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  1. Happy birthday! X

  2. I wish you the best of luck but we're not a dating site. There's more to us than Snapchat.
  3. Holy shit this series is incredible. I'm rather turned on now! I won't be as brave as Sarah but I've just ordered myself some PVC trousers online 😉 Thank you so much for sharing.
  4. Heavily pregnant women taking pregnancy tests What's the point?
  5. Happy Valentines Day! My sister is looking after the kids for me so my husband and I are going out for a valentines/ my birthday meal then going somewhere special. I'm hoping this will be us tonight!
  6. A good idea but I have written a python script that will find those files in a matter of seconds.
  7. That was EXTREMELY hot! I loved every word of it and you painted a very nice image in my mind. Thank you for writing this! I will be reading it again tonight just before I get into bed 😉
  8. @Scot_Lover Maigh might like this one.
  9. Sophie

    Hi there

    Shaz!! Welcome to peefans!
  10. @F.W instead of being an offensive, ignorant, insensitive arse, you could have spent two minutes of your time and looked up what the letters mean. You are a grown adult, fucking act like one. You don't like dicks, we know, you like to remind us at every possible opportunity. But if Mariah Carey joined the forum and posted naked photos of herself we wouldn't hear a peep from you! Why are you so offended by a transgender or gay person looking at your content. Oh that's right, it only applies to men doesn't it? If a gay woman looked at your photos you wouldn't care at all. You have the mentality that everyone must conform to your idea of the world, we're not allowed to be male and proud of our bodies, we're not allowed to be gay or transgender. Why are you even here? You complain about the content constantly. Is it really that difficult for you to ignore a post or thread and move on? Heck ignore the member and you won't see their content entirely! How do you survive on the Internet if people in the LGBTQ+ community offend you so much. I'm bisexual, does that make me Hitler? You have repeatedly shown you are incapable of respecting others opinions time and time again. You cannot get along with others unless they are in the little bubble of what you deem acceptable, fuck anyone else and their feelings. How dare someone like what Lord F.W doesn't!
  11. Interestingly I still get the popup with adblock disabled (you can see the ads in the image), but only when logged out.
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