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  1. Whew that whole party must've been an experience, really appreciate hearing it! Would've loved to have witness the aftermath of that as well as the garage with the DJ. Would you happen to recall any other details of that time like the smell or any other/more detail on the particularly well used spots?
  2. Welcome! Your DMs will become very wet >:3
  3. How that's worded makes it sound so hot omg if it's as bad as it sounds that place must've got flooded! Does make me wonder if there any locations where that becomes the case not only occationally but all year round Another good bet is to probably find popular street festivals, there's bound to be areas where the organisers haven't set up temporary facilities nearby (or at all) the increased activity must lead to something hahaha, only downside being it'll be a one shot thing
  4. Lovely story! Always love the idea of a place without adequate facilities causing party goers to go wild as the night goes on. And that place surely got that! Would've loved some description of the aftermath. Like how trashed was that shed was by the end of it, as well as how dirty the carpet and closets were in the bedroom? Place must've been absolutely soaked and full with tissues! And that's not including the smell.
  5. yeah it's a different wall but same night, got off the train busting for a piss and that's a well known pee spot for those getting off the train or for those parking in the car park. A few discarded tissues around but in the bushes, no visible pee stains
  6. https://www.redgifs.com/watch/mellowassuredokapi I mean maybe
  7. This is why I wish I knew of any Parking Garage Stairwells, since they'd already be be a prime target with puddles and because it'd be indoors, unless they're physically cleaned you could make a huge mess over time 🥴 Though carpets are indeed incredibly hot as well! Same with alleys, when I went to Spoons on Saturday I noticed two really smelly spots when I was heading to the train station near midnight, likely caused by the drunk patrons.
  8. There are a lot of things I'd love to see videos of. I'd love to see videos of people,l pissing in spots that have clear signs of "use" before. Like what you might find in alcoves, alleys or stairwells, and are basically just adding to the mess of others. As they've been mentioned before I'll keep it short, but I love unstaged peeing videos. But finding any that is of people peeing indoors is rare besides some stairwell CCTV recordings. Naughty peeing videos are really good too. Would love to see more done in indoor locations where the pee is directed into one spot for as big of a pu
  9. One of my fantasies is to find well used pee spots, either with indoor or outdoor locations. Like maybe a flooded alley/stairwell or like a hallway or any room that is soaked. Naturally with clear seeing evidence of use and maybe currently in use by multiple people. Definitely a reason why I'd love to go to a packed street festival
  10. I can imagine most people having different answers for this, as really any option other than holding could result in negative attention/trouble. If I had to go I'd probably go the safest route, which seems like b or c, depending on how easy is it to hide. Wondering as well what sort of doorway was b? Like was this sort of an inside "airlock" before the gents or was this just a general doorway to reach both toilets?
  11. Smell can be a huge part of it for me. I'd love to find a well used indoor area like a staircase, lift, alcove, perhaps an abandoned shed etc. There's a brick bus shelter nearby that always has a darkened puddle of piss on the concrete that's very potent
  12. When peeing on carpet keeping the foreskin over really helps to inundate the fabric, can be very fun to see it pool up, also easier to control when peeing in sinks. Otherwise pulling it back is essentially mark mode for me
  13. I'd love to know about this too, same with the "Public Piss Poster" or "Carnival" stuff.
  14. Those little "airlock" rooms before you enter the main cinema have tempted me so much, especially for the quiet movies, virtually no chance of being seen.
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