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  1. You should certainly try to do it more. Perhaps if you gotta be more discrete you could sit on the toilet and pee off the edge, sitting further forward.
  2. I always love when the toilet is right there, but we choose not to pee into it.
  3. It's certainly what I love to seek out and watch. And I love larger than chubby too, I just generally say chubby cause it sounds nice.
  4. Sounds so hot. You're really brave doing that out in a public place
  5. My favourite pee streams to see are messy ones. Love seeing videos of chubby girls with a messy stream, and also guys who have a messy pee stream. Basically when it isn't very defined.
  6. I have peed a few times on trains, just have to be careful of cameras. I'm a guy and I normally pee on the floor, but I do it sitting on the chair. I pull my pants down a little so my bare butt is on the seat and my cock is over the edge, pants down just enough to not get hit by the stream. Try and pee gently as well to not make too much noise.
  7. I love the sound of that, being unable to hold and peeing where ever
  8. Love how you decided to pee all over the bathroom, that is so hot
  9. The most crowded one I had was near a busy train station. Had to pee bad but the toilets were a far walk away, so I tried to hide in a little spot for bike parking to pee. Bunch of people walked passed as I was peeing but I just didn't look back, just kept looking at my pee stream.
  10. I get this a bit with the shower. I sometimes have to just aim into the shower and pee while waiting for the water to warm up
  11. Perhaps that is why. A lot of people also pee without lifting the toilet seat or even flushing too, and that would be the reason why.
  12. That sounds fucking terrible.. A lot of people now are just extremely hostile for no good reason. I see it all the time myself on the road, as a professional driver, lots of aggression. They were probably all dumb and young, expecting all the men to have big 'sexy' dicks
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