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  1. Nothing that I can really recall outside of several drunk pees in the college dorm. Once on the inside of my room door and I'm also pretty sure I slept walked and peed in the elevator one night. I've always been fairly reserved in public, even more so at school. I did start holding at some point in high school, more of a personal challenge/training thing, I still do things like that even now. That let to a lot of desperate moments on the bus ride home. Sometimes I wouldn't make it in the door and pissed in the bushes at the side of the house. At one point it kind of became routine.
  2. Loving the topic, always fun to learn what turns on other people in regards to the fetish. Even more fun to find some new ways to pee.
  3. I spent a weekend at a friend's beach house with her parents. We spent an afternoon with our chairs just in the water drinking beers. I probably don't even have to say that I was just peeing in my suit right there in the chair next her when ever I felt the need. She didn't leave her chair either for the hours and beers that we were out there so she must have been doing the same. In retrospect I wish I had cracked a joke about it. That place was a naughty peeing dream. The beach, they had an outdoor shower, wet room bathroom and there were bedrooms with sinks in them.
  4. I was looking at bathing suits over the summer and there are brands with water activated patterns and color changes. Ended up not buying anything but I'll probably add it to the wetting wardrobe at some point.
  5. Trash cans are always fun places to go. Either your own in your room where you can empty it later or if you want to be extra naughty the main one. I like pissing in my kitchen trash can. The contents tend to soak all the pee up. You could get bonus points for volunteering to take it out and avoid any suspicion.
  6. It has to do with body anatomy. I used to discount the actual need for a scoop in a saddle, like how much could that tiny slot actually do for you? That was until I started doing 20-40 mile rides. I *had* to ice my pernieum (gooch, taint) those nights and sometimes I'd get numbness. I got a new saddle with a scoop the day of the start of a 60 mile tour, immediate results, I didn't even need to wear bike shorts for my boney ass. That same pressure from the saddle on the prostate and pussy would also prevent urine release. Or at least for me it really prevents me from starting, usually have
  7. Caught this one in the wild, it's not the urinal that's unique but the wall dividing the two. Wonder what you can see with those slots in the wall there. Happens to be a perfect view.
  8. During the pandemic they locked all the park bathrooms generally, meeting at parks and passing by them during the BLM protests meant I'd have to get creative. Had a couple not-so proud pees kneeling down, barely covered by vegetation while I could see and hear families just on the other side. These are times I wished I had just peed off or on a bridge but we'd usually be followed by police and have at least one helicopter and you never want to give them a reason to start busting people in a protest, especially over something silly like public urination. Even when the bathrooms were open
  9. Anywhere from weeks to at least a full month. Had a lot of alone time at home during the pandemic. Made it kind of easy. While hiking I usually don't use a toilet due to circumstance but I'd be forced to use one if I was at a hotel or hostel.
  10. That's the best part, it's unisex. And the door collects those errant drips and not so forceful spurts too.
  11. I said downside/upside on remembering if the dishes are clean or not because I'm emptying the clean dishes now and I guess I've trained my bladder enough into thinking that the dishwasher is a toilet and I've gotta go bad now, but I can't pee until I clean out all the dishes first. Some nice chore motivation.
  12. I mean, we all know anything connected to a drain is a defacto urinal, but depending on various physical differences amongst people, sinks aren't always the easiest thing to pee into. I happen to be lucky enough (can't believe I'm typing that in this sentence) to rent an apartment with a dishwasher and I've peed in it here and there, even with my roommate home. One wash or rinse and it's all gone. I didn't realize exactly how easy it is to pee into. I happen to be tall so all I have to do is crack open the dishwasher just a bit and I slip my cock into the gap and piss into the contents of the
  13. If you're not adverse to wetting, pee pads work pretty well. Just tried it out myself on the way home from work. Went to change into my padded bike shorts at the end of the day, slipped a pad in my underwear and then took advantage of red lights to step off the seat and try to pee a bit while there were drivers and pedestrians all around me. No one the wiser. Granted the pads have limited capacity so you can't exactly flood them but they're great for letting spurts out here and there, I usually don't wear the padded shorts, but did this time just in case I lost control and let too much out, bu
  14. I've noticed that if I smoke weed I'll lose feeling in my bladder. I'm not sure what causes it but it ended up being a super power at parties/nights out because I wouldn't feel the need to pee every 10 minutes like I usually do when drinking. Even when I smoke alone in my free time I'll find myself caught up in some activity and think, "Wait when was the last time I peed," and do a sort of check and realize I'm super full. I find I don't feel the normal desperation and it usually ends up being signaled to me by my bladder filling up and pushing on other things and my abdomenal wall.
  15. Depression certainly kills all creative output. I'll try to keep this one going. A bit of author stand in going on in this one.
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