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    I consider myself to be open minded and easy going but it takes me a while to get to know people.

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    I love all aspects about pee.Naughty peeing,especially outdoors and when I'm very lucky seeing females peeing outdoors.Whether it may be because of lack of toilets or desperation.I love the privelage of catching them in an intimate act.
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    Last year at a music festival a woman peed right next to me giving me a perfect view of her heavy stream.It was amazing.

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  1. As far as i know,and I may be wrong,the reason Australia was allowed to enter was of it's liberal views.Also,i believe that if they were to have won it would not be held in Australia the following year.I heard somewhere that the popularity of the show was massive in Australia,as it was shown there and they wanted to be part of it.Again,I'm not certain on that one.It does seem very bizzare but I guess it adds to the quirky element.
  2. Nice.If I'd been anywhere near that window,I'd have looked.
  3. For those of you who aren't familiar with it.The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual 'music',and I use the word loosely,contest broadcast around Europe where countries compete against each other with their chosen national delegate.They each perform and then each country votes for each song on a points system followed by a public vote to decide the eventual winner.I should add for the past few years,bizarrely Australia have been allowed to compete.It has been going for a very long time and has become less about the songs and more about neighbouring countries voting for each other and political statements,in my own opinion. The latest instalment was broadcast,live from Tel Aviv,Israel last night,as they won the previous years contest and so had the right to host it.This caused controversy and protests before it even started because of the whole Palestein issue.There was even an on screen protest from the Icelandic entry,which was quickly jumped on by the host broadcasters.After all the increasingly bizzare performances,including an incredibly out of tune and frankly embarrassing interlude performance from none other than Madonna,the voting began. After what seemed like an entire lifetime,the eventual winner was revealed as The Netherlands who were tipped as favourites before the contest started.To me,it was an instantly forgettable song and already,will have been forgotten by many,including myself.Well done to the young male singer anyway.Unsurprisngly The United Kingdom,where I come from finished LAST!! Again a young guy who did his best,but stood no chance.Not just because of his singing,which was ok ,but as the final public vote proved Brexit clearly worked against us.Basically it was political I'm sure.So there you have it.If you didn't watch it,quite frankly you were one of the lucky ones. So...to sum up.Is it time for it to be scrapped,or should the big broadcasters such as the BBC stop ploughing money into it ,or just stop broadcasting it and leave the other European nations to it? I know it is meant to be a bit of fun and cheesy and an excuse to have a laugh(which we all need right now in this country anyway),but seriously has it gone too far from the original concept? Sorry for the long post,but I thought it would be interesting to get some views.Alternatively,if you never knew the thing existed,you do now! Thanks for reading.
  4. Yep.Nothing like seeing a girl with her knickers down,squatting and seeing that stream and a puddle forming.Even better when they don't seem to care who sees them.
  5. I think the most I've had in one night is 3!
  6. Wow.Thanks for sharing your sneaky pee outside.Love these pics,especially the one where your stream is showing in the light.Nice stripy panties too.
  7. Thanks for bumping that up.I remember reading it before and it got me feeling horny then as it has now.Wow,what a night you had seeing all those peeing girls.Wish I could have a night like that.
  8. Great sightings.I think I'll have to visit Brighton some time.Sounds like you got lucky that night.As you said,it was midweek.I imagine weekends must provide some good sightings.
  9. Rewdna


    Does the guy behind her have any idea what's going on?
  10. Rewdna


    Love a nice round ass.
  11. Thanks.Yeah it's true.Happily,I look on it now as another part of my life.I'm sure if those who made things bad for me back then,could see me now ,they would know it didn't hold me back.
  12. I just wondered if any of the girls on here have a specific routine when visiting the bathroom.Both before peeing and after(i.e. Wiping,flushing,etc.) Just curious.Hope to hear back from some of you.Thanks.
  13. I sadly have never married,but am well aware of the unpredictability of the human body.Whether it be male or female.As a young boy I suffered from bladder issues,which resulted in some cruel teasing and unhappy times.
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