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    I just like pee... Pee on me, pee on you... Whatever...

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    Just letting it go, no matter what your wearing.
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    When I go for really long rides on my bike, I usually wet myself as a go.... Feels great getting all soaked

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  1. So yeah.... Kinda new to this site, but I guess we are all here for the same reason. No need to feel any shame... For quite a few yaers I had this urge to piss myself, or to piss med bed... U know, wake up at night, and just let it go. And while I was living on my own I did manage to do so more than once. And to save my bed from beeing totally dammaged I started wrapping it in plastic. Huge plastic bags from my work, large enuf to cover the whole bed, and protect it from the masive streams of piss. Even found a bag that fittet the duvet inside. And with the bed cover back on a
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