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  1. It can be the dad, older brother or any older man, often as part of the puberty talk. No its ok! It may sound silly in English but having foreskin pulled back and showing the head is seen as adult, like you have matured. It is an old idea but most men I know still do it including me. I hope that makes sense, it is like a sign that a boy is a man now I think.
  2. Hi, thank you! Often boys will hide in corner but men either turn or just pee openly as they are less shy. Its very common at night to see men peeing by the street openly after they have had drinks. Yes, but fines are never given as people do not care. Even police men pee in public sometimes so people just ignore it when it happens. I dont know compared to other countries but in a city like Tokyo there are many public toilets but they are not very nice. This may be why many men pee outside here, or maybe because it was always ok.
  3. Some people have asked me how Japan views peeing in public, so I want to make this thread to answer all questions people have. I have many stories and different cultural experiences that might be interesting so please ask anything you want!
  4. I was born in a rural place so it was common for men to pee outside. When we moved to the city me and my brothers still peed outside. This is common in Tokyo but not as common as rural places. For me peeing outside is not sexual but exciting because it breaks the "rules" of big cities and reminds me of childhood. My girlfriend has a similar thought even though she comes from the city. Its hot to watch her pee and for her to watch me but I wouldnt want her to pee on me or something like that lol. Reading these messages is interesting, I didnt think people would be into peeing for so d
  5. Yes I always do, especially around other men. In Japan it is considered "childish" to be seen with foreskin. It is more often common for older men to feel this but most boys are taught to pull foreskin back before taking off underwear in locker room, using onsen or peeing at urinals. Some keep it pulled back all the time. I think this is just a Japanese tradition as my foreign friends think it is crazy lol.
  6. Yes we do have different ideas about bathing you're right. I have some stories about public onsens that people might like, ill post them soon!
  7. ありがとうございます! Thank you!
  8. Welcome! English is not my native language too, it can be hard sometimes haha
  9. This is a good question, its nice to know people are interested in our country! Japan is a very traditional place but recently we are becoming more liberal (I think that is the correct word?). Women are becoming more equal but it is slow sometimes as many men do not want to give up power. Also many boys are still raised to think women are not equal. Porn in Japan is strange because of the laws. I don't know how to explain in English but it is because of censorship. Many of our laws are not clear (vague is the word?) so they do not get used often. Peeing in public is illegal in many p
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