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    70% straight male
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    A 26 year old male from the Netherlands who is very much into naughty peeing. I like doing it myself and watching others doing it. A ultimate dream for me would be to meet a woman with the exact same fetish as me! I also like exhibitionism and fucking in public places.

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    Peeing in risky situations and in naughty places :)
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    Peeing inside a bus, train, a library, or in a silent disco, i can't really decide wich i liked the most!

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  1. For me there was no change of being caught since i was at home. But i would love to try this in riskier situations!
  2. It was a huge puddle!😁 Took quite some time to clean it all up!
  3. This was very much fun to do. Enjoy! https://www.erome.com/a/E2qbs0Qn
  4. Hi and welcome! I hope you will like it here. I'm really curious to your videos!
  5. There are always some places where you can pee without being seen. It will get easier if you're doing this more often. Just have fun while trying!
  6. Peeing in a movie theater sounds very naughty! Now i really want to do this myself too! Maybe in the near future😏
  7. Omg i really like peeing there! Whenever i feel like it i release little spirts of pee on the floor while working there. It makes me horny! When i'm done i just throw a bucket of water there and no one will know what i did!
  8. For me it's in my swimming short when laying at the beach. I love to pee hard when laying between all the other people without them knowing what i'm doing! There is one time i still remember 2 years ago at a party dressed up in a scottish outfit wearing a kilt. I could take a sneaky spurt of pee wherever i wanted! Very lazy and so much fun! I will always remember that special opportunity.
  9. Hello and welcome. I really like the pics you've shared with us so far! I would love to see you around here on peefans in the future
  10. I peed yesterday between two cars at the parking lot. I really love the loud splashing sound on the pavement and the risk of getting caught!
  11. It'always feels soo good to pee at a place where you shouldn't! Because of the virus i'm doing a lot more naughty peeing at home as wel. My favorite place is under my desk while i'm working. Then i just let spurts of pee out from time to time. This always gets me turned on!
  12. Where i live public parks and beaches don't even have toilets to begin with. They expect from everyone to pee at their home. Of course this doesn't always happen. 🙂 In a garden centre it's fairly easy to go behind a large plant if you don't make too much noise. It's quite fun to do!
  13. Hello everyone! This is the first time i tried making a video. I'm exited to share it with you all! So i decided to relieve myself by the public trash cans near my place. It was a great experience! I did wear clogs because i was to lazy to put on some shoes. While i was peeing, I was pretending to be on my phone so no one would suspect something(I think). There were other people near me so i peed on the side of the container to avoid making to much noise. I love doing risky stuff like this! https://nl.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ec678edbac0d here is a picture from the
  14. I think the balcony, the roof or the basement are great places to go as well!
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