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  1. Whoa, these are urinals? I have so many questions, there's so many ways to use these that I can think of. Is that dirt under there too?
  2. I use them for easy clean up since I don't have in unit laundry. As for volume it all depends on how big of a pad you get and they have vary strengths. I use them mostly to protect the chair I'm wetting myself on. Though be warned if you sit directly on it, depending on volume and output you can flood the thing. If you're looking at them on an online retailer site, just read the reviews, they usually give you a good idea of what you're dealing with.
  3. I've been using these for a few years now. It makes clean up so much easier and helps protect furniture. I really should switch to something more environment friendly like mickymoist posted.
  4. I agree with this. Don't know your living situation but presumably you're an adult by nature of being on this site but you should have some agency and be able to do your own laundry, even if it's infrequently. This isn't judgmental either, just worried about your autonomy. That being said you can always wash clothes in the sink or shower to get the pee out, dry in a closet or something and then throw it in the laundry like usual. I don't have in unit laundry so my clothes wetting isn't as easy as it used to be since I can't just immediately throw it into the washer nor do I want to be ca
  5. Not so much encouraged, it was the only option when outdoors.
  6. I've been in this situation, haha. Didn't have to pee though. Realistically, see if you can get the doors to open a little bit or just pee at the door. Even with a few people inside (close friends at that) and a minimal wait it's still a stressful situation despite the sexy shenanigans that can occur in the right conditions.
  7. Not too fond of the waste but I use pet pee pads. They come in all sorts of sizes, makes clean up a breeze whether your peeing on the floor or wetting on a chair. Back when I had in house laundry I had a fleet of towels that would used and thrown in the washer, using garbage bags underneath if needed. Adult diapers and incontinence underwear pads also make clean up a breeze. They also make various urine remover sprays.
  8. Love the "Wait does mute mean that I am muted or is that the button to mute?!" double, triple check every time.
  9. This topic is reminding me that I missed some very golden opportunities before I junked my old car that I kept at my parents. I never peed it in since I was always giving people rides and afraid of any noticeable stains or smells. Especially since for an old car the seats were in perfect condition so anything would be easily noticed. Wasn't thinking of it all those times I went to visit knowing the car's fate, I could have been sneaking pees in there before I junked it! Though I wouldn't want my parents to discover that if they had to move it or something. Though I probably could have gotten a
  10. This has been a day dream for some while. Drains everywhere, even under carpet. I'd like a mix of hardwood, tile and carpet for the various floors. I think it'd be fun if there was a urinal in every room, the old school kind that go into the floor, at the very least even if it's not being used it'd help with drainage. A lot of things that aren't already crotch height would be found at crotch height now, like end tables with vases/other various vessels for easy aim and go peeing into. I'm a big fan of bringing the outside, inside and Roman atriums and solariums. This dream pee house would
  11. We were open bathroom door policy (for the toilet) too, at least at home. My parents still practice it. We always closed the door when we had guests or visiting others, it was just always open when we peed when it was just us. I wonder how common it is and where it came from. Like are other families like this too and we just don't openly talk about it because it's just so routine? And the fact that we close the door when there's guests limits the opportunities for any of my friends to find out and visa versa. But given how my roommate locks the bathroom door, when its just the two of us here I
  12. Bathroom sink, it's just the right height!
  13. I think I have more fun with what people come up with. Helps I'm always looking for new ideas. The results are obviously skewed, like who's going to answer a 10+ question poll asking about if wetting for pleasure if you don't already know it's your kink. Still fun to think about though.
  14. Glad I'm not the only one that's gotten off from Misterpoll. Still do from time to time. I really enjoyed all the naughty pee polls, even without reading the comments I just love seeing where people's minds are at in regards to peeing, especially naughty peeing and wetting.
  15. Absolutely, if I had any, she's still welcome to the floor though.
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