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  1. steve25805

    Wet Carpet magazine

    Dear Wet Carpet I work as a photographer for a modelling agency. I get to see lots of hugely attractive young ladies in my job, which is awesome. Sometimes I get lucky with them, which is even more awesome. This one was exceptional..... We were spending the night at her place where she thought nothing of taking a piss on the bedroom carpet beside her bed! Looked sexy as fuck. And she was loving it, I could tell.
  2. steve25805

    Wet Carpet magazine

    Dear Wet Carpet I'm an attractive - at least my husband thinks so - married mother in my early 30s, and work as an office administrator in the local hospital. The name is Lucy. This is me..... I have a thing about peeing. Back in my school days my first ever boyfriend occasionally encouraged me to pee on his bedroom carpet at the end of his bed. Which I got a buzz out of. It was fun just to pee on the floor like that. As a grown woman, I have often harboured secret fantasies about peeing everywhere, and sometimes seek out stories, confessions or porn vids describing or showing ladies peeing all over the place. I love the audacity of some of them, peeing all over beds, furniture, and carpets, often in hotel rooms. And often so brazenly out in the open that I don't know how they get away with it. There was this one time though when I was away in a hotel room connected with a conference associated with work, when I had the urge to be naughty. But I made sure I would be long gone before anyone found it. Basically I moved the wardrobe, then squatted there over the carpet, and peed. It was most exhilarating. Then I covered the large wet patch with the wardrobe again. Mostly though - I am after all a respectable wife and mother who doesn't want to fuck up the house for her husband and kids - I have limited myself to squatting and peeing in the shower cubicle when home alone, or perhaps in the bathroom or kitchen sinks. Sometimes I have peed in the odd glass or two just for the fun of it. But hubby and kids have been away for the last couple of days on a camping trip. I couldn't go due to work commitments. But home alone, I decided to have some fun with the aid of a few glasses of wine on regular occasions, lol. The first really big pee, when I decided to be naughty, I did in the kitchen. I was wearing my work gear still - pretty much what I am wearing in that pic above - but had removed my knickers and tossed them aside. I hoisted my skirt and squatted in the middle of the room. And just peed right there all over the floor tiles, creating a massive yellow puddle. It was a superb turn on. The sound of my hissy pee splashing down right there in the kitchen was really doing it for me actually. I drank some more wine after that until I needed another pee. Then, with a flash of inspiration, I headed up into the bedroom where I eased open a drawer full of my own lingerie. Then I hoisted the back of my dress and hung my bum over that open drawer. And peed! Soaking all my own underwear as I peed right there in the drawer in my bedroom! Was terribly good fun. Just letting my hair down and peeing in random places was really turning me on. My next naughty pee took place in our dining room. Basically, I got up onto the large dining room table and squatted upon it. Then I peed right there on that table. My husband would have been shocked if he'd walked in on me at that moment, lol. And so it went on. I peed on the bathroom floor, ignoring the toilet that was right there. I peed in the dishwasher, lol. I even peed in the kettle. At one point I decided to pee in the living room. So I moved the sofa, popped a squat right there and peed on the carpet, before covering it with the sofa again. Sprayed plenty of febreeze and my pee was fairly dilute so am hoping there'll be no tell tale pissy aroma, lol. Most outrageous thing I did - a massive turn on - was to get up on our bed and pee on it. I still can't believe I really did that, squatting upon my own bed and peeing there. Afterwards I had to throw all the wet sheets in the wash, leave the mattress to dry out as much as possible, then turn it upside down to hide the pee stains before putting clean sheets on. Hubby will never know I peed on our bed, lol. Hopefully, anyway. Now as I type this I am sitting here - wine in hand and a full bladder making itself felt - and contemplating where to pee next. And I guess I will have to rely heavily on the febreeze and trust that my pee is dilute enough not to be a problem. Because this time I am going to stand and pee against the living room wall, lol. Lucy.
  3. Wow, Nancy. You are one very sexy lady. Thank you for this gallery.
  4. steve25805

    Where should I pee?

    @Sophie, you still into suggestions about naughty places to pee? How about opening an underwear or clothes drawer in your bedroom, semi-squatting over it, and pissing in it? Can always bung the clothes in the wash afterwards. Very naughty, and therefore fun, don't you think?
  5. steve25805

    Mainstream Movies with pee scenes

    This is a scene from the arty German mainstream film Tag der Idioten, set in some sort of asylum for the insane. An actress is standing with her legs apart and pissing on the floor, when another crawls underneath to seemingly enjoy being peed on. The pissing in this scene is real. The actress is actually pissing for real. And her co star is being peed on for real. Check this out..... https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Tag+Der+Idioten+Movie+Full&&view=detail&mid=E14BBC9FABEE1097E19AE14BBC9FABEE1097E19A&&FORM=VRDGAR Now I'd love to see the Hollywood remake of that starring Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson, lol.
  6. steve25805

    Overdue for an intro

    Welcome to the forum. I too grew up with feelings of shame about my fetish, and it was through interacting with others in places like this that finally helped me to overcome that. For much of my adult life I was so totally in the closet that I never really shared my pee interest with anyone. And I found any kind of sexual activity rather dull without it and seldom bothered looking for it. Now I am single and set in my ways and don't even hanker after a relationship. I don't really do dating as such. You and I seem similar in some ways. My guess is that - like me - you are of an age where you grew up before the internet took off, and can remember a time when it was very difficult to reach out to like-minded people. Am I correct? Certainly, it was much harder to find like-minded people to interact with before the internet.
  7. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    I hope it is ok to share this here. It just seems like the most fitting thread. I have shared this song with you before, @spywareonya. But this version is accompanied by some awesome imagery evocative of many of the pics you have shared here. Some of the imagery seems evocative of Lilith, some of Pan, some just of some kind of out of this world spiritual cosmic dimension. Take a look and listen and see what you think......
  8. steve25805

    Tides of blood

    Never been much of a poet. "There was once a young woman from Rhyll".... doesn't quite cut it. I have a number of good abilities, but writing beautiful poetry is not one of them. You have me beat on that one, @spywareonya. But I do understand that for those with poetic ability, writing poetry can be a good way of expressing inner feelings and passions.
  9. steve25805

    Tides of blood

    Wow. That was powerful imagery. You have a poetic talent. That poetry is highly apocalyptic, and mixed up in it - it seems to me - is a desire in you for all things that are wrong and debased, all false religions, to be swept away. But conflated within that too is an inner yearning on your own part for such a thing almost on a sexually arousing level. An enjoyment of wrongs being righted as all those upholding the wrongs are swept away in suffering. Torment as fitting and deserved, and therefore right to be enjoyed, as all things not fitting are demolished. It seems to me that this poetry combines a deep sense of sexualised and eroticised sadism and destruction upon those deserving of it, with a spiritual yearning and love for all that is not fitting to be swept away and a better world put in it's place. I hope you do not mind me posing a direct question? If you'd prefer to respond privately, that would be fine. But as I have gotten to know you through our chats and through your postings, it seems you have within you an eroticised desire for sadism and cruelty, but only see virtue in expressing it upon those who might truly deserve it, ie only when it is fitting. Otherwise, it remains only a fantasy, and otherwise wrong in real life. And your de-censoring process has included an acceptance and understanding of that? Is this in any way an accurate assessment?
  10. steve25805

    Lessons in magick #2 The Gods

    So Lilith is a goddess of several layers, but a primary theme is love and eroticism? She is the goddess of all erotic desires except the warped one of paedophilia, even repressed desires people harbour within themselves and consciously reject? Of course, she is the goddess of all things sexually related to pissing but also everything else too? So I guess that anything that anyone is into, She is the goddess of. Coprophilia (which cannot be discussed further here as this is against forum rules), sado-masochism, bondage, rape fantasies, exhibitionism, foot fetishes. Anything? All fetishes of any kind? This I guess makes Her the ultimate in open-mindedness which is something I aim for and have the deepest respect for. You have confided something deep about yourself, a sexual interest in cruelty, and having a secret thing about Mexican drug cartel style tortures and whatever. Thing is, fantasies are often more extreme than anything anyone would want to do in reality. I once read a book about female sexual fantasies, thinking it might make me horny. It didn't actually but was instead psychologically interesting. Many harboured secret fantasies about being raped, though none wanted it to happen for real. One had a secret fantasy that involved sexual relations with a gorilla, I remember, which again was fantasy only and not something ever intended to be done for real. Even some aspects of my own piss fantasies are so extreme that they are fantasies only. Eg the notion of a sexy lady not only pissing everywhere in my home but leaving it laying around and never cleaning it up so that the place stinks of piss. As a fantasy that works for me, but in real life would never be able to live in a home that stinks of stale piss. In real life it would be way too gross. When a lot younger, for a relatively short period - because she lived in the flat above me at that time - I got to know this girl who was in hindsight going through a rocky patch, having herself experienced a troubled childhood that included sexual abuse.. She was heavily into drink and drugs and had been a prostitute, selling sex. She admitted to being "obsessed" with sex, and had an air of "anything goes" about her. But she also had stuff going on in her head that was very dark, fantasising about murder, torture, and death in a way that seemed to arouse her. At that time in my life I was going through a bad patch myself and reacted badly to a lot of this, unable to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. Because I suspect now that much of this is stuff she'd never ever have done for real, and I have - without in any way contacting her - recently found her on Facebook, and she appears to have totally turned her life around - a respected parent and charity worker, and involved in drug counselling work. Were we all to be judged on the content of our darkest or deepest or most extreme fantasies, then we'd be misunderstood I think. Because in reality, many of them are never meant to be real. Most women in reality do not want to be raped, or have sex with gorillas, or snuff out or torture people for kicks. I suspect, @spywareonya, that any truly cruel fantasies you have are in fact harmless expressions of yourself because they are understood to be only fantasies. Fantasies are a no limits zone, where our minds can take us where we can never go in reality. Perhaps - I don't know - there might be a revenge element too? You want to be cruel to those who have seriously fucked you over in the past? When people have been cunts to us, revenge fantasies can be very satisfying. Have enjoyed revenge fantasies myself in the past, though my mind never took the step of sexualising them. I can however understand how it can easily happen. Lilith is also - whilst being goddess of all things erotic - at the same time the goddess of all forms of beauty and love? Is it the combination of all forms of love and beauty, with eroticism on every level, which together equates to a kind of ultimate sexual perfection? Where pure love and full on eroticism come together? And Lilith as the goddess of golden showers. Naturally, that will make her popular around here, lol. Hallucinogenic drugs of some kind were once used by female witches of great experience - the only ones who could handle it - to achieve a mind-expanded state that opened them up to deeper realities? And the only way to share any of this safely with others was to have them drink their piss? Very interesting. But isn't love of piss - the eroticism of it - based upon a lot more than this functional purpose? The notion of being peed on or pissing on somebody is arousing on a very deep level to those of us who understand it, for a variety of possible reasons. Some see it as the ultimate surrender to humiliation, the ultimate submission, to be peed on - or as the ultimate dominance, to be able to just piss on someone. In that sense it can have a submission/dominant theme, which at times manifests itself as a sub-activity on the S&M scene. For others though it is simply the ultimate act of eroticism, where to be peed on is the ultimate honour, the ultimate link with the eroticism of a partner, the ultimate expression of love and sex in combination. Lilith embodies all these aspects of pissing? Interestingly, those whose minds are closed to the eroticism of piss and only see it as disgusting, do seem to get the concept of being pissed on as a humiliation, and therefore as something "bad", however much the person being peed on wants it to happen. But the notion of being peed on as any kind of ultimate expression of love and sexuality, the ultimate sexual intimacy, seems beyond them. The naysayers seem incapable of understanding the concept of golden showers as anything other than one person degrading and humiliating another by pissing on them. The fact that as a consensual adult activity it is not at all like that for most of us, is something the naysayers cannot get their heads around. Pity Lilith cannot open their minds a bit more. I guess as the goddess of all things erotic, she is utterly against all forms of narrow-minded sexual judgementalism? I definitely honour and respect that of course. Certainly in many of your pictorial representations of her she seems highly eroticised, and imagining her as the ultimate goddess of watersports, pissing, golden showers, wet patches on carpets, is a very pleasant thing. She is also the goddess of winter and of our deeper souls? And of all pleasures and not just sexual ones? And of higher states of pure spiritual being akin to nirvana, where destiny and our spirituality are one and at harmony? If ever there were a goddess to love, She sounds like the one for me, lol.
  11. Many people - our own resident spiritually knowledgeable @spywareonya being one - believe totally in the efficacy of astrology. That the planets and their positions relative to us and to each other can have an influence on our moods and upon our lives. Others - seeing no scientific basis for this whatsoever - believe this to be total nonsense. At best a relic from a superstitious past. For a long time I was unsure and am still open to persuasion either way. I do believe that the daily horoscopes in newspapers are bullshit mostly, and certainly very rarely were of any relevance to me. How could they be when my star sign horoscope for the day was simultaneously meant to apply to a twelfth of the entire population? And yet I once had my birth chart drawn up which was specific to me, and it was an incredibly accurate representation of who I am and my personality traits. Amazingly so in fact. And others I have known have obtained similarly accurate results. Which was definitely food for thought. So I thought to myself - how can astrology actually work scientifically? By what mechanism? How can material objects many millions of miles away - separated from us by the vacuum of space - and emitting very little in the way of radiation of any kind in some cases - actually influence us? Is it theoretically possible in any rational sense? I believe that in the future, science will expand to understand the paranormal, extra dimensions, the afterlife and suchlike. At one time lightning was considered utterly paranormal and attributed to the Gods, but now we understand it scientifically. Science will expand it's knowledge to gain a greater understanding of other things currently beyond rational comprehension. And the process often begins with insights and Eureka! moments, upon which theories are built. Is it possible to construct a theory that explains or supports the efficacy of astrology? One day there might be. We should not rule it out. In the meantime I have been doing some thinking over the years, and taking my own beliefs as a starting point, it IS possible for me to see how astrological phenomena and influences might work. I believe that there is a sub-atomic and/or extra-dimensional spiritual life force that permeates the entire universe. It is the stuff from which our souls are formed which interact with matter in the form of our living bodies so both can evolve towards some higher future. Life exists in my opinion so that matter and spirit can come together, each helping the other in a process of ongoing physical and spiritual evolution. I believe that this life force is particularly strongly concentrated in all living things especially, but also anywhere where there are large accumulations of matter. Everything everywhere is connected via this all encompassing subatomic and/or extra-dimensional life force. Everything can influence everything else on this level. Now the planets are large enough conglomerations of matter for the lifeforce to be particularly strongly focussed there, yet - in astronomical terms - close enough for the influence of this to be felt perhaps? And because matter interacts with the life force and the planets have different chemical and atomic compositions of solids, liquids, and gasses, then it kind of makes sense that they'd have their own spiritual/life force/subatomic/extra-dimensional characteristics. And that being linked with us and in our own stellar neighbourhood, can influence our lives and development? Especially in our deeper, more spiritual, levels? Thinking like this, it is possible to see a rational basis for the efficacy of astrology. Ultra-rationalists might well think I am talking out of the wrong orifice, and that is their right of course. But I suspect there might well be something in it. The fact that @spywareonya believes so totally in it is very persuasive to me, since she has an uncanny inner perception that has startled me with it's understanding many times now. Would be particularly interested in any response to these musings from her, though anyone is welcome to add their thoughts.
  12. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    She is indeed a beautiful woman.
  13. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    I'd be more likely to get my dick out and piss on that tempting ass. But that's me, lol
  14. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    No actions they would not enjoy nor any they would shun? Think I'm in love, lol.
  15. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    That is a scary image.