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  1. The third one was on her own. She walked past the stand of toilets towards the fence. I thought that she was going to pee in the grass there but she must have decided it was too public. She turned round and came back. She then sat down on the ground at the side of the beer tent, legs straight in front of her, and pissed. There were some signs that showed that she was wetting herself. The expression on her face was a bit of a give away. She kept very still, as if she dared not move her legs. I'm sure she was hoping her skirt would hide what she was doing. She moved her handbag to put it beside her, to hide the puddle in the grass, but keeping her bag dry. She also kept looking down. It's a bit of a giveaway, and something I like to see when a woman is peeing in public, and trying not to be seen, she will look at her own crotch. Then she changed position, started to get up. Clear liquid, her own pee she had released, poured from the bottom of her skirt and splashed around her feet. I'm not quite sure what had happened. Perhaps before, when I thought she'd been peeing, she might only have been leaking, and she had only just got to the point where she had lost control. If so, she had decided to try to squat, perhaps to limit the damage to her skirt. Or, and I think this is more likely, she had only just won back bodily control and managed to stop pissing in her knickers. She had started to get up but hadn't realised how much pee had pooled in her skirt until it all poured out. She stayed there, squatting very low, for quite some time. She may well have still been wetting herself, for all I know. Her bum was too close to the ground, and the light too dim, for me to be able to see how much more pee was dripping from her bum. I like to think that she had decided that she had stopped too soon, still needed the toilet, and had decided to wee through her skirt until she was empty. She was there for some time, squatting low, as if she was still having a piss, fully clothed. Then she got a couple of tissues from her bag and mopped her thighs dry. She must have wanted to to make sure she wouldn't drop another pooled puddle from her skirt when she stood up, as she took her time. When she did stand, she felt the back of her skirt, and looked behind herself, to try to see how wet it looked. She was lucky. There was not much light, and her short denim skirt was dark enough that it didn't show where it was wet. When she walked away, I'd have liked to have looked at the puddle in the grass, but I didn't want to draw attention. It was quite a public place where she had wet herself. I saw many other women peeing that day. All the others managed not to wet their knickers.
  2. The second girl to wet herself was with her boyfriend. She must have told him that she was too desperate to be able to wait in the queue so he took her to a bin by the fence. She looked unhappy to have to pee in such a public place, but he persuaded her to squat down and she got as low as she could. She kept looking around, and it seemed that she felt as if everyone was staring at her. She put her hands under her skirt, as if to pull her knickers down, but she just could not bare herself in public. Then her eyes widened, and her face looked shocked as she just lost control and flooded her knickers. She leaned forward so now she was kneeling on the grass, with her feet apart and her bum almost touching her own puddle on the ground. She reached behind to make sure she was not sitting on the hem of her denim skirt. She looked up to her boyfriend and told him she was wetting herself. He reassured her that nobody was bothered. After a while she told him she was finished. He suggested that if she had any more to pee, she might as well carry on until she was completely empty. She nodded, and the expression on her face showed her concentrating on starting to piss in her underwear again. At last she had finished. He helped her stand up. She brushed her skirt down - there was a small damp patch at the back where her hem had soaked up a bit of her pee. She looked down at the dampness on the ground, then they walked off, hand in hand.
  3. I went to a music festival last summer where I saw three women pee in their knickers in the space of an hour. The queues for the port-a-loos were lengthy and getting longer. I actually timed them at fifteen minutes at one point. When women had been leaving it until they were almost bursting before they even joined the queues, it's not surprising some just could not wait. Near the queues there was a couple of trees near a fence that gave a little cover. As it got dark, women would just squat by the fence and hope that they weren't being watched by too many. Earlier in the evening, a few brave women peed in the grass behind the trees. I saw one in a skirt who kneeled on the ground and pulled her knickers down. Another came over and squatted beside her. The first left, and another women, in a long dress took her place. She just stood, feet apart, back to the fence, closed her eyes and gave up trying to contain her pee. She just let it pour out into her knickers and splatter into the grass between her feet.
  4. ppppppp

    You're now a rich dictator...

    I would take personal control of the recruitment and uniform policy at the presidential palace. The waiting girls in my personal quarters would be expected to keep themselves hydrated, but they would not be allowed to be excused from my presence without my express permission. I would spend my evenings watching them becoming increasingly desperate, enjoying watching them wriggling and holding themselves. Those who wet themselves without my permission would have to remain in their wet clothes for the rest of the evening. I might indulge one or two by giving them permission to squat and pee in their knickers. Another might be allowed to undress and pee on the floor in front of me. The others would have to keep squirming and try to maintain their own self-control while watching her get her relief. The floor would be hosed down at the end of the night.
  5. ppppppp

    Angle of the female urethra

    You sometimes find a double puddle on the ground where a girl has squatted to pee. One puddle directly below her, from when she starts to piss. As she gets going, the stream suddenly strengthens, and makes a wet line forward to the front puddle. Meanwhile, she dribbles down into the first puddle also, sometimes with additional trickles falling from the cheek of each buttock. As she becomes empty, the pressure drops away rapidly again, and the main stream drops back along the wet line. She finishes off draining the last streams and dribbles into the puddle below her. On a hard surface, the spray from the front puddle fans out in all directions, leaving a dry shadow under each foot.
  6. How about Taylor Swift? She could lift the hem of that dress, squat down and pee through that black bikini. Or in this costume, I could imagine catching her from behind, bum exposed, as she squats to squirt on the ground behind a bush. But not easy to pee in this outfit. She would have to step out of it completely. Unless she could spread her legs, pull it and her knickers aside, and pee standing.
  7. The model Talia Cherry is my Eve. There are plenty of photos of her wearing less. I'd love to watch her wetting a bikini.
  8. When I was in my teens, I used to watch girls pee in public at the beach. Occasionally they would be very blatant, and I would see the stream flowing, but more often they would manage to hide it. Typically, they would stand or squat and just dip their bottoms into the water while they piddled. Sometimes they might kneel or sit on the sand. I would have to guess that I was watching them relieve themselves, from their posture and perhaps the expression on their face. I started to count the seconds while they were still (and while I could see the pee flowing, on those occasions when I could see that). I found that a count of nine seconds was common. So then I reckoned that I'd seen her pee, if she had held herself in a peeing position for nine seconds. More recently, when I've been able to watch girls peeing on the ground at festivals, I have had to change my ideas. I've sometimes seen a girl empty her bladder in just five seconds. And sometimes it's been much longer. Seventeen or eighteen seconds is not unusual, and occasionally I've seen a flow continue for 30 seconds or even longer. I think sometimes they are slow to get started, or to keep the flow going once started, and that can make it last longer. These times seem consistent too with many of the videos I've seen.
  9. ppppppp

    Why i like it.

    That's exactly right. I too much prefer seeing a girl who simply has to pee, rather than one who is trying to put on a performance. Far too many commercial videos are shot from right in front of her, when she is parting her legs for the best view, and they are zoomed in too tightly. For example, I enjoy seeing a girl sit on the grass, in a skirt, then wriggle her knickers down. Although I can't see her nakedness, or the pee pouring from her into the growing puddle between her thighs, it is a huge turn on to know that I am watching her piss in public.
  10. I like to see videos that don't seem too staged. I don't much like those where the girl wriggles, squirms and feels herself where it is very obviously for the camera, particularly when the time comes for her to start peeing, and then there is a delay. I very much prefer genuine wettings - or when they look genuine - where she really does get to the point where she loses control and urinates in her clothes because she has no choice. I would also like to see wettings where she pisses through her knickers just before she gets to that stage, deciding that she would prefer to pee through her clothes, rather than undress. I would like to see the girl choosing to squat, sit, kneel or hover, rather than just keep standing. I would like more variety in the viewpoints. Too often it is too close, and only from the front. I'd like to see side and quarter angles more. I'd also like to see the whole of her, to see her posture. I'd like to see her puddle as it's spreading, to watch the pee running over the ground. I also like to see the extent of the damage, how much of her clothes are wet. I'd like to see a bit of light behind her, catching on the stream, to make it easy to see that she is pissing. Finally, I'd like to see more girls peeing at the beach, deliberately wetting their bikinis. They might sit, kneel or squat on the sand. They might crouch in the water. They might squat behind a rock.
  11. ppppppp

    Which is your favourite view of female peeing?

    Side on. Too many videos are frontal, and too close. I like to see the whole view.
  12. ppppppp

    Pee fantasies becoming reality

    In my fantasy I am 25 years old, and my GF is 21. She's at college, and I get asked to drive the mini bus for her hockey team. The team do well, and there is some serious drinking at the away fixture. We leave to drive home late on a summer's afternoon (it is still daylight). The journey turns into a saga. The road is closed, and we are crawling along the motorway for mile after mile. The girls are becoming desperate for me to stop and let them piss, but I cannot. When at last I can leave the motorway, I know a pub that's near and I tell them we'll go there so they can use the toilets. But, when I pull into the car park, it's obvious that the pub has closed down. I stop and ask for suggestions, but it's already too late for Emily. The door flies open, and she jumps out. She's already begun pissing in her knickers. She completely loses control and simply squats next to my open window where I can stare at her urinating through her shorts. Cloe is right behind her, already unzipping her jeans, and squats next to her, peeing hard. Soria is next. She'd already taken off her knickers in the minibus - perhaps she'd leaked and wet them a little already - so she just lifts the hem of her dress to bare her behind and, half-standing, squirts a noisy jet on the ground. Alice too has waited too long, and cannot help but simply pee with full intensity into her underwear. She too has no time to undress, but simply sits on the grass, knees up and legs apart, to continue peeing in her jeans. Kate, my girl friend sitting beside me, sees me staring, and slips her hand into my jeans. Sarah is next out, knickers swiftly down, skirt up, and she too is crouching, peeing with the others. After her is Val, who sits next to Alice, but she manages to get her shorts and knickers down her thighs in time. Still, where she is sitting, I have a perfect view of the lips of her fanny, and the clear stream now arcing from them into the grass in front of her. Paula is the third who wets herself. She simply parts her legs wide as soon as she's off the bus, and her piss splatters on the ground between her feet. She holds her dress out, front and behind, to keep it dry. Zoe walks round behind her, pulls down her shorts and underwear, and becomes another girl squatting to urinate. After her is Lynn. She is the prettiest girl in the team, and she's wearing a one-piece jump suit. She will have to undress completely to pee, or wet herself. Kate knows the effect this will have on me, and adjusts her grip on me. Lynn unzips. She shrugs the jump suit off her shoulders. It falls to her waist. She is not wearing a bra; her breasts are magnificent. She wriggles the jump suit down past her hips, slides it down, and steps out of it. Naked, apart from her thong, she smiles at me, and folds it over the top of my door. She steps away. It's as if she was doing a strip tease. She pulls her panties down with her back to me, then turns as she squats, so I see, as she parts her legs and begins peeing, that she is shaved. That is too much for me, and I come into Kate's hand. I have barely noticed that Anna too, and Kelly are also dropping their shorts and crouching to wee. Anna's bum is almost touching the tarmac. Kelly has decided to hover. She bends her knees and leans forward. Her pee pours vertically onto the ground, while Anna's squirts forward towards her feet. Sarah is last out of the back. She kneels on a patch of grass, unfastens her jeans, then raises herself up while she pushes her jeans and pants forward, down her legs. She lowers herself again so she is kneeling, bum almost kissing the grass between her feet. I cannot see the puddle she is making, but I can tell, from the suddenly relaxed expression on her face, that she is releasing her wee in the grass. 'You are enjoying this!' Kate whispers in my ear, 'Don't worry, I won't tell the girls just how much you enjoy watching them pee. Now, my turn, or I'll wet my pants right here.' She kissed me, and as she got up, lifted her skirt and wiped her hand on her knickers. She walked around the front of the van and, looking me in the eye, planted her legs apart, raised the hem of her summer dress, squatted down, and her piss flowed through her knickers. The others were finishing. Paula pulled off her wet panties and dropped them in her puddle. Lynn too removed hers, and sauntered up, completely naked, to take back her one-piece. Kelly wriggled up her jeans without exposing herself. The girls compared damage, and experiences, talking about how they had nearly wet themselves, or had actually done so. They carried on swapping pee stories for most of the rest of the journey. And then nearly half of them decided, when we got back to the campus, that they could not get to a toilet and so instead pissed on the ground next to the van again.
  13. ppppppp

    how did it start for you?

    I was interested in seeing girls pee from a young age. My earliest memory of watching female pee was when I was at school. We were all standing in class lines outdoors after lunch, waiting to go back inside for lessons. Something made me turn around, perhaps the unexpected sound of splashing liquid hitting the ground, and I saw, right behind me, Deborah was wetting her knickers. She must have been too timid to ask to go indoors to use the toilet and had just got to the point where she lost control and pissed on the ground where she stood. I stared at the growing puddle between her feet, the stream of piss falling from her skirt and pouring in to it and splattering on the hard ground. I also remember seeing streams of pee snaking down both legs and soaking her white socks.
  14. ppppppp

    A Poll...

    Sight, of course. But also the psychology (thank you for putting it on the list). I like to think about why she has decided to pee there, like that. I particularly like deliberate, desperate wettings and having to wonder why she decided to pee in her clothes in that place and time. For me, an important part of the sight is the posture (which links into the psychology). There are so many positions in which a woman may choose to pee when there is no toilet; standing, hovering, squatting, sitting, kneeling. I like to try to understand why she is kneeling, for example. Sound can be a good part of it too. I recently saw a young woman peeing in the long grass at the edge of a field. She was squatting, skirt pulled up, and knickers down, with her back to me. All I could see was the peachy globes of her pert bum, but I could clearly hear the loud hissing, gushing noise she made as she quickly pissed all she had on to the ground.
  15. ppppppp

    The naughtiest place......

    I have seen many girls pee at music festivals. Normal rules just don't apply. Some will undress and pee in very public places, although they will usually try not to draw attention to themselves, and they don't want strangers looking up their chuff, so they will often squat low, or find some minimal cover. If you're interested, I could tell you about the girl in the blue shorts. She had everything on show, at the edge of the camping area, in broad daylight. Or I could tell you about the exhibitionist blonde I saw in almost the same place. Perhaps the row of four girls squatting downhill facing me, so I could see four fountains, and their source (I scarcely knew where to look). You might want to hear about the girls in the men's area. Post some good, detailed sightings, and I have these I can tell you about. I'll start with this one. Imagine yourself standing just outside the entrance of the biggest festival tent. It's around midnight, and there's a popular band on stage inside. You can see over the heads of the crowd and can see the band playing. It's not a great view, but you're not too bothered about seeing everything by this band. They will finish with a couple of hits you like, but the rest of the set is not so good. The good think about your position is that every few minutes desperate girls leave the tent, by themselves, or with one, two or three others, and squat on the grass for a quick piss before they go back into the crowd. Some put on a good show for you, others less so. It is dark, and the floodlights are dazzling if you have to look towards them, and create deep shadows. You've got a good position, so often get a decent view, and you've got your phone in your hand, so it looks like you are waiting for a friend to meet you. Two girls stagger towards you, leaving the tent. The blonde is supporting her dark-haired friend, who looks completely out of it. She's trying to lower her to the ground right in front of you. Instinctively, you step forward and help support her so she does not fall. The blonde thanks you and explains breathlessly that she's just drunk - no drugs - and she's done this before. You offer her a swig from your water bottle and chat a bit more. The blonde asks you to keep an eye on her friend as she needs to find the rest of her group. You don't get a chance to discuss this as she rushes off, back into the crowd. Now you are alone with an almost unconscious part girl at your feet. You don't know her name. She looks like she's in her early 20s, slim, long-legged, dressed for comfort in pale leggings and a short t-shirt. You crouch down to talk to her, but she's not making any sense. You try to help her sit up, but she pushes you away. You stand next to her, and wait for her friend to return. It's a long wait. You start to wonder what you should do; how long you should wait before finding help elsewhere. Eventually her friend returns, alone. She explains that she could not find her other friends in the crowd. She tries to speak to the girl on the ground, who now seems content just to stay there and sleep it off. The blonde girl squirms and wriggles. 'I've got to piss', she tells you. She looks around. Close behind you is a closed merchandise tent, with a group of four large rubbish bins in front of it. 'Will you stand in front of me?' she asks. You nod your agreement, trying to make it matter of fact. Yeah, it's cool; I block for peeing women all the time is the message you want to give. You're actually thinking it's a dirty fantasy about to come true. Together you walk over to the bins. She walks in front of you, and you check her out. Neat little bum, long slim legs in tight-fitting black leggings. Slim waist, exposed below her olive-green t-shirt. You turn around so you have her back to you - you do this every day, remember, it's no big deal - but because it's no big deal, you're still chatting to her, and you look over your shoulder to talk to her. She's looking down as she wriggles her leggings and knickers over her hips and slides them down her thighs, dropping to a squat. You get only a quick flash of her shaven bud and then she's leaning forward in her squat. You turn around again before she sees you watching, but keep talking. A pretty long-haired blonde girl in tight blue jeans walks over to the other side of the bins. She looks at you, and you can see she's wondering whether she's comfortable with the idea of peeing so close to you. She reckons you must be OK if you are blocking your friend - clearly you are a gentleman around peeing ladies - and anyway she's too desperate to look for better privacy. She unzips and pushes down her jeans, her head bobbing down behind the bins as she squats and pisses on the grass. You ask your girl another question, and turn to hear her reply. You glance down and see the clear stream of pee jetting into the foamy puddle in the grass between her feet. She's still got her head down, concentrating on making sure she doesn't carelessly squirt on her clothes. You reckon you can get away with watching her peeing for a bit. You see that the flow is softening. You remember that you've a packet of tissues in your pocket, so you pull them out. You offer her one - she's now on the final stages of little squirts, and bouncing to shake the drips off her bum - and she looks up, smiles and takes one. She wipes and stands up. The blonde on the other side of the bins also has finished and is standing up, so you hold the tissues out to her too. She looks embarrassed, as if she had hoped you would not guess that she was urinating on the ground, and her cheeks colour, but, after a brief hesitation, she too reaches across and takes one. She thanks you, then looks down as she wipes. Both women decline your offer of a second tissue, pull up and straighten their clothing. You keep your new friend company for a little while. The drunk girl is slowly coming round. You hope that she too may need to pee, but you've had your luck for the evening. After a while, they say goodbye, and weave off down the hill to go and find their tent.