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  1. Brilliant track but can't help but sing the version from the Who musical, Tommy. With Elton John as the pinball wizard. What crazy times.
  2. Welcome to the site. You are a man after my own heart. There is nothing better then licking out a pissing woman!
  3. This is totally on point. And weeman, i feel exactly the same.
  4. Yeah I totally agree. "Well I have no choice. it's doctor's orders!"
  5. 2 for me, but be careful. If you crash that could be a difficult one to explain to the police when your stood by the side of the road being interviewed covered in piss.
  6. My first thought was that it will carry a risk but probably not a massive one compared to a lot of other kinky practices, especially if its very dilute pee. Found an interesting article on the topic below. Jist is that it could pose an infection risk by interfering with pH levels but if not massively susceptible to infection then probably OK. /www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/caseygueren/lets-talk-about-golden-showers
  7. Discovered this for the first time tonight. An absolutely mesmerising performance by the beautiful Angel Olsen. Couldn't take my eyes off it. A great example of why you don't have to be technically musically brillliant to make brilliant music! @KuparI feel like she is channeling Joni so I hope you enjoy
  8. You're more than welcome. I'm a font of useless knowledge about weird obscure bands that no one has ever heard of 🤣
  9. Thank you. Realy glad to hear you l say that. Like I said previously I'm massive music fan and particularly lyrically driven music. The kind of thing you have to listen to, understand, and really can feel. It's great track, and so is the whole album, which is loosely written from the perspective of the same protagonist. It's worth noting that is not autobiographical, it is written from the point of view of a fictional character. It's quite self deprecating and he's relatable but not nessessaly a nice guy (but he knows it). Also the girl in the video is Alex Cameron's wife, sh
  10. At that time of night everyone becomes an enthusiast!
  11. I joined a few months ago and already feel like I know some of you folks pretty well. For reasons I know you will understand I am still a bit scared about revealing too much that could identify me so I've not posted a lot but keep really wanting to. You are genuinely a kind bunch of folk! So as I massive music fan I thought I could make a splash (get it) here. I am loving the second Alex Cameron album at the moment, Forced Witness. It's a concept album broadly told from the perspective of a guy who is living a secret double life on the Internet. (don't really know why I relate).
  12. There is a nice little pub near me, Yorkshire, that has two single occupancy loos one male and one female and the male on has a urinal and a toilet in the same lockable room. I've never seen this arrangement before. On a Fri and Saturday night women use either. And judging by the piss on the floor it's either a woman having a go on the urinal or one of us 'enthusiasts'
  13. Absolutely feel the same way!
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