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    I consider myself to be open minded and easy going but it takes me a while to get to know people.

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    I love all aspects about pee.Naughty peeing,especially outdoors and when I'm very lucky seeing females peeing outdoors.Whether it may be because of lack of toilets or desperation.I love the privelage of catching them in an intimate act.
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    Last year at a music festival a woman peed right next to me giving me a perfect view of her heavy stream.It was amazing.

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  1. Not technically'in front' of me,but once a long time ago I was home alone and looking out the window and saw a young girl walking home from school.She seemed to be walking strangely,then all of a sudden she stopped and with her legs slightly apart I saw a stream of pee coming down.She was wetting herself obviously unable to make it home,despite it being very close.After her accident she simply walked the final part to her house and went in.I wonder what happened next?
  2. Rewdna

    A question for all.

    Good for you!
  3. Rewdna

    A question for all.

    I can understand that.I hope however you overcome your fear sometime and are able to enjoy it more.May I ask what brought you to be in a forest in the dark?
  4. I may have posted this elsewhere.I was very young,about 6 or 7 and was playing in the woods with a girl of about the same age who must have needed to go quite a lot.There was an old shed and she would pull her trousers and pants down in there and pee into an old metal saucepan.This started my interest in peeing.I would empty the saucepan for her outside.I probably saw other boys peeing in front of me (other than in toilets),but can't remember the first time.
  5. Believe me,I wanted to.Hopefully next time.
  6. Rewdna

    A question for all.

    I had another one myself last night on the way home from my singing night.Stopped the car on the side of a dark road,hopped out and peed onto the grass verge.Cars were passing nearby which made it more daring.
  7. Oh yes.It felt great and I felt instantly aroused at what I was doing.
  8. Rewdna

    A question for all.

    That sounds so nice Sophie.Yes,I love walking in the countryside too.It also sounds as if you took your time to enjoy your relaxing pee.I like that.Thanks for sharing.
  9. Just now.Not because of a video,but because I just needed to.It's late Sunday night and I took a shower first and had a little play to get things going(semi hard).After drying off it's into my spare room which I like to use for these times.I'm naked and lying relaxed on the bed I slowly masturbate and tbh it feels so good.It takes me about 5 minutes to cum and when I do....ahhhhh! I will sleep well tonight. Goodnight.x
  10. Rewdna

    A question for all.

    When was the last time you peed outdoors,not because of desperation or lack of toilets,but because you were feeling naughty or horny.Don't hold back.
  11. I think I may have found a good spot outdoors to pee but will have to time it well as the area is popular with dog walkers.The area is on the edge of a wooded area not far from where I live.There are 2 old abandoned brick outhouses with bushes on 1 side.The furthest away one is where I peed today.Once I was sure I was well concealed I pulled my jeans and underwear down past my thighs.I was quite desperate to pee and because of the cold air I immediately started wetting the brickwork with my piss.I felt so good doing it with my cock and bum out.I pressed my cock up against the wall making a nice dark patch.If I could have taken pics I would but my phone isn't the best.When I'd finished peeing I wanted to masturbate so much but that will have to wait until next time.Hope you like this.
  12. Yes,remove clubs but keep live chat.
  13. I was at a meeting tonight and on arrival I bought a pint glass of coke from the bar(I was driving) to sip during the evening.At the end there was coffee on offer which I drank before leaving,so you can imagine how I was feeling by then.My drive home was good on a clear night,music playing and the need to pee growing ever stronger.Finally I pulled onto a quiet stretch of road and unable to wait any longer,stopped on the edge of a field.Turning the lights off,I jumped out,stood on the grass verge,whipped it out and began peeing a good strong stream in front of me.Oh it felt good! I was tempted to have more fun but couldn't risk it in case a car came past(that will probably come later).The relief was immense and I complete my journey home.I love peeing outside.
  14. Rewdna

    Let's get to know each other better :)

    Good idea this,so here goes. Male 49 from Scotland(seem to be a few of us on here which is good) Favourite Movies:Rainman the first 2 Crocodile Dundee movies,really enjoyed Stan and Ollie recently and some of the more recent Bond Movies Especially Skyfall TV: I'm a bit of a news junkie,also follow Politics.Docummentaries.Quizzes,music programmes(NOT X factor type stuff) and watching sport. Food: Like Chinese,enjoy eating out when I can.Can't beat a good steak if it's cooked right. Snacks:Crisps,chocolate. Hobbies:I sing with a local Barbershop chorus.Travel,music,Politics and going to watch my local football team(which can sometimes be frustrating) No Pets,but I did own a gorgeous Basset Hound for 14 years. Bands:A very wide range.Love live music and will give almost anything a listen except Jazz.Being Scottish I love bands such as The Proclaimers,Amy McDonald,KT Tunstall and 80's bands such as Deacon Blue. Favourite Holiday:My annual summer break and Christmas up to a point. Greatest Achievement:I would say that's a work in progress as I believe life is a bit of a journey. My typical day would be up,find out what's happening in the world,off to work,home, catch up with social media ,bit of TV,Maybe Netflix.Catch up with friends and family. Personalities I admire in friends are loyalty and the ability to put up with you no matter what and the willingness to listen and not judge.To be there for you when you need them even when you haven't seen them for ages.
  15. I was out last night.Went to a bar with live music.While there I used the toilets a couple of times.When the band finished I left and it wasn't long before the mix of cold air and alcohol got me needing to go again.I walked around for a while until I found a nice dark alley.I quickly unzipped,pulled my cock out and started peeing against some bins then turned and sprayed my piss around giving it a good soaking. I stayed in town a little while longer until it was time to get a taxi home.Again my bladder was filling up nicely.Once in the taxi,I could think of nothing more than peeing again.Luckily the journey was quick with none of the usual small talk.I was dropped off close to my house,but i didn't go straight in.Instead I walked very quickly,as by now I was desperate,to a grassy area with a building used as a changing room for football teams normally.There are houses nearby but they were all in darkness.I unzipped again and with a sigh of relief peed up against the building.I made a good wet patch on the wall.Then turned and sprayed the last few drops on the grass.Feeling relieved,I walked the short distance back to home.