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    I like sitting and using from chamberpot, potty. it seeks using from chamber pot person
    I like to watch someone use the chamber pot or watch me use it
    a dream is a potty party

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    peeing in the potty (chamber pot)
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    watching her ex-partner pee in a plastic potty

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  1. https://ocdn012.bdsmlr.com/uploads/photos/2020/04/578719/bdsmlr-578719-J9tlFXhW5k.jpeg
  2. If you want to talk, let me know chcecie rozmawiac dajcie znac
  3. yes, I agree with this: Lany Monday - a holiday tradition in Poland, also called Śmigus-dyngus
  4. I have one and I use it sometimes when I don't feel like going to the toilet
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