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    I've had a pee fetish for as long as I can remember, and I love being peed on and watching women being generally filthy.

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    Peeing on a woman's clit.
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    I stuck the plug in the bathtub and had a threesome with 2 gorgeous girls, who both pissed naked together in it and let me shower their hot bodies with my own. We then rolled around in it and we didn't shower off until all of us had climaxed. It was pure FILTH!

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  1. Sometimes pissing all over something so grubby and disgusting can actually heighten the turn on, but i do see what you mean. It takes 20 seconds to get a toilet brush and scrub a toilet before peeing into it. No harm in putting in a minimal bit of effort before starting shooting.
  2. I for one am an avid user of peefans and would definitely like to contribute the extremely affordable gold membership fee. However, the one stumbling block to this happening is that I don't have a debit card to pay for gold membership. Is there a way for the admin to set up a facility whereby gold membership can be paid for via bank transfer? I would absolutely be willing to pay for it this way. I love the site, regard some members as friends, and would hate to see peefans die a death. Affordability is absolutely not an issue for me as I have very few overheads. If Admin could get ba
  3. Pissrip has got progressively worse and worse as it has got older. It has turned into the very thing it intended to destroy. That being said, if you do actually enjoy pissrip you should protect yourself with adblockers, anti-spyware, and phishing trackers. Videos will then be a lot easier to view and you won't be doing any damage to your personal data.
  4. Honestly, if I were to catch anyone here in the middle of the act, I'd be completely dumbstruck with my own luck. I feel like catching someone peeing in public is something so rare anyway, unless you go to a festival and hang out behind the portaloos.
  5. I'm not personally big into the whole swallowing pee thing, but you make a good point. If a video is tagged with a specific act, it should feature that specific act. Tagging a video with something specific when it wasn't actually featured in the first place - or in this case wasn't carried out properly - just leaves the consumer feeling short-changed. I can only imagine your frustration at not being able to see the kind of thing you were after. I too would be frustrated if a video was tagged "public pissing" and it featured a model peeing in her garden...
  6. Personally I like it somewhere in between. Just yellow enough that you can tell it's pee, but just clear enough so that it doesn't smell too strong. I'm not hugely into swallowing it so whether it's bitter or not isn't really important to me, but if I'm the one receiving I don't want to stink to high heaven of it afterwards either. Also, it's important for both partners to drink a lot anyway in order to ensure 1) that the giver can actually pee in the first place, and 2) you can both be confident that the giver's pee will be reasonably clear.
  7. I really appreciate it when there's just a camera, a gorgeous model, and her pee. No weird music. No random dude instructing her how to pose. No camera shutter constantly taking photos while she's peeing. Just authentic pee fun with a gorgeous girl who loves to let us watch her take a leak. Bonus if there's dirty talk too.
  8. Has anybody ever successfully held in a fart whilst trying to do some kind of pee activity? It's a skill I'm yet to master. A similar thing happens to me when I feel like peeing on myself in the shower, but I also need to poop. So I sit down on the toilet (as you do) in order to relax my anal sphincter but at the same time I'm trying to get my brain engaged with my bladder and tell my bladder not to relax in sync... Long story short, I usually fail and then I have nothing left to pee on myself in the shower with 😞 Does this happen to anyone else but me?
  9. I just want to know everyone's general opinion on this. Apologies in advance if anyone gets offended/triggered by what I'm about to say... Now obviously I fully support the outright banning of FGM. Its draconian, barbaric, and outright pointless. I just think it's strange how the western world doesn't recoil with shock, disgust, horror and anger in the same way when it comes to newly-born boys getting their genitals mutilated with a vicious, razorblade-laden, miniature guillotine-esque device... Especially when said boy isn't able to verbalise his objection to the whole ordeal or understa
  10. Thanks for introducing yourself. It's lovely to know there are more ladies getting on board (so to speak) with this amazingly diverse fetish. Glad to have you with us. There is a specific part of the site for introduction posts though. Allow me to provide you a link: https://peefans.com/forum/2-introductions/. You'll get used to finding your way around this site as time goes on, it's a very user-friendly interface, but it's always best to pay attention to where you post what you post in order to get the best out of this community. I wish you lots of wet fun.
  11. Omorashi is 30 points. (13 points + 2 Os + double word score). Still a decent effort.
  12. Watersports has 2 Ts and 2 Ss, so that's 2 double letter scores equating to an extra 4 points before your triple word score, so that gives you 60 points. Excellent effort Steve!
  13. What's the highest total peeing-related word you can make using scrabble tiles? Points values are the same as the UK version of regular scrabble, which are as follows: A - 1, B - 3, C - 3, D - 2, E - 1, F - 4, G - 2, H - 4, I - 1, J - 8, K - 5, L - 1, M - 3, N - 1, O - 1, P - 3, Q - 10, R - 1, S - 1, T - 1, U - 1, V - 4, W - 4, X - 8, Y - 4, Z - 10. Double letter score if you use the same letter twice. Triple letter score if you use the same letter 3 times. Double word score if your word is at least 5 letters long. Triple word score if your word is at least 10 letters
  14. A camera that was able to refract the light in such a way that it could see round corners/buildings/hedgerows etc etc, so you could catch people peeing in public whilst staying out of eyeshot. I think we may need a few more advances in modern technology before that one comes to fruition though...
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