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  1. Woah! I love that he's so casual about taking a leak in the corner. Every guy should be so!
  2. Did he say anything when you pissed in the shed? Has he ever done that?
  3. I mean I'm a pretty femme guy and If a guy I hooked up with pissed on my wall while we were chatting or while goin at it, or on the floor while cuddling after sex, I'd probably be in love lmao. My current parter does like when I aim their dick at something tho :3
  4. Oooh I'm so interested in what makes the presentation of your hookup (masc/femme) matter? I agree there's definitely a gendered difference in how I see a femme pissing vs a masc person, whatever their gender. So it makes sense to have a preference for how you piss around them!
  5. You can also ask her to try to control the stream. I know I don't have NEARLY that capacity but I have found I can pee either with a lot of force, by pushing hard, or at a slow trickle. Just by relaxing and not pushing. Could help if she can adjust!
  6. It's an under-apprecciated genre! If you make more vids like that, you'll have at least one very enthusiastic viewer!
  7. Oh god this is a HUGE fave of mine! I love either casual, careless bad aim, like a handsfree piss, or TRYING to aim but missing anyway, like when drunk or on a moving train. I should make a post requesting examples of bad aim, as distinct from clearly deliberate marking
  8. For me, and I know many others (not all of course), pee is only so strong of a fetish because of the powerful emotions of shame, discomfort, embarrassment, and disgust that bodily functions have in our puritanical society. For a long time I was so embarrassed by my fetish that I was too nervous to tell more than one other person, who I knew also liked it already. I thought I would always just be unfulfilled because I was too ashamed to say anything! And even if I said something to my partner, I was sure they wouldn't be into it and they would just humor me. Do it begrudgingly and I'd feel
  9. This is just a beautiful picture
  10. I bet you could explore some more and see different posts of yours! I wonder if any of your pics could be found. You had others, such as you peeing out a window? I don't remember the names but I can look. I love your posts and would love to find them lol
  11. Here's a snapshot! Unfortunately it doesn't have your images or videos 😞 The text is hot tho! Love reading about you just casually using the garage as your urinal
  12. Have you checked the wayback machine? About when were you posting your videos and stories? It might have snapshots of your stuff!
  13. I hope that sub gets popular! So many hot pissing dicks!
  14. My general piss goals have been met a lot lately! Got pissed on in a sex club, frequently hold my partner's cock to piss, and they piss on me in the morning when i stay over before I shower. They let me hold their cock at a urinal too! But as for naughty or public pee goals, I really want to hold someone's cock while they piss in public, drink their piss on a roadtrip, and serve as someone's personal urinal in a casual way. Plus aim someone's dick into a bottle!
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