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    I think the oddest quirk about me is that despite being female, I pee standing like a guy: directing the stream forward and away from my body instead of the approved sitting/squatting technique for women. I just prefer it this way. I am married to a very loving husband who doesn't mind indulging my fetish and seems to be turned on by watching me pee standing up. I enjoy watching both men and women relieving themselves. I don't really have a preference for one or the other!

    I'm not interested in personal chats. Just thought I'd make that clear.

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    Peeing standing as a woman. Peeing outdoors.
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    Quite a few, but being given a golden shower by my husband stands out. Also peeing in nature with him by my side.

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  1. If I knew the guy in question, then yes. I probably would have gone with him to find somewhere else to pee. Hoping that he'd be willing to go against a wall or somewhere and I would have the chance to pee next to him as we watched each other. Though, if I didn't know him, I probably wouldn't risk it. I love hearing about these sightings, BB. Maybe one day, I can make a pilgrimage to this particular town/city and see if I can see a chap hanging around close to the church, see a few male and female pissers and of course contribute to the water level myself! One thing that and I
  2. Not on my bottom and thighs, but sometimes it tapers towards my outer labia a little towards the end. My outer labia then gets wet with wee. In which case, I wipe it with paper. I never need to wipe when I stand because it mainly shoots forward, though I sometimes need a shake.
  3. I prefer to spread my labia and pee into the sink or the shower. It saves water too.
  4. All of the questions you have asked me have been asked and answered in the negative multiple times already.
  5. Eastern European accents - especially German, Dutch and Hungarian - are very attractive to me. I also have a foot fetish. My very attractive piano teacher, who I have mentioned a few times before, is Eastern European and likes to be barefoot at home. He also has a pretty relaxed attitude about where he puts his feet. Sometimes he even rests them on his piano! I can't help but wonder what they smell like and I never thought I'd be jealous of a sustain pedal! With his Eastern European accent, long hair and his feet out everywhere, I often have to really apply my concentration during
  6. @WantonLee The reason British English (I can't speak for American, Canadian, Australian or any other form, sorry) differs so much from its fellow Germanic languages is because of the Norman invasion. Technically, it is still a Germanic language since it evolved from the same group and some of the Germanic influences still survive. However, when the Normans took over, it was made law that all official documents had to be written in Latin or French. Not only did this alter English language beyond all recognition, it also wasn't good news for Celtic languages, though they have thankfully survived
  7. I only speak English - my mother tongue - fluently. I practise elements of Germanic languages for when we visit the Netherlands and Germany. I wouldn't say that I was a fluent speaker, but most German or Dutch speakers seem to understand me. I find Romance languages very difficult, though. I know a little French and I'm clueless with Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. I know a bit of Hebrew, though I find that easier to read snd write than speak. I also have a little Hungarian so I can chatter to my friend in his native language. Again, I'm certainly not fluent, but he understands.
  8. Touching streams is one of the best parts of peeing standing together. I hope Mrs Kupar keeps up the good work. Please keep practising and don't worry about any dribbling for now. I promise you it does get easier. 👍🏻
  9. Kicsit tudok magyarul. Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands. ועברית English is my main language, of course. Anyway, go look at my latest images!
  10. Can't get enough of Lagartija Nick by Bauhaus at the moment. I keep playing it on repeat.
  11. Slightly inebriated earlier, I noticed that the single loo at the micro brewery that Mr Eliminature and I were visiting had a queue outside it. I went around the back of the building to a small area with weeds and grass, lifted up my overcoat and sent a long, clear stream into the grass. Roughly a metre and a half in front of me. Much relieved, I went back into the micro brewery seating area. Mr Eliminature quipped: "In the words of Pete Townsend of The Who: I saw ya!" He didn't actually see me peeing, just looking at the queue, and leaving the area before coming back and using han
  12. Has Mrs K made any more attempts to stand and shoot? I hope so! If it means anything from a random person on the internet, I'm encouraging her!
  13. *blushes* That's quite funny! Laughing with you, not at you. ☺
  14. I love reading BB's and Alfresco's sightings! I fantasise about being caught watering down a wall or tree by a friendly urophile. It would be great if I was walking around this town/city (no idea where this is, by the way) looking for somewhere to release the beer I had drunk. Heading for the steps/subway that you talk about (I don't think I'd want to pee in the churchyard), lifting my black skirt/dress and positioning myself into the corner whilst BB was wandering around, looking for sightings. He catches sight of me - distinctive because I always wear black - and immediately becomes ar
  15. I can only speak for myself, but I do it. I don't sit to pee, except if I have to. Yes, I am a clitoris owner. A biological female. Like most boys, I would imagine, I learned outside to begin with before doing it in the loo. Though these days, I tend to use the sink to save water.
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