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  1. No no, equal opportunity urinal! No men have even used this excellent service, which is really a shame. They're missing out.
  2. I haven't been that for a man though. Only nonbinary folks
  3. Must have felt good to let all that piss out!
  4. Yeah, thisvid has a ton of great videos. Actually finding them and not accidentally stumbling upon like a bunch of stuff that grosses me out is really tough though. I wish the filtering actually worked, or there was a good way of chosing not to see some stuff. I'm bisexual so I'm not bothered by seeing people of all genders but I wish I could opt out of say, scat videos.
  5. Valid. I'm just weird. My partner lets me hold their dick while they pee. It's magical
  6. Contains a cis man pissing, a person with a vulva pissing, and some daddy/(adult) child elements but nothing sexual, so be warned if that's not your thing. ~~~ I don't talk to my dad much anymore, for a variety of reasons that I won't get into. (Yes, I know, I fit into the daddy issues stereotype.) Weirdly, this event was not one of the reasons. This happened the summer before I went to college, so when I was 18, and he was like 49-50. Several years ago, so forgive me for not remembering every detail. We went on a camping trip together at a site several hours drive away. I wasn'
  7. I love the stories you tell about holding or aiming your dad's dick while he pees. Holding a pissing cock is so fun. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Not a chatroom, but I've chatted with some people from the reddit page dirtypenpals. That page is mostly for role-playing but I've found some great people there to chat with privately.
  9. Everyone knows beakers are not 100% accurate. I should pee in a graduated cylinder next!
  10. Ok not in a beaker, just in a glass next to my bed. I was way too cozy to get up to pee, but I still have to dump it before my SO comes home, so not really that much more convenient. : (
  11. Alright next time I'll bring a lab notebook. Remember, the difference between science and just dicking around is writing it down! I feel there is very little risk, where I'm doing it. I wouldn't do it if it were risky lol
  12. A kind of place that needs to messure water quality 😉 I do not think we have flow rate measurement equipment, but I could be wrong. I could just time myself and measure the volume though. I could definitely hold more, but I was pretty desperate!
  13. I have ammonia, salinity, pH, as well as other water quality tests on hand, so I should really just do a whole panel. If I felt like doing a bunch of work for no reason, I could even measure my hormones!
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