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    I'm into pee desperation and pee stories

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  1. Do you have any other stories like this
  2. Have any females ever been desperate to pee but when they get to the store the employee says it'd only for employees or its out of order. If so what did you do?
  3. Do any females have siblings who ran to the restroom and locked the door when they saw how desperate you were? If so what did you do
  4. Have any females ever locked out of their house on purpose because the person inside saw how desperate you were?
  5. Have any females ever been locked in their room while desperate to pee? If so what did you do?
  6. Where have you females peed other than a toilet
  7. Which females are desperate to pee right now I am
  8. Oh have you ever been so desperate that you just pee where your at
  9. We're you desperate or it just happened outta instinct
  10. What one of the stories where you are not expecting it
  11. Did you do all of them for fun or some outta desperate
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