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  1. When showering together bf frequently pees on me. But I cannot bring myself to do it while he's directly watching 😭😅
  2. Do/did you also have a strong urge to pee every time you play/ed hide and seek? I even peed a couple of times during that game, but that's another story. Sorry if there was a similar question.
  3. Have you had a chance to repeat it with her?
  4. Oh wow that sounds extremely hot
  5. Yeah, sometimes extremely hard. But something not so
  6. I was home alone and decided to drink a lot of water... One thing led to another and I was extremely desperate to pee. My plan was to pee in panties over the toilet, but this girl didn't make it... As soon as I got up i felt the strong urge and I ran towards the loo. Well, as I stepped over the threshold, a spurt came out. I quickly removed my pants and just went there and then. My pee was gushing extremely strongly and I was barely able to stop to climb up the toilet. I was extremely ambivalent about the experience. It was absolutely frightening as I was terrified of getting caught
  7. Hello there Earthling, care to share a bit more about yourself? ☺️
  8. I absolutely agree. Wetting the bed is off my limits too unless someone specifically asks me to do that.
  9. I usually do that to my bf, and he doesn't say anything just presses my bladder which then turns me on, and he's like go pee baby. Can I pee at that moment? Absolutely not
  10. She sounds absolutely amazing, you were lucky to have her
  11. Sadly, not anymore 🥺
  12. Not exactly pee related but to be able to go invisible pee anywhere I like or creep on others 😅
  13. Well, he did once told me I could pee on the floor (jokingly I guess) as long as we can clean it up? 😅 i don't know. But also he said he broke up with one girl because she asked him to pee on her? Idk if that's really the reason but he gives mixed signals and also getting peed on isn't reaaally my thing
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