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  1. Damn! Your bladder is so impressive. I love the spray that didn't make it into the container sooo much. Nothing better a messy pissinto a container
  2. Wow I love reading a piss party with men as the focus. I love how you really characterize these guys as nasty careless jocks, a kind of guy I am very very weak for. This is soo good! I have a feeling I will be reading this over and over!
  3. This is amazing! I love how confident you are in messing with that guy just by pissing wherever you want. Surely as a door to door salesman he has watered a doorway before. Would have been hilarious if Mike just started pissing too.
  4. I'm not really comfortable sharing as I feel like that would be kind of tacitly sharing stuff that's against site rules? But it's not hard to find or hidden.
  5. Thanks for the compliment! Glad to hear someone enjoys my very niche stories! I need to write more but i've been way busy and not writing 😅
  6. Yeah I post weirder or more niche stuff (or stuff that is not allowed here) over there.
  7. Making someone have to avoid your piss puddle has got to be the best feeling in the world. Love that for you!
  8. Aaah love that you have a bucket handy. It's great to be able to piss so conveniently
  9. Part 2 The afternoon wore on. A small collection of empty beer bottles gathered on the table between our chairs while we watched Matt Dillon, Doc, and Kitty keep the peace in Dodge. My dad hadn't relieved himself since he first got up and pissed loudly into the hall toilet, but I knew he must need to go soon. It had been 2 hours, 3 beers, and 1 glass of sweet tea, so his bladder had to be getting pretty full. Sure enough, midway through an episode, my dad grabbed an empty beer bottle and I heard him unzip. I looked over casually. My dad was never shy, so my taking a look was not
  10. Oh yeah piss is definitely not the only taboo thing I like, but the only one I do irl for various moral and practical reasons. Incest, obviously only as roleplay. And only via text rp really. I tried calling a guy "daddy" on a date and that felt just weird, not hot. I do not picture my dad, but rather various dadlike guys. Exhibitionism, ok I do do that one, but only via having public sex at sex clubs, where it's expected so I don't consider that to be really taboo. I do like to get people turned on in public tho Cnc, I haven't done but talked about some with a sex partner. At s
  11. Howdy! Nice to see diverse gender expressions here! I'm a trans guy. A lot of my fascination with dicks pissing comes from wishing I had one haha
  12. Hopefully ongoing story in which a narrator of your preferred gender recalls their memories of their dad peeing publicly or casually. Nothing sexual happens between the two of them. Enjoy! My father is, in his own idiosyncratic ways, a Southern gentleman, if that was ever such a thing that exists. He has always been chivalrous, open-minded, and kind. A pillar of strength, and a warm, friendly figure. But he has his human side, and a fierce independent streak that means he does what he thinks is right, even when it might turn heads. And what he thinks is right tends to be a bit mo
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