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    I've had a pee fetish for as long as I can remember, and I love being peed on and watching women being generally filthy.

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    Peeing on a woman's clit.
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    I stuck the plug in the bathtub and had a threesome with 2 gorgeous girls, who both pissed naked together in it and let me shower their hot bodies with my own. We then rolled around in it and we didn't shower off until all of us had climaxed. It was pure FILTH!

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  1. I often pee all over myself in an empty bath with the plughole sealed, and then roll around in my own piss if I'm on my own. If I'm with my girlfriend, peeing either leads to showering off, or extremely horny sex.
  2. Just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower, the website programmers over at Pissrip have hijacked international sex workers day to give anyone who signs up to Pissrip Premium before the 10th of June a half price discount. Can you believe the audacity of these theives?! Paid content which they stole from actual sex workers (without letting them see any of the profits Pissrip makes) is being made half price in celebration of the very same people they stole from. I don't know whether to be angry or laugh hysterically at the farcical irony.
  3. On one side you'd have a holding photo, where you need to pee but aren't letting it go yet, and on the other side you'd have a photo in full flow. Clothing would be optional so if you prefer to wet then that would be cool too.
  4. A vulva is a vulva to me. Big labia, small labia, they all perform the same biological function. There's something about the nude female form which I really find erotic, no matter what the woman in question looks like.
  5. I figured I'd ask this in the "pee talk" section first, in order to gauge everyone's opinion on whether it would fly or not, instead of just straight up creating a picture thread and expecting it to take off without previously obtaining consent from everyone... I was wondering if the members of this site would be up for starting a thread of holding/peeing photos in the "peeing pictures" section, in the style of those dressed/undressed photos we see all over the internet? Maybe some strict rules could be enforced surrounding protecting anonymity, theft of original content etc...?
  6. My genuine dream job would be a Spanish interpreter. I've been learning Spanish for half my life so it would be amazing if I could use those skills in a professional capacity. Fantasy dream job...that's a lot tougher. Is there a way to make money from watching attractive women pee all day? Maybe if I could invent a device which would allow me to watch women anywhere in the world pee without anyone else knowing, from the privacy of my own home, and patent it for the watersports community? I have no idea...
  7. I'm not a fighting man. I think i'd prefer to climb up on top of the horse sized duck and fly around majestically. I see no need for violence, especially against something as innocent as a horse-duck.
  8. I feel like I don't really interact with this amazing site as much as I would like to, and therefore I may not be that well-known to some of the newer members. With that in mind, I figured I'd allow you all an opportunity to get to know me better. So, whether it's pee related or not, ask away everyone. I'm an open book.
  9. Sometimes, I get to really enjoy a watching a specific model peeing. Then, I watch another pee video and see her smoking, or saying something like "mommy loves you very much" during dirty talk, and it makes me kind of lose interest somewhat in watching that specific model pee anymore... I know these are simply other fetishes and the model in question is just trying to dovetail them together to hopefully gain a wider audience, but can anyone else relate to being driven away from a specific model as soon as in any given video they do something else to distract you from their pee?
  10. I'm curious to know exactly what kind of pee videos everyone here fantasises about watching. You can be as specific as you like and go into as much detail as you like. The video doesn't have to exist yet, as it's just a hypothetical fantasy. I'll start. I'd absolutely love to see an attractive, well-toned, natural-breasted woman who was very clearly into watersports, dressed to the nines in some office wear (such as a frilly white shirt and grey pencil skirt) but with no lingerie. As the video starts, she would mention that she recently found out about the viewer's fetish for watchin
  11. If it wasn't taboo, I would find it much easier to admit the fact that I have this fetish to prospective partners, but then again it might negatively affect my ability to enjoy it as much as I do. There's a certain naughtiness that comes with having someone consent to you witnessing them in their most private moment, and if it wasn't taboo, it wouldn't be a private moment. It would be run-of-the-mill, which would take all the appeal out of the fetish.
  12. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer video clips. Voice recordings are all-too-easily faked. I like to be sure that the content I'm getting is verbatim, but that's just me.
  13. Basically, I think Putin is a heartless monster with more blood on his hands than Harold Shipman. It's completely illegal, entirely unprovoked, and I stand in full solidarity with the Ukraine. I know my words on this fetish forum aren't exactly going to reach very far, and they pale into obscurity when you consider the heartache, fear, anger, rage, and destruction involved in this unwanted war. However, my heart goes out to every Ukrainian currently fighting for their country/life. I propose that when Putin dies, we all organise a trip out to Russia for a huge collective disrespectfu
  14. Hi. Good to have you on board. Please, make yourself at home and enjoy the site.
  15. Hi Janny. I hope you have a lovely time here. Make yourself at home.
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