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    Love to pee outdoors and in the house

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    Watching others peeing and peeing after holding it
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    Wetting myself after holding on

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  1. I do like to watch pee related porn, which I find more of a turn on than other porn to be honest. I don’t the this prevents having a good relationship
  2. I was desperate to go, so had a pee outdoors at home today.
  3. WetMart

    New here

    Hi, welcome to the site
  4. Lovely description Chrissy , real turn on.
  5. @AbbyPeePrincess that does sound good, would love to be able to pee anywhere on the estate
  6. Thank you for a lovely description Sophie
  7. Yes it’s good to be able to point it where you wish and piss where you want
  8. It’s a great idea. They would probably pee in lots of different places to keep you busy.
  9. I agree with giving back to nature by peeing on plants , need to ensure you don’t over water so would be good to walk round the garden giving a squirt on each one. I definitely prefer using my own equipment than use a watering can.
  10. I’ve not pissed on potted plants in the house to be honest. I have pissed on plants in the garden and they have survived
  11. Yes I often piss on the carpet in the spare bedroom and the tiled floor in the kitchen
  12. Very enjoyable @Paulypeeps looking forward to the next chapter
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