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  1. I used to grill mine until the grill packed up several years ago. Not going to buy a new cooker just for the grill. So when I eat pork chops now I bake them in the oven too, and they actually taste nicer that way.
  2. Hi. I have been heading in this direction for a while but I feel this forum is not for me anymore. I keep looking in every day whilst rarely posting anything and I may still look in. But in terms of my personal participation I need to leave for a while. Don't know for how long for right now, but I honestly don't feel happy here anymore and don't feel like I want to be part of the community anymore. I feel like an outsider looking in. I don't want to discuss this further, it is just an announcement. I will probably be back when I am ready. I don't want to discuss this at length via P
  3. Take as long as you need. You will always be welcome back when you are ready
  4. I have been struggling recently too and toyed with the idea of leaving, feeling insecure and unappreciated everywhere not just here. I have been retreating into my shell and not wanting to interact much feeling no confidence in my social standing anywhere. But like you a lot of my issues reflect real life stuff and it impacts upon how I am thinking. I do hope that whatever battles you are facing in real life that things can and will get better for you. One thing I would definitely advise against is having your account deleted. If you need to leave for whatever personal reasons you
  5. A poll for ladies into naughty peeing and men into seeing them doing it. I was bored but not feeling much like talking so came up with this which probably does not enhance my credentials when it comes to my desire not to be seen as a creepy and excessively pervy guy, lol. But so what. Am past caring. It is what it is. I expect most will ignore it anyhow.
  6. I know. I have a lot of angst about how I am coming across if I ever express approval of anything sexual. Without any kind of response I have no idea if I am being perceived as a bit of a creep or if my response is enjoyed or appreciated or liked. If I ever make a comment that gets no reaction I tend to assume the worse and get paranoid. But just having a bad day, that's all. In spite of which I have been trying to get involved in commenting on posts and suchlike.
  7. Would be great if some carpet pissing, kitchen floor pissing, bed pissing or hotel room pissing ladies were to reveal themselves now.
  8. My ideal parallel universe would be one in which peeing for sexual pleasure is the norm and considered normal and mainstream, including peeing in random places for the fun of it. Where pubs and nightclubs would have peeing rooms where men and women can watch each other peeing or pee on or all over each other, and where not using them at all but just peeing on the floor is considered acceptable. And where offering a glass for someone to piss in so you can drink it is nothing out of the ordinary in pubs. A universe in which inviting a date back to your place involves them christening your p
  9. I will usually use the urinals unless it is a bit crowded and I would have to stand right next to or in between other guys. In which case, if a cubicle is free I will go there.
  10. Without bothering to wade through all the pages here, it is likely that I have already shared my favourite fantasies. So here is a relatively new one I have been enjoying lately, the thought of girls squatting and peeing on my kitchen floor with big grins on their faces. There is a particular level of sheer naughtiness involved in just peeing right there in the kitchen, on the floor.
  11. For sure. These brazen public pissing scenes - and others like them - were filmed in Budapest, the Hungarian capital....
  12. Thanks, I have considered taking a break from the site for a week or so but I tend to feel in different ways on different days so not sure a full on break is a goer. I do take on board your suggestion that I not post any pics for a week and just try interacting instead. But I don't actually spend that much time posting pics, believe it or not. Apart from the one or two every day or two in my calendar thread, the ones I posted today are the first I have posted for a week. Most of my time is spent finding and collecting them which I mostly do off site away from here. The posting pics here p
  13. A few minutes ago I peed in the bath. I have started to do this often since the pee goes down the plughole on it's own and doesn't need to be flushed away, thereby saving water in these tough economic times. Just the occasional rinse is necessary.
  14. Indeed, we have all kind of gotten used to summer weather lasting well into September. But in latitudes as far north as the UK, by September, the intense heat waves of July or early August well into the 30s C are unlikely. Low to mid 20s C is about the hottest we might get. By the second half of the month the hottest it might get is no more than high teens or low 20s. Though I do remember a few years back spending October 1st on the beach as temperatures locally reached 20 C, the hottest October day on record locally
  15. My past sexual partners have included Angelina Jolie, Shakira, and Madonna back in the 80s. At least until I woke up anyway.
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