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  1. THE EXPLOITER Linda reached her daughter’s school five minutes before the final ring of the bell. She made it in time, a miracle. Usually she would go and pick up her daughter right after leaving work, always arriving at least twenty minutes to early. Today however was different. Linda got held up in the office by countless phonecalls and smal meetings. The mother was running late as she got in the car but nontheless managed to reach the high school punctually. In order to do so however she had to sacrifice an important bathroom break that was now becoming a bit of a problem for Linda. Du
  2. I actually thought about this for a bit, and if you all don't mind I'd like to be selfish here and only post my stories. At least for now 😉
  3. Hey guys! I got an idea this morning: How about starting a thread with differtent short pee stories involving families and family members? Wouldn't that be fun? I just finished writing the first one and I must say that I like where this is going (or might be going)! Let me know what you think and if you have some fun pee scenarios that I could write about in the future. As for now enjoy story number one. It's told from the POV of a daughter (of legal age obviously) that leaves the cinema with her parents whilist all of them have a painfully full bladder. _________
  4. Back home with a rather full bladder after an almost two hour drive. What should I say a nice 1am pee to end the day! https://www.erome.com/a/hYZr7Vmp
  5. I guess that's probably the best (and only) way to clear the situation I don't think so, I'm well aware (now) that rushing things is never a good approach. I am taking it with patience, but I still try to not drag it out for to long otherwise I feel like she might lose interest (assuming that there is interest). Thanks, you had some great thoughts!
  6. I was planning to add a sketch or two but I couldn't find the right motivation to do so
  7. An exciting story about a paramedic desperate to pee during a rescue mission and her apprentice who becomes more and more intrigued with the situation. The story contains female pee desperation, peeing and also masturbation DISCLAIMER: I am not a paramedic, I have no idea how realistic some of these scenarios are. Please don't take it to serious and enjoy the pee fun 🙂 _______ It was quiet inside the headquarter that night. Tory was sitting in the kitchen by herself, drinking glasses of water to make her headache go away. She had an annoying sting in her forehead tha
  8. My first pee desperation of 2023 and it was quite a fun one! I made myself super desperate and then I took a warm bath to see how long I can hold it. I held it for almost 10 minutes before it got to painful. I cut the clip down to 5 minutes, because otherwise it would've been a little boring lol Anyway, enjoy my underwater struggles! NUDITY WARNING and also sorry for the bad audio https://www.erome.com/a/vvJrA5Gq
  9. Another fun one for you! The AI's title for this story is: Mother-Daughter Ski Trip: A Desperate Situation As Emily and Sarah rode the cable car up the mountain, they couldn't shake the feeling that they needed to pee. Despite their earlier stop at the bathroom before they left, the urge had only grown stronger. They tried to hold it in as long as they could, but as they neared the top of the mountain, they knew they wouldn't be able to make it to the bathroom in time. "Mom, I have to go again," Emily said, her legs crossing involuntarily. "Me too, honey,"
  10. I got a few more The input was to write a story about a desperate mother calling her son/daughter: "Honey, I need you to come home right now," my mother's voice sounded panicked over the phone. I could hear the desperation in her voice and knew something must be really wrong. "What's wrong, Mom?" I asked, concern etched in my voice. "I really, really have to pee," she said urgently. "I've been holding it in for as long as I can, but I just can't hold it anymore. I don't know what to do." I could sense the panic in her voice and knew I had to act quickly to help her. "O
  11. I actually didn't. The AI did that all by itself
  12. A few more examples! Here I asked if the AI could write me a story about a women needing to pee while doing a presentation in front of important people. This is the final result after adding and removing changes to the story: As I stepped up to the podium, my heart was racing. I had been preparing for this moment for weeks, and I knew that everything I said would be scrutinized by the audience of important business leaders and executives in front of me. I took a deep breath and began my speech. I talked about the new initiatives my company was launching, the successes we
  13. A friend of mine recently introduced me to something called ChatGPT, maybe some of you already heard about it. It's basically a software where you can chat with an AI, asking it to answer questions, write stuff for you and so on. It's a pretty fun (and impressive) thing to try out and I of course couldn't help but to abuse its powers for my own perverted experiments. Essentialy all I did was ask the AI to write me a short story about peeing, and the more inputs I gave it the more detailed the story became. Sadly the AI is programmed in a way that it won't allow you write particu
  14. I randomly discovered this band earlier this year and for the past 10 months or so I've done nothing but recommend them to people. The group's called Poor Man's Poison and this is just one of many amazing songs that they have
  15. Last part guys. Sorry that I could make it in time for Christmas. I wasn't feeling particularly well therefore, I didn't do any drawings in the past weeks. But here it is now, the big finale. Enjoy ! ------- Tilly wasn’t far away from a humiliating accident. She needed a miracle, a Christmas miracle, to escape her fate. Inside her bladder she could hear the splashes of urine screaming LET ME OUT! "I'm going insane!", she whispered. At some point she had to stop and pause. Leaned against a dark wall she tried her best not to explode. People were walking past her bu
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