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  1. I prefer standing up, I do get a kick out of pissing like that, aiming forward in an arc. I’ve been practicing and getting the hang of it now, it does feel naughtier and sexier than peeing while squatting or sitting. Also the way I have to hold my lips open to do it feels quite good in itself, particularly if it’s outside and I can feel the fresh air on my pussy.
  2. There’s a new Netflix show out called ‘How to Build a Sex Room’, it’s all very BDSM centred but in episode 4 they have a polyamourous group and one of the girls talks a bit about wanting to be pissed on and wants the bathroom to be designed with that in mind! I love the idea of a properly designed sex wet room!!
  3. I’d love to have a go in them too!
  4. Good question, I think Freddie first right at my clit, then Rose standing over me aiming over my tits while I play with her pussy as she pees.
  5. I’d love Freddie Flintoff to piss on me, I think he seems slightly kinky so would get into it. Found a brief video of him pissing while filming top gear and I must admit I did have a little rub to that! Female wise I think I’d chose Rose Matafeo, she also seems like she’d be up for some fun.
  6. Saw these on Reddit, apparently the windows aren’t tinted so you can see in as well as out!
  7. Gorgeous! Sun, cock and piss- perfect combo
  8. Oooh I’m liking this thread, ok the strangest situation I’ve had that has turned into sex. I’d been working all night with a colleague and it had been a crazily stressful night. Well we finally got to sit down in the early hours in a quiet office-there had been mild flirting beforehand but nothing major, but something about what we’d just been through together made the atmosphere super charged, anyway he ended up bending me forwards over a desk and we worked out our stress together. Next question, ever had sex in the same room as other people while they didn’t know what was happening
  9. Great video and great cock! thank you!
  10. Very sexy, perfect way to warm up a chilling day
  11. That is very sexy, nice thick cock and tasty looking piss 😋
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