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    You may recognise the name from pornhub or fetlife, this is my main link. Got introduced by an ex and not looked back since.
    Favourites are having my pussy ate when I’m desperate and leaking, desperation, being watched whilst pissing.
    I work a LOT but home is my fun yime

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    Being watched, wetting, watch men wank as they pee, pussy licking/fingering whilst peeing, man peeing on clit, desperation
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    This is my main kink, I don’t know if I could pick one😩

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  1. Hoping this is allowed like there’s a lot of free stuff under this username on my PH and fet i was going to start an OF but apparently pee isn’t allowed there and my videos/customs always include pee😂 anyone aware of anything similar? I’ll always post free this is mainly for more riskier peeing and custom requests etc
  2. Thankyou!💜 yeah haha that’s me😂
  3. Seems whenever I’m trying to find the exact pee video in my mind, I never can. I do a lot of solo videos purely because I enjoy it and get off on people watch me pee/wet etc. What do you wish there were more solo videos off? (May use these for my video inspiration) i enjoy seeing women pee during sex but a lot of videos seem to stop actual sex while they pee etc, or tied up desperation but I never seem to find much of that either
  4. One of my favourite things, that pressure feeling when you’re *really* desperate
  5. Always nice to see other females here🙌🏼 welcome, you’ll enjoy it here
  6. I’ve been on fet for ages now but that’s all kinks, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this site until now😅
  7. Peexxtimexx


    Hiya, hope everyone is well No one knows how happy I am I found this website 😂 a few people might recognise my username anyway just thought I’d say hi as you’ll see me commenting around, enjoy your nights x
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