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  1. I think it is pretty much the norm to pee through your bathing costume when you are in the sea and most people probably do it in pools too. I know I would. Can't remember the last time I was in a pool, but the last time I was in the sea I definitely peed in it.
  2. We have all been there and done that. We all have our regrets. Stupid hurtful things said in the heat of the moment, later regretted, or just things said in moments of thoughtlessness that we only later realised were hurtful. If we all had time machines to enable us to go back and correct such things, the paths through time would be very crowded with people shuffling back and forth.. But feeling guilt about such moments is human and natural and good. Guilt is a painful feeling but the desire to avoid feeling it keeps us on the path of good most of the time. Where guilt becomes
  3. Out of laziness I often piss in the bath when I am in it. And also when I am not in it I often walk into the bathroom and get my dick out and just piss in the bath. This is because the bath is almost immediately inside the bathroom door whilst the toilet is at the other end of the bathroom. So I get to the bath first, lol
  4. I have peed out of a bedroom window as a kid but not as an adult. Throughout my adult life wherever I have lived, I would have been too visible to the outside world had I done that. And I prefer to keep my pissing interests private to be shared only with my fellow peefans.
  5. If I buy myself some plants, would you come and water them for me? lol
  6. That hissing sound that many of you ladies make when you pee has got to be one of the most erotic sounds on the planet to any true pee fan. The louder it is the sexier it is, so I guess you must be a real sexy pisser.
  7. What is your favourite all time movie?
  8. @lesley, this is one of the most original and best ideas for a naughty peeing thread that I have ever seen. Nice one. I hope you keep it going for a while yet.
  9. Unfortunately I cannot find a link to it. It was some time ago and may have been before the internet really took off. But in a television show hosted by Chris Evans, he was interviewing the Scottish female lead singer of the band Texas, Sharleen Spiteri. And she described being stung by a jellyfish on her leg and wanted some of the guys she was with to pee on her leg but none of them would do it. She said she couldnt do it herself because she couldnt get the angles. Was interesting to hear. lol
  10. You could add to that list Adolf Hitler Josef Stalin Mao Zedong Pol Pot Heinrich Himmler Saddam Hussein I am sure there are hundreds more, especially if we include earlier eras..... Eg Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler, or the emperor Nero, perhaps Ivan the Terrible
  11. I wouldn't kill or seriously hurt anyone. And I would never betray a friend for any amount of money.
  12. Definitely one featuring girls peeing all over the place in naughty indoor locations- on the carpet, on the bed, on the tables, on the furniture, against the walls. I might use some of the imaginary letters in the Wet Carpet Magazine thread as scripts
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