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    Pretty chill white gay guy, 6" athletic, likes drinking with friends, getting together and playing music. I'm a slob and my friends know it. I burp all the time, I think farting with people around is hysterical. And I love pissing in public. I piss in apartment buildings, both outside and in the hallways, trees, sidewalks, walkways with people around, once at a red light in traffic (though that got me in deep shit), out of windows. I piss with the door open when my friends and I are hanging out, or in their yard while we are smoking. And I love hearing other stories from guys who dont give a fuck like me.

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    Real men piss outside. Whenever and wherever we want.
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    One of my hottest piss experiences was in college. I needed to piss real bad so I walked up to this brick wall fence (sort of) that separated the parking lot from the campus pathway. MY back was facing the campus, not the parking lot. So I let it rip, then a class must of let out because fucking 10-15 people came out of the science building (to my right) and were walking to the parking lot. Some said nothing, a couple girls said that was disgusting, a few guys thought it was funny, all of them stepping over my stream cause I can't fucking stop because. The last guy to pass, at this point my stream trail was long, the puddle was big, says Damn dude, pointing at the piss. He steps on the stream as he walks to the parking lot.

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  1. Lol. Kinda funny thought I had, figured I'd share. Last night I'm outside my place having a smoke and one or my neighbors, I know him pretty cool dude, coming downstairs to have a smoke too. We said hi and chat and he walks over to this tree in the parking lot for a piss. I thought to myself how that's my tree, lol I always piss there. So when he finished I walked over to it and did the same, right over his spot. all the while some guy watching us from out his window. Lol guess I'm territorial about things I piss on. Just thought it was funny
  2. Yeah I guess so. Shoulda turned and faced him, give him a better view of me
  3. This actually happened before, just as surprising to me, cause who does that shit? Lol. This happened just a couple hours back. I was having a run, stopped to take a piss, I'm sorta in the shoulder of the main road. And this guy in a jeep pulls by into the shoulder lane, you know the lane to the very right that's for like emergencies, opens his window and says hello to me. I'm like whats up man, something wrong? He says he just wanted to say hi. I'm still pissing during all this. Asks me do I usually just take a piss along the road like this. I tell him yeah I guess so. Asked me if I
  4. Pissing out the window is fun too. Especially when u live in a apartment building. Lol just be careful aint nobody below, I messed that up once
  5. She did a little bro. Wanted to see it hard she said. Thought she was gonna do something, she got down on the ground and faced it. Then she just got up and left. I was up for it bro, whatever she wanted to do.
  6. Wasnt a urinal but at a party one time in college, Was out back smoking with my friend and this drunk girl walks to me and tries to flirt with me. My buddy chris looks at me and is laughing cause he knows I'm gay and not interested in girls but I play along. She says if I wanted to go upstairs, and I tell her I dont fuck girls. She laugs about it, says sorry if it made me uncomfortable and i was like nah its cool. I take a few steps away, she asks why and I said I gotta piss. So I whip it out and start going and she comes right up to me and she asks if she can hold it. I said sure. She
  7. Id say some of the bext times i seen someone take a piss is when it was police officers. I caught them pissing around my apartment building few times. One time I remember I was pulling up to my place and I see this really good looking cop taking a piss along the side of the building. He's like late 20s or 30s, he sees me noticing him and he just nods his head at me, saying whats up. I had to piss too so I walk over near the lot and take a piss too. We see each other pissing, he just laughs and goes back to his piss. Lol, not like he can say nothing to me about it.
  8. Me and my friends were hangingout, talking about old times and I remembered this story. thought youd like it. So I was 20, it was in the college library. I was feeling real ballsy and I hate to piss real bad. I always liked the 3rd floor as it was more quiet and lots of corners to hide doing stuff, ya know what I mean? I look over to these rows of desks and there is one other guy sitting there studying. Next to him is this big potted tree, dont know what kind. Seems pretty to himself like he wouldn't try to be confrontation to me for doing nothing, so I took my chances. I walked ov
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