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  1. I often use one and like to piss up the back of it and let my pee run down,the same when I use a trough
  2. Hi Doris, welcome to the site, glad you have been able to share your experiences on here. I can understand your position as I have found as I have got older I need to urinate more especially at night and get the need to pee more in general.
  3. Welcome back, the description of your pee is great , sounds like you really had to go and good sex when I got home
  4. Like how you pissed in different spots in your basement. Good work. Will you piss there again?
  5. Great review as always @greedyneedygirl love your very vivid description.
  6. WetMart


    Hi Hayley, welcome to the site
  7. Looks like a lot , you must have really wanted to go
  8. Really wonderful, great to listen to. Hope there are more in the future.
  9. Hello and welcome to the site.
  10. Hi welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it on here
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