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    I think the oddest quirk about me is that despite being female, I pee standing like a guy: directing the stream forward and away from my body instead of the approved sitting/squatting technique for women. I just prefer it this way. I am married to a very loving husband who doesn't mind indulging my fetish and seems to be turned on by watching me pee standing up. I enjoy watching both men and women relieving themselves. I don't really have a preference for one or the other!

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    Peeing standing as a woman. Peeing outdoors.
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    Quite a few, but being given a golden shower by my husband stands out. Also peeing in nature with him by my side.

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  1. I got me some satisfaction here, you know what I mean? 😉
  2. This was a pint of beer and a diet cola, by the way.
  3. Me at the urinal in a pub. Yes, I'm wearing a Rolling Stones t shirt - I'm a huge fan!
  4. Definitely. More so since finding and joining this site. When out and about, I'm always looking for discreet corners that I could use or see someone else using. If I see people peeing in the street, I have to walk past and hope they can't tell that I'm turned on. Of course, during the evening, it's easier to try to join them, if you're an opportunist like that! I try to wear clothes that make peeing standing easier - though this isn't always possible. I've also adapted leggings to make a better fly for peeing in ao I don't have to pull them down. Dreading the colder months when it's trousers or nothing. I will have to lower those.
  5. Same. I can't understand why women's trousers generally are not made this way. When I get paid, I will purchase two more pairs of leggings and make a tutorial on how to make them yourself. Please understand that I'm by no means a professional seamstress. This is very much an amateur job, but it can help some ladies out there. And yes, you can use them for a discreet squat too.
  6. With all due respect, no it wouldn't. Why don't you just enjoy that privately? ☺
  7. Thank you @gldenwetgoose for your support, as always. ❤
  8. I do really want to upload a photo of me doing that at some point, it's just finding the opportunity to have my husband smuggle me into the gents'.
  9. Oh we weren't in the car. That would have been driving under the influence of alcohol and we'd never do that. We just walked into the parking garage after I said to my husband "I think I probably could go now."
  10. The member who is repeatedly asking questions of me (including ones that I have already previously addressed) without even bothering to engage with me as a person, don't bother any more. Your posts are hidden. I found your manner rude and demeaning - it was clear that that you were only asking questions, instead of talking to me, as a masturbatory aid. You don't just do it here, you've done it on other threads too. You know who you are. I absolutely don't mind being an inspiration for ejaculation, but I'm also a human being. Thankfully, the people who I regularly engage with on here bear that in mind and are polite. I thank you for that, and I'm very sorry you had to see me tell off one person in particular. I hope you enjoy my pics and I am happy to answer relevant questions as best I can.
  11. Thanks for the kind comments. Glad you liked it!
  12. The liquid was going through me, so we stopped in a parking garage and I watered a pillar. The cola finally worked through me. Also a photo of the puddle I made. I hope this makes up for the less than impressive performance earlier!
  13. I hope slapping it on the hard surface didn't hurt you. Lovely stream, anyway.
  14. This evening, I found this particular spot and used it myself. Unfortunately, despite half a bottle of red wine and two colas, I didn't seem to produce very much. Oh dear. Still, you can see a little bit of a stream that I released into the pee already there (peeing into someone else's pee is always a turn on). This also gives me the opportunity to show you my new leggings. I adapted two pairs of leggings into one to have a split crotch. Rather like the much vaunted but elusive Chickfly. I can now pee directly through the them without having to lower them.
  15. Both on a tree (several times) and outside in the city streets (again, several times).

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