as he comes home?" Maya shrugged her shoulders and said: "I'll tell him that I needed to pee and couldn't hold it!" "That'll work!" Maya laughed. "Night, Alex!" "See you soon, Maya!" "Very soon!" She smiled at me and disappeared inside her home. What can I say, that last Friday evening/night was glourious and I hope you all think the same. However, as I was walking back home there was one thought in my head that just wouldn't leave me alone: Did my mom actually notice something suspicious? To be continued!
  13. Little warning: this is gonna be quite a long story. Hey everyone! It's me again. I know it's been a while but things were a little slow during the last three weeks. I found a job at a local turism agency so I spend most of my week days inside an office taking care of phonecalls, social media profiles and other tourism related stuff so that I can finally start to earn my own money like a real adult ... and speaking of being an adult, I really started to miss Maya. Since I got the job we didn't see eachother as much anymore. I was always away, she kept herself (too) busy with her job and even when both of us would've had the time to meet we mostly spend it going out with our friends or visiting family. This doesn't mean that we were getting out of touch though. Maya and I were still texting on a regular basis, not in a naughty way but more like two friends having normal/funny conversations to keep the spirits alive ... and sometimes, only sometimes, I recieved a special message from Maya which was more often than not a photo of her sitting on the toilet, a pee puddle she just created secretly in the cellar or more recently a selfie of her in the forest pissing behind a tree with her husband Thomas nearby, accompanied by the caption guess what I did today?😋💦 A very, very lovely picture that is now treasured in some secret folder on my phone. I on the other hand wasn't really keen on sending her pictures of me peeing. I was very tempted sometimes but unfortunately for me (and maybe also for her) I tend to get rather paranoid in those moments. I'm always afraid that for some reason, someday, someone is going to either take my phone and find a photo of my dick peeing into the bushes or would see me while I take the picture. Just the thought of it makes me feel embarassingly uncomfortable. So, to avoid the quite unlikely scenario of making a fool out of myself, I sometimes sent Maya a voice message of my urine splashing onto a tree or a wall while returning home after a night out with friends, just to let her know that I'm still active even when she isn't around. There also were days (and those were the most frustrating ones) where Maya and Thomas came over to visit and we always had a nice time but whenever Maya smiled I just wanted to lay her down on the lawn and pee all over her! I admit this is not your standard reaction when you see a beautiful woman smile but Maya and I haven't had "fun" in so long that I couldn't help myself ... And honestly, I felt like she wanted to do the same thing to me. This now brings me to last friday evening, the weekend. Mom went out with her girlfriends for dinner which ment that after a very long time I was finally home alone again. I of course immediately thought of Maya and if she wanted to come over to help me clean the living room carpet if you know what I mean. During my lunchbreak on Friday I was about to text her as I recieved a message from Maya asking Hey, you wanna go out for a walk when you come back from work? 🙂 The warm, fuzzy feeling of excitement overcame me. Guess we're gonna get wet tonight, I thought and very happily I accepted my beautiful neighbour's invitation. After I got back into the office my thoughts were going wild, I was unable to focus on what I was doing since I began to fantasize about what could possibly be happening during our walk later. Maybe another exciting desperation between the two of us, walking along the busy sidewalks trying to keep it secret? A holding contest at my house? Golden showers? Will I finally get the chance to see Maya fully naked It was all sooo exciting that I got horny while I was still at work and I don't know if that has ever happened to you but, damn, it really keeps you from doing your job properly since all you want to do in that moment is to fuck everything that's above room temperature (I'm exaggerating of course but I'm sure you know what I mean). Anyway, after around three and a half hours of secretly getting rid of my erection I finally got to go home. Impatient as I was I almost ran the whole way back because I wanted the evening to start as fast as possible. Before I reached the house I decided to give Maya a call to discuss the details. "Hey, Maya! How you doin'?" "Aleeex! It's finally Friday!", she laughed heartily. "Hoooray!" "Are you home?" "Almost, I just wanted to call you about later. What do you have in mind?" "Oh, well, I was actually thinking on doing a little walk through the forest with you and then see how things evolve ... If it's OK for you, of course!" You can bet your sweet ass it's OK ... I didn't tell her that, that was just the voice in my head that spoke. What I actually said was: "Of course! Sounds fun! ... Should we meet before dinner or after?" "Let's go after. I don't like to feel hungry while having fun." "Alrighty, shall we met at 7:30 pm in front of my house?" "Sounds good! ... And make sure to drink alot 'cause I've got ideas!" "Uuh, sounds exciting. What do you have in mind?" "You'll see." My fantasy started to go wild and I couldn't wait to finally meet up with her. "Aha! Secrets ... Alright then, Maya, I'm eager to find out." "Hmmm you won't regret it", her voice got kinkier and my balls were about to explode. "Ok, see you later!" My voice was shaking a little and I think she noticed because I heard her giggling before she said goodbye. Let's not waste time with unecessary descriptions on how I prepared myself for the evening simply because I didn't really do anything other than drink a whole bottle of water and when 7:30 came I was already outside waiting for Maya to come and there she was, punctual as always. We didn't really waste time with smalltalk and headed right towards the forest. There was a nice little hiking path, very quiet and isolated from the rest of the world. It was all silent around us during that time of day, the last golden sunrays where shining through the branches, it was still comfortably warm outside and Maya and I were pretty much the only ones around. We didn't talk at first about pee related stuff, we just had a nice conversation about the world. Maya kept checking her phone and I kept checking out Maya. She was dressed slightly outdoorsy while I was still wearing random street clothes. Her legs, arms, face they were all so perfect it was almost annoying. After a while my bladder slowly started to pinch my insides. Finally, I thought but Maya still seemed pretty calm. The deeper we walked into the forest the stronger my urge got. I didn't say anything since I wanted Maya to break the ice first which, for some reason, just wouldn't happen. My urge grew bigger and within a bunch of minutes I couldn't really walk straight anymore. Maya however seemed fine, which made me suspicious but as stubborn as I am I still didn't want to say anything. At some point though a slight moan fell out of my mouth. "What's wrong, Alex?", she asked sarcastically. She knew exactly what was going on. "I gotta pee." "Good, I already started to wonder how much longer it was going to take." "How 'bout you?" "Oh I don't need to", she said nonchalantly. "WHAT?!" I stopped. Maya noticed my crossed legs with a cheeky smile on her face. "You don't need to?", I asked again. "I went before we started." I was confused because I thought she was only joking even though the tone of her voice was rather serious. "For real now or are you just playing with me?" "Oh no, I'm serious. My bladder is empty." "But you said to drink water before we start." "Yes. I said YOU should drink water before we start" "But ... You tricked me!" I didn't know if I should've been upset or amused by that. "Actually it was your mind that tricked you. I told you exactly what I wanted." Maya winked at me. I was starting to wiggle around since my bladder was filling up fast. I must admit I was disappointed to not see Maya in need but the way she looked at me, with fun and excitement written all over her face, made me accept the situation even though I was admittedly a little angry. "Why did you do that?", I asked with a shaking voice. I really started to need a piss. "To punish you, Sweetie! I've been sending you lots of pictures of me peeing over the past few weeks and I got none from you." "But, but my audio messages ... " "Yes, they were incredibly arousing to listen to but don't you think I also wanted to see what was going on? I don't like to imagine everything. I wanted some pics and you send me nothing ... now you have to pay." Maya got close, very close to me while she said that last sentence and then she gently whispered into my ear: "And I really enjoy what I'm looking at in this moment." As I felt her warm breath tickling my ear a few spurts of urine moistened my underwear. I got weak for a moment. Instinctively I grabbed my crotch and pressed my legs together even more. Maya's lips were still very close to me and she whispered again: "I like you very much right now ... Let me help you." I felt Maya's hand on my bladder, pushing it, then slowly moving down and inside my shorts. She gently wrapped her fingers around my penis making me once again lose a little more drops. "You're ready wet ... But you don't seem to be very excited, Alex". She sounded kinda disappointed. "That's because your hands are freezing cold!" ... They really were. She smiled and then began to softly stroke my dick until it started to grow. "There we go", Maya whispered as she felt the erection on her palm. "Now what?" I really needed to relieve myself! "I don't know." I gasped for a moment: "What do you mean 'I don't know'?" "I don't know. Let's keep walking while I tease you and then we'll see what happens." Maya's voice was flirty which normally would've made me even hornier, especially because I'd never heard her talk like that before, but not in that moment because frustration and disappointment came knocking at my door. "You told me earlier you had ideas of some sort", I said on the verge of wetting myself. Maya's hand was pressing against my crotch trying to help me hold it in. My legs were shaking and my whole upper body was bend forwards, I had to look up if I wanted to see Maya's face. She stared at me with delight and her other hand was stroking my back as if she was trying to comfort me. In that moment I honestly felt like a little boy needing a pee with his mother next to him trying to convince her son not to wet himself and hold it in just a little bit longer so that she doesn't have to clean it up later. "I lied", Maya said eventually "I was thrilled when you called me and I pretended to have exciting plans but I haven't. I thought maybe I'll come up with something as soon as you start to get desperate but now I'm so horny I can't even think straight." Again, I didn't know if I should've been angry at her since she threw lies and false hopes at me, but one thing was clear I was definetly not happy about it. The joyful anticipation I build up earlier was gone. It all ended in that one, disappointing, anticlimactic moment. I moved away from Maya. Her wet hand slipped out of my pants allowing me now to use my hands to squeeze between my legs ... and my erection was gone aswell. Now the desperation wasn't enjoyable anymore. Maya noticed my disappointment and feeling kinda guilty she said: "I'm sorry." "Come on, Maya! I was really looking forward to this." I started to complain, mostly because my bladder started to hurt which was very unpleasant. "I'm so sorry. I just wanted to get you going and didn't know how." "Well for starters you could've been drinking a bottle of water aswell." "That's exactly what I didn't want to do tonight." "Why?" I was slowly losing the fight against my bladder. I knew I had to pee as soon as all of this was over ... but I was so caught up in the argument that I wasn't ready to let go yet (btw we weren't having a real argument, this was just a light hearted, borderline funny discussion ... No need to worry). "I already told you why. I want to see you pee without me having to do that aswell!" "So you want to see me pee?" I couldn't hold it anymore and I knew exactly what I was going to do. "Yes! ... I really want to!", Maya got excited, I could see it from the smile on her face. "You really want to see piss comig out of me?!", I asked again while unbottoning my pants. "Yes!" As soon as she said that, within the fragment of a second, I got closer to Maya, pulled my dick out and with the power of a fire hose I just started to piss all over her! "Alex, no!", she yelled but it was just to late. I must admit the feeling of revenge mixed with the amount of relief I was feeling in that moment was priceless. Maya was trying to block the stream with her hands at first but she gave up shortly after. "Stop!", she said laughing. We felt like two siblings goofing around with a garden hose during a hot summer day. I saw the playful smile on Maya's face and I knew she was enjoying it! With the penis in my hand and a still pretty full bladder I began to walk around her just to make sure I cover her whole body with my urine. She gasped and yelped and laughed and threw insults at me, it was for both of us a whole lot of fun. We were still in the middle of the hiking path, if somebody had walked by in that moment I would've killed myself out of embarassement. Luckily noone was around and I kept peeing on Maya without a worry in the world. As I felt that my bladder was about to get empty I collected all of the strenght in my pelvic region and just shot a big spurt of urine all over Maya's face. "No!", she screamed right before she got hit by the stream. "This is for lying to me!", I joked. Shortly after everything came to an end. All went quiet as we both looked at the mess I had just created. Maya was dripping with my pee from top to bottom and a big puddle was slowly sinking into the ground. She started laughing while I was still catching my breath. "Now we're even", I said. "Guess I need to lie to you more often." "You didn't expect it to end up like this, didn't you?" "Nope!" "Well, neither did I." We both laughed. Maya was examining her clothes as she said: "Look at this! ... It's all over my clothes!" "I must admit I'm quite stunned myself. I actually thought you were going to turn me around at some point." "I wanted to at first but it felt so nice and warm that I thought whatever", Maya said while she was wiping the pee off her face with her left arm. "I gotta squish the urine out of my shirt. Make sure noone is coming", she told me. "Oh right, NOW I have to look out for people because what we just did was soooo innocent." Maya started to laugh after I told this silly joke. She was taking her shoes and socks off to let the urine pour out. "Just imagine someone had actually seen us", she whispered misteriously "I would've died of embarassment!" "Yeah me to! Imagine it was my mother." "Oh my god. That would've been horrendous!", she giggled. "Is she at home tonight?", Maya continued. "No, she's out with friends." "Oh! So, that means you're home alone?", she sounded like she was up to something. I nodded and asked: "Wanna come over later?" She smiled and teasingly said: "Maybe!" Needless to say, I was looking forward to later. "But now seriously, please watch out for people real quick." Maya asked me while stepping backwards into the forest to take cover behind some trees. My excitement finally returned as I watched her taking her wet orange top of. I. Was. Mesmerized. The first time I ever saw her beautiful belly. It was wet aswell since the urine soaked through the fabric and that made me horny as f*ck, plus I finally got to see her breasts! She still had a very nice black bra on but nontheless it was a gorgeous sight. It was the closest I got to finally see her fully naked. I couldn't help but stare at her instead of looking out for people. Maya grabbed her top with both hands, rolled it up like a wet towel and just squeezed all of the urine out over the forest ground. "So much!", she said laughing and I just kept staring at her boobs like a braindead jerk. Maya didn't really notice me since she was way to busy drying her top. I needed to pee again. Classic bladder refill after a long hold, I'm sure you've all been there at least once. I was arguing with myself for a moment whether I should hold it in or just let it out. I opted for the latter since my bladder muscles were pretty sore. A quick look around, nobody nearby, I pulled my dick out and once again I let all out. The moment Maya heard the splashes she looked up and just stared surprised at my stream. After a few seconds it was all over. She smiled which made me happy. "Looks like your bladder still wants to play, Alex!" "I guess so ... Is there any chance that you might need to pee aswell now, Maya?" "Nope!" She laughed. Eventually Maya put her top back on but you could clearly see that it was still pretty wet and so were her shorts and hair but she didn't really seem to be bothered by that. "Alright!" She stepped out of the forest and put her socks and shoes back on aswell. "Now what?", I asked. "Hmmm ... I dunno. I need to wash my hands ." Then she licked the palm of her right, in urine soaked, hand off. "Kinda salty", she said "Wanny try?" Maya stretched her other hand over to me. I politely refused. "No thanks. I'm not really into tasting my own piss." "I'll let you taste mine if you want one day." "I'm not sure I want that" "We'll try." I nodded even though I had no interest in having someone's pee inside my mouth. "You wanna go home? It's getting dark", I asked. "To your house?" "If you want. Unless you need to go back to Thomas." "Don't worry he's once again out with the boys." "Sooo, you wanna come over?" "If you let me wash my hands?" "Sure!" "Ok then. Let's go!" And the evening had begun. To be continued ...
  14. I peed on a bus seat once out of desperation. That was propably my most extreme and public place I've ever peed. Another place would be in a library and a cable car during a ski day.
  15. I feel like this is one of those things that you either can or cannot do. I tried it myself occasionally but no matter how full my bladder was it just didn't work. Therefore, I assume that you have to be born with this "quality", unless there really is some sort of technique that I don't know about to achieve this.

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