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  1. My bf claims he isn't into pee stuff but whenever I mention I might need to pee, he presses my bladder bulge hard to make me squirm...
  2. Couple of years ago I visited a fair with my ex, it had a couple of rides, food courts etc. while we were walking he said hang on and went behind some large trucks. He told me to wait for him there but I of course was curious and sneaked up behind him. He was standing out in the open even though he went behind the truck and peed forcefully in the grass. I got kind of excited and wanted to pee myself even though I wasn't desperate. So I waited for him to finish and lead him to the truck so he can provide additional cover and peed on the ground. I don't know if anyone saw, I highly doubt but it
  3. I am alone and full, thinking about wetting just a bit 🤭should I do it and where?
  4. Definitely. I have a friend and we used to frequently pee together outside when we were partying. There was one scene I vividly remember. We were drinking in the park with some other friends and both my bestie and I needed to pee. We went to our usual place between the dumpster and a wall and I squatted first and she then right in front of me. She started pissing first and when I peed our streams crossed quite literally. I told her to watch out as our merged puddle was pooling around her foot but she didn't budge. So, we literally made a tiny lake of pee abd she was happy our pees merged... Ap
  5. When showering together bf frequently pees on me. But I cannot bring myself to do it while he's directly watching 😭😅
  6. Do/did you also have a strong urge to pee every time you play/ed hide and seek? I even peed a couple of times during that game, but that's another story. Sorry if there was a similar question.
  7. Have you had a chance to repeat it with her?
  8. Yeah, sometimes extremely hard. But something not so
  9. I was home alone and decided to drink a lot of water... One thing led to another and I was extremely desperate to pee. My plan was to pee in panties over the toilet, but this girl didn't make it... As soon as I got up i felt the strong urge and I ran towards the loo. Well, as I stepped over the threshold, a spurt came out. I quickly removed my pants and just went there and then. My pee was gushing extremely strongly and I was barely able to stop to climb up the toilet. I was extremely ambivalent about the experience. It was absolutely frightening as I was terrified of getting caught
  10. Hello there Earthling, care to share a bit more about yourself? ☺️
  11. I absolutely agree. Wetting the bed is off my limits too unless someone specifically asks me to do that.
  12. I usually do that to my bf, and he doesn't say anything just presses my bladder which then turns me on, and he's like go pee baby. Can I pee at that moment? Absolutely not
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