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  1. Well, a bunch got pissed on, a few probably drowned, and a bunch would have ended up drinking your piss.
  2. How often do you do this sort of thing? And it sounds like you just completely blasted it with piss.
  3. Never tried it outside? Would you ever?
  4. How long ago what? Standing piss? I assumed they bit you and decided to give them a taste of something special.
  5. Do you have any interesting stories or details?
  6. Actually, I've never done it and haven't tried and probably never will. Watching a girl do it is different...
  7. I probably should have introduced myself here before posting, but shit happens. Occasional lurker with an interest in mostly naughty peeing and consensual voyeurism. Due to witnessing it twice in person my teens; women peeing on bugs really does it for me. That's the most extreme that I get. With the exception of the pee stuff; my sexual tastes verge on boring, I created a poll about peeing on bugs too. Not sure what else to add.
  8. I've heard Paris smells like piss anyway, so I'm sure how much of a difference it will make.
  9. Yes, there seems to be a decrease from a few years ago in quantity and quality.
  10. How many people here have pissed on bugs before? Maybe you've seen a bunch of ants in your backyard and as you were whipping it out you thought, "I'm gonna give these little bastards a hose down" or maybe you were camping and noticed a slug and decided you were going to hover over it and blast it like the spaceship from Independence Day or maybe you saw a spider and decided it might be a good time to work on your aim. I've always been curious as to how many people have tried peeing on a bug at some point in their lives or at least would pee on one if given an opportunity. This becam
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