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    Shy and reserved, hoping to pluck up the courage to have a woman pee on me one day

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    Love the sight and sound of a woman peeing
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  1. Hi Lucy, love a woman in leather. Hope to hear more from you. Enjoy the site
  2. Amazing stories, I can only dream of catching you in the act one day
  3. Love it when a girl likes being watched, it’s a tough job but I am always willing to oblige
  4. Might have to try your tactics with my wife as she has much the same little interest as yours
  5. The more detail the better, reading your story was like being there with you, just a pity I wasn’t
  6. I have fantasised about this scenario with my wife many times but as yet not had the pleasure of it coming true
  7. What an amazing naughty evening, your husband is one lucky guy having someone like you. Wish my wife was more uninhibited
  8. Wish it was my car you were peeing next to. Your story might have a different ending tho 😜
  9. Wish my wife were like you, been trying to get her to piss on me for ages, without success 😢
  10. Amazing detailed account of your evening, would love to be out with a woman like you
  11. Great recollections, love a girl who’s not afraid to pee in the open air
  12. I would quite happily wipe someone especially if I got to see the pee that preceded the need to wipe
  13. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend, pity your boyfriend doesn’t share your passion. I would love to have a weekend with someone like you as my wife too doesn’t entertain any form of alfresco or mutual peeing
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