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    I've had a pee fetish for as long as I can remember, and I love being peed on and watching women being generally filthy.

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    Peeing on a woman's clit.
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    I stuck the plug in the bathtub and had a threesome with 2 gorgeous girls, who both pissed naked together in it and let me shower their hot bodies with my own. We then rolled around in it and we didn't shower off until all of us had climaxed. It was pure FILTH!

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  1. When I was like 5 I remember going to a fair in Scotland with my grandparents, my mum and my cousins, the youngest of whom is female and a couple of years younger than me. I told my mum I needed a pee, and it just so happened that so did she and my youngest cousin. We duly proceeded to go to the toilet, but given I was only 5, I was able to get away with using the female toilets, so the 3 of us shared a cubicle. Long story short, we all watched eachother go, and although I was too young to understand sexual arousal at that point, I still attribute that experience to the reason I ha
  2. I just call it a vagina. I know that's technically incorrect, but it's what I say. Or if I'm talking dirty I'll say pussy purely because it IS degrading. The stronger the language, the hotter the dirty talk in my humble opinion.
  3. Basically pornhub for watersports porn specifically. I've seen no intrusive ads as of yet, and videos can be streamed with high efficiency. In other words it's a dream for every watersports fan and well worth checking out if you haven't heard of it already.
  4. Good to see yet another person of culture. You are most welcome.
  5. I'll start: I've got this weird thing for women whose IQ is higher than the number of men they've slept with. I know, I know, fantasy land... Who am I kidding? But in all seriousness with joking aside, I really enjoy wax play, ice, rope bondage and e-stim (electro-stimulation).
  6. Am I the only one wondering how QS Supplies managed to collate all of these stats and present them as an educational video/campaign to change men's aiming method when peeing? Like, how many men saw some geeky guy with a clipboard come at them and stuck around? And of those who stuck around, how many proceeded ahead when he asked them how they aim their piss into the toilet? Wouldn't most men feel emasculated to be asked such personal questions for some weird-ass survey?
  7. While you're not wrong in what you're saying, I think pissrip has got so filled with shit that it now isn't worth the effort. If you have an adblocker enabled the videos don't even load in the first place, and when you disable your adblocker you get spammed by about 5 adverts. I used to love the original idea of pissrip, taking videos from paid websites and uploading them for free on their own platform, but now they treat you like shit unless you support the website financially, which defeats their entire original purpose. Also, financially profiting from content which someone else create
  8. I first acknowledged I had this kink as soon as I was sexually active, but now realise I had it since I was very young. I'm 31 now and I finally feel like I'm mature enough that I can embrace my pee fetish. Yes, paraphilias by definition are unusual, but as paraphilias go, it's a relatively common one. It's like, 1) if we're not intimate but I have had the guts to tell you I'm into peeing, you're probably a cam girl or an escort 2) if we're intimate and you react badly to me telling you, we aren't sexually compatible anyway, and 3) if we're intimate and you react well to me telling you, i
  9. If I had a vagina, I'd wear a long skirt and no panties, go to a discreet alleyway, hike my skirt up and pop a squat, and secretly hope that someone walked by and caught me.
  10. If I directed a pee porno, it would probably have to be staged a tiny bit so that the general concept of peeing could be done in a really sexy way. I would film it in a discreet location, with a large house that had wooden flooring and a large space for the girls to move around in. But ultimately above all else I'd want sexy models drinking lots of fluids, not afraid to get fully nude, and utilise every corner of the house to get nice and freaky and pee without a single care in the world. The feeling of sheer liberation plus the erotic sight of their distended bladders going down as they
  11. I totally understand your train of thought, but I think the best advice I can think of would be to put yourself in your girlfriend's shoes and think about how you'd like to be told if you were in her position. You'd want the ground rules laid out and limits established first, right? So make sure you're alone with her privately before discussing it gently. If you're too anxious to tell her out loud, a good, silent alternative would be texting her. After you tell her, her reaction will be all her own, but the worst she can say is no and it's always better to be honest than to go behind
  12. I don't support the idea of pee vandalism, but I absolutely adore going against societal norms and pissing wherever I feel like. For example if I'm out in public I'll have no qualms about pissing up against a wall or in a ditch if I can't hold it, and seeing how far up the wall or along the ditch I can piss. I'd much rather piss up a wall than piss my jeans.
  13. If I was the only homeowner I'd happily let you pee on my floor. Unfortunately I don't live alone. I'm desperate to move out!
  14. PeeingCupid.com is the only pee dating website I know about with genuine profiles of people into watersports. Unfortunately very few of these genuine profiles are actually active, though, so even if you pay for a premium account you're unlikely to find a date... You can try Peebar.com or WetHeavens.co.uk but both of these are spammy and unconvincing.
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