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  1. I think this is what the hard shoulder on the side of the road is for 😉 It's not, but I've done it a few times so that I don't have to drive off onto a smaller rod. Open both left hand side doors, squat, spray, back to driving.
  2. Simple kind of question really but one I've been curious about for a while. Do you think there are some people that enjoy/prefer peeing outside, in public, or just anywhere that isn't into the toilet bowl? BUT it's entirely non-sexual. For example they prefer to pee in nature because it's liberating or a nature related reason, or a wee in an alleyway is actually fun. I am specifically excluding people who pee outside out of necessity or convenience AND they are not interested in the kink, fetish, or take anything sexual from it (though I'd be interested to hear if any women have tried the
  3. I'd pulled over at a layby yesterday to join a Zoom call yesterday afternoon after driving to meet a client. After saying hello and introducing myself to the group I quickly went on mute to let the presentation begin. Nature had also called me so I took my phone off the mount and got out of the car. With the odd car driving past I walked down the short embankment very carefully in my flats (I was driving) which led to some woodlands and trees. Continuing to listen to the call I walked over to a fallen tree. It was perfect to be used as a toilet! I unzipped my navy pencil skirt and lowered my p
  4. Over the years I've been to different nights, clubs and meetups that involve various kinks. I've never posted about them before but have talked about them, whilst being very, very sure to maintain my own privacy as well as the the people's who go. At a lot of them nothing really happens and it's a chance to meet likeminded people. Sometimes a few things happen. The conversations happened but of course memory affects things, especially when your head is racing, and I had to keep names out of it! This was just a meet up at a bar but led to some things happening. Everyone was mingling and I
  5. Oh yeah. The vast majority of the time I could make it to the toilet. Sometimes I even leave the apartment without peeing just so I can urinate in public...but: Why should I make myself uncomfortable? Men don't always seem to wait, so why should I? I like it.
  6. So I do a lot of driving and some rail travel for work as I'm a sales rep. This doesn't mean I go around peeing in clients offices but I'm very experienced at weeing in bushes roadside, or over the hard shoulder as well as parking lots, mostly outdoor but occasionally indoor! Recently added behind the building of the service station to the list because I didn't want to attempt to mop up the pissy toilet seat!
  7. I upload them to sites that specifically deal with audio like vocaroo or sndup then share the link. I do like sharing audio of me peeing in public.
  8. I feel like it would still be hot, but it might lose part of its lustre... from what I've read when there wasn't a choice but to pee in public it still turned people on. Victorian women used to squat everywhere, French women used to squat everywhere, yet it still had a pornographic interest.
  9. I don't think I've hit the seat much, like less than 5 times ever, and I've only had splashback when I've been pissing hard, forcing it out which is very deliberate and avoidable.
  10. For something like an elevator, absolutely! There's a lot of backlash on doing something like that now. In most situations though I'd say no. I've been caught on CCTV at least once when I took a piss behind a newsagent but didn't realise before I did it. Nothing ever happened. It's worse to be caught by someone and then they film it. I hadn't thought about this for the layby piss! 😮 I do this at least once a week! However I rarely go directly on the layby and usually disappear behind the hedges. This sounds amazing though, wish I had a bit more nerve to do that! I've been
  11. I don't, but I do like what I call 'The Pee V'... If I'm not using the toilet, I will place my hand around the pubic area, not on the vagina, and pull backwards. I often do this using an upside down V shape like the picture (which also shows the right place, but maybe a bit close). Combined with being a 'forward pee'er', it just means that the pee clears me and I rarely have splashback. Sometimes I just do it with my whole hand. On the toilet there's no reason to do any of this. At least for me as I don't have big lips.
  12. Pee leaving you as part of touch is something I was thinking about when trying to decide actually! I kinda assumed that the emotional aspect is the biggest part for most people, but maybe I'm wrong. That's why I got curious about the physical only aspect and made the poll 🙂
  13. Oh yes I go out of my way to piss in naughty places. So I wee in public around twice a week. Almost 100% of these situations I COULD just wait for a toilet, but why should I? For example last week I was at the gym with my friend and the one toilet was out of order. On the jog home I pissed in an alleyway while she kept watch. I did try to encourage her to while I kept watch, she almost did it going as far to put her hands on the elastic of her leggings and then said she can wait. That's when I said that you shouldn't have to wait and feel uncomfortable, I could have waited but I f
  14. As someone who's about Naughty Peeing (watching or doing), my overall favourite is the sound. I love hearing the pee hiss out of my vagina and splash over my chosen surface.
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