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    It's one of the most erotic things I can experience... the anticipation and then the experience of being with a woman who is willing to pee in front of me and who (ideally) wants me to pee too. I love every form of it.
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    With an ex g/f... we were both desperate to pee and also feeling very horny.... she first pee'd over the end of my erect cock..it felt amazing.. and such a turn on to watch. Then she held her lips open for me and I pissed on her clit. Some very dirty sex then followed.

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  1. The anticipation leading up to the 'event' really excites me. I have had occasions where a GF has said to me things such as "Do you want to watch?" or "Yeh, I'll piss for you". Those words alone are enough to make me really hard in anticipation.
  2. I am quite late to the party with this entire thread. @greedyneedygirl this is a brilliant set of reviews! Discovering scans of Sex Bizarre on the internet was a great joy to me several years ago. You have got me totally into them again. No. 32 was a particular favourite of mine with the spreading and pissing detail... combined with the looks of such relief and pleasure on the women's faces as they pissed. That has always really done it for me.
  3. Well @Sarah_Hiker31 reading your brilliant description has certainly made me hard enough to start my afternoon off well! I love your account! Feel free to keep these stories 'flowing'! I often go out for nature walks in my local woods. It never fails to make me horny having a secluded piss on these occasions. In the past, with an ex-GF, I've even been lucky enough to share the experience and enjoy it together.
  4. This is such a good question. What you describe I can relate to myself and have wondered the very same. For me too, I find myself very quickly searching out for the piss/watersports content of any of my fave/goto sites. I can get off on non-piss porn too but even on those occasions it's probably because I'm either imagining whoever it is that I'm looking at, is pissing... or because I've just been looking at a lot of piss-related porn upto this point and I am about to cum. As soon as I could access the internet I was immediately wanting to search out piss related porn... it's still t
  5. This is a brilliant story!! (and a bit of a turn on if I can be honest!)
  6. I always find this an interesting topic for discussion. I love the fact that the internet has enabled people, such ourselves in this forum, to be able to talk about it freely with no worry of embarrassment or shame. For me, my interest definitely originated from a number of distinct non-sexual experiences during childhood. The usual stuff such as us kids peeing in the garden in the summer or wandering into the bathroom. Fast forward to when I was 18 and I (forgive the pun!) 'came upon' a uk-based porn magazine called 'Private'. There was a fictional story in there about a woman who
  7. It seems we get off on the same fantasy vanessa9 ! Reading yours has made me rock hard! Mine too is pretty much a carbon copy of this but from the perspective of being the plumber. Mine varies in that I say that the toilet itself is out of action and can you use the bath? You then sit on the side of the bath,feet inside it and open your legs wide and piss like a racehorse while holding your pussy open.
  8. I cannot stop going back and reading this account of yours... it's so erotic! It's the visualisation when i read "The moment i squatted down..." I can see it in my minds eye and the fact that you clear enjoyed the experience. Totally does it for me!
  9. I had a very similar experience once where it was literally just the words that she uttered being enough for me to cum... I'd reached the stage where I was inside my GF and we were talking dirty and slowly building up together. The talk reached the point where she looked up at me and said "Yeh, I'd piss for you". That was it... just those words were enough of a trigger for me to absolutely shoot my load.
  10. I have made a woman cum soon after she's pee'd by doing this. On each occasion by gently opening her pussy lips and licking the piss off her using an up and down motions with my tongue and then keeping it going. Tastes amazing.
  11. My first time was when I was with a GF who knew about my kink but we'd not actually done a golden shower together at this point. (I wasn't complaining though because she'd already let me watch her piss a number of times when she was sitting on the toilet with her legs wide open!). Anyway, one night we were at the cinema. (It was 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' i recall... as an aside, if I could watch Mila Kunis piss I'd probably die and go to heaven!) We were both drinking as we watched the film. By the end of the film my GF said she was needing a piss. I think I gave her a bit of a naughty l
  12. I love your vivid description! One of my ultimate fantasies.
  13. Do any of the ladies here (or their partners) have a story to share where they were purposely decided to turn on their partner by giving them a 'pee show?' To give you an example, my GF did this for me this summer... During one of the heatwaves we had this summer in the UK my GF and I were in the garden relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying a couple of beers on the patio. She was having a sunbathe on the lounger in her bikini and I was chilling in my shorts. The hot weather was definitely making us both feel a bit horny. Anyway, after an hour or so my GF got and and said she ne
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