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  1. I was going to say this in the staff room area accessible only to mods and admin, but decided instead to say it more publicly to everyone. I have today been going through a number of my pic threads, which I rarely ever do. I mostly just post them and move on, perhaps storing only the very best on my storage device. But what I rather depressingly discovered was that many of the same pics, posted time after time by me, kept recurring. Sometimes during the course of an entire thread, admittedly covering many years with many pages, I came across the same pic posted by me maybe half a dozen ti
  2. Dear Wet Carpet. This is me. Most people seem to think I look good but make your own minds up..... I am in my early 20s now but I have had a thing about peeing for as long as I can remember. I used to pee on my bedroom carpet, and would let friends do it too. I kind of enjoyed doing it. Unfortunately my mum was a lot less understanding when she found out and kicked me out. But that's rather hypocritical because I know for a fact that she likes being pissed on by other women. Anyway, I began to develop fantasies about pissing just about anywhere and everywhere. By the time
  3. Dear wet carpet. I'm a still good looking blonde in my early 40s. This is me... Well for a long time I lived in a conventional marriage having conventional sex, but my husband spent more time down the pub than he did with me and in the end this led to divorce. Well that was finalised three years ago and lately I've been seeing this guy who works as a civil servant. On the outside he seems pretty conventional, though never goes to the pub without me. But he has an interesting little thing. Before bed when I need to pee he likes to have me pee on his bedroom carpet beside hi
  4. Well I have just bought a nearly new 2019 Vauxhall Corsa I am hoping to hang onto for a while. I know I would be pretty pissed off if someone vandalised it but I guess that is a big part of why some people find it fun. Mind you, if @Sophie is ever down here in this neck of the woods and fancies it, she'd be welcome to enjoy a piss on the floor in front of the front passenger seat. Or what the hell, she'd be welcome to piss on the front passenger seat if she wanted to, lol. And if this lady.... ...should come along wanting to piss on the front passenger seat of my car,
  5. steve25805


    I used to get screenshots from there too but it became too virus infected even to risk that.
  6. When the nightclubs open there will be many opportunities for sightings.
  7. The worst ever nightmare I ever had was way back when I was a young kid. I was ill and feverish which probably didn't help. I dreamt that there was a massive spider....I mean several feet in diameter - under my bed. I woke up screaming, imagining that it was still there. My parents came in and turned the light on and convinced me too look under the bed to prove that it was not there.
  8. I am fluent in three languages - English, Sarcasm, and Profanity.
  9. Checked the video. It works ok for me.
  10. Hazel O'Connor - Will You? - YouTube
  11. Dear Wet Carpet My girlfriend and I were having a few drinks in her living room when, after a while, I began to notice her squirming and getting a bit fidgety. I could tell she needed a pee and said so. Probably because I was a bit tipsy I joked that she looked rather sexy in her desperation, She just jokingly called me a perv but there was a glint in her eye. She smiled at me in a rather lascivious way and laughed, "All right you perv I can't put it off any longer. I'm gonna have to go upstairs to the bathroom and pee". Then with a naughty grin she issued an invite, "You wanna come up an
  12. An awesome view of Plymouth Sound and Drake's Island, viewed from Mount Edgecombe on the other side of the Tamar river from my home town of Plymouth UK....
  13. Life gets in the way a lot for me too. There is for one thing the ever present need to earn a decent crust just to stay afloat. Plus I have other offline and online interests, especially re politics. But I come here when I can.
  14. Haven't listened to this for a while......great bit of piano....Elton John's Song for Guy.... Elton John - Song For Guy - YouTube
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