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    I've had a pee fetish for as long as I can remember, and I love being peed on and watching women being generally filthy.

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    Peeing on a woman's clit.
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    I stuck the plug in the bathtub and had a threesome with 2 gorgeous girls, who both pissed naked together in it and let me shower their hot bodies with my own. We then rolled around in it and we didn't shower off until all of us had climaxed. It was pure FILTH!

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  1. So glad this is focussing on female genitalia. Means I don't have to upload a picture of what my junk looks like! Trust me, you ain't missing anything. It's an absolute casserole back there!
  2. It's not that I don't enjoy golden showers. I just think people from outside the pee kink community think that golden showers are the be all and end all of pee kinks, and it makes them not as pleasurable as other forms of pee play. Pissy lapdances are my favourite. Sort of like normal lapdances, but peeing while stripping.
  3. Llevo 17 años practicando este hermoso idioma, y me agradaría mucho estar a tu servicio. (I've got 17 years practicing this beautiful language under my belt, and i'd be only too happy to be at your service) 😀
  4. For me personally, it's kind of like a special privelege when a woman who i find sexually attractive consensually allows me to be a fly-on-the-wall whilst she's peeing. Peeing is normally a private act that people do behind a locked door, so being invited to share that moment between the 2 of us behind those 4 walls is a naughty thrill.
  5. Welcome to Peefans, Mila. By the way, I noticed a profile of a South African woman on PeeingCupid called Mila Pentz. Are you the same young woman? If so, according to your PeeingCupid profile, you and me could get on like a house on fire!
  6. For me, it's the naughty taboo of consensually being allowed to be a fly-on-the-wall for what people usually deem a very private act. It's like a special privelege and an erotic, intimate thrill wrapped into one. Also, it turns a boring, everyday chore into something which - for me at least - is highly enjoyable.
  7. Does anyone else get frustrated when you tell someone uninitiated in the art of urolagnia that you have a pee fetish, and they automatically assume you only like golden showers because they don't realise just how amazingly diverse and varied urolagnia can be? Like, even those who are open to it always insist on their first time being them peeing on you, and strictly no drinking on their part if you later switch roles... There is SOOOOOOO much more fun to be had with pee. It winds me up something chronic!
  8. When judging how physically attractive a person may be, instead of going by a checklist of their attributes, do you ever find yourself questioning exactly how badly you would like to watch them pee? Like we all have a particular "type", despite sharing this fetish, right? So do you love watersports so much that you'd want anyone to pee for/on you so long as they fit the demographic of your sexual orientation, or do they need to be someone who fits your "type" as well?
  9. I can't seem to access the desktop site with my phone like I used to. Even if I click where it says "click here to visit the desktop version" it still re-routes to the mobile version, so I can't sign in.
  10. I read somewhere that if you want to find someone in public who has a pee fetish, apparently you should look for someone who has a yellow hankie in their pocket. I'm of the opinion that this is BS. Not everyone who has this fetish will own a yellow hankie, and not everyone who owns a yellow hankie will have this fetish. Am I correct, or is this a genuine memo that i've missed which is well-documented within the urolagnia community?
  11. I managed to watch a grand total of 3 videos before encountering the same issue I had previously... Hopefully this is only temporary.
  12. Recently I've been trying to watch videos on eroprofile, but they don't seem to load anymore. I just wanted to check if I'm the only one having this issue.
  13. I often pee all over myself in an empty bath with the plughole sealed, and then roll around in my own piss if I'm on my own. If I'm with my girlfriend, peeing either leads to showering off, or extremely horny sex.
  14. Just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower, the website programmers over at Pissrip have hijacked international sex workers day to give anyone who signs up to Pissrip Premium before the 10th of June a half price discount. Can you believe the audacity of these theives?! Paid content which they stole from actual sex workers (without letting them see any of the profits Pissrip makes) is being made half price in celebration of the very same people they stole from. I don't know whether to be angry or laugh hysterically at the farcical irony.
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