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  1. Oh god, I hope you are okay 😞
  2. Another awesome installment! It really did feel like I was reading a blog or a diary. Amy and Tilly sound like a lot of fun!! I really love the addition of the photos too!
  3. Please don't tell me you've been hit by a car...
  4. Today was AMAZING. I am smiling right now just thinking about it. We headed out nice and early, leaving the house at 8am after having a nice breakfast and we took our time, it was all about the journey and not the destination. It was really nice having her alongside me, talking about anything and everything, having some proper mother daughter time. And we really did talk about anything, some of the most random things you could think of. At one point I could hardly see where I was riding because I was laughing so much. It was incredible. We stopped at a cafe just shy of 15 miles and h
  5. The person above me licks off the ketchup before they wake up.
  6. Sophie


    It looks like a heart
  7. So... tomorrow is exciting! My daughter asked me today about cycling milestones and I told her a common one is 50 miles. She told me that was way too much for her and asked me if I could go with her for 30 miles instead? YES!! So tomorrow we are going for a 30 mile bike ride together, going to get up nice and early and just enjoy ourselves. I have a route in mind with a cafe stop at 15 miles, and depending on how she feels we can either continue our ride for an additional 15 miles, or go another way and it's only 5 miles back to home. I am not sure why she is suddenly interested in
  8. The person above me wears unicorn pyjamas to bed.
  9. Spelling is important!
  10. How airport security check for mules - "What do you think of carrots?" They're OK I guess hmm, interesting, which of these has the highest score in scrabble, E? E or? Step this way please sir...
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