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  1. Some of you may remember that I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail a few years ago and I recounted some pissing exploits from that trip. The biggest being that you can practically pee anywhere while hiking and get accustomed to it. My favorite would be just just stop and pull out my cock and just pee right there on the trail. Many a time I'd have to run to a store bathroom or have to find any sort of semi-secluded spot in town to pee. I wasn't the only one like this and I spoke to many lady hikers who lamented how they had to use a bathroom at the grocery store instead of just being able to sq
  2. It's a common thing to hear from long distance hikers, women especially, that they hate being back in civilization because they can't pee anywhere they want. I know my bladder goes feral and it's all I can do to not piss in my shorts when I decide to pee.
  3. As a frequent user of outhouses, I wonder what caused this, likely some missed streams onto the wood. There are specific types of privies you should never pee in (composting toilets) that even have urine catchers at the front of the hole to catch any errant automatic pees when in use that divert to separate containers/pits. As if we all needed an excuse to not use a "proper" toilet.
  4. It's been far too long since I went to a beach in the summer. Last time I was walking on a beach and there wasn't really much cover, ended up kneeling by a dune with some waist high grass, pull my cock out and try to pee in the sand without getting my knees wet. If it's hot and I'm in my suit and swimming I'll usually just pee in the water through my suit. One of the last times I was on the beach I had a chair set up right at the waters edge and just kept peeing whenever I felt the need while keeping myself well hydrated.
  5. Already taken care of I'm afraid, but you've inspired me to christen every trash bin in the house! There also might have been an accidental drip trail leading to each one.
  6. I've moved recently and have the house to myself again. 😈 Open to suggestions. I've already peed myself on the way to check the mailbox and of course wet myself sitting on towels more than a few times at the computer watching plenty of girls naughtily peeing. Wishing the warm weather would come back!
  7. The lack of consent is the issue and even "cues" that may be indicating that they want to be viewed/recorded are subjective until you actually ask or receive consent from whomever is peeing in public. Just because someone is doing something, anything, in public is not an open invitation to be gawked at or recorded without consent. Whether it's legal or not or if you can physically do it does not make it right. If it's a group of people out bar hopping that are drunk, that's also not an invitation, they are intoxicated and not able to make rational decisions and something in that moment mi
  8. Been watching the Expanse, glad for this spoiler in more ways than one. 🤣
  9. You'll want to have someone absorbent. Even if you do full waterproof seat covers all that pee has to go somewhere in your car.
  10. Back in 2020 I was on several large group bike rides in NYC. They weren't the best managed and bathroom breaks were rare if available at all and at the time park bathrooms were closed due to pandemic concerns. Led to a lot of sneaky and no do sneaky pees or 8+ hour holds. Which combined with the need for hydration I'm surprised I last that long. This particular ride was running later into the evening and I knew I wasn't going to make it. I had someone watch my bike as I was squeezing my cock trying to find an open restaurant that would let me use the bathroom. I basically barged in hold
  11. Love the step up, almost like it's inviting you to try to make the distance from there.
  12. As much as it gets us going, her absence is probably for the best. Regardless of what kind of institute she's in and her reasons for being there, this forum might not be the best for whatever recovery she's hoping to obtain. Posts encouraging things like peeing on her roommate's personal belongings and goading her into doing things more extreme aren't exactly helpful or positive behaviors no matter how much it gets you off.
  13. Although the example I'd like to use but don't really want to look up is one of the ladies from The Three Musketeers. I've always read older literature and Classics so I'm familiar with the archaic usage of toilet, but it was still a bit surprising to read something along the lines of Kitty or Milady going into their make-up closet to "do their toilet." Which really just means get ready for the day but you know where minds wander, and given the usage of chamber pots back in the day I bet she really would be peeing in there any way.
  14. Always loved when it's used in the "correct" way. "D’Artagnan began by making his most splendid toilet." It's just so, not sure of the right word to use, classical.
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