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  1. Friend -- I'll call her H -- is now very pregnant, more so than her first one since she got pregnant again so quickly after her first. This meaning her bladder is very reactive. Almost every time we are on the phone for a long chat she pees while we're talking, and it's always on speaker (mostly so she can have both hands free but also I think it's so I can hear it better lol), and when we've been out there are some times where she has urgency and has to find a bathroom right away. When we go out I drink a lot so I can have a pee with her at the same time in the bathroom and I go in the stall
  2. Oh I haven’t actually done that, just meant it would be a fun idea haha
  3. Last place I peed was just a few minutes ago into the cushion of my computer chair. Was reading things on here and getting turned on and had to pee, so I wet through my underwear
  4. haha thank you! I am proud of my bladder capacity. Honestly I’ve been practicing this childhood, around age 5-6. I would hold because I didn’t like going in public but also it felt ‘fun’ in a way I couldn’t describe. When I a little older and more curious I started measuring it in cups and stuff - I’d sneak plastic cups into the bathroom and fill them up and dump them in the toilet. I had a friend and I who would also do holding challenges and see who go longest without peeing. In high school I refused to pee during the day in the toilets so I would be holding from around 7am - 4pm witho
  5. usually it’s either 19 or 20. defintely 19 when I’m on my period. i used to be a 9 - the least amount of clothing without it being a bra, but then started sleeping topless a few years ago and not going back
  6. the most I’ve measured from a desperate hold was around 1.3L. I can often hold over 1L. I get desperate around 800ml. Although a few times I think I’ve done more when I do holds and I get beyond my limit and leak and let out spurts on accident. When I manage to get my measuring cup under my pussy it gets to be around 1L.
  7. Movie theaters are one of my favorite places to do some naughty peeing. It’s fun but also convenient to not have to get up and miss the movie to pee. Usually I cant last any movie without needing to pee during it. I drink things during it but also I think I have it in my mind that I ‘need’ to hold my pee so it makes my body want to pee more lol I do take into account who I’m with and the theater if I piss in the seat or the floor. If i’m with people I absolutely do not want to know of my pee habits I clench down and hold. Also if its theater with more monitoring. I am amazing at holding
  8. ooooh that makes sense. I mean I guess someone could want to empty their glove box to be their toilet but like you I have mine crammed with stuff lol
  9. doing my part to encourage other people to naughty piss - if not for fetish but for usefulness! when I was growing up I would pee into plush things all the time (myself and with friends) such as pillows, so after one week of getting annoyed of having to leave my room to pee and then usually having to wait I wanted to continue my habit. also I was too addicted to peeing like that hah. So I thought of what would be the best thing to pee in. A couple friends knew my pee habits and so i would leave it, but if others ever came over I would put it under my bed. and then lots of fabreeze to c
  10. Yeah I’m in the driver seat when I do it. but pissing into the glove box is another option!
  11. I also did peeing in towels as some as my early pee fun. Folded it long ways and pressed against my slit and let little spurts of pee out. That's when I started doing laundry being "so helpful..." lol. Now I still do this for fun, peeing into the towels directly. I like to see how much I can soak it one piss. I did it once in a sauna not long ago too. Sat on a bunched up a towel against my pussy in a changing room and unleashed my bladder into it. It was dripping wet when done. I put it in the laundry basket with the others and then tossed a dry one on top of it.
  12. I change places for both purposes that I'm less likely to be noticed, also it spreads my pee around more I do drink more than usual at waterparks / spa to stay hydrated, put it doesn't really make me pee more than usual due to my body keeping up with said hydration. Unless I flood myself water/alcohol then there's more pee lol. Definitely a lot of fun to be free-peeing through my swimsuit where ever needed.
  13. It's not directly into the seats so it's not the best but if you put down a pee pad cover and then some absorbent towels over it, it contains a pee pretty well. I do that and as long as I don't let it all out in flood at once it doesn't get into the seats. Do your pee in spurts and let it soak into the towel, repeat.
  14. I did a lot of naughty peeing in college by both necessary and for fun. My first three semesters I was in one of the cheap dorms, that have shared bathrooms for several people. I was in one section that had 5 dorm rooms for girls and in the section there was a bathroom that had 2 stalls with 2 sinks and 1 shower. As you can imagine it led to them being often occupied. Not only that, they were a distance away from the rooms when it's the middle of the night and you've got to pee. So in my dorm room I did a lot of peeing haha. I got one of those plush dog beds and I'd pee in that at night when I
  15. Mostly what I watch is pee porn. Favorite is naughty peeing, desperation and then wetting, golden showers, etc. But I also look at lesbian porn and women masturbating solo too
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