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    I think the oddest quirk about me is that despite being female, I pee standing like a guy: directing the stream forward and away from my body instead of the approved sitting/squatting technique for women. I just prefer it this way. I am married to a very loving husband who doesn't mind indulging my fetish and seems to be turned on by watching me pee standing up. I enjoy watching both men and women relieving themselves. I don't really have a preference for one or the other!

    I'm not interested in personal chats. Just thought I'd make that clear.

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    Peeing standing as a woman. Peeing outdoors.
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    My husband and I giving each other a golden shower in the bathroom then jumping into bed without drying off to make love, all wet.

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  1. When you see people - usually females - peeing in potentially dangerous or life threatening situations. For example peeing on railway lines or dangling her bottom over a precipice. It's just not right!
  2. Happens to all of us at least once, Bacardi. It's happened to me, more than once - though in my case it was epilepsy that did it! 😉 Try not to be upset by it. Luckily it wasn't in public! I doubt there's a single individual in this website who hasn't had at least one pee accident. ❤
  3. You know, I think that might be the first time I've mentioned my parents on this forum. 🤔 They do exist, I just don't tend to discuss them on here.
  4. LSE dropout turned blues musician? Are you talking about Jagger? *fans self* 😉 Though I don't think he was a dropout, actually. No, I'd never say "innit." My dad was quite strict with me with regards to what are known as glottal stops. I was never allowed to drop my Ts, and I never have. Conversely, whenever he and my mum ever visit Mr E and I (we live in different counties), I am forever correcting my dad's strong, Northern dialect way of speaking! For example, the Northern way of dropping the word "the" before a noun. The conversation could go like "Where can I park t'car?" Or "What ti
  5. Having seen your stream in the Men Peeing section, I can attest that it's more like a powerful, accurately aimed public fountain than a broken sprinkler! 😉 I wish I'd been a fly on the wall when that conversation was taking place - or the customer.
  6. I love peeing into other people's puddles, but I only want to stand.
  7. Oh boy! We'll miss you, darling. Hope the situation improves for you as soon as possible. Look forward to your return. xx 😘
  8. On the subject of male peeing, I've always enjoyed seeing the stream and the way it comes out of the urethra. Predictable? Maybe, but I've always liked to see it. On the few occasions I have pointed Mr E whilst he relieves his bladder, I liked the feel under my fingers of the pressure and heat of the urine flowing through the cock. I like seeing a man wet the surface he is peeing against by moving his cock or hips from side to side, too. Handsfree pees are sexy - it's nice seeing the cock bounce and twitch before the stream shoots out - and I always enjoy it when an adult man is daring enough
  9. Interestingly, many British women use the word "pants" to describe female underwear, just as they would with male underwear. I do get this; it's supposed to be a unisex, catch all term without sexual connotations. However, I just can't bring myself to call women's underwear "pants." It feels too much the opposite way - unsexy and mildly nauseating. I'm fine with the word "knickers," though. I tend to refer to underwear by style rather than dividing it into male/female garments. Boxers, briefs, French cut, g string, bloomies* etc. *bloomers are rarely worn nowadays, but I remember m
  10. Sadly not, Alfresco. We don't have iPhones. Just basic smartphones - quite old ones, too. We tend to keep our technology until it dies. Both to save money and because it's better for the environment. Rest assured, we'll try to get more photos this coming weekend. We did consider it last night, but frankly neither of us felt like standing outside in an electrical storm. 🌩
  11. "Dou I SOUUNND like Katherine Hepburn, Daaaahling??" 😉 I speak nothing like that in real life, though. I grew up in the North of England but I've lived in various towns/cities the Midlands all my adult life. There's little trace of my Northern accent or dialect now.
  12. If you enjoyed it, then that's great! I'm very glad for you. 🙂👍🏻
  13. Not just on this forum, I have a lot of American friends who I talk to online. British English is obviously what comes naturally to me, but I find when I'm speaking directly to an American friend, I will often use American terms to avoid confusion. It probably sounds jarring coming from me, though! I've been told that you can't help but read my posts in an English accent. 😆 Most British women I have heard talk about it really don't care for the word "panties" to refer to women's underwear. They say it sounds both over sexualised and infantilising; which to adult women, is very off puttin
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