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  1. Sophie

    Hi all

    Welcome to peefans 🙂
  2. I've just finished watching a video of someone peeing through their panties and while the video was hot as hell, about half way through I realised just why I was enjoying it so much. (Which was weird going from being horny to having a sudden realisation). I wasn't enjoying watching her wet herself, I was imagining I was there, imaging I was her peeing in my panties. I was thinking about what was going through her mind, what she was thinking, how it felt for her. I thought about the build up, taking in plenty of fluids and getting dressed ready to make the video, knowing in a few minutes she would be soaking the underwear she just put on, and doing it on purpose. Then the video itself, mentally telling herself to start peeing and the rush of naughty emotions that came from it. Thinking just how naughty she is being as pee pours down her legs, looking between them to see the trickle running through her panties. and of course after the video. What did she do next? Was she so turned on from making the video she had to take care of herself? Maybe it wasn't the peeing itself that got her going, maybe it was knowing that potentially thousands of people will watch her doing it, and enjoy themselves at the same time. What do you enjoy about watching porn? Is it the visuals? Is it imagining you are there in the action or perhaps you are the actor themselves? or is it something else? Please let me know.
  3. I keep getting locked out of my account when browsing on my tablet in incognito mode, I'm not entirely sure what is causing it and it is hard to troubleshoot when I'm locked out for 15 minutes at a time. What I think triggers it is signing out, but I cannot reproduce it reliably. I always enter my username and password correctly so it's not like I've hit a timeout for too many failed attempts. It first happened last week (the day I asked you about the chat reappearing) and I didn't report it, dismissing it as a one time glitch but it has happened again. One thing I noticed when it happens is I have something appended to the url wherever I browse. "ct=1602571469" the string may change each time, I'm not entirely sure but it's always similar and about the same length. I cannot remember if it is like peefans.com/ct=1602571469 or peefans.com/&ct=1602571469 if that makes sense? But if I see the string at the end I'm pretty much guaranteed to be locked out when I try to sign in. It follows me around the site when I'm reading topics until I close all incognito tabs, even if I manually remove it from the url. I'll edit this post if I make any discoveries.
  4. That's the part I'm interested in lol. Thank you 🙂
  5. I don't suppose you have a link to this video please? I absolutely love Amber's videos.
  6. Thank you very much Speedy! I found it romantic how we held hands too. Who knew you could be romantic and naughty at the same time? Thank you Steve! It had been a while since I peed in the sink so it was nice to revisit it. Thank you! It's a huge turn on for me too. Thank you very much 🙂 I am pleased you enjoyed it. Thank you Alfresco! I know I am such a lucky woman to have somebody to share these things with. I am really pleased I decided to just do it spontaneously. I think it made it extra special. Thank you! I am really pleased you enjoyed it, we're reading these messages together and he says he is very lucky. Thank you for reading! I am pleased you enjoyed it. You are very welcome! I like to be descriptive because I feel it paints a better picture of events. I am such a lucky woman! Thank you for your kind words 🙂
  7. I also did not answer the polls, I could not answer a lot of the questions and it seems there is an agenda or projection in them.
  8. Sophie


    Welcome to pee fans. Please speak English as per the forum rules. Thank you
  9. Fairly vanilla for me but I hope it counts. My husband brought up the idea of latex . He really likes the tight catsuits and how they hug your body like a second skin. So we tried it. It was quite fun, he loved seeing me in latex showing off every curve and I did feel sexy. We still do it occasionally but I'm not a huge fan, I found the outfit awkward to get in and out of and I don't really like the appearance. It comes out as a rare treat. In return he offered to try bondage with me. I love being tied up, the restricted movement really turns me on. He's never been the dominating type and had never tied anything up in his life. He was shy at first and constantly asked if I was okay which isn't necessarily a bad thing but once he relaxed a little it was amazing! I was like a puddle down there. We revisit it a few times a year. Overall I'd recommend both!
  10. Very very hot story, thank you for sharing! You have given me an idea of something I want to try 🙂
  11. Here's some stats 1,000 members January 2014 2,000 members March 2014 10,000 members June 2015 20,000 members August 2018 30,000 members October 2020

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