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    I think the oddest quirk about me is that despite being female, I pee standing like a guy: directing the stream forward and away from my body instead of the approved sitting/squatting technique for women. I just prefer it this way. I am married to a very loving husband who doesn't mind indulging my fetish and seems to be turned on by watching me pee standing up. I enjoy watching both men and women relieving themselves. I don't really have a preference for one or the other!

    I'm not interested in personal chats. Just thought I'd make that clear.

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    Peeing standing as a woman. Peeing outdoors.
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    Quite a few, but being given a golden shower by my husband stands out. Also peeing in nature with him by my side.

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  1. I have to admit, at a festival like this, I'd probably go and use the gents' urinals. Most of the time, the worst you get is a sideways glance and Mr E is very used to me tagging along with him. Failing that, pee outside somewhere.
  2. In my opinion, I'd be less concerned about people peeing on the train if there is no lavatory and more worried that people might soil the train. Seeing others peeing and adding to it myself might be arousing and relieving, but the thought of coming across other people's solid matter really puts me off!! Sorry about that. I know scat is not allowed on this site, I'm not into it either. Though I have nothing against people who are. If people can stick solely to expelling liquid on a train with no loo, that would be great.
  3. Water that parched grass... Yeah! Nice circumcised cock. If you check out my thread in the Men Peeing section, it contains a photo of Mr Eliminature pissing onto some grass (uploaded with his permission). You'll notice that he is cut, too - rare in British men. Such a pretty sight, a shimmering stream pouring forth from a handsome cock. Give those Autumnal Fields a good watering! Unfortunately, my own stream, whilst I can shoot quite far, has never made it as far as Canada yet!
  4. Urrrgghh! Seats that won't stay up are so annoying - especially when you need both hands to direct the stream. I too tend to give up and pee with the seat down. I do wipe any drips with paper, though. If the seat stays upright, then I pee with the seat up like a man.
  5. I'm not really a red wine person - I'm very prone to headaches. Decent Spanish beer on the other hand! 🍺 I'll try just about any beer as long as it isn't weak and mass produced.
  6. I'd love to drink some Kölsch and use you as my urinal whilst you lay in the bath.
  7. Oh yeah! How does it feel? Liberating, I hope. I see you have the seat down too. Nice stream!
  8. My fantasy right now is to be caught peeing outside by a urophile. Maybe in a European mainland city - but an English city would do. After drinking plenty of English ale/German beer/Dutch beer/Czech lager, I find a discreet allleyway, car park, park or wherever, lift my skirt and aim a stream against the wall. Just as I get started, who should walk by but one of the longstanding members of this website (either male or female). When they see me, they come over to join me and we talk about our respective needs to pee: maybe they comment on my unusual posture. Our fluid flows together into
  9. Just my feet in fishnets and black nylons for anyone who wants them...
  10. How do you mean? Don't put my face online?
  11. Where did your mum take you for a wee? In my case, when we were out and about my gran would usually take me down an alleyway and hold me over a grate. Sometimes, depending on the location, she would hold me behind a tree or bush and encourage me to water it. As I became older and heavier, she would find more discreet areas for me to wee and she would pull my underwear down for me, push my hips forward with one hand in the small of my back whilst holding my underwear/tights out of the way with her other. Just like you'd do for a boy, really. Sometimes she held my skirt out of the way inst
  12. I remember how you spoke about this on the television appearance! And yes, who doesn't love peeing outside as a kid. I think it's where most people's urophilia springs from.
  13. Mr E and I have just arrived home from a few days city break. I had several outdoor pees whilst we were out and about - as did Mr E. The first evening, Mr E and I had arrived in the first city we were visiting and parked our vehicle in a multi storey car park. Next, as Mr E waited for Google Maps to co-operate on his phone, I took the opportunity to tuck myself between a green electrical junction box (thousands of these in the UK) and the wall and release a long spray of clear fluid through my modified leggings down the sloping street. It pooled behind the junction box and snaked down th
  14. Love reading about these sightings, Alfresco. I hope you added your own fluid to the town, too. Especially in the fountain. Mr E and I are headed up for a weekend break up in a city noted for its partying/boozing and outdoor peeing. I really hope a urophile catches me in the act...
  15. A Canadian environmental message. More funny than anything but the possibilities of open urination could provide many a masturbatory fantasy...
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