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  1. I don't encourage my two daughters to pee outside, I'd rather they used the toilet but if they really need to go and they can't wait I will find somewhere for them to squat, as hidden as possible. I'd do the same if I had a son. I'm not going to encourage them to pee outside if there's a perfectly good toilet available, but I don't mind if they need to do it.
  2. Female, early 30's. Two kids but a very strong pelvic floor. When my bladder hits the "end" I will leak a little, maybe a spurt of wee lasting for about a second and this is my final warning, when this leak happens the flood is only minutes away at best. My desperation comes and goes in waves of intensity and with the next wave I will lose control, the desperation will come back except this time I won't be able to stop it how much I try. I will pee, often with a strong stream until my bladder is empty, or almost empty. I will be powerless to stop it, I can slow it down but not stop it co
  3. I had a lovely wee while shopping today and I wanted to share it with you. I was out in the city having a bit of a "me day", doing some fun shopping with my daughters, treating ourselves. I had been out for a few hours and needed to pee so we found some toilets at a shopping centre. They were unisex with five "rooms" with a toilet, sink and dryer inside, brick walls separating them and a full floor to ceiling door. It was so nice. My daughters needed to pee too so I went into one and they both shared the one next to me and we agreed to meet outside. I locked the door behind me and unfaste
  4. I was in a good mood during my break yesterday!
  5. I am definitely a downward pee'er, when I am sitting on the toilet it goes straight down into the water below and if I try peeing standing I have difficulties doing anything other than soaking my legs. When I squat it lands neatly between my feet and even when really desperate and peeing hard it maybe lands a couple of inches in front of my feet at most. When desperate I pee harder, but not further.
  6. Thank you guys! This will be my last post with dry jeans. I'm going to wait 5 more minutes (20 past) and then I'll open the taps. I'm typing one handed now, holding myself with the other. I don't share photos of myself sorry. I'm 5'9, Blonde and athletic if you want an idea. Kinda look like Monica Potter
  7. Kids have gone to bed. I'm going to give them a few minutes to get settled and then it's time for my release. My eyeballs are floating! Now I'm alone with my husband I am jiggling in full force! I can do that 😉 I will post the story a little later because I think I'll be otherwise occupied after my wee
  8. Aww that's so generous of you! Thank you so much. I don't think there is anything you can do from there but I appreciate you asking
  9. I last had a wee at just after 3:30, it's now 7:40 and I am ready to burst!! The kids are going to bed in about 20 minutes so I don't have to wait much longer. I will post the story!
  10. Maybe? But I would like to wet myself.
  11. Yeah, I'm definitely not making it nearly another three hours. I'm not uncomfortable yet but I am starting to get short waves of increased desperation, it comes and goes but never ocmpletely vanishes. If a toilet was available and I didn't have other plans, I'd definitely use it.
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