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  1. When peeing on carpet keeping the foreskin over really helps to inundate the fabric, can be very fun to see it pool up, also easier to control when peeing in sinks. Otherwise pulling it back is essentially mark mode for me
  2. I'd love to know about this too, same with the "Public Piss Poster" or "Carnival" stuff.
  3. Those little "airlock" rooms before you enter the main cinema have tempted me so much, especially for the quiet movies, virtually no chance of being seen.
  4. Pissing in places out of convenience rather than naughtiness is definitely one of the aspects of pee I like the most. While whenever I pee in public, sure it's convenient, but I also know my bias is contributing to doing it lmao One thing that does make me jealous is the amount of CCTV footage we could be missing of these scenarios playing out, as well as thousands of incidents of it happening in Parking Garages, Stairwells, Storage Rooms etc, of people going in that we won't ever know of except maybe the odd anecdote we'd hear from a friend. However it is a very hot thing to think about, ju
  5. yooo welcome! nice to see some familiar faces. I've always loved your stories on FA. Seems you were destined to be into pee lmao now where are the misadventures of mozart
  6. lately there's this corner in a brick bus shelter I've been using every morning. Spot absolutely reeks now and I don't intend to stop using it
  7. These are some excellent pees! Would have loved to join you in making those puddles
  8. Thanks! Was an incredibly satisfying mark, I've got a few other vids I'd love to share too. Dunno whether it's appropriate making a new post or to post in the comments here.
  9. I usually save my pee for the journey home to go into an alley or the bushes. Would love to experience what it is like to piss while being tipsy/drunk
  10. I've avoided the toilet as much as I can when needing to pee. I save my morning piss for an alley on the way to work and go outside either in the field or behind my house when I'm home, otherwise I'll use the sink or bath tub when I'm lazy, but I do think that is just cheating haha.
  11. Lovely stains! Using that wall for a good purpose
  12. Hello! Been desperate to contribute my pees to this site so here is a spicy one. Near me is a perfect urinal that I've been exploring recently, ensuring to empty my bladder into it when I can. Here I've claimed a nice fridge. Video: https://www.erome.com/a/hPBhypVU For the image I managed to pool some piss in a shelf
  13. lovely story would love to attend a party like this
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