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  1. Here's something from a few weeks ago. Another urgent emergency stop while driving home. https://www.erome.com/a/wMinbtzn
  2. Enjoying the autumnal atmosphere my way. And yes, I am well aware that I look silly in this clip. But you do what you gotta do to stay anonymous lol https://www.erome.com/a/XQfMgyMu
  3. I'd let you hold the glass aswell if you wanted to
  4. Alone in the office these days and I couldn't resist to have some secret, desperate fun under my desk! https://www.erome.com/a/dI9TEXmu
  5. I grew up learning german, english and italian at school. So I'd say I'm more or less fluent in all of these. Including some of their dialects. My native language however is a rare romance language spoken in a few areas of central europe. And for a while I even tried to learn norwegian. I know some words and frases that duolingo taught me but that's pretty much it.
  6. I doubt it. I was alone in the library that evening and the patches were gone by the next day.
  7. I actually used to work in a library for a few months. It was a small one so nobody ever visited and I had a lot of time for myself. During one of my final days there I couldn't help myself and had a bit of fun. Right before closing time I walked around the room and spread some spurts of pee all across the carpet floor, some were bigger, others a little smaller. I was very tempted to have a proper pee on the floor but I was afraid it would leave a massive stain, so I played it safe an squirted some drops of pee across the library. Eventually I picked one of the oldest, most uninteres
  8. I have a few times but the most desperate I've ever been was two months ago. I drank quite a bit before taking on my 1,5h journey home. It was so bad I almost thought I was going to wet myself in the car. I even managed to film the final minutes of my driving desperation, I just had to lol I posted the video in the men's peeing section. You can take a look if you want to see and feel what I was going through!
  9. I peed on a towel today! I was watching TV, and me being lazy grabbed a towel nearby and used it as a toilet https://www.erome.com/a/BY4PeEjI I ended up soaking it so much that my pee flowed through it. Left a little patch on the sofa. Luckily it's big enough to blame it on the cat just in case lol
  10. Last year I bought a trailcam because I thought it could come in handy since one of my hobbies is wildlife photography. However recently I had the idea of filming myself pretending to be a desperate hiker looking for a place to pee and then unknowingly relieving himself all over the cam! Here's the result 🙂 https://www.erome.com/a/Zj7bm9J7 And as a little bonus for all the wetting fans amongst you, a short and spontaneous clip of me letting go in my shorts! https://www.erome.com/a/cUrQ8GIt
  11. Sometimes I do. I mainly go on hikes from time to time but unfortunately it only helps to a certain extent. I feel fine while I'm doing the activity but once I get home and rest, the dark thoughts usually come back. Not always, but most of the time.
  12. Back again in my car with a secret emergency pee. The backstory here is that I'd spend the whole morning in the city doing all sorts of things and once I got back to my car, which was parked in a garage, I felt some pressure in my bladdet and had no intentions to hold it for another 45 minutes until I would reach my house. So i quickly found a solution: I remembered that there was a dirty blanket in my trunk and so I decided to use it as my emergency toilet. Turned out it was more difficult than expected. Cars and people were coming and going all around me, you can hear it in th
  13. My most desperate piss yet! I was driving home after I had a drink to much. I was trying to hold it until my house but the pressure became unbearable. Multiple times I tried to pull over, but because it was a mountain road all the empty spaces on the side of the road were filled with cars, vans and campers. I was genuinely afraid that I was going to wet myself in the car. I was shaking and breathing heavily, I could even feel my fingers getting numb by how urgent it was. Never experienced something so intense. And as you can imagine, once I found a spot to pull over I had the most am
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