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    I have joined this site after my girlfriend recently suggested we try pissing during sex...I loved it. Here now to find some more ways in which we can explore it as a fetish.

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    So far haven't explored much but peeing on my girlfriend
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    First pee experience pissing on my GF's pussy, hopefully I can pick up a few more suggestions on here...

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  1. I took a break and this post popped off, i love it! glad to know I'm not the only one who had the temptation
  2. Hey everyone, So im currenrly running a bath and had the idea of peeing while in the water...anyone else like to do this or done something similar?
  3. Love the pics of this girl - are you taking these pictures?
  4. Ive never paid for it but my gf and i are looking to make custom content so this post has been really interesting. Weve streamed before and love the idea of using our high sex drives and love for exibitionism and discovering new fetishes to entertain people. As far as i know, onlyfans has quite a ban on pee fetish but were looking to see how people get a customer base on making videos. Pee is now another fetish were exploribg and something im sure wed love to make videos on. It would be interesting to know how much youve paid in tbe past or would be willing to pay for something like this !
  5. I definitely agree there. Its always been something that has been kept private between us so now there's something still naughty about involving each other in it. We've started to become more sub dom relationship outside of peeing so maybe bringing those 2 worlds together would be fun... Thank you so much for the help! These are great suggestions
  6. Damn okay this sounds really fucking good. So far its been quite one sided in that I have been the one peeing but I have mentioned I'd like it the other way round. I loveee desperation videos so the idea of us building that up together and doing it together when we just can't hold it in any longer sounds soooo good. You've answered a good question there too - we didn't really know how to bring it out of the bath / shower. I almost asked her this morning to hold my dick while I was pissing this morning and I chickened out..I regret that so much now!
  7. Cant wait to see this video..
  8. hey all, so yesterday while I was home alone I took some influence from the site and pissed myself while wearing underwear in the bathtub. It felt amazing! I keep seeing a lot of what is called naughty pissing...I was wondering what this means and what other fun ways can I piss myself? Would love to hear the different ways you all have fun !
  9. @foxypiss Oh wow okay that's interesting. We haven't been able for me to cum in my girlfriend since she stopped taking contraception so this might feel so good for her. I think she's got the same attitude as you have in your first post! Now to find that youporn profile...
  10. my gf did bring that up. how did you find the experience? is it worth giving a go?
  11. Love this, this is so similar to how I ended up here except I'm your husband in the situation. My gf and I have always been quite open and adventurous, we will always try something and were very open. Since moving in and working constantly, we've been quite distant and at first we were excited to have our own place and live out all the fantasies we wanted to live out. I made a very similar comment one time about needing the toilet and my gf said "why don't you pee on me?", followed very quickly by an "I'm joking!" after she saw my reaction...but these jokes didn't stop. I know her and I know when she's got something on her mind or she's not actually shy about an idea that she feels she should be. 2 nights ago, she made yet another joke and I confronted her about it (not in an aggressive or shameful way) and she said that while it started as a joke, she was kinda curious and had this fantasy that me peeing on her pussy would be hot. I had always been interested in the fetish (especially desperation peeing) and I was more relieved that she brought it up. I always thought it would be a fantasy. The next day (so yesterday) we decided we would try. And why else would I be here today if the experience wasn't amazing!! We had so much fun, the most fun we've had in years and this weekend we've set up a hot date night in which were going to really explore. Brought so much fun back into our relationship but I think any of these fetishes start with having a connection in which your partner will never feel judged for being honest and wanting to try something new. Our motto is 'we will always try it at least once' - you find some really unique ways of making your fun in the bedroom so much more thrilling.
  12. Without a doubt, how popular it is. I didn't realise how many different things there was too do with it and its thanks to my girlfriend I even explored this fetish at all. But coming online and finding places like this and seeing how common it really is has made it so much more enjoyable for some reason..
  13. This has been one of my favourite secret fetishes for so long

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