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  1. yooo welcome! nice to see some familiar faces. I've always loved your stories on FA. Seems you were destined to be into pee lmao now where are the misadventures of mozart
  2. lately there's this corner in a brick bus shelter I've been using every morning. Spot absolutely reeks now and I don't intend to stop using it
  3. These are some excellent pees! Would have loved to join you in making those puddles
  4. Thanks! Was an incredibly satisfying mark, I've got a few other vids I'd love to share too. Dunno whether it's appropriate making a new post or to post in the comments here.
  5. I remember reading this on FA, classic!
  6. I usually save my pee for the journey home to go into an alley or the bushes. Would love to experience what it is like to piss while being tipsy/drunk
  7. I've avoided the toilet as much as I can when needing to pee. I save my morning piss for an alley on the way to work and go outside either in the field or behind my house when I'm home, otherwise I'll use the sink or bath tub when I'm lazy, but I do think that is just cheating haha.
  8. Lovely stains! Using that wall for a good purpose
  9. Hello! Been desperate to contribute my pees to this site so here is a spicy one. Near me is a perfect urinal that I've been exploring recently, ensuring to empty my bladder into it when I can. Here I've claimed a nice fridge. Video: https://www.erome.com/a/hPBhypVU For the image I managed to pool some piss in a shelf
  10. lovely story would love to attend a party like this
  11. Thank you! Ditto in that regard, everyone is welcome and encouraged to come to mine to create big piss puddles and stains ❤️
  12. Helloo Thank you! Oh yeah carpets have the perfect properties for being a replacement urinal; having a large capacity, good scent retention etc haha. Noticed carpets sure a fav for a lot of members too. I will! Certainly seems like a wonderful and diverse place to see people's experiences and thoughts on pee, loving my time here. Thank you! It sure is a nice feeling to wee wherever you please Greetings and thanks! Unfortunately while I'm not a Blaziken we are still animals so we are only doing what is our natural instincts xP I like your profile pi
  13. Thank you for clearing that up as well. That's all good I shall use Google Drive to host the videos! Yeah it does feel like that aspect can be neglected. Of course I don't mind speaking or engaging with any type of pee lover/topic, it's easy to associate those kinks with something inherently sexual. As you say we are all pee fans and honestly that's a reason why I do really love it as a fetish. It is incredibly flexible in how it can be used that there's a little bit of everything that it can cover in terms of what people like.
  14. That's fair, I didn't notice that reply comment on the rules. I will ammend my post if I can. Is that why I commonly see the same website host personal pee vids people have done? And are there restrictions on what sites can host them? (I commonly use Google Drive to store my videos.) I will totally think of some forum topics I can post then, I would like to be more active but I tend to be quite timid when making public posts. Thank you for the welcome and for letting me know, sorry for the inconvenience.
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