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  1. I would just like to let it be known that over the years all my prolific posting of pics was becoming ever more of a chore, with categorizations and all sorts taking me hours. In real life I am struggling financially, and working long hours, so will be posting far fewer pics from now on because that is feeling a bit like too much more work on top. It was getting to be a bit too much like more work when I just need to chill in my free time. I will no doubt still post some pics in the correct categories when I have the time but probably far fewer.
  2. The way things are going re fuel prices I might be in the market for a frigging bicycle before long.
  3. If I were to come to this thread and talk about my Vauxhall Corsa, it would be like going to an art gallery and talking about a turd.
  4. I must admit...and this is some admission for anyone on the political left in the UK today as I am...that I don't fully understand the various gender and sexual orientation-related terms that have sprung up over the last decade or two. I can say that under the cloak of anonymity here but if I were to say this on any of the left wing forums I frequent I'd risk being slaughtered. "What!!! How can you not know what Cis means? Are you some sort of crypto-fascist stuck in the 20th century?" Something like that. Fact is, my philosophy is simple in regards to gender and sexual orientations. It c
  5. Thing is, I've known people who would have believed that. I once knew somehow who was convinced that when driving from southwest England to Scotland you were mostly going uphill because you were going "up" on a globe. And that it was mostly downhill all the way back. The notion of there being no up or down in space, and that up or down on earth was a result of the earth's gravity, which pulled you down from directly underneath wherever on this globe you were was too complicated for him to grasp. Reminds me of the following....
  6. Is there any truth to the common assumption that the largeness of a man's car engine is directly related to the smallness of his penis?
  7. I too have been struggling lately with issues I am not going to go into. When I am struggling, underlying issues from my past make my social confidence extremely fragile.The tiniest of knocks and I retreat into my shell. That has been my lifelong coping mechanism. Right across my life of late - both online and offline - I have been over-reacting to every little thing and just find it easier to retreat to avoid silly meltdowns Which is the main reason why of late I have only been posting pics and the occasional story and not interacting at all other than that around here. Tr
  8. https://www.facebook.com/100005972955586/videos/1622585254617224/
  9. Dear Wet Carpet. I am a lucky guy, with a glamour model for a girlfriend. I think she looks absolutely beautiful. Judge for yourselves.... And we have a secret understanding. Her thing, her naughty pleasure, is to have me watch as she pees on our kitchen floor. She does it often. And leaves me to clean it up. That's the deal. She gets to pee on the kitchen floor for fun. I get to watch. And I am the one who mops it up afterwards. To see such a gorgeous beauty squatting and peeing on the floor is such a turn on, and clearly she gets a kick out of it too. Sometimes, she doe
  10. Dear Wet Carpet I have been living in a shared rented house with two other young women, all three of us students. We don't want to reveal our identities, but here is a rear view photo of us taken by one of our guy friends..... We kind of got an exhibitionist thrill out of being naked for his camera, and owed him a favour anyway because he'd loaned us the money for our deposit. Anyway, not using our real names, I am the blonde on the left and I shall call myself Maria. Let's call the one in the middle Emma and the one on the right Janet. Well the house we were renting
  11. There appears to be a work around that works I think....clicking print screen with the windows key seems to work but its a bit of a pain.
  12. Sorry guys. I did not know where else to post this. I have windows 11 but suddenly my screenshot button, print screen has ceased to work. I have tried every fix I can find online but still have this problem. Since most of my pics of late have been screenshots this is going to seriously reduce the number of pics I can provide. I have so much shit on my laptop re the fetish that I dare not take it in for repair, nor am I going to replace it when everything is fine apart from that. Am open to suggestions but chances are I have probably already tried it. I have a ton of screenshots
  13. Dear Wet Carpet. I am a happily married guy, my wife a curvy blonde aged 39. We have a couple of kids but our house rule is that our bedroom is out of bounds without knocking. Not really sure how it started, but for years now my wife has had a particular habit that may interest your readers. She doesn't do it often, just occasionally, though I secretly look forward to such moments. Usually she does it when the kids are asleep and doesnt want to wake them. At such moments, if she needs to pee, instead of making noise by going out to the bathroom, she just nonchalantly squat
  14. Dear Wet Carpet Sue again. Not sure if I have the energy to type a long letter. But I will tell you about the next pissing session indulged in by myself and my two friends Amanda and Anabel and our husbands. We were all still naked after drinking numerous coffees, our clothes in a jumbled heap in the corner of the living room. Well clothes can be washed right? And none of us were planning to put them on for a while. So we had the idea of placing them in the middle of the living room and peeing all over them. First each of us ladies held a penis as the guys stood around the pile of cl
  15. Dear Wet Carpet. I'm Emma, a 22 year old blonde lingerie model. This is me.... I have been seeing this older guy in his early 30s, a highly paid accountant. And I know accountants have a reputation for being boring, but this guy is anything but. The sex is fantastic, and he never ceases to surprise me. Well last night we returned to his place from the wine bar and were frollicking naked in the bedroom when I had to pee. I jokingly complained and apologised about the boring interruption, having to go to the bathroom. That's when he told me not to bother. He said I should ju
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