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    I think the oddest quirk about me is that despite being female, I pee standing like a guy: directing the stream forward and away from my body instead of the approved sitting/squatting technique for women. I just prefer it this way. I am married to a very loving husband who doesn't mind indulging my fetish and seems to be turned on by watching me pee standing up. I enjoy watching both men and women relieving themselves. I don't really have a preference for one or the other!

    I'm not interested in personal chats. Just thought I'd make that clear.

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    Peeing standing as a woman. Peeing outdoors.
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    Quite a few, but being given a golden shower by my husband stands out. Also peeing in nature with him by my side.

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  1. Yes. As everyone else has said, it's probably for the best that you say nothing. For one thing, you would embarrass the client in question and for another, it could cause a rift between your two families. Or G-d forbid, you and Mrs Alfresco. You know that you didn't go looking for the images in question but it's probably not a good idea to bring it up. Some partners might see this as you being "psychology unfaithful" to them if you get what I'm saying. I know from the way you occasionally discuss Mrs Alfresco that you love her very much. No doubt at all about that. Nothing to stop you enjoying those images (if you wish to do so) in the privacy of your own mind, of course.
  2. To be fair, he isn't making much of an effort to hide, so I'm sure he doesn't mind! πŸ˜‰ Hard to resist not going over to join an open male pisser at a time like that!
  3. My personal preference would be in he grass. I like to go on greenery. If people are intrigued or turned on by the idea of seeing a woman (vulva owner), pee like a man (penis toter), then I have no objection to them watching whilst I perform! I don't mind peeing in the pool, indeed I like it. I do prefer making a stream though. I think our resident expert on pool peeing is @Maggie_555. I'd be very interested in her opinion here. ☺
  4. I read that as "nut juice!" πŸ˜† Meaning they inspire a man to ejaculate. πŸ˜‰
  5. This Bumble Ad with Helena Bonham Carter features a girl quickly darting behind a tree - presumably for a wee. Not much is seen except for her uncomfortable expression, but I'm sure our imagination can fill in the blanks. What a pity, it doesn't look like the guy is a urophile. Helena denounces it as "awkward." Forgot to say, it's around the 40 second mark.
  6. Poor girl! I feel bad for her to be quite honest. It's a terrible shame that she didn't find a quiet place to squat and have her much needed pee in relative comfort before circumstances got this dire. I know that I would have done. Also, maybe I'm biased, but if I was in the company of someone who was bouncing around, desperate for a piddle, I would actively encourage them to piddle outside somewhere. Maybe find them a discreet place, help to shield them, maybe even force out a modest stream myself so they didn't feel as bad. As an aside, how can anyone drive, even an automatic vehicle, whilst clamping their legs together and holding themselves? Isn't that dangerous?
  7. I guess it depends on what you consider to be naughty. To me, that's just peeing outside! πŸ˜‰
  8. My word! Your vivid description has got me wet. I wish I could get to see something like that! You're one lucky lady, Pop a Squat. ❀
  9. It's on the site already, but the exhibitionist in me just has to share this again. Sorry! These are my favourite images if me peeing.
  10. Just echoing what the others have said, really. ☺ I'm not into drinking pee, wearing diapers, desperation or wetting. I'm not even really into naughty peeing - though I'm not against exploring that. A lot of the time, people on this website (all males as far as I can tell) have tried to engage me in chat about their favourite aspects or requested me to do things that they like. I daresay that I came across as a bit unfriendly to some when I refused their advances - as it were. I actually had to state that I don't give private chats to anyone except the admins, now. What I am into is peeing standing as a woman (surprisingly niche), peeing outside, peeing in sinks baths inside, watching others (male and female), being watched by others and peeing with others. When I was suddenly confronted with requests to hold, wet or talk about golden showers, I admit that I was a bit scared. I almost didn't stay. However, I'm so glad I did. The voyeur in me loves seeing and reading about others peeing and the exhibitionist in me loves sharing images of me. It's perfectly fine and acceptable for you to side step anything that doesn't appeal to you. As Alfresco says, there isn't enough time to read every last message on the site, anyway. Using Gldnwetgoose's analogy, imagine this website like a pre-lockdown pub. Don't bother with the drinks that don't appeal to you. If you prefer a nice Scotch on the rocks instead of a pint of ale, go for it. If you'd rather play snooker instead of darts, that's fine. The live music might be your thing, but if not, don't worry a wide range of bands get booked. I love pubs, can you tell? πŸ˜† If you enjoy watching ladies peeing, this sounds like just the site for you. ☺ Don't be put off by other things that appeal to others.
  11. I'd love to raise my skirt and release a glistening arc of pee onto one of your carpets, Steve. Indeed, I'd love to pee for many of the seasoned, gentlemanly male members of this site. Or female members, if they would be interested in watching.
  12. Of course! 😊 Three streams - a piss braid. πŸ˜†
  13. Keep it up! I find parting my labia minora amd pulling my urethra ureathra forward works the best. πŸ‘πŸ»

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