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    Love music, walking, cycling and getting stuck into a project with my hands - building something or restoring something. Been in to pee as long as I can remember.

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    Love the feeling of pissing and getting pissed on. Enjoy it as a sensual, naughty experience rather then a degrading/dominating thing. Enjoy peeing outside and in places where is feels naughty.
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    Brought a chair in to the shower so GF could sit at face level, then I was able to lick her as she peed all over me. Amazing fun.

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  1. A girl I know was on Naked Attraction on Wednesday night (UK channel 4). They were having a conversation about good and bad dates and she, as openly as ever, explained how a guy had pulled out and peed on her. She said she thought he was going to cum on her but it was "a surprise golden shower". Then she said, and I quote, "that's bad manners"! I would agree. Haha
  2. Post the problems. I may be able to help.
  3. Funny you should mention those cars as I have both a mk1 fiesta, in this case a 1.3 ghia with xr2 brakes and supersport wheels, and a Reliant Scimitar, unfortunately the least cool one, the SE6. They were both daily drivers at various times in my youth from first passing my test until a few years ago. Then life got in the way and they are both now under cover waiting for me to have to time and money to bring them back to life again. Love them both.
  4. I went to a local festival a few weeks ago and they had a ring of portaloos, and in the middle of the ring, two porta-urinals. Now, I've never seen these before but looking from the top they are circular, with a cross that was the wall of the urinal. So four guys stood in a circle pissing onto the dividing wall in the centre. Now, this wall was only just crotch high so if you looked down at yourself, as is normal etiquette, you could also see three other pissing cocks. If you looked up you made direct eye contact with the guy across for you. I like urinals but I found this well awk
  5. Like many of you I am a big coffee drinker during the day. Always start my day with at least four espressos, or sometimes a strong Americano but always drink loads of water throughout the day too. When It comes to alcohol I'm a bit of an enthusiast there too. Got some really nice pubs near me that specialise in real ales and craft beers from all over the UK and particularly focus on some local brewerys. When it come to quirky names Brew York definitely deserves a mention. They rarely dispoint in quality and with names such as 'Rhubarbera Streisand', 'Scotty too Hoppy' (wrestler themed),
  6. @Kupar I am slowing working my way through the massive amount of great content on this site and got round to going though this thread in full. I have to say that this is just an incredible thread. Your dedication to getting a great shot, doing something creative and your eloquent descriptions of each situation and surrounding story makes this entire thread a joy to read and watch. I am so glad you get so much pleasure out of sharing this with us because it gives me, and clearly a lot of others too, a great amount of pleasure as well. All the best.
  7. I agree with most other comments here. I don't think your situation is weird at all, it fact it sounds quite beautiful. I think if anything, only the frequency and duration make it unusual, but when you both love it then why should it not be! My girlfriend does not get the same level of enjoyment out of it as I do, but we still do it a couple of times a month, always with propper preparation to ensure she is hydrated and always after drinking alcohol. There is no femdom or any kind of violence or humiliation associated with it for us, it is purely a loving and sensual thing. For me
  8. I love that video and your story is a great interpretation of it. Thank you for sharing it, I very much enjoyed it. On the off chance you haven't seen it I really like this one too. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a24588305a85
  9. I will never get bored of the glimpse girls. Never seen this before thank you!
  10. In my little niche of the kink I don't consider it dirty at all. I find both the sensation of pissing and the feeling of being pissed on incredibly sensual and erotic, not dirty. I love my gf pissing in my mouth and all over me and I don't feel degraded by it one bit. I also really like outdoor and public pissing but for me this is a naughty thrill, which is different to being dirty. If I do make a mess anywhere, like if I piss on myself in a t shirt then I don't get a buzz from the fact the clothing is now dirty and has to be washed, the buzz came from the sensation of release combined with t
  11. Brilliant track but can't help but sing the version from the Who musical, Tommy. With Elton John as the pinball wizard. What crazy times.
  12. Welcome to the site. You are a man after my own heart. There is nothing better then licking out a pissing woman!
  13. Yeah I totally agree. "Well I have no choice. it's doctor's orders!"
  14. My first thought was that it will carry a risk but probably not a massive one compared to a lot of other kinky practices, especially if its very dilute pee. Found an interesting article on the topic below. Jist is that it could pose an infection risk by interfering with pH levels but if not massively susceptible to infection then probably OK. /www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/caseygueren/lets-talk-about-golden-showers
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