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    mainstream hobbies and interests include, history, politics, cosmology, criminal psychology, true crime

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    Ladies peeing in naughty places, especially carpet
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    Watching a girl peeing in the middle of a country lane, after she suggested it and the rest of us challenged her to do it.

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  1. Does that include slightly overweight, balding, greying 55 year olds? No? Well that's a shame. Lol
  2. Princess Leia's toilet?
  3. In the poll asking how many languages I can speak there was no option for one and a half, lol. You see whilst English is my first language, I can speak, read and write some German, though not enough to be able to claim it as a full second language. Many decades ago when I was a randy, testosterone-fuelled, teenager - we are talking way back in 1981 and 1982 here - I had a German girlfriend. I decided it would be great to prove my lust-driven love by learning her language. So in those pre-internet days I invested in some Linguaphone cassettes and books and every evening in my bedroom I spent an hour or two practicing and learning. I learned to speak, read, and write it quite well, but alas so much time has passed since those distant days that I have forgotten much. My German today might just about allow me to get by but is only moderately better than typical English tourist standard.
  4. I have been in the awkward situation that whilst browsing amateur pee porn pics I encountered one of a younger version of my sister in law squatting and peeing in a car park, presumably taken by my brother! I thought it far wiser and less embarrassing for all to say nothing. @Alfresco, that you are so concerned about the pics you saw says a lot of good about your character. But if you were to say anything you'd just make the young lady concerned feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable, as well as adding to your own embarrassment. Sometimes the kindest and most honourable thing to do is to say nothing. Saying nothing is I think the right thing for you to do in this case. You cannot unsee what you saw but try and dismiss it from your mind as much as possible. Gradually it will recede into the background of your consciousness.

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