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  1. I was at a music festival. It was late at night. The dance tent was rammed; it was a popular act in there. People kept leaving the tent briefly, to pee in the grass outside, before going back in. Two girls came out together. One was barely able to stand; very drunk, and supported by her friend. I went over to see if I could help, and between us we helped the drunk girl down onto the cool grass, where she lay, almost unconscious. I asked her friend, Helen, if I should get some medical assistance for her. Helen thought not, explaining that this was how Anna often ended her evenings
  2. Famously, Louis XIV of France had phenomenal bladder capacity. He knew it, and enjoyed the power it gave him over others. Obviously, when the King's presence, one cannot ask to be excused, even if about to lose control of one's own bladder.
  3. Would she spoil the swimwear if the model simply tinkled through it?
  4. I like to imagine the one on the left being unable to get them down fast enough when she was desperate to pee...
  5. The River Piddle flows through Puddletown, which used to be called Piddletown.
  6. Not his words. He described it in some detail; I have tried to present similar visual imagery to the impression he passed on to me. He told me she waved at her guests as they drove past.
  7. In the cities near me the students pre-load for their nights out. They drink loads of cheap booze early in the evening, then come into the city centre to go clubbing. They are on the buses, bursting for a pee, and will squat in alleys, car parks and parks as soon as they arrive. From how desperate they are, I suspect some may piss on the floor of the bus, or on a seat, perhaps accidentally wetting themselves. I never took part, unfortunately, but at my college there used to be a big three-legged mixed sex pub crawl. A girl and a boy would be tied together for the whole night. They co
  8. In recent history, I'd love to go back to see the Beatles live. Not so much to see the Beatles, as to see their female fans wetting their knickers at the concerts. And there was a Fatboy Slim free concert on the beach in Brighton in 2002. The planners had expected 40,000 to turn up. There were about ten times that number. The toilets became unusable. Girls were peeing in the sea, and on the pebbly beach in broad daylight, all day.
  9. A friend told me about a wedding he went to in France. The bride was in the early stages of pregnancy. On her way from the church to the chateau (where the reception was) she had to ask the car to stop. All the guests drove past while she was squatting at the side of the road, wedding dress around her waist, an arc of pee delicately curving into a puddle between her feet.
  10. Hiking sandals. They're generally tough and weatherproof.
  11. I was staying in a hotel with the woman in my life. We came back to our room early so we could spend the afternoon enjoying each other's company. She told me that she needed to pee, knowing, and intending, to turn me on. At my request, she sat on the floor in the shower (it was very spacious). I sat behind her, and she peed on the floor.
  12. Did you see any peeing on the pavement, or did you just see the puddles?
  13. Peeing at the beach (in the sea, or on the sand). My favourite because women will often pee through their swimwear. But you have to be at the right beach. Second favourite is at festivals, where women can become quite uninhibited about peeing on the ground, sometimes in surprisingly public places. But you have to be at the right festival. Third favourite is in the city centre at night. But you have to be in the right place.
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