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  1. Awesome and hot. The more you do it, the more confident you will become, so you should definitely try it more.
  2. I am interesting in hearing your story
  3. Lots of dark pee is the best. As long as you're able to stand holding on for that long.
  4. I like to think peeing all over a public bathroom encourages others to do the same
  5. Girls can definitely pee fast. I've known a girl who could empty a liter in about 30 seconds. And then I then I would take over a minute to let out a liter of pee.
  6. I once saw a video of a girl peeing through her dress onto the supermarket floor. Don't think it is online anymore though.
  7. Maybe even just pee a tiny bit onto carpet or bed and let it dry, or use a towel to soak it up. I find on my bed a little bit of pee dries fine, and carpet can be easy to soak up liquids with a towel. Maybe do it in a secret spot, or spread out the pee across a large area so it isn't all built up into the one place
  8. I love holding in so much that it starts to leak out. Being naked and leaking everywhere around the house is fun, or leaking in my pants, and then soon finally letting it all out.
  9. As someone who likes to pee in the bath, I have wondered this a lot. How has it been going?
  10. I actually just remembered seeing a girl pee into the urinal at school too, in primary school of all places too. She stood with her skirt up quite high still, so I assume she probably got some pee on her skirt and panties. Peed forward, and I would only assume she was spreading herself too. Didn't get a good look at the time, but man did that get me interested in seeing girls pee.
  11. Maybe we are just destined to have a pee fetish, sometimes a pee fetish might just sorta happens without anything particularly causing it.
  12. I'm going to bet that mine is the most interesting here. So, as a kid, I literally had a fear of toilets. One was because of the germs, and the other was because of all the sounds they made from flushing, which seemed really loud to me. Hell, I remember my parents having a hard time getting me to try and use a normal toilet because I was scared of it. So of course, I would sometimes just decide to hold it or I would try to find somewhere else to pee, normally just outside, and I found that I liked holding it and peeing somewhere different. Now I don't really have a fear of toilets, but I sti
  13. Maybe even try mixing some pee with alcoholic spirits. I've had some of my own pee with whiskey, and I liked it.
  14. I've done it a few times before too
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