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  1. I have to ask again, are these from a video and if so, would you or somebody else know how to find it? Great pictures as always!
  2. Thanks again. And thanks @petal123 for the advice too. I was trying to avoid repeating the same pronoun over and over again by mentioning her name every now and then, but re-reading the story it does seem like I overdid it in places. Maybe I'll pay more attention to these details next time I find inspiration for a story 😉
  3. Many thanks for all the kind words! @Lutab I do wish I had female friends like this. Unfortunately no, this is based on only a confession I read somewhere online a while back, where a girl didn't want to risk losing her finds, and was too desperate to think of other solutions than peeing in the fitting room. I have understood puddles in fitting rooms aren't too extremely rare according to retail workers, and it's a bit of a shame that most people who have sometimes peed in them probably have no interest in sharing their stories.
  4. [Includes female desperation and naughty peeing] English isn't my first language, and this is my first attempt since English lessons in school at writing fiction in English, so please excuse any grammatical errors. It is loosely inspired by events that apparently really happened, but I had no details so it is mostly fiction. Enjoy! Jennie goes shopping Jennie walked through the shop aisles looking around, not really searching for anything in particular. She had come to town to run a number of errands, but seeing that a local clothing store had a sale, she had decided to first pop in and see what they had to offer. In her arms Jennie was carrying a pair shirts she thought were okay looking and worth trying on, but possibly not worth buying. Rounding another corner and walking back down the next aisle while looking around, she began to feel an increasing pressure in her bladder. Perhaps she would have to find a bathroom before continuing to other shops. As Jennie continued slowly walking along and looking around, she spotted a beautiful flowery dress being offered at a good discount, something she just had to buy. As she rushed to find her size to try on, Jennie was soon disappointed; although there being maybe a dozen or more of this dress in the rack, none of them were even near her size. Jennie checked each one of them in hope of finding an European size 36, but found nothing smaller than a 42. She sighed, slightly wishing to be a bit bigger. Being petite had its advantages, but finding great clothes was sometimes not one of them. While resuming her strolling, Jennie was again reminded of the water bottle she had emptied soon after getting in her hot car, and the coffee she had drunk while driving to town. She silently cursed at having so carelessly consumed them without thinking ahead, but carried on walking and looking around. Her need was then highlighted by her phone vibrating in her pocket. Irritated, Jennie pulled out her phone, only to find a message from her mom asking when she would be returning home. Jennie shortly replied that she didn't know but wouldn't be too many hours, and went on browsing the aisles. Jennie soon became more and more constantly distracted by the aching in her bladder, and briefly considered leaving to find a toilet without buying anything. Then she set eyes on a tunic that completely took her whole attention. She began eagerly going through the stack of them, annoyed by the amount of large sizes she came across, and started to worry that these either would not be available in her size. Her need to pee was also very strongly coming back into focus, and for a second she was ready to give up and leave, the smallest size found so far being 40. Then she grabbed the last tunic, and quietly yelped in enjoyment as she saw it was a 36. If it fit as well as it should, she could not leave without this. She walked on, now at a faster pace and not able to concentrate on looking around so much, if at all. Her strong need to pee was now constantly the first thing on Jennie's mind. As she reached the end of the aisle and turned to the fitting rooms, Jennie glanced towards the checkout and was frustrated to see a long line there. Jennie hurried into a fitting cubicle, closed the door behind herself and immediately began pee dancing on the spot. Seeing the line at the checkout had increased her desperation to the point that she could not really think of anything else. Leaving her shopping and making a beeline for the nearest toilet came to mind, but wasn't really a proper option. The last tunic in her size was such a find, and leaving for the toilet would most probably mean someone else getting it. Surely she could hold on for still some time and buy her stuff, Jennie thought, but then remembered the line at the checkout. No, that wasn't an option anymore either. Shoplifting had never been her thing, but for the first time in her life, Jennie found herself considering it. She very quickly abandoned the idea, as taking off running from a fitting room with a very full handbag would surely look just as suspicious as one would imagine. This left Jennie with very few options, and still frantically pee dancing, she began unbuttoning her skinny jeans. She was so desperate at this point that even unbuttoning them seemed to take forever, but finally Jennie was able to quickly slide them down with her black lacy knickers. Jennie squatted low on the fitting room carpet and waited. Her painfully aching bladder simply would not release at first. Then a small trickle of pee flowed out of her, but ended almost as soon as it had begun. Jennie still tried to relax, but only managed to release another small trickle accompanied by a brief and quiet hiss. After many more long and painful seconds of trying to relax, a hissy stream of pee shot out, gaining force and pattering quite loudly onto the carpet. Startled by the noise she was making, Jennie cut stream again, but was soon able to continue peeing less forcefully. A constant quiet hiss and pattering of pee on carpet were to be heard, and in her bliss of relief Jennie hoped the hum of the air conditioning would cover any peeing noises. Although actually it felt too good to really care, as her stream and its hissing intensified and she sighed in pleasure. After what felt like a minute but may have been less or more, Jennie's stream slowed to a trickle and soon ended. She was now squatting on a completely soaked carpet, and beginning to fully realize what she had done, Jennie blushed bright red. She searched her handbag for a tissue and wiped, almost threw the moist paper onto the wet carpet, but decided not to make any more mess and folded it into the pocket of her jeans. Rather embarassed by her actions, Jennie pulled up her pants and began trying on the clothes she had brought. At least they fit like a glove, so after a while Jennie was able to walk straight to the checkout with her shopping, luckily with a shorter line now, and leave the store before anyone found the soaking wet carpet in one of the fitting rooms.
  5. Great finds! Can you remember the source of this particular picture?

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