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  1. Hi Wet Carpet, I am Marci, a 25 year old blonde-haired woman. Yesterday I was playing a game of tennis with my best friend at the local courts. I was dressed in a white tank top and a pair of black booty shorts, with white sneakers and my hair is tied back in a ponytail. The game is going well and we are both having an enjoyable time, despite the heat. We had been playing for a bit over an hour when I felt an uncomfortable urge to urinate. I know that if I don’t do something soon then I will make a mess on the court! My friend saw me looking around and asked what was wrong. "Hey Nikk
  2. Has anyone ever provided a urine sample but done so in a way that is fun? This is my second story around this type of thing. I had been to the doctor for routine tests, no infections or anything like that and they asked me to provide a urine sample. I left the doctors surgery noting the location of the sample drop-off point and started to walk around the back of the building, looking for a discreet spot to urinate. This surgery had a side street that led onto the small car park where I was parked and was surrounded by bushes. I looked around and noticed the car park was empty apart
  3. Just this morning on the drive to work for a meeting I drove past a nearby retail park with lots of different stores whilst I was pretty desperate for a wee having done a morning workout after just waking up. I was wearing a navy blue blazer and skirt combination with a white blouse and black tights and black flat shoes. I was now looking for somewhere I could have my second wee of the day. My first being my morning one which was boringly in the toilet. One of the larger stores was an old DIY store that had been closed permanently for a few months now and was an isolated building by itse
  4. When it snowed in December, I decided I simply had to piss on it. In the morning, I woke up and deliberately didn't go and pee. I was already pretty desperate so I got washed and dressed quickly within about 15 minutes putting on a thick grey jumper and light blue jeans, with a light pink trainers and coat. Off I get into the car. I drove towards the office in a neighbouring town, where I had a spot in my head at a closed down DIY store. On the way in there's an area I drive through in my own town, with a bunch of apartments and a station on one side and houses and bungalows on the other
  5. Hello Wet Carpet, My name is Emma, I’m 29, and work as a sales rep. In case you wanted to know, I’m a half English, half Spanish brunette with shoulder length hair, wear a 34C, have an average to slim build, and wear glasses. I wanted to write about my relationship with weeing. In particular, weeing places that aren’t down the toilet. Within my first week properly on the job at my current company, my mentor Maria and I were weeing in a stairwell! Despite being incredibly nervous, it was actually… fun and I found myself enjoying it. I still remember that whole minute where all th
  6. Here's a post I shared in chat back in summer when I went to a pretty wild street festival. There were different venues, music performers in the streets, almost like a carnival vibe. I was at this festival, it was getting quite late but still bright and sunny and just out in the middle of the street, where everyone was listening to a DJ, and dancing etc, two women, one short and curvy white woman with shoulder length brown hair, followed by a taller, slim brown woman with long mahogany hair running down her back rushed in front of two large trash bins and just started to squat down, about
  7. I think its the same for me really. When I'm weeing outside I have several places I know I can go which are 'safe to go' but generally speaking there's something to enjoy about them too, so there's usually not a lack of desire to go there. Theres a road I often have to drive down for work, where I know there is a place to pull up, enter a field, and pee under the same tree. I get to see the hills and be fully concealed whilst I wee. I've completely lost count of how many times I've been there but I'm still completely undisturbed. I town there's also a parking area surrounded by the back e
  8. I have noticed the same. I spent some time in the Czech Republic for work a couple of months ago and on the way to my hotel I noticed puddles in the car park of a bar with a tissue in the middle. I was only there for a week but I noticed that it's very common widely, rather than just specific areas. If I actually sit down and finish some of my recent experiences (and I'm almost finished with fiction ones), I will have to include the story of my own urination contribution to the city of Prague...
  9. I saw a thread about pee fetishes across the globe, and it sparked a thought about something similar yet different. What are public peeing attitudes like in other countries? I know Germany has been mentioned a lot before as a place where peeing in public is very common; whether thats streets, by the side of the road, whatever. They're not exactly popular right now but what about Russia too? Given the amount of porn that seems to come from wedding parties and parks in Russia where vast amounts of women pee in public, it would seem that it's a normal part of life there!
  10. This is an interesting one to me. I have a story almost finished where I peed with complete strangers a few weeks ago. I basically draft the details like the day after I have the experience then tidy them up when it comes to sharing them. My conclusion is that it really depends. A lot of people are comfortable with different things, not least based on age, sex, familiarity and whether theres alcohol or similar involved. I have no problem peeing with other people. In fact if there's other people peeing somewhere I'm possibly even more comfortable doing it, if its a public place. I do
  11. 30-39 - can full squat. Sometimes on my toes but can do it flat footed too. I think it's a skill you develop and maintain. You don't need a squat toilet to develop the skill 😉
  12. I drop it in the puddle usually. Occasionally I've just ended up throwing it from where I'm squatted and sometimes I don't use one as it depends on whether I have my bag with me at the time. Here's one from a park a little under a year ago.
  13. I think this is what the hard shoulder on the side of the road is for 😉 It's not, but I've done it a few times so that I don't have to drive off onto a smaller rod. Open both left hand side doors, squat, spray, back to driving.
  14. Simple kind of question really but one I've been curious about for a while. Do you think there are some people that enjoy/prefer peeing outside, in public, or just anywhere that isn't into the toilet bowl? BUT it's entirely non-sexual. For example they prefer to pee in nature because it's liberating or a nature related reason, or a wee in an alleyway is actually fun. I am specifically excluding people who pee outside out of necessity or convenience AND they are not interested in the kink, fetish, or take anything sexual from it (though I'd be interested to hear if any women have tried the
  15. I'd pulled over at a layby yesterday to join a Zoom call yesterday afternoon after driving to meet a client. After saying hello and introducing myself to the group I quickly went on mute to let the presentation begin. Nature had also called me so I took my phone off the mount and got out of the car. With the odd car driving past I walked down the short embankment very carefully in my flats (I was driving) which led to some woodlands and trees. Continuing to listen to the call I walked over to a fallen tree. It was perfect to be used as a toilet! I unzipped my navy pencil skirt and lowered my p
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