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  1. Pre-loading is popular. Get some drinks in from the supermarket, and start the evening with those and your mates (much less expensive than going to a pub). Then arrive in town when the pubs are closing, to go straight to a late-night bar or club. And as a result, they're often bursting to pee, with inhibitions lowered through alcohol, as soon as they get off the bus.
  2. The last one might be peeing in the shower.
  3. I remember the picture, but I didn't previously hear the story behind it.
  4. If we're going retro - and why not - Marie Helvin (by her then husband, David Bailey):
  5. A friend told me about a house party where there was a long queue outside the only bathroom. Although the kitchen was crowded, a girl in a short skirt hopped up to sit on the edge of the sink, lacy knickers at her knees, skirt hitched up around her waist, and loudly pissed in the sink. My friend reached behind her to turn on the tap to help wash her pee away.
  6. Training would be required. Weeks of it; with women paid to do nothing but sit on the beach, all day, drinking huge quantities, so you and I could practice catching them when they have to pee.
  7. I've seen girls kneel low to wee in very public places (sometimes wetting themselves). It's unusual, and fun to watch.
  8. She's quietly peeing in her bikini briefs.
  9. To me, that expression's saying that she's been holding for ages, and knows she's got only 1/2 second left before she loses it and involuntarily starts pissing as you watch.
  10. Of the eight girls in this post, I reckon the one on the right in this shot is the one who's desperate to pee. I'm sure she's about to squat down and piss into the shallow water.
  11. Imagine they're on the floor, and you're now watching from above.
  12. Certainly about to pee in the water!
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