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  1. Pee in the moment. Remember, pee here now
  2. No, I don't wonder, because I am 100% sure it would feel great!
  3. If I'm watching someone piss, I like a medium color. Yellow but not dark. I prefer clear pee if it's going in my mouth. My partner's pee tastes like tea if they've been drinking a lot of tea. That's by far the best to drink. If someone's pee is too dark I always worry they are dehydrated and it takes me out of the mood
  4. Oh gorgeous! I liķe the sound a lot actually, very peaceful. And that looks like it felt extremely good!
  5. That's what my relatives think I say
  6. In my experience it's always the most normal seeming folks who are secretly the most wild
  7. Having worked in customer service, I think it's horrible, but I adore videos where a person pees all over like clothes on a rack in a store, or all over packaged items. So disgusting but so hot. Hard to find because of how risky it is tho! I wish there were more videos of trans people doing pee vandalism or public peeing. I dream of a world where it is just as safe for trans women to whip out their dicks and piss anywhere they want as it is for cis men.
  8. A bit of a silly story about a woman who is shocked to learn her future in laws have very free bathroom habits, so she writes to an advice column for help. Story contains male and female public peeing, and families with a relaxed attitude towards peeing, but no explicit sexual content. Dear Prudence, I (female 26) am married to my lovely husband (male 31) now for about a month. Our relationship is going great... but (isn't there always a "but"?) His family is just... well bizarre! And ever since we married his behavior has been shocking! We had been dating for 5 year
  9. Girldick hanging anywhere is amazing honestly, but especially if said girl is peeing
  10. She was, really one of a kind in so many ways. She once sucked a stranger's dick for magic the gathering cards, and she had this elderly little pomeranian chihuahua mix who would also pee in random places, which was less hot than when she did it. She was also the first trans person who I knew was trans, before I realized I was. Sad that when we were dating we never did much pee stuff. I think that, even as willing as she was to whip it out and pee anywhere, she was more slow exploring it as a fetish.
  11. Not me, but my first girlfriend (a trans woman) would piss wherever she felt like. She was into pee too, and loved pissing where she shouldn't have. We were also in theater club together, and the backstage area did not have bathrooms or a sink, so she and the other folks with dicks would piss in bottles or out the door leading outside durring plays. They were not terribly discrete, and there were occasionally piss bottles left around. She said one time she had peed onto the floor of a movie theater on a dare, and had even pissed on her father's grave (he deserved it)
  12. I love seeing waist high splatters against brick walls. So hot to know someone pissed there recently! Bonus if you see them out in the open, where there would have been nothing to obscure whoever stood there
  13. Your roommate's room! Mark your territory all over the carpet and walls
  14. When I worked at a camp out in the woods, staff would frequently just squat down to pee behind a tree when there were no facilities around! Some were quite brazen and wouldn't even bother to go behind a tree. Especially on breaks, when they did not want to spend their breaks walking to a bathroom
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