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  1. People are getting more drunk by the minute, but things aren't quite out of hand. At least not yet. I'll hopefully be able to write more soon 😉 Wilma's house party, part 4 "Oh, I actually don't give a flying fuck", said Sandra and walked back into the elevator, gesturing Laura to follow her. "Somebody's going to do it anyway", she said and hitched her skirt up. Laura stood near the door as Sandra squatted in the corner of the elevator while tugging her black tights and grey laced knickers down. "Press the button to the top floor, would you?" she asked as a spray of pee began p
  2. Enjoy the next part. It's a long party and a long story compared to what I've previously written, so I might take some time to finish it. But it's still far from over, and I still have a lot of scenes I plan to include in it when I feel creative enough to write more. Wilma's house party, part 3 After leaving the couch in the living room, Emily and Maria had scurried their way straight to the front door. Somebody had conveniently hung a roll of toilet paper on the coat rack, from which they each tore a few squares and headed into the stairwell. Emily was already s
  3. Wilma's house party, part 2 Getting back inside out of the cold was almost as relieving as the pee Laura had just had. As her elevator reached the level of the party, she was greeted by a clearly desperate pair of girls waiting for a ride down. Natalie was quite composed, but was slightly fidgeting as the door opened. The girl with her was Sandra, whom Laura sort of knew. She admired Sandra's cute outfit. The petite redhead had dressed in a white sweater with a little pink scarf around her neck, a dark blue midi skirt and black tights, and was shaking while holding a hand against h
  4. [contains female desperation and toilet peeing, and both male and female naughty peeing] Wilma's house party Laura drained her glass of punch. Perhaps it was even too good, this would probably get her wasted very easily if she wasn't careful. She then got up from her seat in the living room, making her way towards the kitchen and realising that the drink was already effecting her steps. Wilma, whose apartment this was, was standing in the hallway next to the kitchen chatting with a short brunette unknown to Laura. "Hey Wilma, what's in that punch?" interrupted Laura. "Not tell
  5. Great story, very well written. Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences! And I would love to have a drink in the park with you 😁
  6. Thank you all! And it is indeed possible that the girls will be out drinking some time again, if I'm inspired by something to write about such a scenario. These stories are quite spontaneous, and it's quite hard to say in advance when and what I'll write next. But I'm sure something will be posted at some point, I really enjoy writing these and getting feedback. And writing these is a good way to use a language I otherwise use very little in everyday life.
  7. I found the inspiration to finish the final part, so please enjoy the complete story. As always, any feedback or criticism is appreciated and encouraged 🙂 Picnic with the girls, chapter 3 As Clara walked out of the park into the street, she was washed over by a new wave of desperation. If only she had a boyfriend with her to stand guard, she could maybe just find a secluded corner and pee. Or any friend for that matter! That's when any friends are most useful, to stand guard when one is caught short outside. If only she had known that at that festival a couple of years ago, ma
  8. Enjoy the second part. The third and final part might also be finished in the near future. I guess the correct way is to post the parts here in the same topic, these aren't really very functional is standalone stories (or are they?) so new topics seem a bit unnecessary. Although maybe it's a question of taste. I also have a feeling I may be returning to these characters for another story at some point 😉 Picnic with the girls, chapter 2 Clara and Caroline sat down on the blanket, and both opened a can of beer. "How was the line?" asked Emily and took a sip of wine. "Long",
  9. [contains female desperation, peeing and naughty peeing] Picnic with the girls It was a warm summer day. Not too hot, but just hot enough for it to be pleasantly warm even after sunset. Clara was sitting on the grass in a small inner city park with three of her friends, enjoying an evening picnic. Or actually it was more like an excuse to drink out with the clubs being closed due to Covid restrictions. Nonetheless, it was a very pleasant way to spend the evening, and the park was scattered with other groups that seemed to have had the same idea. Emily had brought a case of cid
  10. Thanks again. And thanks @petal123 for the advice too. I was trying to avoid repeating the same pronoun over and over again by mentioning her name every now and then, but re-reading the story it does seem like I overdid it in places. Maybe I'll pay more attention to these details next time I find inspiration for a story 😉
  11. Many thanks for all the kind words! @Lutab I do wish I had female friends like this. Unfortunately no, this is based on only a confession I read somewhere online a while back, where a girl didn't want to risk losing her finds, and was too desperate to think of other solutions than peeing in the fitting room. I have understood puddles in fitting rooms aren't too extremely rare according to retail workers, and it's a bit of a shame that most people who have sometimes peed in them probably have no interest in sharing their stories.
  12. [Includes female desperation and naughty peeing] English isn't my first language, and this is my first attempt since English lessons in school at writing fiction in English, so please excuse any grammatical errors. It is loosely inspired by events that apparently really happened, but I had no details so it is mostly fiction. Enjoy! Jennie goes shopping Jennie walked through the shop aisles looking around, not really searching for anything in particular. She had come to town to run a number of errands, but seeing that a local clothing store had a sale, she had decided to f
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