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  1. This was my plan for the day anyway! Maybe I'll pee on the toilet lid, or now that I think about it, not sure I've ever pissed in the top tank before.
  2. I see 69 was posted, how about a 420?
  3. Depends on the woman. I wouldn't date her in spite of wearing them, that's for sure, but I would have to take into deep consideration on why she's wearing them. Especially having this fetish and have used diapers in my own play, for clean up purposes mainly. Wouldn't want her to think I was making light of her condition, if she had one, or taking advantage of it. That aside, hell yeah.
  4. Really wish the Pee Devil series took off more, or at the very least they'd release the remaining footage! There's at least 7 films listed on coming soon on Patches (and has been for almost 2 decades now lol).
  5. I would if I still had it. COVID made me downsize a bit and I was worried about it being discovered and there's no real good explanation for it. It simply is what it is, lol. I did pick up a travel urinal, one of those more medical looking ones but this one has tubing leading up to another tube where you can stick your cock in to pee. That'll be fun. I've still got plenty of pet pads and a chamberpot, which have been getting their fair amount of use. Not that I can explain the pet pads away but they make clean up so easy. I can always hand wave it as a substitute for a painter's cloth when I work on my bike. Today I've just set up a tall whiskey bottle on a side table in my living room that's at just the right height for me to place the tip of my penis at the mouth and slowly pee into.
  6. Suggestions for naughty peeing of course! Still have the apartment to myself for the rest of the month (thanks Thanksgiving!). Been into it more. Practically had to write off all of yesterday because I was too focused on holding and peeing.
  7. Lets just say 2020 hasn't been kind to my mental health and I finally took some time off and did what I've sorely been missing, being in the great outdoors. Came back to my apartment just as my roommmate left to visit family. Lets just say that the opportunity has not been wasted. I like easy clean up so I've been wetting into a diaper on a pet pee pad and even pissed into a glass letting it overflow onto one in the kitchen. For the past hour or so I've been holding it while wearing some short shorts sitting on a pee pad at my computer browsing porn, letting the tiniest bit out when ever I felt a twinge. As we all know how these things go, after a few large bursts I succumbed and let it all flow out absolute soaking my shorts and the pee pad, so much that I had to hold it up to avoid overflowing onto my bedroom floor, which failed. While trying to contain the overflow I discovered (while pee was just rolling down my legs) that I failed and soaked part of my nice computer chair so much that I could press the wet patch and pee would flow out. Not sure if I'll get to writing but it feels good to be naughty peeing again and I'm open to any suggestions within reason.
  8. Not sure if it's lack of new material as much as the medium has shifted towards videos and live cam shows.
  9. I really need to get writing again. I liked this story a lot. Writer's block is real and I've also been extremely preoccupied with current events in the US, so I haven't really been in the right mindset for writing erotica. But I've got the apartment to myself for the week which always helps with inspiration, if you know what I mean. Watching The Witcher show again would also help get back in the right voice too.
  10. I've got a roommate too but that's made it a bit more exciting. Like wiping out my dick and peeing in the kitchen sink when I know he's on a conference call. We both are fortunate enough to be able to work from home. I've taken to peeing in my room behind a closed door in containers and coffee mugs. Usually take it a step further and dump it in the kitchen sink. I've also been wetting in the shower and lately been trying out diaper and wetting in spurts in the common areas of the apartment. Even peed during a conference call of my own. He's going to visit his family next week which will leave me alone for days. Definitely gonna have some fun out in the open.
  11. That's hot! Love to hear your future endeavours.
  12. I had just the usual party experiences, walking to just the edge of light while outside and peeing into the darkness of night. Did have a couple nights where I drunkenly slept walk and peed in an elevator and my dorm room door.
  13. I've always had issues with potential UTIs over any sort of rash or skin condition, but that's me, my skin tends to be more resilient than most.
  14. I peed in front of City Hall in a small park after a protest. The protesters cleared out and walked into the scant bushes and pulled out my cock and peed on the side of a shed. I had been holding it for a long time too.
  15. Tonight people were pissing up against walls, though it was already dark. When I was at City Hall it was still daylight.

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