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    I've loved to see girls pee for as long as I can remember. My biggest turn-on is to see a girl pee where she shouldn't, on carpets, soft furniture, in a swimming-pool in acar or a bus and so on. I love big curvy girls and hairy pussies.

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    Girls pissing where they shouldn't

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  1. Hello! I joined this forum some time ago and has uploaded a couple of pictures so maybe it's time to introduce myself. I've loved to see girls/women pee from a very young age and since I'm now close to sixty I've had this fetish for about 50 years and I'm still fascinated. I really love to see girls pee where they shouldn't : on carpets or soft furniture, in cars, in swimming-pools and a lot of other places. This forum fits me perfectly!
  2. Like most of the other people that has answered I love to see a girl pee anywhere and anytime but if I have a choice I would prefer indoors. The thought of a girl with a full bladder squatting down on a nice carpet and just letting it all go, preferably with a big smile, is so naughty and arousing.
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