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    Ladies peeing in naughty places, especially carpet
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    Watching a girl peeing in the middle of a country lane, after she suggested it and the rest of us challenged her to do it.

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  1. Fair enough. Will just have to imagine your round bum cheeks, and distract myself from that thought with this pic of Shakira's ass....
  2. Would you ever consider showing us a pic of your bare naked ass, @Sophie? No face shots. No means of identifying you. Assuming, that is, that you don't have any giveaway tattoos on your cheeks, lol. I would love to copy such a pic into my personal collection, lol.
  3. You know you are a total pee perv when - like me - upon seeing this pic you immediately imagine this girl to be in the same position in the middle of your living room, and peeing there on the carpet
  4. If you are pulling away up a steep hill you need to pull away with quite a lot of throttle so that your foot is close to the floor, then when you have reached a fairly high rev, depress the clutch and change to second gear as fast as you reasonably can, releasing the clutch again with a lot of throttle. And so on. If you are going up a steep hill, if you try to change up a gear at too low a rev and too low a speed for the gear change, you risk coming to a halt and rolling backwards, and quite probably stalling. Basically, the steeper the hill you are going up, the more throttle you need
  5. @wetwulf, I so rarely read the longer stories anymore but so glad I read yours just now. Nice one.
  6. I know I have little patience for incompetent drivers or those driving excessively slowly for the road, ie well below the speed limit. But I was a learner driver once as were we all. I respect L plates and never overtake with impatience unless it is safe to do so in a way that will not spook the driver, eg on a long straight where the markings permit overtaking and nothing is coming the other way, or on a duel carriageway. And when behind a learner driver I never get too close but keep some good distance. For all I know they might be in the middle of a driving test and I don't want to spo
  7. Dear Wet Carpet. I am a 40 year old businesswoman and charity worker. One of those pillars of the community types. At least that is what most people seem to think. This is me... I have always lived a normal, morally upstanding life. I never even knew this magazing existed until a couple of months ago. But you see, I have these last few months been seeing this guy who is a lot younger than me - only 29 - and he has this thing about watching me pee. Anywhere. I was weirded out when he first brought it up but found the notion of peeing in front of him in some random place
  8. Dear Wet Carpet. I'm an 18 year old student now who has just left home and moved into my own flat. This is me.... I had a slightly unconventional upbringing, since my parents used to attend fetish clubs and had a thing about peeing. They never took me obviously since it was adults only. But sometimes they'd host parties at home during which they and their adult guests would frequently pee on the kitchen floor for fun. Mum would mop it all up in the morning. A couple of times I walked in on mum squatting and peeing on the bathroom floor right in front of the toilet - apparently
  9. I most like the idea of girls just casually peeing anywhere, without actually giving a fuck, and enjoying doing it. Whether it is in their own place, or in a hotel, or in someone else's place, or whether or not they have persmission, are all immaterial to me. I'd be more than happy to let a lady piss on my carpet or on my bed.
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