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    Im from the UK, married, 40 years old and mum of two toddlers.
    I wouldnt say we have the greatest sex life but we do try to experiment.
    My husband loves to watch me urinate and went as far as setting up a camera in our bathroom without my knowledge (at first).
    After being initially shocked I came round to the idea and now enjoy the fact he may be spying on me.
    He particularly enjoys me having an accident which i do from time to time (I have given birth twice).
    Although i find my accidents upsetting (I am a grown woman after all) your love in this form has indeed helped.
    Another benefit to come out of this is that he now knows I have accidents and he is there for me when I need him. I had tried to hide my issue for years something that I know now I should not have done.
    Over the last year I have over 100 instances of me on the toilet off which nearly 2 dozen I have had an accident to some extent.
    I guess these are the ones you would appreciate the most.

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    Being watched on my terms
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    Finding out my husband had been secretly watching me

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  1. Well its been far to long since my last post and for that I must apologise. I wish I could tell you that I hadn't posted because I had managed to act like a grown woman and use the toilet without any mishaps, unfortunately (though not for you) this is not the case. My reasons for not posting are time, family, work and personal problems which I wont bore you with now. As far as my bladder issues are concerned little has changed over the last few years, on the bright side I suppose it hasn't got any worse, however I still carry spare underwear around which gets used most days and
  2. As a middle aged woman and mum of 2 I can say well for me At least leakage is common. I have never been great at holding my pee but childbirth has had a big effect despite pelvic floor exercises.
  3. Hello May I first first apologise for my lack of posts. Weird times with Covid etc. but thats no excuse. I got myelf slightly depressed yesterday as I had been keeping a log of the boys toilet activities as part of the gold stars I hand out each week. Depressed because it is now clear that despite having 2 children (2 and 4) its there mum has has the most accidents. Since 1st July: My 4 year old - 1 accident which was a complete flood My 2 year old - 9 accidents of which 6 were complete floods Mum - 17 accidents of which 3 were complete floods Which bri
  4. Definitely not explosive and if I'm honest embarrassing. Although my hubby likes to see me pee being peed on is not his thing
  5. Done several times though not by choice x
  6. I have wet myself during intercourse on several occasions and it was definitely pee. its not a shaking orgasm but forme just pure and simple leakage due to a weak bladder. Sorry I can't be of more help to your survey x
  7. Hope all members have a great festive break. You have all been so lovely and genuine I can't thank you enough xxxxxxxx
  8. Was she wearing tights or bare legs? How long was her skirt? Did u imagine she may have wet a little?
  9. Thank you for all the complimentary posts. You all give me confidence x
  10. Hi here are my answers to your 3 points: 1 yes often find my knickers get wet after wiping. Maybe a few drops in my lips also being hairy often find my pubes not 100% dry 2 stain probs as u stated best thing to do is smell it stale pee is very dustinctive 3 as I have lots of leakage I am always conscious of smell. There are products though to help
  11. I recently bought a leather skirt it is stylish and has the added bonus for me of not showing my my leaks. Last week I had a major mishap (I wet the floor) and still it looked dry. Anybody else got items of clothing which can mask an accident?
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