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    Love to pee outdoors and in the house

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    Watching others peeing and peeing after holding it
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    Wetting myself after holding on

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  1. When I’ve been holding on I find my stream is strong and then becomes less so as I pee, the relief of pissing after holding is so good.
  2. A lovely description , so natural and must have been a relief to pee , thanks for sharing Sophie.
  3. That’s so good, love how you just pissed off the bench, must have felt such a relief.
  4. That’s a lovely description, thanks for sharing
  5. That’s so good, you must have been really desperate to piss.
  6. Thanks for sharing ukpeegirl86. Sounds like you really needed a piss
  7. Thanks for share your pee experience. I enjoyed reading about it. Hope you have opportunities to pee outside
  8. WetMart


    Lovely clit so sexy
  9. Sounds like you really had to pee and I love how when you pulled the funnel out you pissed in your sweatpants.
  10. Hello and welcome. I’m sure you will enjoy it on here for sharing stories and content.
  11. Some cheap carpets to pee on then replace and also some inexpensive furniture that can be easily replaced when is been peed on
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