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  1. Would you mind a few pervy questions? lol Have you ever been peed on? If so, was it done by a man or a woman? And did you lay down any limits, eg "don't pee on my face!" lol. And finally, have you ever peed on another woman? And some non-pervy questions just so you know I am not a total whatever, lol. Apologies if any of this has ever been asked before. Have you ever hasd flying lessons and if not is it on your to do list? Have you ever jumped out of a plane wearing a parachute? Have you ever riden a motorbike?
  2. Watersports - 16 x 3 for being ten letters = 48
  3. For me it helps a lot if the picture is high quality and sharp and the lighting and camera angles are good. The peeing for me has to be clearly pleasurable for all involved. Peeing as a form of abuse is not my bag, nor is anyone showing obvious disgust at being peed on. When girls are peeing someplace I like a powerful and long full-bladdered piss, and a truly golden spray, not too yellow but a definite golden tinge. Definiotely no music or loud and invariably obviously false orgasmic groans. Just the hissy sound of pee splashing down. The occasional closer shot for a few moments is
  4. Does anyone else ever have fantasies about other forum members? I know that one fantasy of mine is for @Sophie to visit my place and squat and pee on my living room carpet as I watch. I have expressed it in the form of a story before. I have in the past made joky, flirty comments about her doing this, though in reality I know it is never going to happen. I just wonder if others here ever have fantasies about other members? I do hope Sophie doesn't mind.
  5. This one is for the ladies... Peeing in the bath or the shower or the sink - 1 point. Peeing in the kitchen sink when there are dishes in there - 2 points Peeing in a glass, a cup, a mug, a bowl, or anything like that - 3 points. If said receptable fills and begins to overflow yet you carry on peeing anyway - 4 points. If you then pour contents over your own head - 40 points, lol. If you deliberately pee on the bathroom or kitchen floors - 5 points If you hover over the toilet to pee, without bothering to lift the lid - 6 points. If you pee on the kitc
  6. Another invention we could all do with is some kind of unobtrusive brain scanner with the ability to alert us to the presence of anyone with a sexual preference for peeing.
  7. I'd like to invent a self cleaning carpet. In return for a free prototype, would you be so kind as to put my invention to the test ? I would of course have to observe to ensure the validity of the test conditions, lol.
  8. I'd love to pee all over a willing lady. But I think having her pee on me would be even better, and what I would prefer if I had to make a choice.
  9. Get her blind drunk. Then pee in the bed. And in the morning you can blame her for it, lol.
  10. Back in the day - pre internet mostly - there used to be a vast array of phone sex lines, with quite a lot devoted to peeing and voiced by ladies. Problem was they were extortionate rip offs, charging 1.50 a minute - which was a lot more 30 years ago - and often spent the first three or four minutes on ads. You eventually got to the good bits 10 mins in, by which time you had already wasted 15 quid. Yes I tried it. If such services could be offered at a more reasonable price without charging you for adverts, there could well be a market for it. There is the cam show options, w
  11. Dear Wet Carpet. Last night the girl from the flat opposite mine was in my place enjoying a few drinks. We were kind of hitting it off and having a laugh. This is her sitting on my sofa.... Well she was getting quite tipsy and giggly when she announced that she needed to pee. Then she blew my mind by recalling a detail about her previous boyfriend, who apparently liked to watch her pee on his bedroom floor, on the carpet. She said it felt quite liberatingly naughty and fun to just pee on the floor, right there on someone else;s carpet right in front of them. She said that
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