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    Love to pee outdoors and in the house

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    Watching others peeing and peeing after holding it
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    Wetting myself after holding on

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  1. Welcome to the site , looking forward to hearing your stories
  2. I like the freedom of pissing outdoors and just going when I need to and love to piss up a fence, a wall or tree, leaving a large puddle.
  3. Great idea @Paulypeeps I would think there would be sufficient people interested to make the printing cost feasible. Payment could easily be arranged via a Pay Pal account .
  4. I have pissed outdoors in various places up the wall of a building up a wooden fence tree in a park up the side of a car. You could try pissing by a car in a car park, on steps in a park or a flower bed. Depends I suppose if you prefer to squatting or standing to piss.
  5. I had a piss up the wall tonight
  6. Hi Sophie have you ever peed on the beach?
  7. Love seeing you piss in that new position nice pussy as well
  8. Hello and welcome to the site.
  9. Sorry to hear he is moving, perhaps you will have the chance to pee in his new house sometime
  10. Hi Rubis, welcome to the site. Regards peeing outside it would be an idea to be with a friend rather than by yourself.
  11. Hi and welcome to the site, I look forward to hearing your stories
  12. Hot pics and video looked like you really needed to piss. Thanks for sharing
  13. Very hot , lovely to read you leaning forwards at your desk. Lucky Mark.🙂
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