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    mainstream hobbies and interests include, history, politics, cosmology, criminal psychology, true crime

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    Ladies peeing in naughty places, especially carpet
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    Watching a girl peeing in the middle of a country lane, after she suggested it and the rest of us challenged her to do it.

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  1. This forum is and always has been a very live and let live place. Anyone interested in peeing is welcome regardless of gender orientation or sexuality. And we mods regard it as an important part of our role to not tolerate any form of prejudicial negativity and to encourage a tolerant and welcoming vibe. Welcome to the forum.
  2. At the moment just about the only serialised show I make sure I watch every Sunday evening is Line of Duty
  3. Here are some beautiful scenes from my neck of the woods in Devon and Cornwall UK....
  4. I like many of the ideas here but remain slightly confused about exactly what is expected from us all. How would this differ from the Wet Carpet Magazine thread? Is the aim to create something that looks more like a magazine from start to finish, with many different people contributing? Would be logistically difficult to organise and would probably require some kind of editor in chief to organise, informing people of what needs to be contributed and when. And it would of course require it's own thread, which would be complicated by the fact that members will randomly respond to things with th
  5. I have long been a fan of girls pissing in naughty places, much more than in doing so myself. I love it when a girl pisses on the carpet, or on the bed, or on a table, or on the kitchen floor, or on furniture - anything like that. What is it about that which turns me on? I think the sheer wrongness of pissing somewhere outrageous without giving a fuck floats my boat really. I love the sheer outrageous naughtiness of it really.
  6. I have said this before, @Sophie, but your ability to describe things and situations in a way that really does help us all to envisualise it is second to none. A simple pee outside with the risk of being caught becomes such an awesomely sexy thing when typed by your fingertips. Nice one. A great easter sunday treat to read that and a great start to the day. I also agree with others that what comes across loud and clear in your writings is the love between you and your man. It is a beautiful thing.
  7. On a personal level I am paid a bit more than £9 an hour, and work many hours. My total pre-tax income for April 2019 to April 2020 was a bit under £20,000. After tax deductions it was closer to £16,000.
  8. Not everyone is paid a salary. Some like me are on an hourly rate, and what we earn varies very much depending upon the amount of hours we put in and how much overtime is available. The median household income in the UK is close to £30,000, but this includes households where both partners work, counting both incomes together. The average take home pay after tax per person per week is a little under £600, but of course such a figure is skewed upwards by the relatively small number of people earning vast sums. Living costs in the UK are very high though. Housing costs both in terms of
  9. Just as an experiment I decided to test how easy it is to find this forum on google. I typed in "peefans" and was gratified to see that this forum was right at the top of page 1. This means that - using google - anyone who knows this forum's name can easily find it. But what about those who might be just looking for a place like this but don't know our site name? As an experiment I typed in "pee forums". This forum did not appear until part way down on page 9, with our main rival Peesearch further down on the same page. We are therefore findable but only if someone perseveres to page
  10. @peeLIZZ, your little tales of peeing naughtiness are brilliant. I do hope you write more. And your English is fine by the way, and very impressive when you consider how different our alphabets are. I look forward to more, hopefully.
  11. hey steve25805< im no way at your level of experience in this you could say im just a noobie but i wonder if that video from this thread:

    is still with you somehow< and i only ask if it is a possibilty (again if you still have it) to share it again 

    and many thanks..

  12. That's a problem in Moscow. Your Russian winters can be very cold. When it comes to peeing outside in winter I don't know what to suggest. I guess outdoor peeing needs to be more of a summer thing but summer is on the way. Won't be too much longer before it starts getting warmer. One thing I am curious about. In some places the police and the law can be very strict against public peeing. In other places things are much more free. What are the Moscow police like if they catch outdoor peeing?
  13. In previous years I have enjoyed peeing on the bed, but got a better night's sleep by sleeping on the sofa, lol. I tend not to do it anymore as clean up is too much hassle. But it would be worth the trouble to have a lady do it.
  14. That was brilliant and very well written. Nicely illustrated too, lol.
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