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    WS fan since forever. Married and wife will indulge me with a golden shower

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    Watching the pee gushing from a pussy
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    1 First time my wife peed on my cock.
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  1. Yes it has happened a few times. My wife has held my cock when i peed but i am afraid i was really very drunk. 😄
  2. That was fantastic. Great cock and excellent capacity. A lovely powerful stream which just keeps going. You really needed that (and so did I)!
  3. This morning i went out for some exercise. I didn't pee before i left because i thought i wouldn't need one. 45 minutes into my walk i thought that perhaps i needed to relieve myself and started to actively look for somewhere i could do the deed.It was a mostly residential area but there were big old warehouses not too far off. As i walked by the factories i noticed an old social club building that now stood on its own with all other buildings knocked down and landscaped with trees and bushes. This was best spot so seeing that no one was around i slipped up between the building and bushes and positioned myself facing the wall of the club. I slid my shorts and underwear down to my knees fully exposing my newly shaved cock and balls. One hand on my hip and the other leaning on the wall i was at a slight angle. My cock twitched and then a lovely strong stream of gold spurted out forming a good powerful stream which splashed onto the wall and ran down to the grass. That felt good and i let my bladder empty through by strong stream i was making. Just towards the end when i stopped and released two short splashes of pee i felt a breeze tickle my genitals and my cock slightly hardened with an erotic charge from the naughtiness of my actions. Quickly i moved from side to side shaking off and drops and then pulled up my shorts and stepped back onto the road leaving behind a lovely hot puddle of my golden water i had made running down the wall and forming a small pool at the concrete base of the building.
  4. Standing in the nude in front of the toilet this morning. I let my penis deflate from its morning wood and when i was semi hard i put my hands behind my head. I released and my pee poured out of my cock and crashed noisily into the toilet. After this hands free urination that lasted 51 seconds and shook by dangling member to rid of the last drops of pee and stepped away to wash my hands.
  5. Definitely love to see the whole process, the growing puddle, a strong stream, what her pussy looks, the position she takes when peeing, a sense of relief on her face. Similar when i see a guy pee but mostly the size of his cock and how powerful his stream is.
  6. Always love watering the plants so trees and bushes for me.
  7. I think that outdoors is best. On a cold day when the hot stream produces a cloud of steam too.
  8. HKR1

    Pee relief

    Always liked this one.
  9. Lots of times. One particular incident was at a quarry near I lived. Me and my friend Peter stood at the edge of the quarry, took out our cocks and had a contest as to who could pee the furthest.My stream won.
  10. I think it was from Fetlife.
  11. HKR1

    Just made it

    A favourite of mine. I thought i had more so i will dig around.
  12. The audio is absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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