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    that feeling of peeing after holding and being desperate for so long, and seeing others do the same

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  1. I love the desperation side too, for both others and myself. When watching videos of others i'm not so much into seeing someone bounce around for 10 minutes (because way too long and also the amount is not that much and anti-climatic), but when it's obvious they are bursting and so so in need of a pee. for myself i like holding it until it aches and i can't help the spurts that are released. when my bladder is that full i also like to masturbate, it feels incredible
  2. It's a mod of a game so it's doing the best it can lmao
  3. Yes! I have a t4t couple in my game - a girl with a massive penis and a guy with a vagina.
  4. Here is an example of it in the sims - a few people having a pee party
  5. You can choose the genitals but it’s tied to the type of pee you have (standing for penis, squat for vagina)
  6. Having a hole in the mattress sounds awesome and if I had a dick I would for sure want to do this too. HOWEVER I must mention if anyone does intend to do this to their foam mattress please check what it’s made of. A lot are made with fiberglass so uh yes please protect your penis
  7. A thought I just had was if you’re sleeping alone and don’t like sleeping in a wet spot, is to have a bigger size bed like a queen. If in bed you roll over to one side, pee, then go back to sleep on the other side. Designated pee side
  8. Ever since I was young I’ve wanted to piss on the armrest of the sofa/chairs. When I was growing up on recliner had a big plush fabric one and I knew it would be great to pee into, but I never did. I would straddle it and rub off on it though lol. Now I still want to pee onto the plush armrests but I try not to piss in the common shared areas with my roommate. But it feels so good to straddle it and have it pressed against my pussy and pee into the fabric and have it soak it up, then after rub my pussy on it until I come.
  9. I too would like to join and piss on your carpet. With everyone offering, we could probably get most the carpet wet!
  10. In high school I was too nervous to use the bathrooms during the day because we had so few times between classes and we got only ONE bathroom pass per class for each nine weeks, so I would always try to save my pass for if I was having a dire emergency or having a time of the month issue. Anyway, this led to me holding my pee all day long for about 8 hours basically every day (and this is when I began my desperate hold training 😆). Usually I was doing something after school or a friend was driving me home, so I would go pee then in the bathroom and it would always be so much. Sometimes that di
  11. depends on my mood of the day and the desperation level lol. I might pull over to squat in the shield of my door, but most like I would be more content to piss in my car. When I've done it in the past, I've taken towels I keep in the backseat (for purposes like this but also other uses too) and put them under me and have them soak up my piss. Or if the traffic was slow enough for me to get my pants off then aim it into the floorboard on the mat (more difficult).
  12. with an ex-boyfriend, i peed during sex (mostly accidental?) and he thought it was me squirting, lmao. afterward i told him what it actually was and that it was a kink i had. we were adventurous sexually anyway so he was immediately into it with me.
  13. Great photos. Thanks to your coworker for convincing you to break your rule, now we get to enjoy it
  14. I’ve done this. I’ve sat at my computer and been desperate but tell myself I have to keep sitting and doing whatever I’m working on.
  15. lol I guess pee has always been an interest! It wasn’t sexual back then, just a fun thing to do. I did some pee games with my male cousin (like, I show you mine and you show me yours - we were curious since I had no siblings and he had only an older brother), but then a couple friends that were girls. I’ve spoke about some experiences around the forum before, but it started with one friend would ask me to go to the bathroom with her and she would strip naked and then pee in the toilet and I would eventually end up doing the same, us showing each other our bits. We would also climb trees and st
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