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  1. There was one time I took a high squat to pee against something. Maybe it's something I will do again to avoid splashing... If I choose to avoid it! I was at university and a female friend Katy wanted to pee, was very drunk as we were drinking at a friend's place and grabbed me as we were walking to town and said "come ooooonn it's time for a wee". I didn't hesitate as we'd both been drinking and could take a piss. And we crossed the road as everyone else carried on and at a junction saw a phone box covered in posters. I pointed us in there and Katy giggled saying "yeah that's quiet and I really have to go". "we're just sharing a cubicle hehe" I said back. Then we both got in to this booth and Katy started to drop a squat and raise her dress and pulled her knickers to the side. She had adopted a 90 degree squat leaning against the booth and a hand on the walk to her side,anither holding her bag. She sat there with her mostly shaven and slightly blonde pussy and small lips for a few seconds, before a thick stream started blasting out. "You weren't joking" I said as her stream spattered against the floor and the splashback hit my heels and feet. "I was so desperate for a wee and it was taking to long walking to town in heels, I don't do this normally." As her stream died down I offered her a tissue in my bag and noticed the phone boothroyd was saturated with Katy's piss, and running through the gap in the door into the street. "This is so bad haha, keep guard Katy, I have to go too" We swapped places so she was near the door and I was next to the phone. I took my black lacy knickers off and rolled the back of my black dress up and shifted it with one hand towards the front, my bag in the other. Bending forward and crouching slightly I put my hand on the side wall and begin to piss. The first tiny trickle runs down my leg before then my fully fledged stream sprays against the wall just under the phone.
  2. Do you put your hand on the floor behind you to lean backwards? I've done that a few times to make the stream go further. Have you had to deal with being caught? I find coming up in my squat so that it's 90 degrees and adjusting my clothes is the best I can do.
  3. I have but I don't really. If things are going wrong I've done it a few times, like if I'm directly weeing up my leg or the splash from pissing on concrete is getting me too wet, l use my lips to move the stream to spray away from me. You don't need to touch the lips most of the time and your hands are dirty after that.
  4. So ladies, when you're having a wee anywhere that isn't a toilet, how do you squat? I'll always squat low down, but if I'm not too drunk to I'll go onto tiptoes and move my hips forward a bit, to direct my stream further from me. If I could fall over or have nothing to hold on to, I'll keep my feet flat and take the risk of pissing on to my feet. I'll also do this on slopes. Unfortunately the flat footed approach exposes my vagina so sometimes my hand would need to cover that. What do you do when you're mid wee? I look down and follow my stream, sometimes steering it with my hand just above my vagina, lifting it up or moving it about. I'll look around too but only for about a quarter of my piss.
  5. Because with pee stuff it's mostly girls for me that do it (maybe I fantasise it's me too) but Emma Watson Emilia Clarke Natalie Dormer And I want them to be peeing somewhere not in a toilet.
  6. When I was a student a few years ago there was a group experience that I won't forget. I didn't see as many female students as you'd think weeing outside over those few years but I remember about three good sightings and many times where I urinated alone... Though much more discretely than I have done now, except a few drunken experiences. This one was on the way home from a hockey team game. We were in our uniforms drinking on the bus we had hired home. We had already had one pee stop at a station but now we weren't on the highway, so no more proper places to stop. After a few complaints about needing the toilet the team captain said something to the driver then said "ladies, if you need the loo we are stopping now but all you've got is the bushes for the next hour at least, sorry!" "God, fine, I don't even care anymore, said one of the girls a short curvy brunette." When we pulled up, 5 girls including me got out and then just as we were about to walk to the hill bank and its bushes another got out, presumably because she had to go but didn't want to be alone. "let's just go over to those bushes over there" I said to the captain. It was quite late on a summers night and the sun was beginning to set so it wasn't totally dark yet. As soon as we passed through some small hedges me and the captain and the brunette formed a triangle on the slight hill. They turned around to face me and we all started to squat. Another two girls split off into different directions closer to the fields. I slid my knickers over my knees and so did the captain, showing off a closely trimmed blonde fanny with lips slightly bigger than my own. I'd caught a glimpse of when we have shared a toilet cubicle a few times. The brunette pulled her own black panties aside and half a second later started spraying her piss over the dried out grass beneath her. Her shaven 'innie' was the noise needed for me and the captain to begin the process of relieving ourselves. About 5 seconds in I put my hand backwards to aim my piss down the hill away from my dampening sneakers and between the two women causing some of the splash by weeing uphill just under a metre away. I immediately felt something warm as my fingers touched the ground, I looked behind me to see Cristina and her tall, slender body squatted about the same distance as the others. The stream from her small vagina and well kept brown landing strip had reached me. I kept my hand there, I was awkward and turned on at once. It wasn't obvious my hand was in her piss because it was in the grass but I was entranced with her. "You okay babe?" I asked as her puddle ran across my fingers. I had to say something, especially as I had now seen her fanny. I ws still flowing myself. "Yeah I'm starting to feel better now, what a relief!" Cristina was a 5'10 brunette with perky but small boobs and long hair running down to her breasts. I had started to die down first so I turned back around. "Anyone got any tissues?" I asked. As the brunette said "Ah fuck I forgot, they're on the bus" and pinged her knickers back into place. I noticed a drip drop right off her leg in that moment, what a gushy pisser! I have some! Said Cristina and pulled one out of her rucksack behind her. "Do you want one too M? " passing me another to hand to the team captain. We wiped up and stood up. I used the tissue to wipe both hands after I stood up but I knew that I was so turned on by Crissy and her beautiful pussy weeing over my hand. She didn't directly piss on it but being in her puddle was a turn on for me. We later had a sex experience, not involving watersports obviously, but it was a one off and she eventually married a guy.
  7. I did! I was a little tipsy though I slipped slightly when I took my hand off the bin to grab my phone. I walked past the spot again today and popped in to the alley. It is well concealed as none of the apartments look over it so no long as someone uses that back door I might go there again. My tissue was still in the spot I dropped it in the puddle. The puddle wasn't there anymore but a faint smell near the tissue was evident.
  8. look at the puddle running behind me I took a piss behind some bins during the daytime today. I was in a quiet part of town near some flats. Held the bin with one hand and my fanny with the other. Nothing like a discrete wee whilst drinking during the day. A friend stood guard at the front of the alleyway but waited until the toilets at the train station.
  9. The trip home was a good one. It was about 5am and I was by myself heading home. With 20 minutes before the bus home even turns up I needed a wee again. The streets were quite quiet with a few taxis and some people wandering about. I saw a quieter street of houses, all of the front yards had hedges and fences, so a bit drunk and desperate I decided I was going to piss in a garden. Walking down this empty road on a Saturday July night I chose this garden with no fence and a tall row of hedges. Using the same trick as earlier that night in the field I entered the front yard, slipping off my stilettos just before I went in though this time. I walked a metre or two from the entrance but kept close to the hedges. I spotted a flowerbed that I thought was perfect and facing away from the house and towards the hedge, I drop my shoes down, slide up my black skirt, and down my thin black tights and knickers with a little bow on them. Not so innocent looking when I know what I'm about to do with this vagina. Then after about a second of being squatted there holding up my skirt and another hand on my shoes, I feel a small trickle run out of my thin lips and down my bum, before hearing the sound of my womanly water whistle out of my pussy and spatter down onto the leaves of some plants and soil. I could smell my urine quite strongly as this was the piss of a woman who whilst was drinking, had spent several hours dancing the summer night away. Because it was dark and I was busy holding everything I accidentally pissed on my feet for a second or two, feeling the warmth splash and soak into my tights. I also heard a car go past the house too and found it funny that I was fully concealed from the road, they had no idea a woman was urinating and had her vagina out about a metre away from them. So hot! After a good 20 second watering, the last drops dribbled out. I popped my shoes down and pulled everything back up. Given I had wee on my feet and legs a damp fanny was the least of my worries. Plus I had just pissed over a strangers garden so I just quickly left. Remembering the last breath over the flowerbed as the quite sweet but pungent smell, a mix of flowers as well as gin pissed out of my damp vagina. I can only imagine it was quite a yellow stream. After leaving I rejoined the road, I slipped my shoes on and walked towards the bus stop, grabbing a tissue which when it was quiet I used to wipe down my legs and feet. The next day when I woke up the tights definitely smelt of wee!
  10. i also had to relieve myself twice whilst out drinking, once between bars and once on the way home. when we were walking to another place about 2k away we went past a field belonging to a local school. "sorry guys i have to wee" i said as i went through a gate into that field. my friends laughed and stayed near the gate. "standard Sam" one of the girls said. it was covered from the road by hedges so i went a few metres across from the gate and facing the hedges slipped into a squat, and dropped my knickers and rolled up my skirt and began to wee up the hedge. my wee was spraying a lot and i definitely know that it went through the other side!!
  11. I was semi caught again this week. Cycling down a country road about 20 miles from home in preparation for a triathlon my bladder eventually filled up to the max and I was dying for a piss. So because there was no woods or anything still, I just pulled up to the side of the road, hopped over a fence and behind the bushes I rested my bike and helmet on. Then I slipped down my black shorts and knickers whilst slipping into the squat position and my piss began before I'd fully dropped. My gushy, hissy flow from my perky vagina was bliss, and as always I had one hand near the bladder and a other on top of my little landing strip, watching my small lips move with the flow of my piss. Followed by the slightly yellowish water dropping to the hard muddy dirt and generating steam and a frothy puddle that was barely absorbing. Despite nobody being around for ages I heard another cyclist 10 seconds in and they must have seen my bike as they slowed down and I could see a very vague figure of a man as he said "everything okay, need a hand with anything?" He had barely finished asking when I abruptly replied "Err no thanks, just weeing here!" all the while one of my noisiest pisses was continuing. "Oh sorry, see ya" as he picked up pace again and rode on. Surely he must have at least seen an outline of me squatted, but I guess that could mean I was fixing something. However that was one noisy piss, sounding similar to a shower. How did he not know I was pissing? Unless he had music in. About 45 seconds in, my urine flow slowed down, but I got a good smell of the steam that had came off my hot piss on the cold hard ground. I'd drank a lot of water but held in hoping for a better outdoor wee spot. As it stopped I had no tissues, only wipes I'd left in a bag by my bike so I pulled up everything again and lightly jogged back to the bike, noticing the droplets of warm urine over my shins and calves and damp spots over my sneakers. Smiling I put my helmet back on and rode off, feeling my legs get a slight chill and my fanny feeling moist from my wee and my being turned on.
  12. I want to share some stories with this site like I have with another one. These at first are pasted over from there, but there will be more to come. I live in the country and I'd had a few drinks at my house and was walking by myself over to another friends to go and party. I was walking through some fields and suddenly I became quite desperate for a wee. I was still some distance from my friends and didn't have time to walk all the way back to my house. Normally I would pop a squat and piss in the crop fields, but the way I was going only had fields of grass, with animals in, which didn't really conceal me from the busy road. I was starting to get worried about where I could go, then I saw a building on a field, which looked empty. I ran in there and it was empty! I leaned my back against the corner of the room, not far from the door, dropped my skinny jeans and panties whilst also sliding down into a squat. I then just let loose a slightly yellow stream of piss. I exhaled as I was feeling sweet relief and my stream just spattered all over the floor. A farmer who must have used the building for his tools came in. "What the fuck do you think you are doing?" My stream sputtered a bit, but I couldn't stop! I just kept apologising and saying I just was looking for a discrete place to wee, since the fields didn't provide much cover. I put my hand over my pussy to cover up but ended up wetting my hand which just made the thing more embarassing!. He walked out after that. I think at first he was hoping I would pull up my knickers and leave! Another time I was desperate when I was jogging because of lots of caffeine and water, so I sneaked into someones garden rather than piss on the pavement on the road in full view of lots of cars. So I dropped my yoga pants and knickers and started to wee over the flowerbed. I got caught by the owner who I didn't think was home, since the lights were out, and she said I had no shame and shouted at me. I apologised saying I was miles from home and really desperate and tried to stop again, but I couldn't! All I could do was hide my face and continue my stream. I noticed a house for sale and each time, it's had all the curtains shut and no lights on. So yesterday, I deliberately held it in, then walked to this house. I went into the garden, (most garden gates don't even lock around here) dropped knickers, aimed fanny, and let loose over the soil, stems, and petals in a flowerbed. I went back later on the way back from my usual jog and had a wee over the exact same spot. I then went first thing this morning in the exact same place and again on the way back from work. There is now a definite smell! I love having my own natural toilet, but it has to be over objects, like the flowers, or the dumped mattress/clothes in the woods. On work days I often get up as late as possible to get sorted out for the day, to the point of showering before bed. On one or two occasions I don't even get to have a wee before I leave, just a coffee while I do my make up and etc. This week I was walking to the station so I could get to work and was bursting. I had been fairly desperate since waking up. I can usually wait until I get to work, but being quite desperate I decided I was going to pee outside instead of waiting till I got to the station, and have to use a public toilet. About 30 seconds later I saw an alleyway I usually walk by, which leads to a bunch of back gardens. It twists off and it's not seen from the main road, so I walk down there and turn the corner. It wasn't a dead end and there was another corner where it went back onto the main road. I stayed in the concealed bit and slid my trousers and knickers down whilst dropping into a squat. I held myself just at my bladder with one hand (on top of my landing strip for those that would like to know!), and my other holding on to my trousers and knickers. I then released and let loose a forceful and yellow stream over the pavement. Being my morning pee it wasn't very clear, and I could smell it as it ran through the tarmac. It was such a cold day too, and steam as coming off the warm and frothy puddle. My stream started to die down after about 20 seconds, considering the force of the stream for 20 seconds, I really had to go! I picked a tissue out of my bag and wiped before dropping it on the floor, sliding my trousers andpanties back up, and walking off. If anyone ever saw that, it must've been funny to see a young professional looking woman squat and pee in an alleyway at 7:30 in the morning hehe! Does anyone else like taking their first pee of the day outside of a toilet? While we're at it, do any other ladies pee without a toilet while in their work clothes? I've saw two of my co-workers pee in a slightly different situation. We were out celebrating on Christmas Eve after work. There was three of us left by the end of the night (2am) and we were waiting for the nightbus (which comes every hour) when all of us at some point agreed we really had to pee. Being around colleagues I suggested we find one in an open pub, but it turns out everywhere was closed. It was then that my friend, a curvy but still quite slender blonde girl and who's often very sophisticated and speaks in a posh accent said "I'll piss anywhere now, as long as it's private." I nodded and said me too. My other friend, a slender 'desi' girl who's often quite loud said rather quietly "I suppose so if there's no where with a toilet." I'd kinda hoped this would happen So on the way back to the bus stop there was a narrow alleyway protected by a wooden fence, but the gate of it was open. I hurried us over and pushed the door so we could get in. My blonde friend walked in a bit and lifted up her white dress, slid down her thong, then kind of hovered in a squat position, and let loose with her shaved pussy, all over the alleyway floor with a spurting, steam stream. The desi girl sputtered the words "Fuck it" and stuck to the corner with the fence at one side and a metre away the other girl. She fiddled with her black tight jeans and panties exposing her hairless pussy, dropped into a deep squat with her bum against her ankles, and sprayed a stream that went a tiny bit further. "Come on Sam, you must be absolutely bursting for a wee" "Too right I replied" and with that, hopped between them and lifted my blue dress up, slipping down my panties and joining in, with style. There was such a mess afterwards and rivulets of pee trickled under the fence onto the street. On the way to a friends new years party (by myself) I felt the urge after a few drinks and saw a building I had climbed on a few years back just to sit and chill. I just stood on the electrics box and then from there I was on the roof since there was only one floor at this bit of the building. Was in jeans as I hadn't changed yet would've been a nightmare otherwise! From there I hid just from the view of the road and popped a squat over the flat roof and let loose. It wasn't long before my puddle was dripping over the edge! I finished up and left the tell-tale tissue on the roof. On the way back home the morning I was pretty desperate after all the white wine and vodka. I must've still been a bit tipsy because I ended up having a wee behind a closed corner shop when nobody at all was around because it was new years morning. Not realising until a few days later when I drove past that there was CCTV over where I was squatting! Still nowhere near as bad as actually being caught like before, because nobody will be interested in going after a girl weeing behind the bins when I wouldn't be the only one to ever do that! I was driving around town when I was desperate for a wee, but I wasn't just going to go anywhere because it was quite busy and broad daylight, but I saw a public toilet in a car park and darted in. I went through the covered entrance to find the entrance to the toilets locked up. I turned around and because I will often piss anywhere now, and the fact that the entrance to the toilets was around a walled corner, I was completely covered with only 1 way in. So I slid my jeans and panties down popped a squat and relieved myself. I was mid wee when a woman in her early 40's came around the corner, she quickly backed away, apologising when she saw me, and I was really shocked and apologised too! I finished up not long after, wiped and dropped the tissue and left. But she was waiting there around the corner! I apologised again, blushing (but still a bit turned on at being caught!!) and said they'd locked it and I had nowhere else to go. She then said that it's okay, she was just waiting for me to finish so she could go to the toilets, but if they were locked she would just do the same. I then laughed a bit nervously and left. Is it common for women to piss on the floor in public toilets, or outside the toilets if they're locked? I thought only men, and people like me made a habit of it! Admittedly I don't use many public toilets, and the ladies toilets only seem messy in clubs and stuff. When out drinking with a few girlfriends, we got on to the conversation of peeing outside, this started because one of the girls was talking about how on their first date her now husband held her scarf while she had a wee in an alleyway after she accidentally splashed it. My friend Emily laughed and said after a few drinks, she will go anywhere, and I said I did too. Obviously the way we were talking about it wasn't sexual, just when ya gotta go... Later on me and Emily got the same bus home and were walking for a while when she said she needed a wee. I told her I did too, so we walked past the supermarket, but it was closed! I suggested we could always find an alleyway, because we are still 20 minutes from home. She told me that was a great idea! We found a long alleyway which connected two streets, and said I was just going to go here, and Emily said me too, its quiet so nobody will come, lets just be quick. It was a narrow alley, so I leaned against a wall and slipped down my panties and rode up my dress, whilst Emily followed suit pulling down her skirt and panties in one go. We were squatted down alongside each other and after about a second, I started weeing first. Emily started about a second after me, and as her stream started a glanced over at her shaved pussy, not really any lips or trace of her blonde hair, but her wee was like mine, a gusher. We giggled a bit as the splashing got louder and the first bit of the wee puddle touched the wall opposite us. However we were then seen about 10 seconds in, as a 30 something year old woman walked around the corner and saw us. She stopped as she couldn't get past! Emily said sorry and after that I did too. she looked at us for a couple of seconds then looked at the wall. We weren't finished though so we continued our weeing for another 10-15 seconds, not really stopping, and I ran out first, and got out two tissues, one each.We each wiped and pulled our panties up quickly and said sorry again, explaining we were desperate and the shops were shut. The woman literally said nothing. We then walked past her and left our wee spot. I turned around and saw the woman pass through now we were finished, and because of the narrow alley, she had to step one foot in our wee and I heard the splash. When we were out, me and Emily looked at each other were like Oh my god! And laughed a lot! I said that was quite the bonding experience and Emily suggested next time maybe one of us will have to keep guard, but we were just too desperate this time. I don't think Emily noticed or realised I kept looking over at her while she was weeing and saw her pussy. I guess its not much different from the showers at the gym though after a few drinks! I have a same sex story which happened during a trip recently. Three of us girls were travelling around the countryside in Thailand and we had reached farmland village or town after a couple of hours and bladders were filling up. Joanna is a blonde haired blue eyed shy at first kinda girl, and Emilia is dark haired blue eyed quite bubbly sort of girl. Emilia is one of about five female friends (two colleagues, three friends before this experience) I have seen urinate somewhere other than the toilet, though about 8 or 9 of my female friends/colleagues admit to urinating outside. For Emilia, I know it from looking after horses. Instead of walking 6-7 minutes each way to the main bit of the stables, or to the portaloos at an even, we would wee in the hay together. Its like sharing a cubicle in the club! Sometimes you just don't have time to use a proper toilet because you only have a certain amount of time at the stable, and if a horse goes there already.... Anyway... in the hills of Thailand not miles from civilization, but in a semi populated area. "Is there any toilets near by? I've been desperate for a wee for over an hour now" asks Jo, having said she needs a loo a couple of times already. "Sorry Jo, nothing. The local bar is shut because its not late and I don't see any shops open on a Sunday. I need a wee too." I said "Oh no! I'm desperate now" Emilia said now "Look, do you want to find a safe place for a wee with us? Apart from a few farmers and cars we are the only people around for a while." "No it's okay I'll wait" "If you're sure! Sam, still need a wee?" replied Emilia "Yep, getting pretty desperate after all the water" I replied. We walked around for about ten mins and finally seen an alley between two old buildings. We ducked down there and turned left. There was a corner blocked away from public view but entries the way we came in and another left turn through. "Here good?" "Yep" said Emilia "Absolutely busting babe" We both slipped down our trousers whilst backing into the alcove and I took my knickers with it, but Emilia did that as a second step. "Okay, I REALLY have to go, promise to not say anything" "Promise!" I said as my bladder opened up, spattering down with a gush on the concrete and splashing the bottom of my baggy travellers trousers, so I had to grip them a bit and let out a squeal as they got wee'd on and as I began to relieve myself" "Promise! You just gotta go babe" said Emilia as she looked down seemingly taking aim and letting loose with a high pressured blast of slightly yellow urine that caused quite a lot of splatter across the concrete and I swear as she was sat next to me some of this was hitting my leg. I looked over at her brown haired landing strip as her urethra sprayed out with high concentration, and similar concentration in her face, as she played with her long dark hair. Joanna started to get into position on the other side of me, sliding down her jeggings and knickers, and crouching down. She stared at her shaven pussy (whoops I looked) for a good 10 seconds whilst we carried on pissing away in this connecting road between a few buildings. Finally a quite strongly yellow stream trickled out and developed into a full flow. I could smell her wee as she had clearly held for a while. Me and Emilia giggled a bit and carried on our conversation for a little bit and checked in on Jo as our streams were dying down. The cracked concrete was awash with three girls piss and the smell was starting to get quite strong. "Gosh I feel a lot better at the moment" she said mid wee, as her frothy wee gathered round her boots. "We're travelling, and there's nothing around sometimes..." I said before Emilia interrupted "and you just have to find a comfortable spot and relieve yourself, like the Thai women do" Earlier in the year when I wasn't posting I went for a medical appointment and I needed to give them a sample. When I was leaving the doctors office I was going to provide it there and then as I hadn't had a wee before I left home, but the toilets were busy! I could have waited but I like weeing outside, so I left past the receptionist and walked around the corner. Attached to the office was the bin area and other than the entrance on the main road, the car park was just surrounded by trees. With nobody else in the car park at the minute, I popped behind one of the bins and squatted down leaning against the wooden fence. From my squat I slid my leggings and black thong down, pop my handbag next to me, and pull out the sample tube. I start weeing and missed the tube slightly so i move it closer. It fills within a couple of seconds so there's no chance of me stopping even to pause. I pull it away with the tube full to the brim and my wee begins spraying onto the asphalt whilst I close the tube of my slightly yellow liquid and bag it. I can hear a car coming in so whilst it can't see me I don't want to be heard so I push harder. A gush splashes out and I wee up the bin a little bit with splashing all up my leg and on my flats. Quickly finishing before the engine stops I pull up my panties after a little shake and admire the smell of my wee rising up. I emerge from the bins as if I just went to put something in, and then go back into the office, and pop into the toilet. This was just so that it looks like I didn't use their car park for a toilet before giving them a sample. I take the opportunity to wipe, and also rub myself for a few seconds just from the thrill and turn-on. I wipe down the sample since it was a bit spattered, and then flush, wash, and go out and give it to her before leaving.I can see a small part of my puddle pass through the fence as I drive out and I get turned on all over again. Got caught relieving myself in the woods recently... I was in a local park and on the main path when the urge started, I'd been keeping super hydrated because of the heat, and because, you know, I wanted to wee outside whilst I was out. It's a large open park not really one with flowers and things that's maintained, more a natural park of fields and woods and stuff. I was just out having a walk in the heat. On this path there were one or two people every now and then and bushes to either side. I duck in to a dirt track into the bushes and walk a good few metres away from the main path, completely covered. so I step to the left of the dirt track just on a corner and lower my yoga pants and black knickers in one move and I barely have to push to start weeing after all the water and go straight to quite a splashy gushy stream. With one hand on my landing strip and my other resting on my knee, I let it all loose, which does lead to a few splashes on my sneakers. As I'm watching my urinating vagina return the water and splash onto the bluebells and forest floor, I heard a rustling and two more mature women were walking along the dirt track! I must have been about 10 seconds in. I hadn't seen them from the corner. Having been caught I shifted my yoga pants a little so I wasn't completely on show but carried on since I can rarely start stop anyway. Timidly I said "Sorry, I was really desperate after all the water, didn't see you there." They were literally 2 metres away from me because they'd came from the opposite direction I did and I must have forgot to check around the corner before I started. "It's ok dear, you're in nature, the bathroom is over a mile away." one replied smiling They stopped walking and the one who spoke to me fiddled around with her bag, and grabbed a tissue. leaning forward so as to not step into my puddle of urine or get too close. "Thank you" I said. and they started walking off. All I had going through my head was that during my interaction with them, my vagina is there in free flow as I'm pissing away on the ground and they were there for a good 15-20 seconds. About 10 seconds after they walk past, my stream dies out and I wipe with the tissue they gave me, drop it into quite a muddy puddle with bluebells dotted in mud, slide my yoga pants up, and walk further into the woods, so as to not follow them. When I went for a run later that evening, I ended up weeing in a bush on a different part of the park on my running route, near the lake. Nobody was around by that time as it was like 9pm. I have been catching up with a friend who does Triathlon and running with her. This led to a nice experience... On an earlier day we were around the park, and I told her I needed a wee and she said she needed one too, so I suggested we just pop off into the wooded area. She said she would just wait until the bathrooms in 10 minutes but would come with me if I needed to go. So off I went with Neli in toe, and dropped my knickers and shorts at a bank towards the lake, aiming downwards and pissed into the ground, letting it run down the bank, with Neli having a side on view of the whole thing. "Sorry I just really had to go" watching my piss roll down "It's ok, better to be hydrated, I've had to wee in the water on races." she replied. After that I get out my tissue, wipe, drop and pull up, jogging again immediately. We are training a week later and going for a lot more distance now, we are running down a country road. Neli has a bit of a bladder bulge and says to me "Sam I don't think I can hold it much longer, I've gotta go for a wee." "Me too babe, follow me" andI jog left off the path towards a big field, and there I drop my black shorts and black knickers and so does she her jeggings and blue knickers. There I see her shaved pussy and her nice runners legs as she beats me to starting her stream. In the field we were covered by bushes from any cars that may come past. So side by side, back against the bushes, we were weeing into the wheat that just brushed against our knees and urinating vaginas, being pushed back by the golden flow when the wheat drew too close. While I'm a gusher, Neli had a 'beam' like high pressure piss and in 'unfortunately', it caused quite the splash hitting the wheat and the very dry ground, causing Neli's piss to go up my left leg. I didn't say anything, I just let it happen and she didnt notice, as she was staring down at her peachy lipless vagina and occasionally looking around the field. My own vagina spraying away urine from my short lips, as always, hand on my landing strip guiding my urine to the ground and gently pressing my bladder. "This is why men pee in the woods when I race!" Said Neli as my hissy stream died off and I could only hear hers and smell the faint aroma of piss. "I know! Women squat in the bushes too sometimes, whether its running, cycling or festivals. Sometimes there's no bathroom for miles or a massive queue for it! You know me babe, I'll drop my panties anywhere." I replied. "I guess you wont be scared race day now" I laughed saying to her.
  13. I have a carpark pee story too! :) I decided one night that on the way back from my friends I was going to take a naughty piss and so I was looking for a place I could relieve myself. I pulled in to a 24 hour parking complex for some shops, which was long closed, apart from the bar next to it and parked up. I had made myself quite desperate by having a cider before leaving my friends and a coffee too! I ran to the stairwell that led to the shops and bar, I went to the top, dropped my skinny jeans and knickers, squatted, and pissed! My stream started spraying off over the side of the stairwell and falling to the bottom and then I aimed on the concrete floor, to make a puddle. The puddle then ran to the edge and started dripping over the side onto the bottom steps. I wiped my fanny with a tissue and then threw the tissue at the window next to me, and it stuck haha!
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