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  1. You really should try it some time 🙂 Get really desperate, stand in the shower and just let it happen. The only clean up is some laundry.
  2. Oops sorry, I missed this! I wasn't too concerned about it. I get wet but I don't get that wet. I'm not dripping or anything. A bigger concern was my hard nipples showing through my dress.
  3. It's Friday, the week is over, and it's half term. What is a better way to celebrate that than wetting myself in my work uniform?! I had been planning on doing it all day and I made sure I had a full bladder when I arrived home. I had been drinking a little more water through my last two lessons and I had completely skipped my lunch break toilet visit. When I walked through the door I was rather desperate and if I didn't have other plans I would have ran upstairs to the toilet. I wasn't bursting though and that needed to change. I sat down with my family and enjoyed a cup of coffee, enjo
  4. I went for a bike ride yesterday and like always I took a bottle of water with me. What goes in must come out and after a while I was feeling rather desperate for a wee! I was okay while on the saddle and pedalling but if I had to stop for traffic lights or something I felt like I was going to wet myself. It reached the point where I was actually jiggling a little while waiting. I could have found some toilets and used them but my bike is rather nice and I wasn't carrying my lock with me, I didn't want to leave it outside. I took a detour through the park and towards the trees, nature wa
  5. If I had to pee through my underwear for a day I'd probably wear some lace knickers. Most of the pee goes through the holes and the thin fabric dries quickly
  6. Please, talk about your Corsa 🙂 What year/trim/model is it?
  7. Definitely the feeling at the point of losing control. That feeling of just releasing the grip on your muscles and letting it all go wherever you are. It's like putting down a heavy object after carrying it for a while and just being able to relax.
  8. I fill up maybe once every month or two, probably closer to two at the moment. Usually for a wetting or something like that.
  9. You don't come across as annoying 🙂 I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I'm sure this won't be the answer you are looking for. To be honest, even three is a struggle. I guess if I could get away with it... Surrounded by lots of strangers (eg at a festival) As an art exhibit, peeing with others on camera Wetting myself in public If I couldn't get away with it I just wouldn't be interested.
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