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    Hey there. My name is Samantha but most call Sammi. I'm 26 years old and I'm from the midwest. More specifically from Boulder,Colorado. However, I currently live in Kentucky. I've been into wetting ever since middle school. Its one of things that makes me happy besides cars, gaming, and sports. I grew up playing soccer and did all the way thru college. I currently work for big retail as my day job. I also have an interest in cars and working on them.

    Anyways, more about why I'm on here. I absolutely love holding. I usually try to do a big one once every few months and several smaller ones in between them. I don't want to put my body at risk for permanent damage for a few minutes of pleasure. But when I do, It. Is. Perfect. Its kinda like my drug haha.

    Feel free to message me anytime. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can as I'll probably be one here quite often.



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    When I peed myself with my wife in front of a Starbucks. We were traveling and I really, really had to go and lost it as soon as we found a place to pull off. Thank god for skirts or I’d been mortified. (I’m lesbian)

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  1. I’ll probably be a scene kid for life too haha. And I’m sure. She was probably taken back by the fact that a teenager was about to have an accident on the bus. I have no clue haha. I only rode the bus for a few more weeks before school ended. Then our routes got changed so I never saw her again. But she was an angel. Always so caring for everyone on her bus even if they were just tagging along with a friend.
  2. My next challenge is to do something very similar but in leggings. I’ve considered a secluded trail or hike a few hours away. But I’m not for sure I’m that yet. And no, I planned it pretty good shockingly so there wasn’t any extra pees afterwards. And the smile was thankfully hidden by my mask but let me tell you, I couldn’t quit smiling all night.
  3. Let me preface by saying how much of a chicken I am doing anything omo related in public. I never in my life would’ve dreamed I’d actually do this. But thanks to the few others who have shared their stories and the messages of courage, I did it! Here’s what happened: It was a Sunday like any other. Half day at work then usually free by early afternoon. I had no idea what I was going to do but I had a few ideas. Nothing crazy except one. Go to the park and have an “accident”. That was a no brainer decision. I left work and headed home to find my new flowy summer dress and a very old p
  4. So this story happened over ten years ago. Circa 2009. I was a mere freshman in high school. This was probably a defining moment for me in Omo journey but I didn’t realize it at the time. If I recall correctly, I was wearing a long skirt, a t shirt, and my chuck taylor low tops. The typical ‘scene’ kid outfit of that time. The day was like any other. Normal routine at school. Last period of the day was PE. I always got two waters at the end of class to sip on for the hour and half ride home from school. (We lived in BFE so it took the bus forever to get mw home. Also, I was last st
  5. 1. Probably at the fair with my ex bf. Line was at least 40 people in front of me and easily 20 behind me. 2. Same as 1
  6. Ally rolled over and hit snooze for the 3rd time. She didn’t have anywhere to be that day so she decided to sleep in and break her 6am workout routine. She had been good about keeping it for so long but had decided today was a rest day. She had also be strongly considering going shopping and doing another hold like she did not too long ago. Still reeling from the damage her Ex had caused her mentally, she wasn’t sure she could. But she wanted to try. It was something she really enjoyed doing and wanted to try it again, mostly on her own. Her last hold had escalated rather quickly
  7. Generally no. I usually work evenings and and it’s not too busy so I don’t end up drinking much. Most nights I never feel a need to go or if I do, it’s when we’re locking up so I just hold it until home.
  8. This story isn’t very long but I thought it was funny and you all might enjoy it. So I work in a pretty small shop in a shopping center. Usually just me (supervisor) and another associate (cashier). We have an employee bathroom and a customer bathroom. It was a pretty busy day but not too crazy. I was working with Kelly. (For her privacy that’s not her real name.) She was a rather slender girl with brownish blond hair. Today she had it in a braid. She seemed like she was very energetic the entire shift but any time I’d ask her about it, she would dodge the question. She also seemed kinda
  9. This is not my story. Just one I found a few years ago. I’ll post the link and the story. The original website it was on had quite a few good stories in the comments as well. Hope you guys enjoy. https://medium.com/@jordinjames/the-single-most-embarrassing-thing-ive-done-in-my-entire-adult-life-aa7082f3bf25 Last week I did something that will haunt me for years to come. It’s one of those things I reeeeally hope my future kids never find out about, because they’ll never let me live it down. This embarrassing incident left me asking two questions: Am I even an adult ri
  10. Welcome! Hope you’ll enjoy it here! Everyone is super relaxed and friendly so if you have any questions, just reach out!
  11. I feel bad for her honestly. Imagine having to go pee so bad you could get fined for having an accident. Wonder what the response would’ve been if she peed her pants?
  12. Very good account Lexi! Hope to here more stories soon!
  13. I wish I could say I regularly wet myself. Up until this past week I haven’t had the time to even do a planned hold. I would say my preference is outside but all I can do currently is inside once every few months if I’m lucky. There’s just less mess to clean up outside.
  14. I wouldn’t say it’s that you didn’t drink enough but more so that you probably weren’t fully hydrated which is most likely where most of the liquids went. But if you were hydrated then I have no idea! But I too have had that moment where you expect an ocean and only get a rain drop. This is very good story and it sucks that you weren’t truly happy with it though. Back when I first got into wetting, there were a few times where I thought I drank enough to get desperate super quick but after an hour only felt a slight urge. It really bummed me out that the event I had planned so care
  15. I have to as well but that won't be until much later this evening.
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