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    I'm Sophie (cookie if you guessed that!) in my 30's and consider myself a bit of a nerd. I like video games, technology, science, Jeri Ellsworth is my idol (let me know if you know who she is!)

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  1. Sophie


    It's basically imgur.com/r/pee before they stopped showing NSFW subreddits. I like it!
  2. hey Sophie, you are watching me 



    1. Sophie


      No, I'm not. 

  3. My two beautiful daughters. Every day I am reminded that I have managed to create something so amazing, and raise them to be the truly incredible people they are today. My teaching. I am so, so proud of being a teacher. Knowing that i have helped change peoples lives, help them have successful careers, help them be happy. Every day someone learns something from me, I feel incredibly proud. Every time someone does well in an exam, or every time I get a thank you from my pupils or their parents. Every time I see something "click" for my pupils. My marriage. I am so proud of having su
  4. If you could go back in time and bring back anyone with you to the present day, who would it be and why?
  5. Unfortunately I wasn't talented enough to make a teardrop I was happy with, but you might be able to use your imagination. A yellow pin, and a yellow ring!
  6. I managed to get all 5! It's nice to see a pee related spot the difference 🙂
  7. Wonderful story! It sounded like a lot of fun and very lovely. A big thank you to both of you for sharing 🙂
  8. Oh! I get it now, wee, small... Blonde moment !
  9. Once I was walking down the road adjacent to a mental hospital. The hospital's compound had a tall fence separating it from the road. I could hear chanting coming from the other side, the patients were chanting, "13! 13! 13!" On and on and on. I was intrigued. And then I saw a tiny hole in the fence. Even though it felt stupid, I decided to put my eye there and look inside. And as soon as I did, some idiot poked my in the eye with a stick! All the patients started shouting, "14! 14! 14!" And that's how I learned to mind my own business.
  10. It's all fetish based. If you like pee in any way, shape or form, you are welcome here. Welcome to PeeFans! Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. I came off my bicycle yesterday. I wasn't seriously injured, just a few cuts and bruises but I spent the rest of the day feeling a little low and sorry for myself. My husband was looking after me, lots of cuddles on the sofa and my mug was kept filled with hot chocolate, it really helped cheer me up. What goes in must come out and after a little while, and two large mugs of hot chocolate I was starting to feel rather desperate for a wee. I gave Mark a little kiss and said "Babe, I really need a wee." He smiled and stood up, holding out his hand for me. "Let me help you with that." We both knew
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