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    Simply watching people relieve themselves in the place they're supposed to. Nothing more than that. :)
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    I was at a bathhouse. I had just finished a passionate lovemaking session with another man and had to pee really badly. I went in one of the urinals and he went in the stall right next to me. It was a very innocent experience but the idea of me and him relieving ourselves right next to each other right after we had sex was incredibly erotic.

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  1. Y'know those little figures you see on the entrance of public restrooms? Yeah, I got kinda creative...
  2. Spend the last few hours drawing. Thought I'd end with something simple to satisfy some of you. 🙂
  3. I've been trying to increase the quality of my artwork recently by including things complex angles and more sophisticated shading. I especially like how these turned out: And here's another bum because why not. :3
  4. Something a little more artistic than my usual work. .w.
  5. No footage of myself yet but here is a drawing to better illustrate what I mean. 🙂 I s2g I wish someone would do this to me...
  6. The individual body parts look how they're supposed to but they are sized inappropriately given the perspective. I would work on figuring out the lengths of certain body parts (for example, the length of the upper arm being from the shoulder to the bellybutton, or the length between the chin and the clavicle being 1 head in length). I would also take the time to learn about foreshortening which you seem to have some slight difficulty with. Also this isn't really criticism but rather just a tip: invest in a drawing tablet of some kind. The quality of your drawings will skyrocket to high heaven.
  7. I must say that your art does look very good. You're definitely better at creating depth and volume than I am. However, there are some pieces of advice on anatomy and foreshortening that I would like to give. Would you be OK with me giving you some constructive critique?
  8. I've never gotten an orgasm from prostate play alone but I have, on many occasions, very explosively peed myself while using a prostate massager. The first time it happened, I thought I was cumming but then an enormous stream started spraying out of my dick uncontrollably. I actually almost made a mess because I wasn't expecting it to happen and thereby didn't make the necessary preparations (i.e. laying a towel on the floor). It was actually kinda hot. I might do it again and film myself...
  9. Some various sketches. Also, an image that anyone who has ever used a prostate massager will understand. 😉 (And yes, this is a girl so technically it belongs here.)
  10. Indeed they are. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c86669dd809e
  11. I enjoy watching it only when it is done where it's supposed to be done, with hygiene strictly adhered to and absolutely no touching or smearing. Even at that, I only get aroused by it when there is also pee involved. There's something satisfying about seeing someone push really hard and accidentally let a stream out of the other end. It's even more hot when they get embarrassed from this, like they feel insecure about not being able to control themselves (seeing as peeing while pooping is an involuntary reflex). I also like how much more private it is to go #2. I've heard of many couples who were perfectly comfortable going #1 with their partner in the room but wouldn't let them even stand next to the bathroom door while going #2. The embarrassment from walking in on someone doing the "other deed" is quite arousing, in my opinion.
  12. Figured I'd mix things up a bit.🙂
  13. Busted out an older drawing tablet today. I think I know what I'm going to be using from now on.... Anyway, here's an image of the same woman I keep drawing for whatever reason. :x
  14. I think it's the ambiguity of whether or not urine is disgusting. Feces is obviously gross and disease ridden but urine is only subjectively gross.

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