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    I've had a pee fetish for as long as I can remember, and I love being peed on and watching women being generally filthy.

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    Peeing on a woman's clit.
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    I stuck the plug in the bathtub and had a threesome with 2 gorgeous girls, who both pissed naked together in it and let me shower their hot bodies with my own. We then rolled around in it and we didn't shower off until all of us had climaxed. It was pure FILTH!

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  1. If I had a vagina, I'd wear a long skirt and no panties, go to a discreet alleyway, hike my skirt up and pop a squat, and secretly hope that someone walked by and caught me.
  2. No-one here cares what's between your legs. We care about the fluid that comes out from between your legs. There are no rules regarding people having had a sex change not being able to browse. If you like pee play in whatever form that takes, make yourself at home. Your gender is not an issue.
  3. If I directed a pee porno, it would probably have to be staged a tiny bit so that the general concept of peeing could be done in a really sexy way. I would film it in a discreet location, with a large house that had wooden flooring and a large space for the girls to move around in. But ultimately above all else I'd want sexy models drinking lots of fluids, not afraid to get fully nude, and utilise every corner of the house to get nice and freaky and pee without a single care in the world. The feeling of sheer liberation plus the erotic sight of their distended bladders going down as they
  4. I totally understand your train of thought, but I think the best advice I can think of would be to put yourself in your girlfriend's shoes and think about how you'd like to be told if you were in her position. You'd want the ground rules laid out and limits established first, right? So make sure you're alone with her privately before discussing it gently. If you're too anxious to tell her out loud, a good, silent alternative would be texting her. After you tell her, her reaction will be all her own, but the worst she can say is no and it's always better to be honest than to go behind
  5. I don't support the idea of pee vandalism, but I absolutely adore going against societal norms and pissing wherever I feel like. For example if I'm out in public I'll have no qualms about pissing up against a wall or in a ditch if I can't hold it, and seeing how far up the wall or along the ditch I can piss. I'd much rather piss up a wall than piss my jeans.
  6. If I was the only homeowner I'd happily let you pee on my floor. Unfortunately I don't live alone. I'm desperate to move out!
  7. PeeingCupid.com is the only pee dating website I know about with genuine profiles of people into watersports. Unfortunately very few of these genuine profiles are actually active, though, so even if you pay for a premium account you're unlikely to find a date... You can try Peebar.com or WetHeavens.co.uk but both of these are spammy and unconvincing.
  8. I'm personally very happy we're out of the EU. It's a sinking ship for which we used to be an enormous cash cow and political rubbish dump in my opinion. We've had a far better covid vaccine rollout as a single nation state than all 27 EU countries have done. Investment in our country hasn't tanked at all, either (quite the opposite in fact!), it's simply swept under the carpet by the media. Before we left the EU, many businesses were shutting up shop on British soil and moving to EU countries with EU funding! Now, small and medium sized businesses in the UK are less restricted, and are develo
  9. Hi Dave, Have you ever considered getting one of your models to slowly sway her hips/ass in a slow, erotic fashion while peeing standing up? I absolutely ADORE models who do that. It looks incredibly sexy to me. Thanks in advance.
  10. Welcome to PeeFans Haley, and please make yourself at home! I'm curious to know what "houvilas" are, so you absolutely have my approval.
  11. I went into a shop the other day and got some insecticide. Found someone who worked at the shop on the shop floor and asked if the insecticide I'd found was any good for wasps. "No", came the reply, "it kills them!". 😂🤣
  12. I think the culture of fear surrounding the pee fetish has to do with the taboo of it, like, you're not supposed to find peeing sexually arousing. Admitting that you *do* find pee sexually arousing to a partner (especially someone you have strong feelings for) can be daunting and no-one wants to be labelled a creep or a pervert. That said, if you keep it bottled up inside and don't tell your partner, it's likely that they will run a mile anyway when they find you doing something behind their back, so it's a catch-22. Much better to admit it straight up, and who knows? Maybe they'll enjoy
  13. Sharesome.com is my new favourite. It's basically facebook for kinky people.
  14. Great find! Foreign language sites with pee content can be really hard to find, so kudos to you, Kewet!
  15. Looks like you've found a gap in the market. If such a site doesn't exist, you can create such a website with a website-creating tool such as www.godaddy.com. That's probably a better bet than waiting around for such a site to appear
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