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  1. I find this a fascinating topic because I am sure, probably like most of us here, that my fascination (obsession?) with peeing started from my early childhood experiences which started as a subject genuine curiosity. I can relate to so many of other peoples' accounts here. Mine was similar. My earliest memory goes back to when i used to spend a lot of time at my neighbours house. She was a similar age to me and I have memories of us often spending time in her bedroom playing with toys and games in the usual way that you do. I dont remember any actual dialogue but all I do recall is t
  2. I was in the shed. I needed a piss and could not be bothered to go back into the house so i took a long piss into a jar. It felt amazing! Is it bad that i found it a bit of a turn on? ☺️
  3. Well, one day she admitted to me that she'd watched some porn online involving 2 girls playing together. In some of the clips the girls the took turns at pissing and she commented "you could have loved it! We should watch some together". (Lucky me!), So, a few nights later we planned to watch some of this stuff online. An hour or so before, my g/f (with cheeky look on her face) started drinking quite a few glasses or water. The time came to watch the videos. We were in the living room with the laptop. The videos were good, the usual stuff. We both enjoying some mutual masturbation and my g/f
  4. I've been very lucky with both my previous g/fs and I think that what helped a lot is that in both cases our relationships started online and quite early on sex was often a topic of conversation. It seems to me that pretty much everyone who enjoys sex has their kink/s and I've found this is a good way of steering the conversation when talking about what turns each of us on. So for me, it's usually worked quite well during these conversations by asking a g/f in a lighthearted way 'Come on then, what things especially turn you on? I reckon everyone has their kinks. I know i certainly do. I thi
  5. Like so many of us here, I find the origins of my love of peeing (both watching the opposite sex peeing and them watching me pee) started in early childhood too... My first memory i reckon was when i was around the age of 5 or 6. I often used to go and play with a girl of my age who lived across the road and I have two very clear memories.. I remember us playing in her room alone together and for some reason her insisting that we take turns peeing into a plastic pot that she had in her toy cupboard. I was more than happy to take part. It felt a bit naughty and also strangely nice! A
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm James from the midlands, UK I have been interested in peeing (especially watching women peeing) for as long as I can remember. I guess like so many of us, I can look back now and appreciate that this probably lead from some early childhood experiences. Also, like many of us, I guess the wonderful thing that the internet gave me was the revelation that I was not strange or weird by being turned on by the thought of the opposite sex peeing. I didn't actually see a picture or a movie of a woman peeing until 1997 when I first had internet access. It was over a 30 year w
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