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    A male from the Netherlands who is very much into naughty peeing. I like doing it myself and watching others doing it. A ultimate dream for me would be to meet a woman with the exact same fetish as me! I also like exhibitionism and fucking in public places.

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    Peeing in risky situations and in naughty places :)
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    Peeing inside a bus, train, a library, or in a silent disco, i can't really decide wich i liked the most!

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  1. A bit of pee is good fertiliser for plants, but don't do it too often otherwise the plant will die because of too much nitrogen. I've killed a houseplant before by peeing too much into the plant pot. I think the maximum amount of pee a large houseplant can handle is about one pee per week.
  2. I peed a on the floor in a bus yesterday evening! It felt really naughty and exiting to do! I covered my dick with a bag. The pee also made a loud clattering sound, so i peed in spurts when there was a lot of noise from the engine. The pee went all the way to the front and the side of the bus. There were a few other people on board. I think i got caught by one passenger two rows in front of me who looked at my direction when the clattering sound was too loud, but i had a open water bottle in my hand as an excuse. (i pretend i spilled some water) All in all great fun! I want to
  3. I peed a lot of times outside near friends, but very few have peed near me. They probably don't enjoy it as much as me.
  4. It must've been a great relief and experience to pee together like that! I used to find it really difficult to pee around other people too, but in time it became more and more easy to do for me.
  5. I had a missed opportunity last month. I went lasergaming with some of my colleagues from work. The lasergaming decor would've been amazing to do a naughty pee in. It was dark and there were lots of hiding spots where i could unzip my pants while hiding. It was also foggy and lots of dark lights to hide the puddle, and there were loud noises to cover up the clattering sound of my pee on falling the floor. I could've easily gotten away with it. The next time i go lasergaming i will certainly do a naughty pee in a nice spot while gaming!
  6. I filmed myself peeing again today, this time in an almost empty parking garage! I past this parking garage while running outside. I got the thought about peeing inside of it, got exited and decided to do it! I also tried filming from the side this time to try someting new. Here's the link. Enjoy watching! https://www.erome.com/a/LNA9RrxH
  7. Wow! I love i was able to help. Great job doing this! Are you planning on doing this more often?
  8. Store peeing is someting i fantasize about doing as well. But every store is full with camera's and people. I have never succeeded in it so far, even though i actively looked for opportunity's. Tips on how to get away with it are welcome! I am certain i will do it one day.
  9. I pee in places i should'nt pee for as long as i remember. I even got caught a few times by my parents while peeing on the floor in the house when i was a really young boy. When i was a teenager i sometimes peed in stairwells, behind buildings and tents, and out of the window when it was dark outside. And later i did pee in busses and trains, and a few times in clubs. Now i got to the point were i just pee everywhere were i don't get seen peeing.
  10. Today filmed myself peeing while riding a bicycle! I've peed like this many times before, but filming it was always difficult. But today it worked out well! Here is the link: https://www.erome.com/a/ytmlmu96 And an "after" picture!
  11. I think you could even get fairly easy away with it by just squatting between parked cars, if there are no people around. But whatever you do, I hope you succeed and have a lot of fun!
  12. Honestly i just don't pee outside of the toilet in my home, i only do it outdoors in public and other naughty places. So i never have to clean up. And when you've just peed it doesn't smell bad yet. You can start with some easy places
  13. I know that feeling too well from earlier. If you keep trying it will get easier over time. The most important thing is to have fun!
  14. I peed once inside of the sauna in a nice resort with very friendly owners. It made the whole thing smelly. That is one piss i really regret.
  15. It must be really a magical feeling to pee on a seat. Well done! 😄
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