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  1. This topic reminds me of a family I saw once — it was night time and I was sitting inside the car while my friend went inside a store. A mother and two kids about pre-teen aged came up beside my car and squat in the grass area. The mom pulled her pants down and squat and started to pee. The boy kid started peeing standing up into the bush, and the girl kid squat like mother. They were in a hurry so they didn’t see me noticing them. After they were done they went back towards their car. My thought at the time was how lucky to have a family that is so open and free with public pissing!
  2. because i like math problems like this: per google, an average amount of pee per piss is 250-400mls. we will say 400. an average amount of times to pee a day is 6-7. with this: 2.5 million L / 400 l = 6,250,000 pees 6250000 pees/6 pees a day=1041666.6 days = 2853.8 years for one person peeing to fill a olympic pool if there was help: no idea how many active members there are on the site, but I'd say maybe 150 give or take? so: 2853.8/150=19 years if everyone pees in the pool to fill it up. still a long time! HOWEVER, if we are talking residential/hotel sized pool which is a
  3. Several times, I have adhd and sometimes when I’m occupied with something I “forget” about it until it’s I MUST PEE RIGHT NOW. Also probably because I’ve trained myself for desperation I am used to ignoring it sometimes. one time was when talking to a member on here and we were doing a holding challenge, when I stood up the need to go was so intense I almost burst right then! but I held on and only a spurt leaked into my underwear and once I rushed to the toilet it was like a waterfall one memorable time when I was in a “more appropriate spot to release” was when I locked my keys in
  4. Was looking for this topic. The other night I had a pee dream where I went to a friend’s house for the first time. In the dream I was bursting to pee and asked for the bathroom and she said they didn’t have one and I can pee where I liked and that is what her and her boyfriend do (he was also there at his point). So to me this was the best thing ever and I climbed on the coffee table, pulled down my pants and I squat and peed on the table. The husband then took out his hard dick and sprayed on the table too. My friend then said was ready for a pee and she suddenly had no pants on (gotta love d
  5. The only area in my room that’s carpeted is in the closet and right in front of it, and I’d have to say there is my favorite. Second favorite is the outside patio which is the only place my roommate doesnt mind me freely pissing. I go out there a lot just to take advantage of that haha In public I like sitting in the grass and peeing. Usually it’s pretty discreet and I am either wearing black leggings and it doesn’t show, or then I’ll tie a jacket around my waist.
  6. I like peeing whenever and whereever at home. I’d say I use the toilet about half the time and other times I’ll pee in my designated pee areas (keeping respect for my roommate). In public I’ll plan to do it in naughty places where I can be discreet but it’s usually out of desperation too. Like I know I’ll have to pee while I’m out so I’ll plan around it.
  7. During my college years is when ive done most of my risky pees lol. I lived in a cheap dorm for a year - one of the ones where you have your own room (ans three other separate rooms for other girls) but then have a shared bathroom with two stalls and a line of sinks. There was a drain on the floor and often I would squat over it and pee. I was caught several times but hey if the stalls were occupied or I was too “drunk” none of the other girls thought anything of it. One time one of the other girls went on the floor after me because she “was going to wet herself if she didn’t go right then”
  8. That would be incredible. Road trips would go by much quicker if not having to stop for pee breaks. Just spread your legs and let it flow. Maybe wait until both are needing to pee and go at the same time. I would love a long pee-filled road trip!
  9. Good to see you back! So many fun places to pee. The truck sounds really fun (and convenient!)
  10. I have myself and would again. Nobody else has peed in my car but I would let them. Not that I haven’t offered haha. Before people I’ve driven have been bursting to go and I’ve said they could pee on the floor or the seat, they took it as a joke lol but managed to hang on until we got to a toilet
  11. I’ve masturbated in my car in a parking garage at my college. I had a long time between classes and was bored. Wasnt caught!
  12. Peeing at a movie theater is one of my most favorite pee things to do ever. So naughty feeling and a relief when you’re bursting and don’t want to leave the movie lol. The fun part is when you release your bladder and the seat soaks it up, then have to go again shortly after and pee some more. but I’ve done it plenty of times and never been caught!
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