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    Im from the UK, married, 40 years old and mum of two toddlers.
    I wouldnt say we have the greatest sex life but we do try to experiment.
    My husband loves to watch me urinate and went as far as setting up a camera in our bathroom without my knowledge (at first).
    After being initially shocked I came round to the idea and now enjoy the fact he may be spying on me.
    He particularly enjoys me having an accident which i do from time to time (I have given birth twice).
    Although i find my accidents upsetting (I am a grown woman after all) your love in this form has indeed helped.
    Another benefit to come out of this is that he now knows I have accidents and he is there for me when I need him. I had tried to hide my issue for years something that I know now I should not have done.
    Over the last year I have over 100 instances of me on the toilet off which nearly 2 dozen I have had an accident to some extent.
    I guess these are the ones you would appreciate the most.

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    Being watched on my terms
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    Finding out my husband had been secretly watching me

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  1. Glad u liked my pic.

    Are you hairy too (hope u don't mind me asking)

    1. Paulypeeps


      Yes, never ever been trimmed. I think it is important for a few reasons:-

      1. It sort of adds modesty in a way, hiding without actually hiding anything.
      2. It is something that can be seen under a skirt that leaves no doubt that you are without knickers.
      3. It makes a nice dark triangle to be seen through see-through skirts (I never understood why Marilyn Monroe bleached hers so it didn't show!)
      4. Feels nice to the touch - very strokeable under a short skirt!


  2. Anyone who has seen my pics knows I'm definitely in the full bush camp
  3. Definitely not explosive and if I'm honest embarrassing. Although my hubby likes to see me pee being peed on is not his thing
  4. Welcome love to hear more about u
  5. Done several times though not by choice x
  6. I have wet myself during intercourse on several occasions and it was definitely pee. its not a shaking orgasm but forme just pure and simple leakage due to a weak bladder. Sorry I can't be of more help to your survey x
  7. I have used incontinence pants before however I thought even I could walk to school and back via the shops Detemined not to wear them twenty four seven as I'm a grown woman Glad u like the pics getting a thrill knowing some happiness comes from my mishaps
  8. Thanks for the comments. unfortunately it's not that easy to turn off your emotions
  9. Up bright and early to get some housework finished before taking the boys to nursery / school. I wasn't due in the office until 10.30am so I had a little spare time. The weather was clear and sunny if some what cold so I decided to walk the boys to there complete dismay as they would much rather use the car. We walked to school, on the way back I walked via the local store to pick up some vegetables for tonight's meal. I needed the toilet but the single disabled toilet was out of order. I wasn't in any great need so I completed the shopping and carrying two bags I started the 20 minutes walk home. I hadn't got half way when I had to stop and put the bags down for a minute and hold myself. I carried on but had not got far when I began to leak. My coat was fractionally longer than my skirt so my wet skirt would not show but I could see drops running down my legs. I struggled home but by the time I got to the front door I had emptied my bladder. I had only succeeded in making a 20 second pee last 5 minutes. I immediately went upstairs to change, cursing at how a grown mother of two could be so stupid. Early morning, pre sunrise ready for a new day I cannot believe it, what a mess. Front and back I am soaked Drying myself, I look like a two year old I am a mum!!! Perhaps I should have worn a pad? Cleaned up and ready for work Try and be a big girl before I leave. Why is is I can't go when I want to and when I don't I can't stop? All ready to go.
  10. Holding slightly to long I found myself running round all day. And the odd dribble due to exertion.
  11. Yes wore them on a couple off occasions when at friends / parties. Spent xmas day at home with family mum and dad and in laws where I was determined not to wear then as toilet never more than 20 yards away. Still had to change my underwear and tights twice but skirt survived and no body any the wiser other than my hubby of course.
  12. Hope all members have a great festive break. You have all been so lovely and genuine I can't thank you enough xxxxxxxx
  13. Not sure if I will wear them often after all I am a grown women. But def helped friday night. Thanks for your concern and in fact everyone on this forum

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