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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I love how a lot of us came to the same conclusions when first trying out naughty peeing.
  2. Nah, it was just a standard restaurant/retail non-slip mat. Definitely thought about standing back a few feet to piss into the urinal but again I didn't want to make a mess for a poor fast food worker.
  3. I was at the beach with a female friend and we were drinking beer after beer. We positioned our chairs right at the edge of the surf and were quite wet by the incoming waves. Neither of us got up to use the toilet while we were there. I know I was pissing my swim shorts in the chair whenever I had to go and without a doubt she was doing the same. Oh what could have been. Beaches are probably my favorite setting for this since everyone does it in their own way.
  4. Pissing into towels was how I first got into pee fun. Still use em to great effect now. Didn't want to make a mess so folding a towel and putting it into my pants was an easy solution in my young mind. Love emptying myself into them and feeling it spread. Sticking my cock into a folded or bunched up towel is also a lot of fun.
  5. While I've yet to live alone, I've often been the only one in my apartment for long periods of time. I'm pretty lazy and usually would just pee in sinks, bathtub, dishwasher, various containers and my favorite, the pop lid kitchen trash can. I even have a training urinal that I would set up in the kitchen and often leave filled with my pee. I would do messier things like pee on the floors only when I was really into it, which often times would be in the last week of freedom, lol. If I had in house laundry I would use a lot of towels but when without I've opted for large pet pee pads. I w
  6. Caught this in the wild. It was an extra long bathroom for some reason, didn't expect to get the red... black carpet treatment for a urinal. I couldn't help but let a spurt out onto it. Would have pissed completely on it but these mats are heavy and having had to put them out you're often clutching it to your chest and didn't want to do that to a poor fast food worker.
  7. During the pandemic no one was in our office and I had some business to attend to. So I went into our large conference room, whipped out my cock and pissed in a corner on the wall and carpet. Huge power move for later meetings.
  8. I usually run the water for a bit and make sure to splash any splatters.
  9. More than a few times sometimes out of actual desperation or more often than not deliberate. The times it's been out of desperation I've had to make do with what I have on hand. One time after a long WoW raid with the guild I got to talking with a guildmate and had to go real bad as I had been drinking beer throughout the raid. Not wanting to break the Convo I grabbed a Gatorade bottle, took out my cock and inserted it and let go, making sure to stop when I used push to talk. I've filled various beer glasses as well. My go to is to wet myself. Though this is always planned for. I'll th
  10. This is a wonderful idea. I'd probably just teleport it underground or something. Moreso out of convenience but I wouldn't be using this power unless I couldn't pee out in the open. Also trying to use a bottle while driving can be a hassle as there's only so much volume.
  11. During the summers Kim volunteered to teach a college prep course offered by the high school she taught at. The course was open to all ages and was free, funded by the county, but mostly high schoolers and people in their early twenties took the course since it was during the day and on weekdays. This summer was no different and she even had a former student and swimmer in her class, Melissa. She had graduated three years prior, Kim estimated that she must be 21 by now and remarked how Melissa has kept her sleek swimmer's body. Melissa was quite tall and her long legs had given her ample advan
  12. As much as I keep coming out with new stories and characters I decided to revive an old one and finish some unfinished stories concerning Kim, Jack and their neighbor, Cassandra, as well as introduce a new character and a much beloved setting of mine, school pissing! Story contains wetting (M/F), naughty peeing (M/F), goldenshowers (M/F), piss drinking (M/F) masturbation (F), sex (M/F) and a gloryhole (M/F) --- One hot, early Friday afternoon, Kim was home free for Summer vacation when she got a knock on her door from her neighbor Cassandra. Both women had a secret, they knew wh
  13. The only wet dreams I've had involved peeing. Not always sexual, though I've had one that didn't involve waking up to a mess that was. The few times I've had a nocturnal emission usually involved me peeing in the dream but I'll end up cumming in real life. Honestly rather have that than me losing control of my bladder, a lot less clean up.
  14. They're great for easy clean up/low mess (if at all). Wish they weren't so wasteful though. Wonder how adult washable diapers hold up.
  15. But seeing how I wrote this Jack Kerouac style all in one shot who knows where it will lead.
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