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  1. I have had to recently, in my own house because I live with family. I had to pee badly and decided to pee into the kitchen sink while my mum was in the bathroom. While I was peeing she came out and started walking to the kitchen so I had to quickly stop peeing and wash the pee down before she got there. Luckily she didn't suspect that I peed there.
  2. Where were you peeing in the video? It looked like it was in the bathroom
  3. Your pee stream looks so straight and clean, I love it.
  4. This reminded me of being the same age and peeing onto the bathroom wall at school. Whenever I went to the bathroom during class time there would be nobody around so I would spray it onto the wall and leave a big pee puddle. When younger too I also peed over the top of the urinal and letting it run down the wall, and lots of other kids doing the same which encouraged me to try it. It was a sort of competition some people did, seeing how high they could pee. And they made it out like being able to pee up high was something special. That was also when I learnt from someone that you can pull back
  5. Dark curtains can be good. Just be careful of pee running off onto the ground. I know from experience with my own curtain lol
  6. I once peed onto a spider while in the shower. Was a fun way to wash it down the drain
  7. My pee came out, onto my carpet. Made a good puddle
  8. I keep holding myself to stop from peeing too
  9. My bladder is getting close to letting go, have lots of pressure
  10. Ooh nice! I have had 3 big cups of water in the passed few hours. Much more in total today though.
  11. Heh perhaps. Though I'm not wearing anything at the moment, so I would just pee on my legs
  12. I really need to pee right now too. Need to decide on somewhere and not sure where.
  13. Waiting for it to force itself empty would be nice
  14. So hot! Good place a morning piss. Looks so nice and yellow.
  15. Most I have had is people walking in while in a public bathroom. There have been a few where it is hard to tell which is locked and which isn't and has lead to people walking in on me.
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