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    assistant manager pizza place
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    Pretty chill white gay guy, 6" athletic, likes drinking with friends, getting together and playing music. I'm a slob and my friends know it. I burp all the time, I think farting with people around is hysterical. And I love pissing in public. I piss in apartment buildings, both outside and in the hallways, trees, sidewalks, walkways with people around, once at a red light in traffic (though that got me in deep shit), out of windows. I piss with the door open when my friends and I are hanging out, or in their yard while we are smoking. And I love hearing other stories from guys who dont give a fuck like me.

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    Real men piss outside. Whenever and wherever we want.
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    One of my hottest piss experiences was in college. I needed to piss real bad so I walked up to this brick wall fence (sort of) that separated the parking lot from the campus pathway. MY back was facing the campus, not the parking lot. So I let it rip, then a class must of let out because fucking 10-15 people came out of the science building (to my right) and were walking to the parking lot. Some said nothing, a couple girls said that was disgusting, a few guys thought it was funny, all of them stepping over my stream cause I can't fucking stop because. The last guy to pass, at this point my stream trail was long, the puddle was big, says Damn dude, pointing at the piss. He steps on the stream as he walks to the parking lot.

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  1. I love it bro. If I had me an office job I'd be soaking that shit.
  2. I have always done it. I used to work in construction and Id be pissing all over the place, every place we was building up I had pissed in it. The other guys would laugh and watch me mark all sorts of shit like insulation, drywalls, foundation, whatever. My current job I am assistant manager of a pizza place and I still do the same. Started outback in the back parking lot where the drivers and employees parked. Theyd all see me pissing against the trash area or my manager's car (manager is my friend Jimmy, and he's returned the favor many times, lol). They hardly even flinch when they se
  3. Lol, practice I guess. I be doing this shit for so long now. I mean sometimes I get a little hard. I think they all know I got this thing with pissing so they just fuck with me about it for a little when they see me gettin hard, but thats all. I mean aint like they didnt see my dick before, hard or soft. And bro they love just taking a piss outside, they always sort of done it, I just doing it more, and then they just started joining in more to.
  4. aint much for pissing inside these days. But when i do , I like to put on a show for the other guys. I sometimes pull my pants down and put my hands over my head and lean back. I've recemtly started backing further away from the urinal, seeing how far I can shoot piss at it. And if I miss or run out of steam, just gets the floor a little wet, nothing special. Mixed reaction, some try to stay away from me, some laugh about it. It's fun bro
  5. Nice bro. Piss in the air fresheners lol
  6. Oh yeah I had. Pissed in my friends car for not pulling over when I needed a piss, just being an ass to me. I pissed in taxis before, some dont say nothing, others have thrown my ass out. Cars with open windows,. Yeah bunch of times bro
  7. Fuck bro! I wish I could
  8. Fuck, best kind of piss. Lol, just got my ass thrown out of a 7-11 few nights ago for pissing in the aisle.
  9. I have always had pissin contests with my friends since high school, still do sometimes. We done all kinds, who can piss the furthest, or who can aim the best where we put out empty bottles or cans and try to get piss inside without spilling. Or we will stand next to a car in a parking lot and try to see who can keep his arch over the car the longest before getting on it. Last weekend me and my friend Chris went to our other friend, Mikey's apartment. Got drunk and decided to have a new spin on a pissing contest, who can piss the longest. Not just that but piss the longest while walking u
  10. Nice bro. Fuck yeah, love this. Aint likely fixing that shit neither, all that piss gone everywhere.
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