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  1. In due time. Needs a little more time to cook.
  2. It's hard sometimes to continue existing story lines once you've hit a certain point of escalation. I echo new2this and would love to hear more from Kiki and her mother. Been cooking up some stories inspired by Kiki but it's been slow going since my aim is to keep it a slow burn. Maybe revisit the beach house and the beach? Always a favorite setting of mine.
  3. As for myself I often use the bathroom sink more than the actual toilet. If I'm ever alone in the house I'll often wet myself on some towels or use a diaper to avoid doing laundry. Or wet myself a bit while getting the mail or sitting on the front lawn. Sometimes at night I like to use the cover of darkness to let my cock hang out and piss around outside.
  4. Is it bad that I've accomplished things in life people only can dream of doing yet I constantly dream of just having my own carpeted, modest apartment with a secluded yet sunny balcony? It's definitely just as out of reach now as it was as a teen living with my parents.
  5. It's definitely a fear of being the one to initiate and having it go poorly.
  6. A small update, sometimes these stories are hard to continue as I tend to ramp things up fairly quickly Later that afternoon I went down to my basement for something and glanced out the glassdoor across the yard and saw that Kelsey was likewise in the basement, still nude like myself, of course with the glass door slid open. She was giving me a great view of her curvy ass as she was bent over concerning herself with something low to the ground. Curious I stepped outside made my way closer and saw that she was scooping out something from a low container. Not wanting to startle her I announ
  7. This has been kicking around in my head ever since I started this story line and I know I won't progress until I at least have something more down on paper. Includes bed wetting, mutual hand jobs (M/F) and female holding male pissing. Also contains sexual openness which would include light incest as in mom watching and encouraging daughter to engage in sexual acts. I awoke pleasantly to the warm golden light of the morning sun filtering through the windows. I was delighted to find that the previous day, even though traumatic, was not a dream. My savior, Samantha, was still as naked as whe
  8. I feel I tend to overthink situations and am a little more prudish about peeing than I should be because it's a fetish. I don't mind being seen and would love to pee freely for a woman but I'm more worried about offending someone else than I am about the embarrassment of being seen. In fact I've probably missed some mutual peeing opportunities because I also don't want to be seen as a creep if a lady friend goes to pee like while hiking.
  9. Back in college I had a roommate who was like this, and the thing that stood out was leaving a caked up cat food dish in the sink. I once came home to it on the floor. I asked about it and he said that "it's gross," because the cat licks it's butt and stuff. Yet this very same roommate would never do the dishes and leave them in the sink that would end up being filled with fetid water filled with rotting food scraps, often for days waiting until myself or another roommate did the dishes. There's a huge disconnect.
  10. Never understood the puritanical obsession with "cleanliness" that doesn't really reflect how actually dirty something is, it's just going off emotion. Sweat is very similar to pee, I'm washing that off in the shower even if I don't pee in it. I'm also washing my ass and fecal matter is much "dirtier" than pee. Not to mention potential foot fungus and god knows what else that's washed away from our bodies in the shower by just virtue of being a living thing. Edit: That's not to say you shouldn't clean your shower ever, just that clutching pearls over pissing in the shower is ridiculous.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2024/jan/29/english-council-littering-fines-peeing-in-countryside-dacorum-hertfordshire An exert: Laughing at "wild peeing," being the term used because pissing in the woods isn't what first comes to mind.
  12. I've got a training urinal I use like this. When I lived alone during COVID it had a permanent spot in the kitchen for a while! Right next to the other urinal, the trash can and probably the one I used the most, the dishwasher.
  13. I think I jumped ship as soon as this website was established. Peesearch was in a long slow decline.
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