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  1. I heard about a girl who accepted a challenge into a height-pissing contest. All other competitors were male. She stepped out of her jeans, and dropped her knickers - which earned her applause and wolf whistles - then performed an elegant handstand, parted her legs and sprayed a bold stream on the wall above her. She was the clear, immediate and undisputed winner.
  2. And the night finally draws to a close... Within a few minutes after she had got back into the taxi queue Chloe realised that she needed the toilet. Again. It made no sense. It wasn’t that long since she had knelt in the grass and peed. Perhaps, she thought, there was just because she had ‘broken the seal’. Or, maybe it was because she had been drinking so much that night already. It could even be because she had been too careful to wee slowly, so her puddle had soaked into the ground, rather than wetting her jeans. Whatever the reason, she found herself casting a glan
  3. Jess led Chloe into the park. ‘This is no good!’ protested Chloe as she realised the direction they were going, ‘The loos here are really manky, and they’re closed at night anyway.’ Jess stopped. ‘Don’t be daft. That’s not where we’re going. I’m just going to pee in the grass here.’ And with that, she turned off the path and walked behind a flower bed. Chloe was horrified. They were going down a strip of mown grass, with flowers in earth beds on either side. To the left were some tall shrubs, but to the right there was a clear line of sight to the edge of the park, and
  4. I remember being on a beach - probably in my late teens - and I walked with a friend along the beach to have a piss. (It was too cold to go in the sea.) We found a suitable rock. He went round to the far side, and I stood next to him. We both pulled out our cocks from our trunks and started to spray the rock in front of us. Sighing with relief, I looked around properly for the first time. I saw a girl, about the same age as us, sitting up and staring. She was about 30 yards away, and had an excellent view sideways on, of me holding my cock and aiming it at the dry stone. My friend,
  5. When in Rome. Ancient Roman culture was uninhibited about sex and bodily functions. It probably makes sense for those serving in the military not to be prudish about bodily functions.
  6. It turns out there is a part two... About half an hour later the girls were queueing, in a long line, waiting for a taxi. Jess looked at her watch. ‘We’ve been waiting ten minutes already. I reckon it will be another twenty before we get a taxi. Still no Ubers?’ Jess asked. Chloe looked at her phone again and shook her head. ‘They’re all really busy. At least half an hour.’ ‘We could walk?’ Jess suggested. Chloe shook her head again. ‘My feet are killing me. I’m glad I’ve taken my shoes off, but I can’t walk far. Let’s wait.’ She paused, then
  7. Thank you for your interest. There may be a part 2, but I am not yet sure. I'd like to hear suggestions about what might happen next?
  8. Two female friends in town on a night out. One shows the other that it can be convenient to be uninhibited, when all conveniences are closed. ‘Watch this!’ Jess whispered to her friend, ‘There’s nothing to worry about really. Nothing bad happens if you pee in public, no matter how blatant you are. Look!’ Chloe didn’t know what to say. So she watched. She watched Jess turn, look both ways, and then walk casually across the road. She took a diagonal path, so she reached the opposite pavement behind a row of parked cars and closer to a small group of young men and women who st
  9. (A Dutch Barn is not the same in the UK as in the USA. Here in the UK it is a farm barn that is no more than tin roof on tall poles. It's often completely open on all sides, but sometimes there will be a breeze block wall on three sides, to give a bit of shelter, and perhaps not reaching to the roof. It's used for storing bales of hay and straw.) The Dutch Barn There was a sudden cloudburst. By good fortune, we were close to a farmyard. Laughing in the rain, and holding hands, we ran into a Dutch barn. We climbed the hay bales inside and sat together, watching a stream flow dow
  10. The shadows were lengthening. I checked the time. 'We'd better go over to the main stage now, get our place in the crowd.' I suggested. She nodded. 'I think I'd better have a wee first.' 'You'd better be quick,' I worried, 'I bet the queues will be long.' 'I won't queue,' she said, 'I'm wearing a skirt.' She wriggled herself off her skirt so she was no longer sitting on it. I thought she was getting up but instead she sat still. 'Shall I come with you?' I asked. 'Hang on,' she replied, 'I haven't even started.' She closed her eyes. I heard a soft rus
  11. Now the tide was out it was such a long walk to the sea. Amy wished she'd got up to pee sooner. She was struggling to keep control as she picked her way slowly over the loose pebbles. A stone slipped, she stumbled, and squirted into her bikini. The squirt became an unstoppable gush. Amy stood, weeing, for a couple of seconds, then squatted, red-faced, to tinkle more discretely. Looking around, she realised that nobody had noticed that she was peeing herself in public.
  12. Context matters too. The word 'go' can be enough. (I was once walking a female friend home at night. She kept talking about how much she wished she had gone to the toilet before she left. Of course the queue had been far too long. There came a time when she told me yet again that she really needed to wee. Until then I'd encouraged her to hang on, telling her we'd soon get to her house. But then, mischievously, I simply said, well, go on then. She immediately lost it and completely went in her knickers, splattering a huge puddle on the pavement between her feet.)
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