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  1. Dear Wet Carpet. I'm a 27 year old female English teacher. And in my private life I am into pissing. I've just decided it would be fun to piss against my bedroom wall, and take pics of myself doing it to send you.... Most of it ended up on the carpet as you can probably tell. But I don't care. It was fun.
  2. Dear Wet Carpet. My husband and I - both in our 30s - have just received a £300 bill from the hotel in Bournemouth where we spent the weekend. Was a rather wet weekend even though the weather was sunny, if you catch my drift. We spent much of it going out to local pubs, then heading back to our room with more booze, frequently having sex, and also pissing on each other in the shower cubicle. We have always had a thing about watersports. Anyway on our last evening after a few too many we decided it would be fun and a laugh just to pee on the floor, can't even remember who came up with the idea first. So there was hubby standing naked by the end of the bed, pissing there on the carpet as I drunkenly laughed at the sight. Then I popped a squat beside the bed and began pissing there on the carpet. Was funny but also wildly erotic. Made quite a mess and I loved every second of it. We had more to drink and then hubby decided it would be fun to piss in the wardrobe, lol. I decided to squat and piss on the carpet again, but this time on HIS side of the bed, hahaha. Later, after sex and laying in bed about to crash out, we both realised we needed another piss. And decided it would be great fun to piss the bed together. So we did! Was a good job we'd been seriously drinking or we'd never have managed to sleep in that wet pissy bed, lol. When we awoke - sober and hungover in that now cold wet bed, remembering all we had done - we decided that prudence was preferable to valour and did an early morning runner. But of course they already had our credit card details, didn't they, so were able to trace us and bill us easily enough. I guess we better pay that £300 or we might end up facing legal action. And we could do without our wet weekend antics being plastered all over the local press. But though it has proven expensive, it was a lot of fun. Since then I have taken to occasionally peeing on the carpet beside our bed at home. Hubby doesn't mind. He loves watching me do it, and has taken pics for our private collection. Maybe I'll share some with you someday.
  3. Dear Wet Carpet. I'm a 30 year old lady called Sara, and I think I look pretty good. I work as a model and do ok anyway. This is me... I have a thing about peeing. I just get off on the idea of not actually using the toilet, but deliberately peeing somewhere unconventional. I do it in my own house often. When using the bathroom I'll walk right past the toilet and squat in the shower cubicle as a matter of course. If I'm feeling naughtier and can handle cleaning up afterwards, I might just piss on the floor. I love the sight and sound of it all splashing down. Another frequent thing I do is pee in the kitchen sink, lol. Sometimes all over the dirty dishes. They have to be washed anyway, right? So why not? Occasionally, when I feel exceptionally horny, I might pee in some truly naughty places. Like on the bedroom carpet beside the bed. Mom would be so proud, lol. But hell, at least I'm not taking a shit on the carpet, hahaha. Well just before writing this, I had one of my horny exceptionally naughty moments. And decided to pee on the big glass dining room table, hahaha. Was a lot of fun. I stripped out of my clothes. I often like to be naked when I pee somewhere outrageous. Adds to the eroticism. Then I climbed up onto the glass table and popped a squat in the middle of it. And let loose. With that erotic hissing sound we girls make when we need to go, my pee was soon splashing down onto the glass. And the sound of pee splashing onto glass is rather distinctive and sexy as fuck. An ever growing lake was forming as my golden pee splashed down, meandering ever closer to the table's sides. Pee was also splashing up from the point of impact to spatter onto my ankles. My feet were already wet as the large and ever growing puddle on the glass surface surrounded them. This was so incredibly erotic - the hissing, the sound of pee splashing down forcefully onto glass, the splashback, the growing yellow-tinged mini-lake atop the surface, me squatting in the middle of it and still pissing. I was still peeing strongly when the pee lake reached two opposite sides of the table and began flowing over the edge onto the carpet below. Another erotic sound filled the room, that of pee falling several feet onto carpet. On opposite sides of the table two growing puddles were forming upon that carpet. It was brilliant. Of course, nothing can last forever. Eventually my pee dwindled and came to a halt. But the sound of it flowing off the table's edges onto the floor below still filled the room and continued to do so for another minute or two. I climbed off the table, my wet feet landing on the carpet, and stood there savouring the sight of my piss covering much of the glass surface, and flowing off the sides onto the carpet below. And as I stood there watching this I began to frantically rub my clit, bringing myself to orgasm. It was utterly superbly erotic. One of my horniest pissings. I have quite a mess to clean up when I can be bothered, but it sure was a LOT of fun. Sara
  4. @lesley, that was incredible. I hope there will be further instalments.
  5. A special thinks to @spywareonya for being an awesome contributor, sexy as fuck, highly intelligent and interesting, and a personal friend whom I love dearly and who has definitely had a big influence upon my thinking re spiritual matters. And a thank you to @Admin for being such a great and active admin, friendly and involved and also a good contributor. We have him to thank for the very existence of this forum. Thank you to my fellow mod @Scot_Lover for being a great mod and also a genuinely nice person with a heart of gold. A thank you also to @Sophie for also being a great mod as well as an awesomely sexy lady into peeing all over the place, erotic inspiration for a number of stories. And for being so wise in your moderation. Thank you to @Sephora for not only being an awesome female member but for bringing another here. Lady members are like gold dust so thank you very much for that. A special thank you to @lesley for being my primary inspiration and by far and away my favourite writer of naughty peeing fiction. Thank you so much for bringing that to this forum. Thank you to @F.W. We have not often seen eye to eye on matters of politics but you are a prolific contributor and one of our longest standing members. Place wouldn't be the same without you. There are many more, but will stop there for now.
  6. Quoting myself I know, but just how awesome would it be if Miley Cyrus became a member. On the other hand it might bring unwelcome mainstream media attention upon us, with all it's inevitable negative judgementalism and narrow minded condemnation. Perhaps I should be careful what I wish for, lol.
  7. Whilst you were posting that I was posting a little postscript featuring another naughty pee at my flat. But that doesn't mean you need to write two stories. There is no obligation for you to even write one, but if you choose to I would be most pleased. As for scenario the naughtier the better. I'd love you to pee on my bed.
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