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  1. So this thought has kept my mind busy for quite a few years actually and now I wanted to share it with you and see what you all think. Basically, on this forum (and also on others) I've been trying to stay as anonymous as I can to avoid the risk of getting recognized, as do most of you I assume. But here's now what makes me wonder: Let's suppose I do get recognized here at some point by someone I know, at first you might think that it's embarassing and uncomfortable or whatever - but if you put a little more thought into it, there's not really a reason to feel embarassed. If you get re
  2. Thank you all for the nice messages! The next part is already here, and are slowly starting to get spicy ... - Over the course of the morning more and more people were hitting the sidewalks. Some went to work, some got back, others just wanted to take a stroll and a lot of them were stopping by to ask Jackie what she was doing, how the artwork was going to look like, how long it was gonna take until she finished. Questions that she was hearing constantly everytime she painted in a public area. Jackie enjoyed that. She liked the attention and the interest of the people. As
  3. Something rather different from the usual threads here. I thought it could be a fun idea to add some illustartions to my story this time, just to try something new and make it hopefully a bit more interesting. The premise of this little piece of fiction is simple: an artist's bladder starts to make itself notice while she's outside painting a mural. The story contains female desperation and peeing - Enjoy! - It was early in the morning when Jackie finally found that almost unsignificant little wall she was going to paint on that day. Her first mural commission in months. Th
  4. I like to do it in both. However since neither shed or garage belong to me alone I always have to pee secretly behind random stuff that I find there. I don't mind that at all, makes it all more fun!
  5. I guess since it's allergy season you could say sneezing or even blowing your nose lol
  6. A short story about a young man sharing some awkward moments with his mother in need. The story contains female desperation and peeing There I was, in my bed, bored as hell, depressed because of covid, lonely because of covid and jobless because of covid. What a miserable life I was living at the moment and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. I spend most of these days waist deep in thoughts wondering and worrying about stuff, my future for instance was a classic, and every single one of this thoughts eventually ended with me sighing in frustration followed by the the usual qu
  7. Ok it seems like I posted this twice for whatever reason. If someone could be so nice and delete the second post I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
  8. Since the beginning of December I've been working part-time at a small COVID test station in my local town. This station is essentially nothing but a gian container where me and my coworker "Laura" have been working in. She is 28 years old and a rather tall, slender and beautiful looking woman. Long, dark blonde hair and also dark brown eyes adorn her face. There's also a second container next to our main one which is used for storage and there's a tiny bathroom inside it aswell. After a few weeks of working together I arrived one morning at the station to get ready as I saw Lau
  9. I never had any intentions on tasting my own pee BUT only two weeks ago I tried it out. I took a massive piss into a tiny bucket after an hour of intense desperation. I was so horny afterwards that for the first time I experienced this strong urge to take the bucket and chug all the pee inside down my throat. It was a very odd feeling ... but I didn't do it, it felt like it would've been to much. What I did though was, I put my index finger into the warm pee and then I licked it off. That was the first time I ever tasted my own piss. I'm not gonna lie it didn't even remotely taste as bad
  10. This is probably how it started for me. I have a younger brother but we never really had memorable pee experiences together. However, I do have an aunt with whom I spend a lot of time during my early years (I was 2 - 3 years old). She always took me with her on small walks into the forest and ocasionally she had to pee. At some point she noticed my (already present) interest towards a urinating woman and she would then take me with her behind the bush and let me watch. On some days I also followed her on the toilet to look at her taking a piss. My aunt was never bothered by it. In f
  11. I found a link to the full episode if someone's interested. It's in german but the peeing scene is still the same lol https://vivo.sx/cb73bb11ae
  12. Mine are these: 1. Peeing while doing something else. Cooking for instance 2. Let a tiny spurt of pee out in my pants while I talk to people and then feel it running down my leg 3. Seeing a woman incredibly desperate to pee with hands in her crotch and then relieving herself behind a bush, a wall or anything that is not a toilet 4. A woman moaning in relief as soon as she lets go 5. A well made drawing of a desperate/peeing woman ... This one is for the artist in me
  13. Here's mine if anyone's interested: 1. Pee down a public stairway. Not easy to do with all the security cameras around, but one day I'll find the perfect spot 2. Taking a leak in company without a hint of awkwardness. Either with a friend (or more friends) or a loved one 3. Really needing to go pee with my best friend but not on purpose. Ideally I'd love it if the two of us would end up either wetting ourselves or peeing simultaneously next to eachother as soon as we find the perfect pee spot. 4. A holding contest with a woman 5. Having a woman hold my penis while I pe
  14. I was cleaning up my bathroom today and as I was about to wash the floor clean I got an idea ... But see it for yourself! https://www.erome.com/a/Uc41pwV0
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