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    Photography, drawing, rock climbing and hiking. Combine all this with peeing and I'm having the time of my life.

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    The sublime feeling of relief when you let it go after unbearable hours of desperation
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    I was extremely desperate in my car while driving home. I couldn't hold it anymore so I had to pull over. I got out of my car and could just walk a few steps before I pulled out my penis and let it go. The greatest piss I've ever had. I even started moaning a bit because I was overwhelmed by the fantastic feeling of relief.
    Cars were passing by but it was dark outside and nobody could see me. Little did the drivers know that I was next to them having the pee of my life.

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  1. Sorry but this is just a silly way of thinking. Just because somebody is not attracted to black girl doesn't mean that he/she is automatically racist.
  2. Gotah

    I made a drawing

    It's been a while but here I am with something new. This time aaaall digital ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Good day to all of you, First of all, I have no idea if this is the right place to post this in so in case it's not I'd like the administrators to move it into the appropriate section ... Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I've had a great idea today and I need your help to make this happen. I've been practicing the art of 2D animation during these past few months and now I was planning on creating a little animated short film (and by that I mean a 40/50 second clip ... for now) of a desperate woman who ends up peeing somewhere. Unfortunately my imagination is limited and I would love if you all could give me some ideas for a potential scene that I can try and bring to life! (Please keep it simple though, I'm not an expert yet haha) I was planning on posting pictures and gifs of the making of here on this thread to keep you guys up to date with the process ๐Ÿ™‚ Here's a little drawing I made a few months ago of an example on what could happen at the end I hope you can help me out! PS: animation takes up a whole lot of time, so it might take a while until I finish this project. Also remember that I'm far from being a master animator. There's a very realistic chance that the end result is gonna look sloppy and "cheap ๐Ÿ˜…
  4. It was during a summer evening a bunch of years ago. I was still a kid and was playing hide and seek with my friends outside. It was my turn to go and look for them. I search all around my house as I saw a tiny wall right in front of me. I approached it and while doing so I noticed all of a sudden a gush of urine shooting from behind the wall down onto the concrete floor. I strated giggling an ran over to see who it was and sure enough it was my female friend taking a leak because she couldn't hold it anymore. She just laughed showing no signs of embarassement (because at that time we peed in front of eachother almost every day so it was normal for us) ... And also as soon as the others heard her pee splashing they got out of their hideouts to take a closer look at her. We were all laughing, it was great. Good times.
  5. Want to try something "extreme" and pee down a chimney?
  6. My mom has always been very open minded when it comes to peeing, especially outdoors. When I was a child I used to pee in our garden ocasionally with my mother nearby and she couldn't care less about what I was doing. Sometimes she even encoraged me to just pee in the bushes instead of going all the way back into the house. I feel like now, over 20 years later, if I would pee in the garden (which I still do whenever I get the chance to) she would still not give a damn about it ... mostly because mom pees there aswell in moments of emergency and I know that because I either was there when it happened or she told me afterwards inside.
  7. I always had a thing for pee since I was a little child, of course back then I wasn't aroused by it but I was definetly fascinated by a woman peeing. Around the age of 2 my aunt noticed this interest of mine (I made it pretty obvious) during one of our walks through the forest and so she began to let me watch whenever she had to pee, either out in nature or sometimes indoors while babysitting me. I'm sure that was the birth of what would evolve into a fetish years later. I also had some fun pee adventures with my neighbour during our childhood years, but I've already talked about this so often in this forum๐Ÿ˜…
  8. I occasionally wet the bed when I was still a child, the last time it happened by accident I was 12 years old I think. After that I began to sometimes pee on my bed for the pure excitement of it. This was years ago when I'd just discovered my pee fetish, I enjoyed experimenting around with it which lead to a phase where I peed on the matress whenever I felt the need to. Mostly at night or early in the morning because I was to lazy to get out of bed. I always used to lift my pillow and soak the matress underneath it and then use the pillow to hide the wet patch from my mom. I remember it being quite arousing even though I stopped doing it a few weeks later.
  9. The most exciting one I've had so far was in a public garage behind a car, can't wait to do it again one day!
  10. I was almost heading towards that direction while writing it but it felt like it was maybe a bit to much, I wanted to keep it simple ... But yeah, maybe I'll try to write something similar again one day, I quite enjoyed writing this kind of story
  11. This story is about a nun in the middle ages who, due to an unfortunate series of events, becomes desperate to pee inside her convent. NOTE: I'm pretty sure the story isn't historically accurate, so in case some history buffs or church members (why not) are reading... Sorry๐Ÿ˜… It was early, way to early in the moring for the average man, as somebody knocked at sister Monica's bedroom door. She overslept for the first time in years. The door opened and another nun's head popped into the room. "We're all already dressed and awake, hurry!", the nun whispered quite agressively. "I'm sorry, I'll be right there with you!" Monica replied half asleep. She got out of her bed and the freezing cold air of another autumn day hit her lightly dressed body like a lightning strike. Monica was shivering but didn't complain, she was used to it even though it made her feel uneasy every moring. This was the life she chose and accepted it with grace. However, during that cold morning, she didn't even have the time to think about the freezing air since she had to get dressed and be out of the room in no time... and she did. No time for a stretch, a nice yawn or anything that would've held her up, not even for a quick use of the already full chamber pot. "The need to go will disappear as soon as I get going", Monica thought and she was right. She moved out of her room, into the hallway of the convent, joining the other nuns in time for the first round of prayers in the morning. With her 27 years of age, Monica was one of the youngest in the convent but far from being unexperienced. She joined the nuns with only 16 years on her back. Kneeled down on the pew they all mumbled one prayer after another. The chapel was lit by candle light for it was still dark outside and the cold just didn't want to leave the rooms. Monica felt some stings in her bladder as she stood there motionless praising the holy spirit. Luckily it wasn't urgent and therefore she easily ignored it. It took some time for all of the prayers to be concluded but eventually the nuns got back up on their feet and made their way into the dining room for breakfast. It was of course a simple meal really but noone was bothered by that. For Monica the day started like any other and she was sure it was also going to end as such. Unfortunately for her, things started to happen. After breakfast all of the nuns went back to their room for an hour of reading. Monica was looking forward to it, not only because she enjoyed reading but also there was a nice little chamber pot under the bed waiting for her to be used. On her way to her bedroom she could've used that opportunity to quickly visit the convent's latrine instead, as most of the other women did. Monica, however, refused. Sharing the lavatory with other people has always made her uncomfortable and in all of her 11 years in the convent this was the only activity she never got used to. For this reason, Monica took the chance whenever she could to use the little ceramic pot in her room in order to relieve herself without any sense of embarassment. Over the years this became more and more enjoyable for Monica, feeling a slight yet very strange sense of pleasure everytime certain liquids escaped her body. She of course never told anyone and also tried to deny it herself because the last thing she wanted was to become a sinner of lust. As soon as she entered the room, Monica moved towards the bed and reached under the matress for her chamber pot. As she was dragging it out she noticed the pot's weight and immediately remembered that she used it at night for quite some time... And also, there wasn't just the golden product of the night inside the pot but also every drop of urine from the day before. She forgot to empty it and now the pot was almost filled to the brim. "Why, Monica, why?", she whispered to herself "Why are you always this forgetful?" She was annoyed. Monica was aware that she had to wait another hour until she could finally leave the room again to empty not only the pot. With a big sigh she sat down at the reading table and grabbed the bible, sighing once again. As she contiuned reading from where she left earlier her mind moved to different thoughts. She was immersed into the lecture as at some point all of the liquids she drank during breakfast were tickling her senses. Monica noticed and dealt with it by crossing her legs not trying to get distracted. The urge grew rather fast since she still had her morning fluids inside of her. The more time passed the more she was losing her concentration. The young nun knew she could easily hold on until the reading time was over but she still felt annoyed and uncomfortable by the situation. For some moments she played with the thought of filling up that last bit of space left in the pot and hold onto the rest. Monica didn't really like the idea though, she wanted to let it all out in one go as it's supposed to be. While these thoughs were playing inside Monicas head some loud knocks at the door disrupted the silence all around her. "Come in!", Monica said a bit frightened by the sudden noise. The old squeeky door slowly opened and the superior walked in. Monica immediately stood up out of respect and by doing so she felt the weight of her bladder falling onto her groin. Monica flinched but not enough for the superior to notice. "I apologize for interrupting your lecture, sister Monica", she whispered "but I would need your help right now, it's a bit urgent. Would you come with me please?" Monica nodded in silence and followed the mother superior into the hallway. They both started walking while the prioress began to explain everything to Monica. "We just recieved a message that the bishop is going to pay us a visit this afternoon. Unfortunately this message was supposed to arrive a few days earlier in order for us to prepare ourselves and the church for this visit... Now we have to hurry and I need you to nicely decorate the altar of the church and if there's still time you can try and embellish the rest of the presbitery a little bit. Can I rely on you, sister Monica?" "Of course, Mother Superior! Will there be someone else helping me?" "I'm afraid you will be all by yourself. The priest just left to meet up with the bishop and you're the only nun here that know how to nicely arrange everything while still having the youth and energy to do it quickly." "I understand", answered Monica quite stressed out. There was bunch of work coming towards her. As both entered the church the superior stopped and let Monica go her way. "Everything needs be ready by 1pm. That should be plenty of time for you. The bishop is supposed to arrive an hour later. You can catch up lunch as soon as you conclude your work here and then I want you and everyone else to look presentable." The superior added before leaving. "Of course!" "We don't want to embarass ourself in front of the bishop, don't we?", the prioress joked. "No", the young nun said smiling. "Good. You know what to do now, sister." The superior left and Monica now stood alone in the middle of the aisle ready to get to work... If it weren't for that growing need to relieve herself that was causing her some struggles. "Don't think about it! Start working and you'll be fine!", Monica thought to herself. Full of determination she made her way into the sacristy where all of the decorations worthy of a bishop's visit were stored. She opened the old wooden shelves and took out the most precious adornments she could find. Of course Monica had done this before so she knew where everything was and how everything had to be arranged, it was almost a routine activity for her. It was still a time consuming workflow because on this particular occasion she was all by herself. Candles, statues, icons, precious fabric, anything made of gold and silver and much more was set up by Monica for everyone to see later but her bladder, her urine filled bladder made everything more and more difficult. She was halfway through the decoration process as her groin began to ache. The woman fought through the pain as much as she could thus sacrificing a part of her workpace. She became slower and slower and yet she was still walking around trying everything she could in order to finish in time. Monica only stopped when she had to set something up, like a candleholder for instance. She used those moments to cross her legs and bend over to keep all under control. It was the only way for her to hold it in without interrupting her workflow. It got constantly harder for Monica especially because her hands began to tremble making her become clumsy almost risking to let precious decorations fall over. Monica was in pain and no chance for relief. She was sure that this was God's way to punish her. The nun didn't know the reason why but she felt like she deserved it and thus accepted it and fought through the pain Monica got cursed with. The altar and everything around it began to look as precious as rarely seen before. It was very unfortunate that Monica couldn't be able to appreciate her diligent creation. Everything around her was blurry and she was only focusing on finishing her work and not give in to the desire of relief. At some point however, it became to much for her. As she was setting up the wooden stand for the bible a strong spasm hit her like a brick and she had to press one of her hands between her legs. A vulgar gesture as she thought, not worthy of a woman standing at God's service. "Lord, why are you making me go through this?", she whispered in desperation. Monica regained control of herself and went once again back into the sacristy. Inside the room another sudden spasm overcame her. She bended over, crossing her legs not using the hands for help this time. She tried her best to pull herself together and stay focused and endure the pain as God intended but the agonizing need for relief made her mind grasp for sinnful thoughts: "What if I disobey the superior and briefly leave the church for the latrines?" "What if I just soak myself?" "What if I urinate inside the precious goblet?" Monica didn't like any of these but desperation makes a person lose its mind. As she got her strenght back, Monica moved to the already open shelf to reach for the beautifully decorated goblet which she had no intention to use. As she was walking some dark patches on the stone floor caught her attention. Frightened she moved her dress up and with a finger she touched her underwear. It was slightly wet. Monica moaned silently as she walked back out to the altar. "Don't you dare do this again, Monica!", she whispered. The nun placed the goblet onto the altar and once again used that moment to press her legs together. "There's still so much to do!", she thought. In that moment she heard a noise and down the aisle, at the entrance there was the superior. Monica took a deep breath, she didn't want her to notice anything. "I came to check on you... and I must say, I really like what you are doing, sister Monica!", she said while walking up to her. Monica, whose legs were still secretly crossed between the altar, responded: "Thank you!" The superior took her time to examine Monica's work so far while the young nun was just whishing for her to leave as soon as possible. Standing there motionless made Monica realize that she couldn't hold it until the end of her duty. She had to break the superiors trust and leave the church as soon as possible, secretly of course, she didn't want the prioress to notice or else Monica would get in trouble. Doing it outside was her only option, it was a risky one though. There was a little side door, next to the first row of pews, that lead out into the garden. She was planning to relieve herself as fast as possible onto the lawn next to the entrance, hoping that no one would pass by. The superior walked up to Monica to take a look at the altar. The young woman squeezed her bladder muscles together as tight as she could. The prioress shouldn't notice anything. Monica stared at her how she looked around with a satisfied smile on her face. Nodding in approval she complimented Monica once again: "It's very good. I'm sure the bishop is going to be impressed by your work!" Even though the only thing she was able to focus was her need to urinate, Monica was still happy to hear it and thanked her superior with a little bow... She couldn't talk anymore. To make matters worse another spasm hit the young nun in that moment. She instinctively crossed her legs but thanks to the wide dress nothing could be seen, however, she felt something warm sliding down her legs for the briefest of seconds. She got scared, looked down for a moment, nothing to see and she remained calm. Unfortunately though, the superior noticed how she flinched and carefully asked: "Is everything alright, sister Monica?" This was Monica's chance to tell her the truth, to tell her about her desperate need and if she could briefly use the latrine... but she was scared. She was intimidated by the woman in front of her even though she was far from being evil but the embarassment of telling her was to big and instead Monica anwered with: "I'm just a bit out of breath!" That wasn't even a lie and Monica could mantain her clean conscience even though she felt afterwards that it would've been better to tell her the truth. "I've put you under pressure, haven't l?", the superior giggled. "A little bit", Monica whispered with a soft voice. The elder nun laughed for a moment and then decided to let Monica continue with her work. "Alright, I don't want to hold you up to much. There are still some tasks to do. Let me notice as soon you finish, sister." "Yes", Monica once again whispered. The superior smiled and then made her way back to the entrance. While she was walking down the aisle, Monica was not far away from having an accident. She quickly ran back into the sacristy to hide from the superior. Her need was so immense that she couldn't help but press both hands into her crotch again. She moaned for it was hurting so bad. What she was doing wasn't right. It was immoral and frowned upon but the urge was just to intense for Monica. The temptation of just letting go was strong, so strong that she could almost feel the devil's presence next to her, feasting his eyes in pleasure on the sight of the nun. But Monica was stronger than that, she knew it. The noise of the superior leaving in the distance reached her ears and Monica stormed out of the sacristy trying to make her way to that one little side door below the altar. One hand was still pressed between her legs, that was the only chance for Monica to not wet herself. The hand was squeezed so tight to her crotch that she could feel her pubes and lips through the layer of dark cloth inbetween. With watery eyes and gasping for air she ran by the altar and then four steps down to the church's aisle. The little wooden door was right there, at her right ready to be opened. As she saw it Monica could aready picture herself heavily urinating outside on the lawn... and that thought, that short, blissful thought made Monica so weak that she could feel the muscles of her bladder giving up. She couldn't make it. The door was so close but the urge was to intense. Monica new that there was no other chance now to pee onto the precious floor beneath her feet. As the first gush of urine shot out of her, Monica dragged her tunic up as fas as she could. She reached for her underwear and pulled it down with only one hand. She couldn't hold it anymore. Out of her the strongest gush of urine she ever had experienced slammed onto the tiled floor, splashing uncontrolably everywhere. The hissing sound echoed throughout the church. It was the only noise you could hear in that moment, and it was louder than ever. Weakness overcame Monica the moment she felt her urine coming out. The nun let herself fall onto the floor on her bare knees and couldn't believe the sensation she was feeling. Her head fell back with teary eyes looking up to the ceiling. There was a crucifix statue right in front of her. Monica took this as a sign from the heavens. She fought through her punishment and got blessed with the most divine sense of relief she had ever experienced. The crucified Christ was looking down at Monica, she knew he was watching. The nun raised her dress even more in order for all of heaven's divinities to get a better look at the golden nectar flowing out of her humble body. This was Monicas gift to them. The stronger her gush of urine got the more euphoric the woman became. She made the sign of the cross and began to thank the lord for this precious moment. She started moaning, she felt excitement, it was beautiful and she savored every second of it. As Monica's stream slowly stopped, the feeling of ecstasy faded out of Monicas body. She regained conciousness and watched how the last drops of urine escaped her bladder. The back of her dress was soaked and so were her knees, lower legs and shoes. Monica of course noticed but didn't seemed to be bothered by it. She was in peace with herself. The woman stood up and moved away from the gigantic puddle she'd just made and even though she wanted to admire her golden creation for a few more minutes Monica knew she had to clean it up as soon as possible. She snuck out in the garden after all, ran towards the dwell to grab a bucket with water and then got back into the church. With an old broomstick she took from the sacristy the nun began to sweep all of the urine away with the fresh water, but before she did that, Monica dipped her right index and middle finger into the warm puddle, kissed them and then gently rubbed them once over the crucifix' feet as a sign of gratitude for what just happened.
  12. Was going to say the same. Davinci is by far the best free editing software out there!
  13. Could be interesting... maybe I'll look into that one day, but not right now
  14. Thanks for understanding! I have really exciting ideas for the future and can'tbwait to share them with you as soon as I get a bit of time! I doubt, but one must never say never ๐Ÿ™‚

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