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  1. Germany really is a hotspot for peeing on the „Autobahn“ I parked my car and sat down on the hood of it at a fairly small rest area. Behind me and to the left of me where fences and a few plants. Almost all the parking spots where taken. Whilst i was sitting on my car a woman approached me and started talking to me. Not understanding a single word(in german) she was saying, i was just nodding. The tall(6‘1?) oak brown haired woman must have noticed that. And started to talk in broken english „all gut, just pee, no worry“ With that she went to the side of my car and all i c
  2. Hiking, as a contrast to my job. Going to sports events with friends, travelling and boxing.
  3. Just Boxers, never liked sleeping in a shirt.
  4. I haven’t had any luck the last few days, but yesterday that changed. I was at a big rest area in Germany called „Autohof“ (think thats the general name for amenities like that. It was a big car park like at a supermarket or hardware store. Row after row of parking. I choose a place in the second to last row, since it wasn’t busy there and i wanted to have a smoke. As i got out of my car, a woman got out of hers as well just 2 rows in front of me, directly a head of me. She was beautiful, long black hair, brown yoga pants stuffed inside black doc martens boots and a oversized black hoodie
  5. As I was sitting in my car having lunch. Two women both not older then 25-30 by the looks of it went into the bushes at the rest stop. Both of them wearing yoga pants and oversized hoodies. One was blonde and pretty tall the other one was smaller and had black hair, she had an amazing ass from what i could tell. Not far away from me, but unfortunately as one of them went into a squat she was completely out of my sight, hidden behind a thick row of bushes. The other girl was still standing. When she came back up the other girl followed the first’s example. Shortly after they left all I c
  6. So this is sighting is connected to the previous one. Monica( the women from the post above) and I managed to met up later that same day before parting ways to different destinations. We met at a bigger service station just one exit before our ways would part. There was a big Gas Station and a dinner style restaurant. Also a lot of Greenery and Trees, a playground and a small dog play area. I got us two coffees and we choose to enjoy it outside as the sun was slowly settling down. We had a great talk again, wont bore you with details. But in the Future there is a big chance that
  7. Today I had my usual drive and came to a stop at a small rest area. Quite a rural place, i would definitely have missed it if there hasn’t been another car ahead of me pulling into the rest area. Just roundabout ten parking spots shielded of by Wall on one side and a forest, with a fence running through it, on the other side. The Bushes and trees were very dense and just a single path made it way deeper into the Greenery. As there was just one other car and a truck, with the curtains closed parked there. I thought to myself that the owner had to be somewhere, most likely in the there
  8. The Football (soccer) tournament in Germany truly is a blessing in disguise. As I was about to leave for the road again a car pulled in a few spots next to me. Two men and a women jumped out of the vehicle. The men went straight to the fence in front of them and followed natures call. The woman on the other hand. More on the chubby side of things. She did not close her door, instead she pulled down her jeans and went into a high squat she grabbed the door as she was somewhat wobbly on her feet. I had a good side view of her big butt and then she started pissing like a waterfall. She
  9. Not much happening in the last couple of days but this evening i was lucky again. It was quite late at night, still the parking area was quit busy 7 or 8 cars there, it was the highway towards Germany and with the Euros there not unusual. I was sitting in my car, scrolling through my phone just about to step out. In front of me was a fenced of building for road service vehicles(i guess) to the sides there was just a fence right a long the parking spots so not much space to walk around. Just as I was about to open my car door a slim figure walked in front of my car. As she made her wa
  10. No like i said it was rainy and i was having a cig. So i was just a smoker seeking shelter, pretty sure she did not think much about me.
  11. Yesterday Morning i was on the road once again driving home. It was a rainy and unpleasant day. i turnend into a a small rest area. Just a few parking spots a line of dense greenery and a rain shelter. I got out of my car and walked towards the shelter to have a cigarette. There was a a dirt trail leading into the bushes. As i was standing there, just gazing at the cars driving by. A women came out of the greenery. She was tall about 5‘10 blond almost hay like hair. Wearing a grey sweater and blue jeans which she was buttoning up while walking. Her white shoes wear muddy. I was pr
  12. Well if im lucky…. Was on my way once again, pulled off the highway. A small rest area with nothing then a fenced in strip of grass and a few trash cans. As i walked around and stretched a bit a car pulled in not far away from. The passenger door opened and a chubby woman in here 40 to 50 stepped out. Brown hair in a pony tail, wearing a dark blue track suit. She went over to a trash can and without hesitation pulled her pants down and got into a high squat. She was mostly hidden for me all i could see was here had and legs peeking out behind the trash can. She remained in th
  13. Later the same day and plenty of miles further down the road. As the day was coming to an end I wanted to have one last smoke break before I arrive at my hotel for the night. So I pulled over into another rest area. A very small one, an U-Shaped parking place with 3 or so trees and a few bushes in the middle. No toilet not even a bench just a few small trash cans. As i parked the car i only saw one other car but nobody around. I stepped out and light myself a cigarette. As i walked a few steps. I heard a female voice saying „Stop dort come any further please“ The same moment a strong hiss
  14. Thanks to my new job I get to travel a lot, lately mostly with my car. So there I was just pulled off of the Highway into a rest area. Nothing special just a bit of slightly elevated Greenery between the Highway and one row of car parking spots. I was just sitting behind the wheel, treating myself to a Croissant ( bad idea got crumbs all over my seat). When the car door next to my car opened and a Woman got out an walked over to the small strip of Greenery. She was about 5‘5 i guess and black haired. Wearing beige yoga pants and an oversized white t-shirt. She took a f
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