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  1. This Facebook post has a cute drawing of two girls having a wee under the stars, and the comments are full of girls talking about public pees with their best friends. Wholesome and sexy! (This goes without saying, but please be respectful, as these ladies have not asked to recieve sexual attention)
  2. Great work! You should feel free to piss all over public transportation imo. Maybe then cities will do something about the lack of public restrooms.
  3. I was literally just thinking abiut this. Urine is a pretty "hot" (I know) fertilizer. It needs to be diluted or it will cause the plant to burn from too much nitrogen. I think most neglected houseplants could do with a bit more nitrogen, but if you want to relieve yourself while taking care of your plants, i might suggest spreading it out, so that one plant isn't getting all that nitrogen. Share the love and all that ;3
  4. The best part is the feeling of carelessness and freedom that comes with viewing the world as your toilet. I was very anxious as a child, and very uncomfortable with bodily functions. I was just super grossed out by pee or people peeing (I had frequent UTIs, too, so peeing was always fraught lol) so I think the idea of just casually letting loose wherever you are really appeals to me because it is so brazen and open with something I feel to be taboo and disgusting. It's a way of reclaiming something that used to make me really uncomfortable, I guess.
  5. I am planning on writing more about these two ladies! In particular, I want to give Kate some more power in a next part, since she certainly gets a rough treatment in this one.
  6. Something I find SUPER hot is men pissing onstage durring concerts. Either out into the audience or just onto the stage. I prefer if the guy seems to really need to go and just decides to whip it out over anything that seems like planned stage antics. I guess the feeling of not caring that there are people watching because you are literally on stage is really hot. That being said, it's very fun when the huy has some fun and waves his piss around on stage or into the audience! Does anyone know of more videos like this with men pissing onstage durring a concert? Punk guy refuses
  7. Anywhere but the toilet! Really though, my favorites would be In a crowd, with people around. The pisser just doesn't care and goes right where they are. Usually at festivals or outdoor parties where the pisser is assumed to be drunk In a store or building, out in the open, pissing on furniture or products for sale. Making a mess or ruining something,especially with people around, is really hot! Same as above but outside. There used to be a group of guys on tumblr based out of Berlin, I think, that would go around and piss in mail slots. An asshole move, but so hot.
  8. This is my first fictional story about pee. I realized I rarely see this scenario in porn and wanted to write something for it. Alison and Kate are both trans women, and I am a trans man, so please be respectful about that. Feedback is appreciated! Enjoy! Alison Lewis, the trim, blonde, 37 year old head IT manager of an up-and-coming tech hedge fund glanced at her phone as she packed up her things to leave the conference room. 12:47. So little time before her -ugh- 1pm meeting to run to her office and grab the files she needed. She flicked her conservatively manucure
  9. Wow! Would have loved to be there to watch him just whip it out and go! That is a serious fantasy of mine, to have a guy just piss out in the open like it was nothing (i mean, it's happened a lot but still hot every time) Weren't any of his friends worried he'd hit their shoes..
  10. I started driving a different way to work lately, a route that takes me past a couple of parking garages in the city. They are, as I'm sure many of you can imagine a gold mine for sightings, even just driving past. Three times I have seen men just inside the entryway to the garage in that unmistakable posture. Hand infront of crotch, legs slightly apart. One man had one hand on his cock and one hand braced above him on the wall. Most in athletic clothes like running shorts. I haven't seen any streams, but no one just stands facing a wall of a parking garage for no reason. These
  11. My ideal movie, and a scenario I don't see all that often in porn, is someone being so desperate to pee in a semipublic place, but unable to just piss on the floor or wet themselves, so they get another person to drink their urine. At least two people are stuck someplace like an elevator, office, or car, and can't leave for whatever reason. Person A really has to piss, like on the verge of an accident. But due to social pressure, they can't let it be known that they peed. No one is around right now, but people will be around soon. They can't wet themselves because people would see th
  12. Remembered a story from about two years ago. I was walking back to my car from a local big chain grocery store, the kind that shares a parking lot with several stores. The store is next to a pretty busy road with lots of car and foot traffic. It must have been mid afternoon. The store is on a small hill, with the entrance to it and a few other stores on a raised concrete walkway. The place where the walkway drops off has some bushes planted on top, so the area below is somewhat private, but still has people walking past constantly, and still easily visible if you're in the right angl
  13. We only have one bathroom, and my partner showers forever, more than 30 minutes sometimes! Well I woke up and of course had to pee something awful, but they had just gotten in the shower. Knowing it would be too long for me to wait and getting increasingly desperate, I grabbed a plastic takeout container, the kind they put soup in, pulled down my boxers, and peed right there in the kitchen. It was hard to start at first, not being used to peeing in a container, but it felt so good. After a few seconds I was able to push out a hardy stream. Overall a great solution to the problem of h
  14. Very pretty! Thsnk you for sharing! However these trans women would probably not like to be put in the "men" category.
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