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  1. Thank you. I gained a little more weight since this photo was taken though.
  2. I like how things gotten messy quick. 😉
  3. Thank you. You have an amazing day as well. 😁
  4. Only when practicing my aim/distance/power. I don’t like being exposed to others so this is only being done where I can’t be seen. What about you? Do you prefer to go inside or outside?
  5. Definitely as a preteen and at the time, there wasn’t any sources to an actual clean restroom/working one and this was a squat over the ant hill. Sandals/Flip flops are the worse to wear to an event that’s mainly outside and yes, I’ve gotten bitten before. I try not to leave the house without my feet being properly protected nowadays.
  6. Definitely the couch, bonus points if it’s leather. Coffee table where you can see through the bottom for obvious reasons and the bed. I literally pull back the covers and make sure to give them a good soaking. I always tips and is very generous with both money/piss. Especially after not breaking the seal that particular night.
  7. I pissed over an ant hill before. Soaked it really good too practicing my aim. They definitely deserve it too, I shook the drops from my pussy before sliding my underwear back into place. A little piss/spit never hurt anyone.
  8. My mom. Squating over a toilet is very similar to popping a squat against a very woody bushy area and I was 4-5 years when I learned to piss outside. Done it a couple of times and nobody cared. The worst part is not having anything to wipe with. However.. I knew how to piss standing under around 10/11 and had pretty good aim. Now I can barely piss in a cup for labs.. lol
  9. I have a vibrator that is a clit sucker as well and usually I just move it around wherever that gets me off.
  10. I think parking decks are one of the best places to not be noticed when trying to find a place to piss. I had a flashback earlier today when I seen a guy trying to hurry up and finish up pissing before I passed through. It looks like he wasn't done yet but didn't want to be caught as he quickly stop mid-stream putting his dick back up. It reminded me of a time when I left a nightclub and realized how badly I had to go myself, I ended up going behind the building in a small alleyway pulling my thong to the side with my dress pulled up slightly. I pissed for almost three minutes! Which wasn't sh
  11. I loved the wet spot on your briefs before you took it out.. I am kinda curious now, was it from your edging session or did you have a couple of spurts?
  12. T-shirt and pyjamas bottoms with socks. I just bought a night gown last Monday though. It’s yellow and covered in teddy bears along with stars!
  13. Darlene


    Here’s my slit.
  14. I will probably vote hairy on this one. I don’t really have to shave as much since I stopped growing as much pubic hair and the fact that I couldn’t hover over a public toilet seat without pee going every which direction. I think it looks better although I do like bare the look at times. Just not dealing with ingrown hairs and razor cuts.
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