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  1. Yes, of course. My childhood room faced a wooded area and I'd sometimes remove the screen and pee out the window without a care, though it was a bit high. A user here managed to convince me (not much work needed tbh) to pee out my window when I lived in a city. My bedroom faced an alley and you could touch the other wall easily so it was a two for one piss! Usually only did it when it was raining in the dead of night since my landlord had a matching window right below. That window was a great height to pee out of too, just had to open her up, pull out my cock and go.
  2. Sorry to double post but I'm now reminded of a story told to me by a veteran hiker about a hiker from his year. Doesn't involve pee but it does open up the floodgate for peeing. The hiker had a tarp tent with no floor and there was a storm out. As any thru-hiker will tell you, when you have to poop, you sometimes have no time. So this hiker just pulled up his ground cloth, dug a hole, did his business, buried it and put his ground cloth back like nothing happened. Sounds like the dream for peeing, you probably wouldn't even need to dig a hole if you aimed to pee out a corner or something
  3. Backpacking is my passion so I've got small one man tents. One of these days I'm gonna splurge and get one with two vestibules. One of my hiking buddies had one while he hiked solo and said anytime he needed to pee he'd just roll to the one vestibule he wasn't using for gear, pull out his cock and just go! I could theoretically do this with the one vestibule but I've got gear in it and need to exit and enter without tracking anything (like piss or piss mud) in. Plus I hate having the vestibule fully closed as it limits precious airflow as well I consider it just generally anti-social behavior
  4. Hard to choose since I was living in the woods for a good portion of this year and could freely pee where and how I liked. I'd have to say pissing off of Mt Whitney (the high point of the continental US, 14,505 ft or 4,421 m) and nearly getting blown off the mountain was a definite high point. Extra challenging as I was trying to juggle peeing, some modesty for my fellow hikers, fighting being blown off and fighting not to piss into the wind and pee all over myself. Have to say though, if I did get blown off I died doing what I loved.
  5. Always down for that, both doing the instructing and being instructed on where to pee. Though just the words, "I want you to pee..." is hot enough without even completing the sentence. The blindfold idea sounds hot too.
  6. No mutual peeing on each other option?!
  7. Always had these on my mind but keeping it clean would be more than what it's worth, even beyond defecation. It'd be fun tho
  8. I was trying to figure out what the structure built into the corners of buildings like cathedrals were called and stumbled upon this article about Henry VIII. https://www.history.com/news/royal-palace-life-hygiene-henry-viii Some choice quotes Even managed to find this video of a medieval public urinal in Belgium. Urine deflectors are the word I was looking for: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/urine-deflectors-of-fleet-street https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urine_deflector
  9. My new neighbors have a ring camera and I like to have naughty pees on that side of my house. It was a relatively safe place to even be bottomless/naked for the extra thrill. Even without the exhibitionism and penchant for naughty outside pees, I find the ring cameras to be a nuisance. Even in the sleepy suburbs it's impossible to go anywhere now a days without being recorded or trackable in some manner. A lot of security as a whole being thrown out for temporary selfish protection of property. In the US the police can access ring camera footage without a warrant as they please. Not to m
  10. I decided to fill a niche by writing stories I'd like to read, which are fun to think of and create on my end. A lot of it is just unfulfilled fantasies and I try to weave in some real experiences I've had, either in sightings or something I've done myself.
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