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    Fan of naughty pissing and exhibitionism. Always happy to pull my cock out and piss for an audience. Looking build a piss militia to hose down every hallway, flood any stairwell and leave all alleys running with piss.

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    Naughty peeing and the sound of piss hitting.
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    I was a on a club road trip and was at my absolute limit. We came up to a McDonald's and I knew I was not going to be able to make it in so I hauled it out and just hosed the back wall down. I had a massive boner and a couple of the girls I was with both saw everything. Piss exhibitionism is an art to me.

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  1. I'm more open about it now than in the past. It is a disservice to yourself and a potential partner to hid too much about yourself. I don't explicitly explain everything but I do very openly piss in front of girls I'm seeing to gauge their reaction.
  2. I really don't know what I'd say. I've told people I was going to piss and then peed in front of them but that's not the same as getting caught. I guess I should think up some responses but am I supposed to have a conversation mid stream? "watch your step" would be pretty funny.
  3. Hearing a girl piss hard on the floor on concrete is hot as fuck. This hissing plus the powerful sound of the splatter is unbeatable.
  4. It feels transgressive and liberating and the more public or naughty the location the better it feels. But this is not exclusive to guys girls can just duck down and pop a squat, plus you're out of sight. Sure casually pulling you dick out and causally peeing is great but I recommend everybody try some casual public pissing.
  5. Nice stream would love to see it going off in public.
  6. I am always torn between stealth and the urge to make the biggest mess I can. I do like the idea of pissing on carpet because that feels naughty and stealthy. Good tips.
  7. If someone is an enemy or similar I will happily spray their shit but for people I don't know or for kids stuff (bikes, play grounds etc) I will avoid fucking their shit up. I don't think it is fair to them and I don't enjoy it. I do like pissing in neutral public places or places that will not directly hurt people who are not involved. Nobody is going to die seeing some piss in a stairwell or alley but I'm not going to piss down a kids slide. This is not a complaint but I don't have much in the way of enemy's or people I feel a lot of resentment towards in life right now (thankfu
  8. @LuvrPiss I would love to be more vocal while pissing but I don't want to make it easier for people to identify me. Its really hard honestly, I am loud during sex and I am pissing in public without filming I'm make some noise. I would love to narrate things, it would be super fun. As for what I'm thinking it depends on the situation. When I'm desperate and in a hurry I am really just trying to find a spot to pull my cock out as fast as I can. These are some of the funnest and riskiest piss's I've taken because they are the most public and I have been caught several times but that
  9. Rest in piss to your old haunt. Hope you have a good time here.
  10. If I like their content and personality I would try to get to know them. I don't think I would ever share my knowledge of their videos etc because that sets a weird unpleasant tone but I would eventually share my interest after developing a relationship. Nobody wants to come off as creepy and stalkerish but when the opportunity arises to make a friend in the game it should not be squandered.
  11. I piss pretty high up on them. I don't like standing to close so I will usually be a few steps back and piss a bit over a meter high, having the piss run down the tree is kinda fun. What's best is having people see you pee on the tree, in those case's I blade my body of so the audience can get some view of my cock but not everything.
  12. I know our European friends are no fans of tipping culture but I am sure I can't be the only one to leave a piss depending on the experience. I was just at a place that charged a "kitchen fee" for takeout (on top of a tip!) and I could net help but feel that I had paid for the privilege of using their toilet.. with the lid closed. To be fair I used the wall, toilet, trashcan and floor. Nice mom and pop kinda places don't get anything from me but shitty door guys and bitchy bartenders always deserve a tip. Some of my most generous tips For the bartender who passed me over for frat
  13. Take your cock for a walk. It needs to stretch its legs.
  14. I don't pee in my own but when I'm out and about if I visit the basement if I can. Public basements are super fun but I have also been at a couple house parties where I went looking for a "toilet" and ending up using the wall and floor that was conveniently provided. I don't know if this counts but I was drunk and in a hurry one time so I just opened the door to the stairs leading to the basement and pissed down them. I was pretty into it at the time but I'm glad I did not get caught on that one. I made a fat mess.
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