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  1. Dear Wet Carpet. I am an 18 year old student still living at home with my parents. My name is Sarah. My 21 year old sister Maria also still lives at home but her boyfriend who often stops over with her in her room. Well I have grown up with a secret thing about pissing as a fantasy but never did anything naughtier than piss in the shower or the sink, and thats only because the bathroom door has a lock on it. You see, none of my family are respecters of privacy and tend to just walk in without knocking. Which is something my sister should have taken heed of. Because I wanted to speak
  2. I remember some of the great stories and characters on experience project. I fondly remember a lady called something like Aqtee whose thing was the idea of some bloke pissing wherever he wanted in her house. She once recounted a true tale of the time in a bar she invited some guy who needed a piss outside so she could watch and film him pissing all over the back seat of her car. Definitely my kind of lady. A fair few guys on here like the idea of women pissing on their carpets, but she is to date the only lady I have ever communicated with whose idea of a great erotic exper
  3. Dear Wet Carpet. My wife is a big breasted, curvaceous and gorgeous bottomed blue eyed blonde in her mid 30s. Same age as me more or less. We were real party animals when we were younger but you know how it is. We had a couple of kids and settled down and sex got less frequent and more boring. After we were in bed - with the kids in their rooms already asleep - and naked as it is our habit when sleeping, we took to watching porn films and reading erotica in the hope of getting us more in the mood for sex. We began to look for a bit of variety to spice things up a bit, reading about bondag
  4. Great news. Did you know that here in the UK it is perfectly legal for a pregnant woman to piss in a policeman's helmet?
  5. I must admit to loving the idea of a lady watching me piss, though I would likely get hard and consequently find it harder to pee.
  6. Although I moved on from that site a long time ago - too much personal hostility towards me from some there - it was my first pee forum and my main one until 2014 when this one came along. It does indeed appear to be gone which is a little sad. I have just tried to find it on google and there is no sign of it.
  7. Dear Wet Carpet I'm Sue, and this is me and my two friends Christine and Sarah. I am the one on the left, Christine is the blonde in the middle, and Sarah the one on the right.... We are all in our late 30s now, all single after splitting up with assholes of one kind or another. I do think we still look good for our age and hope you agree.. Well we were all having a few drinks at Sarah's house and got onto the subject of past boyfriends and their various sexual foibles. That's when Christine blurted out, "What is it with golden showers?". "Oh my god yes", I laughe
  8. Over four decades ago when I had a German girlfriend I sought to teach myself her language. But since I have already said that in an earlier post, I will say no more other than whilst I have forgotten much of it now, my German used to be much better, albeit not fluent. I used to be able to read, write and speak it at a reasonable level. What I want to add is one of the uses I put it to. Back in those days - we are talking early 80s here - there was no internet. I used to enjoy writing erotic stories but these had to be done on good old fashioned pen and paper. And when you are still
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