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  1. i’m the same as Bacardi that it’s only now difficult to pee after i’ve cum. minorly frustrating but then it kind of makes for fun part 2 when i then get suddenly super desperate
  2. i’ve peed on furniture like sofas and chairs, or right on the floor. once i went into a walk-in closet which was carpeted and had my piss there. another time i was with a friend and we were both bursting for a piss and the bathroom was occupied and so i suggested we piss in a trash can - one of those small ones. i went first hovering over it and pissed in it. after that my friend took his dick out and peed in it too. by the time we were done it there was a lot of pee in it 😳
  3. usually getting shitfaced drunk. they didn't know what's going on in the house lol
  4. It depends on how desperate I was and what I was doing after being stuck. If I didn't need to go that badly and had something after I wouldn't want to be pissy for, I would hold it. If I had to go really badly and something important after, I would push my pants down and piss in the corner, apologize after. But If I didn't have anything important after, I would take the opportunity to be naughty 🙂 I would wait until I had desperation and I would wet my pants. After rescued I would tell them I tried to hold it but I just couldn't!! I would love their reactions afterward. And if someone wa
  5. I am positive it's been talked about before, but I was watching The Paperboy last night with my mom and then... was the scene where Nicole Kidman's character pees on a Zac Efron's character. I was glued to the screen but also trying to not seem how INTO it I was lol. Then I googled about it and read she actually pissed on him. Phew
  6. I think asking about potty training with a few other "what was I like as a kid" won't make it suspicious. first you could ask what age did i say my first word, when did I start walking, what was it like when I started sleep in my big kid bed, what was potty training like... it would not normal development questions when grouped together i feel like! as a parent it would just be another thing about their kid growing up and wouldn't be thought of as kinky to talk about potty training.
  7. Love to see another one of your hotel pissings. Nice job filling that drawer with your pee !!
  8. I know my potty training experience played into my pee fetish for sure probably. I wasn’t fully trained until 4, and would pee in my pull-ups. This went on until my mom said i had to learn how to pee like a big girl or else i couldn’t go to school. Then apparently it was right away I started using a toilet… so I guess I knew all along and just wanted to pee my pants? makes total sense I like pissing myself now lol
  9. Outside at a park. I was having my lunch outside sitting at a table. I had to pee from everything I drank in the morning (a V8 and a bottle of water) so I laid my jacket across my lap, moved my pants and underwear down to my thighs and peed on the bench. It flowed off the seat and onto the ground and made a nice puddle under me. Love taking my pee when I need to, where ever I am!
  10. I also wasn’t really allowed to leave class for the bathroom either unless the teacher deemed it a true “emergency” and there was never enough time between classes, so I held my piss all day every day until after school. If a friend took me home I would use the toilet before leaving, but if I stayed after school the days he couldn’t take me, I would hang around outside and find a spot to pee 🙂
  11. I'd like to be able to have a little pee many times, leaving some all over. Feeling a little bit of need in the bladder and peeing. But then I have the idea of holding a massive pee all day long and letting out a flood at the end of the day.
  12. I had an accident in school. I was was 7 I think, and I didn't like using the toilets in school. I usually held it all day but one day I just could not. I remember my bladder aching but I was determined to not pee. At this time in my life I was already doing some pee fun stuff on my own and friends (holding and wetting, peeing on things) so I was confident I could hold it. I could not lol. I was at recess and playing and I felt my pee starting to leak out, and I did the whole let out a spurt to ease the pressure... nope I started peeing my pants full blast, standing there as my shorts got wet
  13. the first time was when i was around 9, with my cousin. we on purpose would pee outside different places, getting creative where we could leave a pee. and then once he asked me to pee on the floor in his closet and i did, leaving a wet spot on the carpet. when i did it for more intended purposes and in a public place, was when i was a teenager and peed on the floormat ourside a classroom of teacher i didn’t like. waited until after school and everyone had gone home and i squat and unleashed my bladder which i held all day 🙂
  14. peeing in a pool bathroom is a lot of fun, and also convenient. it’s already wet on the floor from people getting out of the pool, and it’s annoying to take a wet swimsuit off and put it back on. easier to just wet through it or like you did move the crotch to the side.
  15. haha, I have had a few pees at the gas station. Have to stop anyway so might as well take the change to empty my bladder. While pumping gas I’ve wet my pants, especially if it’s more busy. When it’s not been I’ve done a couple techniques: the pull shorts and panties to the side and pee standing up and make a nice puddle on the ground. Another one i’ve down a couple times is squat down like i’m checking the tire pressure but then i move my pants and piss like that. But one of my most memorable was when I was driving long distance with a friend. I had to pee so bad I was ready to burst. Fr
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