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  1. 100%! I absolutely adore Lucy. If I could meet any celebrity it would be her.
  2. I've peed in front of a handful of friends. Either sharing a stall on a night out or just being invited in with them at their house. It's never been anything sexual. Just girls going together.
  3. At home with my husband and two daughters I will close the bathroom door but I won't lock it. I'm only going for a wee and I'm not too bothered about them accidentally walking in on me but at the same time I still want a little privacy. They usually know if someone has gone upstairs to the loo so it's rare anyone is interrupted. If I have guests over then I always lock the door, even if it is someone I have sat on the toilet in front of many times before.
  4. I often imagine my friends and colleagues peeing on the toilet, wondering what they are like. How they sit, how far they pull down their clothes, what their stream is like, how they wipe.
  5. I love this idea! I might have to install the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane trilogy and have some fun with my husband. I'm not sure about the switching and punishment but I love the idea of my husband trying to play a game while I suck his cock until I make him cum and then us swapping places.
  6. There is for me, at least with the above photo. I like to think at some point during the photo shoot she needed to pee and relieved herself in the water, either during while the photos were being taken, innocently posing with the water just above her waist and unleashing the pee she's been holding for hours, or just during a break. "I'm just off for a wee while you change your lens"
  7. "Kik" is part of the spam filter and any post containing the word is immediately hidden, pending moderator approval. All members of staff are notified of this. I have approved the post. As for the rule, you can find it here. I'm not saying you have broken the rule, just explaining what happened.
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