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  1. https://www.sndup.net/4vhv/two+girls+weeing+in+the+park.mp3 Me and my friend Jo were in the park recently having a few drinks. I've peed with Joanna in a quiet village street before whilst in Thailand with her, and she was much more reluctant back then. Ive shared that story before, shes slim, blonde haired, blue eyed and kind of posh but sweet looking πŸ˜‰ With the two pints each of cider consumed, the lack of toilets in this quite small park in terms of places to sit but with lots of woodland made the decision to wee in a bush easy for her. After I had been for a piss once she asked if she could come with me the second time, I went, so we sneaked off into the trees and relieved ourselves amongst the vegetation. She was quite cautious still so I didn't draw much attention to what we were doing. I bought a pack of wipes with me and walked through a big bush and pointed to a very tight area surrounded on all sides with bushes. I turned around and dropped into a squat taking my white panties with it, with her following suit but facing me, me in my green summer dress, and her in her white summer dress with roses on. We were in a very tight space that was really concealed, but the two discarded tissues suggested to me what this spot was used for... As she shuffled in her squat to take her white lacy panties off, I began weeing a steady clear stream and rested my hand on my landing strip to gently aim over the leaves I was weeing over. When she was fully comfortable I caught a glimpse of her shaven pussy and nicely sized lips (not too big!) and flicked my eyes up and around, noticing she had saw my own pussy too. With that, her own stream of urine began flowing, a strong gush of yellow piss started spraying over the leaves and vegetation. I got very turned on seeing this and smelling her piss in the air! She looked down at her own flow once she begun and shifted her hips back slightly. We finished around the same time, and as I wiped myself down she made a 'psst' noise to get my attention and I shared her a wipe whilst I was still squatted. As we got up we began talking so I cut that from the recording, but we walked back out again. We giggled a bit over going to get another drink! πŸ˜„ It was a quiet park but I guess if you saw us coming from those trees, you'd probably guess what we had been up to. I could feel my toes were a bit damp as we got out, and that made me feel wet all over again... We then went to go and buy another cider from a nearby bar and sat down again in our old spot before heading off home our separate ways.
  2. https://sndup.net/6s44 Next lockdown loo I found. Whilst jogging I went through a housing estate and down an alleyway with filled bins packed into it. It leads to an open car park so during broad daylight I walked down and in the middle squatted between two bins for a sneaky wee. Lucky nobody walked past as they would've seen the puddle even if they hadn't seen me make it. I was weeing quite hard in this one as you can hear in the audio, trying to relieve myself before anyone turns up.
  3. Ah sports relief πŸ˜‰ One of my favourite kinds of both sports and relief! I saw a picture thread mention this phrase and decided to share a story, and hope that others will too πŸ™‚ With needing to stay indoors mostly, public urination has been different. But there are some chances. I haven't gone in the street yet though, has anyone else? Yesterday during a lunchtime run, I jogged by a now closed retail park. Looking behind the stores, close to the road, you can see the stock entrances which have big metal shutters and large bins. These can be seen by the road but thats 10 metres away behind a mesh fence! I decided this was perfect, and as I jogged over to the back of the Primark store, I looked towards the road, the footpath at least was empty and sneaked behind a big metal bin. Facing the store I look for signs of life and see none apart from a CCTV camera. This place is deserted and its pointed more over the stock entrance, and the bins are to the left of that, so I turn around. Facing the bin and the road I squat down and slide my black yoga pants and little coral coloured briefs at the same time, and get comfortable, pressing gently down on my bladder with my left hand and at the same time tilting my pussy up. Before long, I begin weeing quite strongly, having forced myself quite hard to go in quite a daring place! Quite a strong hiss of clear piss emanates from my vagina, and I lift my loose fitting coral t shirt with my free hand, revealing my very short strawberry blonde strip. I don't know why but I wanted to piss up the bin and that caused quite a bit of splashback that I felt on my feet and arms, so I pushed harder on my bladder to do a real spray, then redirected my stream by pushing in and down, instead of in and up. I must have been pissing for little over 10 seconds when it died down. I thought I'd last longer with all the coffee and water, but when I looked at the puddle I realised I'd emptied out a lot! My puddle was around my feet and spattered with splashmarks, and the puddle was forming a little river running under the wheels of the bin and when I stood up and started readjusting my lower half covered by the bin, I realise it was running towards the fence and would eventually get to the footpath near the main road. Nobody was coming still apart from cars driving past, who if they were staring at me instead of the road, would have saw me jog towards the bin and behind it, and also saw my face as I was half standing behind it to fix myself back up. A little naughty but nobody would stop, and maybe not even see? πŸ˜‰I had no pockets for tissues so I just pulled everything straight back up! ***** Back before everything got cancelled, I used to go to Parkrun, you may have heard of their weekly running events. I didn't wee outside at them much as they have people monitoring the race but I ended up weeing behind a storage building with two other women at one of them after seeing 5, 6, 7 men weeing in the bushes before the start. The toilets at the park had been closed for repairs! I used to wee in various bushes on other Parkruns by myself too about 4 or 5 times, but being very discrete. and given I used to go most weeks that isn't often. I can share these next!!!
  4. Can always start a new thread πŸ™‚ otherwise there was a new years one a month or two ago in the history
  5. I've not had to leave them behind before. I almost always pull my panties down and if I don't I move them to the side. Most of the time I'll wipe too but if I don't I just live with the dampness. The evidence I leave behind is a tissue and a puddle!
  6. I saw it happen a few times growing up, both guys and girls when we were hanging out in the woods or the park and I always held it. Then one day I went out into a place we hung out deliberately to go for a piss. I squatted in the woods over a porn mag that had been dumped there but a lot of it went on me as I was nervous and so was trickling a lot. Did it a few other times in the woods and then one time at 18 I decided to piss on the school grounds with a year before I left. I felt I had to. I had 1 or 2 hours between classes one day and then went to the bike shed where some people used to smoke as it was away from the school windows. I think it was empty and as there was nobody around I went in there and squatted over the floor. I was turned on so much by the puddle I left behind so I ran away after and played with myself in the actual toilets! When I then left to study I ended up weeing outside a lot more often. Not going with people most of the time, but I became open at telling people after a night out that I was going to wee in an alleyway when we were walking home, or I'd squat in a bush if we were on a long walk out of town. One time a guy friend told me that the world is my toilet and I remember that well πŸ˜„
  7. Was out training for a run, whilst running down a quiet street on a weekday, I took a detour to a set of garages for the houses across the road for a 10 second squat and spray. No tissues as my leggings don't have any pockets 😞
  8. The story will come soon, but here I am having a wee in a parking lot down a quiet road and the sound is on the link. πŸ™‚ You can hear the car driving past where I was parked. I had my back to it and whilst the car door covered me from one side if they looked they'd have seen me squatted down and partly covered by some dying shrubs. Obviously its a woman having a piss when you see that! I forgot to take a photo of the puddle after a car came past, sorry 😞it's a very quiet road so I thought I'd be safe. Part of it flowed under my car but there was so much it trickled across the other side! This is my morning wee, topped up with a coffee and glass of water, splashed all over the floor on the way to work, my underwear was at my knees and I just rolled my dress up. When I was finished I wiped with some toilet paper I keep in my glovebox and this time I smelt it before I heard the car and quickly dropped it in the puddle. I wonder if it's still there on my drive back. https://www.sndup.net/25qk
  9. There's an alleyway that leads to a car park that only has one way in and barely any windows. I've gone there three times now. Last time I went there it had been used a lot probably by both men and women because there was piss on the wall and also some puddles on the floor with tissues in. I've told two of my stories from there. I want to go there when someone else is there. Another is behind the hedges of a layby, theres two trees behind the bushes I squat under. Can't be seen from the busy road and it leads on to an empty field. I don't know if people use the layby but the place behind it has been a regular weeing spot for me on the drive to work or the drive back. I've even taken my morning pee there more than once and there's a lot of tissues as I usually wipe. Since it became my toilet it has started to smell like one too. Imagine finding a 20 something woman pulled up by the side of the road in a blouse and jacket. Tights and panties pulled to her knees, taking a piss leaning against the tree... As for what I'm going to do, I think it's decided I'm having a wee on the ground by the side of a busy road. Partly concealed, maybe clear enough to anyone driving slow enough to notice. Will share more soon πŸ˜‰
  10. If I was to do that I couldn't just drop a squat in front of people walking past broad daylight, maybe I park somewhere pretty public during daylight? Wee by my car?
  11. I'm a woman born in 91 πŸ˜› I can't take a photo of a friends pussy though! which is what I was going to show of myself. It sounds like bus stop or roadside/carside is winning at the moment. All possibilities as I've done them all in some way or other before. I've urinated behind the bus stop, an old brick one, so I could just go inside one and treat it like a little female urinal cubicle, and also popped a squat from the side of my car before so depending on how exposed I am I could piss up my own car. I have a regular weeing spot on the drive to work where I pull up into a layby, pass through the bushes and wee on or up a tree next to them.
  12. Whilst I wee outside multiple times a week, for the next experience I write down I wanted you to choose where I relieve myself. You can choose anywhere, even some riskier places where I might get caught so long as it's not totally ridiculous. Maybe even somewhere people know what I'm doing but can't see fully or are unable to do something, like on the road, cars driving by. Maybe naughtier than that example though as I've done that before! You decide and I'll pick the best one, do it, write about it and then share a photo of some sort and I'm thinking about recording the audio πŸ˜‰
  13. Aiming standing up requires pressing your fingers just around the clitoral hood to push the urethra upwards, and doing it in a way that separates the lips. But I don't do this much.
  14. I think I worked out why I squat lower than other ladies I've seen in videos and in person. I think I squat until my bum is touching my legs mostly to do with my stream. My stream flows out further forward than some, though not as much as 'power pissers' instead of just going straight down from my pussy onto the floor. About a week ago I went for a wee during the evening at a spot I've used before (I shared a photo in that story of my urinating vagina). Me and my friend had been for drinks and dinner before Christmas. Whilst we weren't drunk I was a bit tipsy, but my friends 6 year old son was with us. It was a quiet part of town and we had about 20 minutes until we got to the train station and I was already bursting! I whispered to my friend "I need a wee, and instead of going to the Starbucks down the road, I was going to just pop around the corner in a sec, can you wait for me?" She laughed as she was with me last time I pissed down here and said "God, what are you like seriously!? It's not just us two on a bender." After talking a bit we agreed she would wait around the corner on the main street and keep her boy entertained. I gave my friend my bag said I'd be quick, and ducked off through the driveway and turned left into a concealed area which is garages and parking for some flats and shops. It could fit no more than 3 cars and was about 2 floors high. There was some lights on but not curtains open as its not very built up and there's no doors in to these buildings. Around the corner and covered again by a big bin, I slid my white jeans down and my black lacey knickers, leaning against a brick wall, I wasn't in as low of a squat I normally get into. I released the pressure and started weeing a torrent! Relieving myself of the mulled wine and cider since I last went for a wee in the pub. A few seconds in I realised I was splashing my feet badly, with my boots and calves starting to be covered in splashback, as the steam started to rise off my growing puddle. I shifted my left leg wider and tried to aim more to the left using my hand just above my currently shaven pussy. I was finished after about 10 seconds though. I fetched my little pack of tissues out of my jacket pocket and wiped my pussy and quickly wiped down my boots, dropped the tissue and pulled everything back up and quickly walked back out again catching a glimpse of my puddle starting to roll towards a nearby moped on the left and rejoined my friend. Her son instantly said "Where did you go!?" quite loudly as we started to walk again. Whilst I hesitated just making an "erm" noise, my friend Josie said... "Well Sammy was very desperate for a wee so she went to use the loo" Then way too loudly he said "But MOM, there isn't a toilet in the street where did she wee?!" I had gone red and then if it couldn't get more embarassing an old lady walking past us looked straight at me, and I just knew in that moment she knew what I had done. Luckily this chat didn't last longer and Josie just told him "Doesn't matter does it, it's a girls toilet." He just accepted that. Even when we got to more light I couldn't properly see the splashes on my jeans but I felt it as the wetness had gone cold quickly! "I'm sorry about that I just didn't want to have to buy something to use the loo." I whispered when we got closer to the station later. Josie, like last time, waited for the toilets in the station. I joked a couple of days ago I'd use the special girls toilet again but only when it's just adults! I want to encourage her to use it with me but even on a camping trip she walked to the toilets. Maybe if we drink a lot soon...
  15. Well it was probably a bit messy but it was some years ago now! I squat rather than stand almost exclusively! Do ladies aim whilst squatting though? Or just look down and hope for the best! πŸ˜‰

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