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  1. I'll be sure to tell you all about it. You are already a huge inspiration to me.
  2. I wish I could rate this both love and hot. Beautiful!
  3. I went for a run earlier and hopped in the shower afterwards. I had just ran 10k and I was rather sweaty! I gave my husband a kiss after he greeted me and then went upstairs to the bathroom. I took off my t-shirt and bra, followed by my running shorts and finally my socks before stepping into the shower, the water cool but not cold. I was roasting! I began washing myself and after about a minute I started peeing, I had drank plenty of water and seemingly not all of it was lost as sweat. I just let it happen, not even looking at it as it flowed out of me and trickled down my legs and after abou
  4. Wonderful story! I wish I had your confidence / bravery. I've used the gents a couple of times but it has always been in a cubicle. I don't think I'd be able to walk up to a urinal, pull my knickers aside and pee. Thanks for sharing!!
  5. My first website was peedevil.com, promoting the pee devil films. It was just a few small photos and a bit of text but I spent hours looking at them on the family pc when I was home alone.
  6. Condoms are for people who don't want unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Anyway, that's the last I'm saying on the matter
  7. Face masks. I understand wanting to hide your identity but there has to be better ways than one of these. As soon as I see one of these masks I close the video. It's a huge and instant turn off for me, I'd rather they just didn't pan above the shoulders instead.
  8. I did 🙂 Not as good as your story though
  9. I think that was the hottest part yet. Phenomenal! I'm tempted to go for a drive now...
  10. I love toilet peeing, the more natural and real the better but after watching a few videos recently I remembered something I really hate. Sometimes the model is a little pee shy so they will put on the tap for them. That's perfectly fine. But for the love of all that is golden PLEASE turn it off once she starts peeing! I want to hear the gentle tinkle from your beautiful model, not the 100 psi tap next to her.
  11. Main chat is broken but popup works for me (as is usual)
  12. Sorry for the late reply! Whose Line Is It Anyway? Specifically the one hosted by Drew Carey. I think the whole cast is hilarious and they have such a great chemistry. They're all so talented too, from Colin being up for anything and never backing down, to Wayne's incredible singing and fast thinking, Ryan's brilliant humour. I would buy a dvd of every series in a heartbeat.
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