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  1. In all honesty, I think that is the wisest and best course. Enough little hints and glimpses of something for her existence to be possible, without her actually appearing so readers can decide for themselves. Lends the whole story an air of mystery. And I love this latest instalment, especially the nonchalant way the ladies seem to squat and piss wherever they are without caring who sees. Thank you.
  2. How old were you when you realised you were into girls as well as guys?
  3. We need an "awesome" icon for posts like this.
  4. Would you rather take a dump on stage with an audience of thousands, or risk arrest masturbating in a public supermarket?
  5. Wow, @HammerheadPilot, you got close enough to take that pic? If it had been me I'd have had my pedal to the metal driving as fast as fuck in the opposite direction, lol
  6. Not sure. I found them in online searches. Of the two sunset pics, I think one was in Texas and the other in the Alps
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