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  1. Highway sightings can be pretty exciting. Years ago I was driving and going through some road construction, so it was slow. A lifted truck was pulled over and as I approached I saw a girl squatting down peeing. As I got close I could see her underneath the truck, pee spraying out of her bush... Gone in a moment but very hot nonetheless!
  2. @vpw has written a lot of amazing stores about peeing in India. Have you seen any yourself?
  3. You can do it, we're all dying to hear 😂
  4. Love your writing @glad1, such a hot story. I'm looking forward to an update as well 😁
  5. For guys peeing outside is a lot easier than walking inside, to the toilet, lifting the lid, aiming careful and trying not to splash too much, etc. Outside you can just let 'er rip without a care in the world. Did you feel like adding to the puddle? 😉
  6. I agree, completely off would add to the viewing pleasure 😂 such a sexy story and I love your sense of playfulness. Hope you can recreate this experience again next year!
  7. What a great and hot story! Wow! So to pee off the dock, did you take your bikini off? Squatting down or standing?
  8. Welcome, I love reading stories about girls peeing outside 🙂 you probably never guessed that from my username lol. Looking forward to reading your posts.
  9. That's very hot! Did your pussy have to touch the bricks or you stayed back a little and sprayed forward?
  10. Such a hot story! Did you guys have anything to dry yourselves with?
  11. Such a hot story! I love the details, very nice.
  12. Peeing standing is the best, I pee standing every opportunity and try to shoot as far as possible - haha. However I do make an exception for peeing in a toilet at home, sitting down keeps all the splatter to a minimum and helps keep the bathroom clean, I am a bit of a clean freak.
  13. Very hot, these seem like genuine stories and they're very sexy. Keep going!
  14. I do this sometimes when I've been driving awhile and park... just whip it out and pee next to the car quick when no one's around. One can pee in parking lots and stuff pretty easy this way...
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