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    Hey there. My name is Samantha but most call Sammi. I'm 26 years old and I'm from the midwest. More specifically from Boulder,Colorado. However, I currently live in Kentucky. I've been into wetting ever since middle school. Its one of things that makes me happy besides cars, gaming, and sports. I grew up playing soccer and did all the way thru college. I currently work for big retail as my day job. I also have an interest in cars and working on them.

    Anyways, more about why I'm on here. I absolutely love holding. I usually try to do a big one once every few months and several smaller ones in between them. I don't want to put my body at risk for permanent damage for a few minutes of pleasure. But when I do, It. Is. Perfect. Its kinda like my drug haha.

    Feel free to message me anytime. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can as I'll probably be one here quite often.



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    When I peed myself with my wife in front of a Starbucks. We were traveling and I really, really had to go and lost it as soon as we found a place to pull off. Thank god for skirts or I’d been mortified. (I’m lesbian)

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  1. It sounds like she has some killer self control because if I were, I probably would've had to excuse myself to the ladies room at the hour mark haha. Thanks for the share.
  2. Wow! You’re so lucky to have a relationship like that! My wife doesn’t mind it but I don’t think she’d do anything of the sort with me unless I asked her too. Also, that poor sink haha
  3. So after re-reading, there were so many grammatical errors. I apologize haha I just copy and pasted this without editing it further. I wrote it originally in 2015 sooooo If anything, it solidified my interest hehe
  4. Desperation and wetting, Public. This happened a quite few years back. I was a sophmore in High School. I had just turned 18. It happened at the mall after school. I was wearing khaki pants, a white hoodie, black shoes and white socks, And I think green panties as well.So here we go. It was a typical day at school. I had P.E. 5th period and we had to run our mile for our fitness test. Anyways, I ran it in about 7 and half minutes. As soon as I finished, I drank a bottle of water really fast. I didn't think about how fast I had drank it. I grabbed another to take with me to 6th period. Last class of the day. About half way through, I noticed I had to pee and I had already drank the other bottle by now. 'Oh boy, here we go.' I tried to ignore it to see how strong the urge was. It kept building fast and by that point I knew what it was from. If I went now, it'd help me only now. I still had a 30 minute drive home and I decided to keep holding. I was going to go right as class dismissed. About 5 minutes left in class, I was getting desperate. I kept staring at the clock. My bladder felt like it was going to explode. I was sitting straight up and my legs were glued together. Finally the bell rang and I made a dash for the bathroom. On the way, I ran into one of my BFFs. We were both going to the bathroom. But like usual, their was a line. At this point, I was doing everything in power to hold back the pending flood. One hand in my crotch and doing a constant pee dance. Finally, a stall opened up I ran in and practically ripped my pants trying to go. I pulled my panties down and practically starting peeing before I was sitting down all the way. The stream was so long and loud thatmy friend said, "You really had to go didn't you?" "You have no idea Lindsey. I hadn't been all day and I had drank way too much water." She laughed at me. "I don't think you'd made it you waited any longer." I just nodded. Lindsey had asked if I wanted to go to the mall. I agreed, forgetting how much I had drank earlier that day. I remembered as we pulled into the mall. I had to pee again. Not even 15 minutes later. I really did drink a lot then. When we walked in, I told Lindsey I had to pee again and we headed towards the restrooms. The ones by where we had entered were out of order, so we walked to the other side of themall to use those. They were open thankfully. Lindsey and I both emptied our bladders one more time before we started shopping. Our first stop was Starbucks. I got a large vanilla iced coffee as didshe. I drank mine rather fast. It was gone by the time we had finished looking in the first store. Lindsey had finished hers not long after. The coffee had made me thirstier though. I asked if we could go get a drink before we went to our next store. We stopped at the food court and both got a largeice water. Our next store was Victoria's Secret and it was where I needed to go. I wanted to pick up a few more pairs of underwear, a few bras, some pants and maybe another hoodie. Oh, and some perfume too. As we shopped, we both kept drinking. And I could tell I had to pee again. But it wasn't bad yet. So I kept shopping. Finally, I had everything I wanted. We walked to the check out line. "Oh man, this line needs to hurry up. I have to go pee really bad." I said. Lindsey just shot a glare at me. "You always have to pee." "I'm sorry I drank so much. But I don't see how you don't. You drank way more than me." "Oh I do, but I'm trying to wait until we're finished shopping." said Lindsey. I was standing still with my legs crossed. Lindsey was right behind. I could tell she was desperate. She kept fidgeting and shifting her weight. The cashier had finally finished checking us out and we both decided to head to the bathrooms. I was super desperate and walking really fast but Lindsey was holding me up. She kept stopping every minute or so to cross her legs and moan about her situation.I don't think she cared she was making it so much worse for me. I tried to tell her to stop but she said she couldn't help it and she was really sorry. Finally, we turned the corners to the bathroom. And bam. Closed for maintenance. I almost lost it then. The door was propped open and I asked, "Can we come in? We really have to go!" "It'll be just a minute more and then I'm done." replied a older sounding male voice. "Please hurry, we can't wait much longer." "Listen here," said Lindsey, "If you don't let me in their right now, You're going to have to clean the mess I'm about to make out here!" "Okay, I'm done." I was standing in front of Lindsey and as soon as she saw the guy come out, she pushed me to thewall and ran inside. She threw me off balance an startled me and it caused me to leak a little. I forcefully regained control but I couldn't move. I had to go so badly I wanted to cry. I had one hand in between my crossed legs and I still felt like it wasn't enough. By now, their was a few other girls whoalso needed to pee who were behind me. "Hey Blondie, get out of the way! Other people have to go too!" said a young girl and she too pushed me out of the way. I couldn't control it that time.I lost it. In front of the other girls and that creepy maintenance guy. I sighed in relief and tilted my head back because if felt so good. As soon as I opened my eyes and saw were I was still, my whole face turned red pretty much. My pants were soaked front and back. The pee had ran down both my legs, into my shoes and socks, had overflowed out of my socks, and had started making a puddle bythem selves. There was an older woman watching, probably the mom of the girl who pushed me. She came over and hugged me gave me her jacket to wrap around my waist. I stood their with tears streaming down my face. I had never been soashamed of myself before. By now Lindsey had walked and was trying to comfort me as well. My pants were drenched. My shoes and socks probably ruined. And my pride was gone. I felt like a child. I finally regained myself enough to walk back to Lindsey's car and have her take me home. She didn't say a word for the first few minutes until she finally said, "I'm so sorry Samantha. I shouldn't have pushed you out of my way and it should be me who is drenched with pee. That was super selfish and I'm so sorry. Pleasedon't hate me forever." I just glared at her and didn't say a thing. We pulled up to my house and she asked if could come in. I agreed. We hung out for the rest of the evening until she wanted to go home. About 20 minutes later she texted me and said she felt awful and didn't want to go pee around me and she'd don anything to make it up to me. I replied,"So pee your pants then." I didn't get a response for sometime and I didn't expect to. But after 30 minutes I got a MMS from here. She took a selfie after she had peed herself while she was wearingher soaked pants. I just texted her and said. "wow." Ever since then, we've been best of friends and although she never said it, I feel like she enjoyed that day a whole lot than she lead on. I'm tempted to ask her but I don't want seem weird. Bu I hope you guys enjoyed and thanks for reading!
  5. This story is from June, 2020. It involves public desperation and wetting. Enjoy! So, I wanted to do a hold the other day driving home from work but things happened and I ended up not being in the position to. So I decided to do a hold while getting my weekly groceries today. Here’s the story. This is bad. I have to pee so bad I’m shaking. The cashier is taking forever. I feel like I’m gonna have an accident in line. I can’t do a pee dance or anything to help with the relief. All I can do is shift my weight. I’m standing with my legs together. It’s helping but I don’t have much longer left. My bladder hurts. Finally the total. $112.71 Thank god. I hurriedly slid my card thru the reader. Approved. I grabbed my last bag and made a bee line for the car. It was only a 5 minute drive home and I knew I could make it. Sitting helps me hold back the flood. I just had to load my groceries without peeing. Every step towards the car hurt. My bladder wasscreaming. I severely miscalculated my own capacity. The large coffee and water was taking its toll. I could feel the pee inching its way out myurethra. I finally made it to the car. I loaded my groceries as quickly as I could. A jolt of pee managed to shoot out as I put the last bag away. Ilet out a small moan as I tried to clench myself even harder. I didn’t dare try to grab myself in public. I going control and hopped in the car and headed for home. Thankfully, it was early morning still andlittle traffic was out. During the drive, my right hand was gripping the wheel and the left was forcing the flood in. I REALLY didn’t want to piss in my brand new car. I’d never forgive myself. Another leak. Not big but my grey leggings were getting wet quickly. I finally pulled into my driveway. I parked, three both my hands into my crotch, took a deep breath, andbolted for the door. Another leak escaped as I leaped out of the car. I ran to the door as carefully as I could withoutexploding on my front lawn. My neighbor was doing yard work and that’s all I needed to happen. Pee myself in front of the neighbors. I fumbled with the keys momentarily but quickly got the door opened. I leaked again as the front door opened. I stood in place, using every ounce of strength to hold it in just a little longer. My legs were locked together as I bent at the waist. It worked. The leak stopped after just a few seconds but my pants were definitely soaked. I darted to the toilet. Relief was a few feet awaynow. My leggings were now pretty well soaked. I was leaking every few seconds now. But it didn’t matter. I was in front of the toilet now. I ripped myleggings and panties down as quick as ever, and peed. I must’ve peed for almost 2 minutes. I sighed for at least half that. My body was trembling. I was still sweating. My hair was drenched. I slowly stood up and pulled my leggings back up, just to remember they were soaking wet. I had to get my groceries still. I said “Fuck it.” and wrapped an old towel around my waist. It covered almost all of the damage. I got my groceries and came in and showered. I was proud but disappointed in myself. I thought I knew my limits better. But that’s the pointof exercises like these, to find my true limits.
  6. So does it ever get better or am I just doomed to pee every 30 minutes?
  7. Shoot. I’ve got an app that tells me how much to drink and it’s like 148oz or something like that. I’m on day 3 so far and I feel so much better but I’m peeing like 2-3 times an hour.
  8. Such a good story! I’ve done that too before. Shopping with a full bladder actually has saved me money as I don’t get as distracted walking the aisles hahah. Did you do it intentionally or was it accidental?
  9. I’ve been doing it for 2 days so far and I feel great. Tomorrow is my first day doing it at work though so I’m hopeful it doesn’t kill me(I’ll be the only one for 4 hours so). I’ve been peeing tons already at around 145oz a day. I’m willing to bet at least 100oz comes back out. So I’m not too worried if I don’t hit my goal but I’d like to hit 2/3rds at least.
  10. It would take some warming up to the idea as I’ve never been particularly interested in the diaper aspect of it but I definitely wouldn’t shoot her down by any means. I’m pretty open to new stuff anyways so this wouldn’t really bother me.
  11. So, how many people here track their daily water intake? I’ve recently been doing mine to try and start getting healthier and lose some weight. Anyone else do the same? and of course, does anyone do it for the sensation it gives off?
  12. It could have some affect. I’m 99% what got me into though was myself being quite desperate many time throughout school and seeing others as well. I’m sure that had an impact to some degree but it’s not really a memory that sticks out to me when I think of what started this for me haha
  13. Men’s room at work when the women’s was closed. It was that or pee everywhere. My bladder was NOT waiting. One of my childhood best friends though decided to pee all over the principals desk in middle school. She stayed late with us after school for tennis tryouts. Well, her and the principal HATED each other and one our other friends dared her to pee in her office thinking she wouldn’t do it. Well, she did it. On the desk. And her office chair. It was epic to watch. (This was prior to me discovering this stuff turned me on)
  14. I keep a towel in the back seat for when I go places my dogs. That would've been under me if I was fearful I couldn't make it. I live in the city and I WILL NOT expose myself to hundreds of drivers haha. I'd rather suffer and leak into a towel if I couldn't make it.
  15. So I've been working from home part time and part time at a pet store. Well, today we had a mandatory conference. I've been in a mood all week so I figured I would do a small hold to make the time pass. The conference was for the pet store regarding holiday hours, work flow, and of course new COVID rules. Just a bunch of stuff I've heard a hundred times before. The estimated time was no longer than 30 minutes. At that point, why even drive in for it? Anyways, I left about 30 minutes before so I could stop and get a large Cherry Limeade from Sonic. I sat in the drive thru and contemplated eating lunch as well. The food would impede the liquids progress to my bladder and I probably won't feel anything from it. At the last second, I ordered 2 of the large cherry drinks to satisfy myself. The sonic was about a 10 minute drive from the store. Just enough time to hopefully down one WITHOUT giving myself or body brain freeze. I had may final sip right as I pulled in. I gathered my belongings and headed inside. Once I was inside, I realized I made a mistake. I was starting shiver and didn't bring a jacket. Dammit. As I sat there trying to hide my dire shivering, the conference began. Just a zoom call from corporate that we had to watch and take a quiz on at the end. Twenty minutes in and I still didn't feel a thing in my bladder. I was almost halfway thru my second one at this point. I wasn't feeling anything. Even remotely. I was mad but also confused. Why? That was over 48oz of Cherry Limeade in me! Right as the meeting was coming to close, I started to feel a slight tingle in bladder. Ahhh, there's what I've been waiting on I thought to myself. We began on the Ten question quiz which I promptly aced. I started too gather my things when the store manager, (we will call her Tina.) approached me explain she hadn't been to lunch all day and was wondering if I could watch the store for 10 minutes while she ran next door to get a sandwich. I agreed, I mean its only 10 minutes. The pressure building inside me was growing rapidly. The 10 minutes had come and went. "Dammit, where is she?" I asked myself. She came bursting thru the door at the 15 minute mark. "They were so busy! I'm sorry that took so long! You can go home now, I've got it from here." stated Tina. I gathered my things again and headed to my car for the 15 minute drive home. As soon as I sat down, my bladder's pressure hit full force. I had to double over quick and stop a potential leak. "Whoa. This is gonna be a tough ride." I thought to myself. I considering going back in but I was afraid she'd put me to work. I bit my lip and drove off. About halfway home, the cherry limeade was hitting full force. I was driving with my thighs together praying I wouldn't leak on my nice leather seats. I was worried and very flustered. The only thing I could think about was getting from light to light and holding it in. Finally! I was at the light turning into my apartment complex. The light is notoriously long, especially if you're turning. Like 10 minutes long. And I was stuck behind one person who wasn't turning so I was stuck. Stuck with a pounding bladder. Stuck rocking back and forth in my car seat waiting. Finally! The light changed and I practically floored it thru the intersection. I came in flying thru the complex. I'm sure I'll get a notice to not speed tomorrow but oh well. I pulled into my spot and quickly turned off my car. As soon as I hopped out, its like the pressure inside me drastically decreased or I leaked. But I didn't feel anything escape and my undies felt dry still. I could still feel my fullness, but it didn't feel like an accident was going to happen now. I did a very fast walk to my apartment. The brisk 38 Degree air with a strong definitely didn't help the situation. It was maybe 100 feet from my car to my door but it felt like a mile with that wind AND a very full bladder. I fumbled with my keys for a second before finding the right one and running inside. My two dogs immediatly attacked me. I tried to dart past but it was no good. They cornered me and kept jumping on me. I finally escaped there joyfulness and darted into the bathroom. I didn't waste any time pulling my leggings off to pee. Once they were at my knees, I felt a leak escape as I fumbled with my panties. I said "To hell with this!" and plopped straight down on the side of the tub. The amount of force that shot out must've been immense because I couldn't even hear myself sighing with relief over it. I sat there, on the side of the tub, for a good minute or two awestruck at how great I felt. "I missed this so much!" I said to myself. I pulled my leggings off and tossed them on the floor. I twisted around on the rail and pulled my panties off. 100% SOAKING WET. I just smiled and tossed them into the dirty laundry bin. I rinsed off and headed to my office to share the experience with you all. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. It felt so good to do that again.

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