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    I have been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease and this is adversely affecting my mental health. I have good days and bad days but it is the main reason why I struggle to be the person I used to be around here. On good days I am almost my old self. But the bad ones seem to outnumber the good ones lately. And on the bad ones I avoid interacting too much because I am too prone to misunderstandings causing meltdowns for me.

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    Ladies peeing in naughty places, especially carpet
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    Watching a girl peeing in the middle of a country lane, after she suggested it and the rest of us challenged her to do it.

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  1. steve25805


    Back when you could subscribe for a month without using crypto currencies, that is what I used to do. During that month I could download the best shit, get good screenshots for pics.....then when my subscription expired I would leave it for a few months then buy a months subscription again and gain access to all the stuff on there since the last time. It was worth my while doing it like that, but apparently not worth theirs. Now you have to pay for a longer period of time, and I am not about to learn how to faff about with crypto currencies. I have given up on them.
  2. Losing weight, dieting, exercising, being overweight - and anything to do with it is a touchy subject. Slim people often accuse fat people of eating too much and not getting enough exercise, which is all supposedly their own stupid fault. But it is not always as simple as that. Some people through mental illness might feel a compulsion to comfort eat whilst others might lose their appetite altogether. Lots of people might get plenty of exercise in their jobs. But others might work long hours in non-physical work like driving or office working, yet at the end of it all be mentally tir
  3. If there is any thread anywhere about the perfect set of outdoor urinals, this pic belongs in it. After all, where better to piss than all over those three gorgeous asses?
  4. Most of the questions on here lately seem to be asking whether you would do this or that in terms of peeing, @Sophie. And whilst I cannot deny slipping in the occasional such question in myself in the past, nor can I deny having an interest in your answers to such questions for my own pervy reasons (I'm a peefan, what can I say, lol), it does probably get a bit too much after a while. And so I will try and ask something intelligent which has nothing to do with anything remotely sexual. Because, much as you do come across as a very sexy lady around here, it is actually your mind that
  5. Dunno how I missed this thread until now. My long term favourite pissing babe has also been Frankie Babe. Here is an oldie but goodie of her taking a nonchalant piss... But lately I have been developing a thing about Angel Wicky. Here she is doing what she does best. Pissing..... I would love to date her and take her back to mine where she can do that all over me instead of merely in a bucket. And those gorgeous tits are just asking to be pissed on.
  6. Yes you have to behave as others would regard as normal in situations that secretly turn you on. Clearest example in my life I can think of is an incident I have described before, when I was in the back of a taxi travelling along a street which back then was the main late night drinking area. And all of a sudden, I spotted a young lady squatting and pissing in full view quite openly on the pavement with people walking right past. Taxi driver spotted it as well and insisted on emoting to me about how disgusting this was. So as not to break my cover and clearly because he was expecting some
  7. Wow, I never knew a lady could get so much piss all over her own ass when using the toilet. I always thought the only way a lady could get her ass that wet with piss is if someone else pissed on it. lol. But apparently not.
  8. I didnt even participate in the poll mostly because I rather boringly have never peed anywhere naughty in a hotel room. But I will do something else on behalf of the former amateur pissing performer and hotel pissing extraordinaire Liz, aka Miss Piss. She has left the scene now having discovered Jesus and become born again. So in memory of her - without entering it in the poll since it would be wrong for me to do so on behalf of someone else -I will list all the places in that poll I have enjoyed seeing her pissing in or on... Carpet, curtains, bathroom floor, bathtub, on bed, i
  9. Lol, I mistook the darker green patches for actual colouring and not wetness. I thought you were wearing army combat camouflage style underpants for some reason. Now I realise, my false assumption seems rather funny to me. I mean why would there even be army combat camouflage coloured underpants? lol As far as I know no army sends its soldiers into combat wearing only camouflaged underpants. The very notion of such a thing seems hilarious. Why did I not realise this before? lol
  10. I would not get my phone out and take pics of a lady peeing unless she asked me to do so. For one thing it would risk killing the moment. She might become all negative and no longer having fun and might stop pissing immediately. Besides I think it rather rude to take such pics without the performer's permission. I am a bit old school that way. But many today probably would, having come of age in an era where taking pics of anything or anyone you come across that is remotely interesting is conditioned to be normal behaviour and some would not give it a second thought. And if they didnt pos
  11. We often have dreams unlikely ever to happen because most girls just wouldnt do it in reality. And the only chances of finding one who would is a site like this. If your dream involves more than one lady together then its an even tougher ask. But such erotic imaginations are nevertheless still great fun. My own ultimate fantasy is to have a naked lady standing in the middle of my living room with her legs apart and hands on hips, enjoying a long piss all over the carpet right in front of me. Cant imagine it will ever happen in reality.
  12. The closest I came to that situation was when me and two other guys were walking these two girls home from the pub through a country lane. One of them needed a pee and asked the rest of us if she should just do it there right in the middle of the road. I was the one who told her to go right ahead. And she did, peeing in the middle of the quiet road in front of us all. That was over 40 years ago now way back in the summer of 1983 when I was only 18. But the memory remains a treasured one. I suppose if that happened today someone would have taken a pic and it would have ended up on one
  13. I no longer have them on my devices but do know where pics of myself peeing can be found online. Am certain they do not show enough of me to reveal my identity and I suppose I could use them for an avatar. But I feel the ones showing ladies peeing express my interests so much better. But I think yours is safe enough. No one would recognise you from that alone. And it is not particularly revealing, penis wise. Nothing we might not see on a beach or in a gym. I must say though that whilst I am not the least bit gay I can see that you are a lot younger than me and better built bodywise.
  14. Any politician who says that it is better to be pissed off than pissed on has clearly never campaigned in our little community. And whoever said that it was better to be inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in obviously never had two naked female water sports enthusiasts in his tent.
  15. I have been thinking today about avatars. I had the same one for many years - a lady peeing on her sofa. But I have just decided it was time for a change. So I have replaced it with one that is even more fitting. A lady squatting and pissing on the living room carpet. After all, when it comes to my sexual interests, a lady pissing on the living room carpet is so much my ultimate thing, lol. I am not the only one who uses sexual imagery in an avatar. Quite a few people do. Some male members seem to use their own penis for an avatar. Or perhaps in some cases a larger one than the
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