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    Hello! What can I say, I'm a girl in her 20's who enjoys peeing and watching other people pee. I find the natural act of having a wee so erotic and fascinating. I like to watch both sexes pee, however I consider myself straight.

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    Outdoor peeing!

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  1. Audrey81


    Aww you are too kind x
  2. Audrey81


    Just lounging in bed with no knickers
  3. I love the intimacy of this story 🙂
  4. Thank you all for your kind words 🙂 x
  5. Decided to take some bedroom pics 😊 😘
  6. Audrey81


    I'm quite fond of my slit if I do say so myself 🙂
  7. Mine would have to be a classic squat outside
  8. Probably being stuck in bad traffic and having to have an emergency wee into an empty take away cup with cars surrounding me 😬 It's very tricky for us girls as you can imagine to aim into a cup while sitting in a car!
  9. Wow I really like this 🙂 Such a beautiful stream
  10. I haven't been for a wee for around 3 hours now and I feel like I'm about to burst. Any suggestions? 🙂 I can take suggestions for a next video too
  11. I don't like the idea of destroying your home with pee haha plus peeing in sinks feels so erotic for some reason. Maybe because there's a mirror there so you can watch?
  12. Thought I'd share a wee I had from just now - I felt a lot of pressure in my bladder from holding off on a pee all morning and from also drinking a good portion of water at lunch. I slid my knickers down and sat on the toilet (not bothering to close the door as I was home by myself) and started to tinkle. It was one of those pees where it doesn't hiss but loudly splashes into the water. I wee'd for so long and remember thinking when will my stream stop? At one point I thought I had stopped weeing as it felt like only a few drops were falling from my lips, but I could still hear a loud stream h
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