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  1. If this is 125th, 59th or High st, those stains may very well be mine. I piss at these stations all the time in the course of my commutes to school, practice, work, etc. Usually in the early mornings or late at night.
  2. It was at the NY capitol buildings. So a pretty nice place, but deserted at night, and in stark contrast architecturally to the surrounding area. I was skateboarding with one of my best male friends at the time and we went into one of the office buildings to ask to use the bathroom. They said it was not open to public use even though it actually was a public building. So we pissed in the concrete staircase to the basement entrance. I insisted he go first so I could see where he pissed.
  3. I never plan it, it just happens. Something sparks my arousal and I can't help it. It's not so much the thrill, it's the fact that I can watch a hot guy in real life, or sometimes just out of need if I can't get something out of my mind.
  4. I like seeing the puddle if I can picture what happened. Like if a guy walks into an elevator and I hear splashing and then I see the puddle. Not so much when it's just a puddle and no indication of who did it, though sometimes that gives me the urge to piss there too.
  5. Yeah, I'm straight. Which is unfortunate, I guess. I don't like seeing women in my porn either, so I mostly watch solo stuff. I think most women feel the same.
  6. This was the first time I had been out at this specific bar, so the first time I saw so many guys pissing outside of it. Seemed like a normal thing by the lack of reaction from the regulars and the stale piss smell. Though I have seen lots of public pissing in Manhattan and in the subway as well, just not to the extent of outside of this Bronx bar. I mean, the whole city smells like piss; it is one of the things newcomers frequently remark about.
  7. I think most guys can recognize that girls like to see men's cocks, regardless of whether they are peeing or not. Peeing just presents an opportunity to see their dicks, though I happen to be specifically into pissing as well. I think most women can see an erotic aspect in a guy peeing simply because his dick is out. A guy holding his own cock is also a turn-on for me.
  8. Yup, very fine line between disgust and arousal when it comes to this kink for me. It's odd. I am disgusted at the idea of being pissed on, but would be wild at the thought of pissing on a guy. Am disgusted when I see a female or ugly guy pissing in public, but start dripping when it's a relatively attractive guy. There is a lot of security cameras in the subway, but not in most elevators. At least not visible ones. In any case, I have been doing it for years and nothing has happened. I must admit, I do this fairly regularly -- touch myself in public. It is easier for girls t
  9. My 'one friend' was oddly one of the same guys who was disapproving of the other guys pissing in public by the bar. I think it was in part because it was drawing girls' attention, particularly mine. And not everyone has the confidence to piss on the street in front of a bunch of girls. He is like me in that he doesn't like to be seen pissing, but will piss anywhere that is secluded. I do not think he has a piss kink, but we have a little something between us that will probably never be acted upon because of how incompatible we would be as partners.
  10. Last night, I hit the bar with friends. We frequently went out to smoke, where we would see several guys pissing right on the street, on cars, on walls. Even the bouncer stopped to piss on a car. It was amazing how some guys were so unashamed to whip their cocks out and piss all over something. We must’ve seen at least 12 guys pissing so openly, only feet away from us. The male friends I came with expressed disgust (maybe jealousy?) at these men’s behavior. I could also sense their annoyance when I lost track of the conversation because I was watching these guys. I could hardl
  11. New York, of course! The city.
  12. Years ago, I was playing “chicken fight” with my friends. For those unfamiliar with the game, one person sits on another person’s shoulders and fights another person (also on somebody’s shoulders). The goal is to knock the other person into the water. I would get turned on when sitting on a boy’s shoulders, with my pussy up against the back of his neck. I used to let out little spurts and trickles on the back of these boys’ necks. They likely felt the warmth coming from my pussy, but never said anything. Doing this would make my clit swell up against the back of their necks. I would somet
  13. Once, at a party, the bathroom had been occupied for ages, so I went into the basement and pissed into a trash can. It was one of those ones you open by stepping on a pedal. I stepped on the pedal and pissed into it standing up, then went back up to the party.
  14. At college, bathrooms are always packed between classes. There is often a line for them. When this happens, I walk to the gym locker rooms and piss either in the shower or on a drain. Though lately, I’ve been preferring to piss into one of the complimentary towels they provide us athletes. This way, if someone else is in the locker-room, I can avoid alerting them with the splatter noise. If I have to piss after practice, I just put the towel between my legs while I’m toweling off and piss right into it. If between classes, I will shove the towel down my pants and piss into it, then take i
  15. I am not super bold unfortunately. I physically cannot piss in public if I feel like I’m being watched. I’ve been caught a few times when drunk pissing between cars and in bushes. Even yelled at once. Turned me on a little afterwards, but was mortifying in the moment. I’ve pissed with friends and boyfriends, but we always turned away from each other.
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