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  1. Peeing in the hallways and elevators is always a great option, especially if you're with someone who isn't into pee.
  2. I always find being busy keeps your mind off of being horny. But then during slower or boring times, it's easy to think of stuff and get really horny.
  3. Sometimes while driving I just idly rub my dick over my pants, especially on a long drive alone. I drive a van with very dark tinted windows, so you can see out, but nobody can see in, so I have been in towns while traveling and masturbated in the back of my van secretly, knowing I can see people around me but nobody could probably even see that I was in there.
  4. I usually have about 5 spurts of cum. So not too long. All depends on how horny I am, and how long I've been doing a sexual activity for too.
  5. Would have been such a good show, looking down, just waiting for her to finish.
  6. Wow how do so many people get away with this. Never seen anything like it here, and would probably be dangerous to try.
  7. Curious if the train driver would have noticed
  8. I want to do that. And if I do, I should probably record it and post it somewhere.
  9. Man, I should really just be more bold and careless when I'm in hotel rooms. Sounds like I'd be fine.
  10. I have peed into the kitchen sink plenty of times with my family home and asleep. Usually in the early morning while waiting for my kettle to boil. Especially while really tired, you just want to go somewhere easy. I try to pee down the side of the sink so it doesn't make any sound.
  11. Forgot to post earlier but, it was very successful. Stayed in some other hotels with no carpet so just peed in the bath, shower, and sink. I'm very curious but nervous to try going more all in on peeing everywhere in a hotel room though. I see mnmtasteysweet peeing all around hotel rooms on pornhub, temps me to try it. Pee videos always make me want to be more daring with my pees.
  12. I just did some small pee spurts around a hotel carpet. Very thin and dark carpet so should be fine and dry soon. Was very watery so it would probably look like a spilled drink. Let out a little on the carpet, the rest in the sink. Was very desperate from just driving for 3.5 hours. Hopefully no cleaning charges (or worse, getting banned from the hotel, if that can happen). I'll post again later to if I was successful in being sneaky.
  13. When I first started watching peeing porn as a teen, I would always hold it in until super desperate, usually until I was leaking out pee. Then I would go find somewhere to pee. Sometimes in a cup, sometimes outside, sometimes in the bathroom floor drain or in bins around the house. Always at 1am when everyone was asleep.
  14. Diapers are great. You can really decide to let loose anywhere at any time, and the warm wetness feels so good. You can be in a very public space, people everywhere, with friends, be peeing and nobody would know.
  15. Biggest problem is getting all your clothes wet too when you put them down somewhere. Although, wouldn't be a problem really late into the night.
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