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    Love to pee outdoors and in the house

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    Watching others peeing and peeing after holding it
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    Wetting myself after holding on

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  1. WetMart


    Lovely pictures Puddyls.
  2. I’ve never peed my bed to be honest , but I may well try it from your description PaulyPeeps.
  3. Great story, you are brave using the Gents, thanks for sharing.
  4. Yes I’ve done that a few times when I’ve had a good strong piss.
  5. Lovely pictures and a great body, thanks for sharing
  6. The town centre near to where I live has plenty of alleys and recessed shop doorways where people piss , both male and female.
  7. The complement certainly outweighs any possible embarrassment “nice legs and a lovely bum” is so true.
  8. Jayne so sorry to hear your husband is not supportive, thanks for sharing your pics and huge hugs.
  9. I’ve had a pee on the old leather jacket , may need to do it a few times to get the true leather smell.
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