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    grocery shop owner
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    A pee lurker from India.

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    Love watching girls pee in open leaving all inhibitions
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    When I peed inside the lift.

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  1. Anyone to talk about pee, who are ok to talk in DM, plz do DM
  2. Indian guy here, finding some people to share their pee experiences, also looking out for girls to chat about pee
  3. Indian's do share your experiences in this chat.
  4. When it comes to peeing attitude of women in India and from my past 10 years of experience, i have generalized women into 4 categories. 1. Uninhibited women These women have the ability to turn any piece of land as their toilets, their pee stream are very strong and natural. They do not shy to speak out about the urges they have developed. They do not try to control their pee in case of emergencies. [Wetting score : 0%] 2. Partially Uninhibited women These women do not shy to speak out their urges, but they are reluctant to pee at the very place, they try to search a
  5. India has changed a lot nowadays, u never seen India since 18 years? HuH
  6. Nice to meet you vpw, I have just started reading ur stories, and felt how lucky you were.
  7. Hey, looking for Indian people with weird pee interests. If u are one among them, then message me.
  8. I love to watch girls who are in pain from controlling their pee for the obvious reasons. I have watched over a thousands of them fighting against their bladders on various circumstances, the pleasure that i get from that is unexplainable. I wish to meet and share the pleasure with you all. Regards, Nasty pee lover
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