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  1. This reminds me, I should find out the consequences for getting caught pissing. It can't be more than a fine, I'm sure, because emergencies do happen.
  2. It used to deter me, especially being afraid of being arrested or something from peeing in front of security cameras, but in my experience, nothing will happen if you do, especially so if it is anywhere outdoors. Cameras used to feel like someone is just staring at you, but I think the reality is more that nobody is actively watching it and it is just recording in the event of a serious crime. Even if they have someone hired to always watch security cameras, I bet there's a good chance they are currently doing something else or on their phone, considering how boring looking at cameras for such
  3. That's the reasons I hold it for. Otherwise there isn't normally situations where you have to go so long without peeing.
  4. I have peed for 2 minutes before, but that was while letting it out very slowly. Even when I pee at a normal speed and go for a minute, it really does feel like a long time, just sitting there peeing for a whole entire minute. It starts to feel endless and get thoughts of 'wow when is this going to stop'. Can really make a mess when you pee for that long too.
  5. When I see someone who has wet themselves, I don't laugh or anything, I just feel bad for them. They couldn't make it to the bathroom on time, and it was probably from factors out of their control. I'd even help them out if I could. Accidents are normal and they just happen sometimes.
  6. Awesome and hot. The more you do it, the more confident you will become, so you should definitely try it more.
  7. I am interesting in hearing your story
  8. Lots of dark pee is the best. As long as you're able to stand holding on for that long.
  9. Girls can definitely pee fast. I've known a girl who could empty a liter in about 30 seconds. And then I then I would take over a minute to let out a liter of pee.
  10. I once saw a video of a girl peeing through her dress onto the supermarket floor. Don't think it is online anymore though.
  11. Maybe even just pee a tiny bit onto carpet or bed and let it dry, or use a towel to soak it up. I find on my bed a little bit of pee dries fine, and carpet can be easy to soak up liquids with a towel. Maybe do it in a secret spot, or spread out the pee across a large area so it isn't all built up into the one place
  12. I love holding in so much that it starts to leak out. Being naked and leaking everywhere around the house is fun, or leaking in my pants, and then soon finally letting it all out.
  13. As someone who likes to pee in the bath, I have wondered this a lot. How has it been going?
  14. I actually just remembered seeing a girl pee into the urinal at school too, in primary school of all places too. She stood with her skirt up quite high still, so I assume she probably got some pee on her skirt and panties. Peed forward, and I would only assume she was spreading herself too. Didn't get a good look at the time, but man did that get me interested in seeing girls pee.
  15. Maybe we are just destined to have a pee fetish, sometimes a pee fetish might just sorta happens without anything particularly causing it.
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