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    I am a social pisser who loves to share pissing moments with women. Now I have a wife who gives me all I could ever dream of, and more.

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    Peeing in naughty places, watching piss coming out from a delicate pussy, feeling it over myself...
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    Me and my date drenching a fitting room carpet with our piss puddle, trying to be silent so no one could hear us. That was a magical moment!

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  1. There is this stainless steel bucket that produces a funny singing noise when we pee in it. We have used it a lot recently. This night I was sitting in the living room couch, having just covered my heels with foot cream, when she said: "I have to pee." "Me too, but..." I didn't have to say more, because she was already halfway to the bathroom to get the bucket. She held it in front of me to let me go first, then she put it down on the rug and peed into it, standing close enough for me to just have to lean a bit forward to taste a drop of her wetness when she was done.
  2. Oh dear, I just did the train toilet thing again... I was not as brave as you @PeeSamantha, so nothing wet around my seat ☺️
  3. So happy for you @Kupar, I know you have been wanting this. I wish you an K a lot of fun and pleasure as you explore the joy of wetness together ❤
  4. Thank you, @Kupar, I was actually quite tired last night, but she was feeling playful and I wanted to give it to her of course. I was looking forward to having her on top of me and feeling her warm pee trickling all over my belly and down my crotch. It feels so relaxing. When I got that, I wanted more 😊 We ended up playing for an hour and a half, with her favourite toy to boost the pleasure. We kept on giving each other a little at a time until our bladders were empty and we were exhausted and very happy and satisfied.
  5. The bed is prepared and ready for a wet love act ❤
  6. "If you pee now, you pee on the floor", she said. We didn't get out of our beds until eight this morning, so our bladders were filled up. We went to the bathroom, and I sat down on the wc seat, near the front edge. As usual, she was wearing a pajama shirt, the pink one with teddy bears, and no pants. I pulled her towards me and hugged her. That's when she said it, standing with her knees touching the wc seat between my legs. So I just responded: "If you pee now, you pee on the floor too" And so we did, getting quite wet ourselves as well. Strong, hot morning pee.
  7. Just love it, thank you so much for sharing your experience here. I wish I had been the guy with the backpack 😁 I have yet to do this in an airplane toilet, but I have sometimes made nice llittle wet messes in train toilets and occasionally even left a little squirt on train/bus seats and floor, when there were not many people around. There is something special about peeing on public transportation, don't you think? One of the pee friends I have been chatting with is a flight attendant, actually. I giggle at the idea that maybe she was the one who got to take care of what you had le
  8. I too have the impression that dating sites are marketing sites. What actually did work for me (unexpectedly I must say, but A and myself are a couple now) was to find like minded people on an amateur porn site. I was surprised to find that there were actually quite a few women who enjoyed my little videos just as much as I enjoyed theirs. Some wanted to chat a little, maybe exchange videos more privately, and as it turned out, with some of these the chemistry worked as well. Most lived thousands of miles away, of course, but A lived in my little town, and she was the nicest of them all ❤
  9. Wishing you best of luck, and an exciting experience for both of you 💛
  10. The first time we went to a hotel together (the one where we soaked the corridor carpet a little together), we had just closed the door behind us when I quickly changed to a sports tee and a thin pair of trousers that we could rinse and hang to dry afterwards. I sat down on the chair and asked if she would step up on the table in front of me. She did, and naked from her waist down, she emptied her full bladder all over me. I can't describe how exciting it was to see her peeing on me from above, to feel her torrent run down my body, making my clothes wet and warm, to feel her sweet smell
  11. I recall having read a post on Peefans last year, saying something like "couples who pee together stay together". I know it was last year because when I read it, my life situation was rather messy. I dreamed about being part of such a couple, but at the same time I had to face the reality of soon not being part of a couple at all. But sometimes bad things must happen just to create a space where good things can happen. Me and A are a married couple now, and we pee together as much as we can. When we get out of bed in the morning, we go to the bathroom together. She would sit on the wc, a
  12. Loved to read that you enjoyed it, yes, it can be marvelous. On the topic of naughtiness, well, how naughty do you want to be? There are places where you aren't supposed to pee but you can still get away with making a little puddle, just for fun. And at home... My gf likes to undress from her waist down, then she puts a plastic bag and a towel on her home office chair and relieves herself whenever she likes while working. I find it incredibly exciting, and I like doing it too. Do you have a plastic bag and a towel at hand? 🙂
  13. Most often the floor, near the drain, I believe. I actually use it a lot even though my home is in fact equipped with a toilet 🙂
  14. Edit: didn't notice before responding that the thread was rather old I understand your concerns. If you asked me to mention one thing about Peefans where I would like to see a change, I would point at the apparent community consensus that the value of your contributions depend on what genitals you have. For a mainstream male, there is at least a separate section where you are allowed to post. For a shemale, well... I truly wish you the motivation and courage to stand up for yourself with pride, on Peefans or elsewhere.
  15. Among many naughty piss moments involving bus/train floors, staircases, elevators, garages, underpasses and the like, the making of one particular pee puddle stands out as the one that really pushed my heart rate to its maximum. A chat friend with whom I had been exchanging pee videos for a while once challenged me to piss on a carpet for her. I loved the idea, of course, and knowing she wanted to see me doing it made me even more eager. My first thought was to find a fitting room, but I found out that all shops nearby all had hard floors. Then I recalled that I actually had access
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