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    Seeing women pee like men!
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  1. Don't need a dick to do that.
  2. EVERYTHING in the movies is fake. You didn't think they'd actually use real urine, did you?
  3. What I would do to be able to hold a girl's pussy and aim it while she stands there peeing! However a woman feels holding/aiming a peeing dick, multiply that by TEN.
  4. Walking around your yard on a hot day, let a little bit out at a time as it evaporates. Eventually it all comes out and no one will notice. For women, a urinal just the way guys do it. Totally private in a single use restroom or portable toilet. Going in a crowded men's room is even better!
  5. Probably more people than not pee in public pools. So you were FAR from alone in your venture.
  6. It's super-hot! And anyone that thinks it's weird are weird themself.
  7. It's all about keeping your lips out of the way. ALL women have the same stream as men, on the inside. Once past the lips, there's nothing else in the way of a perfect stream!
  8. Exactly. Other than the labia, men and women have the same pee opening. Simply moving the lips out of the way will produce the same clean stream as a man.
  9. That's right. What good is it if ya can't lick it off a pussy....
  10. Don't know how to delete this double post, so guess I have to post something in its place.
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