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  1. I mean more details sounds fun! 😛
  2. I remember seeing somewhere that you end up peeing outside/in public with your cousin quite a lot, so much that it became a bit of a running joke. Any specific experiences that led to this?
  3. https://voca.ro/1o6yBbVkUl41 - Audio only for this site but hope you enjoy! Late on a night out last week I was bursting for a wee, so I wanted to find a place to go before getting on the bus. In my drunk and naughty mood, I decided to have another garden wee. Walking through a neighbourhood I noticed a brick wall with no gate next to a small block of flats and came to a stop, having a quick look inside and around the outside, I walked in. There was nobody on the streets, only a few cars going past, and the lights were off in all the rooms in the flats. It was like a big set of houses tha
  4. She was so close to you! When I was caught pissing in an alleyway I was at least side on, and had a friend with me also relieving herself, which made it sightly less awkward if anything... Could she see your vagina?
  5. I had two questions and couldn't decide which to ask so I'll be cheeky and ask both!! Have you had to wee outside when you're with the kids but it was just you that had to go? How did you approach this with them and where was it? Secondly, when was the last time you were caught weeing somewhere that isn't the toilet by someone else? Caught as in a stranger spotted you or anyone who you didn't tell you were going for a wee.
  6. Don't downward pee'ers have a problem with splashback? Especially peeing outside.
  7. It's not something that is likely to happen, but I worry about it happening because it has once or twice in my life. I have used a squat toilet at least, they accommodate my enjoyment of squatting nice and deep, but it's still just a toilet. Let me repost something
  8. Forward pee'er here. If using a toilet I don't usually have to worry about it. If I'm desperate I would probably lean forward a bit more though to just be sure that it doesn't go between the seat and the bowl. I'm always a forward pee'er but most of the time there isn't enough pressure to give it much distance. Anywhere that isn't the toilet, my feet and legs usually stay nice and dry. Usually.
  9. 'a couple of little squirts won't make a mess' Do people just squirt a little bit out sometimes to hold them off until they reach a bathroom? I've only ever stopped to avoid getting caught or upon being caught. Has your friend done this kind of thing before? She encouraged you to wee in the stairwell of a friends property! My friends wouldn't ever really encourage me to do that, maybe a bush or something. This is amazing though, I considered a wee in one of these stairwells the other night as I was walking by the flats. I got nervous though and watered a nearby tree in the nearb
  10. Heck yes! I have done this in a few of the stories I've shared, but if I'm going to be going for a run or driving somewhere in the morning I'll try hold it. I eventually get very desperate and have to take my morning pee outside. A quite common situation is when I'm driving for work there's a small layby on a country road I know very well. Seemingly my own little weeing spot. It fits about three cars in. I pull up there and it's just a row of hedges matching the rest of the road, but theres a small gap I push through leading to a field, that never seems to have much in it but a tree
  11. This is a true story told in this style based upon a situation my friend was in and told me about in quite a lot of detail. Not in a weird way, but we have shared toilet cubicles before, weed outside together and if we share a room for a trip or something we will change in front of one another, talk in detail about sexual experiences, without thinking anything of it as we've known each other for years. I've filled in some gaps but not many! Dear Wet Carpet, I'm Jo, a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed woman in my mid to late 20's. I have a couple of female friends who quite openly
  12. A Parkrun piss... This is a story I mentioned before. Back before the virus I used to go to Parkrun quite often, so these can have quite a lot of people at them sometimes. There are marshals at them and usually signs to a nearby public toilet, but they don't put any on special usually. I've been to a few different ones and once the one set of public toilets were out of use, so before the race had even started I had decided I will find a place to wee but there were marshals at the start so I'd have to search. I remember there was a storage building in the park surrounded by some trees and
  13. you said picture of my pee in a cup or glass, but
  14. So I wanted to create a discussion about the what the other ladies pee streams are like at least usually. This is thinking about the thickness of the stream, the power behind it, and the angle that it comes out. These all seem to change a lot amongst women. It's obviously different in each position but lets talk about our usual positions that we like to enjoy as fans of pee. For myself if I mostly squat deep so my bum is nearly touching my heel even wearing a flat shoe, and I wee at basically a 90 degree angle with more than average force and more than average size stream when its fl
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