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    A couple of years back at a music festival a random woman peed right in front of me.Perfect view from behind.

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  1. I can almost picture your crazy dash from your car to the bathroom.Glad you made it.It must have been such a relief.Bet you couldn't have got those pants down any quicker.Roughly how long did you pee for?
  2. I remember as a kid.Probably around 6 or 7,I suddenly took the notion to pee in the bath.I should point out i was having a bath at the time.I was old enough to be left alone.Maybe I was feeling mischievous I don't know or curiousity got the better of me.I remember just holding my penis just above the water line and enjoying the feeling and seeing a yellowish stream cloud the water.I think I splashed the water around afterwards.I recall doing this several times during my childhood.I guess I've always been fascinated by pee and bodily functions.
  3. This morning I had been holding for a while in bed.When I got up,and headed to the Bathroom,peed just a tiny bit in the toilet,then turned on the shower.I still needed to release the rest.I got in and with my legs slightly apart began peeing up against the back of the shower,spraying the tiles for a good 20'seconds or so.It felt really good to let go.Some may have splashed back on my legs. When I'd finished showering,I was surprised that I still needed to let more go,so I peed into the toilet with both feet either side of the bowl and my knees slightly bent.
  4. Are there plenty of bushes to pee behind or do you just do it out in the open?
  5. Amazing.You sounded like you really needed to go.Bet you felt better afterwards.
  6. Like many people,i have been spending more time at home than normal in these Covid times.It has given me more time to explore the holding side of the fetish.Personally,I love the gradual build up.As it intensifies,I feel,somehow a pleasure in being uncomfortable and close to having an accident. Then there is the anticipation of letting go Releasing that pressure.The initial release is something I love.Especially if I've been holding for a while.Afterwards the feeling of relief is amazing.Depending on my mood thIs may lead to masturbation.
  7. I have masturbated while needing to pee.Often while still in bed in the morning.It does make for a very intense orgasm.I agree that you will soon need to pee,often more than you did before.
  8. That is true.It can sometimes go from a slight need to desperation very quickly with me.Depending on how much I 've had to drink.
  9. Hi.Tried to take a pic earlier of my morning relief.Didn't really work.Sorry.Relief was nice.but not as good as yesterday.
  10. Like Mother like Daughter eh? Great sighting and great description.I got hard just reading it. Not very often you get 2 for the price of 1.
  11. Update.Still in bed this morning.Starting to feel a little urgency.
  12. I tend not to make videos but do sometimes put pics up.No desperation this morning so far.😔
  13. Ok.That would be great.It is a particular kink of mine.
  14. Yesterday morning I was lying in bed and really needed to pee.I decided to hold for a bit.After about an hour,I was getting quite squirmy.I had to grab myself several times.Eventually my bladder told me it was time to empty.I got out of bed and walked very quickly to the bathroom.As soon as I pulled down the front of my boxers I started peeing.The relief was incredible.Mid pee,I pulled my boxers down to enjoy it more.I may have got some pee on them,but I didn't care.I must have peed for about 45 seconds or so.Very satisfying.I'm in bed now as I write this.Had a few drinks last night.Maybe I'll
  15. Great video.Shame you didn't have time to pull your trousers and pants right down.You looked and sounded really bursting lhough.
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