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  1. Well mate I wish I'd seen this earlier--I've taken a hiatus and am now permanently in the US--but Fort Canning Park is absolutely still the way to go. I only moved recently, and before that I can promise you it's not difficult to get a sighting... Friday or Saturday night (more often Friday), around midnight to 2 am, Fort Canning Park (main road entrance, not mrt/playground entrance), and those are your magic ingredients. Combine them, show up, you should be able to feast your eyes on piss. Enjoy!
  2. This is a great idea! I've had vague thoughts about something like this for a while, awesome to see that someone else conceptualized it too. I've got a bit of experience with DnD (vanilla-ish) and I'd love to take part.
  3. I’d like to add that this post was partially inspired by @Starks2010 and his search for The Lot. Thanks, man.
  4. Well lads (and lasses)... I’ve done it! I’ve found the impossible. A place in Singapore where it’s possible to witness desperate women lowering their jeans or bunching up their skirts and letting it loose in a public area. So, a little bit of context: Singapore is a place where very few sightings occur, because a) the laws are so stringent, b) the girls have been brought up to be embarrassed about peeing in public and c) there are public toilets every few feet. How did I do this? Well, it was quite by accident. A few friends invited me out to a place called Fort Canning Park today (F
  5. What do you do with the used toilet paper after you wipe in the woods?
  6. In that case, what’s your process when peeing at home (in the toilet)? Like, do you sit down on the toilet, pee, wipe, flush and leave? Or do you forego the wipe?
  7. This makes a lot of sense — probably more than washing after you pee every time to be honest.
  8. I’ve recently been talking to some people, also into watersports, and at some point, the conversation turned to whether our peeing habits differed in public toilets as compared to at home — apparently, most of the women I was talking to only wash their hands after a pee in public toilets, and only when others are around. Conversely, the men tended to forego washing their hands in public toilets, regardless of the presence of others, but would wash after a pee at home. When I asked why, most of the answers by the men indicated it was because most of them peed into the sink for convenience at ho
  9. Even without the peeing (which is amazing), The Expanse is an incredible book series/TV series. Only ever read the books personally, but there are so many references and scenes regarding female characters peeing that I'd highly recommend it to all members of this forum of a literary bent.
  10. Specter


    Well I can't speak for others, since all I really know about the salaries of the two countries I've lived in (America and Singapore) is the amount my parents made/make in each -- I'm eighteen, so I don't work yet, but here you go (all values are in US dollars): We lived in Washington DC in America, and my father made around $850k-$900k a year from his job (dependent on bonuses, since he is a professional in private equity) and another $250k or so from property that we rent out. My mother was the Bureau Chief of a well-known newspaper (can't say which); she made roughly 450 grand a year an
  11. Stumbled across this while scrolling... I've always been pretty dominant even when it relates to piss, usually preferring to control a woman's hold and make her pee wherever I pick out, but this for some reason is awakening a whole different side of me. It surprises me to admit, but I'd LOVE if a woman or two vandalized my property with their piss and whatever else they felt like doing. It's just so... hot. Hell, I'm considering finding someone to do that for me irl haha.
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