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  1. Easier to open the jeans, pull them down a bit, spread the labia and push hard. Works if you're not wearing panties.
  2. I tried using one of these things a while back. It was a bad experience. My stream is rather strong and the little hole in the funnel couldn't keep up with me. I ended up with back flow all over myself.
  3. There have been numerous times I've come home from a long drive and felt fine until I got out of the car. I knew I wouldn't make it through the parking lot, through the lobby (I live in an apartment building), up the elevator to the top floor then down the hall to my apartment. I'd just check that no one could see me and I'd pee beside or behind the car.
  4. I can pee more frequently. It's just that I can hold it for a long period of time without feeling discomfort or desperate. I can ride in a car for hours with no problem, but look out when I stand up! When I'm desperate, I'm really desperate!
  5. Are you suggesting that standing next to me, as I was getting ready to pee, you might get an erection? Sounds like YOU might have the disadvantage.
  6. Is that nine inches based on where our feet are or where the pee comes out. If I squat, you'll have a height advantage. If I stand, I'll have to arch my back to get it to project properly. I suggest a measure from the "point of origin" to the farthest point where it makes landfall. That's the only way I see it can be fair.
  7. I'd be up for a distance contest. My stream could be considered "Power Piss". But I'm still at a disadvantage when it comes to guys. Maybe you'll give me a handicap.
  8. Would you kiss your partner, male or female, after they just took a mouthful of your pee?
  9. Even though I can hold it for hours with no problem, if an opportunity presents itself, I can pee almost anytime I want.
  10. I can pee 4 or less times a day if necessary. I'm not necessarily feeling desperate when I do. I can go through an entire eight hour shift at work and never pee, and I do drink several cups of coffee during that time. I guess I have a big bladder.
  11. I just did one this weekend at a rib cook off. I just stepped out of the way of the main flow of pedestrians and stood like I was talking to my gf.
  12. I've tasted quite a bit of pee. Here's the advice I can offer for the person giving you the pee: Drink plenty of water. Avoid pee from someone who smokes. Drink cranberry or pineapple juice. If you drink alcohol, Tangueray gin gives urine a nice floral taste and smell.... Gin and tonic water is a good drink, with a twist of lime. Experiment with your own pee. Urinate in a cup or glass and try just a small amount to get used to the taste. Try it while it's warm. The taste gets stronger as it reaches room temperature. Start with just a little on the tongue and work up from there.
  13. It's amazing! As long as you don't look too obvious, most people never take notice.
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