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    Love to pee outdoors and in the house

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    Watching others peeing and peeing after holding it
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  1. Yesterday, I pissed outside up the wall at the side of the house.
  2. WetMart


    Hello and welcome to the site.
  3. That’s so good , do you like the feel of pissing standing up?
  4. Good to hear from you @Simpfan4, wishing you a speedy recovery.
  5. I was desperate to pee this morning and pissed in the toilet for half a minute
  6. Great review @greedyneedygirl I particularly like the description of the kinky barmaid pissing high and hard.
  7. WetMart


    Gorgeous view, not too short at all, just right.
  8. Hi Sophie, have you ever peed in a container?
  9. I piss there so I can’t be overlooked by my neighbors
  10. I’ve pissed up the wall at the back of my house tonight, I often piss there
  11. Hi welcome to the site, you could try peeing in a container, cup or bucket
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