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  1. I would have definitely stayed and watched too.Lucky guy!
  2. Yesterday,while out walking near to a bike trail,I peed in the woods for the first time in a while.I could feel the excitement rising as I unfastened my jeans.After a seconds pause,I began peeing.It felt amazing.I let my jeans slip down a bit and my underwear.I sprayed it around enjoying the feeling of peeing in nature.I couldn't resist having a play briefly,before composing myself and after pulling up my undies and Jeans,I stepped back onto the path.Boy did it feel good doing that.
  3. Well,it looks like I may have started something.I was viewing the webcam again the other night and in the same location as before.A couple were sitting drinking.After about 15 minutes or so,the man got up and stepped beneath a nearby tree.I presumed he was peeing.Shortly after,the woman got up and went to the same place.It was just possible to see her start to pull her jeans down.Although she was pretty much obscured by the tree,I could just make out movement.Then they both re-emerged,with the women adjusting her jeans.Then they were off to whereever they needed to be.These webcams are slowly becoming quite addictive.
  4. The cam I found was on You Tube -Mykolaiv Secure if that helps. Also Osonova.TV was another one I also discovered via You Tube. These are all live stream,but there are also some recorded footage too. Hope this helps.
  5. Recently I have discovered some live stream web cams from cities around the world in some interesting locations.The ones that I really like are live streaming from Ukraine.One particular city has various webcams and last night I was logged on to it and was watching the antics of 2 women who were clearly very drunk and sitting on a bench in a little courtyard.Local time was something like 1 am.There were also a couple of guys sitting opposite them.As I watched them drinking from a bottle my mind was racing,then it happened.One of the women staggered to the side of the bench and began to pull down her jeans.Unfortunately as she squatted down,she was just out of view,but I did catch a glimpse of her backside.The other woman made a feeble attempt to cover her from the 2 guys opposite.So there i was sitting at home watching this happening live. After what seemed like a good 45,seconds or so,the peeing woman came back into view and I saw her underwear before she pulled her jeans up.The 2 guys opposite seemed to be trying not to notice what was happening.Remember this was all happening in real time on a live stream.Whoever operates the cams would have some interesting footage.The quality of the cam is very good,with excellent night vision.I could even see splashes of pee on the ground.I continued watching until,the two women got up and disappeared off into the night.
  6. Yeah,she was pretty open about a lot of things.We had some 'interesting' chats at work.Had some good times outside work too.Sadly,I have not seen her in years.No idea where she is now.😕
  7. I also remember that this same girl,once peed behind some bushes at work.We were working in an area without toilets and she had to go.It was near a railway line,and when she came back she said "I hope no one saw me when a train went past" I did not see her pee,but it was good knowing what she was doing.
  8. A good number of years back at a previous workplace,myself and a female colleague who I got on well with, both happened to need to pee at the same time.We worked in the grounds of a University as part of a gardening team.The toilets were situated in the room where we had our breaks.This all happened during lunch break.There were about 4 stalls,which we all had to use.No seperate female and male toilets.I entered one stall and she went into the next door one.I remember her saying,is it a race? I wonder who will finish first? If I remember,i finished peeing before she did.I can't remember if i could hear much coming from her stall,but it was still very memorable.
  9. Went for a bit of a walk today.I didn't actually intend to pee,but as I walked my bladder told me it might need emptying.As the area was one I'm familiar with and has plenty of cover,with bushes and also a couple of old brick outhouses,I went behind that.I unzipped and sprayed some on the wall and the rest on the bushes,before zipping up again.I had to control my excitement,for now anyway.😏
  10. Nice.Looks like you had fun.
  11. Please give us an update on what happened.
  12. Thank you so much! I loved that you took the time to write that.That was exactly how I hoped it would be.You described it perfectly.

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