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    Here’s my slit.
  2. I will probably vote hairy on this one. I don’t really have to shave as much since I stopped growing as much pubic hair and the fact that I couldn’t hover over a public toilet seat without pee going every which direction. I think it looks better although I do like bare the look at times. Just not dealing with ingrown hairs and razor cuts.
  3. It’s just I wouldn’t want to be the only person making a lot of noise in public, at home is different because I am by myself on the toilet with the door closed.
  4. If it’s in a public setting, I am more nervous and will put some toilet tissue in first before I pee.
  5. Okay, I will probably make an account on there and see how it goes.
  6. Well, once I figure it out. I will PM you the link.
  7. I need to figure out how to just get the audio from these videos first. I wouldn’t mind sharing, just beware of hearing me blow my nose after peeing or unexpected farts before/after.
  8. I do. I definitely don’t want to be noisy in a public restroom. Especially if it’s just me, If it’s a lot going on. Making noise in a stall would be the last of my worries. But I try not to wait until the last minute to go as if I were home. My favorite pees to do are the one after cumming. They’re usually the best ones to afterwards and naturally you’re supposed to pee after those activities anyway. I try to make sure to stay hydrated at all times.
  9. Usually if I am in a unfamiliar place, I do put some toilet paper im first to avoid everyone from hearing my loud pee stream. I’ve don’t really mind my boyfriend watching me pee, in fact I’ve sent videos of me peeing to him before. I don’t too much care for having a slow pee stream because usually it takes longer to make sure everything is out but I don’t like dealing with a UTI either. So, I will sit for 3 minutes to finish up peeing.
  10. I’ve been guilty of this. But I always leave the toilet exactly how I left it. No drops and clean for the next person. I do think that it can be hot. I’ve made lots of guys hard from watching me piss on the toilet.
  11. I have missed the toilet by mistake but it’s because I tend to hover. I barely sit on a public toilet unless I properly line the seat with toilet paper and be sure to wipe it down just incase. I want to say if I was completely bare down there, absolutely my pee streams can be messier and goes in different directions. However, now that I don’t bother waxing/shaving. I don’t have that problem anymore. I do tend to make a lot of noise when pissing. Especially, when I am in a tight and of course can’t hold it anymore. I’ve woken up plenty of about to piss all over myself in the morning
  12. I often have to direct my piss stream foward and open up my vagina or else my piss will end up in my shoes. Everything is tucked in, not even my clit will show until I spread everything out in the open. I usually do have to adjust “ her “ because it feels weird/off after wiping and pulling back up my underwear like I don’t have a huge pussy.
  13. I’ve always wanted to go to Oktoberfest myself. Not for the pee sightings but to try different beer and meet new people, see new things.
  14. Yikes, guy must've had to seriously been a dick for that to happen. This is why I am never rude to ANYONE that has to make my food. I even hate sending things back and if I DO, I always watch them and come in. If I feel like something will happen to my food if it's not correct, I'd quickly get my money back and not go back ever.
  15. Not to derail here but I have done my share of farting on cakes. The best ones are cheap standard buttercream icing sheet cakes.
  16. For me the STP didn’t work as good as I expected it to. I made less unnecessary messes with just spreading my lips and aiming my stream but of course with the toilet seat up pissing loudly and powerfully against the water in the bowl for everyone to hear. The only thing I HATED it was having to wipe still because shaking my pussy off wasn’t getting it. I was like 11/12 pissing standing up while majority of my classmates pissed sitting down.
  17. I wish that was the case, I pee every two to three hours on an average. But, usually I am pretty good with holding my bladder throughout the night. I usually wake up around 6:40am or 7:30am to use it.
  18. I didn’t think I’d ever stop that morning. I actually had to finish the rest into the toilet because it came to just little drops and spurts. It was also really smelly since it was the first piss of the day. That 40oz didn’t really help since it was yellow and it was almost as if I drunk 3 bottles at least. At least it felt like I did because when I got half way, I began chugging.
  19. I think it’s still an accomplishment. I almost reached a liter but I really wasn’t surprised at the amount, I drunk a lot the night before and held it for several hours. I almost pissed myself due to waiting to the last minute. My underwear and shorts were absolutely soaked with piss for trying to get up and reached the bathroom. But, not before grabbing my measuring jug. Yesterday, I only got up to 200ml. Anyway, my morning pisses are always like this and of course, it’s always a relief to let it all out. Plus, there was still a little more after but I finished on the toilet becaus
  20. I do want to beat my past record and I’ve pissed enough to pour this thing out twice before. I’ve done 1500ml before. But, last night.. I drunk a 40oz and some sweet tea. I was full asf.
  21. So, I had a lot to drink earlier that morning and of course the first thing I did was piss. A lot of it spilled onto the floor but I am positive that it would’ve overflowed. But, at least it’s way better than last time. I poured it out into the toilet after I was done.
  22. Measuring jug. I didn’t have to go really bad, it was just 200ml.
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