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  1. Last night after drinking 8 cans of lager - more than I have had in one go for a very long time - I guess I could have been best described by the Pink Floyd song, Comfortably Numb. When I woke this morning I felt like Iron Maiden was holding a concert in my head. Now I am feeling much more mellow and loving life, aware of the advance of years but not ready to shuffle off this mortal coil for a while yet. So Meatloaf's Heaven Can Wait suits me just about now.
  2. I suppose this is funny which is why I am posting it here, but it is also true. And the fact that it actually happened is what makes it funny. But a customer in my supermarket workplace had his flies undone and was going around with his knob out and flashing at female members of staff. He had to be asked to leave, and the police were informed. lol
  3. The person above me lives in a yurt in Outer Mongolia and breeds yaks for a living.
  4. The problem is that even in democracies we have this potential problem. Because - quite simply - in every democracy there exists millions of stupid people who have a vote. And sometimes they use it to empower evil ones, the most obvious historical example being when millions of Germans voted for Hitler, without whose votes he would have remained a nobody. On a lesser scale both the USA and the UK have in recent years suffered from the phenomena of idiots empowering incompetent bad people or buffoons. I mean seriously, no one but an idiot could regard either Boris Johnson or Donald Trump as the
  5. I know that code off by heart too, though in my case I have good reason. I work in retail and those damned bar codes on those eggs rarely work so you keep having to type the number in. You quickly realise that it saves time if you memorise it. How the fuck you know it when you dont even work in retail is impressive indeed in the useless information stakes, lol
  6. The worst possible option for me would be to go in the ladies. The ladies' toilets are generally regarded by many women as a female only space and many would feel uncomfortable or even threatened by a man suddenly walking in. The better option would be to find somewhere secluded to pee. I mean the guys here should try to think of this from a female perspective. Most of them are well aware of the possible threat from predatory men. Rapes and sexual assaults are all over the news, even including the murder of victims. Violence and sexual assaults towards women and girls have become a major
  7. I can remember the number plate of my dad's old Ford Cortina Mk 3, which we last had in 1983. I can remember my gran's telephone number from when I was a kid in the 1970s. I can remember the phone number of my first serious girlfriend from about 1981. I know the name and monetary value of every single property on a monopoly board and what it is worth with any particular number of houses or hotels on it. In spite of the fact that I havent played monopoly since the 1990s.. And yet I seriously struggle to remember peoples names even if I have known them for years. Go figure.
  8. Due to other medical issues I am not going to go into, in February I had to come off some of my meds and go on different ones. I have been struggling ever since but I became seriously depressed to the point that I was contemplating the pointlessness of life and the worthlessness of myself. I was hiding this from people and trying to pretend to be happy but felt like crying all the time inside. When I began to feel utterly worthless and that life was pointless I realised that I was spiralling down into a very bad place and sought medical help with time off work. But my meds were increased and I
  9. Dear Wet Carpet. My name is Faye and I work as a secretary for a large company. And I have a naughty secret that no one knows about, though your readers can no doubt guess what it is. You see, I like pissing and always have since I was little. When young I started to do it on my bedroom carpet until my mum found out and went ballistic, ranting about what a dirty little bitch I was. She made me feel so bad and ashamed, and I have been rather conflicted ever since. A part of me feels very inhibited about peeing in random places in my own home, the shame my mother filled me with hard to over
  10. Dear Wet Carpet My 32 year old, blonde, curvaceous, big busted and totally sexy wife has long been in the habit of pissing in a glass bowl at night which she keeps under the bed. Every couple of days she empties it. This habit began when the kids were very young and she was reluctant to risk waking them by going to the bathroom. Since we generally sleep in the nude, she is usually naked and facing me as she squats over the glass bowl pissing in it. She has gotten to know that this turns me on so does it now as much for my pleasure as out of convenience. I also think she enjoys doing it, j
  11. Dear Wet Carpet My husband and I are both a couple of shop workers in our late 20s. I'm Helen and his name is Dave. We have both long been into the peeing thing. Dave especially loves having me pee on him. But we are also into the whole random peeing thing, doing it on the kitchen or bathroom floors or against the walls and on the table. It really is quite good fun. But what I really want to tell you about is this pee party we recently went to. You see, we have gotten to know of two other couples with similar interests via fetish sites online who live within travelling distance. Ther
  12. Dear Wet Carpet. My name is Hanna and I am a 38 year old German lady living in Berlin with my husband. I am an actress and I specialise in performance art in the theatre. My husband works for the government. One of my favourite performances was the time I had to pee on the stage whilst naked. And all in front of a rather large audience. Little did they know that I like peeing and enjoyed being an exhibitionist. That show ran for a week so every evening for a week I'd make sure I had a full bladder so as to be ready for that wonderful moment when I got to semi-squat naked and piss all over
  13. Dear Wet Carpet. I'm Carol, a 42 year old lesbian. I work at the local comprehensive school as a maths teacher. My partner for over 12 years now is a buxom blonde nurse, now in her late 30s, called Denise. We have long been open-minded and adventurous when it comes to sexual pleasure. A few years back over several bottles of wine by which time we were fairly drunk, and both in need of a pee, we hit upon the notion of not going to the bathroom and instead peeing all over the tiled kitchen floor for a laugh. Can't even remember which of us came up with the idea but in no time at all we wer
  14. I fully agree with both yourself and @gldenwetgoose. I think the problem stems from the blanket assumption out there by almost all non pee fetishists that golden showers and pee drinking is all about humiliation and degradation. That is certainly how many anti-porn campaigners assume it to be. Many feminists also assume that watersports is all about men humiliating and degrading women. The notion that someone might enjoy being peed on as an ultimate erotic pleasure, and that the one doing the peeing on them is doing it for mutual pleasure does not compute in their thinking simply because they
  15. We all have our pee kink interests around here and there is nothing truly outrageous about yours. I have a thing about having some girl piss all over my living room carpet and the only reason it hasnt happened is that I have not in real life met anyone who might want to do it. But any woman who wants to christen my living room carpet would be more than welcome, lol
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