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  1. Hot😏 can't wait for more
  2. I don't want to seem weird, but one of the main reasons why signed in here is because of Kaymala stories. Keep them coming 😍
  3. I also kind of planned to pee before the shower, but oh well. The next one will be better I'm sure 😊 Do you regularly wet yourself outside or only inside?
  4. Have you ever been disappointed by your own pee? So, I was told to do some holding today, which I did 😇 I drank 3 glasses of water, then 2 more, one larger glass of juice and one more of water. Enough to fill me up quickly. I held for a couple of hours, studying to distract myself from the ache in my bladder. As I don't live alone, I don't have too much opportunities for a naughty pee, so, I decided to pee in the tub when the moment comes. I held some more and finally got to relieve my bladder which was painfully full for about some time now. I stripped my bottoms and panties, and sat over the edge of my tub. Just a second before I was about to release a torrent of pee, I got a video call. I had to take it, I was jumpy the entire time. I could feel my bladder pulsing. 5 painful minutes later I was positioned over the bathtub again. I let out a small trickle of pee when I heard a knock on the bathroom. I quickly jumped up, said that the bathroom was occupied and locked the door. When I finally leaned over the edge once again I completely relaxed and pee started to smoothly flow out of me. BUT IT ONLY LASTED A LITTLE OVER 30 SECONDS. I was quite disappointed. I expected my bladder to burst out all the liquid I've been holding. I did enjoy peeing in a tub like that, but I wanted to let out more pee. And I still felt that my bladder wasn't completely empty. So, I jumped in the bathtub to take a shower and soon enough, an urge striked again. This time I was just standing in the tub letting the pee pool inside my hand while I touched myself. The warm sensation of my pee in hand and against my pussy really turned me on. I had to turn off my shower as my pee was as clear as water and I wanted to properly feel it against me and leaking down my legs. I peed for good 20 seconds. I was still disappointed I didn't pee more. I guess I'd have to drink more next time.
  5. Can I be your roommate as well 👉👈
  6. Hm, depends. Rarely but it's possible. I used to have male best friends but I'd never pee in front of them.
  7. I'd love to go on a road trip like that
  8. I completely agree. Can't wait for warmer weather to pee outside again
  9. You're gorgeous 😍 would love to see your pee content
  10. I also love the feeling but of full bladder never peed during sex
  11. I wipe most of the time. But on beaches or outside when I'm out of tissues I don't. Just shake my booty and try hard to push pee out until the very last drop so my panties don't get too wet. I also don't wipe when I pee in the tub but I guess that's natural 🤷
  12. It would be fun watching you pee on a bus 🤭

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