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  1. Actually, I have. It was while I was driving from work but I knew I couldn't make it home in time to pee. So I stopped at a drug store and went into the bathroom. It was dim in there and I made a beeline to a stall. I rushed and pulled my pants down and hovered over the toilet and started my pee. It wasn't until a few seconds later that another person came in, and then started peeing with no stall door closing... and the way the pee sounded... I realized I was in the men's room. I waited until the guy left and slipped away without anyone noticing!
  2. I’m not sure, but when i’ve had to do a ultrasound I had to drink around 30 ounces. But the thing is that you also have to start drink it all and then hold it for an hour.
  3. Love pee dreams, I have them at least once a month. My most recent one was that I working in an office and there was a room that everyone would use to pee. Just pick a spot on the carpet and pee. In my dream I sat back in my squat and sprayed half the room. If only, haha.
  4. Update: I haven't seen this friend much since she's been busy with her baby and all, but we did hang out a couple weeks ago. It was shopping late at night before christmas, and I was very desperate for a pee after leaving the store (didn't really want to go in the bathroom at target that late, that particular store is usually very dirty anyway). I took my risks and we got out to her car and she started to put stuff away and I said how I had to pee but don't think I could hold it to get back to her place. She then asked if I was going to pee now in the parking lot like how I pee other places an
  5. I do like an audience, but only when I know it's a safe situation and I've planned it. Usually I go for sneaky pees. Part of the thrill for me is sneaking and doing it and not getting caught.
  6. I've been public peeing for most of my life, so I agree with it, and don't mind if I saw someone else doing it too. I don't ever making it glaringly obvious I'm pissing -- not like I'm in the line at starbucks and push my pants and down and squat right there lol -- but I make it more discreet, like in a corner away from others or in a seat if inside, and if outside I sit in the grass/dirt and scoot my pants down enough to put my pussy out, or behind a building or in a parking lot or something. I have wet a few times more freely indoors but I just pissed my pants (it looking like a true acciden
  7. I have a few times. When I was a kid, me and my friend would do naughty pees in her room all the time (under her bed, in her bed, in her closet carpet…). I hardly ever used the toilet at her house, whenever I’d have a sleepover and have to pee in the middle of the night I would just slide off my pants and underwear and find a place to go. As an adult I’ve done it a few times, but I am aware of how likely I am to be caught or if I don’t want to make their things pee-soaked lol. I’ve done it at parties where I’d be more anonymous. One time though I was at a friend’s house and she was in the
  8. I have peed a lot in public places but two occurrences come to mind for me. One is more public - one where there are more people technically but not as obvious, and one where there's less people but more risky to be caught. The first was at a water park. I didn't bother using the toilet all day because why bother with public restrooms that are busy and dirty, and also I hate having to keep taking on and off a wet swimsuit. So I just peed through it all day. I stood under a thing that dumped water on top of people and happily pissed away and nobody was none the wiser, peed while swimming i
  9. Hello and welcome! I also have the fantasy of someone pissing in and filling my pussy with pee, it gets me wet just thinking of it
  10. I felt the same when I used to pee in the house when I lived at home! An extra rush of the "naughty" of it. Glad that you found a way to pee in the chair when at home. One of my favorite places to pee now is a chair directly into the cushion with it pressed up against my pussy. If you're interested in cleaning the cushion there are some small cleaners you can buy or pet pee cleaner. Works great (I know from experience, haha)
  11. For real! Freedom to piss anywhere they please! I would gladly help any pregnant person with their pees. Including wetting myself to make them feel not so alone, lol we'll see! she knows I'm kind of 'anything goes' in other ways sexually, so it can lead into it...maybe one day!
  12. Update: Had another incident with my friend last week. She was driving on the highway and she was hit with the "omg i have to pee NOW" feeling. Since the last peeing moment we had together she's been very open about peeing and needing to pee, as have I. If it had been my car we were driving I would have told her just to piss the seat, but i don't think she would have gone for that in her car. So I suggested we pull over and go outside -- there weren't too many people on the road. She did pull over and then went around on the other side of the car where I was. I opened my door and got out too a
  13. the first pee porn type website I looked at were communities on livejournal, haha. there were some "wetting" clothes communities where people posted about wetting their pants on purpose
  14. Awesome video. A great skill. I've yet to be with someone who can pee while hard (or, who I've ventured to ask if they could), but I hope one day I will so they can pee inside my pussy.
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