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    I was extremely desperate in my car while driving home. I couldn't hold it anymore so I had to pull over. I got out of my car and could just walk a few steps before I pulled out my penis and let it go. The greatest piss I've ever had. I even started moaning a bit because I was overwhelmed by the fantastic feeling of relief.
    Cars were passing by but it was dark outside and nobody could see me. Little did the drivers know that I was next to them having the pee of my life.

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  1. As the last drops fell out of my shaft I could hear the voice of the blonde woman asking: "Are you finished?" I sighed:"Yes." I felt her hands grabbing the sides of my pants again and slowly pulling them up. "Thank you so much! I'm sorry I had to make you do this", I told the woman as she moved in front of me to button my shorts up. "Oh no, please don't apologize, it's not your fault. I'm glad I could help... you really had to go judging from what I've heard." She'd listened, nice! "Yeah I really did", I laughed nervously "I mean look at the puddle I just made." Both women looked down at my big pee lake who was slowly flowing downhill. "You had alot inside you, this must've been hard for you", said the blonde woman. I nodded and sighed once again. "I can't thank you enough!" I added. "Don't worry about it, I wish for your hands to heal very soon." "Me too, thanks!" She was incredibly nice. I was impressed. Both women then said goodbye and just like that they were gone and so was I because I ran over to Maya to see how she was doing. As I expected she was still sitting behind the bush and desperate for a piss. "How was it?" I could hear the excitement in her voice! "Scary but kinda hot... I wouldn't do it again though!" "Haha, I get it but I'm happy it went well!" "Did you like it? Could you see anything?" "My sight was clear enough to watch your piss come out! I almost peed a little myself, you really got me going!" "Great!", I said happily. Maya's voice got a bit quiet and with a smirk on her face she said: "That other woman, the brunette one, she looked at you for a moment." "Really?!" "Yeah, while you were peeing I saw her peaking secretly over her shoulder and down on your stream... I think she even smiled a little." I nodded in approval and whispered quite proud about myself:"Nice." I don't know if Maya was just talking bullshit, I just liked the idea of a mature woman getting a glimpse of something she secretly liked. "Alright, my sweet Maya, now it's your turn!", I said teasingly. "I know, but please help me up 'cause I don' t want to wet myself." She raised her hand and I helped her up slowly. Her other hand was glued to her crotch for the whole time and she was ready to go. "Alright, hide, quick 'cause I gotta pee soon!" She pushed me down on the ground right were she just sat and then moved onto the hiking path. I was pretty sure that Maya was going to have it easier since she is sweet and attractive and every man dreams of helping such a woman out. I observed her through the leaves as she was shaking and squirming on the side of the road waiting for someone to come. I was excited to see what would happen but much to my surprise she wasn't that succesful either. Many hikers seemed to be intimidated by her. I guess it was because of how she approached them. She wasn't as polite and calm as I tried to be which was also surprising. I guess she must've been so desperate that she didn't have the time for courtesy. She was bursting I could clearly see that from the distance and I hoped for her to find the right person soon. A young teenager, not older than 15 years, finally appeared and I knew the moment I saw him that Maya would finally recieve her well deserved relief. How I was so sure, you ask? He's, you know, a teenager... young, naive, hormones going crazy... It just had to happen. I'm also pretty sure that if she wouldn't have been is such a painful need, Maya would've probably let him pass by hoping for someone older to arrive just to be sure, but unfortunately my neighbour was about to wet herself and that young man about to walk up to her was probably Maya's last hope. "Sorry", she whined over to him. The boy stopped and looked at her confused. "I really need your help", she told, struggling to talk. I saw how his eyes dropped onto her crossed legs as Maya continued: "I really gotta go and due to a problem with my hands I can't pull my pants down to pee freely, I can explain everything later so that it makes more sense but right now I REALLY gotta pee and need someone to undress me, could you please do it? Please!" The guy was confused and probably put under pressure by Maya, however, he looked back up to her and said:"Uuh... Ok." Just how you would imagine a teenager to answer. "Oh God, thanks!" Maya was happy... And so was I. Not only was I excited to see her urinate but I was admittedly kinda curious to see how the (maybe) 15 year old would behave. "Let's go over here", she told him. Maya staggered into the woods with the kid following her. "So, I need to take your pants of?", he asked nervous. "Yes and also my panties, I don't want to get wet." I feel like she was playing with him a little. They both stopped in front of me and I heard Maya say: "Ok, please help me." The teenager walked in front of her trying to unzip her pants. Maya was moaning in desperation the whole time and was shaking up and down which didn't make the situation easy for the guy. I heard the sound of the zipper open. "Pull them down to my knees", groaned Maya with her last strenght. He grabbed her jeans first and just, as she said, moved them down on her knees. "My panties aswell please!", she said nervously. The kid didn't even try to be polite and look away as the woman earlier did to me, he just grabbed Maya's pink underpants and tore them down while staring at her exposed pussy as soon as he saw it ... or her. As Maya felt the wind stroking her bare crotch she squatted and just began to piss like there's no tomorrow. The urine splashed onto the forest soil and a glorious hissing sound echoed among the trees. She moaned in relief as the teenager stood awkwardly next to Maya and stared down on her crotch. He was probably seizing the moment since something like this is probably going to happen only once in his life. Maybe he even discovered a new fetish, who knows? Then something quite funny happened, while she was still emptying her bladder, Maya looked up to the kid and whispered: "Thank you!" He said: "You're welcome", while you could clearly see and hear that his brain had stopped working. He was still staring at the pee gushing out of her. Maya didn't seem to be bothered, she likes to be watched and knew what she was getting herself into... and she probably also knew she made that guy's day. This is usually what you call a win win situation. "Man, you really had to go!", he said to her amazed. "It's a lot, isn't it?" "Yeah!", he giggled. "Did you ever had to pee this bad?" They literally started to have a conversation together while Maya was still peeing. Amazing. The teenager told Maya a few of his own pee desperation experiences and she listened interested until she finally finished. "Do you have a tissue with you?", she then asked him. "Uh, yeah, I have a packet with me." "Could you please do me a favour and wipe for me?" "NO WAY!?" I thought "She didn't just ask him that!" But my ears didn't lie. Maya was serious about it. "Like, between your legs?", the guy's voice was shaking. Maya nodded with a friendly smile on her face. "If you don't mind", she added. "N-No... I-I can do it if you want." His face turned red, an amusing sight. "Wait..." Maya saw that he had no idea how to do it and helped him out by standing back up. "Here, now it's easier for you." And the kid just wiped her clean... I didn't know and honestly still don't know how I should feel about this but Maya just didn't seem to have a problem with that and just let that guy kind of touch her vagina. He of course couldn't get his eyey off it for the whole time. However, he finished quickly. I guess it was to much even for him. Then he moved her clothes back up, again, first panties then jeans and they both walked back to the path like two old friends. Maya then told him her made up situation in order for him to understand. "Thank you so much, again, for your help. I really appreciate it!" "Nevermind", the teenager said and then he went back his way. "Wow", I told her amazed as she walked over to me. "It worked. Not what I expected but hey, at least I didn't wet myself." "You just let him wipe the piss of your pussy!" Maya replied as if it was no big deal: "Yeah, I mean, he was staring at it the whole time. The ice was already broken so I though 'fuck it'!" She laughed and so did I. "You noticed that he was looking at your pussy?" "You can't really expect something else from a teenager can't you?" "That's true... You probably made his day!", I joked. "Definetly but I doubt his friends are gonna believe him", she giggled. It was fun. Our bladders were empty and we were in a good mood. A great afternoon after all. Now all that was left was to go back to the car and wait for Thomas who luckily still had no clue what was going on! To be continued!
  2. A new story is finally out guys! I have to split this in two parts though because it quite a long one. Enjoy part 1 in the meantime Hey guys 'n girls, sorry, it's been a while! Work has been getting in my way lately and I was way to exhausted to tell you about my latest adventure with Maya. She's on holiday now btw with her husband, in Spain. Very nice place, no idea how it's called but judging by the pictures she's been sending me over the last bunch of days it looks lovely. I didn't get selfies of her peeing like she did two months ago (remember?), which is quite disappointing if you ask me ... But maybe she's waiting for me to do the first move since the last time I didn't do anything. Aaanyway, before she and Thomas went to Spain, Maya and I managed to have one last big adventure together which almost risked to go terribly wrong, but that's exactly what made it so unforgettable (in a good way) in the end. I don't want to reveal to much but it was something I had never thought to see a woman like Maya do. Excited yet? Here's what happened: If you remember from my last story, Maya said she wanted to do something thrilling with me one day and that she'd been wanting to do that since highschool. This left me of course incredibly curious and I spend the following days and weeks trying to guess what she was planning. Maya, however, remained silent. She didn't want to reveal her intentions just yet and left me hanging for a good while. She only gave one clue that day in our bathroom which was it being outdoors, nothing more. Puzzling, isn't it? I remained patient though, very patient since Maya didn't seem to be in a rush with that, it was quite the opposite, she dragged it out and hyped it up as much as one person could. "I hope you're ready for what's gonna happen soon!" "You probably won't get to see me this wet ever again!" "Alex, get your bladder ready!" Those were just some of the texts I recieved from her over the course of two weeks. She really tried to get me going which was a rather dangerous game to play because the chances of me getting disappointed by the end got bigger with each text she send me. I did try to keep my expectations low but by the way she told me all of this I just couldn't and began to feel incredibly nervous, again, in a good way, towards what was about to come. Eventually, three weeks after I saw Maya for the last time, I got a call from her late in the evening. I was actually already in bed as my phone rang. "Hey Maya", I said tired. "Hi Alex", she sounded equally exhausted "how's life?" "Boring", i answered a bit frustrated (I wasn't even joking). "That's good", she continued "because I think it's time to bring some excitement back by making this little project of mine finally happen, what do you think?" I regained my senses for a moment and asked: "Now?!" I heard her giggle on the other side of the line and then she said: "No, silly, this weekend. I was thinking Saturday afternoon maybe? Would it be okay for you?" "Saturday? Sure. Let's do it!" "Nice! I'm really excited, Alex. Can't wait to see you again!" Her voice was husky and I loved it. It really raised my spirits but it was nighttime and after the phonecall I couldn't sleep properly anymore. Now that we had finally set a date and things were about to happen I got a tiny bit anxious. My mind was once again trying to keep me awake by trying to come up with theories and I maybe fell asleep around 3 am and that turned me into a miserable mess the next day at work. I tend to become quite grumpy when I'm tired which made my coworkers very unhappy, but that's another story. The point is, three days later, on Saturday I woke up early and spend the whole morning in anticipation, intense anticipation. I COULDN'T WAIT to finally find out what my neighbour had in mind. Unfortunately, I was also aware that I could end up disappointed later because I feared that her intentions weren't able to live up to my expectations. Nontheless, I remained optimistic. Right before lunchtime I got a text from Maya saying: "Let's meet at 2pm in front of your house!" I replied with a thumbs up and added "Do I need to drink?" "You don't have to. I'll take two bottles for us with me." Another thumbs up from my side and I went into the kitchen to eat. I was nervous, almost as if I had a very important exam in a few hours. I didn't really like that feeling to be honest, it reminded me of my school days. Even the thought of finally getting to see Maya pee again didn't help, simply because I had no f*kin' clue what was about to happen and that was honestly quite intimidating. After lunch I told my mom I'd spend my afternoon with Maya but instead of being curious and asking what we were going to do she said: "You spend a lot of time with Maya lately." Her voice sounded, at least to me, quite suspicious which scared me. "Uuuuh ... Yeah, I don't know ... We ... Uh ... I don't know why. It just happens." I've never been a good liar and mom knew that but she didn't continue to interrogate me about it. Instead she just said: "Oh well, have fun then!" I smiled but I knew that she was getting suspicious. I had to talk to Maya about this so that we could come with the perfect lie in case mom would get more involved in this. It didn't take long until different thoughts crossed my mind again, however, what did take long was for the clock to finally strike two. I waited and waited but the time just wouldn't pass. I'm sure y'all know that feeling. Ten minutes before the agreed time I was already outside waiting for her impatiently. The sun was shining but luckily it wasn't one of those annoyingly hot summer days. It was comfortably warm with some nice clouds that consistently provided cool shade. At some point I heard a car coming, I looked to my right and saw Maya's Toyota approaching. "Does she want to drive with me somewhere?!", I immediately thought and as she reached our driveway I noticed that there was another person on the passenger seat ... Thomas. They both waved at me happily as did I and when the car pulled over Maya indicated me to get inside. I obeyed and opened the back door. "Hi guys!" I said enthusiastically. Both greeted back and even though I pretended to be happy on the outside I was incredibly confused deep down. Now, don't get me wrong, I really was happy to see Thomas again but still, why was he there?! I secretly started to panic because I thought that maybe Maya had told him about our secret? Or maybe he got suspicious? Maybe he was part of Maya's plan without knowing it? WHAT WAS GOING ON??? Oh, and the fact that we were driving out of town didn't help either! Geniunely for a moment I thought they were going to kidnap me, that's how perplexed I was. They didn't even mention anything specific while we were having conversations in the car. I tried to get some answers out of them but I couldn't. Maya kept on driving for another 15 minutes until we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. By this I mean an area rather far from any form of civilisation whatsoever. The road was leading deep into the forest, however, I remained calm. I know the small valley I live in very well and I was familiar with the area we were driving towards. The road was small and bumpy and I knew that it was leading towards a little parking area which is at the sane time the starting point for different excursions in the wild. "So I guess we're gonna go hiking in the forest today", I thought to myself "and Thomas apparently is going to join us." Things seemed to be getting clearer and yet I was still confused. We finally reached the said parking lot and got out of the car. The summer season was about to reach it's peak which means that we weren't the only ones there that day. The place was filled with cars and whiny tourists from everywhere. "Fuck these people", I whispered to myself annoyed. Maya and Thomas, however, didn't really seem to be bothered by them. Both were smiling happily the moment they got out of the car. "Alright, let's go then!", I said pretending to be aware of the situation. "Let's do this!", Thomas clapped his hands and got himself moving. Maya and I were falling behind as she grabbed a large waterbottle from her little backpack she brought along and secretly handed it over to me. I gave her a look like WTF is going on? She however once again gave me one of her usual winks and smiled. Judging by her expression the situation seemed to be either going as planned or was just being under control. Either way, it gave me a sense of comfort and I was already looking forward to more answers in this big afternoon of cluelessness. I wasn't able to ask Maya for more information since Thomas was nearby. The only thing she whispered to me was: "Drink!", shortly after I got the bottle. I obeyed and she did the same with a second waterbottle she brought for her. "Are you guys already thirsty?" Maya's husband asked as he saw us both chugging some liquids. She nodded with her mouth full of water. He was amused and we then all together made our way through all the cars and people towards the hiking path. There were actually a few different routes you could take as a hiker, but we chose the easiest one, in other words the most crowded one. I began to wonder about how public Maya's plan was actually going to be. She said it to me that one day in the bathroom she wanted to do something "risky and daring". Maybe she wanted to have people, random people involved in this? Was she really that daring? ... and more importantly could I be this daring?! The idea of pee or being desperate to pee in front of strangers was haunting and I didn't enjoy it, but it was just a thought and as long as I couldn't get a proper answer from Maya I tried to relax. The fact that Thomas was still with us started to annoy me. I couldn't talk to her properly as long as he was right between us. I wasn't enjoying the moment as much as I pretended to, I still kept drinking but that was all I could do to get things moving. Finally, after maybe a good hour of hiking, the situation slowly began to get interesting. Maya's bottle and mine where long empty as the trail was moving along a majestic and also very beautiful waterfall. The water was thundering down the cliff and all around us of course were people admiring the spectacle and taking pictures of it ... and so did we. Thomas, Maya and I stopped and stared at the beauty in front of us. Our first break after a rather long time hiking. If you've ever stood right next to a waterfall you know that it's incredibly loud and you almost have to scream in order to comunicate with others. I knew that this was my chance to finally talk to Maya without her husband listening and also he distanced himself from us to take a closer look at the waterfall. I was about to apprach her but she was already there, next to me ready to talk. Seemed like we both had the same intention. "I gotta pee", she said, loud enough for me to hear and with a smile on her face "how about you, Alex?" "I'm fine! Even though the water makes me need to go to!" "Great!", she yelled. "Can you please tell me what you have in mind and why you brought Thomas along with you?!" I don't know if you ever tried it but it's hard to yell silently. Luckily Thomas was still at a safe distance, distracted by the water masses. Maya started laughing: "Don't worry about him. We'll get rid of him soon!" "How?!' "He's gonna take another trail after we pass by this waterfall!" I forgot that there was a crossroad not far away from us, Thomas was about to go his own way which for me was a huge relief. "Is he?" I asked. She nodded and yelled: "We'll be on our own after that, don't worry!" "Great! ... And what are we going to do then?!" Instead of answering my question she mimicked zipping her mouth and moved over to Thomas. I found myself in the same situation of two months ago: in the forest needing to pee with Maya not telling me what is going on, except this time it seemed that she actually had a plan. "Alex, take a picture of us!", I heard her screming in the distance. I walked over to them and Thomad reached me his phone in order to capture that insignificant moment. While I was looking on the screen trying to find a decent composition I noticed how Maya was shaking her legs back and forth, definetly the first signs of desperation. Then I got a boner but I'm pretty sure nobody noticed. The waterfall was nice and all but I was definetly ready to move on and get the action started. Maya was feeling the same. She encouraged us all to keep going again, so we did. The three of us stepped onto the path and continued our hike. The movement definetly made the urine inside my bladder wiggle around thus making me notice that the time to empty it was about to come. Ten minutes later I finally saw the junction. The right path, the one Thomas was supposed to take, was smaller and steeper, therefore less popular among the crowd. "Alright honey, let's say we meet again at the car around 5, is that ok?", asked Maya right before we reached the "checkpoint". Thomas sounded a bit skeptical: "Hmmm, actually I don't know if I want to go up this path anymore." Don't you f*ing dare change your opinion now, I thought to myself. "Why not?", Maya didn't seemed to be bothered by that but I was just judging by the sound of her voice I'm sure deep down she was feeling the same way as me. "I'm having so much fun with you guys, I kinda don't want to go on all by myself now", he replied. "Are you sure you want to hike on with us?" Ok, Maya definetly didn't want him to follow us anymore and she tried to convince him to do the opposite. After maybe two minutes of trying to find anwers, thanks to Maya, he decided to stick to his original idea and walk his own way. Thank God! As our ways finally separated she whispered to me: "Phew! Dodged a bullet there!" I was relieved and felt as light as a feather, despite my almost full bladder. Now we just had to find a place away from all the hikers and I would've been ready to go. "Why did you bring him along anyway?", I asked her about Thomas. A bit frustrated she said:"I wasn't going to but when I told him I was coming here with you he asked me if he could join because he wanted to hike up that stupid path over there at all cost because he always wanted to do it but never had enough motivation to do so.... And so I said yes since he way leaving us anyway and here we are now, just the two of us", she said in a rather flirty voice. "And can you now please tell me what you have in mind? " "Just wait." "Oh come on!" She definetly heard my frustration but instead of giving me anwers she just laughed out loud. "Our bladders will be filled soon and then we'll talk", Maya said without trying to keep quiet and I noticed how an elderly couple stared at us as they were passing by. Awkward, but I didn't really mind it. The forest was large so we hiked for sometime inside the wilderness until FINALLY after weeks, days, hours, minutes of waiting for this moment, Maya finally had to stop because she reached a point where she really had to relieve herself. My situation wasn't any different, every step I made was feeling my bladder more and more. We stood ther on the side of the path crossed legs, wiggling around waiting for Maya to sfinally spill her beans. "Now what?", I asked exhausted. "Ok, here's what we're gonna do... " FINALLY, I said to myself. "Let's make all the people here see that we REALLY have to go. Then we walk up to them and ask if they could help us take a pee because we're unable to unzip our pants." These ridiculous words came out of her mouth with the biggest smile on her face. "You want to what? You want them to pull our... WHAT?!?" Needles to say I was more that a littlr confused. Maya tried to explain her vision to me and by doing so she pressed a hand against her crotch, she didn't care at all about hiding it. Then she told me:"Here's what I have in mind: You walk up to a hiker obiously needing to pee... Which should be this hard now. Then, very politely without sounding like a perv or something, you tell them that due to a medical condition you're unable to put pressure on your hands and fingers thus making you unable to pull your pants down and then you ask them if they could help you out by moving your pants down for you." The explaining made it sound even dumber but Maya really seemed to be enthusiastic about it. I on the other hand still tried to hunderstan everything that's why I asked:"A medical condition?" "Yes, it's called manusitis." "What?", I asked confused. "It doesn't exist, I made it up in highschool. Just pretend it's a temporary disease that makes your hands super sore and your skin super sensitive and because of that you can't move your fingers and touch everything." "Ok, fine", I tried to go along with her plan as much as I could even though I wasn't particularly excited about it "and why should I be out hiking if I have... manusitis?" "Because... " she imediately had an answer for this "you were not alone, you had a partner, a "caregiver" if you will who had to leave you alone for a moment because he or she had to walk all the way back to the hut (towards the end of the path there's a little inn where all of the people are normall heading to when they walk this way, fyi) because she forgot her phone and you told that person you'll wait here because you have no intentions to walk back up again... However, you forgot that you've had quite alot to drink earlier and now you're in trouble and ask oncoming people for help." She had a very clear plan of the whole situation which was quite impressive but apparently she'd been planing this since highschool so she gad alot of time to figure it out. "And you think someone is gonna help you out?", I asked still perplexed. "If you're desperate enough and put them under pressure why not?... There's definetly someone here who's dumb enough to believe it." It felt like she had a point but I still didn't like the idea. I told her that but she tried to change my mind. "Come on, Alex! You know how exciting this could get?" I must admit, the idea of a stranger, maybe even an attractive one, helping me pee was quite hot but the fact that I had to convince them made me uncomfortable, what if someone would get angry and insult me as a pervert (which quite frankly would've been fair enough). "I don't think I get people to believe me!" I said. "Just wait until you're about to burst and it'll come naturally... Come on, you go first!" "WHAT?! No!" "Yes, 'cause I don't need to pee as bad yet." "Me neither!" "Yeah but I want you to watch me desperate to pee later" "I can watch you now aswell." "I know, but now I'm not super desperate and I know you can't enjoy my desperation as much when you're distracted by your own full bladder." She moved closer to me and whispered in my ear: "And you now how much I love to see you looking at me filled with desire when I'm about to piss myself." I just couldn't resist. She was right and definetly wouldn't been able to enjoy the beauty of her need while in need myself... So, thanks to peer pressure and pure hornyness I agredd to do it. She was of course happy to hear it, however, I still had questions. "Wait..." I asked quickly "How are you gonna watch me? Do you hide somewhere?" "Exactly! I will look for a hideout among the trees somewhere away from the path and then I wan't you to drag the person near me so that I can watch... But without getting caught, 'cause then we get in trouble." "Ok, no pressure then", I whined. "Speaking of pressure, how's your bladder?", she asked filled with curiosity. "Full!", I answered. "Great! Mine to!... Now look where I hide so that you know." And just like that she left the safe path and moved away inside the forest trying to find something. It didn't take long for her to find a little bush maybe 10 meters away from me where she could observe safely. I saw a thumbs up apprearing from behind the leaves which made me giggle but was also scary because now I had to talk to people. That was when I realized how dumb this idea was but I just had to go for it. I wanted to make Maya happy (and horny) so I tried to do my best. My whole body was shaking, not only because of desperation. I stood on the side of the path waiting for my confidence to kick in. It took a while, also because there where mostly families hiking past me and that would've been kinda creepy to walk up to them. At some point though a woman maybe in her mid 60s approached and I thought 'ok, maybe she's good hearted and wants to help me out'. I was already desperate at that point but just as Maya predicted it was easier for me to "act out" this "scene". I took a deep breath, showed the lady I was desperate and said: "Excuse me." She noticed me and stopped, looking at me curiously. "I'm so sorry to bother you with this, but I need someones help right now?" "Oh", the woman said surprised "what is it? I noticed you're a little nervous." "Please don't be mad at me for asking you this, but for the past two weeks I've been living with a disease on my hands causing them to be incredibly sore and sensitive..." "Oh no", she whispered and while I was explaining everything I thought to myself SHE'S BUYING IT! "and I always have my sister as caretaker by my side but she just left and now I would really need your help because I have to relieve myself and can't take my pants down without hurting my hands." "Oh Lord!" she said surprised. "I know it's inappropriate to ask you this but I wouldn't have done it if it weren't really necessary." The lady, obviously uncomfortable, then told me nervously: "I'd like if you could ask someone else, I don't want to do this."... understandable yet frustrating because I really had to pee now. "Please", I tried to beg but she was already leaving. "Try to ask someone else", she said and then moved along without even turning around. I sighed and looked over to Maya behind the bush. I couldn't see her but I'm sure she was having fun. First try was a disappointment but it gave me the confidence to keep trying. I asked several people, either women or couples, while getting more and more desperate. Everyone was creeped out by me, some had pity but no intention to help me out. I could feel the first drops pour out of my shaft and wondered how Maya was feeling cramped behind that bush. I bet she was pressing hard to not wet herself. Anyway, the situation became frustrating, noone wanted to help me and I was about to lose my fight. I made myself an ultimatum: two more attempts, if they go wrong I walk over to Maya and pee on her through the bush ad an act of revenge, just like two months ago. It got quite for a moment when two middle-aged women a blonde and a brunette got closer. The noticed me immediately since I stood there bended over with crossed legs and pain written all over my face. "Excuse me?", I asked exhausted. I couldn't walk over to them anymore, the urge was to strong. "I'm sorry for holding you up but I need your help!" Bozh noticed that something was wrong with me and they got worried. "You ok?", asked the brunette. I had a good feeling about this because they looked as if they would care. "I'm really really sorry to ask you this, but it's quite an emergency." The women were listening, coming closer and closer to me. Then I told them about my "disease", my caretaker who was gone and the fact that I had to pee. "Could one of you PLEASE help me unbotton my pants so that I can relieve myself? " "But of course!" I thought I'd misheard things but the blonde one came up to me and gently put a hand on my back and worried she said: "Let me help you!" IT WAS WORKING! Incredible but true. "Thank you so much, I'm so sorry for asking you this" I did feel a bit ashamed because she was clearly a kind human being and I abused that for mine and Maya's sexual fantasies. However, that was just a second thought, I had to pee and I could finally empty my bladder. "Don't worry, dear. I'm here to help, let's go hide in the forest." I made two steps then I had to stop, my bladder was bursting at any moment and every tiny movement made it hard to hold on. I groaned and pressed my legs together really tight. "Are you ok? Can you still hold it for a moment?" she asked gently. I said: "I can but if I move I'll wet myself." "Alright then hold still. Sarah, make sure noone's coming!" she said to her friend who was observing the whole scene. The brunette, who's name apparently was Sarah, turned around and looked out for approaching hikers. The blond woman without thinking twice moved in front of me and began to nervously unbotton my shorts. "Let's do it here before you pee yourself" she said meanwhile. Then she moved behind me (out of politeness in order to not look at my junk) placed slid her thumbs inside either side of my hips and carefully pulled them down. The woman stopped the moment she heard the first splashes of urine hitting the ground. Her hands moved away from me and I saw her turning around, placing herself next to her friend. I couldn't help but moan as the relief began to hit me. Oh how I peed. A fountain of joy smashed onto the side of the hiking path while the two women behind me were listening. I wondered if Maya saw me since I couldn't make it to the agreed spot near the bush. I didn't really care though I was just happy that I could finally take a piss and that this stupid idea actually worked out. *sorry for potential spelling mistakes, I was in a bit of a hurry Find out what happens to Maya tomorrow.
  3. I live in a rather beautiful mountain area and every year, mostly during summer, we have some stupid tourists that stop the car right in the middle of the road to take pictures of the landscape with their phone. Most of the time they don't even warn the other drivers and just stop the car abruptly because they felt this sudden urge to take a photo of a mountain nearby RIGHT IN THAT MOMENT! Once I even encountered a german tourist who "parked" his car in the middle of my lane while he thought it was also a good idea to step out of the vehicle and move around the whole road so that he can take the perfect picture, you know, for friends and family at home who probably won't give a shit about it anyway. I always wonder how people are allowed to drive with almost no common sense.
  4. Hi guys, Next week (if everything goes as planned) I'll get a couple of days off from work and I decided to shoot a little "vlog-like" video of me, for you all, where I film myself getting more and more desperate until I finally pee somehow, somewhere ... in other words a pee diary, if that makes sense. Now, my question to you: Does some of you have fun ideas of what I could do while I'm desperate in order to make it more challenging and also how would you like to see me pee at the end? (Please no wetting😅 ... maybe it happens by itself) That's it! I hope you like this "project" I have in mind and I hope you help me make it more exciting 🙂
  5. I've been living with this fetish for so long that as soon as I meet someone new, both men and women, my brain automatically puts images in my head of them peeing in public somewhere hidden. And of course, as a straight man, my fantasies about women are way more intense and lucid. By now I probably have imagined every woman I've ever met peeing outside while moaning in relief, including my own best friend (who's female).
  6. As a passionate "movie theater goer" I've played with this thought alot and I'm very tempted to try it aswell one day. However, I wouldn't want to soak the seat or do it on the floor 'cause I think it's quite disrespectful and a mess to clean up later. My "dream" would be to get into an almost empty theater with a big cup filled with soda, sit down on the most hidden/isolated seat, drink everything out and then later silently pee into the cup ... Or maybe even in an empty chips bag.
  7. Alright! I can try to translate it but there's no way I can capture the beauty of Dante's poetry with my limited english vocabulary. It's going to be a very dry and superficial translation😅 Virgilio (*Dante's guide through hell) just secluded himself, and he was blissfuly 'flirting' with a damned soul, I decided to go my way as I saw in front of my vision a beautiful creature with a blessed face. I was contemplating her face so young and graceful, her ample bosom inside a magnificent dress, I asked her how a woman of beauty, was damned to live in such horrible place. "In life I loved a man (...), but it wasn't he who brought me here, what damned me to this burning ditch, was the insane love for the golden rains, and their stream which tasted good!" What I just heard aroused my thoughts, what are the "golden rains"?, I thought, and since when does the rain fall golden in the first place, and how come she got damned to this ditch, because I never heard the rain to be a sin! She then turned her lunar gaze to me, "You do not comprehend the meaning of my words, what I was trying to tell you, is the yellow fruit of the human belly, also known as urine"! I was amazed and shocked at the same time, "Oh young maiden you loved the gush of the human sex, the blonde fluid who buzzes (?) and slithers, and where I come from gets called piss, now I understand the felony you committed!" "Don't talk about felony, I beg you, Poet, for the yellow fruit was in my diet, with a daily drink, with showers and passion, even though I respect a different opinion, I don't think I deserved the hellish destination! It's true, I know, and I can't deny it, that I adored to drown myself in the golden fluid, and the warm taste of the yellow fountains, joyfully stained my noble skirts, because with urine I used to wash myself! But do I deserve such a conviction (...)? *I wasn't able to translate the following three verses, sorry I beg you for this, my dear Dante, give this soul an important present, drop your trousers and unveil your dick, and make a stream flow out of it, so that I collect it intense and abundant!" In front of the sight of so much beauty, and as much as her eyes betrayed sadness, I lowered my pants and exposed my brush (penis), hard and full-bodied like the bone of a lamb, and I began to flood her in candid breeze. It poured down in gold on her hazel head, descending her face with golden color, then sliding down with wet mischief, in her abundant bosom of blissful delight, giving moisture to every pore! Of my mind I lost every clue, she screamed: "now lay down my dear novice" and showing her labia while raising the dress, she poured on me the heavenly liquid, which entered my mouth condemning me to the vice. Virgilio then arrived and remained astonished, for watching the scene who took his attention, it was then he told the condemned beauty, give me aswell a golden shower, which will remain an unbetrayed secret. The young beauty then all of a sudden, reemptied the bladder over his face, he ruined the soil happy and bewitched screaming with a loud voice rather fascinated "This is not hell, this is heaven!" There you go! Not a worthy translation but I think you'll get the point 🙂
  8. Damn it! I knew I got the date wrong haha Thanks for pointing that out! Btw I found the excerpt I was talking about. I'll post it here just in case some italians (or italian speakers) want to read it ... For the non speakers I can try my best to translate it if you would like me to 🙂 Virgilio s'era da poco appartato, e con una dannata concupiva beato, quando decisi di prender la via, che si parò avanti alla vista mia creatura bellissima dal viso laudato. Contemplai il suo volto così giovin e grazioso, il suo seno abbondante nel vestito sontuoso, e le chiesi com'è che donna di cotanta bellezza, comprometta l'essenza di quella freschezza, condannata a viver in un posto si' odioso! "In vita amavo il membro dell’adorato uomo, ma non fu esso a condurmi qui, mio caro Sommo, ciò che mi condannò alle roventi rogge, fu l’insano amor per le dorate piogge, e il loro getto dal sapor si bono!" Mi destò pensier ciò che ascoltai, che son “le dorate piogge?”, tosto pensai, e da quando la pioggia cada dorata, in primo luogo, e come mai essa condanni a codesto rogo, perché che la pioggia sia peccato non s’è udito mai! Mi rivolse allor uno sguardo lunare, “Tu non comprendi il senso del mio favellare, ciò di cui io ti dissi nel mentre, è il giallo frutto dell’umano ventre, quella che urina si suole chiamare”! Rimasi stupito e sconvolto al temp stesso, “O fanciulla tu amavi lo sgorgare dall’umano sesso, del fluido biondo che si lancia e che striscia, e che dalle mie parti si chiama anche piscia, adesso comprendo il reato commesso!” “Non parlar di reato, ti prego, Poeta, benché il giallo frutto fu nella mia dieta, con quotidiana bevuta, con docce e passione, sicché io rispetti una diversa opinione, non credo per ciò meritar l’infernal meta! E’ vero, lo so, e non posso negarmi, che nel dorato fluido adoravo annegarmi, e il caldo sapor delle gialle fontane, con gioia imbrattava le mie nobil sottane, perchè con l’urina solevo lavarmi! Ma merito forse una simil condanna, per il sol fatto d’aver preso la canna, e con stile vorace e con l’aria mai sazia, ho preferito il piscio al nettar d’Alsazia, il primo per me davvero una manna? Ti scongiuro per questo, mio caro Dante, regala a quest’anima un dono importante, abbassa il calzone e disvela il pisello, e fa che da esso ne sgorghi un ruscello, affinché io lo raccolga intenso e abbondante!" Di fronte alla vista di cotanta bellezza, e di quanto i suoi occhi tradivan tristezza, calai le braghe ed esposi il pennello, duro e corposo come osso d'agnello, e iniziai a inondarla di candida brezza. Fluiva dorata sul suo capo moro, scendeva sul viso col colore dell'oro, insinuandosi poi con bagnata malizia, nel seno abbondante di beata delizia, per rendere umido ogni suo poro! Io della ragione avea perso ogni indizio, gridò: "adesso sdraiati mio caro novizio" e mostrando la vulva alzando la veste, mi riversò addosso il liquid celeste, che mi entrò anche in bocca condannandomi al vizio. Arrivò poi Virgilio che rimase stupito, di veder la scena da cui venne rapito, fu allora che disse alla bella dannata, regala anche a me una bionda bagnata, che rimarrà poi segreto intradito! La giovane bella così all'improvviso, risvuotò la vescica nel pien del suo viso, lui rovinò a terra contento e ammaliato urlando a gran voce assai affascinato, "codesto non è l'inferno è il paradiso!"
  9. All the time! Unfortunately I don't live alone but as soon as I am I'll probably take a nice piss whenever and wherever I possibly can.
  10. Right! Haha now I remember again
  11. Luckily I can speak italian so I read the original version, which was sometimes a bit hard to understand since it was written during the 16th century and thus the language is very old fashioned, beautiful nontheless. No idea. It was somewhere in the first book but no clue where exactly
  12. I once read an extract from Dante's Divine Comedy (italy's probably most important piece of literature) and during his trip through hell he recieved a golden shower from a woman if I remember correctly. He described that moment in such a noble, poetic and beautiful way, it was so much fun to read and now I'm convinced that Dante has had a pee fetish. You can't write about getting a golden shower in such a passionate way without feeling at least a bit of excitement
  13. Thanks! I'm happy you like it!
  14. I got a call from Maya recently, it was Sunday and she seemed to be quite sad and frustrated when I first heard her voice. I asked her if everything was fine and she said not really because she got into an argument with Thomas ... He didn't find out about us don't worry, it was just about (to me) irrelevant married couple stuff. "It happens ... It sucks, but it happens", she grunted over the phone. I'm sure it wasn't nice for her, but it definetly didn't suck for me since the reason she called was because she needed to let off some steam, not only by talking it out but she also wanted to "meet me" ... and of course you all know what that means. "Wanna go pee somewhere?", Maya asked a bit depressed. "Right now?" "Yeah ... I need some fun to distract me." "Of course. Let's do something!" "Thomas left the house, you wanna come over?" "Hmmm ... For how long will he be gone?" Maya sighed: "I don't know. The last time we had an argument he left the house for a bunch of hours." "I'm not really comfortable doing this. If he gets home and sees us doing our stuff you will really get in trouble and I probably will too." I couldn't hear her voice for a moment. I probably made a good point and got her thinking. "What about your house?", she then asked. "Nope, mom's around." "Well ... she can join us if she wants to." "Sure! Great idea!", I said sarcastically. That made her laugh, which was nice to hear. I don't know if she was actually being serious though. Anyway, our phone call went on with me asking: "Can't we just go outside somewhere? In the forest maybe, where we went two weeks ago?" "With this weather, Alex?" She had a point. There were dark, stormy clouds outside, wind was blowing and it was kinda cold that day, very depressing ... Maybe that's why she and Thomas got into an argument in the first place. "Come on, just come over, it'll be fine", she tried to convince me. "We can do it quick, if you want", i said. "No", she groaned frustrated "I want to drag it out for as long as possible. I need the distraction, Alex!" Even though I liked everything what she just said I still didn't feel comfortable enough to actually walk over to her place and do God knows what. Speaking of God, I want you to know that I'm not a religious person by any means but what happened next definetly brought my faith back for a good minute, because while Maya was still trying to convince me, my mother suddenly came into my room to tell me she was going out for a drink at a friend's house ... and wouldn't come back before dawn. I mean come on, there had to be some Holy Pee God Spirit thing around in that moment who was looking down on us. I said:"Ok, mom!" and she left. "Did you hear that?!", I immediately asked Maya. "Oh. My. God!", she started laughing: "This is perfect!" "Guess luck is on our side today!" Maya was still baffled by what just happened that she had to process it for a moment. "See you in 15 minutes!", I giggled. "Absolutely!" ... and just like that a fun afternoon began. We didn't spend time figuring out what to do because the past few weeks we realized that it works best if Maya and I just improvise. Once again, I didn't have to wait for long before the doorbell rang and she happily entered the house. "Did your mom notice something about the carpet?", she asked a bit worried as we entered the living room. "Well, she didn't say anything so I assume everything's fine." She kneeled down on the rug trying to find some pee stains but all seemed to be alright. "Can't see a thing", she whispered relieved. "Good ... Now what?" Maya got up and looked at me with her beautiful eyes and said: "Well, I thought we could both get desperate again and then, I don't know ... Pee from the balcony or do something crazy!" "Can you pee from the balcony?" I asked skeptical. "Probably not." She sounded kinda disappointed. "Well, first let's drink then we'll figure something out as we go along!" "Alrighty!" We walked into the kitchen to fill our bodies with water. We opened and closed the water tap over and over again. We filled our glasses maybe seven or eight times until our stomachs couldn't take another drop. "Good, now we wait", I told her enthusiastic. Maya however groaned and complained about how annoying it is to wait for the need to finally kick in. I couldn't agree more but unfortunately there were no shortcuts and just like the previous time we went back into the living room to talk. "Now tell me exactly what happened today between you and Thomas." I tried to be a good friend and listen to her troubles but Maya just looked at me slightly annoyed. "Alex, please don't. I want this to be a fun afternoon without having to think about my current problems right now, alright?" "Fine ... Sorry." "It's OK, don't worry. Let's just try to make it exciting." "How?" "Uuuuh ... I don't know ... Why don't we just take our pants off and relax on the couch?" "Sounds good! Just pants or also underwear?" "Everything. Let's make our genitals breathe again!" I love it how she makes me remove my pants everytime we meet ... Seems like she's into that. So there we were, with our genitals in the wind, sitting on the couch and once again talking about random stuff. I was kinda bored to be honest. We've already been in the same situation a few weeks before except that now I was trying to get desperate aswell. Anyway, time was passing and slowly but surely we both began to feel some pressure in our crotch which led us to face the problem of what do we do now. "What if we pee in your bed?" Maya asked with a flirty voice. I wasn't that happy about the idea though. "Hmmm, maybe it's better not to. It's probably going to leave a big patch on the matress and I'm sure mom's going to find out at some point." "Damn it", she whispered. "Maybe in the sink?", I asked with high hopes. "Nah, we already did that, remember?" "Oh right ..." Disappointing. I would've liked another sink piss to be honest. "We haven't peed in the garden yet", I suggested. "Yes, Alex, we did that aswell", Maya giggled. "Yeah, but that was YOUR garden!" "It's still a garden." I jokingly threw an angry look at her and she started laughing. "I'm sorry! I just want to come up with something creative!" She was smiling and also trying really hard to think of something while eachother's urge to pee was growing. "Well, we should better come up with something soon because I start to feel my bladder" I said crossing my legs (wich btw doesn't really work if you're a man). "Me too", she whispered while remaining relaxed. It didn't take long that a very exciting thought crossed my mind. I must have flinched as it came into my head because Maya noticed and asked: "You have an idea?" "Uuuh..." I didn't want to say it because I thought it was kinda dumb but Maya insisted me to tell her. So, very carefully I told her my idea: "What ... What if we take a bath? Right now, together. Then we see who can hold on the longest while in the water." Maya stared at me, not revealing much about what she was feeling and then a big smile appeared on her face and she silently said: "Let's do that!" "Do you want to?", I was excited. "Yeah!" She chuckled and then we stood up, picked our pants up from the floor in our and then happily ran into the bathroom. I was about to let the water run when Maya grabbed my arm and said: "Wait! ... Let's stay here and listen to the tub filling up for extra torture." She seemed to be very thrilled by the idea and so I just agreed to do that. The water stared running and as soon as we heard it's noise both Maya and I, almost simultaneously, crossed our legs. "Oh God!", Maya got caught by surprise and her voice was shaking a bit. I walked over to the door and locked it just in case mom would unexpectedly show up again. "How much do you need to pee, Alex?" "Now that I hear the water running, more than I thought!" "Same! I'm already a bit wet." "Really?" "Yeah! The noise made me lose some drops for a moment." I looked down on her crotch trying to locate the the wetness. "Do you see it?", she asked me. "Yeah ... your lips are definetly a bit moist." My penis once again came to life while I was examining Maya's pussy but it kinda "got stuck" midway. She noticed my semi and playfully began to poke it. "Come on. Grow ... I want to see you standing straight!" Maya was having fun, however, my little friend didn't really seem to listen to her. "You're not excited, Alex?" "I am but I guess just seeing your pussy isn't enough anymore." "Did you become immune to the sight of me naked?", she whispered. "Actually I never saw you fully naked so ..." Then it struck me: Holy Hell! I'm gonna take a bath with her! I will finally get the chance to see her breasts ... FINALLY! After the realization hit I stared to shake because I felt an incredibly pleasant feeling of joy warming my body. "Oh I see", Maya continued. Smiling at me she then proceded to grab her shirt and take it off, unveiling a nice dark red bra underneath. Oh Shit, It's happening! I thought to myself. "Now watch", she whispered with her usual flirty voice. Her hands moved behind her back and BOOM! Maya's bra fell onto the floor and her bare breasts appeared in front of my eyes. They were gorgeous! My penis liked that aswell, finally moving upwards to probably take a closer look. "There we go!" Maya said, happy to see my erection. She stroked it once very sensualy while I couldn't move my eyes away from her chest. "Now it's your turn" and without prior warning she began to take all of my clothes of ... Well, those who were still on me. I was a bit embarassed since, unlike hers, my body wasn't perfect. Fortunately, Maya didn't seem to care and after she removed my shirt she told me: "It's nice to see you naked aswell." I blushed a little. Maya turned around and looked at the bathtub who wasn't even half full yet and now, after we took all of our clothes off, our focus moved again on the running water. We remembered that we needed to pee and it was getting serious minute by minute. The running water was of course not helping but that's what we wanted in the first place. "Do you want a bubble bath?", I asked. "No let's keep the water clear I want to look at you!" Maya winked at me, at least I think she did, my eyes were still falling down on her boobs. First time in my life that I had a naked woman in front of me and it was the most perfect one. I did see how she was slowly starting to grab her crotch, actually, she wasn't really grabbing it, she was just gently pressing two fingers against her vagina ... Nothing dramatic yet. I on the other hand still had a bit of a boner which somehow helped me hold it in. "How much longer 'till we can get in?" Maya asked impatient. I looked into the tub and guessed: "Maybe another five minutes." "Good." "Maya, what are we gonna do when we're in?" "Hold it", she joked. So we kept on wating, both locked inside the room, almost desperate to pee. Maya sat down on the toilet while I leaned on the bathroom door with my hands sometimes wandering between my legs to hold it. In the meantime we both noticed by looking out of the window that it had started to rain and we could hear thunder approaching. The sight of those water drops slowly sliding down the window glass was almost worse than the sound of the running water of the tub. "Ok, I think it's enough!", I told Maya as I stopped the water. "Finally!" Maya stood up from the toilet and flinched for a moment: "Argh, it's fuller that I thought! ... Let's get in quickly!" She uncrossed her legs and joined me into the tub. The water was fine, not to warm nor to cold, we got in without hesitation. "Ooh I gotta pee, I gotta pee, I gotta pee", whispered Maya as soon as she put both her feet inside and was about to sit down. I was afraid that the bathtub wouldn't be big enough for the two of us but luckily it was all good. We still had to slightly adjust our positions in order to feel comfortable (deapite our, by now, full bladders). "Oh this is gonna be so much fun, Alex!" "You think so?" "Yes! This is a great idea!" "We'll see." "How about we don't pee in the water though?" She asked out of nowhere. "You want to use the toilet?" "God no! The toilet is just a waste of a good pee ... I have an idea!" I was courious and got closer to her. She began to explain: "As soon as one of us can't hold it anymore he or she get's out of the water and then needs to find something to pee in which is not the toilet, the shower (there is also a shower next to the tub, if anyone's wondering), sink or bidet ... What do you think?" I groaned since I was sceptical and told Maya: "That's tough. You sure about this idea?" "Yeah, come on, a bit of action. It's gonna be fun." She was smiling the whole time trying to convince me and I eventually agreed, of course. "Oh, and we can't pee on the floor", she added. A bit frustrated I said: "Fine." It didn't take long until we both stopped talking to eachother. Our need became urgent and we had to concentrate to not pee before the other one did. "How bad is it, Maya?" I asked her eventually. "Really bad!" I could see underwater how she squished her thighs together while burying her hands between them. She was wiggling her hips around causing some spurts of water to flow over the tub and down on the floor. I on the other side was pretty much the same. It's hard to hold yourself when there's a penis in the way but I just tried to do my best. Oh how we both wished to take a nice piss but we were also both very competitive and nobody wanted to be the first to give in. The thunderstorm that was aproaching outside finally arrived and we listened to the raindrops smashing against the window. We saw lightning and heard thunder. I couldn't resist and made a little joke: "This is getting more and more dramatic!" "No, Alex, please! Don't make me laugh!" "Come on, Maya, let it go." I began to tease her: "I know you want it. Think about the relief, that beautiful, beautiful relief and how your pee splashes against the inside of some cup." "Shut up! "Wouldn't that feel good, Maya?" "Yes, yes it would feel amazing but please stop!" She was exhausted and so was I. I closed my mouth again and kept on holding. As I was trying my best to ignore my needs I looked down at Mayas crotch and saw something that looked like a yellow cloud slowly getting bigger and bigger in front of me. I noticed how Maya pressed everything even tighter together while whispering: "Stop! Stop! Stop!" "You just peed!" I told her ... That was hot btw. "No, I can hold it. It was jut a spurt ... Ugh!" She groaned in pain but she just didn't want to give up! Then Maya began to move. She tried to switch to a different holding position. Her legs were spread wide apart, one was even placed over the edge of the tub with her foot dripping all over the floor. I got a very good look at her pussy and could clearly see, even though under water, how she squeezed her fingers inside it. Judging by her position and face expression it kinda looked like Maya was about to give birth. I didn't like the idea of relieving myself after her. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the sight of Maya taking her heavy piss while I was still in pain for my bladder. Therefore, I decided to make a tactical move and just give up. Also, the sound of me peeing was probably going to be horrendous for her ... and just like that I surrendered. "Ok, you win! I gotta go?" "What?", she could barely talk. I got out of the water holding my crotch with one hand. Maya changed position again since now there was way more space in the tub. "God I need a piss!", I said while looking for something to pee in. I didn't really move much in order to avoid a mess and I also wanted Maya to look at me because I knew she liked it. I stood there on the bathroom carpet and tried to find something. I was shaking and even though I would've been able to hold it in for another ten minutes I still had to pee badly. My eyes fell on to Maya and she honestly didn't look good. I felt like the sound of my pee would probably knock her out. Im my head I saw her inside the tub losing control and all the water was turning yellow very quickly. As this image was playing in my head I saw the little bin my mom placed underneath the sink. "Of course!", I whispered and without losing a drop of urine I ran over to grab it, I picked the bin up and even though there was quite a lot of trash in it I finally unclenched my muscles and let the pee pour out of me like there was no tomorrow. "Aaaaaaah", I moaned, louder than necessary 'cause I wanted Maya to suffer. She was staring at my piss flowing out of my shaft biting her lip in desire and her eyes were screaming for relief. Maya moaned because she couldn't hold it anymore. She was shaking back and forth inside the tub probably hoping that I would finally stop. "Hold on, Maya!" I had to raise my voice a bit because my pee was so loud ... And it felt good. I moaned once again and that was to much for Maya. "I can't. I really can't hold it", Maya stormed out of the bathtub and began an intense pee dance on the carpet. "I gotta pee so bad! ... Give me that bin!" She tried to reach it but I was still peeing. "Nope! Look for something else!" I told her. Maya was breathing heavily. She was scanning the room for something to finally pee in just as I did earlier. I was already convinced she would lose it and pee all over the carpet but as soon as I thought it, much to my surprise, she went back into the tub. Maya moved the hands away from her crotch, squatted right above the surface and then just started to piss into the bathwater. Now she started to moan in relief while I was still peeing into the bin. Her stream splashed into the water with power. I saw it slowly turning yellow and Maya kept moaning. A big smile of satisfaction appeared on her face. "That feels so good! ... Oh Lord! Alex, please look at me!" "I am, I definetly am!" "You like it as much as I do?", she asked out of breath. "It's beautiful, Maya!" I finally stopped peeing. I put the bin down and moved over to her to take a very close look at what she was doing. I loved it! She smiled at me right before her hissing stream began to get weaker and weaker until the last drops fell into the water. "Ok, that was good, that was really good!", she told me exhausted. "We sure did a good job!" "The bathtub was a good idea, Alex. We get more and more creative." "Yes! I wonder what we're gonna do next time!" I grabbed two towels and we rubbed our wet bodies dry. With a rag I then cleaned up the floor and also emptied the bin to make sure mom wouldn't find out. "For a moment I thought you were going to pee on the carpet", I said to Maya. "We've already been there, Alex. You know why I didn't do it." "Would you have done if it would've been your rug?" "Oh definetly! I would've soaked it without thinking twice." "A nice image!" "Next time let us do something outdoors, Alex. Let's do something risky and daring!" "Risky and daring?" "Yeah, let's get a nice adrenaline rush when we pee!" "Sounds excinting ... What do you have in mind?" "I'm not gonna tell you ... But I'm sure you'll love it!" "Do you REALLY have something in mind or are you once again just lying to me?" Maya shook her head and whispered: "It's been in my head since I was a teenager. Now I want to finally make this happen with you." Maya really knew how to get me excited and I couldn't help but wonder about what she's had in mind for all these years. She didn't spill her secret though and made me wait for a few weeks before she threw me into an incredible adventure. But I'll tell you everything about it soon.

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