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  1. We talk often about the evidence of urination, such as tissues left in puddles, splashes of liquid at waist height, etc. But what about less ephemeral evidence: bottles, bags, or cups of piss. Where have you seen them out in public? Abandoned, in the trash, in cars, or actively being filled? I'll start with two recent stories and an old one. This afternoon, I took a bag to my trash can outside, only to find a water bottle half full of dark yellow piss. From my neighbors? From someone walking by on the street? From my landlord? It's a mystery. A month or so ago, I got off my bus
  2. Contains public cis men peeing and public trans and cis women peeing, as well as voyeurism I recently moved into an apartment in a suburb of a major metropolitan area. It's not the best neighborhood, but not the worst. The building are a bit rundown, but not unkempt. The biggest problems (or blessings, in some ways) are the motel, with a rather rough crowd passing through its reasonably priced rooms, and the bar and restaurant underneath it. I don't know how it was before Covid, but during the pandemic, the bar has been offering primarily outdoor service (and seemingly little in
  3. Fair assessment. I know a lot of kind of crunchy outdoorsy types and free spirits. I wish I had their boldness!
  4. A cool shaped urinal on twitter With how narrow it is, I bet it's hard to aim into, not that the guy in the video aims for the urinal!
  5. I would point too if I saw a fire hose like yours spraying at the food cart
  6. All that alcohol has to go somewhere! Why not on the bar itself. All bars should have a trough or drains to piss into in public imo
  7. Looks like you did need to go very badly! Great distance!
  8. Imo it's so sad when men get desperate to piss. They should just go right where they are. On the other hand, nothing better than a man desperately trying to hold his piss in. Best story regarding this is an ex boyfriend who had a habit if pissing wherever convenient if outside. We got caught in an ice storm in the middle of the city and couldn't catch a bus home. He'd been holding it for hours and finally turned around and melted some ice on a snow bank. There were people around, but theyq'd all been stuck at the station for hours, so folks either understood or had already melte
  9. My first girlfriend was into piss. She let me watch her pee and we talked about doing pee stuff, but it's hard to to get time to do any sexual activity in highschool, much less get pissed on, so watching her was the extent of it.
  10. I like when a person pisses csrelessly and freely, without regard for what they might hit or damage. I love when a person pisses in public or pisses nonchalantly. I also love when I am the target of that pee!
  11. here's another example Love the vibe that they aren't trying to make a mess. It just happens because they can't be bothered to aim/have bad aim.
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