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  1. That's a good question! The first thing that came to mind when I read it was Bruce Springsteen's "Born to run" album. I bought the CD a few years ago in Camden Town during a four day trip to London with my family. I'm a big Springsteen fan and I just had to have it, even though I barely listen to CD's in this youtube and spotify era. In fact this was the first (and so far only) album I ever bought. I guess the reason why I wanted it was because there are so many songs on the record that are not only great to listen to but also have lyrics where I could somehow relate to during that p
  2. It depends. Usually the ones for the stories are done much faster since I don't spend time looking for reference pictures online and the artstyle is also very simple and sometimes a bit rushed. It usually takes about a total 20 to 30 minutes to go from a blank page to a finished piece. For all of my non story related illustrations, where I focus on only a single drawing, I definetly spend at least an hour if front of the computer.
  3. I'm a big fan of these AMA threads so I wanted to give it a try aswell. If anyone has questions (of any kind) please ask away, I'd like to answer them all 🙂
  4. Exactly! And it's also hard to make it not predictable since there's only a handful of ways a pee story can end. The goal is to try and make the build up and final relief as memorable as possible, which is obviously easier said than done!
  5. Oh my God, this thought never crossed my mind, but now that you''ve mentioned it I have to give it a try once. This sounds like fun lol
  6. Gotah

    Travel tips

    These sound like exciting locations than you! Scandinavia is waaaay up high in my travel list, unfortunately though it's also expensive and I can't really afford staying there for a few days.
  7. Gotah

    Travel tips

    Sounds exciting, thanks @gldenwetgoose
  8. Gotah

    Travel tips

    Oh right, I should've mentioned that lol But honestly, now that I think about it, it doesn't really matter. I'm open for suggestions of any kind, surprise me!
  9. Thanks @Alfresco That's something I always try to avoid as much as possible when I write, picking a scenario that has been told countless times. I give my best to put some thought and creativity into my writing so that I don't tell the same old stories over and over again.
  10. Gotah

    Travel tips

    Hello everybody, by the end of the summer, for the first time in many, many years, I'll get the opportunity to go on vacation again. I'm planning on doing a solo trip for about 5 days somewhere in europe and because I'd like to stay away from the usual mainstream tourist hotspots as much as possible, I thought it could be a good idea to ask you guys if you could give me some inside tips about hidden gems somewehere in europe that are fun to visit and are not so well known among tourists. If you all could help me out I'd apreciate it alot! Thank you 🙂
  11. Thank you so much @Kupar
  12. This one wasn't planned to be illustrated, it was just a spontaneous sunday afternoon story
  13. This story is about Josie, a woman who gets desperate for a pee at her special day - it includes female desperation and peeing. . It’s a bit of a tradition at Josie’s workplace that whenever somebody is celebrating his or her birthday the last hour of the day will be spend celebrating the person with snacks, drinks and cheerful chatter. Today, October 22nd, was Josies turn to be the center of attention. It was her 28th birthday and the office was celebrating a little more than usual. She was an important member of the team, much beloved aswell, she deserved a special party even
  14. How about climbing up a tree, a roof o some sort of high structure and then pee from up there. If you manage to get on a roof you could also try to pee down a chimney! Inside a mailbox (preferably your own) sounds like a fun idea. Otherwise I'd say in (public) trashcans, at bus stops and/or on a bus seat, secretly in the car while you're with somebody or, and this is going to be a controversial one, somewhere inside a church or a cemetery. Also, would you mind telling us a little bit more about this?
  15. Sandy now was pretty much sure she was doomed. She had to do something to prevent an accident but all of her solutions were to … impolite. Her mind was racing as fast as her pencil onto the sheet of paper that now looked like it was drawn on by a toddler. She was nervous, she was scared and she was in pain, and all because she didn’t pay attention to were she put her feet earlier. Suddenly her tumultuos storm of bad thoughts got interrupted by Olives voice who asked: “Can I get some ice tea?” “Oh God please no”, was what she thought, her mouth however said painfully smiling :”Sure!”
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