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  1. Yes, i mostly work from home so whenever really
  2. Sometimes my facial expressions change as I find it so pleasurable. And one time it leaked over my chair so I pretended I knocked a drink over...let me know if you try it.
  3. So naughty that only a few people knew what was happening ;)
  4. Was so satisfying. My neighbour came to the window to draw his curtains..i dont think he saw anything as it was dark but was a bit of a thrill to think he might.
  5. I stood up and spread them for the plant pot pee with my dress hitched up against the wall. The bench is going to be with my legs together. I have wetness between my legs now but i think that is something else as well as pee.
  6. I bet it felt so nice too. I found it hard to stop but i have. Going to go to the bench next.
  7. It is running down my legs a bit and a neighbour just opened a window
  8. That is so naughty, did it feel good? Im doing it. Oh god it feels amazing. Hissing a bit. Im so excited too. Trembling.
  9. How often at weekends? Where is the naughtiest place you peed? I need to go so bad. About to go in the pot first. I hope my neighbours dont hear their windows are open and it's on concrete. Need to do a few spurts and then to the table.
  10. That sounds perfect, how often do you do that? 3 beers and 2 bottles of water. Quite desperate now. Am outside scoping out good areas. Not sure whether to sit on the chair and do a bit off that.
  11. That sounds like fun. I bet your garden grows lovely haha. I wonder if your neighbours notice Thank you. About to head out now although i get pee shy so have to be so desperate.
  12. Are they away at weekends? Do you usually wait until you are desperate and then see if you can make it to the toilet. Thank you, my bladder is feeling so heavy now. Just got another beer too.
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