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    I'm Sophie (cookie if you guessed that!) in my 30's and consider myself a bit of a nerd. I like video games, technology, science, Jeri Ellsworth is my idol (let me know if you know who she is!)

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  1. I will always choose sex over pee play. Sure pee play is nice but sex is so much more to me, it isn't just the act of intercourse, it's the connection, it's the intimacy, it's sharing such a special moment with the person I love more than anything else.
  2. Also not having any problems with the pic threads.
  3. Any photo with Caprice is a good photo in my opinion! 😍
  4. The comments were my favourite part of the whole experience, they really helped me relax and it took away all the tension. It became fun, a joke.
  5. We are not a dating/hook up site.
  6. I was the first to pee! Everyone else used the toilet at the cafe about 30 minutes later and I had another wee before we left. (~10 second dribble) but two of the four had a wee outside before the end of the ride.
  7. I was on a group bike ride with a few of my friends this weekend, it was me and four guys. During the ride I needed to pee but I didn’t want to stop and hold up the group, especially when we wasn’t too far from a cafe stop. One of the people in the group had a puncture so we stopped for them to fix it. The act of stopping was too much for my poor bladder. I felt I was going to completely wet myself at any moment. “Sorry guys but I am going to have to have a wee. I am bursting. Can someone hold my bike for me please?” “No peeking!” I said with a smile, looking over my shoulder at the gro
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